>Surpassing america and japan in music, live-action shows, and comicsWhy hasn’t it happened with vidya yet...

>Surpassing america and japan in music, live-action shows, and comicsWhy hasn’t it happened with vidya yet? Post some good korean games

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um sweetie, Lies of P was made in Korea...

most soulless country on the planet. the korean war (which never ended, mind you) is horrible tragedy.

>>640234409Apparently the highest earning game of all time is Korean. That's weird.

>>640234549? what game

>>640234535MacArthur wanted to nuke Korea+China to end it. Truman the cuck relieved MacArthur from command. Blame him.

>>640234409too many mmo and gacha bucks

>>640234409only gooks believe this

They have some good games, white day (the original, not the modern remake), Crimson Gem Saga (astonisha Story), and of course the advent of early MMOs. P2W as they were, there was a ton of fun to be had with latale, maplestory, flyff, trickster, ragnarok, atlantica, etc.

lol it's all fake, korean bands buying their own music, kpop fans botting viewsthe second twitter removed the algo boost for kpop bullshit and banned bots, it completely disappeared

>>640234785Truman is a hero for doing that. Anything that combats amerimutt nigger tranny faggot worship in all forms of media is a plus.

>>640234691Dungeon Fighter Online. It has apparently made 20 billion dollars over the last 15 years or so. I only learned about it a few weeks ago, and it emphasized to me how the mobile and F2P spaces are foreign to me.

>>640234409This post reeks of kimchi and bat soup

>>640234409>musicgeneric pop shit>showsoverrated>comicsROFL

>>640234785Atomic warfare is not a step up

>>640235213ngl kimchi farts kinda lowkey god tier thoe

>>640235279it is when china finally drops them all over murica and its LGBT overlords

>>640234409What are some good live action Korean shows? Is it on Netflix?

>>640234409>music, and comicssuch as?

>>640234409It even surpassed america in blacked-shit and japan in NTR shit, truly an inspiring country.

>>640234409Gunz Library of ruina

>>640234409ProjectmoonLobotomy corpLibrary of ruinaBuried stars

s'korea will always be lesser japann'korea will always be lesser china

>>640235208dungeon and fighter*Literally only dumb westerners call it DFO, even the fucking western release fighting game calls it dnf.DFO is the failed rebranding.Anyway yeah it's huge in china, but that's really the only place. It's mid-tier popular at best in korea, it's relatively popular in japan (has an anime even, called arad party or arad senki party or something like that, it was okay), but china, it's HUGE, taiwan too, it was one of the first active online games there, it competed toe to toe with WoW because it was free, and ran on ANYTHING.

>>640235565>n'korea will always be lesser chinahow the fuck does that work

>>640234409>musicnigger-rap or generic western pop but in ugly korean language is not surpassing anything>live-action showsk-dramas are some of the most abhorrent shit on TV, only watched by women in their 50s>comicslol

>>640235649it's china but infinitely worse

>>640234409>Surpassing america and japan in music

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>>640235789why asians so ugly when they raff

>>640235847plastic deformation.

>>640235594Call it whatever makes you feel good.

>>640235729Yeonmi please

>>640235789fuck off ryusissy

Boomer here, are younger zoomers who would have been weeaboos in my day instead really into korean stuff these days? Are weeaboos more of a relic of the past?

>>640235594I remember playing it on my laptop and it still lagged when parties used their skills. good times

>>640235393>musicKpop>comicsWebtoons: Sweet Home, Tower of God, God of Highschool, True Beauty, Solo Leveling, various isekai shit, etc. Millions and millions of readers raking in money per webtoon

>>640235847>why asians so ugly when they raff>>640235961>fuck off ryusissy

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JAV is soul. Gooks have yet to create a porn industry that 10% as original, diverse and funny.

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>>640235990Doubtful. I still see 10 year old kids with My Hero Academia shirts at the mall

>>640236038none of that is better than its nip counterparts

>>640236117That doesn't mean the kid is a weeaboo

>>640236105i think porn is flat out illegal in korea. also the age of consent is 21.

>>640236105there's a korean porn industry?

>>640236328>>also the age of consent is 21.I thought the north was the communist dystopian one

>>640235134Yup, I'm glad they got a handle on all these people spoofing identities, botting and creating fake buzz. However, this isn't going to stop S Korea. Their cultural ministry has stated multiple times over the past decade that they want global dominance in all areas of art and culture. Here is their latest spiel.m.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20230411000812

>>640236328>i think porn is flat out illegal in korea. Yup, that makes sense. Soulless country not even allowed to have sexual thoughts beyond kpop bimbos. A sad state of affairs.

>>640236335its called kpop

>>640234409The only one I can even think of is dungeon fighter

>>640236335>there's a korean porn industry?I wouldn't call it that

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>>640235990People just have much easier access to things from countries, I.E. songs, shows, movies and whatnot. It's not like before that you're stuck only listening or watching things from your own country or america. I honestly prefer it.And no, they're not.

>>640236531whats the point if they're not getting fucked?

>>640236652>he needs to see women getting railed by other men to get off

>>640236531This, their titillating media relies on lust-provoking imagery as opposed to western porn which relies on depictions of fornication and outright penetration. It works the same way as the porn industry though. It's all the same shit.

>>64023599010 years from now the younger generation will unanimously look back upon koreaboos as embarrassing and cringy on the same level as weeaboos, and if they haven’t mass suicided from schizo meltdowns by then, old koreaboos will look back on their pasts with shame. The new fad will be some other asian country. Probably china. It’s already on its way there

What had come out of Korea in last 5 years besides uber-grindy online horseshit?

>>640234409Nikke is just anime girl Duck Hunt, Throne and Liberty is shit and Korea's entire gimmick is "we're not Japan please clap".

can't gooks just watch western porn

>>640236919All the games (that I like) seems to come out of places like Singapore and Taiwan. I like Korean movies though.

Why do japs and koreans chimp out when they hear of each other

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>>640236919idk. i was gonna say dnfduel but 8ing, a japanese company made it

>>640237106Japan raped korea (literally)

>>640237106Korea should have stayed a Japanese colony.

>>640237313>>640237387okay then why do I only hear of japs chimping out over the doko rocks or comfort women?

>>640234409Korean music is absolute trash and saying they’re better than Japan is a joke.

why does the korean flag look so ugly and disgusting?Is anyone else the same?

>>640236962ya and go to jailyou literally have to use your K-SSN to log on the internet

>>640237521Looks fine

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>>640237417>why is your country's past being constantly shit talked by your lesser result in an antagonistic relation with said lesser

>>640234483Oh wow I was gonna try the demo for that but fuck that, I ain't touching no gookshit

>>640237106>zoomshit doesn't know basic historykys

>>640234785MacArthur was also disgusted by japs and consider them subhuman in case your weeb ass think hes based


>>640234549I could buy dungeon fighter being second place but there's no fucking way first place doesn't go to CSGO

I had a koreaboo coworker/friend. He wasn't rich (he made the same salary as me, which wasn't much) but he would still spend tons of money on k-pop idolshit. Like donating $500 at a time to get a 'new and upcoming' k-pop group girl to make a 5 second video saying "Hi (name) thanks so much!" on facebook or something. A couple times I tried to pull him aside and get him to focus more on himself but he just kept spending, all his free money went to k-pop idols

Why are (((they))) pushing gook shit so much? What's the endgame?

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>>640235594Literally only a fag would know or care about a Korean bug game.

>>640234409Only thing that shithole full of subhuman bugs surpassed americans and japan in is being mentally ill nigger loving cuckolds somehow. If you are bigger nig lovers than americans you know you're fucked and cucked as a nation.

>>640237802lol thats fucking pathetic, is he yte?

>>640236919DJMax Respect V, but technically it came out 6 years ago

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>>640237642He never said that lol, after the war in his memoirs he said Japan had one of the most well trained working populations and the only reason they weren’t on par with the west was their lack of natural resources, meanwhile gooks were always seen as subhumans until like the last 30 years.

Why do Koreans hate Japan?


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>>640238126Jealousy, inferiority complex, exaggerated and bs lies about the occupation period.

>>640238126They were getting smoked by Japs for centuries lmao. Why do you think rising sun for gooks is same tier as swastika for kikes.


>>640237623Dose not explain the chimp out over rocks

>>640238203Does rape for you describe building Korea’s infrastructure and raising their living standards?

>>640234409>worst koreaI don't think so

Is worst korea the most soulless country in the world? Can't think of any other.

>>640238272I have no interests in larping as a gook and pondering the pros and cons of occupation. I simply stated why one might hate the other.

>>640238393seoul is literally the capital

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How TF is kpop still popular? I really thought the fad would have died out by now.

>>640238610can say the same for vtubers but that shit is actually dying (thankfully)

>>640238610It is dead, but people who fap to Asians still love that stuff.

>>640238507Remove the bangs and you'd realize how freaky she looks

>>640238126Inferiority complex


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>>640238393That would be china. With that population and yet they've produced no art, music, games, films etc with any sort of soul. It's unbelievable. They are as close to machines as humans can be.

>>640238610Women's abysmal taste in music

>>640238829Yes, I said people who fap to Asians to still love that stuff.

>>640234409you can't win /a/ so you moved to Holla Forums huh, mario?

>>640235594>Literally only dumb westerners would know anything about some 10+ year old korean mmo

>>640238890There are a lot of people who do thatt

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and animation

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>>640238842How many fucking chinese films, music, art and games have you played?

>>640238743Japanese vtubers are doing better than ever, just another thing where they all tried to copy Japan but failed

>>640234409>country of braindead motherfuckers who stare at their smartphones 24/7

>>640239002>Japanese vtubers are doing better than everLol vtubers are dying and thats something am okay with Like ya know its bad when they have to expand into SEAnigger markets lmfao

>>640239002Regular korean streamers mog the fuck out of vtubers

>>640238172>>640238186>>640238203Japan did nothing wrong.Its people had always been extremely pacifists, away from bloodshed, barly experienced a war, very until the Western imperialists came and sold weapons to them in the 19th.

>>640239082That's every country these days, but I get what you mean, it feels like gooks love their phones a little too much

>>640239293Shut up bitch

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>>640238954Guessing from his answer, probably zero.

>>640237106because nothing happened during ww2

>>640238126Japan fucked them in the ass, see >>640237313And Japan denies it, not any better than China with the tianmen square massacre.

>>640239718>And Japan denies it,Nothing wrong with denying all past crimes at this point.Look at how blacks have cucked whites in the US and turned them into a subservient underclass. Japan is smart for refusing to acknowledge/apologize about anything that happened in WW2 and telling kimchiniggers to fuck off.

I love how gooks apparently hate Japan but they seem to have no problem ripping off Japanese games and media.

>>640238126Same reason why Poland hates Germany.Losers hate winners.

>>640239718>China with the The what?

>>640235189Stfu euroshitter LOL old america was more based than your country ever will be

>>640239950It's an issue both China and Korea have, despite arguably having much better economies and tech industries all around people still like Japanese shit

>>640240021This nigga

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>Japan up until the mid 19th>shut-in state in her extreme pacifism>Japane in the late 19th - mid 20th>went full on imperialism and invasion of the whole AsiaSeriously what led them this way?

>>640240268Hardcore European LARPing

>>640240268changes in government after being bullied by outside nations and ego from new economic growth

>>640239814>>640239995These 2 posts are the primordial example of why some people shouldn't be allowed to speak.

>>640240167Old Americuck got cucked and is now a nig fag tranny worshipping nation. Can't be based when they're such massive fags that allowed their nation to be cucked. Keep coping, muttoid.

>>640234785the united states didn't even have enough yield to flatten moscow at the time. atom bombing an agrarian country like china would've accomplished nothing. macarthur wanted to nuke the yalu river border to prevent chinese soldiers from crossing. which is still stupid, I doubt the chinese cared about getting radiation cancer. overall macarthur was a shitty general who rambled about nukes because he lost. he was replaced with the much more competent ridgway who started actually beating back the chinese army, before eisenhower called the whole thing off.

Video games?

>>640240427Cry more, gook.

>>640235134>lol it's all fake, korean bands buying their own music, kpop fans botting viewsI remember the koreans would advertise concerts in japan by ctrl c+v the audience multiple times in their promotional pictures to make it seem more popular. that made me realize how fake everything about korea is and how obsessed they are with face over substance

>>640235649north korea is a country sized human meat shield, launchpad and minefield created by china to defend their border

>>640240861Really this thread exposes the quality of korean vidya

>>640238842sorry but china actually made some good vidya. nice try at narrative control though gook

Why does Holla Forums prefer kpop idols to jpop idols? Is JPOP dead?

>>640240268japan also invaded and took over korea in 1590. the sakoku edict was only after ming china drove them out of korea and they lost all their armies

>>640241092name 5. no gachashit allowed

>>640237521Name one aesthetic flagBeginner mode: no 2-3 stripes of colors allowed

Gaming requires years of not decades of programming, patents, hardware manufacturing, etc.Korea barely started dipping into games heavily with MMOs just 15 years ago while Japan and USA have had decades head start

>>640241137u can have sex with the korean ones

>>640236431It's sort of working. They own the largest messaging app in japan and also the largest webtoon/comic/manga smartphone apps. I've been seeing webtoon versions of manga pop up because Picoma (korean company that owns the app) is funding a whole bunch of japanese webtoon shit and since Japs are slaves to phones and manga isn't really a good format for reading on it, webtoon shit is only going to get more popular.

>>640234409OP is a gook

>>640241215dyson sphere, sword & fairy, gujian, cultivation simulator, laden vs USA>no gachashit allowedthen there's nothing from korea lmao. and chinese gacha is like genshin impact, korea doesn't have anything remotely close to that

According to /jp/ anons in Japan, jap zoomers love kdrama, kpop, etc Japan pop culture must be boring now

>>640241137Kpop is the very definition of artificial fame.Just watch some documentary about them in youtube. I guess being behind japan and china for milleniums will do that for you.

>>640241227oops china already surpassed korean vidya with genshin impact. korea's development came too late and too close to china's, I expect absolutely nothing notable from korea. it's just gonna be chinese and japanese shit, like it always has been.

>>640241484for me its the khentai games


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>>640241256>manga isn't really a good format for reading on it, webtoon shit is only going to get more popularI don't understand this notion, how are webtoons easier to read on phones, I tried it and it didn't feel it's any easier.

>>640241452Those are very obscure games. The only time I see them mentioned in the Chinese gaming forums like NGA.

>>640241452>ladin vs USAreally had to fish for that one eh?

>>640241484They do and also vice versa. However, Japan is just beginning to see a massive wave of feminism that will hit them hard. Korea just voted out their feminist government too and it's Japan's turn now. Korea and Japan were rewarded to the allies after WWII for grounds to be used for extreme social experimentation. My question is, "will they unban porn in Korean now?" That would be fucking huge, but I doubt it.

>>640241626first 4 I never played I just hear about them on Holla Forums all the time. so you're wrongladen vs USA, now that's ludokino, you have no excuse for not knowing about it

>>640241626> I mean mostly Gujian.

>>640241683killing americans will always be based

>>640241710That was a wrong on my part. I don't go deep diving here.

>>640241137Japan literally doesn't market to the outside world, they don't want to and don't need to since their domestic markets are strong enough to keep shit alive on their own.Look at all the niche ass idol acts and experimental idol groups in nipland like Minanaro that sing about the japanese seasons and the zodiac sexagenary cycle, shoegaze idol groups like Ray and Dots Tokyo, Death Metal idol groups, punk ones, groups that cross dress as guys, etc.Korea on the other hand has to market their shit to the west and along the way they stifle the smaller scenes.That's why acts like Mukimukimanmansu, Aseul, and Mid Air Thief don't get enough attention.

>>640241621Japs can't squint their tiny little eyes to read the small dialogue bubbles in manga on their little iPhones. With webtoons, they can just scroll with one hand using their thumb while jacking off in the other or whatever because there's one giant dialogue bubble between the 3 pages of blank space. It's actually fucking sad how much of a slave they are to their phones. Fold phones, despite being gaudy and tacky, would probably solve the problem for manga unironically but it's still a joke "solution." Verification not required.

>>640241790I hear about them more than any korean game apart from nikke which is a gacha (and a shitty version of gfl)

>>640241856I could say the same about most of their gacha games.

>>640241856>Korea on the other hand has to market their shit to the west and along the way they stifle the smaller scenes.because it's government policy in korea to subsidize the export of korean "culture" (which is just shitty rebranded jpop and american jogger culture)japan just pays weebs and other losers to defend them online instead like a normal country

>>640241484I work in a Junior Highschool in Japan and it seems to me like kpop is dying. A few girls like Black Pink and New Jeans, but most kids like shit like Yoasobi, jrock bands are really making a comeback too, Wanima and King Gnu. Warms my heart to see kids actually listening to bands.

Why the fuck do people call jot-toons good? They're worse than the bottom of the barrel shounenshit from nipland and they're always fucking oozing of insecurity and cope. I've never seen such blatant revenge fantasy wishfulfilment from any other genre from any other place.Isekai and narou shitters from nipland at least just feel like fucking manchildren that have given up irl, Korean jot-toon writers meanwhile make it super obvious how resentful they are at being losers socially or academically.

>>640241884Heck, Korean games are so obscure. The only ones that I know are Limbus Company, Blue Archive and Black Desert Online (I think). If I remember correctly, their game's industry (excluding MOBAs) are dominated by MMOs; the extremely grindy one at that.Nikke as well.

>>640235990Koreaboos are mostly women, wereas weaboos are mostly men.

>>640242152every webtoon set in the modern world seem to be some variant of nerd getting even with cartoonnishly evil bullies. SK highschool must be real hellholes.

Because Korea is just a worse version of Japan. It's literally soulless, they only make garbage that will be quickly forgotten in 10 years.Their society is also everything wrong with Japan but without the good stuff, hence why they make even less babies than Japanese.

>>640242152When it's escapism for Japan they want to escape the real world and go into fantasy world where they can be powerful, but for Korea it's becoming powerful in the "real" world.

>>640234409most webtoons are fucking absolute fucking trash worse than capeshit. Kpop isn't music it's shit and kdrama are bad in their own koreantarded way. Some movies are good but fuck if most of it isn't just fucking cringe.

>>640242152Not to mention, just how fucking worse the artistry on display is. Or how terrible the format itself is, though that's to be expected since it was custom made for phoneniggers

>>640242543I have never watched a korean movie and don't intend to. I just assume it all sucks.

>>640242480What the fuck, why wouldn't Korean women want to have babies with Korean BVLLS?has /int/ lied to me??

Its unreal at times how japan have so much cultural influence with its entertainment in the internetsometimes I wonder about countries that just exist without much people even knowing the country exists and what do said people in those countries think of it

>>640242152If you've ever been to Korea you'll realize Korean men fucking hate women. They honestly put western incel types to shame.The inverse is also true funnily enough.

>>640242430>every webtoon set in the modern world seem to be some variant of nerd getting even with cartoonnishly evil bulliesKdramas too, though revenge is a popular theme there in general. See: the glory

>>640242183A few non-mobile, non-multiplayer titles that made it to the West>the Kingdom Under Fire series>Ninety-nine Nights 1 and 2>The entire DJMax Series>the Magna Carta series>Lies of P (just got a demo)But yeah, not a big list.

>>640242631Very very few good ones, train to busan being the top of the pack.

>>640242638Korean girls are way uglier than Japanese girls. That's probably why.

>>640242480>Their society is also everything wrong with Japan but without the good stuff1/4 of their GDP comes from a single megacorp. Sk is a cyberpunk dystopia without the cool stuff.

>>640242631Oldboy is good. I don't know if Snowpiercer counts but that was decent as well. Haven't watched anything else.

>>640240268"The weak of meat, the strong will eat." They were so terrified of becoming a European colony they decided the only option was to become a powerful empire themselves.

No skin in this game but can I just ask something?Does the Korean (and Chinese for that matter) voice acting industry just not exist? Why the hell do all of their games use a foreign country's language (Japanese) or prioritize it?

>>640242692that's because in korea the feminists all unironically want to genocide their men. a popular emoji in korea is the pinching emoji, it's used by korean women to mean korean men have tiny penises. korean women also believe if a war broke out americans would defend them while korean men would flee

>>640242595This is the thing that bugs me the most, panelling and the flow of the manga panels is an art in itself and these webtoon niggers just put out a big white scroll with some drawings on it

>>640242727I remember when webtoons were first a thing and some of them were interesting. It's literally all badly drawn romance now. It's badly written too, I've read mid tier chinese cultivation novels with more though put into the word building than most top end webtoons.I like how tower of god author has half a brain to create a interesting world but creates fucking 3 million of the most useless fucking characters.

G**koids and their fans are the worst shit on the planet, only less worse than the amerimutts.Chinese and japanese need to team up and end this menace.

>>640242893The worst thing is someone is convincing the japs and the chinese that modern manga format is unprofitable and must switch to webtoon.You literally get LESS screen space by using webtoon, it's insane.

>>640242735I honestly would've expected a much bigger industry, considering that they're one of the first countries to adopt ESports.

>>640242692I wouldn't mind a korean waifu, what impresses korean women?

>>640242802>voice acting industryprobably very small in those countries compared to japan. japan has hundreds of schools dedicated to training voice actors, the scale is unmatched. professional voice actors are basically celebrities in japan, elsewhere they are just voice actors. think about it, many people here in the west play JP dub over EN dub just to get the popular japanese seiyuu. there is every reason to prioritize japanese dub

>>640242954The format doesnt' even matter koreans FUCKING SUCK at writting. Webtoons are shit, kdrama's are shit and korean novels are also shit. How many times do you want to see a simp chase after women in a VR game and earn money? Even legendary moonlight sculptor is literally shit and it's basically a classic at this point.

>>640242984Status and looks, the meta is similar to China, you need to earn more than her, have a house, etc. or just be incredibly attractive

>>640242802Playing Chinese gacha games (gacha games in general, only HI3 though), there is a voice acting industry, it's much much smaller compared to JP. You could probably describe it as infact compared to it. I don't know about Korea though.

>>640242893Are there any stand out webtoons? For all the garbage tier shit that manga puts out, you still get some really good shit. And webnovels suck as a rule, but once in a blue moon something like Lord of Mysteries comes along. But I genuinely can't think of a webtoon equivalent. The recent big deal webtoon 'Solo Leveling' is just pretty much OP protagonist template. Idk.

>>640242802Because weebs worship Japanese voice actors specifically so they can use them in overseas marketing. The Korean dubbing industry has the Funimation problem of only having a tiny handful of actors soaking up every role, and people start shitting and crying if forced to listen to Mandarin for more than five seconds.

>>640242959They make a fair amount of games, but, as you said, a lot of them are Esports oriented or at least inspired. They're laser focused at the PC bang market and are therefor oriented towards free-to-play MMOs/FPSes/Mobas/etc. Being free to pick up means you can easily get mass adoption in the PC bangs and foster big tournaments and competitiveness, which drives microtransactions.

>>640242117Wanima is shit

>>640243101How educated is the average korean hottie? I'm an programmer is that mid or high in korean society. I hear every tank tread fodder wants to work at samsung like some monkey slave because they own half the country. I assume being a gymchad doesn't do me any favors in a country full of femboys.

>>640241856Based Taste.youtube.com/watch?v=_dw3c_eQsiEI was pleasantly surprised to see them feature in the OST for Sonny Boy. Idk if the nips just appreciate the actual good shit of theirs than they do.Speaking of, how about you fags post some of the actual good Korean shit that slips through the cracks instead of the soulless corporate shit that they tend to pump out

Weren't some squid games announced at the Summer Game Festa?

>>640242802Not even chinks want to listen to their own language. Japanese dub for chink/gook anime gachas are pretty much a requirement if they want it to succeed.

>>640243163I remember miHoYo having 3 characters in Genshin voiced by one person, 2 characters in HI3 are voiced by one person, Star Rail has one and upcoming ZZZ has 1.It's Yan NungHonkai 3- Elysia- Liliya OlenyevaGenshin- Noelle- Qiqi- LumineStar Rail- PelaZZZ- Amby Demara

>>640243130Everything is so slanted towards female tastes now. Tower of god has pretty good world building, Noblesse is a decent power fantasy. God of highschool has decent fights. Sweet home is pretty short and decent probably the most well paced.

Are blizzard games still popular in Korea?

>>640243192Yeah and king gnu are shit too, but I'm glad they are listening to actual bands and not kslop

If it's any consolation plastic gooks will go extinct on their own and North Koreans will just have to walk over the border

Question is where are the Europe? They are one of the oldest civilization and yet they remain stagnant.

>>640243443Overwatch is currently the 2nd most popular game in Korea, Starcraft is 11th, WoW is 14th, and get this, the ninth most popular game is Diablo 2

>>640234409They just never got into making console games on a large scale from what I can tell. Same goes for making PC games the way the west was doing it in the 90s and 2000s.Which means most of the stuff they do make tends to be online only MMOs or mobile gaming live service grindfests.Their rhythm games tend to be decent from what I can tell but that type of genre has been niche as fuck ever since people got bored of DDR / guitar hero so only like a few thousand autists at best would ever know about those and want to play it

>>640243641What's the first? Oh, let me guess, League of Legends?

>>640243846YupIt's weird how the most popular games in Korea are all western PC games. Mostly slop. Though I think it's kind of based that Diablo 2 is so popular.

>>640237983I thought Koreans hate niggers just as much as anyone and value white skin over dark just like any other asian.

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>>640244193The only thing that gave that pic away was the penis mutant fingers. Otherwise breedable.

>>640237106Nasty shit happened in WW2 that's why. There's a tale that two Japanese officers lined up a hundred Koreans and had a competition who could cut off their set of heads the fastest. Korean women were forced to be comfort women for Japanese soldiers. Led to lots of rape that the Japanese state won't own up to, even with some of the survivors still being alive today.

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>>640244193Is that graininess a filter or is it part of the prompt?

>>640244193>I thought Koreans hate niggers just as much as anyonelolTheir music is nothing but knockoff nigbop and if you're black and remotely sociable there you can effortless bang pretty much any Korean girl you wantWhy do you think that shithole breeds people like Terasu?

>>640244408Didn't that also happened in Nanjing, China?

>>640244528I might be getting them mixed up. Point being, imperial Japan conquest brought out the worst in them.

japs can never beat Korea

>>640244528It happened literally anywhere the Japanese Empire conquered. They felt they were late to the game relative to the Europeans and so had to fit in the last 200 years of Imperialism into as short a period as possible.

>>640234785>dropping nukes on asians twice in a single decadeyoure a retard if you think this wouldn't have had huge repercussions.

>>640244794so the rape never happened huh...

>>640234409>Surpassing america and japan in music, live-action shows, and comicsbut kpop, kdramas and gooktoons are all shit

why is this thread full of Holla Forumsretard and /iet/cel

>>640245037He ha a point. J-dramas have always been weaksauce and Hollywood has produced nothing but putrid capeshit for a decade.

>>640234409They haven't released a single good piece of entertainment since Gangnam Style.

>>640238610because of hordes of south east asians

>>640245210Korean games are that bad

>>640238842I despise China like most rational people but at they're at least culturally relevant. When normal people think of China they think of the Great Wall, eastern dragons, kung-fu, and are the first answer for when someone sees an Asian person or Asian architecture. When normal people think of Korea they think of bulimic plastic dolls rattling their skeletons to nigger music and ugly insects filming themselves slurping down live squid, and are so historically irrelevant that the only event a person can name is the Korean War.

>>640245210The fuck are you on about? It's just a natural progression of the conversation. It's of course going to reach other aspects of the countries in question.

>>640245210Gotta to unleash their insecurities on other.

>>640245345the only true answer

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>>640245339Gangnam style had soul. It was fairly organic and blew up on YouTube as opposed to traditional platforms. All this kpop and squid game shit feels super forced by corporate executives in Korea and in the west

>>640237313the only thing they raped is their pride and thats why they are still butthurt about it

>>640234409idk about music but i do believe the comics and shows part.a lot of people here in south American are subscribing to viky or whatever the fuck it is called because they can't stand newer shows.

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>>640234409>copying what american and japan already did decades agoUsed to think south korean media was amazing coz like most people i fell in love with their movies when oldboy came out in 2003. And while their cinema had a good renaissance from the late 1990s to about 2010. these days i can't help see through korea's souless and shameful plagiaristic bullshit.

how many of you faggots slumped kpop and anime together before this thread?

looks good

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>>640241856based taste anondidnt know about rays, gonna look that shit up

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until bugs fuck off with their p2w, grind to death mentality, they will never make a good multiplayer game with lasting power

>>640245812>chink lugia>chink suicune>chink wooloo>chink lycanroc>chink piplup>chink leafeon>chink flaaffy>chink latiasAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH NO NO NO

i'm only coming here to say fuck nexonthat's all, thanks for your time guys

>>640245812The funniest thing is normalfags on reddit and twitch calling this chinese garbage when it's made by japs.

>>640234409I'm using this community since 2013 because everything Koreans spit out or produce has no soul. Seriously, Southeast Asians are better than Koreans

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>>640246773>Southeast Asians are better than Koreansyet they worship them like mindless consoomers

>>640234409>musichavent heard one good thing come from that god forsaken country>video gamesmmos are shit>live action showsProbably true, PedoKike Hollywood is out of ideas>comicsAmerican comics are auch garbage these days thats probably true too