Persona 3 Reload

>Kept you waiting, huh?

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Initiating Orgy Mode

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Junpei will stay dead in P3 Reload

>No Portable contentSo there's basically no reason for the Remake to exist since it isn't a "definitive" edition.>inb4 "le portable is shot so its okay xD"

>>640226923how much stuff is going to be censored? tranny in the beach will be removed for sure

>>640226923I want his emo bussy.


>>640226923Xbox only, take that Sonyfags!


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>>640226923how is the emo kid so /fa/ as fuark...


>>640227019I HATE YOU

>>640227061Portable sucks and added nothing of value except manual control party members.

>>640226923>No Portable contentBased, instant day 1 preorder

>>640226923I hope the game shows how empty MC is for the 1st half

>>640227061Portable isn't canon and the events within should be disregarded.

>>640227150Switchbros...we won

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>>640227297Isnt that the point though?

>>640227295>No Portable content>Even though direct control is in it>Even though MC is locked to one weapon

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>>640227382>direct control is inbased, fuck FESfags

>>640227150Anon, I..

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>>640227335my do niggers care about """""canon""""" in a series that literally ignores literally everything from the previous games beyond some references.

>>640226923Should I buy it for the Switch or for my PC (1050ti, Ryzen 5 2600)

The sad thing about Messiah is that it's just sort of sandwiched between more important shit. The most important Persona in P3 is Thanatos, that's the one all the marketing is centered around. And then there's P3 which is the starter. And then there's the invisible Universe thing which the protagonist uses to save the day. Messiah's just kind of there. Like it's not terribly important to anything and there's not much room for it to show off.

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I wonder what will be the reaction of the people that says that femc won't be in when they show her lol. They made the anime scenes on cgi in game for a reason.

>>640226923Will they include the Answer in Reload?

>>640227459>1050ti>Ryzen 5 2600lol poorfaggot

>>640227523It'd be kinda weird to see her dive into a pink ocean though.

>>640227503It even gets cucked out of being the strongest, because Orpheos Telos steals it's spot. It was only top dog in vanilla.

>>640227589They probably won't change the menu to pink

>>640226923>no FeMCI'm too old for Persona but I might buy it this time once more

>>640227503Except for the part where you fuse the starter and Thanatos and get this beast to fucking destroy everything with God Hand and Megidoloan while also having the best healing skill in the game

>>640227503if anything it's thematic, the messiah is the one that doesn't get the attention

the answer and femc will be DLC

>>640227564I hope not. I want you people to cry.

>>640227615Was it? Vanilla already had Armageddon.

>>640227503Messiah is great when your actually playing the game. Having his fusion come up and see that it's a fusion of Thanatos and Orpheus and the design reflects that gave me a feeling that really no other nusona game has been able to.

>>640227438>user admits he enjoys being retarded

>>640227730You're awful.

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Messiah was actually strongest in P3P where it was given the unique skill Magic Skill Up that was completely fucking pointless because you couldn't use it against Elizabeth, thanks Atlus.

>>640227760Persona 3 is not hard retard, stop acting like FES was this hard game because of no direct controls

>>640226923>could remake Persona 1 or 2>choose to remake the worst Persona instead>said remake is literally just slapping the entire game into Persona 5's engine and recoloring everything from red to blue

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literally only game i will be buying

>>640227730They're nostalgia-blinded children; they'll cry no matter what.

>>640227917It's not P5's engine. P5 wasn't Unreal. They're reusing SMTV assets for this.

>>640226923The worst character in the whole Megami Tensei series.

>>640227885I wonder if they'll nerf the Elizabeth fight. Her fight was literally bullshit RNG, having to rely on a fucking counter triggering at the right time to win

>>640227917its not even P5's engine, its fucking Unreal and despite the literal mountain of tools Unreal has to make good looking anime environments, its full bright with no shadows.

>>640228002>me when i got the counter at the right time the first try

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>>640228002They'll probably nerf it a bit, probably remove the restriction Persona affinities.

>>640227793Why was Yukari so dependent on him?

>>640227917>P1/2fag is crying because they don't remeber his gameskek

>>640227583Hey I'm planning on getting one of the 5000 series GPUs and next gen AMD CPUs when they come out.

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>>640227917Persona started at 3.

Ready to get back to Wild Duck Burger

>>640228120dead father syndromethey subconsciously end up clinging to the first guy they think is reliable enough

>>640228120She loved him really hard

>>640228120I dunno she was massive cringe, I'd rather be resting on Mitsuru's titties

>>640227451To make retards like you upset.FeMC will NEVER be canon.

Where have you been?

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>>640228120She wasn't, The Answer is just pure retardation that completely sabotages her entire character development in the base game.

>>640228120He was the one who opened her heart again.Hence why his death slammed it shut so hard.

>>640226723Who the fuck plays persona games in japanese?

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>>640227917>remake is literally just slapping the entire game into Persona 5's engine and recoloringLiterally what people want. Fuck off. Persona 5's style is mostly the reason its popular to begin with. Its not because of it's shit cast and absurdly childish plot.

My friends but in HD

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>>640228374>he needs something to be "canon" in order to enjoy it

>>640228002Considering Margaret, the twins and Lavenza weren't nearly as bullshit as Elizabeth (still haven't beaten her in FES probably never will) they will most likely rework her to be like Lavenza who's a gimmick fight.

Personally I'm just looking forward to what new Aigis porn gets made in today's more degenerate climate

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>>640228463People with taste do. Japanese game, retard.

>>640227523>Not in PQ>Not in P4AU>Not even in Dancing, where even Shinji is in as DLC>Explicitly stated to come from P3P in PQ2, while the rest of SEES comes from FES and doesn't know herIt's over.

>>640228463>Who the fuck plays these Japanese games taking place in Japan with Japanese characters with Japanese audio?Loving every laugh, bro

>>640228475I prefer the bugeye designs in p3 desu

>>640228417>Misses the point about loss and grief.You never liked P3 to begin with. can't find the McChickne Duck Burger one

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>>640227615Orpheus Telos isn't the strongest, it's just the most versatile. That Persona was engineered specifically to kill Elizabeth, who has Demi-fiend rules here.


>>640228479Noncanon shit is no better than fanfiction.

>>640227894I agree, the game is not hard at all.But you're implying that without direct control it's a challenge.>>640227917Genuinely a persona 2 remake is all I need. The story has a really good base that can be improved further. Just that the gameplay is one of the worst experiences you can force on another.


>>640228475>made Yukari her hag design from DancingCringe.

>>640228560I hope you’re playing with japanese text too.

>>640228463Who's a good boy? You are! Yes you are!

>>640228705>he's a fan of the nu-star wars

>>640228749>expecting weebs to actually know japanese

>>640227451after p5 got popular with normalfags twitter started asking for things like female mc and gay shit. since those things existed in portable the autistic contrarians infesting the p3 fanbase decided portable was no longer acceptable to discuss.that's literally it. the one single reason there are so many autism fits over portable now. it wasn't like this in pre-5 persona threads.

Reminder to all marukikeks that maruki would not be able to save makoto.>but he can use his powers to make humanity stop collectively wishing for death!Cool, that gets rid of erebus but makoto is still fucking stuck as a door for all eternity

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>>640228475Can't wait to see more HD Yukari in her slutty winter outfit

>>640229048goddamn it why did they choose makoto, I kept thinking of p5 makoto

Blue water menu cuz Orpheus

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>>640228717i cringe whenever i hear english people say -san, -kun, -chan, etc since it reminds me of the fuckin weirdos in highschool who'd naruto run around lunch saying random jap words

>>640228463It's one of two groups of people.Aspiring retard that seeks to consume things in the "proper" manner and considers their childhood of playing Japanese videogames in English a sin or a newfag that didn't play the games when the dub was the only option so they got that dub soul whether they liked it or not.Most likely the second one.

>>640228996>reddit spacing revisionismPortable was always hated upon because its fucking soulless

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>>640229117Didn't Door-kun get named Makoto before 5's Makoto was revealed?

>>640228120Some fatherless bitch behavior

>>640226923>Door Kun switches places with Stupei>Door Kun survives and makes a cameo in Persona 5 Arena

>>640229184yeah but the more popular name was minato, makoto got canon after p5

>>640227382>locked to one weaponproof?

>>640227337the graphics are shit so no surprise

>>640228996Portable was never enjoyed by anyone except the people who ONLY experienced portable.

>>640228463incel weebs that play in Japanese yet still have to have subtitles

>>640228996>mentally ill retards who let other mentally ill niggers on twatter live in their head rent free to such a degree that they decide to hate thingswhy is this so common now? is it just social media mindrot?

>>640229163p5 newfag revisionism. everyone always said to play fes and then portable. that was considered the correct way to play p3 for years.

I wish atlus wasn't so vague about chidori's canon fate, da man deserves to have his goth waifu

>>640229146I like the P4 dub a lot, but when I go back to the game now it's going to be in JP. Hearing the dub again is nostalgic but isn't preferable to the original performances. I only know enough moon to fully understand about 70% of unsubbed lines such as in-battle cues or the occasional unsubbed NPC cutscene chatter

>>640228518the best aegis doujin is the one where junpei literally cuts off her legs and makes her his onahole

>>640228818>He makes up shit

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Friendly reminder that Mass Destruction is the worst song ever put into a Persona game

>>640229259Pause the trailer when they're in the weapon shop menu. Read the description for the bow

>>640229502Kill yourself tranny

>>640228002i think they will make fuuka busted like the rest of the navis which will bring down the difficulty

>>640229502TERRIBLE fucking taste

>>640229463I know enough of the moon runes to understand it all but you're still a retard. Just sayin.

If you play games in Japanese while using the Eng dub subtitles then you're still playing it in dub retard.

>>640229048Maruki can use his powers to make Makoto enjoy being a door for all eternity

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>>640229601shhh don't say that you'll anger the weebs


>>640229593That's cool, if you had any good reasons for those precious feelings instead of boilerplate Holla Forums shitflinging I might care

>>640228229Your cock's length ended at 3

>>640229579I hope Oracle causes even more random effects, including summoning the Reaper into your current battle to attack random targets.I always liked how Tartarus obeys roguelike standards, with the Reaper popping in if you stick around too long on any floor to tell you to leave, and random floor mutations. I hope this gets expanded on in Reloaded.

>>640229663>Maruki uses his powers for a "perfect world".>Apathy spreads because why get out of bed if everything goes fine if you don't even get up?>Apathy syndrome 2.0>Makoto fails to keep Erebus locked up.>Nyx comes crashing down.>The world ends.Joker saved Door-kun.


>>640229771>>Maruki uses his powers for a "perfect world".>>Apathy spreads because why get out of bed if everything goes fine if you don't even get up?is this what libertarians actually believe?lmfao

>>640229331i played FES first and enjoyed portable more since the FeMC was funnier but i always argued for people to play FES first and then portable. i dont let trannys on twatter dictate what i should or shouldnt enjoy.

>>640226923Not my Door

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>>640229331I played both and ended up preferring portable for replays because handheld cozy.

>>640227061Don't worry, just buy the Persona 3 Reload Ocean Blue edition for full price, two years after P3R releases, to get the full experience

will it have the answer?

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>>640226923im so happy bros

>>640229832>is this what libertarians actually believe?Play the game. Joker literally refuses to get out of bed because why bother if you pass the deadline.

>>640229771>Makoto fails to keep Erebus locked up.He's not locking up Erebus, he's locking up Nyx. Or rather, he's putting Nyx to sleep so she can't hear Erebus' voice anymore. The demonic catdog will endlessly respawn no matter how many times he's killed so long as humanity desires death, and that will never stop so long as death is a factor in human lives. But Erebus cannot break the Great Seal and ask Nyx to begin The Fall.

>>640227917Persona started at 3

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>>640229502it grows on you like fungus

>>640229889>I'm fat and my parents don't let me use the TV anymore.we know.

>>640229973I don't like this version.


These shut ins don't get it, but P3P was amazing at the time. It was portable fucking Persona 3, that was unheard of back then.

>>640229923Joker is depressed because Morgana is no longer a cat he can look down upon but a handsome 100% human stud

What were the lyrics for the dorm music again?

>>640227917its all just a result of popularity pollyou better buy the remake if you want to have any hope of oldsona remakes


>>640226923Door kun is so fucking cool

>>640229973this but unironically 1 and 2 had clunky shit combat, Hitler as a main villain and no school simulation mechanicsThey were more like SMT spinoffs

>>640227917>choose to remake the worst Persona insteadBut they're not remaking 5?

>>640227019I wouldn't put my dick in a toaster.


>>640227019Begone whore

>>640229915Why do you people keep asking for the worst addition of FES that was only added as excuse for Atlus to place $60 price on it?>fuckall relevant plot that can easily be skipped and you won't even notice it after starting Persona 4 fighting games>gameplay is not just worse than Persona 3's gameplay but worse than SMT games

>>640229893Funny way to spell "boot yuzu.exe".


>>640230281it was huge character development for the side characters

Jump around.....

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>>640227019> no pits> no hipsits over

I hope the cast gets more and new merch

>>640226923We are so back bros

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>>640230423It wasn't, it had a filler plotAt most I'll give you scenes about Persona awakenings but you can just add them to Journey with bringing back Answer

>>640230281Because it was a great epilogue, you got to play as the toaster, got a new party member and gave more development to the entire cast. You got to fight a shadow version of the MC and everyone got to know the truth.It was an excellent addition.

>>640230112Look up Pipe Pop from Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix.

>they're recasting all the VAsI'm out

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>>640230462>there are ''''''''people''''''' ITT that don't like Lotus Juice

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>>640230585all his tracks sound the same

>>640226923Did they make makoto look less of a loser in the redesign?His emo bangs are less cringey and he doesnt have that god awful nose anymore

>>640230640Garbage taste

Just put P3P on phones and give FeMC some unique goodies to tide her three fans over. Like, I dunno, import Personas from P4G.

>>640230568>playing Persona dubbed

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>>640230653Yeah he looks more normal now, cheery even. Might be hinting at a revised ending.

>>640229519Being locked to swords convinces me that Shinji will be savable. I don't see them having an entire weapon type in the game for the only person to use them die off.

>>640230585I think he is fine, but normalfags mentioning every time gets annoying.

>>640230316Why does it have the same lyrics as the SO3 4D boss music

>>640230653Yeah, they moe-fied him and he looks like Yusuke now.

>>640230704p3 dub is sovl

>>640229973fucking lol

>>640230719He was always depicted as relatively cheery. He wasn't the sad emofag that fans thought he was.

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>>640230704>he doesn't know

what version of UE is it using


>>640230704This man gets it.

Persona 3 S.Links are terrible. All you do is lie to people and enable their worst traits. Like telling that guy to man up and keep playing with his serious injury, or encouraging Kenji to go after the teacher

>>640230653He hasn't looked like an emo loser since his original P3 design which they redid in every game after. watched the movies, but the songs are fucking great.

>>640230704you will never be japanese


>>640230496>no arguementI accept your concession>>640230515>Because it was a great epilogueIt wasn't, it was a grinding slog for 20-30 hours>you got to play as the toasterAigis was already a thing in Journey, not to mention writers couldn't even give a proper excuse for giving her Wild Card ability other than "s-she totally started her own Journey".>got a new party memberWow, another Aigis (and then it's just Shadow Aigis), how original! So original that writers did it again in Ultimax!>gave more development to the entire castWhat development?>You got to fight a shadow version of the MCDamn, I guess you orgasmed during entirety of Persona 4 then>everyone got to know the truthWow, MC did die but not really, also SEES beat Erebus once but then gave up and let Elizabeth be the permanent janny instead because they can never stop the doomposting.

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>>640231046You're playing a series made by a Japanese developer, which takes place in Japan, with Japanese characters that live in Japan. And you're crying because one guy called you out for playing with dubs?

>>640231046t. dub brain


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>>640230281git gud

>playing Persona dubbed

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>>640231046unironically kill yourselfdub is shit because its full of miscasts

>>640231052>not to mention writers couldn't even give a proper excuse for giving her Wild Card ability other than "s-she totally started her own Journey".Not the game's fault you're too fucking retarded to understand anything.Next you'll say the persona games where your party members could use other personas don't exist lol.

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>>640230515overly expanding on the original p3 ending was completely unnecessary and ruined how perfectly simple and beautiful it was.

>>640231007that's all social links, retardyou're not here to help them fix their problems, just to hang out with them

>persona with japanese voicesI knew Holla Forums was full of newfags but this is sickening.

>>640231007You could be honest but people don't tend to react well when they hear things they don't want to hear and the because only positive reactions net you points, people are gonna be inclined to seek out the options that give you the most rewards. Because no matter how much you try to humanize these NPCs, the fact that it's a video game means that no players are gonna prioritize "immersion" over objective efficiency. This is more or less why Persona's largely given up on nuance and shit in regards to S.Links. The thing the characters want to hear most is also always the most correct decision.

>>640231094I hate it.Not the song, Master of Shadows and Master of Tartarus are killer.I hate Aigistoaster.

>>640231258Completely wrong.P4 and P5 and even P3P have you telling them when they're wrong.

>>640228463the same type that calls pokemon characters by their Japanese names

>>640231052>What development?Expanding on their pasts such as showing one of the first explorations of Tartarus and how Junpei wound up in Pawlonia mall and got saved by Akihiko. Yukari's breakdown and expounding on the cycle of grief that never truly ends, you don't "get over" loss just because you experienced it once before.I like everything about The Answer. I'm sorry you didn't like it, but your bias is way too aggressive and strong for me to take seriously. Just don't play it, stop acting like you want to erase it. It provided nothing but respect for The Journey.

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>>640227337>SwitchIt occurs to me that I've never paid for P3 in any way. And I am not going to this time either. Teehee.

>>640231171>>640231176I’m not playing a game in a language I don’t speak. That’s only worth doing for movies and shows.


>>640231258i don't want to hang out with these fucking retards. the fat fuck moon kid almost gets you jumped by thugs.

>>640231007as if P4 and P5 protagonist-cunts were any betteryou literally encourage Kanji to embrace his gayness and Kawakami to fuck one of her underage students

Imagine a 3/5/2024 release date

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>>640231321I will burn my bread.

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>>640226923I just hope they let me increase all social links without cheating on my virtual gf

>>640231423>he only plays american gamesNo wonder you're retarded, kek

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>>640230732We have a character that's only playable in one palace and dies in the next one

>>640231487post behind pictures

>>640231449The Moon S.Link is a dozen times more interesting than the vast majority in all three Nusonas. You may find him distasteful, but at least he's fucking memorable. What do you remember about Fortune? Or Star?

I can't wait to fuck this toaster's throat in 4K

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>>640231541I don't think I have one, sorry.

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>>640231398>It provided nothing but respect for The Journey.The Answer and the retards who defend it missed the point of the original game so fucking hard that they needed an entire expansion pack to spoonfeed them the themes of the game while shitting all over its story and characters in the process.

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>>640228475> That JunpeiLiterally fucking soul vs soulless, which will be doubly so when they replace Vic with some shitty, pozzed VA.

>>640231185>game establishes that the ability to use multiple personas is a special snowflake ability>gives to a random robutt because muh emotions

>>640231423how tf are you using 4chan if you cant read

>>640231602>Characters can't be shown handling loss, it must be open-ended!!!

>>640231473Second point is optional so it doesn't count 1.3m 8.5M

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>>640231602The Answer is unnecessary, I won't disagree with that, but it's also a welcome expansion and provides more of what I like. Seeing everyone react and how they cope with MC's death was very interesting and heartwrenching. >>640231617The conditions for The Fool arcana are not that complex, user, I'm not sure why you're having trouble accepting Aigis getting it. If anything you should be questioning why she didn't get it sooner.

>>640229579Show in her plot buff in Arena and she'll make every other navigate worthless garbage.

>>640231692All of their arcs in the original game were about handling loss and they did it without acting like complete retards.

>>640231617Did you miss the part where Philemon outright hands her the ability?Yukari misinterpreting it as Aigis inheriting the ability forms the crux of the conflict.

>>640226923If The Answer doesn't acknowledge saving Chidori again I swear.

>>640231742its not surprising. ff7r is some weird fanfic from nomura that SE lied to everyone about saying it was a "remake". no one gives a shit about the rest of it. Atlus knows better than to fuck up.

>>640231617If anything, I think the robutts would be the ones most likely to be able to use multiple personas. They carry a piece of Nyx with them, the very cause of the creation of the collective unconscious. It'd make sense that such a piece could give rise to miniature seas within the robutts, allowing them to summon a variety of personas.

>>640231159>Mom, look, I'm a contrarian!>>640231185>bro you just don't get it!lol ok, I guess that explains the garbage writing like entire Abyss of Time thing>>640231398>as showing one of the first explorations of Tartarus and how Junpei wound up in Pawlonia mall and got saved by AkihikoIt's the only decent content of Answer (because it's not "omg 10/10 writing"), and even then devs could've easily added it to Journey with zero issues.>Yukari's breakdownThat writers pulled out of their ass>and expounding on the cycle of grief that never truly ends, you don't "get over" loss just because you experienced it once before.Wow, so you're telling me... "memento mori", the very message that ALREADY EXISTED in original Persona 3? Where everyone in the cast lost someone (or caused other people to lose beloved ones) and had to live with that? It's not my fault that YOU didn't get the message of The Journey and needed devs to spoonfeed you.

>>640228475That Junpei is a straight downgrade in every conceivable way holy fuck.

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>>640231617>The Fool arcana represents new beginnings.>Aigis gets depressed so bad she basically expunges her emotions and becomes empty.>Zero. Void. 0 - The Fool.>The major arcana are not just a one-and-done journey, it's cyclical.>The imprinting done by the MC on her Papillon heart have her awaken to Orpheus. Makes perfect sense, just admit you don't like it and you're coming up with excuses why you don't want it to make sense.

>>640231954Who's da man? You da man!

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>>640227917i honestly don't get the 1/2 remake clamoringthose are designed very differently, closer to a classic smt or any other rpgthose kinds are relegated to indie scene nowadays, or falcom garbage i supposedo you want persona 2 with daily grind shoved in to fit le modern sensebilities? because that is what you will get for wishing upon a monkey's paw

>>640230704Persona dubbed is great I dont want to hear jap voices for 30+ hours

>>640232015why does he remind me of kamoshida

>>640231742FF7R interest dived off a cliff after people played the actual thing and realized it was a tech demo and various games cut up in disguise. People have been clamoring for a P3 remake for years now and Persona has had non stop popularity since P5.

>>640231859>They carry a piece of Nyx with themEveryone carries a piece of Nyx within them, that's what Shadows and Personas are. The robutts being constructed around Plumes of Dusk, themselves crystallized physical Shadows, doesn't make them overly unique.

they're going to include a setting in the game if you want the mechanics of combat and fusing to work like they did in P3 or if you want all the things P5 brought inthere will be twitter discourse over this, people who haven't played the game telling other people who haven't played the game that they are secondary bitches if they don't go P3 style

>>640230281I want it to be fixed.>Add compendium, maybe let you use main story one once you reached the matching level.>Increase exp gain.>Add difficulty select.Bam, easy fix.

>>640231948>Wow, so you're telling me... "memento mori", the very message that ALREADY EXISTED in original Persona 3?That's right, what's so bad about this?> Where everyone in the cast lost someone (or caused other people to lose beloved ones) and had to live with that?Correct. And in this scenario, they were at a complete loss to figure out WHY he died. None of them knew, and that lack of information was eating at them.> It's not my fault that YOU didn't get the message of The JourneyI did, it's a very good game even stand-alone. You're upset that I like The Answer, which is pretty damn childish.You've somehow got it in your head that this is a competition.It's not.Grow the fuck up. If you're a man with integrity and sense, drop this faggotry at once.

Attached: 1433454037529.jpg (320x484, 35.38K)

>>640232015What is this expression trying to convey?

>>640232070>People have been clamoring for a P3 remakeP5 newfags have been clamoring for a Remake, most people who actually played the games realized that a Remake isn't necessary. Most of the people clamoring for a Remake are just going to watch their favourite streamer play the game.


Bros...*gosling noises*

Attached: 1686456954278499.jpg (3554x4096, 677.87K)

>>640232071>Everyone carries a piece of Nyx within them, that's what Shadows and Personas areGonna need a source on that.

>>640232201Probably, but that doesn't make my statement about Persona's current popularity any less true. FF has been in decline for over a decade now.

>>640232201>most people who actually played the games realized that a Remake isn't necessary.Speak for yourself, nigger. I love P3 and I'm totally on board with a remake. I think a P1 and P2 remake should have been first though.

Attached: 1615331911393.jpg (1609x1080, 113.98K)

>>640228749>he cant read moonrunes

Attached: 5645645.jpg (241x209, 7.06K)

>>640227337>game looks like shit to appease switch cucks


Attached: 1647733353546.gif (640x480, 130.59K)

>>640232254>It's been 20 years and I still never found my YukariBWOS...


Attached: Screenshot (237).png (1400x1050, 1.56M)

>>640232281Persona has been on a downward trend too since Atlus have seen fit to just milk P5 some more instead of making P6. The only reason there's any hype in the last few years is because they ported the games to PC.

>>640232493I'm gonna have him friendzone everyone and die a virgin!

>>640232514>Atlus have seen fit to just milk P5 some more instead of making P6.Did you forget the massive gap between P4 and P5?


Attached: Screenshot (279).png (1400x1050, 1.1M)

>>640232514I just hope we get P6 info sometime this year.

>>640232305He says posting lines that are most likely to get cut

>>640232146Friendliness, presumably.

>>640232609He will depart from this world sublime and pure, undefiled by filth.

Attached: aigis stays on.jpg (1200x675, 68.65K)

>>640232782He's going to turn into a statue and get groped by a giant rape monster forever, sorry bro.

>>640232782As the reincarnation of Christ is meant to be.I am going to name him Jesus Christ again and fuse an all angel team.

Attached: jesus is coming.webm (256x480, 998.15K)

Someone post the gif of the new UI, especially the pause menu one? It looks kino

>>640232605We're one year off from being the same amount of time as the gap between P4 and P5 while having literally no trailer or announcement while P5 was announced in 2013, 5 years after P4.Plus at least we got other, non-persona games that were actually good in the time between P4 and P5 while all we've gotten since the release of P5 that was halfway decent was SMT5.

>>640232885Scroll up

Attached: 1629748594645.webm (640x480, 2.94M)

>>640233025what the FUCK

>>640233025b o l d l yoldly

>>640230119>P3 is tied with 2In before we can make it real but we must buy 3 Reload

Attached: 1tVu7TUP.jpg (1920x1473, 641.57K)


Attached: 1499062722444.jpg (609x570, 28.82K)


>>640233092R E T A R D

>>640233025let the poor guy lose his virginity at least

>>640233025I'd gently walk her home.

>>640233148>fucking P4 will almost certainly get a remake before Raidou

>>640233397BEGONE, THOTS

Attached: 024.jpg (2132x3042, 371.98K)

>>640233368oh lol didn't watch till the end

Attached: Screenshot (239).png (1400x1050, 1.3M)

>>640233148>Soul Hackers was 6th place>This is the one that got a (shitty) sequel instead of Raidou and was made with the hope to be Atlus 3rd pillar

>>640229973Fuck thats mean

>>640231742> I think views posting is gay but damn lol. I don't think it'll directly translate into sales but that's a lot of interest for a leak P3 announcement.

>>640233409And by that, you mean boldly enter her Velvet Room, right?

>>640233561Raidou would have just been the game to get butchered by the Mirage Sessions team thenjust think Soul Hackers as a sacrifice to ensure that team isn't given any more big tasks

>>640230281the issue with the answer isn't the story it's the shitty grindfest the gameplay is. You're just stuck in worst Tartarus with less features (no fusion skills, no compendium, i.e.). If they cut it down to like half the length and added more depth to the combat it'd be way better>>640228518modern day weabs and rule 34 makers are gonna have a a field day with Aigis and Mitsuru

>>640233025This scene on the remake will be glorious

I hope this scene gets animated

Attached: imminent lewds.png (1920x1389, 2.64M)

>>640233749>the issue with the answer isn't the story it's the shitty grindfest the gameplay is. You're just stuck in worst Tartarus with less features (no fusion skills, no compendium, i.e.). If they cut it down to like half the length and added more depth to the combat it'd be way betterMy thoughts exactly.Hell I wouldn't even mind a long grindfest dungeon as long as the combat is good and has a ton of options.Make it so ALL party members gain exp and you can switch them in/out whenever and it'll keep things more fresh.The best way to tackle this would be to import everyone's abilities from The Journey to The Answer.

>>640226923This better have both FES and Portable content. We finally get a remake; it should be the chance to make a definitive version. If this just becomes a third version in the debate, or if this only ends up replacing FES, that will be a enormous missed opportunity.


Attached: 1627164146583.jpg (414x400, 36.4K)

>>640228475Only downgrade here is Yukaris outfit

Guys, guys. The best way to tackle The Answer would be to make the combat like in Strikers. That way it's more fresh than The Journey.

>>640234189No fuck that. I quite enjoyed swapping in Koromaru for Mitsuru against a boss that knows Hama and watch it flounder trying to land the move on the evading dog while I pound it into the dirt.

>>640234189>the best way to tackle the video game would be to make the combat not like the video game.

>>640233962They're going super hard on the blue. I don't think we're getting femc.

>>640233025Will the inevitable Valentine's day event consider this as cheating or will Liz be off limits for "dating"

>>640234293We're not. People really need to understand that FeMC only happened in P3P because Atlus had to cut so much shit to get P3 working on the PSP that they felt like they needed to add something to make up for it, meanwhile P5R is a remake that is obviously going to add new stuff and elements so it makes sense that they just focus in on the original MC.Wada even mentioned a few months back that gender selection is just too much work for the series with how big the games are now.

>>640233462>t. homosexual

>>640234293I am coping that there is a red/orange version of things for FeMC (or maybe not, and FeMC still gets blue anyways).I am also coping that the boxart isn't final and she will be featured on a later version

>>640234376>consider this as cheatingBut there's no cheating in that webm.

>>640234423Honestly they should just make a side game with exclusively a female protagonist. Have a B-team that makes Persona For Girls.

>>640234485I meant if you were to boldly accept it dude

will they do an original opening or will they remaster Burn My Dread

How come the Nanjo group or any previous predecessors of Persona users not notice the events of P3? Even Kei would be mildly spooked or contacted by old colleagues before big split if shadow activities were happening, right? Or at least when the island trip happened outside of Port island, previous persona characters would be alarmed by shadows out and about, right? They should not be affected by the coffins at the very least.

>>640232493>shoes insideaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>>640233025Glad she let him smash before he died

>>640234561Can't conceive such a scenario.

Attached: 1610160884377.png (1920x1080, 3.66M)

>>640234623>He didn't watch itRETARD


Attached: 1674457026030.png (1305x1127, 696.07K)

>>640231853How do we know that this isn't the same thing. What if this is also a "remake"

Attached: 1671561627326390.png (1200x676, 1.3M)

This is Maya. Say something to her.

Attached: Maya_full.png (354x1135, 323.07K)


Attached: 1581476654035.jpg (773x835, 172.77K)

>>640234529>otome jrpgmight work for a switch game since a lot of switch owners are female but i think it's a matter of sales. also i feel like there are more fujos than yumes who like persona.

>>640234615There's no way to trace the Shadow activity to Port Island. The Dark Hour was happening all over the world and electronic equipment doesn't work during that time. Normal people can't function in the Dark Hour without special training, so Nanjo's people are largely useless. Also, the devs don't care that much about continuity with P2.

>>640226923Do we think this game will at least be the definitive version of FES (assuming the rumors of no FeMC content is true)?

>>640234984Just make it lower budget like Soul Hackers 2.

>>640234957built for FeMC forced cowgirl

>>640234984>also i feel like there are more fujos than yumes who like persona.Pretty much what it is. That is why stuff like Akechi and Joker ended up so popular. Fujos would rather see a male protagonist at the end of the day than a female protagonist.The life sim elements and relationship elements would also end up filtering a fair amount of the male fanbase.

>>640227335>Portable isn't canonBut FeMC is in the Q games and the Q games are canon. The canonical reality is that she comes for a a co-canon P3 universe.

>>640235168Will it be in?

>>640235169That was just fanservice. The devs don't really care that much and I doubt they want to increase the budget just to incorporate FeMC. That's not a small expenditure.

The reason FeMC will not be viewed as worth investing dev time and money by Atlus is because you guys didn't buy Soul Hackers 2, which was their testing ground of reception of female MCs in the modern era.

>>640235169>But FeMC is in the Q gamesNo, she's in Q2. Not Q. Theodore is in Q without FeMC, by the way. And in Q2 she explictly comes from P3P, while the rest of SEES comes from FES. They don't know her, and so she buddies up to the Phantom Thieves instead. She's also not in P3D (Shinji is) or P4AU.

>>640234669God I wanna fuck Elizabeth >>640234960Maya theme better be in reload

Attached: IMG_0067.jpg (1280x720, 119.44K)

>>640235257why didn't they port it to the switch then, they would've made more money there than shitbox

>>640234981Always gets a chuckle

Attached: 1657628571563251.jpg (1024x718, 50.26K)

>>640235316Because as we all know, Atlus is a massively retarded company whose decisions make little sense. Everyone knew that it should have been on the Switch (if anything, the Switch is the platform it should have been on the most).

Attached: 1594262563907.png (373x291, 21K)

>>640227917I would love a Persona 2 remake.

>>640235257>even more good reasons for having skipped on Soul Hackers 2 Feels great

>>640235316I subscribe to the theory that since SH2 was made by the same team and director as Tokyo Mirage Sessions, they got butthurt that the game flopped on Wii U and Switch and blamed Nintendo for their failure. So they didn't want SH2 on Switch due to it (and then it flopped anyways)

Every protagonist is basically the same they just change the hair color and guardian

>>640227917>could remake Persona 1 or 2They could, and hopefully they do, but let's be honest. It would say significantly worse than any remake of the other games.

>spend years developing a custom engine just for persona 5>use it in two games>proceed to abandon it in favor of unreal and unityI don't understand atlus

>>640235706p6 will use the engine, this is a filler game since apparently p6 is still not finished

>>640234615I can only assume grandpa Kirijo's shenanigans were kept under tight wrap, so Nanjo wouldn't even know where to begin investigating.


>>640235706P5 took way too long to make and the bankruptcy of Index and subsequent acquisition by Sega fucked with things for so long that by the time they were able to start developing games again, the 8th generation of consoles was already nearing its deathbed. Remember, P5 was a PS3 game. Continuing to use this outdated engine as the Switch is nearing the end of its own lifespan isn't really gonna work.

>>640235246>>640235168much like P4G they should include a menu with old movies, tv ads, atc

>>640226923You made us wait you fucking bastard. Its been so long since the last Persona game. I don’t have to pretend like I’m having fun with SMT

>>640236237Did you not enjoy the Bean's adventure?

>>640230704There it is, every time.

>>640235706AAA nip devs are retarded, news at 11See Square-Enix and Luminous Engine

>>640236448>Atlus>AAAu wot

>>640227019Will the next generation of Persona fans see this character for the hollow wish fulfilment waifubait robot she (literally) is? Most P3fags are in eternal denial about how sharply downhill the game goes after 7/21. I'd not be surprised if zoomers on the lookout for this remake's Sumire or Marie presume Aigis fulfils their function.

Attached: 1606874089315.png (500x441, 285.56K)

For me it's mitsuru cause she is super smart and tough and has MASSIVE TITS and MASSIVE ASS

Attached: mitsuru-kirijo-7496.jpg (389x593, 37.17K)

>>640236769best p3 girl

>>640236824indeed, based and mitsurupilled

Attached: 1486443200364.jpg (543x768, 119.76K)

>>640236769This, but unironically

>>640235357got a giggle out of me.

>>640228295based and same

Attached: db61b9f111d04_d122dc3b_1280.jpg (1280x720, 379.06K)

>>640227917>>choose to remake the worst Persona insteadThis isn't P4

I think about how when you have sex with mitsuru her maid probably uses her mouth to get you hard before the actual intercourse

Attached: 0e174b8140c9cf06d327e582cea08aec--bikini-girls-anime.jpg (500x801, 41.15K)

>>640227337P5 was released on the PS3, so a game that seems like a semi-asset flip of P5 shouldn't be a surprise


Attached: 1472416442970.jpg (936x992, 94.74K)

>>640227061I’m genuinely so happy none of the shitty fan fiction from portable got in, I hope you are seething

>>640236769>super smart>doesn't know how to borgar>still fell for ikutsuki's trap>didn't know yukari was investigating her for her father's death

>>640227061It literally reminds you when you start femc story that she is not real and she only exists for new gameplay purposes to keep the game fresh for peopleWho has played the original to death, she has never and will never be real. If you consider PQ proof that she is canon you are the exact retarded niche part of the audience the spin off games are made for

>If FeMC is DLC like the answer>feMC haters seethe that Kotone is canon once and for all>feMCfags seethe that they have to pay DLC

Yeah that's right... blow your fuckin' brains out!

Attached: You're so fuckin' special.jpg (1024x768, 232.31K)

>>640237515I'm convinced she's gonna be the extra remake girl like Marie

>>640237515FeMC wouldn't be DLC. That's a lot more work than normal DLC. It's either something baked into the base game or it wouldn't be in at all.

>>640237395>she has never and will never be real.who cares? male MC isnt real either. who gives a shit about canonicy in a fucking high school dating sim JRPG lmao.

>>640226923This doesn't look good, the P5 style doesn't fit P3.The artstyle is also worse too. Instead of working on Persona 6. They wasted all of their time on working on a Persona 3 demake that nobody even asked for. Fucking incredible

>>640236629Aigis is a huge waifubait character, but at least her arc is pretty heartfelt and the game doesn't treat the relationship like a memes as with Kawakami and the maid stuff.>Most P3fags are in eternal denial about how sharply downhill the game goes after 7/21Fuck it I'll bite. Why do you think the game goes downhill towards the end of July, you know things actually start picking up like Shinjiro joining.

>>640237260is this the most telltale sign of someone who only got in with P5? its right up there with demanding more faggotry.

>>640237515Literally never happening, femc exists just because it was really cheap to swap a few sprites and create one new model and make no cutscenes, it let them rerelease the game with minimum changes without having to create new real content, it was a cash grab like most PSP ps2 ports at the time. In the future they are not going to want to constantly spend more development time pandering to femc shit. Also devs are on record as not wanting to put male romances in their games.

>>640237560where's the aftermath

>>640237386i dont think an SL ruined a character for me more than Mitsuru's did. >turn confident mature girl into retard who does the generic "doesnt know how money" rich girl shitwhat were they thinking

>>640237767>Also devs are on record as not wanting to put male romances in their games.source? kenfags btfo if true

>>640237640>who cares Not me she isn’t even canon so I would never ever have expected to see her in a remake of persona 3c you however sound positively seething ‘lmao’ still makes me smile hearing people lose their shit at Minato's return in the reveal of P3D

>>640237386got a case of the tism for sure

>>640237680Literally everyone asked for it though cry more. Number one most requested remake in both Japanese and NA surveys. The chads have spoken.

>>640237842>i care so little about FeMC that i write entire paragraphs about how much i hate her and how much im happy that she isnt being includedliterally seething lmao

>>640237948Nice paragraph seether, might want to get your mental health checked though because I only stated the fact that femc doesn’t exist in the universe of p3 and they might as well put spongebob squarepants in too according to your logic.

>>640237921>Literally all the Persona 5 newniggers who didn't play P3 asked for it though cry more.ftfy

they need to fix the default text boxit's so ugly and bad, I can't look at that shit for 80 hours

>>640237948>waahhhh I can’t live out my tranny fantasy >gender isn’t canon! Altus took a fat shit on you, deal with it

>>640238152P5 has the best gameplay you can switch to weakness personas faster

>>640238152You are coping pretty hard there

I'm not gonna lie to you Holla Forumsros I'm extreme drunk, but I am 100% in love with Mitsuru and her tits

>>640237948real enough to be put in PQ2 lmao

>>640238152I said the chads have spoken.

>>64023842forgot image

Attached: 1472215484149.png (1920x1636, 1.74M)

>>640238458KEK >chie: hey guys… MEAT>Akihito: protein protein protein! Truly a canon and worthwhile game series written by the real persona team writers

>>640238289>letting what trannys live in your head rent free to such a degree that it dictates what you are allowed to enjoyi heard trannys also like breathing and drinking water, user, you should stop doing those too.

>>640236481non-AAA jap devs are stuck on phones and/or Switch

Does femc have a big fanbase or is it a small group of people seething on twitter? I don’t pay attention to this shit usually

>>640238597you dont need to cope, lmao

>>640238612Yes because drinking water is comparable to freaking out because you can’t pretend to be a woman and date boys

>>640237767>Also devs are on record as not wanting to put male romances in their games.Sauce?

>>640238642google exists

>>640238661>he cant play a game without self insertingoh no no

>>640234981Why is Tatsuya cradling a pizza?

>>640238615The fuck does "AAA" mean to you? Atlus games are never very high budget at all. If anything, they use a ton of budget-saving techniques in all of their games, including Persona 5.

>>640238658Yeah bro it’s real it just happened in the middle of the original game just after the dancing game during that magical storm and then they forgot everything that ever happened and became completely irellevant then it all happens again in a sequel then they forget again almost like none of it actually was real or happened

>>640238642there are a group of people who like her because she's cute and has some good social links.then there are the trannys who want to larp as a high school girl because they are mentally ill. these are the loudest because they're terminally online twatter faggots that shout a lot.

>>640238642Just a few trannies, probably discord coordinated

>>640238816>The fuck does "AAA" mean to you?Google it

>>640230585I wish Pharos/Ryoji was a cute girl like Ougi-chan

Persona 5/ 3 edition No thanks

>>640238849wow, user, you've almost realized that canonicity hasnt fucking mattered since P2 lmao

>>640238976Games like GTA5 are AAA user. Atlus games are AA at absolute best, and even that's a bit of a stretch most of a time. These are not high-budget titles. When someone calls a game "AAA", they mean that it has a massive budget and huge work force devoted to it.

>>640238642Just retards like her pretty much

can't wait for Makotoshitters and Persona 5 tertiaries to latch onto my Mitsuru like a cancer

>>640237767>and create one new modelMaleMC's model is already the same as Joker's, I don't see why they couldn't do the same with the FemMC.

>>640239279It's not that simple. Putting aside the model, there's also the altered dialogue, voice lines, unique Social Links, cutscenes. Even if the cutscenes aren't hand-drawn, there's a lot of them and they'd have to remake each one with FeMC. It's a much larger expenditure than just making one new model. This also is why it'll never be DLC. It's either in the base game from the very start or it won't be in at all.Also, nothing from Persona 5 is used for this game. This is an Unreal Engine title, it's not reusing P5's engine, so nothing from P5 was ported over. Why do you think they made all the demon models for SMTV from scratch? It's because they couldn't port over the P5 models. P5 assets will never be used in anything again.


>>640237767>because it was really cheap to swap a few sprites and create one new model and make no cutscenesand add a bunch of new social linksand edit the entire script to change all pronouns and create new events for stuff that wouldnt work with a femaleand rerecord lines that used male words for the normal eventsi dunno why people cope and say that Atlus didnt care about FeMC. you do realize that series started off with a gendered choice for protagonists and that the female one was made canon for the games before P3? and that half of P2 is with Maya?

>>640239457They seem to be removing the cutscenes and having it use the models to it would just be a model swap, you're right about the rest though.>nothing from Persona 5 is used for this game.Are you kidding? You don't see Joker running with the bad minus Morgana, the map using the same style, the faceless NPCs being the same, even if they did all the assets from scratch they literally copied P5.

Fuck you, my husband looks cuter now

Attached: 1686402036796177.jpg (969x545, 133.2K)

>>640239663What's Da Man looking at?

>>640239610It's reusing styles and aesthetics, it hasn't ported any models. If there's any asset flipping going on at all, it's all gonna be from SMTV, not Persona 5. Persona 5 is a PS3 game. We're two generations past that already.

>>640239723One generation. PS5 does not matter

>>640232216Junpei is a soulless character, yes.

>>640226923fuck i missed this, what was the board like when it was announced?

>>640238768It's a visual representation of his feelings towards Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona Q, and most importantly, Maya.

>>640231552Moon should've put more emphasis on the cult aspect and far less on helping him get Diabetes at age 20, as it is it suffers like a lot of P3 links from being unfocussed and introducing the major problem for the S.Link in the last few ranks.

2D parts of the game look uglier than P5, why is that?

>>640240034Ten ranks is too limited to really show off a friendship and a subplot. You can't just make most of the S.Link deal with the core issue. You have to build up a solid relationship first. Or at least, that's probably what the writers thought.

>>6402397053inch cock vs 9inch cock

>>640239663The original P3 portraits had more detail to them, is Soejima getting lazy?

>>640228120Did you even play the main story? MC was a Gigachad who befriended 20+ people with completely different personalities and fucked half of them. His was the best dick Yukari has ever had and she can't live without it.

>>640240357I imagine you're right, but they go to the other extreme where nothing of note seems to happen across most of the link until right near the end. Personally I think Hemit is the best at representing this issue, it's 8 Links of listenning to your teacher bitch in mid-2000s internet slang then suddenly the conflict appears in rank 9 (the MMO is going to be shut down) followed by an equally sudden conclusion. That link is carried almost entirely by how much you like "Maya" and her dialogue.

I'm curious how much it will adopt things that were added in P4 and especially P5, anything in mind that you really want to see anons?

>>640240825Isn't that kind of the point? I mean it's not like you went into these relationships expecting every single one of them to end up involving some massive personal issue.

>>640240914Like getting up from knockdown without wasting a turn? Idk I think this remake should stay true to the original game.

>>640240825Also, sometimes I kinda feel like maybe toning this shit down a notch isn't a bad idea. Mitsuru's link would be vastly improved if the whole thing was just going on dates and eating hamburgers.

>>640240914>anything in mind that you really want to see anonsI wanna have full party control, and have the game be balanced around that. I want pretty much nothing from 5R to return because it was pretty damn busted, exploding shadows, showtime attacks and that stuff should stay gone. Would be nice to get stuff like the link attacks from P4G where sometimes an off party member can do something like Chie's Galactic Punt, Baton Pass would be nice if it isn't astronomically broken like in Royal as well. Basically just a mix of P5's vanilla battle system and P4G would be perfect.

>>640240925Really all I want is that there's a sense of moving towards something in these links, some goal, character development, or resolving a conflict, whatever, but that's usually lacking in favor of a lot of aimless meandering. It doesn't need to be all like The Sun where you're talking to a guy coming to terms with dying young, though, small-scale is fine too.

>>640241162Most of those things will probably show up. I fully expect something similar to Showtimes. Personally, I never actually felt that Showtimes were really all that impactful. If anything, out of all of Royal's additions, Showtimes were easily the least impactful of all. Way less so than Traits as well as the modifications made to Baton Pass.

>>640237248No, she looks like a thirty year old and acts like a cougar.

>>640238976AAA is budget and Atlus games are low budget user. For most of their existence they only barely scraped a single A and even something like Persona 5 is only AA at best.

>>640241578Personally I think P5's kinda stretching it too. You don't understand the sheer amount of trickery they used to make this game look better than it should.

>>640231476It's weird that maybe even Persona 4 might a remake one day

>>640241843Personally, I really don't think it needs it. I kinda feel like out of all Persona games, the graphical style kinda adds to the overall tone of P4. It arguably suits P4 far better than it ever suited P3.

>>640239973>fuck i missed this, what was the board like when it was announced?2 days of non-stop Persona discussion. Get hyped!

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>>640242186I wanna fuck her

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>>640229163Where the fuck are you coming from? Portable was always considered the best way to play P3 before 2020 made it impossible to have an actual discussion thread on 4chan.

>>640228002that fucking fight

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>>640242551Don't fuck your own clone.

I want to empty my balls inside the robot

>>640228514Margaret was bullshit though.

>>640227793>Things look clear from where I'm standing>This wishful thinking of yours will get you

I love Fuuka

I love to bully Fuuka

>>640243170P3D had a nice ost hope some of it is in Reload

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I love the nightlife

>>640243670Probably DLC tracks or something. As always.

What I'm really afraid of is that they'll do what they did with P4G and P5R and get rid of BABYBABYBABYBABYBABYBABY

>>640244248Also, the fact that they released the P3P remaster before this kinda has me paranoid that they'll try to pull a FF7R.

>>640229278>>640232381SMT V is still the most technologically advanced game they ever made.P3R looks like shit because it's an Atlus game. Atlus is barely AA.

>>640227019>Grabs your dick*Hand spins*

>>640244591Over 300 employees AA?

>>640232043Because people want an actually accessible version of the game both figuratively and literally since P1 and IS/EP are both stuck on dead hardware and have been for over 10 years

>>640230692>Just put P3P on phonesPPSSPP is a thing I beat it on the phone

>>640234960Lisa is better.

>>640244781300 employees and Persona 5 still looked like it was made in 2010

>>640244896the fuck you want a stylized anime game to look like? Horizon Zero Dawn?

>>640244321Yes. I expect the femc appearing as a rival or somethingNo way they wont pull a ff7r kek

>>640244878No I mean in a vain attempt to appease angry FeMCfags.

>>640244965>no rebuttalAnd we're done here

>>640245119Can you not answer the question?

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>>640233561>trusting current fatlus with aspect raidou

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>>640244997No, they are obnoxious and need to suffer.

>>640239457>Why do you think they made all the demon models for SMTV from scratch?They didn't. Literally every demon aside from Doi's was taken from games like P5/R and Nocturne.


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Why people even play this garbage series, it's just a dating game without any sex

>>640226923Do you guys think, even with this being a remake and all, that they will still release an ''updated'' version with some more story content or whatever? Like P4 Golden and P5 Royal, it's Atlus so you never know

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>>640239457>Why do you think they made all the demon models for SMTV from scratch?No they didn't. King Frost still has a bunch of low-poly Jack Frosts inside him from his Digital Devil Saga boss fight.They're retouched, yes, but none of them are actually new outside of the ones who never had a 3D appearance before.

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>>640246058probably not unless it's a massive success


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>>640246194>8 years agoWhat the fuck man

>>640246194based pure hearted user

>>640246194learning that they actually DIDN'T fuck here has ruined my life forever

>>640246194What a shit game can't even fuck

>>640227019>completely destroys any sense of believability or stakes by introducing mega man x to a cast of humans

I'm deathly curious to see how they'll handle combat this time around. P3 suffers from some of the worst encounter design in the series, so many enemies who are completely ineffectual and fights where it's the same enemy repeated five times over so all it takes is a single Ma- spell to end it immediately. Even The Answer does this.They're not keeping the SMT styled recruitment from 5, so I wonder if the encounters will remain the same as well.

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>>640246849will hopefully uncuck the enemies to make up for manual party member controls. P3P kinda didn't though

>>640246910I hope so, also hope that they'll bring in Nuke and Psy from 5 so it's at least a little harder to keep track of things and abuse weaknesses, although it'd create a gap between Makoto and his party. Ken and Koromaru are so useless you may as well revamp their kits while you're at it, but I doubt they'll go this far.There's a lot of opportunities to learn from the experimentation in other games and use it to improve upon P3, so even if there's no Answer or FeMC, the actual combat can still make up for it. Same as the Major Shadows not having any special areas or gimmicks after Lovers.