Splatoon 3

Big Run: 24 hours left!>Egg count improved?>Success been with rando’s or folk in the pool>You having fun?

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as a splatling main I find it hilarious when people complain about getting Hydra

>>640237572>People hate HydraI don't even main splatlings and I love that fucking murder beam

139 is good enough for gold right? r-right?

No, but 154 is still pretty goodPoolAt the moment, I'm really not. But I'm sort of forced to take a break at the moment so I might as well chill and see if I have more success later.

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>finally get +150>go play randos for awhile>back to sub 90>can't show my face in any rooms

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*rolls on a fog wave*

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>egg count0. im just so fucking burnt out i havent even played this big run at all yet. i have over 500 hours in the game, it was fun while it lasted

>>640237728The only ounce of copium I'll give you is that this stage is difficult so the scores might be lower than Inkblot.lmao


Funny Squid Game turns into Vietnam Simulator

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>>640237384>Egg count improved?Yes. Went from 141 to 151 and now 154>Success been with rando’s or folk in the poolboth>You having fun?Yup

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>>640237384>No>Failing in both groups>NoIf don't get gold this time, I'll just drop the game, 3 has not been fun At all, but I'm been still playing it due to FOMO

>>640237815They buffed the glaringly shit weapons but forgot the most shit weapon of them all.

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>>640237990Once you realize the FOMO isn't much, it's really easy to quit the game, and a bit cathartic.

>>640238039But you can use it to be the designated egg slut instead of anything more useful :)

Why are all splatoon fans "like that"

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>>640232159Yea, just concerned about letting down folk. Not worrying too much about high scores, just wanna have fun with fellow Holla Forums tards. Feeling belter ‘bout it now

>>640237572Not all of us can trust our teammates to keep the backline well guarded

>>640238106It also helps this is an online only game, so you don't even keep whatever you unlock.

>>640238039The reeflux? Or the bamboozler? Or the range blaster? Or the pencil?Or the goo tuber? Or the tetra dualies?Or the other buckets besides trislosh and explosher?

>first wave is low tide

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>>640238116Tired of this meme. Rolling the brush makes you have a weird turning radius that messes up precise movements and bumping into an enemy means you're going to fall off the platform or straight into more enemies. Inkbrush is shit at everything.

>>640237998>who the fuck is that? take your eceleb garbage to /vg/ and stop acting smug about your literally useless knowledgeIt's the discord fag that plays with the Holla Forums pool. He only appears when his discord is finished playing. He's probably a neet playing SR all day.

>>640238487They actually did buff a fair few of those

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undertow is such a shitty fucking stage I'm mad. I'm pretty done with this game as well and I had almost 2k hours in spl2n. the maps are just so fucking bad and a good 80% of the kits are just not fun to use

>>640238487>The reeflux?they buffed it and it was already usable before>Or the bamboozler?shitter detected>Or the range blaster?shitter detected>Or the pencil?they buffed it and is unironically one of the strongest chargers for SR now. gigashitter detected>Or the goo tuber?just tap shot bro>Or the tetra dualies?mid but not horrible>Or the other buckets besides trislosh and explosher?holy fucking shitter. i bet you hit only directs with sloshing machine

Just got a new record with a great set of randos, 156 Fuck yeah

It's time for your performance review. Post your high score

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>>640237572It's easy for the Hydra to get bullied by Flyfish, Stingers, Drizzlers, etc.I prefer getting Heavy Splatling.

>>640238487I want you to read this one twice because it's true >>640238724

>>640238652Big swig is the only one that feels noticeable since it actually can be used to roll chums now

>>640238652Both the new Dynamo Roller and Tenta Brella both feel actually good to use now.


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>>640238487I've come to appreciate the Goo Tuber's ability to store partial charges when swimming on this map

>finally get to join a pool game>2 bamboozlers snipewriter and hydra >obviously wipe>communication errorI fucking hate this game

>>640238995350 Egg VP and 136 Eggs

I've made like 50 silvers this Big Run, this is kinda nuts. Gonna have that black suit real soon

>>640238995we love goldies out here

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>>640238724>>640239015>they buffed it and it was already usable beforeIts outclassed by any other shooter. No range, shit damage, only good for spreading ink and close range on a single target>>Or the bamboozler?>shitter detectedNot an argument >>Or the range blaster?>shitter detectedNot an argument>>Or the pencil?>they buffed it and is unironically one of the strongest chargers for SR now. gigashitter detectedIt performs the same. You charge and become a sitting duck unless you want to lose your charge and recharge. No target pierce like the other chargers = shit>>Or the goo tuber?>just tap shot broUseless.>>Or the tetra dualies?>mid but not horrible>>Or the other buckets besides trislosh and explosher?>holy fucking shitter. i bet you hit only directs with sloshing machineWhat else is the sloshing machine good for then. Not for bosses thats for sure.

>>640239372Dayum son

Boy ceph only room is up!

>>640239208>those low tide scoresI must be doing something fundamentally wrong. Maybe I should try to cover teammates more instead of just running to the highest threat thing on the field.

I wanna make sweet love with Splatoon girls

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>>640239394Mad: The post

Kissing squids

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>>640239585>Still can't figure out how to get love stamp instead of dependentIf you're actually meant to spam talk and NOTHING else then fuck tukada. That is aids.

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>>640238191I was too, initially, but after a while I just stopped giving a fuck. Do your best, and you'll usually be alright. I say usually because every once in a while I'll screw up majorly and cost us a match. But for everyone one of those, there's usually at least 5-6 times when my supers or thrown bombs revives the whole crew. So hey, that's something.

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>>640239690Why yes, I am mad that the game forces duds into the possible weapons you can roll which direcrly affect the outcome of your game.

>>640239794Yes, yes you are.

>>640239728love potion

>>640239728I don't know how you'd even pull it off because you can't get enough points in ten days just from talking to have them to fight the next girl

>>640239394>Its outclassed by any other shooter. No range, shit damage, only good for spreading ink and close range on a single target1st circle partial charge does 210 damage (which 2 shots cohocks)it does a fine job at clearing trash if you can't do anything else. if you cannot make this work then this is a (You) problem>Not an argument x2If you think access to high damage, high DPS, long, consistent range shots with a quick charge time is bad then you just might be bad at this weapon or mode. If you think and play the bamboo as a typical charger then you are playing it wrong.Range Blaster is nothing spectacular but it gets the job done. Just play your role.>It performs the same. You charge and become a sitting duck unless you want to lose your charge and recharge. No target pierce like the other chargers = shitPencil is a more flexible hydra splatling, at least in terms of boss killing. Yes you will need babysitting but it's incredibly powerful now.>Useless.Nobody said goo tuber is good. SR is making the best out of the worst situations. Goo tuber has very good tap shot damage at 70, and tap shotting gives higher DPS than charge shots.>What else is the sloshing machine good for then. Not for bosses thats for sure.Learn to hit indirects. Very good crown control weapon, but takes skill.

>>640239851do you have the charm buff for picking the right option at the start of the game?makes it way easier

>>640237384I hate saying it but I fucking hate Big Run and by extension SR in 3. It's so overrun by retards that when I inevitably lose because my teammates throw themself at hordes of bosses it kills my motivation to play.

>>640237572>>640238724>>640239394Post x power

>>640239939I did that and it still wasn't enough.

>>640239728Squid cologne and groping if you're low on time

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>>640239728No you're not meant to spam talk. You can still do the usual of lewding them, but keep increasng charm as much as you can, so keep drinking those skill potions. Once you get them to Trusted (or maybe around 8-9 ), pop one of those pheromone potions then Flirt with them.I was able to do it with just level 3 charm (or was it 4, let me double check)

someone host!

>>640238995860 EVP rn and 183 high scoreClocking out

>>640240007git gud

>>640239584I was surprised at the scores too, but looking back we did get lucky with the boss spawns and weapons, particularly on wave 3

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>>640237572Hey man, most of the time I love it but this place is so fucking cramped, I feel like I can never use it. You try backlining for your team when you got 2 stingers, flyfish missiles, a maws and 2 scrappers on your ass.

>>640239987skill issue

>>640240320It is and I will continue seething about how much I hate my teammates and miss the brief period when SR wasn't full of TImmies

>>640229607I try to hold onto crab tank for farming eggs in potential mothership waves. but if you really have to use it, just shooting bombs with it does wonders.

>>640240395Then explain the guys in this thread who made great scores and are hovering in the 500-800 EVP range? They did it, why couldn't you?

Range blaster feels so weird. It's like an inferior super scope in terms of damage and versatility

>>640240521The only thing it has over scope is an actual blast radius at long rangeThey even made the scope directs do 300, range really needed that too

Join the /vg/ pool if you want better teammates.

>>640239728>>640240087 (me)This was my Captain's stats before I used the pheromone potion and Flirt. I had 4 charm (the next one needs 250pts to upgrade)It got to that obedience level because I still did the usual clit orgasm spam, only talked with her once, but I'm thinking as soon as you get her to Trust, all you need is the Charm and pheromone potion and voilaIf successful, she'll suddenly get a +9999 exp points on her Obedience, making it jump to level 100+

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Stop killing them on normal/high tide unless they're picking eggs near the basket or from the right side if they're spawning on the right. Literally free transport while you can focus on cleaning things up

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Got 91 eggs in my first big run of the day and it's my current best record

>>640240574Then the next day after this, once you enter her room, you'll get a different conversation, which will give you this prompt. Choose the Love one and voila, she gets the Love stamp

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>>640240759And yeah, if you choose the Naughty one, it becomes Dependent instead

>>640240726Good job

>>640240620Yup. Quick tip, they always path back to where they came from, so if you see them spawn behind the basket, try to keep them alive. They also face the opposite direction they're going to fly to while they pick up. Basically their path is always a straight line and they'll turn 180 to leave. Let them work

>>640240809Does that impact the ending at all?Think I finished with everyone love stamped except for Captain and I still got the harem ending.

>>640240809That must be the problem everyone's been having then, because the mtl plugin is finicky and wouldn't translate that part, so I just picked the bottom option at random

>>640241006I haven't tried, don't have the time yet to do tests. I was thinking you should instead ignore everybody. Like, only focus on one girl, for example, Captain, and totally ignore everybody else, even after their capture.I also want to try if corrupting everybody else with the tentacle, but only loving 1 girl gives a different ending. Like if I want Callie, maybe I'll get her to love, while corrupting everybody else with the tentacle (you can't get Callie after all if your Captain won't even fight for you at the start)

>>640240620Yes just don't bother them unless they're on your basket

>>640240573I will never join your tranny pool, fuck off.

I hoping that I can finally get Max Hazard after Big Run and we go back to regular rotations.I want that Badge.

>join a Salmon Run discord>it's all children lying about their rank>Only manage to hit 129 high score because of it>try to stay civil and not kick people, being polite too>exhausted, don't know what to do now, was 1 away from gold BOTH past Big RunsYou know, I used to criticize this game for it's lack of voice chat, but the more I've played, I understand that no voice chat serves a youthful porpoise.

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any high EVP rooms up or should I make one?

>>640241319Just play with /v, you toad.

>>640240939And on normal/high tide on this map specifically, they either spawn on the back left corner, back middle or back right corner. All routes are capable of bringing eggs to the basket. A friend group and I managed to average the 140s just by doing thisLow tide remains a bitch however

Post YFW you KNOW you got the gold

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>>640241491>does he know?

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>>640238487no, the brellasalso what are you on about, like half your list is decent in both SR and PvP

>>640241296Stupid. The good players in this thread come from /vg/. They even talk like they're in /vg/ here.


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>>640241636Good, then go back to your tranny containment thread you freak. We dont want you in our pool or our threads. Never do I go to your shithole and beg people to join our pool, just fuck off and dont come back. Do I need to go there and make a PSA for the st/ink/ers to stay the fuck out of our threads? I WILL NEVER YOUR TRANNY POOL

>>640241491It's actually been pretty fun playing knowing I have a good enough high score and not stressing so hard

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>>640241534I know I got the gold you smug bitch, you wont dissuade me

>>640237556Total squid deathRight-wing Splat SquadsRasplawa now

>>640241046You don't even get this conversation if you didn't confess properly the day before. If you keep lewding her without any confession, she does the initiative of hugging you then kissing you, which leads directly to Dependent.Gotta get that Flirt (confession) in (which turns Trust to ???) before that happensBtw, it's harder to do it in Easy because I noticed it tends to skip the Trusted part and jumps straight to the hug-kiss Dependent

>play all night with some buddies>didn't crack 100>read this threadi'm not gonna make it bros

>>640237556Is there living-onahole porn of the squid forms?

>>640241961Bronzechad, raise your chin high

>>640241770Don't kiss Octo Boys, they just want all your Super Sea Snails.

>>640241928*any successful confession, as again, you need enough charm (in my case 4), with pheromone potion, and in Trusted, for it to work


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I can't get pass 140 bros

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>>640241491>Be me>Get a goldworthy score>Don't try as hard and just do the bare minimum for those double scales even though these freelancers I'm playing with are probably still desperately trying to get theirs's

>>640242539Not everyone was meant to be a golden god my son

>>640242539At least you tried

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>>640242680Kek based

I dont know why but this has been one of the more fun big runs for me. Low tide is shit but its shittiness is charming. Im still having fun and want to climb higher

>>640242539I can't get past 126. Think I'm just going to give up. The longer I play the more annoyed I get and it's affecting my performance.

Who the diddly-dick leaves a fish stick ALIVE? You have a BLASTER, kill it please!Literally the number one source of failure: not being able to move anywhere near the basket.

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>>640243085luna doesn't make this any easier, motherfucker. How about you use that cozy shooter you have and help us all out while i focus on killing all the trash you don't feel like paying attention to? bitch.

>>640238995I demoted myself to 300, and immediately got 150

You are aware that you can stand beside the trapezium platform to put the egg into the basket and don't have to climb it r-right

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>>640243552Dude I had the grizz rifle. I shot a route for 'em, but the guy in my case had a rapid blaster. Literally the best thing for killing these.I end up in the waves with no shooters a lot.

>>640243552Jump squigga, jump.

>big run still doesn't have a good soundtrackWHY WHY WHY WHY WHY

Can't wait to find out Bronze is something absurd like 250.


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>>640243848And don't even say "use the piercing", I tried, there aren't any high enough points for me to nail these guys from. If you've got a blaster or an AK, take those fuckers OUT. Hell, even a carbon roller'll do.

>been stuck at 116 since the beginning of the fucking event>demoted to profresh+3 twice alreadyFUCK ITI'M GOING DEATH CON 3 AGAINST THESE FUCKING FISHNO MORE MERCY, THOSE WHO SLOW ME DOWN WILL SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS THEMIT'S THE DAY OF THE HOOK

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>>640244436I've been at 126 since the first like, 40 mintues. Never up from there.

>>640244436Make Grizz proud

>50+ eggs first wave>45+ 2nd wave>Low TideWhoever thought the worst part of the map should be that should be shot.

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Why's the reefslider even in the game? Best case you can kill 2 lasers. Meanwhile somebody holds a wavebreaker until the last 2 seconds.

>>640245175They wanted to replace Splashdown and then gave it all the same problems as Splashdown

>>640245215At least splashdown is good in SR

>>640242002At least 8 or 9 on E6.

You ok user? I saw you stop moving for a good 5 seconds

>>640245695Controller died.

Low EVP room going up.

>only 2 silversnice eel kill tho

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>>640245971>Freelance>Controller dies at the beginning of the wave>Low tide>Everyone's leaving while i stay in the main area like a retard>Reconnect controller>Accidentally spam this way>disconnect out of embarrassment

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I'm done. Too tired. GG A, R, and L

BS, DS, apparently I got an error during matchmaking for some reason

>>640247295Continued:Don't know if you two made it into a match or not but I got kicked out

>>640246551A reminder if you want to boost your high score still, consider demoting to a lower EVP.Less total eggs, but the waves become much more manageable.