Which games have a well-written incestuous storyline? JRPGs tend to be pretty shit at it

Which games have a well-written incestuous storyline? JRPGs tend to be pretty shit at it.

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Twins or roughly the same age > older sister / younger brother >= younger sister / older brother > normalcy > mom / son > dad / daughter

>>640228901>ashley>pureyeah i dont believe it

>>640229045this guy gets it

>>640229064it's from the official devblog>>640229045You got that right except for aunt/nephew being above normalcy.

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>>640229246cousins are above normalcy too, current mainstream opininion in genetics is that it's better for ur offspring to breed your 3rd cousin rather than a stranger.

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>>640229483>prison for having a consensual relationship between two adultsas long as they're not making habsburg abominations what's the problem?

>>640229064Ashley's hymen is still pristine. She gets off on controlling her brother, she's the kind of girl to prevent him from pulling out on their first time.The jew fears the indoor sister breeder.

>>640228901Love the background art for the outside world. Can't wait for the full game. Some things just get the goth/hot topic aesthetic right. Like nightmare before christmas. Every former emo has a shirt or a tattoo of it for a reason.I give it 5 years before the extremely online young goth women are into bro-sis roleplay. I have high hopes.>>640229483Gays being given preference, of course. If you saw twins making out or 2 faggots kissing, what would gross people out more? If you don't know they're related it's not even a question.

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>>640228901Release when? I can't remember the last time i feel so hyped for a game just for its plot.

>>640229483What the fuck is Germany doing?

>>640230841I imagine their reasoning is they can't spawn homunculi if it's a gay relationshipPersonally I think incest should be legal but having children not. But I can see how regulating that would be a nightmare if they claim their contraceptive simply failed. So then you'd also need to have mandatory abortions, but half the country is filled with religious nutjobs who oppose it so you can't mandate an abortion.

>>640228901>MATURE CONTENT DESCRIPTION>The developers describe the content like this:>[...], co-dependent sibling relationship, [...]Nani?

>>640229045mom / son > older sister / younger brother > aunt/nephew > Twins or roughly the same age >normalcythe rest are trash that should not exist

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>>640231038Incest risk isn't big unless repeated. There are so many legal ways to fuck up your spawn that are so much worse.And modern tech eliminates the problem anyways.

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>>640231565>Incest risk isn't big unless repeatedand guess what would happen if suddenly incest was legal and there were no repercussions for birthing incest babies?youtube.com/watch?v=nkGiFpJC9LMjust for the record I'm not against two siblings fucking each other if they want, couldn't care less, the problem is birthing someone and making him suffer because his parents didn't have any self control

>>640229483Is that map specifically for siblings and parental incests?

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>>640231565>And modern tech eliminates the problem anyways.No it doesn't

>>640231860hehe and Heinlein actually was a proponent for incestso long as the "monsters" were dealt with, what remained would be healthy, normal offspring, according to his logic

>>640231512This guy also gets it


>>640231860>and guess what would happen if suddenly incest was legal and there were no repercussions for birthing incest babies?Keep it taboo then but no harm if it's broken. So many places have it legal already and it's not like everyone goes to hump their relatives because of it.>>640232169Duuuuh yes it doesen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preimplantation_genetic_diagnosis

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>>640231860>youtube.com/watch?v=nkGiFpJC9LMweak genes. if i bred my sister my kids wouldn't look like that. there's a difference between pure incestual love and let's rape mareea again because she's the only thing in the swamps that doesn't fight back.Remember that Cleopatra the VII was the first MENA baddie and she was the product of half a dozen sister breeding rituals.

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>>640229045Anon, > means better than, not worse than.

>>640232845>en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preimplantation_genetic_diagnosishow the fuck is an in vitro technology even relevant I think that article is a little bit above your paygrade

>>640229045someone got molested by their dad

>>640233386It's relevant because you can pretty much guarantee healthy babies, dummy.

>>640229045bad>>640231512this guy gets itthat artist is great also, though he does tend to do sameface

>>640231735Older cousin one is true. Too bad she became white trash.

>>640233780>>640231512So much mom-son content has the dad still involved it fucking sucks.Aunt is has more potential anyways. Imagine this: ur hot mom has a hot twin sister who also wanted your dad but didn't get him so when you're finally of age she can have her own little version of him and live out all the nice stuff she missed out on in her youth with you.Do you see my argument?

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>>640228901I guess this is the only one. Love the look of it.

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>>640233420that's 90% of this board

>>640229064Ashley only cares about Andrew. I can't see her having consensual sex with any other man.

>>640236756I hope she's kidnapped by the satanists and you have to break in as andy and save her from the ritual by making her a useless sacrifice via deflowering.

>>640231735i hate how true this is

>>640234831>ur hot mom has a hot twin sister who also wanted your dad but didn't get him so when you're finally of age she can have her own little version of him and live out all the nice stuff she missed out on in her youth with you.Fool. Aunts for being chronically single alcoholics in their late 20's who seduce their high-school-age nephews with the promise of mindblowing nakadashi sex for the sole purpose of babymaking.

>>640232020>first cousin marriage is legal across essentially the entire eastern seaboard>banned in the 'freedom state'Huh, weird

Reminder that the insane siblings mom is young and cute...she is also completely done with the shit of her kids.

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>>640237616Fine. Isn't that better than mommy?

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>>640237860Also, to anybody not believing that she is the mom, here is the proof.

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>>640229045For me it's brother / multiple sisters

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>>640237860Mom has Andy's green eyes and is probably a sucker like him, not wanting to leave her kids alone but having little choice. If she was that terrible I'm sure they would not have gone home after escaping. I'm calling it the dad brought the evil evil genes into the family and has the pink eyes. Maybe villain if you go for the incest path? I hope this won't be just blueballing.

>>640229045Why not play Incestual Awakening and you get all the best options. Twin sister, older sister, cousin, mom, aunt, and fucking grandma.

____ deserved better.

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>>640231512Its worth noting that 22% of Japanese women Identify as a "brocon" and 27% of Japanese men Identify as a "siscon"

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>>640238678That's incredible. I wonder what it's like in other countries.

>>640228901this game actually good or does everyone talk about the porn

>>640232020>the people calling non-coasters cousinfuckers are living in a state where it's actually legalpottery

>>640239404True incest love doesn't care about legality.

>>640231735I literally had a crush on my 2nd cousin in middle school without even knowing she was my cousin. Was real frustrated to find out we were related>but she was only your second cousin!The fuck I look like some fucking West Virginian?


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>>640240829Funnily enough 2nd cousin is probably healthier than some random stranger. 3rd cousin is ideal according to geneticists.

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>>640240930Thanks, didn't think they would have a thread for it.>>640240930

sweaty hot passionate nakadashi breeding sex with your blood related little sister

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>>640241257You had me at sweaty.

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>>640238258Because it is an ugly soulless patreon milking bullshit?


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>>640229045imouto/onii = onii/imouto > twins >> daughter/dad >> everything else

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>>640241257Go to bed, Sora. It's like 3AM where you moved to in America

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>>640228901If they talk like this it's only a matter of time before they start fucking each other.

>>640234831still has the dad you mean the dad gets cucked? If you're talking about the dad also fucks the mom then I don't think there's that many. To me is when the son gets his friends involved is when it sucks balls

>>640228901you guys always talk big about fucking your sistersbut what if it happened to you?what if your own kids started doing it too?would you really be alright with that

>>640244915Just any of that. 1 dick per woman is enough. I somehow managed to bag a woman who didn't whore around, so why should I settle for less in my fantasies?

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>>640245346If it's actually love and they're not destroying their familial bonds for a phase... I will support them and look forward to being an early grandfather

>>640238448After this flashback, I tapped out.What an unlikeable bitch, Ashley is.

>>640245346archive.is/f47dRRead this and tell me you support punishing and shaming the purest, closest, most true kind of love.

>>640245460eh I don't mind if the dad gets cucked, kinda gets boring if all mom son stories are all widowed moms.

>>640245959Why does anyone have to get cucked? Why would I want to cuck my father?

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>>640246715>self-inserting this hardcome back bro, even if the dad is gone, you're still fucking his women. You don't do that shit to your brother or friend either but that's just unavoidable with mother son.