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that's cryptojudaism

>>640236614>Taking a game serious when its whole purpose is to name myself BoxSmasher and collect orange items until I get bored and delete the game.

>>640236614It's a fantasy setting where angels are only slightly less dickish than Daemons since they at least won't kill you just for fun.


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Of course men are evil. Like 99% of the suffering and wars that ever happened were started by men.Women nurture, women raise children, women protect the world.

>>640236884The irony is that Athena was the one who turned her into a monster.

>>640236768>IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO

>>640236884>why is a woman with snake hair who insta kills anyone who looks at her portrayed as a monster.>this is somehow men's fault

>>640236614It's kinda obvious when you realize that sjwisms and woke shit is just social engineering warfare.Why bother destroying other countries' armies when you can just prevent them from existing by sabotaging the education system and sterilizing the population? It's just common sense that you'd want to throw a wrench into the social/cultural mechanisms of other countries and what better way of doing so than pretending to care about and promoting the freaks of that society as the new normal.

>>640236614Feminism the game

>>640237020Funny thing is I'd 100% try to fugg Medusa but wouldn't touch the people bitching about her monster status with a 20 yard (18.288 meter) pole.monster bitches be bussin. fr fr.


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>>640236909Women raised those killers

>>640236614Play the game faggot, and keep your filthy Holla Forums shit out of diablo. It's taken enough faggot dicks up the ass as is the last decade thanks to Blizz' retardation.

>>640236614why are there male rogues in this game? they're supposed to be female-only. This game is a misogynistic piece of shit partaking in the erasure of canonical female spaces

>>640237180Lacking the fedora and the triple chin.

>>640237236>keep your filthy Holla Forums shit out of diabloyou mean like all those tranny characters and all the racemixing? Howe abou tall the feminism? That Holla Forums stuff? Yeah, that's on Blizzard.

>>640236614>okay, yeah the demons want to rape and torture us for all eternity>but the angels are rude>two sides of the same coin

>>640237243The lore doesn't mean shit.Paladins shouldd be black.Barbs should be white.But no, le hecking travellerino's might have stayed with these groups and race mixed with them creating all kinds of members of these tribes/groups.Fuckin retarded.

You've gotta admit that Lilith emasculating Chudnarius by snapping his spear then emasculating him again by ripping off his angelhood was pure kino

>>640236614lilith should have won

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>>640237490You played this trash?Fuckin cancer. KYS.

>>640236614Lilith is a whore, and so are all women that includes your whore mother OP

>>640237490this but unironicallyI don't like Lilith but Inarius was always Mephisto's eternal cuck. Having him get torn down again all over was great. The based angels are in the High Heavens and its great they don't give two shits about him.


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>>640237601I watched a video on youtube. It was free, retard.Blizzard is still putting out kino cinematics in current year, and I see no reason to deprive myself of the experience as a kino enjoyer.

>>640236614>LE RELIGION BAD >LE ATHEISM GOOD Yes.>WOMEN ARE LE PURE OP who is that in the picture? Is that not a female?

>>640236614>all stances of a woman you kill in-gameWhy are you treating the stance of the evil demon enemy as a moral lesson?

>>640236614Yes.Your sky god isn't real, christcuck.

>>640237737Lilith is pure in her sin. She has not been tainted by all the detestable traits humanity has inherited from their angelic side.

>>640236768>d1/d2>figures of authority are all men, major enemies are men>men are strong and can rise to the challenge>strongest enemies are men>d3-4>strongest lore enemies are women>mentor figure men are killed and replaced with women>men are all frail and weak>one boy is shown in the series - killed while crying by lilith>older male figures - weak groaning, inept>crippled girl with one arm goes on the journey the wonderer did, instead of warrior man>inarius, the strongest male figure - is just an incompetent retard and dies to a backstab>prime evil Mephisto is just some dog with a deep voice and Mephisto is *afraid*This is why many found the basic lore of D3 ass and D4 lore is a considerable step in the same direction.This shit is written by third wave feminists. Diablo flexing was just destruction and death. This shit here is a display of interpersonal dominance where the woman just walks over men.How many scenes of lilith flexing on old frail men do you need, to realize this is subliminal programming ? Like *playing with their face, while they show grimaces of pain and submission while panting* do you need to call it what it is ?

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>>640237881>haha>weak frail boy whimpers in fear as lilith dooms himLMAO BOYS ARE SO WEAK TEE HEEWHO RUNS THE WORLDGIRLSWHO RUNS THE WORLDGIRLS WHO RUNS THE WORLDGIRLS

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>>640237881You are so fragile. Stop crying over much needed feminism. You deserve to be mocked and castrated if that sort of thing gets to you.

I don't think she said that

>>640237881>>640238123you are mentally ill.

>>640238132>>640238236>said the western faggot as every aspect of his culture was invaded by feminists and faggots>just like don't care bro>why are the games so shit, tho ?? Must be the wind.

You kill Lilith in the game.Stop pushing the same "portrayal in fiction = endorsement in real life" bullshit that leftists do.

why are threads on Holla Forums so low quality now? it's just pollitical shit

>>640237881>it's this easy to make men feel threatenedfuckin pansy

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>>640236614Is Lilith a real woman or a tranny? Either way both represent the devil and the great Satan

>>640236925Gods and goddesses are all assholes, yes.

>>640238419he's a troon mctranny

>>640238419>god creates women>women represent le evil and muh satanlol god fucked us again, ill just go worship satan

>>640236909>Women nurture, women raise childrenNot there modern Western women tho

>>640238313well, to be fair literally everyone in-game tells you its a bad idea to side with Mephisto and that Lilith is the lesser evil, and there's clearly a DLC hook so I'm guessing Lilith gets restored at some point and helps you take down Mephisto

>>640238313This is written by leftists under the exact same set of beliefs.

>>640238574>leftists are pushing killing women who want to ruledurrrrrr

>>640238528lilith is only bad since she didn't want to become adam's slave, literally god created the first two women to become slaves to adam, kinda based

>>640238623Christianity rejects Lilith as just a hebrew fairy tale though, none of the texts mentioning her were accepted to biblical canon.

>>640238619>muh tragic woman, trying to save the world, but stupid evil men stopped her>oh by the way her opposite is an impulsive moron and needs her to guide him or he fucks uphurrrrName a male role model from Diablo 4. You can't.

>>640238287Who said the games are shit (storywise)? D4's story is perhaps the only thing half salvageable. You're the only one getting upset some fat fuck is getting metaphorically emasculated by mommy Lilith. Your fragility is not my shared burden.

>>640236884Why aren't the amazons portrayed as monsters when they are women who raped men??

>>640238703DonanInarius>trying to save the world*enslave the world, you fucking retard, she only wanted it on her terms. she's only sympathetic until you read the gigantic not-so-fine printyou're so easy to intimidate it's hilarious.


>>640238713>D4's story is perhaps the only thing half salvageable0 taste

>>640236614Yes, and? Religion was useful when society was still budding, but it has held back progress for the past 200 years.

>>640238662>christianity censors what it doesn't liketotal cuck religion


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>>640237881So if the first one isn't bad why is doing the 180 on it bad? Or was blizzard wrong to make diablo 1 and 2 sexist?

>>640236614Whatever Christian LARP Holla Forums got you into this week, it's ruining your perception and capacity for analysis. Stop trying to fit in with those subhumans, 70% of them are paid to post there.

>>640238793>Donan>pant pant, huff huff, I am old>my son dead>former glory - lost>pant pant, huff huff>Inarius>retard mode>faceless figure that dies to a backstabnice try>>640238794>what are the very basics of writing a story>why are certain scenes and characters written into a story, while others notBrainlet take.

>>640238942They get me. YWNBAW goyslopper

Is it even "religion" in Diablo since magic and otherwordly powers are objectively real and consistently observable, measurable and repeatable? There is zero spirituality or requirements of faith in any of it.


I remember when right wing American politicians were going full Satanic Panic over this game lol

>>640236614anon, historically organized religion has been used for horrible means and fucked up shit. Christianity is MOSTLY past the worst, Islam is still seeing horrible shit form it, Scientology has made several attempts at infiltrating the US government (other nations were smarter and prevented them from gaining a foothold in their nations), etc.This is different than religion practiced by an individual. Organized religion.

You go girls! You sure rule the world! Don't forget to come to my room later if you want more power

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>>640238882Your attemp at goalpost moving is denied, try again.

>>640238925It's bad, because the audience is not women and the product ends up catering to nobody.It is why the journey of the wanderer will forever be captivating.While the journey of the one armed cripple girl with the dog Mephisto will forever be poor writing.

>>640236884that's a literal fanfiction

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>>640237669those angels are ultra cucks though, what is the reason again for not interfering? because demons are all over the place so they dont really have an excuse

>>640238986You have to be 18 to post here

>>640238967Why should Fatnan or Inarius be my male role models? Why should any? Did you look up to Tyrael in D2? What is even your logic here?

>>640238853What's funny is that it was basically a committee of some people claiming to be "divinely inspired" by God cherry-picking what goes and doesn't go in the Bible. But what else can you expect from a loony desert cult.

Has there ever been a subversion of the subversion of the "le church is le evil and demons are le good" cliché?

>>640239167Unfortunately. Should be 30

>>640236909>Of course men are evil. Like 99% of the suffering and wars that ever happened were started by men.That's only because historically men held a monopoly on violence. It's just a straight fact that men are several times stronger than women and can easily overpower them on even ground. It's only relatively recently been evened out via firearms where a woman can be as much of a threat against a man.Give it a few generations after the cultural shift away from Boomer ideals, there will be plenty of women in charge starting wars and doing horrific things in general (beyond the couple individuals who already have)

>>640236768>it's not a slippery slope bro trust mealways the same cope since 2008

>>640239095>attempOh shit the christard is ESL. Makes sense since they're mostly from Latin America.

>>640236614So that is the message of the game?

>>640239281>Any day now bro it's all gonna fall apart just like I've predicted since 1999! IT'S OVERTwo more weeks

>>640239043The originals were good. D2 was the best and Paladin made the game into a hero fantasy. Crusader in D2 was what got me to Number 2 Crusader in the world without grinding paragon points, and D4 looks to be pretty good except that it has no holy class. It's damn shame. It needed a class at launch that had holy virtue, but I suppose as they figured, most people would pick it, so they just made ambiguous the classes. No class really fits into the story. Except that if you're drunk enough, Necromancer is like how Jesus raised Lazarus.

>>6402391503 but they form a heart shape. I want to be a succubus.

>>640239215No, women are by nature much less predisposed to violence. It has nothing to do with culture or lesser biological strength, you sound pretty stupid.

>>640237020You forgot the part of why she was turned into a monster....>she bragged about being more beautiful than the goddeses of olympus>we had a cautionary tale about women's ego that long ago

>>640239357weak bait


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>>640236909And those men were expected to do those things by the women in their lives because those very same women were too weak to start shit themselves. The ones who do have power, like Elizabeth Bathory for instance, had no problem whatsoever pulling her shenanigans off and was unstoppable for a long time. Stop inhaling that copium, especially if you are a guy yourself.

>>640239197The subversion of that is that neither side is good, where their respective leadership cares only about total victory over the other and doesn't care if that victory is on the backs of the corpses of their countrymen

>>640239441Sounds like you can't respond to his facts

>>640239178The same diversity scale blizzard used for Overwatch was used here for both models and the lore with a more feminist take on the writing than ever before. It is no longer enough for the protagonist to be a woman, she has to be a cripple. The prime evil is a coward. The men are neutered, weak, old and wrong.Morons like you are lapping it up, as if it is a good thing.

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>>640237881lmao fuckin pussy

>>640239341That's ironic when he was basically saying you people defending this shit are the ones who constantly say "give it two more weeks bro, it'll go away."

>>640239493lmao brainlet

Oh now we pretend there is no agenda for pushing a "strong women@men week" archetype?

>>640239503Your issue is thinking anyone is "coping" because they agree with you. I don't need to cope about shit because I like that stuff. Retard


>>640239462didn't give a single fact anonGiven in situations where women are stronger than the victim, it's more even.In fact in the US, women are more likely to perform physical child abuse on their kid than men. They are physically more powerful than a child.

>>640239197Christcuck media does that but that's about it. It's not an interesting thing to say "actually, my religion good", it just sounds like preaching. Which is basically advertising.

>>640239475>as if it is a good thing.It is. Your issue is thinking you're in a hive mind.

>>640236614>>LE RELIGION BAD >>LE ATHEISM GOODyea, just like real life.

>>640239581>In fact in the US,There is your problem. Everyone has a mental disorder in the US.

>>640239534>pretending>shit is in your face in every cinematic>every story moment>pretendingName the last moment you saw diablo torture a woman face to face? Touching her teeth in graphic detail. From the evil sexist games of the past.Name 1 such moment.

>>640239581Then why don't you try to counter his shit instead of running?

>>640239667i literally just did that you moron

>>640238662>>640238623This, Lilith is Jewish larp and not real

>>640239529i may be dumb but at least im not a gay ass bitch like you

ITT: Holla Forums further proves it is a niche group whose thoughts make up like 0.1% of the west

>>640239595>you think you are in a hivemind>I'm arguing with 5+ people on thisIt is you, who is in a hivemind, faggot.

>>640237490>emasculating>emasculatingUhh. . you okay bro? Zhir?

>>640239493says the pussy worshipper lmao

>>640239734Or maybe people just don't agree with you? The issue is you act all shocked by it like you came in expecting everyone to agree. Why? Actually, don't answer that. You don't even know how to argue since your mind is ruined by Holla Forums brain rot. Now please waste time typing a reply I will never see because I recursive filtered this post.

>>640239715I don't know about that. You are the one paying 70$ to play gay ass bitch games written by male feminists.

>>640239713nuh uh god told me it’s true

What about that banana "amazing atheism" guy, what's he been up to?I swear to God he used to be massively popular and basically the CEO of atheism, do atheists still follow him?

>>640239801>I have no counter arguments>because you are Holla Forums>I can't acknowledge feminist writing when it smacks me in the face

>>640237881you missed the part where the woman leader slaughtered entire city for no reason, got raped by goblins in hell, had to be saved by good ol horadrim men and the girl who joined you is making the same mistakes Aidan did which led to D2 events

I find it funny the most devout religious types do not follow their religion. Christians more than others

>>640239475You're just look at it through your lens of fragile male insecurity. I bet I could comb over D2 and portray it as a lazy feminist pandering piece of woke trash if I tried. One needs not look further than Act1 in fact.>Act 1Oh a secretive society of WOMEN who are super capable and smart? Give me a break.Akara is the voice of endless wisdomKashya literally talks to you like you're an unwashed dogCharsi is a strong empowered female barbarian blacksmithDeckard is old and senile and needed to be rescued from his cuck cageGheed is a fucking fat kike merchant. Nice role models!

>>640239891I don't know. I don't really care about what other atheists do because I feel treating atheism as a community is stupid.

>>640239891JK Rowling got really butthurt over a tweet he made like a decade ago for some reason. Other than that he's still doing his same stuff as usual.

>>640239965That's a humanity thing. Majority of people use religion more as a community and to justify their own shitty actions while pretending that they're "good". People will also do that without religion as well using other things to justify their shitty actions.There are only a few people who truly try to follow what they claim to believe.

>>640239197I guess pic related kinds counts depending on player actions, the premise is that player starts as a novice member of antitheist inquisition that is dedicated to prevent practice of religions.

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>>640239749It's a verb in the English language. Do you have anything insightful to share, retard?

What the fuck are you expecting buying a modern Blizzard product

>>640237881>How many scenes of lilith flexing on old frail men do you need, to realize this is subliminal programming ?I'm convinced young boys are living a fucking nightmare nowadays.The medias, movies, society and probably even their school teachers are all telling them that girls are the shit and so much more powerful than them, that they need to be careful because YOU GO GIRL will beat their ass with a hand tied behind their back.In turn, girls act the part by trying to flex and act like they can actually beat anyone because they start believing it.And then a little boy will defend himself against one of these cunts and everyone will defend the girl and attack him, the very same teachers who were pushing the YASS QUEEN SLAY shit will ask him how dare he defend himself against a poor frail girl who dindu muffin. I expect the next generation of boys and girls to be bitter as fuck toward each others, but then again they make their own genders up anyway.

>>640239965Most people don't really want spiritual enlightenment, a higher purpose, or anything like that. They want an excuse to be pieces of shit and still feel morally superior to others.

>>640240215>I'm convinced young boys are living a fucking nightmare nowadays.Why do you think they're all cutting their dicks off

>>640239968it was a random group of survivors though, it is more believable that a few old people and only the women survive after a large battle

>>640239891Would you also change your religious views based on what Christian ecelebs do?

>>640240215Anon, you're on Holla Forums too much or some other fear mongering clickbait. Kids these days are fine, they largely just want to watch what they want. Boy are still being boys, girls are still being girls (they're just allowed to like more than Barbies these days, they're playing Minecraft and GTA and shit). Brothers are still giving shit to their little brothers and wrestling.

>>640240285>it was a random group of survivorsIt wasn't? Check your lore, bro.diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Sisterhood_of_the_Sightless_Eye>The Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye (a.k.a. Sisters of the Sightless Eye) are a loosely organized guild shrouded in mystery amongst the peoples of the West. These highly skilled archers employ ancient Eastern philosophies that develop an "Inner Sight" that they use both in combat and to circumvent dangerous traps that they may encounter. Known only as wandering Rogues in the West, the Sisters conceal their secret affiliation by posing as simple travelers. Yasss sisters you are queens!! The Sisterhood of Female Empowerment making lowly makes their bitches!!

>>640240258clickbait media likelyfearmongering from news media is nothing new, it happened on tv news well before internet was widely popular. Satanic Panic in the 80s convincing everyone that DnD was going to turn children into satanists and murder people and stuff like that.

>>640239968Yeah, act 1 was girl world, but it was never in your face stupid pig man. You were never shown as weak. You didn't have the rogues humiliate men to prove a feminist point.They were a consistent society of women rogues. Just like in Act 2 you had a harem and the arabs were not in your face bragging about oppressing women.The method of delivery was subtle, a world to be immersed in, not a world shoving ideas in your head.D4 is in your face all the time. Pic related.>>640240215From a media standpoint this is true. The models of the 70s, 80s 90s and early 2000s are simply gone.

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>>640240258>Why do you think they're all cutting their dicks offTouché.I did aknowledge the correlation between lesbian couples, single mothers and boys getting their peepee cut but yeah, boys being fed the YAS QWEEN SLAY shit probably add to the chance of them transitioning

>>640238713>Who said the games are shit (storywise)? D4's story is perhaps the only thing half salvageable.the last 5 minutes of this literally ruins everything and it makes no sense, fuck off

>>640236614Yeah, the story is awful. Pretty sure everyone universally panned that dogshit ending.

>>640240297Not limited to atheism, but if most celebs of a certain ideology or religion were clinically insane, i'd certainly think twice before joining said ideology/religionJust look at scientology, those dumbasses chug bleach(MMS) to cure their autism

I can't even figure out what is 'right' in any of this shit. Because technically heaven and hell are equally evil and humanity is just 'there' in the middle. Either you follow heaven (and long term your extermination because heaven doesn't want you to exist), or hell (and your death/torture of others) or, nothing? Just doing your own thing and avoiding both? I guess technically that's the player character who just stops both sides killing everyone in the middle.Its fucking stupid, because often heaven is construed as good, but hell never is. Either all three sides need balance, or the balance is heaven = good, hell = bad, humanity = neutral.

>>640240215>I'm convinced young boys are living a fucking nightmare nowadays.Tell me about it. Republicans in the US are passing bills for teen genital inspections in schools.

>>640236884Medusa didn’t deserve thisEurydale should be though

>>640240508>You were never shown as weak.Is the player character shown as weak in D4? Why don't you talk about that instead of Fatnan? Why is he my avatar in the world and not my own fucking character you moron? Were your manhood threatened by D2 Act1 having nothing but weak and pathetic men like Gheed?

>>640238721I don't know much about amazons but you're making this shit up aren't you?

>>640240131Were you rubbing oil all over your body while you wrote that? It's a pretty weird thing to remark on twice in the same sentence. You're pretty weird.

>>640240658>doesn't already have penis inspection daykek

>>640240583Hence the "half" in "half salvageable"

>>640240702No. I quite enjoyed act1.D1/D2 has no cinematics with girl power in them you twat. But it had no men domming women either.D4 had teams of 20+ people working on what angle to show the girl power in and how to flex on men.How is that difficult to acknowledge ? Do they have to start cutting dicks off in the expansion with an *ara ara* laugh ?


>>640240215>NOO, HE WAS A PROMISING YOUNG MAN>even though he drew first blood

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>>640240881>No. I quite enjoyed act1.So you're a hypocrite. D2 was rife with trash feminist messages from the very first act by your own logic. The most featured human in cinematics and the narrative is Marius, a weak drunkard who spends the entirety of his pathetic life running away and ruining everything. Why was he not a role model?

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>>640240386what a disgustingly head-up-your-own-ass post you've given us, user. you couldn't be more wrong

>>640241109>woman toying with man by whispering in his ear, opening his mouth, pushing him back onto furniture, while he whimpers>man who despite being full of fear goes through a journey full of demons, get scammed and on realization of the scam goes even more nuts and gets killedBaal wasn't dominant in a sexual sense and his deception was well written.You are really poor at comparisons or understanding writing.

>>640240998Solid knee to the face, girl seems like a bro

>>640240998Bro bros...it's over.

>>640238853they didn't censor things hard enough like islam did and now it became a laughing stock in the west pandering to gay lgbt to survive, total cuck religion indeed

>>640241278you need to unironically touch grass. it's less than a percent of a percent of people affected by this shit.the kids are fine, they're acting as they always did. I imagine you're not a family man so you don't know better

>>640241109>D2 was rife with trash feminist messages from the very first act by your own logic.deliberately misunderstanding someone's argument and painting them with your own stupidity does not make you correct, user. your example is dogshit


>>640241338Fatnan isn't an important character lore wise. He is not a representative of anything. Who cares if he's whimpering or pathetic or fat? Marius is essentially the personification of the weakness of humanity, easily used and manipulated, he never took a stand on anything, fucked up at every turn then hid for like 30 years. His weakness is YOUR weakness shoved into your face, inescapably because he's woven into the narrative even if you ignore all the strong girl bosses in game.>You are really poor at comparisons or understanding writing.

>>640238123>>640238403Tranny FAGGOTSDisgusting, kill yourself

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>>640239725And yet...

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>>640241535You've typed all these words and said nothing. Either take part in the argument with your own logic or fuck off.

>>6402391502, everything else would just be a giant pain in the ass to deal with.

>>640241758bold of you to assume you're worth dissertation after flagrantly proving your ineptitude at conversation, retardread some fucking books instead of shitposting about diablo on a tibetan basket weaving forum

>>640241897Thanks for conceding from the sideline, your contribution to the thread was invaluable. Suck me off, retard

Diablo 3 Diablo is sexier than Lilith.

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>>640241945"i accept your concession" is the most arrogant meme i've ever seen on here. it's a self-admittance of someone who absolutely must have the last word in a conversation at any cost, to the point of claiming anonymous victories over stark nothings and disinterested opponents. you did it, you're the king of shit mountain, now what?

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>>640242169It's an elaborate way of calling you a retard and telling you to fuck off, bozo. Take your own advice and read a book instead of getting assblasted over 4 words of banter.

>>640240607reminder that Asmongold called the D4 story "literally 10/10, perfect"

>>640241654>Fatnan isn't he's just the only boy in the story>Donan isn't he is just an old man whose glory has faded>Lorath isn't he is just an old man drinking his days away>Rathma is just a glorified butler>Inarius went from believer in ending the conflict to just another brainlet angel and he is weak>Fucking Mephisto is weak and afraidYou can at least interpret Marius as something. You did however copy paste opinions from some famous youtubers on Marius, good job on that, but it isn't your own thoughts. You unfortunately cannot do such a larp with D4, since the writing is just poor.

>>640242285you lack scope of the very thing you parrot, you absolute knuckle-draggermay you stub your toe

>>640236614TheGamer thinks it's sexist.


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>>640242361Asmongold thinks the WoW story is good...credit where credit is due, he is actually really good at explaining MMOs to casuals and getting them onboard. he's out of his wheelhouse on shit like story though

>>640242384I will ask once again since you've dodged the question like an amazon bitch for multiple posts now, who are the healthy male role models of D2?Is it Marius the coward of the millennium?Is it Gheed the kike merchant?Is it Deckard the cuck horadrim?Is it Nihlathak who sold his people?Why are the men of D2 morally corrupt, weak, fallible and fuck-ups while the women are badass, wise, healers and warriors?

>>640236614God I want to have sex with her so bad.Only missionary and mating press with no pullouts.Afterwards she'll cuddle me and call me a good boy when I call her mommy.>>640238721Where do I find Amazonian women to rape me?

>>640242361>>640242602reminder that asmonshill and all the other bignames are just corporate mouthpieces and you're a retard if you ever bit the hook on their "relatable nasty gamer guy" shticksthey are literal living-breathing paid content, advertisements in human form

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>>640236614Yeah but to be fair it’s fun

>>640242385you seem to always need the last word as well user.

>>640242864sure, but he's still good at making MMOs relatable to casual players

This is a very stupid thread with very stupid posters.

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>>640236909Women will never accept you as part of their kin

>>640242986my mom accepts me

>>640242986My mother (a woman) loves me and I love her back. I feel sorry you were raised in the gutter and molested by your uncle, but spare me your faggotry

>>640237687Nice selfie

>>640242949because he's selling them a product, not welcoming them into some loving community. it's his job, same as any salesman

>>640237359The angels want to wipe out humanity too.

>>640239281>MUH SLIPPERY SLOPE!Lemme tell you something user, this will save your fucking life.Who gives a flying FUCK about this video game shit, all it is good for is some entertainment while you rest, period. Stop making this shit your life, who fucking cares.If they stopped making games tomorrow, you would still have a library of your favorite games to play.I put my actual time and energy into shit that matters, like fixing my home, and making money and learning how to do shit like rebuilding a small lawn mower engine.Who fucking cares about this shit.>A woman wrote a bad game.Dont buy it and do some other shit, who cares.

>>640243153sure, I agreeas long as someone's not parasocial and just watching it like a product, I don't see an issue

>>640242812There is no men-women conflict dynamic in D1 or D2.How do you fail to grasp it ? There is diablo torturing women face to face displayed at any point in time.There are no teams of writers, animators and producers deciding on these things.You can make make the point that ACT1 in D2 was a matriarchy.But you can make the point that ACT2 and ACT5 were patriarchy, yet at no point were there men humiliating women or women humiliating men in the story.Marius was both a coward and not a coward, since he walked all the way to fucking corrupted Kurast and stood in the same way as Mephisto as a civilian. Gheed is a merchant. Nothing special about that as there isn't any about the other 4 merchants.Deckard wasn't a cuck. He was an old mentor figure that walked 2 games with you to be killed by a fucking fairy in D3 and to be replaced by the all knowing girl. He was the older mentor figure replaced with a twat to suit brainlets. In no way a cuck.Nihlathak sold his people and showed a story of treachery, but he was a capable man.You mock these, yet Warriv walks you all the way to act 3, Jehiz, Ormus, the sultan, the mercenary leader. Alkor makes great potions for you.Tyrael is helping out. The prime evils are really formidable.In D4 the same prime evils are a joke/There are issues with D2, absolutely. But the story is well written, you can glide by without them beings shoved in your face.D4 just shoves them in your face. The storytelling diminishes the world building in order to push an agenda.

Level scaling is awful and gaming is being ruined, bit by bit.

>>640243338I'm only skimming through your post but I take it you've failed to name a single healthy male role model once again? Damn, it's almost like nobody gave a shit about this 20 years ago or identified it as an important narrative tool.

>>640243416a couple bad AAA games aren't "ruining gaming". Just stop buying those shitty AAA games.

>>640243416What's wrong with it? All it does is keep stuff from becoming trivial by out-leveling it.

>>640243442It's almost as if you intentionally missed them. Hmm


>>640243773Alkor makes great potions for me. That's supposed to change my complete outlook on masculinity and my role as a male. Bravo! You sure won't find this kind of empowering shit in D4, no sir.

>wew a Diablo thread! wonder how its going>le religion>le women and>le men!man...and I bet some faggots in this thread will wonder why games have gone to shit and blame everything except the obvious

>>640240508>enormous evil demon harasses random horadrim and even gets pissed off when he denies her bullshit>that's feminismHoly fuck rope yourself Holla Forumsack. You "people" should be shot on the spot.

>>640243913microtransactions and toxic gamers

>>640236884>rape victim>powerfulwomen really are retarded

>>640243338>D4 just shoves them in your face. The storytelling diminishes the world building in order to push an agenda.OH NO! MUH HECKIN DIABLO 4 WAS WROTE BY A 20 YEAR OLD GAME DESIGNER!So why didn't you become a script writer for games user? Why didn't you go on to create non woke games?Cant complain about woke games when you dont take any steps in entering the field yourself to fix it.Dont like it, dont buy it, who gives a shit.

>>640240386wow kids are fine and kids watch what they watch. Genius, now go back to being silent boomer idiot

>>640236614>WOMEN ARE LE PUREyou just KNOW that fucking neyrelle is going to get possessed by meph but still be the dindu nuffin good girl in the next dlc. not letting us join lilith was a mistake

>>640243906Nitpicking.>>640243938>>640244142There is no single scene of diablo torturing or corrupting women face to face in any cinematic in this series. Clearly putting them in their place and showing evil man power.There are such scenes with Lilith.This is feminist writing by large teams of people.

>>640244213if they can even manage to make an original story, I am betting that they will do a 1:1 copy of D3 including an invasion of the heavens because why not, it's an epic and D3 did it too so whatever eyy

>>640244312Lilith just happens to be female, and one of the last lore characters they could pull for this shit show. That doesn't mean any scene where she makes mortals cower and piss their pants is supposed to be feminist drivel you triple faggot.

>>640244418Yeah bro, she just happens to shove her face into people and open their mouths, while playing with their clothes and pushing them into a corner.Diablo would do the same anyday.

>>640244418she would be a good character if there had been any kind of character development or explanation. Her character is a typical female. What exactly is she doing? Killing mephisto, her father? why again? Cuz he is mean or what? Also the "corruption" of the people was done pathetically. An entire church just becomes murderers the second she shows up? How come that doesnt work on regular soldiers, she kills those. But church goers are all instantly turned to a DEMON? Nah man. This was all a female atheist power fantasy.

>>640244590That's a very feminine thing to do yes. Would you prefer if she squared it up, smoked cigars, spat on the ground and choked a bitch?

I think the only thing from the OP that the game actually tried to imply, is that blind faith is objectively retarded.

>>640244759all faith is blind.

>>640244590>comparing diablo to a succubus

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>>640244676Religion dulls critical thinking, making these idiots easy converts. That and she probably enjoys shitting on false faith, it's a demonic thing.

>>640236884Medusa wasn't raped. That was literally some fanfiction written centuries later.

>>640236884A powerful woman turned her into a monster in the first place.

>>640236614Why do Christians even seethe at Diablo. None of the games even mention God. People worship and build churches for an angel in lore which in itself is honestly more blasphemous then the satanic imagery. Which in itself is technically not even satanic since he doesn't exist in game.

>>640244937Christians are not exactly the smartest people on the planet

>>640244823I never implied otherwise did I?

>>640244937My turbo christian family was always okay with diablo because the objective is to literally kill the devil.

>>640237881mental illness?

Christians, it's a game with demons and shit in it, you shouldn't even be playing it. Stop seething about it can go to bed, you have church tomorrow.

>>640237749prove it oh yeah science cant prove anything is objectively true oops guess its not the end all be all to everything after allkill all midwits

>>640244937It's the good old Jack Chick mentality where even portraying supernatural elements is considered inherently satanic.

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>>640244881that's because you're a moronic atheist far dumber than religious people so this predisposes you to be like the D4 writers, assuming everyone else is dumber than you which is fatally wrong

>>640245109Where is the sky daddy? Can you locate him? What does he look like? Even if science can't prove shit, surely your faith should be able to answer these?

>>640244676>An entire church just becomes murderers the second she shows up? How come that doesnt work on regular soldiers, she kills thosedunno, why would a trained group of people be better at resisting temptation over a group that has their entire doctrine based around repression of desires. so weird.>typical femaleyeah i love when real women have demonic powers and birth necromancers by sleeping with angels such a typical thing that happens all the time>what exactly is she doing? Killing mephistosorta, not really? she's trying to empower Sanctuary to survive the imminent war. for Lilith, Sanctuary's people becoming demons is better than Sanctuary ceasing to exist.killing Mephisto is probably just a way to hamper the incoming war, or because he simply stands in her way.>Cuz he is meanthis feels like a retarded conclusion. like not wrong, but because yeah, he's a demon and the father of hatred incarnate. what did you expect.>female atheist power fantasyfirst diablo? the "religion bad" feeling you get from Diablo isn't because atheism good is the message. that's like 100 miles above surface understanding, and it's not even that deep.

>>640245262as an atheist you cant comprehend this but church *IS* faith training. You are encountering the most trained, strong and faithful people when you walk into a church. The atheists writers at Blizzard don't know this but that's why that cinematic was so ridiculously stupid.

>>640245458They're bumfucks in some poor village, their "faith training" amounts to being told they're bad sinners who deserve to lose their kids because they touch themselves once a month.

>>640245150Most religious people are the dumbest people in the world, I am a man of God but if you follow an organized religion and your connection to God is the Bible and other men you have no place to insult the intelligence of an atheist, who only believes the most logical thing from his perspective.

>>640245262>dunno, why would a trained group of people be better at resisting temptationPure retardation on your part since literally every soldier in history have committed rape far more than church goer you severely retarded culture-war losing cuck>yeah i love when real women have demonic powers Why u describe women in such detail? are u a cuck?>sorta, not really? she's trying to empower Sanctuary to survive the imminent war. Proving that it's such a batshit retarded plot since humanity already killed Mephisto ALONGSIDE Baal and Diablo before without her going full murderhobo on everyone.>first diablo?You mean the first game where literal demons are corrupting everything and you're in charge of stopping them?Why are all leftist such retard cuck?

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>>640245575the "bumfucks in some poor village" are probably x100 stronger in their faith precisely because that's all they have. You literally dont know anything about life or how human beings work or how religion works or how anything works. It wouldnt surprise me that you're a 14 year old atheist that came in due to the API stuff from reddit

>>640245576>no place to insult the intelligence of an atheistI have every place to do so. God says that atheists are idiots. "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God"

>>640239725Why is the left losing the culture war then?

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>>640245653A doctrine of repression can easily end up backfiring because it's not in human nature to repress human emotions, dumb fuck. For the same reason teenagers who grew up in ultra conservative households can rebel and become ultra degenerates in their independence, an indoctrinated idiot can turn into a zealous sinner, it's merely an act of flipping the coin.

>>640240426>The Sisterhood of Female Empowerment making lowly makes their bitches!!>gets corrupted faster than literally anyonelol lmao newfag troontards literally don't play game

This Chudcels posting is really boring now. Please find some new material.

>>640245150Africans being the most Christian people in the world contradicts your claim.christianpost.com/news/more-christians-now-live-in-africa-than-any-other-continent-in-the-world.html

>>640245716You only believe that blindly and dumbly, the bible is not a good enough reason to believe in God, religion is a valuable tool of elites why would I blindly believe what other men tell me? Most religious people have no connection to God, they believe out of desperate fear and often greed as the teachings have been perverted to the point that worshipping God for material pleasures is widely accepted. Believing in God blindly is worse than being an atheist.

>>64024592114 year old kiddie confirmed. "MUH OPPRESSION". Every time you dont shove ice cream into your belly like an animal you do some oppression on yourself. Your infantile view of life and humanity belongs on reddit. The bible is the word of God whether you can understand it or not. I hope some day you will understand it

>>640239150Give me 4, long enough to be cool but I don't have to duck in doorways. Anyone that chooses 8 is a bottom.

>>640245994Why do catholic priests like diddling little altar boys so much? Is it their faith that empowers them to be child molesters?

>>640244994Just say it's the religious you soundlike butthurt redditor blaming everything on Christianity and When you insult those 70IQ muslims or jews then you act smug and make lame pun, and avoid answering.

>>640243316>Who gives a flying FUCK about this video game shitIt's not just video game you severely retarded culture-war losing faggot

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>>640245994>14 year old kiddie confirmedalways this call to infantilism is wheeled out by religious people needing to feel superior as they have no factual arguments to use, as nothing they believe is factual.what's more childish, believing in the one invisible, intangible, imperceptible god, ignoring the 100s of others who have as much claim to truth as yours does, or not believing in that one last guy too?they all have books too. some written much, much earlier than yours, and some with much more truth. your god is no more real than theirs.

>>640245994Understanding that rulers of a society try to control their populace isn't whining about oppression. You don't need anything written by men to understand God, everything you need to know is apparent in the laws of nature and the information interpreted by your senses.

>>640246168>they all have books too. some written much, much earlier than yours, and some with much more truth. your god is no more real than theirs.Huh, we have historical accounts of Jesus. I'm not tallying scores for each religion team, but I'm guessing Christfags count that as a win for theirs.

>>640246231It is not really that special, we have enough accounts of Siddhartha Gautama too be pretty certain that he was a historical person, as well as Mani of Manichaeism for another example.

>>640246472Who the fuck are these people? Did you just copypaste these from a name generator?

>>6402391502I want to be able to sleep on my side.

>>640244590Yes, it's a succubus, not a brutal MALE demon you disengenious prick.

>>640236614Please don't get aggravated. You are playing one of the worst games I've ever seen and expending mental energy being angry about it. You are destroying yourself for nothing.

>>640246137This is just political niggers using politics to get you to look away from their crimes

>>640246731forgot pic

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lads when the fuck do we get the horse? just completed act 1, moving on to act 2 (dry area, to the west)also how the fuck does the starting zone has 28 lilith shrines? I only found 3 and I've been around, are they hidden behind crates and/or in cellars, dungeons and shit?

>>640246810>He doesn't know you don't get it until Act 4Anon I....

>>640246790So why isn't the Quartering in jail my literally retarded culture-war losing fag friend?

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>>640246875oh that's a shame but its OK, lot of waypoints to hop around I guess

>>640246205yeah it is when you /r/atheism teenagers always complain about it when it comes to religion as if that is somehow a special case. Everytime society punishes a thief for his behavior he feels oppressed. He just wants to live his life bro! Guess what, religions have their own opinions for which behaviors should be allowed and which shouldn't. Just like US democrats have their own ideas for acceptable and unacceptable behavior, no different from a religion or any other social club or even your group of friends in school. Calling out religion for its "oppression" is the red flag of a teenager who doesnt understand anything about life

>>640246790He's right, diskwipe and flash bios before you bring it in. I don't care if you're into porn, weapons trafficking, identity theft, etc. It doesn't matter. I don't want to see it.

>>640246905He didn't say anything illegal? Do you think saying delete your child porn is illegal user?

>>640246727>spending 2-5 minutes making a post is """destroying yourself""">but the severe retard who literally worked in some cuck AAA feminist company making shitty writing in some shitty vidya while getting underpaid is not mentally destroyingThey aren't sending their best at all

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>>640236614Not that far from reality.Religions are bad because men are evil. So everything they made up is always corrupted in one way or another.Religions in themselves would not be bad or evil, they could simply be harmless fairy tales for dumb people.

>>640246949>you can't touch your dick even though that's a completely natural urge>if you do you will be sent to the deepest pit of hell and burn for all eternityThat's not repressive to you?

>>640247026>Religions are bad because men are evil. So everything they made up is always corrupted in one way or another.Source?

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>>640247023You do you fren, it's just sad. Whatever.

>another Holla Forumsshit thread

>>640236884men invented her when they raped a woman and she became vile, almost monsterous. So her existence is a teaching from father to son: little bit rape ok, too much is a no no.

>>640247023Can anons show me one movie with a black hero and black villain that was called racist for this reason?

>>640247050>you can't eat that cake even though that's a completely natural urge>if you do you will be sent to the deepest pit of hell and burn for all eternityThat's not repressive to you?

>>640247203Who said I'm going to hell for that cake?

>>640247097>Blizzard/Activision productDid you think it was going to be something else when you clicked on this thread?

>>640246949Nothing you said has anything to do with what I talked about, you don't use religion for spirituality you use it as a social club and so you don't have to think. I'm not an atheist and I didn't criticize religion for being oppressive, I said that people use religion as a tool for social cohesion and control so believing religious scripture promoted by other people is almost 100% likely to be you being tricked into worshipping the words of men. It's not an inherently negative thing but you aren't searching for the truth or really worshipping God.

>>640238567No, idiot.The DLC will be the player going through the locales of Diablo 2 and stuffing the primate evils back into the locker after Neytiri fucks up.

>>640247097I'm tired of this random Weak bald manlets from reddit coming to defend women for no how about you learn to respect your own gender first.

>>640247314VIDEO GAMES.

>>640240998I will wife this woman and she will domestically abuse me

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