Stop playing western games

Stop playing western games

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How is a heterosexual sex scene "judeo propaganda"?Are you off your meds again?

Why are you so afraid of reality? 2D uwu anime girls can't save you.

>>640237040>Anal sex>hetero


Left has sex, right does not. Why should I?

>>640237137>>640237237Yes? Anal sex between a man and a woman is heterosexual.

>>640236973kek. Was there really a anal sex QTE?

>>640237040Abby is post op. All the main characters in TLoU are either gay or bisexual

>>640237326t. jew


>>640236973I love elegant ladyknights so much it's fucking unreal.

>>640236973Kisara gets blacked.

>>640236973>>640237040>>640237081>>640237137>>640237237>>640237238>>640237326>>640237390>>640237427>>640237470>>640237657>>640237678>>640237739what are your favorite snes games?

>>640237137Is it anal or just from behind?Avoided watching the scene so I honestly don't know.

>>640237758Earthbound but I haven't played it yet

>>640237758dkc2super mario all starslttpanimaniacs

>>640237758radical rex>>640237657a ladydick may as well be a clit so its hetero you fucking mongrel

>>640237326as a heads up user, there are some weirdos in the world who honestly think any interaction with an ass is homosexual. it's why there are a number of guy in the world you don't adequately clean their ass after they shit and have mud trails in their underwearIt's fucking weird

>>640236973Well the bitch on the right is pretty and has a big butt in game (for a jrpg character). Shit comparison.

>sex between a man and a woman is homosexual4chan's IQ seems to drop more and more each year lol

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>>640236973No thanks.

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>>640237040>heterosexual sex

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>>640237758Super Mario World

>>640236973KISARA BUNDA

Western beauty

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>>640238045>play old JRPGsCRYSTALS>play new JRPGsKYAAAAAAH HENTAI

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>>640237427>Abby is post op. schizo headcanon


>>640236973modern jrpgs are just dating sims, gameplay is non existent or garbage, no story, good writing, etc. Maybe you can find a decent once in a blue moon

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>>640240618>what is star ocean

>>640236973jap games have more trannies than western games tho


>>640236973I already did. However, it's also hard to for me to play Japanese games because of censorship.>but the mods will fix themWe shouldn't have to fix and uncensor the games by ourselves. The product should come out as it was intended with no removal of anything. God i fucking hate modern gaming industry. Can't play western shit because full of woke shit and ugly characters and can't play Japanese games because censorship and shitty localization or just full ban.

>>640236973Why did you feel the need to photoshop it, if it's so bad?

>>640237779Of course it's just from behind.

>>640236973Some people really just can't grasp that the 2 cultures are different and both have something the other doesn't.And no, it's not Soul or whatever weightless word you fuckers have.

>>640241120photoshop what?

>>640241271The screenshot.

Heterosexual intercourse is a good thing.

>>640242235good goy

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I would if Japanese games had decent gameplay instead of that basic jrpg shit. I can't think of any interesting or fun games made by Japs other than Fromsoft and Nintendo. FF games were like the most boring, uncreative & slow paced games I ever played. Hit me up when jrpgs have Divinity 2 gameplay and Pathfinder's level of character creation and progression, thx.


>>640243583>character creationbiggest meme of all time

>>640243269love it when yuropoors pretend their shit characters are american. sorry faggots, control, returnal, horizon wolfenstein 2, deathloop, dishonored doto and hellblade are your games kek

The hell is this thread?

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it's no secret the jews have been articulating in 200 years or so the destruction of the mind and soul of the goyimIn the industry, arts, technology, spirituality and even in major religions. They have infected everything with liberalism, relativism and anal sex

>>640245529I don't care if this reply is bait.What are you smoking there, buddy? That's got to be some strong ones, for you to even think about this.

>>640236973She's so hot. Almost makes me wish you could choose romance partner in Arise, but Shionne is literally made for Alphen

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>>640244241I don't care about the models etc but I think having classes and unique progression is based af and crucial for a good RPG.

>>640237427Ah yes, thanks to the wide availability of surgeons and HRT in the post apocalypse, right?

>>640246075why does americans think everything that is not ironic and edgy is bait?

>>640246248>The jews won't profit from having sex change surgeries in the future, even in a scarcity realityWell they will find some way to keep the system up and running

>>640236973>le stronk independent warrior womynpozzed woke garbage, hard pass

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>>640245529At least some of the degeneration is bound to be just the natural rot of an affluent civilization. Everything is easy so people become weak physically and mentally.

>>640236973Stop posting outside of Holla Forums

>>640246748well we might never know how things would be today if CIA and the military didn't spend trillions of dollars in destructive things like promoting drug use and the cult of degeneracyOf course rich people tend to produce more degeneracy but nothing prevented them from spreading this so here we are

>>640237040Women don't have chests like these, not without surgery or fucking up their hormones

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Not saying the state should control private life but a paramilitary organization or even a illegal troops like they had in nazi germany or in hungary could be used to intimidate rich people and thus reduce the amount of degeneracy

>>640243269>femme fatale character is a breedable bimbo>everyman researcher lady looks like a normal personI understand hating GIRL POWA shit, but I don't see what the problem is if every female char isn't a bodacious breedable babe

>>640246920Or just... lifting a lot of weightsYou do understand what fatty tissue is made of, right?