ITT: Bad game design

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>>640231789If Castlevania is bad design then Metroid is the worst design by that same logic

>inverts a castle>zoomers can't adapt and get filteredbased IGA

>>640231789still waiting for you to post an example

is this the kali yuga type of "bad" where it is actually good but under assault by demonic entities


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>>640232150>sideways gemsyou have to play the level sideways or something?

>>640231789Nah, the inverted castle is kino.


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>>640236097Uhhh… TotK is rightfully shat in for being a lazy DLC.

>>640231789OP here, sorry I meant Based instead of Bad but my s and e keys are faulty

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>>640231937Metroid actually has thought put into how you progress. Castlevania just has you go to random points on the map with no real thought for how the areas should connect.


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Warp mazes. No game is improved by having them.

>>640236260The underground is the same as the surface just flipped, and 999/1000 ppl say the underground is the best new edition

>>640236486cope seethe dilate ywnbaw

>>640236394>Metroid actually has thought put into how you progressFalse. Most Metroid games will have you bombing every tile until a path shows up.


>>640231789I'll start

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>>640231789At least the reverse castle has a large amount of new enemies, and the loot finally gets interesting.

>>6402369231. Super Metroid is the only good metroid game ever2. Figuring out where to bomb and what to bomb with is fun in Super metroid because of how progression through the map feels ever expanding, and how satisfying opening shortcuts is, in the other metroid games it just feels more thoughtless and routine, maybe somebody can elaborate on this for me but idk

>>640236970what's wrong? looks like a masterpiece of macro world design to me

>>640236923Incorrect. It's always obvious where you need to bomb. Ironically, the only bullshit wall in Super Metroid is the one in Ridley that isn't even bombable and you're just supposed to walk through it.

>>640236486>soulsbornerino game shits the bed halfway throughdamn no way

>>640237246Yeah it's obvious if you have a guide like you did.

>>640237439You should unironically get your eyes tested, there are obvious tells for most bombable walls and some Metroid games even give you a powerup that lets you see the bombable walls.

literally all of it

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>>640231937no he is right. When I played the inverted castle for the first time I was bored to death... The game is overall pretty bad.

>>640236970this game is so miserable. The most overhyped shit I ever played. It's really hard to say which game I like less. sotn or hollow knight. But I think I dislike hollow knight even more because of the absolutely uninspired braindead shit talentless hack game dev design "souls like".Hollow knight is truly made by dumb people for dumb people

>>640231789Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was far from perfect but I thought Invert was brilliant. Took a flaw from SotN and turned it into a cool ability.

>>640236560People like it because it has an actual atmosphere and feels hostile. Also there aren't korok seeds and shrines everywhere which is refreshing.Obviously the shameless enemy recycling weighs it down, but you can say that about the entire game.

>>640236970This game should have stayed a metroidvania. Literally everything wrong with this game stems from its approach to a souls-like formula

>>640239232Phantasy Star died with 4. Ever since it became an MMO it's been shit.

>>640236970The greatest metroidvania map ever.>>640240773Pure projection.>>640240935Honestly have no idea what you're specifically referring to. Please elaborate.

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>>640236394The only weird thing is how Bat Sovl makes high Jump completely redundant besides the latter being faster.

>Game built entirely around mapping shit>Can't map the final dungeon cause there's so much shit in it you hit the hard icon cap>the shit that has to be mapped is downright vital to get anywhere in therewho thought claret hollows was a good idea

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>>640240935Hollow knight is not a souls-like and anyone who says so is a retard. They utilized like 2 mechanics popularized by darks souls and thats it (corpse runback, and saves respawning enemies). Those mechanics alone do not make a game a souls-like. The combat is literally nothing alike

>>640241712dark souls is when game hard

>>640231789Inverted Castle is unironically great though?>here's another castle which you can explore in whatever order you want because you already have all required exploration abilities

>>640236970Hollow knights map design is literally the best part of the game, what the shit are you talking about. There's always more than 1 way to find a special move, so there a ton of different routes you can take through the game. Most metroidvanias are just "find the next required item to progress"

>>640237128>accuses games carrying on an element from the original of being thoughtless and routine>himself can't finish the thought, being thoughtless and routine many such cases

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>>640231789doing the castle a second time is padding

>>640231789>> only problem with the inverted castle is that it plays this song a whole bunch and the intro is super long so when you go into a new area it starts it all over again.Also the Depths have a lot more thought put into them than the inverted castle. Mountains become pits, there's giant roots everywhere, water on the surface becomes cavern walls, but there's still water down there too, plus the ruins and interesting locations here and there. Sure it could use more variety among the different areas though.

>>640242332I havent played either of these games, but the map on the left looks way more fun to explore. Navigation, memory, and spacial awareness are honest to god skills, and this is just as much of a "get good" issue as anything else.

>>640242925play the games before opening your axe wound of a mouth

>>640236970this game was such shit. ofc it was shilled on Holla Forums

>>640242968Dont have to see when i can clearly see a retard who can't cant navigate for shit

god damn i fucking love sotn

>>640243084navigated just fine around your mother last night, faggot.

>>640242332the left is still better than 90% of game maps


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>>640241350SotN had the same thing.

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>>640236486Holy shit this. I've been playing BB recently and this location is literal AIDS in a level form

>>640242332>maze likeResident Evil maps are the most basic shit ever

>>640240935THIS, i am happy some people finally started to realize that SOULS LIKE, its the cancer that killed the metroidvania and metroid-like, what works on 3D, doesnt work on 2D.

>>640231789Back in the day, it was a cool idea that I hadn't seen before. I didn't give any thought then to how lazy it was to just reuse the same map.

>>640231789But this is peak smt

>>640245574Lmao thought it was eridanus nvmAnyway, that castle is SOUL incarnate

When the castle inverted, all kid gloves were taken off

>>640231789>filtered by the flipped castle>in 2020 (+3) ADThe ultimate zoomer exposer.

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>>640231937You're a fucking retard, quality matters and the inverted castle is shit, Alucard's movement clearly was not crafted around it, you have to constantly transform into mist to navigate it because it's terrible for platforming and no fun.The initial castle itself has a lot of wasted space too.