>Fable Enchanted Collection (Fable 1-3 remaster, very similar to ME:LE, the first game got a complete overhaul)>Fable 4>Avowed>Fallout: New Orleans (Obsidian's rumored new Fallout game)>Hi-Fi Rush DLC, they shadowdrop it after the show>Silksong>Persona 3 Remake>Persona 5 Tactica>Persona 6>Forza Motorsport>Stray Xbox Port>Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

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>persona 6

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>>640237541>silksong>falloutOh shut the fuck up, bethesda isn't going to play ball with obsidian after they ate shit on new vegas due to the metacritic score not reaching the requirement for another game

>>640237541I do not believe it.

>>640237541Waiting for The Evil Within 3, Outlast Trials console edition, Killer Instinct 2, Perfect Dark and GTA6 alas GTA4 let me dream surprise announcementsI was going to ask for a new tales of but apparently they have their own event now

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>>640237719Bethesda doesn’t have a say in shit; they are owned by Microsoft. It’s no longer “a Bethesda IP; it’s a Microsoft one”

>>640237541Fake and gay.

>>640237541>>Fallout: New Orleans (Obsidian's rumored new Fallout game)HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

>>640237541>Fallout: New Orleanswhere's my bell

>>640237847Bethesda still has some autonomy>>640237814Outlast trials feels kind of shit truthfully, already poured enough time into it to complete the seasonal trial ten times the only real motivation is the rebirth costumes you get. The cosmetics are all rng based.

>>640237541>Almost entirely RPGsNot on your life.

>>640237541>Fallout New Orleans>Not Fallout 76 Season 13KEK

>Fallout: New Orleans >Persona 6You said this purposely to make people know you're joking, right?

Over 1000 pronouns

>>640237541I am hoping for a Budokai Tenkaichi 4.

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>>640237541Naw. 0% chance they don't talk about Forza, Halo, or Call of Duty.

>>640237541>>Hi-Fi Rush DLC, they shadowdrop it after the showOk, I'm gonna entertain this hypothetical situation for a bit. What is it about?

>>6402375412 (TWO) fable projects announced at the same timeat least try to make it believable

>>640238596Is the gohan movie as good as this? The artstyle looked like shit when i saw the trailer

>>640238796as like, a movie?I'd say Super Hero was better then Battle of Gods (barely) and Resurrection F, but not as good as DBS broly.Visually, it's fine. The 3d isn't distracting and looks pretty good. But it's obviously not as good looking as DBS broly.

>>640237541Pretty sure they are guaranteed to show new wo long dlc

expect nothing bigger than fable from the show, maybe a fallout 3 remake. they wouldnt want to steal Starfield's thunder

>>640238616> Call of Duty.They can't, PS got marketing rights to it since 2015

>>640237541>Persona 6 Jesus this is a bad fake list

Rate my bingo

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>>640238978Sounds decent enough, thanks

>>640237541>>Dragon Age: DreadwolfLet's see how BioWare will fuck a Dragon Age game this time. They have yet to make a good one of these. Yes, even Dragon Age Origins was fucking mediocre at best and you faggots are just blinded by nostalgia when in reality, it was already mid even back when it came out.

>>640238596You know Budokai Tenkaichi 4 got announced months ago, right?

What ever happened to Perfect Dark, Gears of War and that RPG Playground was making, everwild i think it was called?


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>>640239153Have you been living under a fucking rock? Microsoft OWNS CoD now lmao

>>640238796Let's just say that Super movies so fsr have been pretty good. CGI looks suprisingly good.

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>>640239360>it’s been 3 months and we’ve had 0 newsIs this normal? Feels like we should have got something by now

>>640238796>>640239334I thought it was just an okay movie, not something I could see myself watching more than once or twice. It kinda goes back to BoG tone a little where it's a lot more comedic and then gets serious once it starts getting to the end. The CG is good by CG standards but it obviously can't compete with good 2D and it feels even weirder because the movie starts with them recapping DB in 2D.

>>640237541They're announcing Bloodborne for PC as well. Please do not screenshot this post, I could get in trouble


>>640238712new skins

>>640237541>Obsidian's rumored new Fallout gamepretty sure inXile are the only ones currently rumored to be working on a new Fallout alongside some steampunk rpg project

>>640237541>They are totally not reprising any of the stuff we already see in the Sony Showcase like Anal Woke you guysThis is why all these "leaks" are shit, they are all ignoring the obvious.It is the Sony showcase plus Todd Howard's Starless.All xbox keynotes have been fucking shit, why should this one be different?

>>640239726>and it feels even weirder because the movie starts with them recapping DB in 2DGood thing that Kubota is a massive Dragon Ball fan and he literally said that he would drop any project to work on Dragon Ball again. Will probably return then the anime comes back.

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>>640237673>>640237541Not Persona 6.It'll be a new game set in a fantasy land with JoJo type Stands. Same developer.

> Fallout: New Orleans BULL FUCKING SHITthey're working on Fallout: Tactics 2 actually, which is the same thing

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>>640237719Microsoft's IP. And Bethesda is preoccupied with Starfield, alot of Starfield patches, potentially alot of Starfield DLC, and the next Elder Scrolls after that. Microsoft will see an IP being dormant for so long and hand it off to other people who they conveniently own that have made a Fallout game before (at least in studio name).But I still kinda doubt it will be anytime soon.

>>640239360A new trailer or some new info is needed.

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Fable sucks so fucking bad that it doesn’t even hold up to nostalgia. I tried replaying them a year ago and they’re all so awful they made me remember all the shittiest moments in my life throughout middle and high school. Why would anyone want fable 4? It can only bring severe depression

>>640237956Bethesda has no autonomy whatsoever.

>>640239989Yeah reading the interviews was a little funny. Most of the production team being against the movie being all CG was interesting and I'm surprised they were willing to be open about it.

>>640240057Project: Re Fantasy bros?!?!

>>640239270I'd replace Redfall DLC with "bringing more than hype, bringing games"

>>640237541>>Hi-Fi Rush DLC, they shadowdrop it after the showPlease be free with Game Pass

>>640240291Re fantasy wasn’t a reverse isekai?

>>640240231Yeah, but the movie was deemed successful by Toei and they have ready saod that the assets will be reused. I am just hoping that they don't go full CGI.

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>>640240176>anyone want fable 4?YES.They are fun and very light RPGS with plenty of charm but would be even in charge of the project? It is like telling me there is going to be another crackdown.

who the heck cares about Xbox in 2023no gaems

>>640240291Seriously what the fuck is going on with this game? Hashino said the development "reached its climax" like 3 years ago.

>>640238712I’d assume extra missions but maybe they’ll go the DMC route and add an extra playable character

Fable and Avowed news is all I'm really hoping for

>>640240231Which interview?

>>640240417It did a lot worse than Broly though and they said it cost even more to make then if it was in 2D, so I'm hoping that means they'll go back to 2D for the next film. All the recent movies have had a part of the fight be CG so hopefully that's what they mean by reusing assets. I'm fully aware that I'm just coping hard though.

>>640237541You lost it on the third line.

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>>640240325dlc is usual not free on goyimpass

>>640240682Not really. In the offical Toei report, Super Hero actually made more money than Broly, but I get your point. I would also like the anime and the movies to be full 2D.

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>>640237541It's fake. Can't be another game different of Fallout New Gender.


>>640237541>>Fallout: New Orleans (Obsidian's rumored new Fallout game)yah blew it

>>640237541I remember an user saying there shouldn't be a New Vegas two, but instead posted New Orleans. What were the chances?

>>640240854Ah, I see. I was going off the box office numbers, so I guess exchange rate fuckery makes it seem like Super Hero did worse in dollars even though it did better in yen.

>>640237541>Source?>I made it the fuck up

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>>640241313Yeah, but still. I am hoping that was a one time deal. 2D all the way for Dragon Ball. I mean, look at this shit. Amazing compared to CGI.

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How many of you have real expectations from this crap? I need the laugh, raise hands.Also the last time Xbox had anything to show it was 2006

>>640240480It's pretty close to completion at this point. Just need to fine tune the cutscenes and artwork.

>>640240480Guess they couldn't get it up after that

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>>640240291Yep. That one.

>>640241504Didn’t know Hashino could speak english.

>>640241569It's already been dubbed. The voice acting is a lot better than most dubs I've heard from other games.

>>640238712This is actually the least likely, they wouldn't have started DLC until the positive reception theres no way it be close to done let alone release tomorrow

>>640241565Answer the real title of the game or fake info

>>640237541>Persona 6>announcing the a former Sony indie exclusive still on PS Plus at the ShowcaseFake

>>640241678There’s already been 2 sets of post launch DLC costumes for the whole cast. I wouldn’t doubt something more substantial was planned from the start

Did people forget that the last Silksong trailer we got was during the Xbox show last year? Why is the skepticism now?

>>640239387Perfect Dark was in development hell so they had to redo everything.MS doesnt care about gears of war anymoreEverwild had a ton of internal issues so they ended up scrapping the game and started over. this is why Phil is such a fucking joke. he cant keep any of his studios in check.

>>640238712>>640240325>>640241678HiFi Rush DLC has already been confirmed via SteamDB, so I can easily see an announcement for it (even if not dropped the same day)

>>640242039For some reason retards assume the delay announcement means that we won‘t hear anything about it for a while. The reason they went ahead and announced the delay is because of the 12 month time window. They could definitely show a release date trailer for later this year or early next year

>>640242039Dev just had a cliche apology post about the game being delayed again because they increased the scope of the game so significantly with no new ETAPersona 6 and the Fallout game confirm the fakeness of this leak

>>640242204Yeah it's probably an announcement rather than shadowdrop and it's probably a free update

>>640237541>>Fable Enchanted Collection (Fable 1-3 remaster, very similar to ME:LE, the first game got a complete overhaul)>Now you are able to grow your male character into the female one

>>640242224>>640242317Ah okay. I don't follow team cherry so I never saw that. It was the only thing on that obvious fake list that I could see showing up.Now if you really wanna never ever look at me hoping they finally announce a new Killer Instinct.

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>>640239354>Let's see how BioWare will fuck a Dragon Age game this time.There are already huge red flags. Fortnite like title logo.Alpha footage looks like some mobile shit.Its going to be terrible game but with a lot of nogs and trannies.

Anybody else notice this? Seems like the showcase just got delayed.

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>>640239576huh, that actually looks neat. I'll have to check it out.

>>640237541>>Avowedshit i remember how hyped i was during picrelthen 3 years have passed and nothing happened

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>>640242534turning into a female already exists in Fable 2

>>640242838You could switch the gender of villagers and they would turn lesbian / gay respectively.Fable 2 was dangerously based but the game ends much too abruptly.

>>640242776>obisidan>doing literally anything right unless it's off the back of someone else's gameat bet, it will be as mediocre as outer worlds, if it even releases at all

>>640237541>Fable Enchanted Collection (Fable 1-3 remaster, very similar to ME:LE, the first game got a complete overhaul)Assuming this isn't bullshit, which it sounds like it is, what does the overhaul mean? Is it just Fable Anniversary packed in or was it redone from the ground up to have similar gameplay/controls to Fable 2 and 3? It better get a PC release too if true.


>>640237541Too good to be true... One can dream...

>>640237541>>640242987Fable 3 is the one that needs to be reworked not Fable Anniversary

>>640242534>Now you are able to grow your male character into the female oneHot.

>>640242713the official one is unchanged, i guess someone fucked up here

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a quick and easy way to tell if no man's skyrim will be good or bad>apologetic todd>game will be shit>hype todd>it might actually be good

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>>640243656> apologetic toddnever, bitch

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>>640243729did you forget the post fallout 76 show?

>>640237541Morning,sirMay I ask how certain are the details, is your source reliable?

>>640237956>Bethesda still has some autonomyThey're 100% owned by MSEvery product/ project they have needs to be approved by MS. No exceptions.

>>640237541you forgot the bloodborne 3 exclusive for xbox

>>640237541>the first game got a complete overhaul)You mean the anniversary ediiton? Fucking idiot???

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SMTV announcement soon

>>640237541Fable 1 already got a complete overhaul though. Based on the Dreadwolf leak, that game is still far out to see anything ingame. Game Awards at the earliest.I imagine Hellblade 2 ends the show, full on demo with a release date being January 2024. Fable and Avowed get in-engine/fake looking stuff. Outer Worlds 2 gets a decently sized trailer and a release date that is THIS year. State of Decay 3 gets a targeted Summer 2024 release date, will try to be like Sea of Thieves for the zombie genre.Everwild won't get mentioned, its canceled which will be mentioned in a sit down Phil does with Giantbomb/Jeff maybe.

>>640237541>>Avowedgoing to be a big load of nothing again.

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>>640237541Excuse me, but are you still here?Can you pls reply to my question.


Obsidian and IneXile are co-developing Fallout Tactics 2. No New Vegas remake or sequel yet.

Best thing this shit fucking company could have done is announce more Xbox OG backward compatability.

>>640244963I hope inexile still does CRPGs, we don't need another first/third person RPG that needs to shed RPG to make the shooter part even feel good

>>640244963>Fallout Tactics 2

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>>640242713The Xbox channel still says June 11th, IGN being fucking incompetent as usual


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>>640237541i will fucking coom is obsidian is making a new fallout game

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>>640243032Pls Phil samaI need it. This is the perfect time with Tekken, SF, MK all on the way

>>640244963>Fallout Tactics 2I'd take it ngl.

>>640237541>DA: Dreadworldoh nononono.. honestly as much as Inquisition gets shat on, it wasn't THAT bad, i liked some of the shit in there and hated other but i was pleasantry surprised with some the companions and DLCs were good, desu what the main game severly lacked.

>>640237541>two Obsidian games at the same showcase

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>>640237541Can you pls reply to my comment, abouve.

>>640242634>>640243032>>640246190kino instinct wait train

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>>640246031Obsidian in name only i am afraid

>>640246031>i will fucking coom is obsidian is making a new fallout gameOnly if they use F4 Engine and get support from Bethesda, for the open World content. .


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>>640247281It wouldn't be on Fallout 4's engine, that shit is outdated and retarded, the Fallout 76 version has had 100,000 more man hours worth of coding and debugging put into it.