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Anons, give me games to play on my phone. I often have free time on the train where I have nothing to play.I do not care if it's an emulated game or a game from the play store, what games do you usually play on your phone?

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Gachas, I guess.No, really, I have no idea. Just gachas.Go to the paid storefront if you could, or just emulate older games.

>>640238936There are no good phone games.

Trials Frontier (modded apk)

kys ADHD zoomer

>>640238936Bust-A-MoveFront MissionShadowrunSyndicateI use a controller attachment. It was really cheap.

>>640239225>template posteryawn

>>640238936I redownloaded Simpsons Tapped out. Glad to see my account with $1.5 billion hacked dollars still works.

>>640238936Mahjong SoulMaster DuelLimbus Companyvarious emulators, switch is on the rise

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>>640238936Emulate ds gamesFor example metal max or infinite space

>>640239149>There are no good phone games.Most consoles can be emulated on modern phones.

>>640238936>pocket city>inks>downwell>supertype>game dev tycoon

emu psp

>>640239225I don't have ADHD, it's not real anyway.I simply live in the biggest city in the world and spend up to 10 hours a week in the train. When I'm not in the mood for reading or listening to a book, I would like to play something.

>>640239609But phone screens and controls ruin any game that was originally good.

Meet And Fuck Kingdom

>>640239905Just get a controller attachment. I got mine for $25. I like it quite a bit.

>>640239905>phone screens and controls ruin any game that was originally goodWhy?

>>640239948>Meet And Fuck KingdomSure, maybe I can enjoy it with the other riders in the train car as well.

10000000, Slay the spire, plague inc, super hexagon.

Emulate turn based and slower paced video games where the phone controls don't detract from the experience.

>>640238936Battleheart and the Kingdom Rush series are really solid.

emulatejust emulate anything. JRPGs are the best because they aren't really impacted by not knowing how to use touch control, but any game really. Especially because any phone made after 2010 has bluetooth and you can just connect any modern controller to it.Honestly I play runescape on my phone a lot, but emulation wise I have it set to autosync my saves with my pc so anything I play and progress on my phone syncs up with my PC every 15 minutes, so I can pick it right back up at home. I've been playing through breath of fire, paper mario master quest, hagane, shinobi 3 no jutsu run, and trying to see if I can get skies of arcadia running on my note 10 +, but it's not really working too well so far.

>>640240032Screen too small and touch screens make complex inputs slower and less precise.>>640239990If you need an accessory larger and heavier than a phone to play the game I wouldn't really consider it a phone game.

Bad Piggies is the only good phone gamewebm slightly relevant

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>>640240597>touch screens make complex inputs slower and less preciseyou sound like my mom when I was trying to show her how a touchscreen phone worked.>that's way too hard why can't I just push real buttonslmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

>>640240597Then adapt. You'll get used it.I say that, but honestly, after switching to PC for **3, it's feels weird to play on a phone again. I'll probably get used to it again.

>>640240696>that's way too hard why can't I just push real buttonsShe was right you dumb zoomer

>>640240597You don't need anything heavy, but I understand having limited space. I always travel with a bag so having a tiny little foldable controller I can stick in one of the inner pockets works perfectly for me. As far as your classification, I don't really understand what you mean. If you can play a game on your phone then I consider it a phone game.

>>640240418ThisI'm playing grandia 3 on my phone right now as I watch TV and wait for my computer to defrag

The only games i play on this shit brick are ps2 or retro game via emulation

>>640238936Fgo is garbage but emulators are the way to go. If you don't have a controller play rpgs

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>>640240850If you attach a 27" monitor, mouse, keyboard, and external speakers to your phone and emulate Civ 3 or Doom 3 or whatever, is that really a phone game? I don't think so.

What are some good games to emulate on phone, im thinking of playing persona 4

>>640241346Meh. If the game functions on a phone, it can be a phone game. I'm not going to split hairs. You do you though.


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>>640238936emulate psxand play classics like Loaded

>>640241308>Oregon trailNice

Williams pinballIt's very grindy but the "free sessions" (short challenge missions) are fun for short bursts. Just pay the in game currency price to bypass the cooldown timer on sessions because you'll earn more tickets than you'll spend.

>>640238936Why not go and ask >>>/vmg/

>>640239948Meet and HUH?????

>>640239149It’s amazing really, the power new phones have and there aren’t any developers thinking it would be a good market to make a game for…genshin impact is it, and if your not into gatcha there isn’t anything to play.

>>640238936M&L superstar sagaAdvance Wars 1, 2, DSPvZBloonsYou can emulate most handheld stuff easily even on a 5 year old phone. If your screen is fucked then I'd say turn-based is easier. In terms of actual mobile games there're quite a lot of decent rogues like Slice & Dice, StS and it's popular clone Pirates. Along with a lot of rogue's you'd find on pc. Ma

Surprised no one has said Worldbox or Neo Scavenger yet.

>>640238936Fuck all these other recommendations, the ONLY mobile game worth playing is Buriedbornes. Hard as fuck roguelike with a great artstyle and awful translation. Near infinite build variety and replayability. You can also play it on Steam now if you graduate from your Nokia

>>640238936Shattered Pixel DungeonMario Run unironicallyEmulators

>>640241520It's a dumb but fun game to pass time

>>640241616Phones don't actually have any good input methods that are also standard and available on ALL devices. This is why nobody is making "proper" games for phones unless it's some ancient cashgrab port. Devs are always going to target the lowest common denominator (touch screens) for maximum profit (gacha shit & other microtransaction hell games).

>>640238936I found out that emulating turn based jrpgs on phone works out pretty well, the experience is almost as good as on a normal pad since it's mostly menu based and it doesn't require any reflexes or precision.

>>640241892great game but not a roguelike

>>640240597>Screen too smallThe screen fills as much of your FoV as a TV, since it's closer.>complex inputs slower and less preciseDoesn't matter for half of the games that do not require speed. You don't need physical buttons to play Advance Wars or Pokemon.

I heard you can play every ace attorney game on phone, which one is the best of all

>>640238936Street Fighter 4 volt.Its streamlined for phone use with single button presses for special moves, motion input for ex special move.

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>>640241556>Why not go and ask >>>/vmg/Because it's a gacha containment board. They're not talking about video games, only coomershit and lottery.


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>>640238936I read a lot of books when I had a 3 hour commute 2 times a week

>>640242101I mean... it has pretty much every element of what a roguelike would be. Much more roguelike / roguelite than a RPG. Curious why you think it's not

>>640242670because it's clearly a first person dungeon crawler, more akin to games like Wizardry. It's nothing like Rogue


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>>640242952great argument. Learn what words mean. You'll be able to express yourself better and not come across as a fucking illiterate retard

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i just play sonic sms remakes and triple trouble 16 bit

>>640238936yea keep looking for excuses to bury your head in your stupid phone, all to avoid the awkwardness that comes with the smallest amount of social interaction with humans. give in to your reprogramming to become what you were meant to be all along -- an insignificant pointless mindless drone. oh you missed your stop again? well what can you do, better go back to swiping

>>640243465What crawled up your ass?

>>640242001While touchscreen is limited, I'd argue it's plenty for many genres. Anything that's not fast pace action or an excel spread is doable.The real cancer is the gatcha coupled with the shitty appstores. No visibility for traditional games. The """free""" crap takes all the shelve space of the only interface you can use to install software. And I know you can "sideload" games and even 3rd party stores on most Android devices, but that is such a small niche no serious developer cares.

>>640243504ur mom's tongue

>>640238936Retro Garage

>>640243631It's "gacha". Next time learn to spell; it's not that hard. I would've thought everyone here would've known how to spell it considering it gets spammed on a regular basis.

>>640238936Golf Blitz.

>>640238936Retro games and DRAGON BORRU ZETU DOKKAN BATTAH.

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>>640238936I'm playing a balance hacked version of Fire Emblem 7, it's fun.I have 6 as well, I'll play it after finishing 7.I'm using Pizzaboy emulator.Lyn is dumb but sex, wish there was more porn of her.

>>640238936There are literally none without app in purchases

>>640238936Ace attorney on ds emulator. Works wonderfully on a phone emulator, because you can control it with just the touchscreen

>>640238936You must be 18+ to post on this website.

>>640238936>Buriedborne>Night of the Full Moon>Dungeon Squad>Dungeon Maker>Weapon Throwing RPG 2>Eternal Senia Hydrangea After the Rain>Chimera/Armour Recollect>Any of the various rhythm games like Cytus, Demo ir Lanota

>>640238936Pretty much just emulators, especially PS1, GBA and SNES shit. Get something like a Razer Kishi for physical buttons.

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>>640238936Night of the Full Moon

>>640238936Vampire survivorsShattered Pixel DungeonEmulated games of your liking, there's too many to list

>>640239505>Limbus Company>watch a beginner's guide on youtube>game has a stamina system/is time gated

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>>640238936Magicus. A match-3 JRPG made by the same dev that made Astlibra. The game seems simple, but gets more complex mechanics as you progress, and the game can get get hard as hell (especially with the arena and super bosses).

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