>sure I play retro games>wii sports>modern warfare 2 >skyrim>yeah bro those games were my childhood

>sure I play retro games>wii sports>modern warfare 2 >skyrim>yeah bro those games were my childhood.

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>>640229710>skyrim played by 8 and 9 year olds in 2011 are now old enough to drinkBy that logic, GTA 5 is reaching 10 years old. I remember skipping classy senior year of high school to play it. I'm now married and have a full time job.

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>>640229710Time for bed, Grandpa.

>>640229953Get old or die.

>>640229870I played Skyrim when I was 12 and thought it was the coolest shit ever walking around the map and using fire magic

>no I don't play retro games because they're mid and clunky af

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>>640229710>favorite game of all time?>totally GTA 5 no cap. The online is bussin and easily the best game of all time fr fr. >San andreas?>that shit be cap ngl>CJ is nowhere near as good a character ad Franklin

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>>640229953Get the fuck off my board you summer faggot. You have to be 18 to post here. If it were up to me, it would be 25 at the minimum.

>>640229870playing gta online with my two brothers is literally my childhood. >t. born in 2005

>>640230240I would still be able to use "your" board, retard. God I'm glad I'm not blinded by nostalgia like the rest of you faggots

>>640230240who cares?

>>640230240seethe bitch nigga SEETHE

>>640230240You don't even know what summer is lmao

>>640230148zoomers still love SA though

>>640229710>LE ZOOMERS AMIRITE GUYS?You old farts better lower your tone. Zoomers are totally replacing you on this board and we won't be very nice to you if you keep this up

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>>640231249>Zoomers are totally replacing you on this boardImplying the average zoomer is brave enough to open 4chins

>>640230694I am a zoomer and you know what? fuck gta. overrated piece of shit the only good one is fucking chinatown wars.

>Make up something>Get so furious at it you start seething every single day>The people he's shitting himself in anger over will never even know he ever existed and continue referring to PS2 as retro>>640231481They don't need to, they have Youtubers and Instagram to look at greentexts stories. In my opinion they have it better since they don't have to deal with retards

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>>640230350this nigga playin' Saints Row reboot and saying it's good

>>640231569>They don't need to, they have Youtubers and Instagram to look at greentexts storiesThen they're not posting here, just looking at out brilliance from afar - as it should be

>>640229870why did you fall for the marriage meme?

>>640232741>he fell for the "we'll get robot wives anyway" meme

Yep, i'm a zoomer. Just recently beat the MSX Metal Gears, good games

i fucking hate zoomerniggers so much but it makes me feel good that they'll probably experience the same thing when alphakiddies eventually grows up and start infesting this site with even more retardationill probably be too old to even give a shit by then, hell I might not even be wasting my time lurking here anymoreglhf zoomerfaggots

>>640229870>full time jobYeah, we've all had one since 2006 unless you're some newfag failure to launch. Covid and the WFH renaissance has been the biggest blessing of my life. Work an hour or two a day, play vidya, relationship with my wife is the best it's been in years.

>>640232954Good shit. You have a Saturn emulator? Bulk Slash is the perfect half hour game next to NES punch out and NEO Turf Masters.

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>>640231249>we won't be very nice to you if you keep this upYou guys are soulless anyways, your idea of "nice" is comparable to a Chinese guy being nice. I'm better off without it.

>>640230137I played Majora's Mask when I was 12 and I thought it was the coolest thing ever Goron rolling around Termina field launching myself off of ramps, talking to ppl in town. Time is harsh.

>>640233204ThisI take full reprieve knowing that all those little alphags who are being brainwashed and bombarded by jewish tranny-grooming and identity-politics will start lurking this site before 2030.It won't be long before alphag anons start unironically arguing about letting newborn babies transition KEK have fun zoomers

>>640233403Thanks, i will try it.

>>640233701Gay people exist. Don't shoot up a school about it.

>>640233204The average millennial was literal newfag cancer during 4chan's high watermark years never forget that

>>640229710Some nerdy zoomers do emulate old games. I dont know what hOoen with even younger one, though. My cousins (9 and 7) are all into Nintendo. The girl plays pokemon, animal crossing and zelda, and the boy plays fortnite and minecraft. Both play mario games

>>640231569>Youtubers and Instagram>they don't have to deal with retardsWEW

>>640234035Uh oh we already have one such example over here. Look, I could give less of a shit about faggots, or what other ADULTS do with their lives/bodies. My point is about trannies grooming kids into making life-altering decisions before they reach 18, who are highly impressionable and do not have the maturity to make such decisions for themselves. The whole trans-kids movement is CIA/Mossad's modern day version of MKUltra aka absolute dogshit. Also it doesn't take a genius to realize how cancerous idpolitics is, just look at how much more of a fucking cesspit Twitter is than 4chan today.Don't change the subject you slimy fucking kike.

>>640229870>I'm now married and have a full time job.Haha... yeah.... ha me too.....

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>>640234046meh most of those watermark memes that came from this site back in pre-2010s were made by millennials or young gen-Xers tho, i dont have a problem with that

>>640231249You replaced us back in 2014-2016 now this sites userbase is being supplanted by Spics and Pajeets.

>>640233204i thought zoomers and alphas were made out of the same fried internet brainshow could these gremlins be more retarded than us zooms already are

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>>640229870New rule: You must be born before 1994 to post here.

>>640233204Old newfags shitting on new newfags is a tradition since time immemorial. True oldfags are a dying race, I doubt there’s very many if any posting on Holla Forums.

>>640235813Old YouTube was way less cancer than being raised on content farm YouTube and TikTok. Also zoomers still browsed some forums, hell even Reddit instills a modicum more tech literacy than shit like Twitter and Discord.


>>640229870i just cant fucking process how babies born in 2013 are fucking 10 years old now, it just blows my mind

>>640234408Just taking that Faux-news dick real deep huh.

>>640234035Lol, Faggot

>>640230240Grandpa is malding :D

you can tell by how they type that most of the people acting smug about their age are probably not even 18

>>640230148SA is zoomercore you dumb late zoomer

>>640239961Zillenialcore more like it.

>>640230240>it would be 25 at the minimum.the rule is already impossible to enforce

>>640230240imagine being over 25 and posting frogs and wojak edits lmao

>>640229870>I remember skipping classy senior year of high school to play it.I graduated a few months before it came out.

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>>640231569exactly. they dont actually have to interact with people, they just get to read greentext shit without engaging

>>640229710zoomer and my fav game is valkyrie profile, the original english ps1 disc. that and legend of dragoon. i like clunky rpgs

if you're 25+ just leave this site forever

>>640240856I wish it were that easy. Believe me, I've been trying for longer than you've been alive.

>>640240907i'm 29 lol

>>640241018And how's leaving forever been working out for you?

>>640241053it's getting easier every single year to take long breaks

>>640229710>be zoomer>mom introduced me to vidya>Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge, Battle realms,CS 1.6, GTA SA, GTA VC, and Warcraft 3 as my first few games in my life.

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>>640231481I'd argue zoomers would have the least difficulties adapting to this site. They've used the internet their entire lives, they've been desensitized to everything online since they were like 7

>>640242530I have seen third world zoomers on facebook roleplaying as Nazi.The funny thing is that one of them managed out a white faggot teacher as a pedo for trying to introduce cancel culture to the country.

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Why do people pretend that normies don't exist in every generation?


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>>640234035You're not gay, you're a faggot. Kill yourself.

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>>640229710>>640230141>>640230148>>640243525Who gives these haircuts, What do you ask the barber or stylist for this haircut, Who decides this is the best haircut for them, how many of these bellends actually have curly hair, do they use product to keep it extra curly, where can I go for more information on this epidemic of zoomed fashion

>>640244578*Zoomer fashion

>>640244578There are literally now barber shops that specialise in this shit. Like, opened solely to do this to peoples hair.

>>640244578>Who decides this is the best haircut for themZoomer females, I think>where can I go for more information on this epidemic of zoomed fashionSearch for "Meet me at McDonald's"

Why are zoomers like this?

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Pearl jam and nirvana are dad rock now.

>>640244886Brainrot from chemicals. Brainrot from porn. Brainrot from internet overexposure. Brainrot from oversocialising. Just straight up brainrot fr no cap.

>>640229710Zoomer here honestly it is fun to laugh at gramps but you guys give kino game advice, Deus Ex was great thank you I will make sure you all are sent to the nursing home where the staff dont beat you up

>>640231249That’s one of the most fucked upThings I have ever seen

>>640244886not exclusive to zoomers you dumb mutt

>>640245319i just hope for robot staff to take care of us when we get oldmeanwhile all the zoomers will fuck said robots and we will seethe

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*Wrong thread. I have too many tabs openBaleting post

>>640231249What Is this from?

>>640237689I hope they are happy living it up in some south asian country with their new wife who is half the age of their old wife, have fun old fucks!

>>640229870You don't have to brag about it

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