1 month in. What's the Holla Forumserdict?

1 month in. What's the Holla Forumserdict?

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Ywnbaw tendie

>>640230942never played any Zelda before because fuck nontendiesplaying on yuzu with steam decki am enjoying it

>>640230942broken game

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>>640230942hadnt played a zelda game since phantom hourglassplayed itits actually pretty fun, open world games are fine as long as western devs arent making them

>>640230942Meh. They milked BoTW goodwill, which is fine, but I hope the next game feels like a new game. 6 years for a glorified DLC isn't it for me. It's not bad, just underwhelming.

>>640230942greatest game of all time


>>640230942greatest dlc of all timegreatest expansion pack of all time

Solid 6/10. I don't wanna call it a bad game, but there's just not enough consistency in the game design. Like there's no challenge. Consider this:>weapon durability and limited item storage are good ideas when you consider that they make the player think about their actions and make them step out of their comfort zones. they can't just grab the best weapon and YOLO through the whole game>however, this means nothing if the game just gives you weapons left and right, and it barely limits anything else in your inventory. You have 3 pages of healing items, which means the game just encourages you to constantly shove food in your face and hoard. You don't even have a limit on regular items, so you never have to worry about choosing between what you'll bring with you on an expedition. no cooldowns on healing items either, so it just rewards laziness>combat is nice and flashy and lets you do alot of wacky things, but as >>640231172 shows, even the final boss can be trivialized because the game doesn't exercise any restraint, and it doesn't wanna make bosses who are smart enough to react to you.>this extends to shrines, where you can skip the entire thing by just using a rocket shield combo, or even just jumping in the right place. The devs "intended solution" is actually just a waste of time when you can skip all of it, without any thought or rhyme or reason>sidequests are all the same tier of mindless as koroks, which is either pointless fetch quests or super simple tasks like "put plank of wood on roof">the story is an absolute mess, touted as a masterpiece only because of coomers and waifus. take that out, and it becomes laughably bad even for a zelda game>the sky is completely empty and devoid of content>the depths have too many areas of nothing, and it's mostly just a hub to get DLC and amiibo exclusive content>the dungeons can be best described as 4-5 shrines taped togetherIf you liked BOTW, this is more of the same, but it's honestly not GOTY material.

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>>6402309428/10 masterpieceIt isn’t automatically the best Zelda, and in some ways it’s the worst, but it doesn’t have any gay shit and it puts most AAA shit to shame.

I'm 200 hours in and haven't done a single temple yet.

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>>640231245Fuck you Morrowind was great

>>640231604That's pretty much what happened to me, too. Now I'm at the end of the game and kinda burned out. I don't have much patience for the final gauntlet to the end boss.

>>640231123same. im still having a hard time getting used to durability with champion weapons. like they look cool and seem pretty OP, but i never want to use them unless i fight a boss. i know there are mods to make them unbreakable but i don't want to cheat.

>>640231764would defeat the whole purpose of the fuse systemyeah a sword of the seven + lynel fuse hits 138 damage for 85 durability making it by far the best reliable setup in the game (none of the wet bullshit or about to break or 1 heart bullshit), but 85 durability goes pretty fastmeanwhile if you just pick up gnarled clubs and mighty zonaite swords and slap your high damage fuse / zonaite horns on them you wind up with a steady supply of 60-80 damage weapons that replace themselves

>>640231604I am 300 hours in and just finished the last one 2 days ago. Finished the depths and am fucking around a ton in tarry town building wacky shit

>>640231764I just keep the champion and other special weapons on display in my house as a trophy.

>>6402309428/10 for the peaks, 7/10 as a whole.Pretty good game overall, just not worth 70 dollarinos.

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>>640232563And this is why I hate movie games.

>>640231764Just dupe the ingredients because grinding materials is gay. It's the best compromise: you get combat the way it was intended with breakable weapons, but you can go back and get another one any time you want. Honestly, fuck the designers for asking you to get several diamonds for each weapon every time you want one, it's just time wasting trash.

>>640230942Garbage. I won't buy the next game. This is the path they have chosen and can't blame them since it is selling so much more, but I don't like it so I'm done.

>>640231604>20 hours in>Only finished the wind temple>Keep getting sidetracked with random shit in the overworldOpen world games are both a blessing and a curse for me.Also I did the hebra maze and got Ganondorf's shoes from the underground labyrinth. Where do I get the other pieces of his armor? I'm assuming the other labyrinths around the world?

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>>640232617you consider anything with an unplayable cutscene a movie game acfag

>>640232705I was 120+ hours in before I even set foot in the first story town. You're WAY ahead of the curve, man.

>>640232742Yes, what of it? I'm sorry, I thought I bought a video game, not a visual novel.

>>640232705yeah, each one give a different piece

>>640230942Good gameplay, poor presentation and story

>>640232696Yeah sure, see you in 6 years.

>>640230942It's really good, but has some obvious flaws. I wish more effort was put into the temples and there were more of them. Also, the depths felt pretty empty and should have more content while the sky was similarly barren and might as well not even be there. The game would also benefit heavily from better hardware and sharper graphics, it looks rough for a 2023 game and performance tanks real fast when there's a lot going on screen.The physics engine is the star of the show and should continue to be improved and expanded in future games.

its fun; do only the main story content, explore something here or there, and then drop it. you will have a nice experience. but its quick to overstay its welcome with tons of repetitive tasks that have shit rewards if you do anything other than main quest stuff

>>640230942It's Fujibayashi's magnum opus. 10/10 unironically.

>>640232786because by your "standards" twisted metal 4 is a movie game, so they mean fuck all

>>640231354Based and truthpilled

>>640233216Twisted Metal 4 is a steaming pile of shit, held up only by its extremely laughable and dated CGI cutscenes. so um, not the best example.


Ok sandbox game, bad action bad adventure.

>>640230942I beat it and now I can't move on. I'm sad bros.

>>640230942It's fun, but it's like 80% repetitive filler.

>>640233410Play Etrian Odyssey HD

>>640233410I am at the end of the story with destroying ganon as the next mission, but I’m going to hold off until I get everything else I want done first. I’m weird that way. Once I beat the final boss I lose all interest in going back because it all seems pointless

Fun if you enjoy building shitnot as fun if you have pea brain

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When BotW released, I was sucked in and played for about 50 hours before becoming burned out on it and needing a break. I stopped playing for a few weeks and then eventually came back to finish the game. With TotK, it's been more like 20 or 30 hours and that same feeling is already setting in. I like the new mechanics, there are cool ideas, but it's really just BotW again. I've already lost a lot of will to play it and I'm only on my second dungeon.

>>640233351I didn't say it was a good gamebut it only has 2 cutscenes throughout a single playthrough, so again your judgement means fuck all

I would totally put it above the first one , 85 hours to complete all temples and the overall story , I am missing the korok seeds and most side-quests but pretty entertaining. The mechanics where pretty much "You are free to do whatever your heart desires with this set of objects and powers" this was more creativity inducing than the previous game.overall 9/10 (boss fights shouldn't be able to be cheesed)

>>640233854That’s all because your brain has been damaged from the AIDS you got from all those homosexual relations you’ve been enjoying

>>640233878They still used the cutscenes to hide the game's problems, because sony and their subsidiaries were under the impression that the latest epic new graphics could hide gameplay problems. Square was particularly fond of this with their dumpster fires like Final Fantasy VII. That game could've had 0.5 seconds of cutscenes, and it still would've been terrible.It's all about the mindset behind it. If your game somehow magically crumbles apart without your gimmicks propping it up, then it was never a good game in the first place.

>>640230942A waste of time and effort for everyone involved and its celebration marks yet another nail in the coffin for this creatively bankrupt industry.

>>640234058>seething snoy is so made he just kissed and shit himself Lol go clean yourself up, snoy

>>640230942It's pretty much a straight upgrade over BotW, the only thing that's worse is how you activate the champion/sage abilities (having to chase around an NPC partner to activate the ability is annoying). Although the sage abilities themselves are arguably more useful than the champion abilities. Plus the attempt at having a more linear story does fall flat when you allow the player to complete most main quests in any order since Link just ends up keeping incredibly important information to himself until someone else mentions it.Otherwise the caves are a nice addition to the overworld (some of the bubbulfrogs or armor chests do require a bit of searching) and sky islands are usually decent too (at least the ones that aren't just boss platforms). The Depths is really fun to explore at first, although the charm does wear off by the time you complete the Master Kohga sidequest and you're better off just hoverbiking straight to all the chests and lightroots since it's nothing but enemies/bosses you've already beaten.The fuse mechanic works well with the weapon durability system and the general scavenging nature of the game. BotW you'd often find yourself with too many shields (because only one weapon type could be used with them) and too many bows (because arrows were relatively scarce). TotK avoids that issue by letting you fuse useful things to your shield and being a lot more generous with arrows.The game also gives you a lot more vertical movement options. In BotW, you could only climb and glide. In TotK, you also have Ascend, Recall, diving and the ability to build Zonai vehicles.Ultrahand can be fun to play around with and allowed them to introduce new zonai devices later in the game to keep things a bit fresher throughout despite giving you all your abilities at the start.

Anything else I'm missing?

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>>640233783Yeah just finished today, had a few quests I wanted to finish but now probably won't touch it until the DLC comes out

>>640234330>B-BUT SONY!!embarrassing. Go shit your diapers somewhere else.

>>640233943No, it's because the game tries too hard to be good for kids. The shrines are all braindead and NPCs all talk to Link like he's an 8 year old spastic. There's never any interesting rewards for exploration so even when you see something intriguing on the horizon, you know all you're getting is another light of blessing or a weapon that will ultimately shatter. Combat is a joke and you spend half the game menu diving.

I thought this game sucked


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>>640233783>Once I beat the final boss I lose all interest in going back because it all seems pointlessYeah that's why I'm sad. I want to keep playing but it doesn't feel like there's any reason to.

>>640234625>>640233831Strange, why aren't you being attacked in either of these webms? You'd think the final boss would actually try to hurt you, and that the skies would have some more enemies.

>>640234625w-what are you doing to her?

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>>640230942Greatest game ever. What’s your favorite builds, guys? Oh wait..

dungeons are are just extended shrines and nothing you do throughout the game matters because the final encounter is really easy

>>640234941Nah, it’s actually harder than Radagon/Elden mr. Beast

>>640235063>it's harder

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>>640235063As someone who has done both, lmao noGanondorf is a fucking joke even without the master sword's infinite durability in the final battle


>>640235132can the malice balls even hit you? I've tried to fly into them but it looks like they're all purposefully shot on trajectories that avoid link by such a margin you can't even fly to them in time

>>640235063Anon, even hardcore tendies and avid anti-Soulsfags know this is the biggest fucking lie ITT.

>>640235132is it even possible to lose this part?I think I might have taken 1 heart of damage total when I finally did it.I realized this mid fight and it immediately felt like I was doing a chore instead of gaming.

>>640230942It's alright. It has the same issue BotW had for me, dungeons are the best thing in the game but also only a miniscule part of the content. Using the champions' abilities is very clunky for no reason. I'm not really into the whole crafting thing, at most I used auto-build for platforms and balloons. Ganondorf is an incredibly disappointing final boss, he has a first phase that's easier and simpler than a Lynel and a second phase that is a worse Colgera.For the positives, I like all the new abilities. It's crazy how limited what you had in BotW feels after playing the sequel. Durability is a non issue now and every fight is a net positive instead of being a waste of resources sometimes. All the new enemies are cool and fun to fight except for the trees, that shit is retarded. The dungeon bosses are way better and you get to fight them multiple times if you want.Took me 100 hours to beat it and it felt like 20, it's a "low density" game but in a good way. It's definitely something I will play again in the future or immediately after it gets a hard mode.


>>6402309428/10 for the new content, 5/10 overall because of all the asset recycling.Everyone should agree that BotW is a dead game and new players should skip it to TotK, for the best possible experience. It's not like the plot is worth a shit anyhow.

>>640230942Remember when Zelda was about exploring and finding actual shit that was meaningful? A bunch of dungeons that rewarded you for getting through with an item or weapon that you kept throughout the whole game? I'm not asking for everything to be the same as I don't mind things being mixed up. BotW and TotK took the Ubisoft approach of making exploration a tedious slog. They bukkake'd the shrines everywhere even more than the first instead of just giving us 15 solid unique dungeons. The dungeons we do have are all the same. You need to throw the sage at 4 different things to open the boss door so a ghost follows you. Why should I bother climbing that mountain or venturing into Satan's Asshole if I know all I'm going to find is orbs and tree shit? I'll just cook some hearty items if I need more health. Finding weapons in a chest is laughable because they're always shit compared to what you have. They took six years to take BotW and add robot building to it. It's less a Zelda game now and more Legos. I just want to find some hidden dungeon somewhere, get through it, and be rewarded with a tool or weapon that won't break after using it twice. Hell they could have added an invisibility cloak somewhere that drained zonai battery or somethin, I don't know. Also the Master Sword might as well be called the bitch sword because it's laughably useless. If you like the game then I'm glad but it just doesn't feel like Zelda to me since exploring doesn't feel rewarding.

>>640236238I agree and it's hard to imagine how to salvage the franchise at this point since this bullshit is so popular.Worst case they recycle BotW Hyrule again in the next game. I mean why not? They got away with it in TotK. I'd like to believe people would get sick of it by then, but they should have gotten sick of it in TotK already.

>>6402309427/10. It's good and improves on the original but runs into the same problems, especially in the late game. It also feels like an expansion content wise, and if you played BotW recently it'll just annoy you.

>>640236429People saying it's a masterpiece baffle me honestly. It's fun, but for six years I expected a lot more. Building things and manipulating a lot of the world is cool, but you don't really get anything meaningful out of it. It's like if you took a dinky game full of room puzzles and prettied it up and added a few dungeons. The average person loves it I guess which if you just want some pick up and play fun then it makes sense. Outside of them remaking Link to the Past like they did Link's Awakening I feel like we won't see a new Zelda game with a lot of meaningful shit to find and explore for a long time.

The building mechanic is genius, tons of free tik tok marketing. It's not a good game, but it is a smart one.

>>640230942crtl c, ctrl v ubislop

>>640236238yeah you really need a new tool for each dungeon but your frontloaded your tools at the beginning of the game and you get like 3 of them.Here you get your magic sage guy whose only real purpose is to activate the 4-5 thingies and then you never really need to use them again (except for tulin I suppose)On that subject, they really dropped the ball actually making use of the powers. Why do I have to play tag with these dumbass ghosts to summon a lightning bolt or some shit?

>>640236965On paper the ghosts can be useful (e.g. Tulin for horizontal distance) but in practice the controls are so shit they're more often a hindrance.

>>640237132i'm not sure how they would implement it but the powers probably should have been their own menu like bows/melee weapons that you can summon without having to chase the fuckers down

>>640237307They should have moved the horse whistle to the radial menu since you don't use it that much, and put the ghosts as down on the d-pad (tap to activate power, hold to enable/disable).Zelda team just can't into controls. A hellscape of menus, and no option for full remapping.

Here's what I'd have liked them to do. >ditch the sky except for Mineru's and the Rito's dungeons>ditch the depths because fuck you wasting resources on such a fucking waste of time goddamn>have like 20 dungeons fall from the sky and land throughout Hyrule>each one gives new tools/weapons that don't break but do low damage>they get stronger as you progress through dungeons along with the enemies>makes Korok seeds more valuable because you want room for these weapons that never break but take time to get full power>incentivize swapping around weapons by boosting your damage for comboing them creatively, think DMC-lite>your teleport points are the dungeon entrances which force you to traverse the land a bit more>armor quick swap shortcutsAlso give me the fucking Hookshot. No, I do not give a single fuck if you think it'll break climbing. Hint: It fucking won't. You need a grapple point to latch on to like every other game. Like a tree. If you can't reach the tree you gotta climb. Let it drain your stamina and you can't use it on a tree or something if your stamina isn't high enough. There, now the game would feel like Zelda. I'd want to explore and I'd even want to continue finding the Koroks instead of after getting even the minimal amount of upgrades since weapons and shields drop like candy.

>>640237451Horse is fucking pointless because you can't whistle for it from anywhere. In a game where you can build flying machines why the hell would I use a horse that I can't move five feet away from or it won't know where the fuck I am? It was retarded when they did this in RDR2 as well. Just give a passing line that your horse loves you so much it follows a set distance behind you all the time.

I'm a real s sequel.

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>>640237576Horse also stops being useful when you've explored enough and have more stamina. It's a lot faster to just glide.

>>640232436This is closest to how I feel. It's good, but I definitely preferred the previous one.


>>640230942Pretty good controls, fun to explore and build shit the first time. There's a lot of shit to do, mostly inconsequential completionist bs but some good and memorable encounters and quests keep it engaging before you feel the tedium.But replaying it is a fucking CHORE. Contrary to BotW, nobody is going to want to casually start this game over after beating it once. There's just too long of a laundry list of shit to do before it feels like you've got a comfortable amount of freedom, like increasing battery limit and doing all the lightroots.

>>640234625that's my wife btw

>Sky islands are too small and samey>The depts are just one big procedurally generated biome>There's nothing to do in Hyrule aside from a bunch of copy and pasted caves and side quests that feel like choresIt's shit.

>>640237463Forgot to say this would be while ditching the shrines. Use the resources from them for the dungeons.

>>640230942I like it quite a lot. Still having fun with it. But people on here love to hate on everything so the takeaway of this thread will be that it is a game for trannies, it's the worst thing ever created by humanity and people should kill themselves. And "goyslop" or something.

>>640231172this fag collected 316 rubies

Only morons and normie fags played this trash.

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$70 DLC

>>640230942Fun game but it has a ton of flaws. Needs more music, npcs, towns, big dungeons, better puzzles.Story, writing and lore has inconsistencies.It's a 10/10 game for the first 5-10 hours then has a sharp decline to a 7.

Name a better game than TotKYou can't

>>640230942BotW was really good, but I remember being excited about the next one hopefully bring back dungeons and permanent items like the hookshot. They didn't exactly do that, but it has the more traditional zelda vibe I missed from botw. And building is something I never asked for but I love it.Links Awakening, OOT and TotK are my new zelda trinity. Its hard to say TotK is #1 overall because top-down, SD 3D and modern era are all pretty distinct and I have a ton of nostalgia for the older stuff, but its cool that great games like this are still being made.

>>640237463I'm guessing the third game will be all about building ships and sailing to islands

>>640230942it's the same fucking game

>>640232786Go back to tetris then

>>640230942I have 180 hours in this game. Send Help.

>>640235304>>640235443Technically.If you're hit by the gloom fireball you permanently lose a heart container, but yeah you'd have to active try to get hit


Game of the gen. In 30 years people will still be seething like with OoT. You will be 80 years old on 14chan and threads about this game will still be made

>>640230942will be the first 3D Zelda I pass.I loved BotW, genuinely think it’s one of the greatest games of the last 10 years. And I even agree with most criticisms people bring up against it: the enemy variety is not high enough for a game of this scale the Shrines are mostly quite dull due to simple puzzles and repeated aesthetic which makes exploration quite predictable, Divine Beasts are the worst set of dungeons in the series, climbing mountains to get a Korok seed feels insulting, raiding monster camps can feel pointless.Regardless of all that, BotW is one of my favourite games of the last decade. From Wind Waker-onwards, I had felt that the Zelda series was headed in a negative direction of linear progression, easy combat, and intrusive Companions; this culminated in Skyward Sword which is my least favourite 3D Zelda, and after that I was no longer interested in the series. I got BotW as a gift, played it without expecting much, instead loved the opening hours, it felt like this game addressed every criticism I had of SS (I later realised it came with quite a few problems, but the positives FAR outweighed the negatives).This game is just full of great moments: I love the Great Plateau which does make good use of the durability mechanic and allows you to just figure shit out on your own instead of holding your hand; Getting stranded on Eventide Island is the most tense the game gets and you feel awesome for completing it; similarly, climbing Mount Lanayru unprepared was one of my favourite gaming experiences as I was genuinely dreading the prospect of running out of “warming foods”; I loved every time I met Kass and solving the riddles of the area despite knowing what the reward would be; etc…Basically, I thought BotW was great, and if its problems were addressed and classic Zelda elements were introduced (item progression, enemy variety, proper dungeons), you’d have a 11/10 Zelda. TotK instead doubled-down on all of BotW’s problems. 1/2

>>640241230I admit I haven’t played it long; I basically just played a few hours at my brother’s place. In that time I helped a guy working for the Hudson company hold a sign (apparently a recurring puzzle), helped a couple of Koroks each their friends and launched another with a Zonai rocket, explored a cave and found one of those Blupee Toads (that was very cool), fought some monster and cleared out one of those big camps. It’s just not a game I can see myself playing 120 hours of; building has 0 appeal to me, and finding most of the materials you need to solve a puzzle next to the puzzle itself just feels very artificial; the combat hasn’t improved ONE bit and Flurry Rush just breaks the game instead of rewarding you for a well-timed dodge like Bayonetta; the fact that Shrines & Koroks are repeated just feels lazy. Overall, this just doesn’t feel like 6 years of development.And the 6 years are what kills me. BotW was developed from the ground up in like 5 years, TotK feels like it reuses 90% of BotW’s assets and I’m just wondering where the fuck that time went. 2/2

>>640230942in future playthroughs I might just skip everything and go straight to the end. the actual final stretch with enemy gauntlet and boss rush if you skip the temples is pretty fun and being low on hearts for Ganondorf could actually make the fight challenging

>>640241317>TotK feels like it reuses 90% of BotW’s assets and I’m just wondering where the fuck that time wentLikely a mix of covid + an autistic obsession with bugtesting the building mechanic.

>>640240441does it subtract a heart from your current value or just off the end of your max?that would be an easy way for them to ensure you can't possibly die even if you ended ganon phase 2 with only 1/18 hearts and no heal or something like that, since you'd still have to get hit 18 times

>>640230942Absolutely fucking amazing. Stands with WW, OoT and MM as the best Zelda games ever

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shrines are even lamer now if you can believe that

>>640230942Too linear to be better than BotW.Also, I have spent the last 30 hours looking for the rest of the seeds and I am now stuck on 992 and this is annoying. I even found all the signs on the trek (and likely all the bosses at this point) so now I literally have nothing else to do stopping me from the depths.My only guess is I am missing something in the thunder/dragonhead isles but I can't imagine them having more than a couple more than the 2 I found already. Especially considering all of the others in the sky outside the tutorial area only have at maximum 4. Which leaves at least 6 of them almost certainly missing elsewhere.

Fire Temple was so shit it made me hate the game for a moment

>>640236429>it's hard to imagine how to salvage the franchise at this pointEasy. Make a new 2d game.

>>640234709I don't know, why are you implying things that don't happen in one instance aren't ever true.And that Zeldora is a fucking boss you mental invalid?

>>640237576The horse would be fine if they just left in the ancient saddle.

>>6402309428/10, missed a chance to fill the depths with all the shit they didn't want back from BoTW, namely Guardians and some Sheikah ruins. Could've had the Yiga steal some and then give them gloom hands instead of tentacles for an extra fuck you factor. The water temple was shit and its boss is cancer. Riju tummy. Solid game overall.

>>640243585Or had you create a new one in some way like you do travel points. Or at least I assume you do since I found inactive ones.

>>640230942Botw 1.1Botw is a 7/10. Totk loses 1 point for being the same game, another for killing the Zelda series, and another for ripping off OoTs story. 4/10

>>640243350It's the only dungeon that's any good, just ruined by the "be creative and skip the level" philosophy that makes no sense

>>640241317>TotK feels like it reuses 90% of BotW’s assets and I’m just wondering where the fuck that time went.Playtesting. Nintendo are as anal as Valve about that, and they probably don't have a quick way to test open world shit since they're still new to it.And the wuhan flu lockdowns >>640242009 definitely got in the way of that, since playtesting feedback relies on communication immediacy to be time-efficient.

>>640243745Never said it wasn't.I will 100% everything and I will have everything possible in the Sky and overworld complete before I enter the depths. I am nearing 300 hours currently.

>>640231604How do you check how long you’ve been playing

>>640243851>before I enter the depthswew. I loved the depths, but I went down every time I was feeling fed up with the overworld. Can't imagine just not dropping down from time to time until the very end. Godspeed.

>>640243214I found a korok in a cave once

Zelda died post-Ocarina, It's just cash grabbing since then to me, all entirely the same old shit rehashed endlessly.

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>>6402439853d zelda maybe. The best ones are 2d anyways.

>>640230942i put in 130~ hours before I passed it to my sister since she just got out of school. loved it. dungeons sucking are my biggest complaint but i loved the sections before the dungeons. looking forward to beating the rest when she is back in school

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mario stamina wheel is so gay

>>640233881>boss fights shouldn't be able to be cheesedShit good boy playing by the rules opinion

>>640243832>>640243350both reasonable statementsfire temple showed how this COULD be a good zelda game and why it CANT>here's a reasonably well designed fun to explore dungeon with lots of puzzles and an interesting mechanic>now go climb walls and build a flying machine and skip all of it

If this were a standaone 100% new game it would easily be a 9/10.But the fact that it took 6 years and reuses 70% of the assets and mechanics from BOTW makes it a cheap cashgrab and drops it to s 6/10.>instead of dungeons cool artifacts and equipment progression, we get the shrines, korrok seeds and weapon bits to fuse>the sky islands are a total afterthought, making up 5% of the map and each if them is just a "move green crystal" puzzle>the depths, while big, are full of reskinned enemies and bosses, they just exist for farming 999 Zonanite to get a single battery>most shrines spoils their puzzles with both the name and the laid out zonai parts and they're all extremely simple, to the point that you can make a webm of them w/o needing to do it x2 speed>story, while never the point of Zelda games, is worse than BotW and Ganondorf is "somehow Palpatine has returned" tier>menus completely break up the flow of gameplay, especially for arrows>just like before, the combat can be called mellow at best, flurry is still broken>infinite healing in a pause menu, again>not a single new weapon move set>the ultrahand and crafting thing is neat but without proper challenges it's boring, creativity for the sake of creativity isn't as fun as creativity for the sake of overcoming obstacles>the Switch continues to be fucking terrible and runs it at 720p30fps with constrant drops to 20 when you open up the ultrahand

>>640235063>harder than Radagon/Elden mr. BeastThat's a low bar to clear

>>640243845Yet somehow, FROMsoft managed to make Elden Ring in the same rough 2017-2023 timeframe and their game has 20x more enemies/bosses/dungeons/weapons/spells than TOTK and reused like 10 out of 100 enemies, mostly animals like dogs/crabs/slimes.Hell, Limgrave alone has more unique content that TOTK and that's ER's equivalent to the Great Plateau or starting Sky Island.


>>640245057do you retards know starfield is being released this year

>>640243985>same old shit rehashed endlesslyThat was my opinion of every Zelda game before BotW, including all the 2D entries.I honestly wouldn't have given a single flying fuck about BotW if it was just WW: paraglider edition, since sailing from themepark objective to objective got stale really damn fast and TP was the most boring shit to ever come from Nintendo next to all the Mario rehashes. I didn't even touch any of the portable games or SS because it was that disgustingly rehashed, and I'll never waste my time playing them even now that the series has been "redeemed".Really, thank fuck they finally did something different.Even with TotK being BotW again with some tweaks, it's fine, but barely, since there's still enough freshness there to be entertaining and enjoyable. Frankly, if the next game is yet another BotW, I'll drop the series again, because the novelty of it all is wrung fucking dry at this point.Brand loyalty is retarded and one or two good new entries absolutely doesn't redeem the old shit or guarantee the next ones will be any better. Nintendo revived a dead franchise with these, but it'd be fucking stupid to hold your breath for the next Zelda. There's nowhere they can go from here that isn't yet another entirely new direction, and knowing them, they won't do that until it's driven into the ground and dead again.

Paya is still best girl.

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>>640245403Is it? Didn't they delay it another year?Not that it matters since the head xbox guy has no faith that any games they're making can compete with Sony or Nintendo.How can you still have any hype for what's practically guaranteed to be worse than totk and Elder Ring, publicly confirmed by inside sources?

>>640246345lol cope most switch owners are women; and the main demographic is children just like any bethesda game it's going to played for 8+ years with tons of mods

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