PSA: these can be a piece of shit...

PSA: these can be a piece of shit, and cause surprisingly large numbers of errors that are not the fault of the graphics card or software. strangely, found another one i had already that must've come with an ATI graphics card, that looked pretty similar in chassis design, but worked entirely perfectly

belated idea for thread: post terrible quality hardware

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Those shitty $1 network "splitters" that don't actually split the cable.


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> USB FireWire adapters
Here is the kicker: they don't work. It's impossible to build such an adapter, and yet that shit is being sold. It would be like trying to sell liquid wood or some shit like that.

It's possible, and has been done.

It depends on what you consider to be an "adapter", that thing is a small computer in its own regard and it only works in one direction. What I actually meant was something like this: firewire adapter

It's a small dongle that promises to connect USB devices to FireWire, which even the thing you linked to cannot do.

You do realize they're passive devices and just wire the analog signal pins on the DVI connector to the DSUB on the other end.

What about this? If your power supply only has a 4 pin ATX12V connector but your MB requires a 4+4 these cables split 4 into 8. I get the feeling that this is a horrible idea since the MB guys say to avoid using just one 4 pin on an 8 pin MB and that's basically what's going on here but a hardware guy told me it was fine.

Who has the cap of the ethernet-to-120VAC cable?

the side that goes into the power supply is the 8 pin side. when you look at it that way, it is merging 8 into 4. which is fine, obviously

No, these are for doing the reverse for older ATX power supplies that only had 4 pin ATX12V (note the 4 pin in the pic is female). Which is why I get concerned. It feels wrong.

that should be fine, unless you want to run a 200watt+ cpu on it.

I'm not too knowledgeable on electrical stuff, but it seems straightforward. find out how thick the original power wires are, and see how much 2 of them at 12 volt can handle. ( I got 9 amps at 200 watt, meaning the wire should be 18 gauge, or about 1 mm thick to safely handle a 200 watt CPU.)


is right on the money, but as a general rule of thumb you should never modify your power supply to allow it to draw more power than it was designed for. The equivalent would be using a surge protector on every power socket in your house, or using a surge protector with a surge protector. Yeah, you might be fine, but you're playing with fire.

The fuck? That's dumb as shit. It's just a fuckin' scam, just plug the one half in and leave the other 4 prongs unplugged. If your board supports it, it will work fine. If your board doesn't support it, then this adapter won't do a fucking thing.

What kind of errors? That looks like a typical DVI-I to VGA adapter.

Are these for getting two 100m/s ethernet lines on a single cable? Or is this the fucked up version that doesn't actually do anything?

well actually VGA suits me OK, as i'm not too bothered about large screens because i'm kind of obsessive about the neatness of small fonts anyway. and VGA is perfectly sharp at these lower kinds of resolutions. i've used mac displays alot over the past few years and honestly i can't tell the difference. VGA is 60 FPS which is on the high end of the human eye's capability, according to something i read earlier. but yes i'll definitely admit some older VGA monitors have terrible pixel density - it's not pretty !

all kinds of errors - inability to match resolution correctly automatically, inability to match display positioning with actual screen once the resolution is set manually. inability to even produce a display when using a proprietary driver. shockingly hopeless quality, and i will get my money back, even though it didn't cost much, the seller shouldn't get away with selling junk

Odd, this $22 vgo to display port adapter is working flawlessly.

The only real reason these suck is how they permafuck SD cards. Also stock Raspbian is garbage and DietPi is the best.

It's perfectly sound electronics. Don't be bothered by it

I believe displayport is designed to help enable this more easily

Can confirm, these things can fail to pass EDID correctly but appear to work otherwise, causing errors that can look like a software issue.