Thoughts on this gata

Thoughts on this gata

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cute tummy

entry level for furfaggotry but shes alright i guess

>>640233535Most huggable pokemon

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>>640233535Ummmm, that's my wife???

>>640233535much superior to delphox, incineroar, the rabbit from galar, etc.

>>640235073I will never have a pokewife...

>>640235073I brought a tablet specifically so I can play videos like this on loop next to my pillow as I fall asleep. I will never be loved but at least I can pretend to be.

>>640233535Anthro pokemon were a mistake and gen 4 specifically started designing shit furry bait

>>640235628The furry bait is what's up though, cute monsters>cool monsters

>>640233535she is really good at hiding the weed from the cops

>>640235073This is a really soothing loop, saved

>>640233535that's a gato

>>640233535the duck is thicker

>>640233535what page of dragon ball is this imitating?

Easily my favorite Grass starter.

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>>640238527I actually agree now that I think about it.I don't usually tend to like grass types so it's not much of a competition though.

>>640233535I love TER

>>640238527I might prefer bulbasaur and chikorita as iconic, and serperior as a design, but meowscarada is a good grass starter.

>>640238527sorry sex cat but Torterra will always be the coolest

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>>640235628How else are you supposed to keep that soulless franchise on float? Making an actually good game? Don't make me laugh. The only thing which matter is porn.

>>640235347holy shit you need help

>>640239472Most people just need a gf

>>640239578a gf wouldn't fix you

>>640239636It might

>>640239578No woman wants to put up with your broken autistic ass

>>640239636Yeah because she wouldn't be a cat

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>>640239636It won't fix your autism or whatever but most people just want to be less lonely, so how would that not fix that issue specifically

>>640240523autistic losers don't deserve girlfriends

>>640240565What makes you think you're qualified to make that judgement?

>>640238527>AAA Nintendo game>most popular / profitable IP in the world>still have that much clippingEffort really is a dirty word at Game Freak huh.

>>640233535completely forgot about her

>>640233535GATO SEXOOOOO!!!

>>640240565youre right, but conversely, women dont deserve anything good at all.

My inner demons are trying really hard to make me masturbate and these threads really aren't helping me.

>>640242651Get angry at your inner demons. Get pissed off, then use that energy to lift weights.

>>640242651Use your outer demons

>>640240565and "sex havers" dont deserve childrenhope your not anti gun at your kid's grade school

>>640233535GATO SEXOOO

>>640233535Tranny bait pokemon with extremely insecure and annoying fagbase

OP is a discord spammer trollDon't give him attention

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>>640243882Shut the fuck up ivychud

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>>640233535I would keep one and make her the happiest pet cat wife girl who

>>640240205Women are just as broken and autistic as dudes, just in different ways

>>640243882That's an old pic, save this one over that.also OP and his friends keep changing their IPs and talk to themselves to make their threads live longer because nobody likes Meowscarada even /vp/

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>>640239636A GF unironically would. It'd give me to motivation to work hard and provide for her and would solve literally all of my loneliness issues.


>>640245123Nope, she actually wouldn't.Been there, done that, didn't help.

>>640245204he has already 2 threads there but this tranny just wants to spam in other boards to farm (You)s

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>>640233535She belongs in digimon world


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>>640246561Can't say that I'm happy that Ivysaur became the tranny mods' #1 enemy, but based

>>640246561I knew it was you, you mentally ill fuckPeople stopped bullying you even in hopes of improving your mental health but YOU still make these garbage threads on /vp/ every single day for no fucking reason

>>640233535>>640235073>>640238527>>640246650Cute cate

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>>640246774>I make a simple thread of hall of fame with Ivysaur>you start posting suicide memes>pretending to be me>samefagging to pretend you have supporters>you keep droning the thread and bumping it in hope to ban me>every time I cuck you like a little bitch you delete everything to hide your stinky assgo take a shower, you smelly piece of shityou are a pathetic loser who think having the right to push a ban button makes you powerful or valid.just stop stalking me and be mind your own coomer threads, gay pedo

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>>640235073I had a pet cat who would go up to me and wake me up by tapping my head, in a way asking for pets. She passed away recently, I miss her.

>>640239472Like most of men here. But nobody will help them as long as we dont get loving robowives or geneticaly engineered catgirls or any other scientifcaly way to get more women and give them to these poor souls.

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>>640246948>now he thinks i'm a /vp/ mod for questioning his sanityNot mentally ill btw

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>>640235073I came to this thread only for that webm, pls post more webms like that.

>>640247192you quickly screamed "IVYCHUD"you can't fool me

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