MK1 is going to be great

MK1 is going to be great.

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not with those keyframes

>>640239152So one thing Id actually like to talk about is that a lot of people say the graphics look the same. Which begs the question have graphics finally hit the wall?


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Mkone is already shit.

>>640239396I honestly hope so. more devs can be able to do inventive things in games rather than polishing turds.

>>640239152Why did Liu Kang retcon Raiden into an asian? Raiden was white in the old timeline.

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Kameos are shit and Max is a paid shill

>>640241445You can't prove that

>>640241592Do you also need proof the sun is bright?

>>640239152it was kinda neat seeing og kano and what not


>>640239396They don't look the same though.

>>640239396It already did 5 years ago

>>640239396Other than the stages I'd say the graphics look worse than MK11. Something about the textures or models on the fighters just doesn't look as detailed to me.

>>640239396Seems that way, the only way graphics can improve even further is if they somehow manage to import full real life footage to a playable game and somehow make it work.

>>640242010You're wrong

>>640239540Cool screenshot, animations will be garbage like usual.

>>640242158I don't care.

>>640239152Why is the sound design so underwhelming?

>>640239540Why are they fighting on an average 3d Max render?

>>640239896I thought he was always supposed to be asian, but then the movie happened and they made him white in the 3d ones? Raiden from the first MK was a blatant ripoff/homage of the Big Trouble in Little China lightning character.

>>640239396looks the same to me

>>640242427AAA devs finally have access to real-time raytracing on consoles, so they're going to be throwing in as many noisy and hyper-reflective materials & effects as they can, until they're successfully bullied out of it over several agonizing years

>>640239152fuck yeah it isi can't wait to make people seethe with Omni-Man and Homelander>RRRRRREEEEEEEEEY-YOU CAN'T JUST PUT TWO EVIL SUPERM->*lasers you in fucking half*LUHMOW

>>640239152say something nice about Kitana's new face model

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>>640239540Max realizing SF6 has 90 days to live hee-ho

>>640242814That's not her though

>>640242031So the original MKs

>>640242814damn, she is ugly. More nose than face

>>640242814i look forward to seeing her immortalized as a futa smutstar.

>>640242814I want to see Sonya's face model, because I'm convinced they didn't use one and just used "Default" of whatever to make Sonya's MK1 face

>>640242918Yeah but in full HD

MK11 still looks good but it's a notable upgrade. They also seem to have a more stylized look than pure realism.

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>>640243026New Johnny seems a bit like his original look from the first game

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>>640242941based and nylpilled

>>640243007 They just retrofitted Cassie Cage's model to suit Sonya. I feel like I'm the only one who can see this.

Poor bitrate on the small clip on youtube but even from there, it's pretty obvious the lighting and detail is much improved from MK11.

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>>640239152MKX was the last good MK game

>>640242814Big improvement over the ugly seamonkey they used last time

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>>640239540chinger man always has the funniest reactions


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Kitana has some cake. Hopefully we don't have just a single female with a decent ass this time (Skarlet in 11).

>>640239540is this screencap to make it seem like he hate the game he has been talking about how good the game looks and how much he likes it?

Does the alternate outfits change anything?

>>640244129Mileena also was decent in 11, they just kept covering it up so you could only see it in motion.

>>640244129all the girls had good ass you can post the same kitana image from mk11 all you want

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>>640239396MK1 looks a lot better than 11, mostly due to lighting. Colors also seem to pop a bit more, with less grain.

Jade confirmed

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>>640239396are people looking at this game threw some kind of bad filter or something?

>>640244487I'm guessing they're watching youtube with "auto" quality and getting like 720p instead of 2160p

How long is his spergout going to be this time?

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>>640244458just a cameo in 2160p, anyone saying it's the same as MK11 is bullshitting. It's not the leap from MKX to 11, and MK11 still looks good now, but it's a jump.

>>640244562its funny how this idiot was thinking he was going to get more popular for hating all over mortal kombat being a big asshole and teaming up with some fat weeb to hate on it whit him

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>>640244585And you know

>>640244702his ass


>>640244458Kitana looks good (with the mask) in this game.

>>640244774a fanboy of the 3d games and make it seem like mk had no problems at that time

>>640242861Seems it is implied shao Kahn is not in control this time around. I wonder if he will still show up somehow


>>640244774A sperg who really hates modern MK, makes like 3 hour videos where he screams in rage. Also writes MK fanfics he shills at every opportunity. but he's still right about nu-MK most of the time

>>640244868yes his name is just Shao this time

>teabagging four times now makes you do a tauntPrepare yourself for mockery instead of fatality

So I was under the assumption that from what they said, Kameo characters would be unique and won't be playable. But in the trailer we see Sub Zero and Kung Lao being Kameos, when they are clearly also playable characters. And I'm assuming that will also be the case with Kano and Sonya, since I can't really imagine them not being playable,

>>640244868Edenia seems to be free in this one, not merged with Outworld.

>>640244868Didn't they already do this in MKX

Bring this look back or I'm not getting the game

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>>640245092Boon already said being a kameo fighter and being playable isn't necessarily mutually exclusive.

Who will Dario main though?

>>640245092The Kameos are separate, but there will be duplicates, as the Kameos are intended to be throwbacks to early games. So expect them all to look as they did in MK1-3 or MK4-Deception for any 3D eras that make it. We see that Kano, Sonya, Jax all look like their earliest counterparts and with the same Fatalities.

>>6402445626 hour critique that will come out after the 2nd year of DLC for MK13 is out.

>>640245168your moms pussy

>Sub-Zero has ice klone backphew

>>640244458>Liu Kang is just dropping future spoilers on everybodyWhat level of Blunder God is he going to reach?

>>640244674Obviously it's only two Fatalities, and one of them was Jax's Klassic fatality, but they do seem a lot faster and more to the point, while remaining ultra violent.

>>640245294He must consult with the Elder Gods before being sure.

Intro dialogues from the demos confirm Sub-Zero is Bi-Han by the way.

>>640239540Mortal Kombat is so fcking stupid now. Literally every character like sub zero and liu kang, king lao, they all look the same. They all have the same fucking face. Why did they make them all Chinese????

>>640245369There are no Elder Gods anymore

>>640245658They're all Chinese since the original mk1

>>640245658Sub-Zero is wearing a mask, and Liu Kang and Kenshi have completely different faces.

>Kenshi has eyes in trailer>Demo vids has him with the blindfold and vs intro alludes to his blindnessSo what are we expecting? Fully ripped out, fingers pushed in or fire/acid splashed over?

>>640245658>why did they make Bi-han, Kuai Liang, Liu Kang and Kung Lao Chinese!?

>>640245658>can't tell asian people apartsounds like a you problem

>>640245768>They're all Chinese since the original mk1

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>>640245658To be even more politically correct they made them all brown chinese too lmaoThis game is utter shit.

>>640245132Yes, after mk11 I can't imagine who else to main

>>640245842Sub Zero and his clan are from China.Liu Kang and Kung Lao are buddhist monks.They're Chinese.

>>640244263that ass is llike 7seven years old

is Rain going to be in this game? if NRS made good games Rain would be pretty cool

>>640245842Yes user, the Lin Kuei are Chinese

This guy sure looks Chinese to me

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>>640246134>>640246092Also they aren't ninjas.

i was thinking the keyframe thing was a joke but holy shit this weeb is fucking sad

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>>640243026Feel like graphics are at that point where you could tell me either was the new game and I'd go yeah that looks pretty good. MK1 has better modelling and lighting but 11 you can see pores and other blemishes

>like the character designs>don't like them getting goredanybody else retarded like me

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>>640246485Then don't do Fatalities.

>>640245842read their names nigga damn

>>640239152muslim kombat 1?

>>640246485>>640246550Fatalities get boring fast, going for brutalities or just tapping your opponent after the match is what I end doing after a while.Especially in MK11 when I had to work for those outros, I'm not skipping that shit for a fatality that I've already seen 100 times.

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Wait Scorpion is Japanese but I guess not any more. That's kind of weird, guess they figured no one would notice the race swap.


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>>640246852Now he's Han Zhu Hasha Shi

like the game is not even out yet and fuckers are getting mad about nothing and why do fuckers like this make it seem like every characters in the ps2 games got some big win

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