I'm too old

I'm too old

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>>640235969almost 10 years now

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>>640235969Really bro? 7 years and you feel old?

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you're all babies

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>Life's slipping away from me>It's not the way I thought it'd be>Life's slipping away from me>It's not the way I thought it'd be>(The way I thought it'd be)

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day 1 niggas>inb4 ausfag

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>>640235969i got my steam account because my parents bought me a boxed copy of portal 2 for my 10th birthday. love you mom and dad

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>>640235969>>640236162>>640236451>>640236535sad, not even old enough to remember the good years

>>640236619every year is a good year when you're not a whiny little bitch

>>640236654feeling sorry for someone isn't whining


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>>640236753>>640236512>>640236373Why the shitting fuck did you use it before Half-Life 2 came out? What is your fucking justification?

>>640236862those guys are just DRM enthusiasts. They love putting as much DRM on their computers as possible. You wouldn't understand, you must be a zoomer.

>>640236862hl1 and cs

>>640236862Guessing Day of Defeat. I think it was the first one. I miss it, one of the most underrated Valve series and it sucks it's dead

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Im at 10 years on an account I abandoned for a terrible name history

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>>640236373>>640236512>>640236753bruh yalls accounts older then me

>>640237085I like how no one asked you and yet still you gave a faggot answer

Mines as old as the average summer poster

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I have 14 years and I feel like I joined way later than everyone. At that point, Orange Box had already come out and TF2 was doing class updates.

>>640237624there are better things in life than to be here user, genuinely

I think I got it with CSS.Might've been nostalgia, but everything was genuinely funner back then - especially with modding community. Maybe I'm just getting older...

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>>640237624Hang out with your friends and chase girls. Please don't spend your youth on this shithole

>>640237624>>640237916>>640238014Ignore these faggots, user. Girls are icky.

>>640235969It's a shame I lost my old Steam account I made when CS 1.6 came out.

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>>640237624kek same i turned 18 a few months ago kek

>>640236451based dope junkie

>>640237624I was 15 when I first got mine - didn't really game before that.

>>640237537>name historyyou can delete that

>>640237537Mine still contains cringe 2000s gamer speak because I was obsessed with Pure Pwnage back in high school.

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>>640238371You can delete the steam name history, but not all the other sites that keep that stuff stored.

>>640238591Better than mine. My name is literally my first name, but since it's also slang for a penis (Dick), I probably can't even log into a multiplayer game without being banned these days.

>>640237624anon...the oldest here is 19...and the second is 18... i'm thinking you're underage

>Member since August 6, 2004combined with the hair on my sideburns recently starting to lose color this makes me wistful

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>>640238709hehe dick

>>640237794I haven't seen anyone refer to newfags as summerfags in years

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>>640238931the site became permanently summer, that's why you shouldnt spend much time here anymore. it's literally all teenagers

>>640238981It's eternal September all over again

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>>640238981internet should be illegal to access until you turn 18

>>640239290should be like nz smoking laws desu

>>640239126It's kind of funny in retrospect that AOLers were considered such a menace.

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>>640238808>combined with the hair on my sideburns recently starting to lose color paulie walnuts?

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>>640239346illuminate me, Kiwi. What do nz smoking laws do?

>>640237537>>640238371>>640238682>used to have a bunch of names in my history>all are gone now>third party sites don't even have them anymorei lucked out or something

>>640239754anyone who's born after 2005 can no longer buy nicotine products even in the future, it's completely banned for them. basically if you're 19+ you can, but 18 and under will be permanently banned in the future even if they're over 18. this does not apply to abos due to anti discrimination and anti racialist laws.

>>640239754im not from nz, basically you cannot sell tobacco to anyone born on or after 1st Jan 2009

if you're 25 or older you should leave this site forever

Had to buy another account after 2 years because I used aimbot in CSS lolAlso fucking steam replay ruined by badge display of Foil CSGO badge.

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Damn, has it really been that long

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i recently got a 13 years badge or something on gamefaqs. haven't posted in several years i just login when looking up some stuff


>>640236512I should have bought a low digit steam account when they were worthless. I remember people trading those pretty easily. Instead I registered my own.

>>640235969Imagine how fucking pathetic your life must be to have an ancient Steam account and to be posting it on Holla Forums. I genuinely cannot imagine how much you must have fucked up so many chances to be in that position.

>>640237624Get the fuck out of here you fool, it's not too late.

>>640241217Don't worry user, we both know you'll find out eventually.

>>640240943Children 25 and younger shouldn't even be aware the internet exists.

>>640240895I disagree with the absolute blanket ban unless you're stopping all imports or local growth of the stuff but boomers are niggers so we know that'll never happen, and adding exceptions for tarhuffers is basically bending over and begging for illegal street trade a la crack

>>640241375retarded take, you must have dementia

>>640236862the entire CS community was forced to download it because it was holding the latest updates to the game hostage.


>>640241553i'm 29 you autistic fuck

>>640241217the thing is that people dont really change when they get older, you will still enjoy the same things you liked as a kid when you're old.

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>>640241425Calling opinions takes is just one of many examples why kids shouldn't be exposed to the internet at all until they've finished becoming human beings.

>>640241581And still acting like a child, sad!

>>640235969I refused to use steam for so long but i finally caved when todd forced my hand 2011 skyrim.That fucker played me like damn fiddle.

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perfect age

>>640242201forgot pic

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>>640241581first off, well that wasn't very cash money of you. Secondly, if you think that children are fine to be on the internet then you're either willfully ignoring them or you've never left facebook and had to actually deal with these little faggots butting in where they don't belong and either telling you to stop doing adult things in adult spaces or complaining to moderators to get you banned for shit that's been the norm since two thousand and fucking five. Fuck you.

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bros what happens to your steam account when you die? do they just delete it after 500 years or something?

>>640242357Nothing currently, it just sits around forever. I figure they'll eventually start deleting accounts after X amount of inactivity though.

>>640241852you're just triggered like a snowflake

>>640242357if I die early, I'm hosting a month long raffle on /tf2g/ giving away all my items to the retards there hoping to God there's still some ancient faggots kicking around from when it was "good" it was never good, just more tightly knit

>>640242470You're just maladjusted, your parents failed you.

I found out the other day that you can get your login name changed if you tell steam support you're a troon and the name gives you dysphoria/anxiety



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>>640242598can't even call this pro-consumer because it leads to the high likelihood of losing that consumer forever from suicide

>>640242720Yep. Look it up on transgender reddit pages. Give them a sob story and they'll do it for you most of the time

Does playing games still make you feel something!

>>640242357Same that happens to any account when you die. Gets deleted, gets hacked, or is left to rot until the servers go down

>>640243037no, your existence have radicalized me too much

>>640236373you just edged me out.and yeah. CS 1.6 was why i got it.

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>>640240895That's retarded

Is buying an old account a bad idea even if it has no games and playtime history? Some dudes are selling them on the cheap. I have a couple bans on mine that I'd like to get rid of and I don't care about 99% of my library, the only thing I want to keep is the 15yr profile

>>640243239Even if risks are minimal, you're honestly just better off going through a repped seller simply due to the fact that they'll replace it for you if it's recovered at some point for a while after purchase.

>>640241217It's just a video game launcher and a website bro, it's not that serious.

>>640243037Depend on the games desu. Nowadays, I just drop any games that doesn't make feel anything after 3 hours.

>>640243351>repped seller That's what I meant. There are a few sellers online that have a fuck ton of them and loads of good reviews. The ones with no games but 15 year account specifically because I'm pretty sure you can't pull back an account without proof of purchase or original email. No idea how they get them all though, I assume some sort of database leak?

>>640242357I'll give it over to one of my kids I guess

>>640243102What does that mean

>>640243037The list gets shorter every year. I don't think I've been excited for any games coming out - maybe Space Marine 2? mtx, esports, and general pozzed shit has done a number on me. I always played shooters and strategy - MoH:AA, CS, HL, DoD, TF, Red Orchestra, Tom Clancy games, old CoD, Battlefield, starcraft, history total wars. Pretty much all of these are dead or suck now.

>>640243568yeah, in a manner of speaking, the pullbacks im mostly referring to are original owners recovering them - anyway;oldsteamaccounts.com

>>640243037I haven't been on this site 24x7 so no. I only have a laptop and only ever played f2p PC games until I got a job about 5 years ago, which is when I purchased my first ever game. I have around 100 or so games now, mostly bought off super cheap sales. Almost all of them are indie games, and more than half of them are unplayed, but I'm slowly going through them.The only AAA game I remember trying was the Witcher 3, which lagged my Laptop and crashed every 2 hours so I stopped after a while. The only console I ever owned was an old-ass pirated NES with a keyboard with a "999 games in 1" cartridge that had maybe 10 games total. I didn't even know it was called an "NES" until recently. I liked a game called "kick master" on there.Mario was there as well but I never really liked it.

>>640242357Transferred to your next of kin

>>640244018*yes, I meant yesVideo games are super fun, and it feels like there's more games you can play than hours exist in the day, so idk why this place is such a cesspool of negativity.

>>640236862It was the only way to play Counter-Strike 1.6 the WON/Retail version wasn't being supported by Valve anymore.

>>640237624fr no cap. These dead ass boomers ain't bussin


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>>640244294play Ability DraftI abandoned the ranked rat race to play AD and its been the most fun I've had in ages

>>640244429tried that. I cant fucking stand ability draft because even when it's about as bullshit as d*ta gets, the fucking retards on USW still sweat like its ti2 grand finals

>>640243964Thanks for the link. The one I was looking at was on playerauction (good seller, but those kind of market sites are hit or miss)

>>640237085There are plenty of DRM-less in steam. Steam is part of gaming history you like it or not

>>640244619ah.. idk why US servers are all like thatI have a high behavior score in SEA and its been at least a few months since the last time I got matched with a grieferTry to take a break before doing it again, it helps. I've had multiple breaks over the past 10 years, all of which just rekindled the fun once I started again.

Damn, im really old.

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>>640236753im jealous. Ill always be 1 year behind...

>>640242598They would probably do it anyway if you ask nicely. I know that they restore tf2 item if you deleted them despite the steam guidelines saying they're not allowed to.

>mom helped me make a steam account to play Half life 2 in 2005>cant remember the email or account name

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It's certainly been awhile

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