Why the fuck is this becoming a meme...

Why the fuck is this becoming a meme. One just got a movie that made Billions and the other is literally getting a game in like 2 weeks

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>>640228412>One just got a movie that made BillionsMovies arent games tho>and the other is literally getting a game in like 2 weeksThat free to play battle royale game? Garbage.

zoomers were trained on CoDs release schedule and to them a non dead series is the one that gets games yearly

>>640228412>the other is literally getting a game in like 2 weeksThe upcoming failure of it will only serve to bury Crash deeper.

wumbo league is going to fail so hard

>>640228412Don't be sad Crash, at least you have a new non-binary bat friend.

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>>640228412Anon none of us have seen this meme till you posted it here from twitter


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>>640229753That's just a cover up for Activision internal drama.They are the same company as Blizzard.

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>>640228412Crash 4 is absolute trash.These inverted gems are the exact same shit as the regular ones, except now the level is flipped and has a shitty filter on it. Bravo.

>>640228412for me its Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

>>640234402Did you see the update video Krome did last year? In a post about it Steve said they've been messing with some stuff in Unity. You can have a tiny bit of hope.

>>640228412Sonic is getting a content update this month for Frontiers and Sonic Superstars just got announced. Mario has...a movie I guess. And Crash has a really shitty game coming out that should have just been Crash Bash Nitro Fueled Edition

>>640229753Poor Sonic fans. Imagine the schoolyard arguments they'll lose having merely Rouge to hold up against this amazing triumph of character design.

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>>640229753The game is going to have this character only referred to as 'they' or 'them' isn't it?

>>640229753They learned nothing from Rouge the Bat it seems. The layout was right there for like 20 years now

>>640229816ThisWhat the fuck are you even talking aboutDid you and your friends make this?Retard

>>640234775I made this.

>>640234814And who the fuck are you?


Mario can't really do anything new with, even to their admission Odysee was just a retread of sunshine with a new gimmickCrash does have potential for a new game but they're blowing it for an Assfaggot in the reboot universe nobody cares about (which is made even worse if you were following the development considering it was going to a minor addition to Crash 4, then a Crash Bash Remake, then a Tower Defense, and now it should have been started from scratch because they ran out of ideas)Sonic as an entire franchise up until 2006 was about introducing various new playstyles and has recently returned to that after being rendered gunshy by IGN.Sonic is just more flexible.

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>>640234749If not something worse like "xhe"... yes, obviously. They wouldn't have designed it to be an abomination if they weren't going to lean into the politics of it.

>>640234749Of course. The character is so pozzed that his origins story was revealed through a Kucktaku-exclusive comic and interview (which had everyone use the "they/them" pronouns): archive.is/2t3po

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>>640229753This character is cute and people getting mad about it is fucking stupid. Complain about the game being moba garbage.


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quality over quantity my manhoping superstars will be good but the vast majority of sonic games are crap


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>>640235434>tranny obj_motherfuckerGet me out of this clown timeline already.

>>640235479>cuteIt's really, genuinely not.

>>640235498Okay, yeah, it's a girl but they're saying "they" so she can go bare chested.

>>640235479>This character is cute

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>>640229753I tried to warn some Crashfags about Tawna's new design being the start of the downfall.

>another mtx ridden cashagrab by activisioncrashfan are the wowtroons of platformers

>>640235686apparently not since crash 4 flopped

>>640235650This thing looks like the grossout ninja turtle side characters nobody loves or remembers.

>>640234661Based Sega still keeping Rouge sexy for all these years.

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>>640235674Some people tried to cope by saying the design wasn't that bad while ignoring the intent behind it completely.Good thing that Sonic and Mario being Japanese somewhat shields them from that kind of thing.

>>640228412Crashem bashem 2 was announced a couple months ago and no one gave a shit

>>640235598It's literally just Vira from Neoprts, but blue.

>>640235916You mean censored.

>>640235993Neopet designs were always shit. Like if Pokemon was caught up in western sparkledog bullshit.

>>640235434>>640235498>>640235564.........Maybe Crash was better off dead

>>640235993>literally just Vira from Neoprts,You assume that a majority of Holla Forums users have even played neopets. If that character is the one I assume it is it wasn't cute either.

>>640236073CTRNF was worth it

>>640236039They literally gave her boob physics and cleavage in the most recent mario and sonic game

>>640235125>Mario can't really do anything new withBowser's Fury as a full seamless game, obviously.

>>640235125>they're blowing it for an Assfaggot in the reboot universeI wish I hadn't read this sentence. Ignorance is bliss

>>640235993Vira doesn't look like a meth addict, tho.

>>640235916They covered her up in that new show. They’re just as pozzed as everyone else.

>>640236061Lack of competency != failure to be cute.

>>640234973Shut the fuck up

>>640236189who said those things were equivalent

>>640236185Yes she does.

>>640236147>most recent mario and sonic game...when did that come out?

>>640228412Replaying the Crash games in the remaster trilogy made clear to me that they weren't on the same level as Mario or Sonic. The concept is fine, and the games are still fun, but the controls are nowhere near as tight, the level design is just ok, and the camera angles make it really hard to judge distances at times, which makes some sections really frustrating at times.

>>640228412>one got something that isn't a game and the other has a shitty battle royale "game"hmmm big thinkums


>>640236338>remaster trilogystupid bitch

>>6402363052019 which was the most recent video game she was in unless you wanna count The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog

>>640236107Now if only I could get that PC port...

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>>640236446It's the exact same games, you absolute moron. Even if the physics are slightly off, the level design and the camera angles, which are the main problems, are exactly the game.

>>640236087That's kind of the problem: these kids have been conditioned to think anything that's atypical is LE WOKE.If you showed them Claremont X-Men they would freak the fuck out.

>>640236553>Camera angles being the problem>in a fucking crash bandicoot game

>>640236530maybe they'll port it in an effort to recover their losses from rumble>>640236553fuck off retard

>>640235674tawna was a huge red flag, so was the game itself for having stages unfitting of the series and injecting memes as easter eggs. Nothing in crash 4 is what made crash good in the first place

>>640236338>>640236553>It's the exact same gamesKill yourself you stupid nigger

>>640229753Why is it a bat and not a robot? A robot would have made sense.

>>640236553>They hated him because he told the truth.

>>640229753>>640235434>>640235498>>640235564>>640235650those colors... what could it mean...

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>>640236665X-Men are woke though

>>640228715>movies arent gamesSnoysisters

>>640235564>>640235498>>640235434>nonbinary freak was experimented on by doctorsart imitates reality

>>640236805You're wrong and replying to yourself after everyone calls you a faggot doesn't unfaggot you.

>>640236830>Extremely tepid 1980s social commentary is "woke" nowHow far can we backslide?

>>640236895>So asshurt that he has to assume samefaggotry.Nah, Crash fans are even more autistic than Sonic fans, rivaled only by Monkey Ball fans.

>>640236702Rumble doesn't look like they spent any money on making it. Even recycled dyke Tawna and probably the rest of Crash 4's models. It's probably all profit.

>>640236461Maybe there wasn't movement in The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog but her design was pure sexo, so we can count it as most recent.

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>>640229753brought to you by the same degenerates who allowed literal bara fetish shit in crash 4.in just 2 games this series has been massacred beyond repair.all they had to do was give it back to vicarious visions and use the CTR NF engine.

>>640236928The 60s at the very least.

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>>640228412That Crash skinner box is not a game

>>640236665>these kids have been conditioned to think anything that's atypical is LE WOKEThis nigga's really gonna claim shilling identity politics isn't woke. Nonbinary might be old news to anyone that's been paying attention to the madness but that doesn't mean it isn't still madness.

>>640237191>literal bara fetish shit in crash 4?

>>640237235the artists behind all the re-designs was a disgusting fetish shit furry.

>>640236039>CensoredPrime doesn't count, we're talking about the Jap side user, they love the Bat Tits.

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>>640228412>Miyamoto stuck at Illumination headquarters for Mario movie>No big Mario games being made during this whole timeStill want me to believe Miyamoto hasn't gone highly autistic in his old age and doesn't have a mandate for his beloved plumber? >inb4 antimandatefag thinks I'm just one dude

>>640237207Weird punks saying "I don't HAVE a gender MOM" is like 60 years old, stop larping as an old man.

>>640237193You're supposed to pretend you're not racist, just concerned for the kids.

>>640235564>>640235498>>640235434It's funny how this character has some deep emotive backstory of trauma and shit in the fucking Crash Bandicoot universe. Look at this fucker, this guy has no concept of trauma and doesn't care.

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>>640234402SameHope /ourbloke/ gets a game to rival the first

no webm for that new upcoming Crash game?

>>640237430>Weird punks saying "I don't HAVE a gender MOM" is like 60 years oldGenerate evidence. Dressing unlike what your current generation defines as what is typical of your sex is not the same as claiming you are literally neither male nor female.

>>640229753This shit is coming out in a week and has no hype, in fact if you told people this was being marketed as a new “game” they would not believe you. I cant imagine anything more than 1,000 people playing this Day 1. Redditors and the most dedicated and autistic furfags might stick with it for a year tops.

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>>640237751Claude Cahun popularized the term "neutral gender" in the 40s, which led to the counterculture in the 60s, which gained traction into the 70s.

>>640237994>this nigga things ungendered things in english speaking societies was invented in the FUCKING FORTIES.

>>640235434>>640235498>>640235564>a Looney Tunes inspired franchise being saddled with this unapologetic faggot shit

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>>640238093Neutral gender, not gender neutral, retard. As in Claude said they weren't male or female. Don't ask for evidence and then pull that nonsense.

>>640228412Mario sold out to Jews. Sonic isn’t cool enough for those ugly nose people

>>640238167Funny how somehow this happened nearly 100 years ago but only becomes an actual trend when social contagion through the use of the internet becomes possible. Almost like it's not a healthy or stable mentality that anyone adopted even in the 70s.

>>640237650would fuck both

>>640229753We're all Non-Binary, after all, Binary is for numbers

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>>640238283>but only becomes an actual trend when social contagion through the use of the internet becomes possible.The trend was a thing back in the 60s and 70s with weird punks, which is what you were asking for a source on. Just because you think it's stupid doesn't mean it's new.

>>640238357What about robots

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>>640228412What Activision is doing with crash makes no fucking sense>no ctr remake on steam>no crash bash remake online>catbat is a trannyWhy the fuck kill Crash again

>>640238512They have trans-sisters.

>>640238423>The trend was a thing back in the 60s and 70s with weird punksI'm seeing claims that some retard philosopher came up with something stupid. I can consider that possible as there are plenty of those kinds of people. But you just go on to spout that this somehow caught on in punk circles.. then just fizzled out to not show up in any meaningful form until the 2010s. This is as lacking as the supposed 'two spirit' claims.

>>640238606And ACK-tuators

>>640235434>>640235498>>640235564This wants to be IDW Sonic so bad, and it's worse off for it.

>>640238607>then just fizzled out to not show up in any meaningful form until the 2010s.No. It wasn't popular. It STILL isn't popular. Very few people embrace this stuff. You are literally going>Well *I* didn't notice so it didn't happen!70s and 80s pop culture had characters like this because this was a thing. This shit is old as fuck and you're characterizing it as new for some arbitrary, retarded reason.

>>640237042Oh yeah she looks really good. Honestly the whole game looks good

>>640238738I don't know why anyone would want to be IDW Sonic

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>>640238738What a weird, nothing criticism. What does that even mean?

>>640238945MoStH was all-around a really pleasant surprise.

>>640238738IDW fucked up MLP of all things they are losers among losers.

>>640239068Not him, but I assume he means weird, inappropriate melodrama surrounding a side character nobody knows or cares about, that tries to pull on the heartstrings but fails for the above reason? Like shitty drama for girls plopped in the middle of a series traditionally for boys?If that's what he meant, I'd say it's apt.

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>>640239129>IDW fucked up MLPDare I ask?

>>640239340I mean sure, but that's a weird reach.Just call it shitty melodrama.

>>640238979My point exactly>>640239340Yeah, you pretty much nailed it. These comics have a brand of self-seriousness that does not fit either franchise in the slightest, all for the sake of pushing forgettable OCs over the actual main characters. It's just not fun and a slog to read.

>>640239397Their writing was so shit even the most dedicated, Hasbro shilling, autistic bronies didn't buy their books. Their final issue was a Comic Book Guy strawman pony ranting about writers and canon and all the other ponies kill him offscreen.

>>640239697It's comforting to know that if you fail to make a compelling story, you can always make your characters team up and murder your own detractors.


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>>640228412>ignoring the good one (Spyro)

>>640228412you know they made "way of the warrior" before crash. Very "talented" studio

>>640239697Last thing I remember is an alt world where King Sombra was a good guy and he still got fucked.

>>640228412Same image but with Mega Man at the bottom, fuck Crash

I just realized a contextual comparison that shows how severely dumb it is for Activision to choose to develop and release Rumble instead of just optimizing and fixing Nitro Fueled. Nintendo's recent Mario spinoffs like Super Mario Party and Mario Strikers Battle League didn't even come close to the interest of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe due to them being relatively thin in content and not having the same type of accessible competitiveness as MK8DX. If even Nintendo couldn't properly dish out worthwhile spinoffs after a big game like MK8DX, then Activision shouldn't really have tried to do the same after CTRNF. >>640238738>>640239340Pretty accurate.

Yeah, I'm sure it's real fucking tough being a Mario fan

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>>640236889Top kek

>>640240841I prefer that Klonoa stays "dead" and is remembered as a great character from a good game series than that he suffers the same fate as Crash.

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>>640236039>>640236186That's on netflix instead of them. She still remains her huge titties in the official art from the jp twitter and in the comics as well as her alt costumes in the mobile games.


>>640228412People are fucking retardsMario is popular enough that Nintendo doesn’t need to release a new game ever 6 monthsMario Odyssey, which came in 2017, is still played and speedrunned a lot

>>640236813I believe that’s called purple.

>>640242202you mean violet right?

>>640240567I'll never get over just how miserable the Mario Sports spinoffs have been this gen. It's proof that the Splatoon model doesn't actually work outside Splatoon.

>>640228412that's because crash 4 was fucking terrible and tanked the franchise yet again, which is why the team is desperately making the new crash slop with stuff that was supposed to come with crash 4.Mario has always been good and sonic games are a little hit or miss but at least sega shits one every now and then. after the new crash game flops, because it most certainly will, crash will be dead yet again until they decide to revive it in 20 years.

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>>640228412Only Sonicucks and OP's retarded ass think ghis is true

>>640235434>>640235498>>640235564I question less about the gender autism, but the fact they made a comic for a spinoff game? Why did they pour so much into this game over Crash 4 or another proper Crash sequel?

>>640244413>the fact they made a comic for a spinoff gameYou must've missed the CTRNF comic. Funnily enough, according to the artist's page, the CTRNF comic was pitched as a 3 page comic but was greenlit to have 21 pages.

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>>640244231Crash 4 was fine, jesus christ.

>>640235650It looks like a methhead bugchaser.

>>640245953Nah, that user was right. 4 was trash.

I still don't know what nonbinary means

>>640246486Means you think you're a gender that exists outside of Male or Female.

>>640246486It means I'm just too special for you to get! MOM!

>>640228412Nobody likes kek bandicoot so there isn't a market for it

>>640228412tell them arzest is making the latest Sonic game and watch how suddenly they make a claim Arzest "are actually good developers"

>>640229753Damn. I was actually excited for this game but 100% not getting it now.

>>640235498>"dismantle the cruelty and trauma"That language is the weirdest part for me, just totally off tone for Crash - they're not only gender neutral but also a social justice warrior lol simply amazing, meanwhile Crash is spinning around shouting WOH, eating wumpa and saving his big titty girlfriend. Crash coming back is turning out to be a real monkey paw scenario

>>640235564>Next panel is a tombstone that read "Here lies 299M. He never scored."

>>640235650as a member of nonbinary community this design really speaks to me on a spiritual level because I too am an AIDS-ridden hobo-looking crackhead