It's Saturday. Time for jackbox.

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twitch.tv/vackboxgamingStarting off with some Bidiots

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>>640226745Get in faggits

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Ill only bump if OP says please

>>6402267451 more

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Ok ill keep bumpingYour welcome

>>6402267451 more spot. Get in.

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>>640229005>>640229020How about I bump my cock into your cock-receiving orifice

>>640229445I would like this.

>>6402267452 more for quiplash


>>640226745join up

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love me some quip



>>6402267451 more spot

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Bada bump

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Trivia Google Party up next bros

Bumpy for OPs dumpy!


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Dictionarium up now

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Bump for Roomerang sucks

kek lmao so much for roomerang

The worst thing about Roomerang is that it has NO cute girls

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>>640228391you don't need to have a thousand flags to identify yourself user

>>640235712I'd fuck the purple one and the green blue one at the bottom and the gray alien

>>640235712are you fucking blind user purple is RIGHT THERE

Sex with jobjob cooler

>>640236893Is purple even a girl

>>640236921That is not proper work behavior

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>>640237192Is this it?Sex 2...

>>640237113Who cares?

>>640237192Can't wait to turn her water white.

im gonna fuck that cooler

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How is job job ALWAYS funny?

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>>640238569Jobjob is pretty much the best game Jackbox has ever made.

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>>640226745join up fags

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This bump is for ted


Trying Roomerang AGAIN for some reason, newfriends please read the rules at the bottom before playing

roomerang sux

>MSM lost


Why is he persecuted so?

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Roomerang is officially over. Rejoice and join for a better game.


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Bumping so OP doesnt bomb me

>8 people watching>0 in audienceAre these threads even populated by anybody other than regulars? These threads feel like ghost towns

>>640241623this is the slowest it's ever been by far.

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>>640241623No one is ever funny, so it's not a big shock.

>>640241623needs to make better OP's desu

>>640241769Some nights are just slow

>>640241623Sometimes theres enough anons for bracketeering

Keep on joining.


This night peaked with Job Job as it always does

>>640226745playing TKO.I will buy the winning shirt.

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yeah op i don't think you're getting a shirt

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>>640243707>inside jokes referencing the namefagsthese threads have gone to shit huh

>>640243707OP is a fag anyways, and the lamest shirt won.

>>640243881Must really suck to be unliked. Sorry about that.

>>640244115>lamest shirt wonHow dare you dishonour Ted like that

>>640243707Everything on that page except for the design on the right is mine.

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>>640244115hey user check your mail i left you package

>>640243707this one was unironically the best shirt design this shit goes hard

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>>640243881I blame the french nigger for alwayd trying to do repeat joke shit

>>640244238Not memey enough.

We shall see.

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You could have made OP advertise his own twitch stream.

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>>640244318Based if real.

>>640244367spoiler alert it's this

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>>640244318>30$Its worth it for him

>>640244238Deserves to be a shirt.

fuck I accidentally joined as a playerusually waiting for 5 seconds is enough

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stream audio is falling the fuck apart


>tfw came up with a funny joke 1 second after the timer ended

>>640245398Judging from these answers you're not alone

fuck yeah I'm not the worstnow back to spectating

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>>640245557why are you afraid?