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>>640233540Shit, I can't wait to Rage Against the Storm with Knuckles.

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>>640233540you'd rather have sonic team make it? yeah that's what i thought

Then who is making the new Yoshi game? Oh Nintendo will just port their switch titles to Switch 2 huh? I love capitalism.

>>640233540>>640233829BALAN WONDERCHADS I KNEEL

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>>640233635Jun Senoue? No fucking thanks

>>640234805They bleed, I feed. They sneed, I seed.


How the fuck is Arzest still around?

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>>640233540>If you want my name attached, the game has to be handed to my retard squad (raughs)

>>640235083stealing mistwalker's money

>>640233635>having worked on Sonic 1 and Sonic CD

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>>640233540>>640233635How did this even get approved? I know SoJ probably (to say the least) doesn't care so much about Sonic as the west but surely they realize that it's a large franchise and handing over a game to Arzest of all fucking devs is monumentally retarded. Were they thinking "it doesn't have to be very good for them to buy it anyway" or did Oshima really carry that much weight? This seems to imply they were rather desperate to push more classic content but then surely they could have hired a better studio than the guys who did Balan Wonderland, no?

Im not sure if this is an improvement or not, seeing as the alternative is Sonic Team

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>>640233540>it’s this or sonic teamWHOEVER WINS, WE LOSE

Imagine the kino when the music starts and Sonic starts dancing while enemies also dance in the background.

>>640235736The alternative was Whitehead.

>>640233540>Big Good Dude takes of his hat to reveal that he was Eggman the whole time

>>640233540>>640233635That explains why it's so cheap looking.


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>>640233540Don't panic, just watch them VERY closely and for fuck's sake, don't cuck the development.



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>>640236318>and for fuck's sake, don't cuck the development.>Q4 2023Frontiers isn't a year old and they're still gonna release this half-baked

>>640234570>Who is making the new yoshi gameGood Fell?

>>640235864no it wasn't. after mania he formed his own studio and are working on some 3d platformer.that's why "mania 2 prospects went off the table"

Good. Sonic Team hasn't known how to make a Sonic game for a long time.

>>640236263It's probably due to Sonic Origins, once Headcannon spoke publicly saying it was SEGA's fault SEGA probably decided to never work with them again.

>>64023354010/10 if they add dance parties at the end of each stage

>>640233540Lets collect the chaos emeralds together, balanbros

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>>640234805>>640233829>Howdy Sanic

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>>640233540Yuji Naka was the real issue there and he's in jail now


>>640237105That's a cope if I've ever seen one.

>>640236743>It's probably due to Sonic OriginsWhitehead and the other Mania devs formed Evening Star and started work on their 3D platformer for Private Division before Origins was ever a thing. Mania 2 probably never happened because Whitehead and co. wanted better pay/treatment and Sega just acted like assholes, like with almost every other outside dev Sega works with.If anything, Origins was probably thrown together after Superstars started development to help further introduce the classic style to new fans, hence why Amy is being added to Origins as a playable character wither her Superstars moveset.

>>640233635OH NO NO NO

>>640236263Intentional sabotage, that's how. You have to remember, this is Sega we're talking about here. The company that completely destroyed itself out of sheer spite for its western branch, the one that has some of the worst work culture in the industry to this day. Chances are it was never going to happen once Mania was both more of a critical and commercial success than Forces. That was too much of a bruise to Sonic Team and Sega's egos, to the point where Origins was fucked over massively because of it.

balan won and he only needed one button to do so

>>640237204>copepretty sure a lot of devs on Balan actually voted to kick Naka off the project during developmentI swear that's something he openly cried about right before SE threw him to the legal sharks for his insider trading shit

>>640237471>to the point where Origins was fucked over massively because of itBut Origins was mostly a Sonic Team project.


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>>640236692>no it wasn'tIt obviously was at one point. You don't create a new studio whose name is literally a Sonic reference with the intention of never making a Sonic game ever again. Plans likely fell through because Sega is notoriously hard to work with.

That might not be a bad thing, doesn't balen have tons of costumes for no reason even tho you lose it in one hit? Game might be shit but if they can pump out assets

>>640237828>You don't create a new studio whose name is literally a Sonic reference with the intention of never making a Sonic game ever again.Yeah, that's why the very first thing that happened when the studio was formed was announcing their new original game.It's just a name.

>>640238047The studio and its name was obviously being formed around the same time their next project was intended to be a Mania successor. Things clearly didn't work out so they ended up pitching a different project to another publisher. Then they formally announced both the studio and the new project when everything was set in stone.That's the timeline.

>>640238406source? I made it the fuck up

>>640238432The source is using your brain you dumb ape.Evening Star is a Sonic reference. Iizuka said they intially had plans with Whitehead to make another game after Mania. You can put two and two together.

>>640237525Balan had far more problems than just bad game design, and it's not like it's Arzest's only dud either.

>>640238562>Actually admitting to just making it the fuck upchad

>>640238589the point was more that Naka had to have been a real problem during development if even Arzest devs wanted him gone

>>640238663Literally both arguments ammount to "making it the fuck up", looking at the statement and the history of sega autism and the mania denuvo fiasco and the origin fiasco its easy to assume shit happening between whitehead and sega being the major reason why any follow up never came to be.

>>640237614yes. they took the best version of those games christian whitehead made and fucked them up then didnt let stelath's team finish working on S3&K.

>>640238991But it was their project. Fucking up Origins only made them look bad, not anyone else.They achieved nothing with this speculative "sabotage".

>>640233540Sonic has a better chance of being good when it's developed by anyone else besides Sonic Team.

>>640235667>surely they could have hired a better studio than the guys who did Balan Wonderland, no?Superstars started development before Balan released. Iizuka said he and Oshima started working together on the project sometime after a video call in 2020.

>>640235667>or did Oshima really carry that much weight?I think this is honestly it, corporate Japan is big into honor systems like this . Things fell through with Taxman (yet again, makes you think) so they got who they thought was the closest link to classic Sonic not in prison to have a shot at doing it right. Arzest just naturally came along with it because they're his team. For what it's worth they all blamed Naka personally for ruining Balan so how this turns out will cement their reputation one way or another I think.

>>640233540>ArzestThose fuckers also did Yoshi's New Island, a massive pile of shit. How and why is this shit company still around?

>when you 100% the game you get a secret video of sonic taking a fat golden shit and he does a little dance

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can someone explain the fucking farming sneed dance scene to me what the fuck is the context of that even

>>640233540should have been obvious it was Arzest from the ugly graphicsmania 2 died for this shit

>>640235083they pump out cheap cash grabs like this


>>640235667only explantion is japs are still booty blasted mania shits all over all japanese made sonic games, so they made this in response

>>640237105yuji naka left sega in 2002

>>640238047that was years after mania. Sega had plenty of time to start mania 2 but didnt

>>640240157they are contractors, whether a game flops or not doesn't affect them at all

>>640241448read the wonderworld book&qid=1686466735&sprefix=balan wonderwor,aps,96&sr=8-1

>>640233540>Sega would rather trust the devs that sent Naka to jail than admit they were outdone by gaijins

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>>640236263Because MRANIA TREAM TROO FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR.Nippon Pride would rather cut off the nose to spite the face than accept that Filthy Gaijins did the job better than they ever could.

>>640233540I am not surprised to hear this. Looking at the trailer their stink is all over this game. It didn't look good and now I have confirmation that it won't be.

>>640233540As the kids sayGRIM

>>640239173Again, Sega is fucking retarded.

>>640233635Maybe whitehead and stealth should’ve learned to play ball instead of whining about DRM and interference. How they didn’t know in advance that it was going to be SEGA’s way or the highway is beyond me. Staggering immaturity and lack of professionalism.

>>640245708>Maybe whitehead and stealth should’ve learned to play ball instead of whining about DRM and interference.naw, they too based for that

>>640235667>or did Oshima really carry that much weight?I mean, considering he actually created Sonic, i'd say so?

>>640245708Sega needs whitehead WAY more than they need sega.They have proven to the world they can make a game that will be loved. They can make their own series and it will sell.

>>640245708>corpo takes your passion project and shits all over it for the sake of squeezing more money out of it>oh no why are they upset so unprofessionalAnyone who doesn't get upset, doesn't speak up when this sort of fuckery happens is there just for a paycheck.

>>640245708Sega is so awful Sonic Team themselves had to fight tooth and nail just to get more time for Frontiers. Why the fuck should Whitehead have to tolerate that shit?