Im starting to think Caramel was right kojima is fucking retarded, dealers choice

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based kojima trying to out schizo his own fanbase


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caramel has quite literally never been right


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>>640233428>Chadjima still ruining the lore of his series before Konami lay their hands on another remakeBased beyond belief.

>>640233428the La Li Lu Le Lo got to him

>>640233428lmao if you dont understand this

What the actual fuckIs Kojima okay? Is he taken hostage?

hideo kojima is retarded and they should have fired him after mgs4 or even better before it

It never occurred to me that Old Snake still has 80% of the letters of Solid Snake

He's pulling the JK Rowling on his characters now.

>>640233428>snake's wombsnake mpreg is being drawn right nowyou cannot stop itnobody can

konami should make a new mgs and use all this stupid things this fag say and dunking a last fuck you kojima

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>>640233428Fuck off Kojumbo

>Old = SOLID minus IS (being)The Japanese will never get over their stupid puns jesas it's the worst thing about liking their games

>>640233428>solid snake - IS = old snakelet him cook

>>640233428Nah, Kojima is based. He's not Solid Snake anymore, he's a new man, OId Snake is cursed with the burden of FOXDIE cause Big Boss' DNA was deemed such a threat to the world that he was essentially the first target of DNA weaponry.>inb4 Kojima does it again ala MGS2

>loads of retards on Holla Forums seething that kojimbo isnt involved in the MGS 3 remake>get this banger of a schizo tweet to remind them why that's a good thinglmao

>>640233428Snakebros... what did he mean by "Snake's womb"?!?!?

>>640233428>the word SOLID SNAKE minus IS (being)BRAVO HIDEOBRAVO KOJIMA

kojimbo did it again

kek what the fuck is he waffling about

Just tweet it in Japanese, you retard. Foreigners would have an easier time understanding that.

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>>640234149Also this only happens because BB turned his back on the world, and he effectively sold his and his future's own world in doing so. He's the man who sold the world. Bravo Kojima, bravo.

>>640234185Men can have wombs.

Kojimbo's hidden fetish revealed.

christ what happened to this guy after MGSV? It's like his ego grew a second ego.


why are people mad at the guy who created the story, explaining the story and think's he is wrong cause "my theory is better" or "my headcanon is better" like wtf?

Freemasonry and Japan is a bad combination

>>640234336clearly señor kojima meant SI not IS

What does the last sentence even mean

>>640233428I love MGS but so many of Kojima's ideas are just retarded wordplay of a language he barely speaks.

>>640234467BIG BOSS - IS = BG BOSIYKYK

>>640233428what did he mean by this?

>>640234240This, post the Japanese tweet. OP's pic is MTL drivel.

>>640233428Snake's... womb?

>>640233428>wombIt's Over

>>640234310Kojima was forced into making MGSV which is why he was removed from the game. He literally tweeted an hour ago. >In MGS4, I made sure everyone has a happy ending except for Snake. It was going to be the last one of the series.

>>640234545I tried to find it, user. Either I don't know how to use Twitter (ugh, I know, forgive me), or the faggot only tweeted it in Japanese.

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>>640234130>it's the worst thing about liking their gamesYou mean the best.

>>640233428>Snake's womb??????????????

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Solid Snake without being is Old Snake.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl really buck-broke Kojima. Hasn't been the same ever since.

>>640234545He didn't tweet it in japanese, he just retweeted the english tweet on his jp account

when did you fall out of love with Kojima and realize he's a giant hack? Honest answers only. For me it was MGSV


>>640234763Metal Gear 2, when he brought Big Boss back for no reason

>>640234763MGS4, it was fun but it was retarded.Peacewalker sort of got me to think "hey he's not bad" but then MGSV fucked it up again

He can barely speak English give him a break.

>>640234763YongYea's entire youtube channel made me realize how utterly hopeless Kojima fans were. Game-wise probably MGS4 having hours long cutscenes

>>640234763Death Stranding was terrible. Proof that he needed to be tard wrangled.

>>640233428what the fuck is he even saying

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>>640234887So he should either try to actually learn it or just accept the fact that he's a Japanese man who made his living in the Japanese video games industry and will never properly break out of it because he isn't clever enough for proper writing and isn't Jewish enough for Hollywood.

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Snakebros... i don't feel so good!

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>all these anons who have never impregnated the bussy and it showsNah but Kojima what the fuck are you on about

>>640234185snake's bussy

Everytime I see him posted here, the less I like MGS and it used to be my favorite series of all time.

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>>640234763MGS4, it was then I realised the production team was tard wrangling him the entire time and that was the point he broke their shackles and got to spew his infinite retardation without a filter. Death Stranding being a monumental turd only sealed the deal

>>640234992he really hates Solid so much

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>>640233428la creatividad moment

>>640234185Kojumbo is into mpreg now. Reedus should be really worried for his ass.

>>640234959Solid snake - IS = OLD SNAKE (Being)

>>640234740>> English account is almost always like 12 hours behind his JP feed.

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Wait solidus snake - solid = usWtf

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> Excellent analysis, Hideo. Your skills are improving at an accelerated rate.

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>>640235247This man is a poet.


It proven that he's just your another snoy movie guy, only difference is he has yoji and other in his team that come up with good ideas without them he's just a husk and a narcissist

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>>640235271"U.S. Snake" because he's President


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Thiefchads we can't stop winning.

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>ESL uses Womb as a metaphor to try to be artsy with how life begins there and Foxdie will be the end of life. >Culture War autism makes everyone view this in the lens of it being a political statementIts unironically over for the west holy shit

>>640234185Otacon touched his sussy

>>640233608Unironically platinum made a better metal gear game than kojimbo

>>640235271Tweet this at Kojima NOW

>>640235431English is the figurehead of hyper-acceleration on culture and how it applies to linguistics.

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>>640234310It makes sense. Kojima has always had the world handed to him on a silver platter and never experienced a real set back or humbling experience during his dev career. You could say him leaving Konami might count as one but he got his own AAA vanity dev studio shortly after. Dorito Pope and the masses give him constant ass pats and so on.

>>640233428I don't get it.I will post this funny image instead.

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Kojima represents everything wrong with video game story telling

>tfw kaku, blaustein and hayter were right all along

hideo...get the baby out hideo...i'm not bearing the baby inside me hideo...

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>>640235545>first commentThe least insecure about his masculinity metalhead

>>640234992unlike Kojimbo Solid didn't have a massive ego so he couldn't self insert.

>>640233428I would honestly take an Old Snake is a different person retcon if it meant more Solid Snake games.

I've always seen Kojima as the quintessential retard who keeps falling upwards.


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>>640236202Snake's Womb?

Which one made this tweet?

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>>640233428I mean he worded it like a fucking lunatic but that is what happens at the end of Guns of the Patriots.

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>in snake's womb

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>>640236202> Metal Gear Solid fans when Abortion Snake theory becomes canon

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he's using an idiom, to die in the womb is to be over before it even began

Dementia/Schizophrenia is starting to settle in.

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>>640233428So WTF even happened to Abandoned? Havent heard shit about that game since they showed that small teaser of some characters feet

What did he mean by this?

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yeah turns out that shit was just some faggot cashing in on kojima hype

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>>640236792One last thing:Sneed.

He out schizo'd my uncle who couldn't function at all.

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>>640233428He's a retard but Snake's FOXDIE that mutates, the one that will spread and kill everyone which why he was going to brain himself jumped to Big Boss killing him as the Patriots last gotcha to Big Boss but that transfer somehow neutered Snake's FOXDIE made it begin or some shit.Almost had a stroke typing this out.

>>640234763MGSV. I didn't really pay much attention to him beforehand but fuck me if the entire "you will be ashamed of your word and deeds" bullshit proved that he's high on his own farts.

>>640236792Is he using Solid Snake and Naked Snake interchangeably to try to be poetic or something? Or did he just fuck up?

>>640236792Radien and fucking Vamp didn't deserve a on top of REX finale boss fight.God, I hate Vamp he brings down MGS4 so much lmao.

>>640235545Based Rob

>>640236748It never existed and was an investor grift like all of Blue Box's other projects. They ran away and stopped even pretending to have anything in the works the instant Kojima made an official statement that he wasn't involved, called them a nuisance, and called Geoff a moron for falling for it too.

>>640234185His Solid Snussy

trans snake trans snake

>>640235150Well, the fag killed Big Boss.

Dr. Clark being an uber evil doctor Patriot founder is still one of the dumbest things he ever pulled.

>>640236792One MORE THING

>>640234763MGSV as well. I liked mgs4 as an ending to the series. PW was alright but not really my cup of tea, although I liked portable ops much more to be honest. I appreciate him for DS as it made me a fan of low roar but the gameplay/story telling are broken. Now the dude truly believe he is the god of gaming.

>>640237331Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao

Can someone please remind me how Zero was in the cemetery at the end? Did Big Boss just drag him along all the way there?


>>640237302And then made his last two games about how he was actually the coolest and baddest dude to ever of lived. And even though he killed him BB still stole as much limelight as possible from Solid Snake in his farewell game. Where he was a broken old man. The only justice he did Snake was killing Big Boss in the very end after he stole the show.

>>640234185Other M is an anagram for Mother to describe that Solid Snake's entire being is to nurse The Baby (Sunny)


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>>640237402It's MGS4 so the answer is nanomachines.

>>640237331>>640237368>>640237428OOOONE MORE THING

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I think he meant to say "Balls" FOXDIE kills his balls, his old man dick, so he can't procreate.

>>640234992see i should have started hating him on 4 but i was too dumb to understand he was trying to kill his fanbase by killing the most liked character. instead like everyone else i hated him with 5 BECAUSE THE WHOLE GAME WAS FUCKING EMPTY FILLER DIE YOU GOOK HACK FUCK

>>640235247>>640233428whoever mitigated his autism in the first 3 titles is the true genius

Why was Eva rewritten to be a Big Boss obsessed retard? That she'd jump on his immolated body like those wives in India or some shit. She wasn't brain dead last time we saw her, when she got the best of Big Boss.

>>640237484Otacon is so lucky...

>>640237607Pretty sure he already lost his sex drive in MGS1. Wouldn't be surprised if all the Big Boss clones were infertile.

>>640237630He already tried to smother fans in their crib with MGS2.

>>640237507JACKIIIIIIIIEgoddamnit someone on Holla Forums once made an incredible parody cover of OMD with Uncle but I don't have it saved to my laptop

>fans spend 15 years claiming Kojima prefers the English dub and thinks Hayter is the true voice of Snake

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>>640237646Tomokazu Fukushima.


Then who's princess beach?


>>640237315I must be the only person who actually liked the Mgs3 crew = patriots beat. The main reason I hear from people that don't like it is that Paramedic and Sigint are too goofy to be believable as Patriots but fuck the entire cast of MGS is campy as all hell and it's not like the big bad evil conspirators can't also be likable, personable people with embarrassing interests and a sense of humor and all that stuff.The other reason I hear is that people don't like how Kojimbo overexplained things and how he probably should've kept the origins of the Patriots mysterious so that way they feel more like the inevitable consequence of deterrence theory and the military-industrial complex and less like the brainchild of these four autists in particular and to that argument I say nothing because it's a good point

>>640237848Nanomachines Naomi.

>>640236792>This is with Hitchcock in mindDid he watch the ledge scene in Vertigo and think all Hitchcock movies were that scene?

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>>640237505>>640237587I uhhhh see...

>>640237886Zero absolutely worked. It helped that he had PW a V to flesh that out. After all is said and done I love him as the ultimate villain.Sigint is hardly even memorable so that's fine. Whatever. Paramedic is hard to square away and needed those evil moments in the later games outside of just being name dropped in tapes.

>>640237831>le aitsu warota vulgar wordsBravo gaijin-kun

>>640234763After playing MGS3 and realizing how terrible MGSV was in hindsight. He can only make good stuff under a leash and being tech limited, and modern day allowing all the retarded shit he thinks of to exist is unironically holding him back more than actually being held back

>>640234034I think he meant while Snake was in the wombI don't know, I only played the PSX game

>>640237646That would be Tomokazu Fukushima, who was run over by a bus in a Yakuza hit job because he was shit-talking Konami brass.

>>640237951Yes. dude you should know that's how he works with films in his mind.

Snake's fertile man-womb hnggggggg

>>640233428Kojima is a fart-huffing idiot who edited trailers for "his" games and nothing else. You faggots enabled him. You deserve this. Hope a moist nugget of shit glues itself to your face the next time he lets one rip.

>>640234173It's pretty normal for films,books, sometimes video games to have this level of symbolism in every aspect, if you magnify a work of art it should have multiple layers of symbolism and allegory below the surface, it being cheesy in an MGS game is a part of the aesthetic as it's a mix of high and low brow, east and west.

>>640237646Social retards like Kojima work great on editors and managers who can keep their autismo in check. The moment they go rogue its all over, see any manga series past 300 chapters.

>>640234130I had to read that first sentence a couple times to be like “what the fuck he mean minus IS” but then I remembered it’s Kojima and probably something absurdly silly and it is lmao

>>640235545Rob Zombie always seemed like a cool guy to me, I'm sad that he has to waste time wrangling retards and their comments.

>>640238075Maybe she's just especially sensitive to peer pressure.

>>640233950This is why capcom is smarter. Team based developments , not some boomer smelling his own fartsWhen I read Kojima would have cancelled mgs2 for le predicting things and how he just restarted death stranding for le covid I could see konami was right

Psycho Mantis passed away gently at Snake's hands. He was respectful to him in his end as Snake does as the noble warrior he is.So for me him being behind the B&B unit with "WHOOOOOOO" tier lusting for revenge was the fucking worst character bit in MGS4. Fuck you Kojima.

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>>640234763death stranding

>>640238312I did blow under peer pressure and was upset by it. I did not but clones of my friend into my other friend.

The tard wranglers should force him to go to a mental ward for 6 months before he even thinks about posting or making a game.

thank you based creratividad this shit is better than all of the abysmal game shows this month

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I don't like Big Boss, I like Solid Snake so I don't like Kojima.

>>640236995Everyone is going to be mad fucking pissed off when they realize the message of MGS is literally to love and forgive yourself.

>>640238630It was. I think PW and V mullded that message.

>>640238471>I did not but clones of my friend into my other friend.Sure but maybe that's just because you've thus far been fortunate enough to not have your friends proposition you to plant the surrogate clone of your friend into your other friend (without their knowledge). When the time comes, will you be tough enough to turn them down? Who's to say.

>>640238691I mean, I can't say you're wrong man. I guess my one stipulation is that I want to CARRY the clones inside of ME.

"Snake's womb" is just really fucking bad wording for how he carries the virus and it grows and mutates within himAre you faggots retarded

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>>640238850No Snake can get pregnant, I know because I impregnated him


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>>640233428Man why don't we kojimapost more?

>>640238850Snake is carrying buttbabies, confirmed.

>>640238850We know that all he did is describe what happens the end of MGS4. It's just that he typed it out like a fuckin' nutjob lol.


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I just hope he dies for making the actual gameplay part of Act 5 ninety seconds long. MGS$ is mechanically so mucH fun and he does that and Act 3 is a fucking trailing mission and the a on rails shooting bit that goes on FOREVER. You fuck! Why do you do this.

Kojima can’t get enough of exploding wombs. First ground zeroes, now “Snake’s womb” and death stranding? Artificial wombs bois the island was a documentary!!!

>>640238850no I'm pretty sure he was saying that metal gear takes place in omegaverse

How does this motherfucker not know english yet?

>>640239247Look at this post dude, holy shit I'm tired.

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>>640239295too busy creating pure ludokino and nutting to amwf porn while his wife is asleep.

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>>640233428>in Snake's womb

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SOP was too fucking stupid

I don't know what he's saying, I thought MGS4 made sense


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>>640239678>kojimjambles>making senselol

>>640239678you should the game tells you all this, he's just an ESL retard is all.

>>640239795this is not Kojima's vision. someone post the quote about and Snake and Raiden's ass

>>640237484 Every master piece has its cheap copy>>640239795

Why is Kojima so full of himself?

>Snake's womb>"Oh you know what he is trying to say you clowns">snake and otacon relationship is homosexual and ends with them adopting a child>his new series are about a man carrying a babyReally tinkles your grey matter, innit?

>>640240090Would you, if everyone sucked your cock? You've been having your cock sucked for a quarter of a century.

>>640233428he's the hero the goyim deserves

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>>640233428IT RHYMES


>>640233428Holy shit, shut the fuck up.

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>>640233428Hanging out with yeetler really fucked kojimbo's shit up

>>640239991It's actually an ingenious deconstruction of the original and no less striking

>>640235431Problem with FoxDIE is that it's a targeted weapon. it only kills the people it's designed to kill and no one else.

kek did you retards actually think this hack was a genius?

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Didn't he tweetted his college fanfic of a dystopian sci fi world where men can get pregnant and create life through artificial wombs then stepped backed and said he didn't really meant it that way? It happened before DS dropped if I remembered.

>>640240529Makes sense, all japs are into some sick pervy shit

>>640240482The nig weapon dealer made it mutate. It was going to spread like a virus.

>>640240635>t. troon localizer

>>640234185We finally know the answer to what everyone has been wondering for at this point decades.Otacon tops.

>>640240713Now that's a real twist!BRAVO KOJIMA

Can Japs go on for a day without being absolute degenerates?

>>640239392kojima isn't into women

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>>640234763Peace Walker. Then i realised kojima is great at gameplay you just can't let him write the script

>>640240713>piss everywhere

>>640234763MGS4>Cutscenes>You get control>Walk down a path>Cutscenes


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>>640241474> only the female got extinct by prague

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>pretend you have the mind of Kojima SOLIDUS is SOLID + US because he becomes President of The US (The United States) but he is Selfish (the opposite of 'US' from 'WE', he is really a 'ME' from 'I') and he Divides the World (the opposite of 'UNITED')

Attached: 1686466504319.jpg (1200x764, 62.51K)

>>640240485Well yeah he made one of the best trilogies in gaming history and was beloved here at a certain point. You wouldn't know that though would you, election tourist?

>>640242050isn't the actual origin of the name Solidus that someone actually sat him down to tell him "Gas/Gaseous Snake" sounded really stupid?

>>640242051He didn't "make" shit. All the other people who controlled his autism made it. Without them, he would've made Death Stranding in the first place and MGS wouldn't exist.

>>640233428I have no idea what any of that means but i'm sure it's pure genius.

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>still rambling about metal gear because nobody gives a single fuck about meme strandingShut the fuck up loser you were fired

>>640242174Someone post the Quiet is Gaseous Snake info chart

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>>640242174>tfw no Plasma Snake

Is there any reason why this man triggers Holla Forums so much? Is this just what the next generation is like?

>>640233428>Snake in MGS4 is OLD SNAKE, the word SOLID SNAKE minus IS (being). FOXDIE, created to kill him, mutates into a weapon that kills the world in Snake's womb. The man who saved the world becomes a threat to the world in the end. This is superimposed on the BIG BOSS.what the fuck?

>>640233428Who or what the fuck is caramel? Aside from the confectionary, obviously.

>>640242936Bose-Einstein Snake...

>>640238368>This is why capcom is smarter.Unfortunately, Capcom made Monster Hunter World so they are not as smart as you think.

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>>640242051he was an ideas guy who took all the credit from fukushima who went nuclear irl

>>640243254an autist that believes MGSV chapter 3 is real and its coming out any day now

>>640243387well it WAS real at some point, before konami released the game too early

>>640243462If it wasnt made it wasnt real. Yes it was considered at some point in development but then it was cut, thats all there is to it.The game is complete.

This is standard stuff fans have known since forever from interviews. I don't know what people get so upset about. If you don't like his games what's there to discuss?>>640243349Misinformation. At the end of the day the average Holla Forums user is not that different from a tranny, seeing the nonsense they spout just to feel integrated in a hate club.

>>640233428What the fuck is he talking about. Why are Konami ips full of schizos, including the creators

>>640243349>>640242256If the other people on his team were the real force behind MGS why haven't they made their own games on par with it?

everything he says is dead obvious including snake womb and foxdieit's like you fags never played MGS

>>640233428his tweet is just severe engrish saying that big boss became a villain and solid snake was a victim. you gotta reread it 3-5 times but it's there.

>>640241474Say what you want about him, but you cannot deny this dude is one of the very few genuine futurists in vidya. Not just vidya even, entertainment as a whole. Most of his predictions in MGS2, 4, V, and DS became reality.I look forward to everything he works on because it's guaranteed to be intriguing.

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>>640233428I understand everything except the womb shit, can someone explain that one?

>>640237717Extra deranged because Kojima has been going on about how Otsuka IS Snake since MGS1.

>>640244352it's a basic metaphor trashed by google translate. the world being created by snake was destroyed by foxdie

>>640234545its not in japanese. he posted it like thishow the fuck would "Remove S and I from SOLID and you get OLD" translate from japanese you retard faggot nigger


>>640234763literally when he left konami

>>640239295how's that going to improve his life?

>>640239295Vocal Chord Parasites

>>640242174did they guy get fired or something?>hot coldman>die-hardman

Wait snake is a tranny with womb?

>>640237886Biggest problem is that zero is a 007 fims faggot so i rrally doubt he is the patron of mgs2 ais

>>640239223Now ibget why he killed abe with a clone called solidus kojima

>>640233428>snakes wombnigger stfu, im glad konami kicked this dumb fuck out

>>640236792>>640233428he is malding about konami remaking MGS3 without him, so now he is trying to say snake is a tranny

>>640244352maybe he accidentally typed 胎内 instead of 体内


>>640241474>only the female got extinct by pragueWhat the fuck is wrong with Czechs?

>>640245897Probably the porn

>>640244116Nigga mgs2 shit was all scifi book shit about 1984 even deus ex that was the sum of all y2k conspiracy theories was right the only shit he nailed was covid amazon

>>640236792I refuse to believe anything could have been cut from MGS4 for being too fucking long

>>640240482Funny shit all that bullshit was for cheap drama

Not even George too to Twitter to ramble on and on about Star Wars to explain what the fuck the Whills were supposed to be.

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>there are people in this thread right now trying to slander Gaming's first Auteur.Pathetic, all of

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>>640246197It was probably too pornographic for sony like how the bosses were meant to be naked trying to rape snake

>>640233428dude is drunk as fuck lol