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this game could really use a mesugaki character

>>640229512Diona when you mention alcohol.

>>640228959>e...eey pals do you want to see something amazing inside my teapot?

>>640229639thats not a mesugaki, thats a tsundere brat

>>640229679based bridehida bringing me my next breeding slave

Just reached 240k damage. :3

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>level 17 battle passIs this it?

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>>640228959How come loli NPCs don't have the same proportions as playable lolis?


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>>640230842it's a mystery

Tower of fantasy is cunnykino

>>640230021>c2r1s on a game where c0r0 is more than enough>cries he didn't get yoimiya

>>640233929I wanted Yoimiya for her genki-ness and she's Inazuman. It has nothing to do with damage....

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>>640233929Also, it's C2. I haven't got EL..............

AHHHHHHH NAHIDAAAAAAA*holds her down in a mating press* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* *PLAP* GET PREGNANT GET PREGNANT GET PREGNANT GET PREGNANT GET PREGNANT UUOOOOOOOHHHHHH *slams inside her tight pussy, balls deep* *releases several liters of cum into her womb*

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>>640229512>>640229639DAMN BRAT

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>>640235657Did...Did I make this post?

>>640236396why is she link this?

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>>640235657This but Klee

>>640235657This but paimon

>>640236567brat got news that she's pregnant with a litter of cats

Gayshit Cuckpact

>>640238452holy shit how will everyone in this thread ever recover

>>640235657Profound retardation.

>>640238148by me

>>640238807Prime hebes

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>>640239063sorry, I haven't recovered yet, try with something younger

>>640239613Go with real mature women.

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What's the meaning of this?

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>>640239765>eggletno thanks

>>640239765Fuck off

alright who's got the paid mods? kemono party doesnt have the keys synched to the latest yet

>>640240213she's immortal. she probably found a way to get her healthy eggs back so if you breed with her you don't get retarded kids

>>640239063Made for Bennett cock

I got a Wolf's Gravestone. Between this and all my 4-star claymores, I'm kinda set. What do I do with my fully leveled Skyward Pride?

You faggots can think on only one thing and it's fucking disgusting

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>>640240827Dehya buffs?

>>640240364i dont trust her so when in doubt...

>>640236167Hu Tao is so cool

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>>640241028>Jade SpearWhere's your Dragon's Bane?

>>640241028where can I get those flying blobs

Where the fuck are the titty mods? And I don't just mean masterclass stuff like the paimon, all I want are the characters with big titties. The usual sites have dumb shit like "4% thicker" wtf is that I want real breasts not fucking 4% of a woman. Pic related was basically all I could find.

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>>640241229There's been a handful of events where you can take your pick from one of three colored Seelies. There's been two so far and a third will probably happen sooner or later.

>>640240827>little girlsonly Holla Forums approved women, sorry

>>640241224Not mine, webms hard>>640241229Events user.

>>640235657>forced twitter memego back

>>640228959Made for Wanderer hugs and kisses

>>640241306>>640241349fuck, I want a blobby boi right now

>>640241253>"4% thicker" modsI don't even know what these mean since most of the mods with this name turn the bitch into 80% tits and assI guess just brought Kemono for any random Patreon mods that actually give the girls decent proportions

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>"So we fucking inside the Teapot or what?"

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>>640228959You know, after all those years I start to think that you guys aren't pretending to be pedos for the laughs...

>>640228959Let's play spot the main character

>>640242672What do you mean by that, user?

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>>640242236>80% titsI fucking wish that was a thing. I think you mean 8% because there are NO tits fucking anywhere

>>640241253bro gamebanana is literally 90% "thicc" aka obese american tier it's disgusting and the girls are perfectly proportioned already they only need a bit more skimpy clothes.

>>640242715that looks like a potato. I doubt even actual pedos have standards this low

>>640242715>get filtered response>namefag>posts pedobaitSo original. What else? Are you also a disappointment to everyone you know irl?

>>640242715look at how flat and small she is, damn thats hot

>>640243359Oh hi.

>>640242976You're probably looking for the ones that just straight up say "thicc (character) mod" thenYou'll have to make a Gamebanana acc with r18 enabled if you haven't alreadyBut do note that most of these thicc mods take it a lot further than you're planning for...

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>>640242672>suddenly out of 10

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>>640243480gamebanana is slightly less pozzed than nexus and LL but only by a little. Can't have cunny mods and they might delete lewd mods that are of ""teen"" characters.

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>>640243028>>640243480"thicc" is just obese like that other guy says, that's not tits.

>>640243304>that looks like a [cope]and?

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>>640241028she is the quintessential Chinese character, she's got the butterfly motif and all. like how Raiden is the quintessential trad Japanese woman

>>640243759I WANT A


>>640242715very cutevery sexy

>>640242672it's an organized online campaign by the CCP to promote their pro-pedophilia Chinese casino video game in the west

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>>640244179>suddenly out of 10 troon soijak wojak reddit chud pepefrog troonime

>>640244261ignore the Holla Forums reject

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>>640244179Cope and seethe you already lost to the cunny just by how mad you are

>>640243954what does butterflies have to do with Chaynah

>>640240095based loreletfischl's real name is amy, that message is one of her parents telling her to come home for dinner and she scribbled over it because it's embarassing

>>640244459they're culturally and aesthetically important in china like how foxes are in japan

>>640244360worship nahida feet

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>>640244179basedhail emperor xihail the glorious middle kingdom

Guys what do I do with my Skyward Pride?

>>640244470I thought that was the case but the scribbles made it look like it could be something else. Amy-chan needs more bullying, she's cute when embarrassed

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>>640244648collect dust in your invetory

>>640244648Give it to your Euler

>>640244709I gave my Euler Wolf's Gravestone.>>640244682It's a level 90 5-star weapon, there's gotta be SOMETHING I can do with it.

Klee skin when!

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>>640244589no, I will impregnate her though>>640244751gonna make this cutie join my cunny harem too

>>640244742Sayu? I guess if you're extremely desperate for a use, you could give it to Beidou and give up some damage on her to have burst slightly more reliably even though any team she's on needs to have double electro anyway

>>640244742no good claymore charactersdont waste purple books to level bad claymore characters just so you can use a bad weapon

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>>640239765she's a robot with no reproductive organs

>>640244824As far as Beidou goes, I don't think there's any non-limited weapon that's better than Skyward Pride for her other than Serpent Spine.


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>>640245128Jesus christ what is this zoomer tiktok bullshit I'm seeing?

>>640245128Dumb fake cat

Nahida's feet belong in my mouth.

I will never play this game but the catgirl is cute

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>>640245327>>640244360I get the feeling that due to the way Nahida is built, plapping sounds way harder

>>640245449you just need to get through the tutorial that teaches you how to play. and the card game matches in the event aren't demanding, you're given a pres-set deck and to get the primos you don't even gave to win just finish like 3 or 4 matches

>>640245449Bow kinda sucks anyway, not worth sitting through the half an hour long tutorial to get started on the busywork necessary to get the bow

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>>640235657>*releases several liters of cum into her womb*Cumflation is my fetish.


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>>640228959>no content>2 times the biweekly banners are shitI hope you enjoy doing nothing.

>>640245686Good on tighnari and there is at least one new charge attack style bow character coming in Fontaine.

>>640246501source me up

Are you ready for the hebe(brat) archon?

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>>640246669I am but apparently mihoyo would rather die than trying to hype Fontaine. It looks like they gave up on genshin

>>640246669that looks more like a honkai reject than anything else, god, hopefully it sucks

>>640246821You have no idea about how the mihoyo hype machine works.

>>640245686At first I thought Faruzan could use it, but then I remembered that even with two Anemo units she still really fucking needs ER. And given I have two Skyward Harps, I'll probably never need this thing unless I someday get Tighnari.

>>640246669What's her personality?

>>640247019Maybe, but is it even working?

>>640245298you mean mine

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