Why do video games NEED translations if they always butcher the shit out of it...

Why do video games NEED translations if they always butcher the shit out of it? Wouldn't it be better to only have an English version, like old times, so everyone can at least learn a new language like we did?

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>>640227919I have always seen this image but never seen what it's supposed to say in english or japanese.

>>640228165Probably nonsense still but not as bad as spaniard translation.

I can fix her!!!!!

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>>640229794You can't fix her shit generation though.

>>640227919this is from the same country that gave us Las Ketchup's infamous Asereje. It's not that surprisingyoutube.com/watch?v=5llcBScGuAE

>>640227919Como siempre el OP es un chupaverga


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Beaners seething over megachalupas will always be funny. No one knows what that shit means

>>640228165Found it. And holy fuck the translation is bad.

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>>640230013Tu puta madre, pendejo. ¿Cómo ves?

>>640230293I don't speak taco, but I'm goddamn sure OP's pic is not saying that. What the fuck is she saying there.

>>640230013>t. Fan de Carlos el topo que gira

>>640227919spain being spain

>>640230293>>640227919Are you fucking shitting me

>>640230378It's a bunch of nonsense, but also in extremely specific spaniard slang.Closest translation I can think of would unironically be "frfr no cap on god?"

>>640230378>What the fuck is she saying thereNOBODY KNOWS, Spaniards have this ancient dialect that consists in saying shit no one understands and getting angry when others make fun of them for it.

>>640229794You can’t even fix a water leak

>>640227919I am 10x more bothered by her Spanish name, what's wrong with Clara?

>>640231556>Klara>"So we just call her Clara, right?">"NO, WE HAVE TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THIS WAS MADE IN S P A I N">"How would you even-">"CALL HER SOFORA" >"But sir-">"OSTRAS TIO QUE LE PONGAS SOFORA, JODER"

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>>640231556Spain is infamous for changing unnecessary things, especially in pokemon.Basically every character has a different name, and the great majority of moves are not direct translations of english.But ironically spanish translation is not the worst, french changesthe names of the fucking pokemon.Charizard for example, is Dracofeu in french.

>>640231556Manolos unironically change names just to be unique and special, they're beyond retarded

>>640231710Is it supposed to be "Sofora" cuz poison and then sleep or what? I mean, sometimes common names can stay common.

>>640230378>>640230613in the original Japanese, some NPC says "the final last ultimate third trial" in English. then the pink girl, confused, repeats it in gibberish Japanese. The Spanish translation tries to recreate the scene by using gibberish Spanish, while the US version doesn't even try. So you could say the Spanish is a more faithful translation, all things considered

>>640232221Basically an interesting case of localization vs plain translation.

>>640232221Man shut the fuck up, Spaniards fuck everything they can just because they can.

>>640232221Ok but why did they make her name retarded?

>>640231710>>640232109>>640232157While not entirely a random change I see no reason to not keep Klara and let people put 2 and 2 together.

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>>640227919Based Spain triggering the latinx with verbose as fuck localizations.

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>>640232462Spaniards think that by forcing their brain damaged expressions into games and tv shows they’re “le owning le panchitos” or some dumbass shit.They’re so salty that they lost an entire continent to a handful of mutts 200 years ago, I’m not even fucking joking. They can’t let it go.

>butcheredLol. Lmao even. Your childrens games arent well-written masterpieces in their native languages. >t. Learned japanese for non-autistic reasonsthe writing in 99% of japanrse games is very amateur and childish. Most translations are far more accurate than you think, its the original script that was shit.

>>640232662See: my point proven >>640232641

>>640232221>english version is soullessmany such cases

What I don't understand is why fucking Germany of all places needs localization. God I hate kraut niggers.

>>640232662Panchitos are doing the same nowadays ruining their allegedly "neutral" dubs with stuff like Komi-san's LA dub which is full of Mexican slang.

why is spain so hatedi've seen this thread now and then and it's always just spain/spaniards/spanish getting brutally shit on

>>640233123Because in the Spanish speaking side of the world they’re bullies towards everyone and anyone that isn’t one of them, and also the first ones to cry when someone throws shit back at them. Basically it’s simple justice. They’re generally unpleasant people.


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>>640233123every kid resents his dadnow imagine that your kid is an entire continent

>>640233123It's the same as burgers vs brits threads, only instead of being a 1v1, its every south american country vs spain

>>640227919The only bad thing about the spaniard translation is that it’s also on latin america, they use a slang that in our shitholes sounds vulgar and generates involuntary comedy.

>>640227919>coming onto a japanese anime image board to talk about japanese anime video games and ask why they are translatedまだ日本語を話せますか?

>>640227919Translation is inherently an act of destruction. It's all there, in the theory. Read some Nabokov.

>>640233448Cogedle a ese chaval por el culo!

>>640233123t. Spaniard

>>640233123If you treat others like shit because you enjoy being an asshole don’t be surprised when others shit on you for being an asshole.

>>640233575i'm not spanish, just curious as to what the deal with this was

>>640233448Quieres jarabe de palo?

>>640233316i just watched it and jesus it's so unfunny, koni-chan and kids next door had way better use of ad lib.

>>640233123Spain is hated on by the spics that inhabit vee as the European equivalent of America. Rent free obsession

>>640233123It's not hate, it's just funny because it's silly and unnecessary. Imagine the British localization of captain America called him lieutenant loicense, changed his catchphrase to "Oi bruv, that's a bit rewd innit?", changed the enemy's team name to Medusa for no apparent reason and Red Skull is just French.That's about how spaniard translations turn out, and no one knows why this consistently keeps happening.

>>640233123>it's always just spain/spaniards/spanish getting brutally shit onI’m glad this is how others look at it. It means it’s working.Justice at last, after 500 years… Fuck Spaniards.

>>640233114You're delusional if you think shoehorned mexican slang in latinoamerican dubs is new ans doubly so if you think the rest of LatAm doesn't complain about it too

why does spanish sound so ugly? or is that just my bias?

Okay but now imagine her saying this while holding you in place with her legs as you cum massive buckets into her, ensuring that she'll be getting alimony from you for years to come.

>>640233448Do you wanna know how your favorite game would have been named in Mexico or Spain by the killer translators from the 80's to the early 2000s? name the game and I will "localize" it.

>>640233884Sounds like Dragon Quest localizations to be honest

>>640233114Mexicans can't ruin komi because it's already mediocre

>>640234086Is new or way more prevalent if you compare dubs from the 70's or 80's to more recent ones, other than name changes some series even respected currencies and stuff.

Joaquín Finics es… El BromasEn: Este Payaso es un Fracaso

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>>640232221Translators in the past used to make the "bad english" joke by reversing it, but using french instead. I think anime is mainstream enough that we can just fully switch it now and people will get the idea, and maybe put english in brackets underneath it.Saigo no… saigo… kyūkyoku no… dai san no shiren?! (The final... last... ultimate third trial?!)"Asiago... asiago.... coo coo no.... dolphins on sure in?!"Or something, I dunno. Just try something.

>>640233835Actually it's more like America shitting on retarded britbongs

>>640231235tbf water leaks are massive problems sometimesguess that makes it fitting for comparing to women then

>>640233884So Xenoblade translations then

>>640234213It's not recent at all, it's been a thing since at least the late 90s/early 2000syoutu.be/Fjye5BssMaI

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>>640234392You said it, late 90's plus, sorry but I have seen older dubs, and of course team rocket is one of the worst offenders, practically anything dubbed by Audiomaster was turned to shit, although Pokemon and others were butchered by 4Kids first and then Audiomaster just took the pieces and threw them into a blender.

>>640232109>especially in pokemon.>Basically every character has a different nameYou do know that the English pokemon also has weird changed names too?

>>640234392Based Pepe Toño Macías.

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>>640227919>ya se que el juego es japones pero tenes que aceptar doblajes en ingles y no en tu idioma porque... solamente tenes que aceptarlo ok????Como si el doblaje mexicano no hiciese estas cosas kek

>>640233123They pronounce Hyrule as ee-roo-leh and when LATAM got its own dub they inherited that from them

>>640233884>Imagine the British localization of captain America called him lieutenant loicense, changed his catchphrase to "Oi bruv, that's a bit rewd innit?", changed the enemy's team name to Medusa for no apparent reason and Red Skull is just French.Soul

>Spaniard gamesDo you hear that? It's the "you can't make this shit up" alarm!

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>>640232109I wish they did the same with the Spanish dub, or at least keep the Japanese name. Why the fuck do we have to use these names like fucking farfetch which are unpronounceable for most Hispanic kids anyway???

>>640234542It's that's 20+ years, maybe the ooooooold old stuff was the way you said it but for the general public, most of which only got really into anime at the turn of the millennium this is what they had to deal with from the start, more so because pokemon, one of the most popular animes of all time often watched by people who don't even watch other anime was a major offender

>>640234914To be fair, like 2% of people who even play pokemon in general have ever encountered a farfetch'd, let alone having to pronounce its name

>>640234873I would have gone with Armadura de Metal Sólido 5 for Latino OR Las Locas y Flipantes Aventuras del Jefe Serpiente Venenosa en Afghanistán for Spanish.>>640234951The point still stands, it used to be better.

>>640227919English versions aren't safe from bad translations either

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>>640235104I never knew how to pronounce the name of that fucker as a kid, I remember we collected some cards and everyone just made up sounds or called it "el pato".

>>640235153That's different, USA has a problem with translators trying to push a jewish agenda. Spain has a problem with retards being retarded and going unchecked.

>>640227919With that logic we should all be learning moonrunes

>>640235252The only thing the Spanish dub does wrong is using the anglo names for the pokemon.

>>640235342We really should, but it's a great pleb filter. I wanna stop being a pleb...

>>640235153There's a difference between social crusaders intentionally pushing their shitty politics into a translation intentionally while being well aware they could have just done a faithful translation and a Manolo legitimately being too retarded to understand how stupid their localization sounds to just about everyone else in the world despite being constantly told so

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>>640235153Tons of Japanese fanart for shipfu and other gatcha shit has people genderswapping any explicit/implicit male MC anyway, discord troons shitting their pants over this is beyond retarded.Also beyond hypocritical of them to pull the "IT'S NOT EXPLICIT" line because they'll run with literal headcanon fantasies they dream up to push tranny agendas.Curb stomp localizers etc. etc.

>>640232221You're wrong since it uses old Spaniard slang so not completely gibberish. Shitty localization's still shitty man,


>>640234247When most of you guys can't find Britain on a map maybe that's not the case.Mexicans are retarded, Americans are retarded, perhaps that's why the US and Mexico are basically the same country.

>>640236109Hang yourself yuro faggot

>>640234914>Farfetch>unpronountiableNiggy sorry to break it to you but you might be retarded.

>>640234793I thought this one WAS done by mexicans

>>640236031Its ridiculous

God, she's so perfect...

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>>640229794She’s 12 years old, user

>>640236936Lol no she's like 23 you retard


>>640234213>if you compare dubs from the 70's or 80'sThey still put a lot of slang during those times, and if not slang just general weird or out of place dialogue for the sake of comedy. Hell, an even older well known case is Top Cat which is almost completely different from the original version, and in the 90s they certainly weren't shy about it either.

>>640235496Fucking kek lmao

>>640228819It's all literally only used in spain, it's just different forms of faggot lingo for hyperbole

>>640229794>>640227919>>640236907built to findom losers(me)

>>640233464>can you still speak JapaneseEh?

>>640237269Top Cat was a very special case, that would be like comparing Saint Seiya to Samurai Pizza Cats.

>>640233123This is a third world website. It's all spics, SEA monkeys and poos.

>>640239238The point is that it's something that has indeed been done since forever, but mostly in comedy, which Top Cat, Komi San, Samurai Pizza Cats and the most notable of them all Koni Chan are.There's some bad examples here and there of course, but they are notorious precisely because they didn't fit the tone, like some dialogues in Digimon Tamers.

>>640238404>he can't speak japanese yet

I finally finished translating the first episode of Spy Classroom... I will show those crunchyroll faggots how bad of a job they did, and I'm not even that fluent.I really hope it doesn't consistently take me a month per episode though... I learned a few words which sped it up a little bit, but god damn.

I want Klara to take a huge toxic shit on my chest

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>>640240496just use whisper and gpt4

>>640240695But then I wouldn't learn anything. And maybe the AI might be wrong about some stuff (I heard this happens on occasion)

>>640240742learning another language is completely pointless

>>640240835When why does this thread exist? Someone translated something retardedly, and if people didn't know secondary languages, we would be none the wiser. We would just accept these trannylators' words as the way it was written

>>640240351Neither can >>640233464話せる is the positive form of the verb.What he should have said was まだ日本語話せないか?This is like, Genki 1 lesson 1 stuff.Don't try to dunk on people with your knowledge of nippongo if you speak it at a lower level than a three year old.

>>640240957because we have AI now

>>640228819That's not spanish, right? Tell me por favor that's not a spanish translation

>>640240835I can honestly say learning Japanese was the best and most impactful life choice I ever made.

>>640241064um... i was just pretending to be retarded

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>>640241136because you are a retarded weeb


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>>640241102op's pic?it is

>>640232221This pasta has been shared a lot but is factually incorrect. In japanese Mustard talks in a "cool" way using a lot of fancy words that come from english, and she replies using the same exact words no gibberish or anything just shocked because it is such an overhyped trial. In english, they translated the phrasing literally word for word, without much of the intent, as he said them. The spanish localization, which is always using lots of slang anyways, translated the character of Mustard as some kind of oldman using lots of ancient slangs and nonsense that just works for comical purposes. Both are meant to describe that the final trial is super cool and amazing, the english version literally and the spanish version with over the top slangs, as that's the original intent in japanese.The only issue is that the english version lacks much of the textual hype and the spanish version adds so much on the joke that it basically lost all its original meaning. Spanish pokemon translation has always had this shit.

>>640240501I hate that I can tell this is scat...

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>>640241258I can't wait until the translation for Disgaea 7 comes out, because the game is filled with this.It's likely going to be a major source of fuel for threads like this one.The main character communicates in a combination of English and misspoken Japanese proverbs.


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