What difficulty do you play on?

What difficulty do you play on?

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>>640225913all of them


Normal but I switch to easy for anything that troubles me. I like to win without much difficulty because life is difficult enough as is

Normal on most games, hard on games I'm already familiar with.

>>640225913i edge so very hard

>>640225913Hardest difficulty

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A game is not better because the enemy deals more damage while you deal less.

>>640225913Hard unless its retard health bloat """hard"""

>>640225913Average/Hard remding on game. For SoP I went full hard mode and didnt regret it

Action games = Very hard.JRPGs and games with grind = Very EASY.

>>640225913Hard if action game, normal if turn based, higher difficulty in turn based is almost never interesting

Always on hard. 90% of games normal is braindead and no fun.A few examples of games that are shit on normal are>Dead Space Remake>Resident evil 4 Remake>Any resident evil game really>God of war>Dishonored 1/2>Pathfinder>Revengeance>Metro SeriesI would actually have more trouble thinking of games that are good on normal. Maybe Piranha bytes games, but even then you should up the difficulty after a couple of hours if you start on normal.>

>>640226334It's also not better because the enemy deals less damage while you deal more, what's your point?

>>640225913Normal everythingOnly play harder modes when there are related achievements

>>640225913Only multiplayer games are challenging

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>>640225913Hardest available, anything else is boring

>>640225913I either do what that redditor does or I play on the hardest difficulty if I want to sweat a bit

>>640225913Easiest difficulty every timeI don't care about challengeI just like exploring and hitting stuff

>>640225913The highest available from the start, otherwise I don't feel like getting the whole experience. Maybe that's just my OCD or something.

Normal as intended. Im not retarded for easy nore autistic to play hard and above

i start on the highest difficulty because i can always drop it down later. except in metro 2033, which is killing me.

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>>640226683you never go full journo...

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>>640225913normal most of the timenightmare for boomer shootersnightmare for games that are genuinely tuned around nightmare then and scaled back for other difficulties

>>640225913People like that make me wonder if they like games or if they are just movie tourists hijacking gaming necause hollywood is so shit

Normal mode usually. If I can freely change difficulty in game I might drop it to easy if I'm just sidequesting in an RPG and just want to speed things along. Sometimes I play on higher difficulties when they offer something different like Thief or DOOM or something. Currently playing Ninja Gaiden Black on Master Ninja and getting my ass kicked by Fire Ninjas.

The purpose of a video game is to conquer its challenges and win the game. What the fuck is wrong with you easy mode tards? Get a fucking life lmao.

>>640225913Normal, unless the game remixes or expands on mechanics by upping the difficulty, then i'll play on hard.If difficulty just means player health/damage/speed/whatever down and enemy up, easy. I'm not wasting my time chipping away at a health bar.

>>640225913Hardest possible, I'll even subject myself to the highest difficult in a Bethesda game if I'm feeling especially retarded

>>640226898People who get lives are usually the ones dropping the difficulties down

>>640226516Difficulty select is antiquated. Developers should focus on a unified experience.

>>640225913I tend to play on harder difficulties because I like a good challenge but lately I've tried just playing on normal just to get through a campaign or whatnot, depends on how much I actually like the game. Recently I went back to Doom 3 after over a decade. I played it on the hardest difficulty available on PC back then and had a blast. I tried playing it on my PS4 on normal and it was so braindead easy that I got bored and stopped.

Hard because its usually the intended difficulty. Normal is tuned so that even the worst journalist tier players can easily beat it.

Usually I just play on normal. I recently got Sekiro tho, no difficulty setting of course, and it was so beyond the difficulty and frustration of anything I've played I gave up and turned on godmode just so I could get the game over with.

>>640225913Hard, and most games are still easy as shit. Normal is just the mode meant for actual mouthbreathing retards. It's always piss easy, so the sub-80iq crowd won't complain about the game being too hard.

>>640227071Difficulty selection allows the game to be sold to a broader audience. Retards can play on easy while gamers play on higher difficulties.

Name one game where Hard mode is better than Easy mod. I'll wait.

>>640227269All of them.

>>640225913I don't understand why these people who very obviously don't want to play games don't just watch playthroughs. Instead they pay money so they can parade? playing games as some kind of identity that they do not have. How empty and meaningless must a person's existence be to fake one this poorly.

>>640227269>easy>good in any wayI don't get it. Might as well watch movies or read a book.

>>640225913I grew up with ps1 games were pretty difficult due to a combo of me being a kid + experimental games and controls phase (Early ps1 era)Got into ps2 and ps3 era where all games seemingly were pandering to the biggest retard available to basically every game was easy as fuck.Then Dark Souls released. A game with slightly above average difficulty. But normies are shitters, so not it's """HAAARRRRDDD""".Due to the popularity, the "All games easy" era ended, because everyone wanted to be dark souls. Some games even dropping their root gameplay to suck Souls dick (GoW, Dark Siders)Now we are in the """"challenging"""" era, where every game needs to be a challenge (or competitive meta shit). And I am sick of it. Especially of those that add a "hard" difficulty and just up the numbers x10, so everything becomes fucking annoying instead of hard.I have no trouble playing games on hard what so ever. I tend to still do it just out of own pride. I've got nothing to prove to anyone. But I find myself wanting to go to normal or even easy.It's time for the "normal" era to start, which never happened before. To answer OPs question:Play on the highest difficulty or kill yourself you fucking loserFor some games normal or easy is acceptable because the game sucks DICK on harder difficulties due to ineptitude of the devs because they want to appeal to the Dark Souls Hard audience

Generally, I play on Normal, I change the difficulty only if:>Replaying>Game aimed at younger audiences >Difficulty is too easy>More rewards, XP for higher difficulties >Different/Better Ending >Min-Maxing OP Build Autism >Difficulty exclusive achievementsThen I play on Hard, and rarely Hardest>Playing for story>Just want to finish the game>Achievement hunting>Speedrunning (in a casual sense)>Replaying>Skipping grind or want to grind faster>Co-op with younger siblings/relatives>Going through a shitty level quicker >Picking up game again after a long while agoThen I play on Easy

>>640225913I always pick the hardestif it's too easy I get bored

>The boss has 1,000,000,000 health and my gun deals 1 damage>This is so much fun! XD

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I play Easy, if the gameplay sucks and I just want the interactive movie.

>>640225913>mods continue to allow preddit screencap threads even when the topic is literal bait>people continue to bump this shit

>>640226898The purpose of a life is to conquer its challenges and win the life. What the fuck is wrong with you video game tards? Get a fucking life lmao.

>>640227018That's not true. People who get too comfortable with their life drop the difficulty down. They automated their lives. Send the kids to school, go to work, eat at the same place everyday, come back from work at 5pm, ask what the kids did at school, eat dinner, play video games in easy, fuck the wife, sleep and repeat.They don't aim for higher job position or higher pay by changing companies. They stopped learning because they are "too old to learn new stuff".They stopped thinking, time goes by and before they realize it, they're 70 and their life is over.Players who play on easy difficulty are braindead, I don't even consider them human anymore.

>>640225913On the topic of difficulty in games can we please stop with arbitrarily naming the difficulty setting?>Nightmare >Dante Must Die>Legendary>Inferno >Ultra ViolenceJust name them Easy, Normal and Hard. If it's easier than Easy or harder than Hard just use Very Easy and Very Hard.

>>640225913Depends on the game. For some of the harder and more complex games like Faster Than Light and Starsector I can go Easy to get the hang of them.For most regular games I go Hard.For games that I'm reasonably proficient in I go the hardest dificulty unless it has aspects that are too unfun to bother with (FTL has little to no money to work with, Skyrim bloats the fuck out of the enemy HP, etc).

>>640225913Usually normal since that's what I interpret as "how the developers intended it". Easy is numbers lowered and hard is numbers raised.I always play hardcore though.

I play on normal.

Easy since I'm not a masochistno wonder gamers are bunch of cucks who're okay with supporting greedy devs. $70 game + microtransaction + gacha + battle pass is hard mode for them!

>>640227662No, it's flavor, and it's amusing. >Stop having fun!

Highest difficulty, unless it's some hardcore mode


>left 4 deadExpert mode, realism is just too bullshit>Vermintide/darktideThe highest one, since it gives more enemies to kill and makes stuff more tense>Total warExpert campaign, normal battle

>>640225913Hard Mode, Most game you don't really have to bother with the mechanics on normal or easy

>>640225913I test the waters. I try it on normal (or its equivalent), and if I find it too easy, I bump it up. I'll keep bumping it up to match my skill level, and bump it up as the difficulty gets easier. Or, if it's a "pick once" kind of difficulty, just jump in to the hardest mode because it's what the devs intended.

>>640227071Zoomer detected

>>640226898Normie Npc Who haven't use their brain since high school

If I ever make a meme game, the difficulty settings will be- Gaming journalist.- Dad used to beat me.- I had breakfast yesterday.- Wagie dopamine quota- Dad beat mom instead- NEET life welfare queen- Apples in my mind

>>640226898Yes, and a harder greater achievement is better. It’s why you get thrown a party for graduating school but not wiping your ass.

>>640227384>For some games normal or easy is acceptable because the game sucks DICK on harder difficulties due to ineptitude of the devs because they want to appeal to the Dark Souls Hard audienceName 3

>>640228331>Or, if it's a "pick once" kind of difficulty, just jump in to the hardest mode because it's what the devs intended.lol

>>640225913Depends on the game/genreGenre I'm unfamiliar with? NormalGame I can guess will be easy(AAA games)? Max

Slightly harder than hard is my go-to.You really can't trust devs. Sometimes Hard is fine like in STALKER or FEAR, but sometimes it's Skyrim levels of tedium

>>640228947FF7 Remake (Enemies do more damage and have more hp)Nu-GoW (Enemies do more damage and have more hp)Event fucking Assassins Creed went the Souls route with difficulty, again, just scaling up enemy damage and hp.Other than that, pretty much every Major title not made by nintendo that has difficulty settings and single player. Excluding strategy games obviously.Proper difficulty increase would change enemy AI, movesets, events, etc. But that's too expensive to make for the poor little multi billion dollar companies

>>640228947the new God of war highest difficulty sucks fucking ass because all enemies have extremely bloated health and the over the shoulder camera means you get one shot from off-screen attacks oftenThe hardest part was how brain numbing it was

>>640227071>i refuse to improve or rise to a modest challenge that's why dark souls should have an easy mode and i wrote a kotaku article bragging about how proud i am that i modded one in

Wow never thought Holla Forums would be this casualWhere did the old Holla Forums go

>>640225913If it's a genre/series I know well and enjoy already then hard. If it's something I'm not confident in then normal.

>>640225913highest difficulty, it’s a fucking video game not actual difficult shit

>>640225913It's good for you that many games let you adjust difficulty settings. Have fun in whatever setting lets you enjoy the game. While I (mostly) enjoy difficulty and combat, what I can't stand is "grinding" and repeating mindless and useless tasks, only to get a random low% reward in many cases. I wish I could tinker with those settings in games that are otherwise enjoyable.

>all these “normal” pickersholy shit Holla Forums is filled with causals

>>640225913Reminder we're gonna be flooded by retardtards in 3 weeks when the unofficial apps close

>>640230028>more damage and more hp badFrom my point of view, the hardest difficulty have the right hp and damage and they just lowered it for plebsFrom your dogshit point of view, the easiest difficulty have the right hp and damage

>I ONLY play on mega ultra hard>*Uses only what's meta and cheese strategies instead of organic gameplay*What is the fucking point of beating your chest over me playing on easy if you're just going to do the exact same shit with a dozen extra steps to get the same power fantasy result?

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>>640225913Depends. If the game says "this one is recommended" I'll usually pick that one, also this >>640226035

>>640226334Except this is bullshit because this often massively improves games. Just look at say Devil May Cry's default difficulty, which is garbage because enemies don't do enough damage, so you can be sloppy and take hits to get more hits in and still easily win, while upping health and damage completely changes this and forces you to fight better.

>>640225913Its a careful balancing act for me, usually Hard but not Hardest. If hard is the hardest, then normal as I usually like to save one difficulty for a replay and a lot of times the max difficulty is just shitty health sponging and damage reduction anyway. If there are bonus items or events I will always pick hard. If they cut items for 'difficulty' I will never pick hard. If random encounter rates are increased I will never pick hard.

>>640230028VII Remake's Hard Mode is literally a new game plus exclusive mode for players that have mastered the combat system.

>>640230559You didn't beat the game.

>>640225913>game normal hard mode and autistic hard mode>don't want to learn the game on autistic>don't want to beat it twice

If you play on hard for any reason other than "it's more fun and challenging" then you need to kill yourself. There's nothing remotely impressive about playing a fucking video game. Do it because it's fun, not because you don't want appear like a casual or some other retarded nerd cope.

>>640225913Games are generally far too easy on anything but the hardest or second-hardest setting. If you enjoy monkey-brain autowin, that's a sign of profound retardation.

>>640230491When hard and above is just raw number bloat, what's the point?

>>640230559Because you don't have to make decision, learn the mechanics, trials and error and improve in easy.Retards think increasing the hp and damage of enemies is bad difficulty design, meanwhile you can one shot everything in normal

>play on normal>get bored and switch to hard>halfway through hard it starts getting bullshit>have to choose between not having fun or replaying everything again on normal

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>>640230670The hardest difficulty shouldn't be locked like that.But I get why they do it. Twitch streamers play on the hardest difficulty, because they don't want chat to make fun of them. Then if they struggle, they blame the game and say it's shit.

>>640230731This especially. Back when there were only 3 games worth Playing at a given time, replaying a game at a harder difficulty made sense, because you wanted to stretch your dollar.But we live in an era of overabundance, where there's too many games and not enough time. Out of 50 games to play I'll only replay 1. Most games don't have gameplay worth learning about, let alone mastering for a hard playthrough. It's literally impossible to be hardcore with every single game you play unless you truly are a no life autist. Be casual with 50 games and hardcore with the 1 you love.

I always play on normal, but on modern games I play on hard because it's the difficulty normal used to be. Soon I'll have to pick very hard if games keep getting easier. Also I don't play on hard difficulties to flex or brag on cambodian basket weaving forums. I play on those difficulties because if the game is too easy then it isn't fun. I want to have to plan and prepare in a stat/loadout based RPG, I want to learn the boss patterns in an action game, I want to learn the various synergies and how all my abilities work together in a turn based game. I don't just want to win I want to be entertained.

>>640230961Ah yes, Fire Emblem

If harder difficult means more enemies/variety or tactics I will go for the harder modes.If it's just damage scaling then I'll play it on normal or whatever the recommended setting is.

>>640231029>if it's just damage scaling, I'll choose the difficulty where the enemies have so little HP I can one shot all of them

dis nigga just want shit handed to himall that does is makes things worthless and by extension his life is worthless

>>640230985i wish more games had reasons to replay them

If the options are:>easy>normal>hardthen I'll generally pick hard unless hard just means it takes 10 times longer to kill enemies. If the options are like>very easy>easy>normal>hard>very hardthen I pick hard for my first play through, and then do very hard if I like the game

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thoughts on "realistic" difficulties like in metro?iirc correctly you die easier than the hardest difficulty but enemies also die easier

>>640230524So from your hyper-intelligent point of view, if I make a game, where you can't die but the enemy has 500 billion HP and you do 1hp damage every 2 seconds to him, that's difficulty for you? You piece of shit dumbass retard. Difficulty should NEVER EVER be hp and damage. Hate to do a comparison using it, but Undertale did difficulty 100% right. Though there is no straight up Easy, Normal, Hard selection.>>640230670>mastered the combat systemIf you need to "master" FF7Rs combat system, you should stick to playing Farmville on Facebook back in 2010.There is nothing to master. There isn't a single challenging fight in that game, including Bahamut and Pride & Joy.The only difficult thing about FF7R is comprehending how they could fuck up story and combat that bad.>Spells can miss and are slow>Spellcasting can get interrupted>Skills/Limits continue through cutscenes, wasting them>Blocking is completely useless>98% of all skills are useless>etc.

>>640226310>good players get bored if the difficulty is too low>bad players feel like shit when the difficulty is too highAccording to this graph and this thread, most of Holla Forums are dogshit at video games

Normal unless there are increased rewards in Hard or higher

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if the gameplay is good, hardif the gameplay is shit and i'm playing for the story, absolute fucking pussy mode

>>640231196Almost always the correct way to do hard modes for shooters. Removing hud elements and adding more resource management should also be a thing for hard modes.

>>640231219That has been widely knwon for over 13 years already

>>640230491a lot of games, often RPGs, completely and totally fall apart on anything other than normal, bump it up to hard and usually 85% of builds become worthless. i do not think I have ever seen an RPG in my life where setting it to hard maintained proper balance.fuck even total warhammer 2 did this, your melee infantry were basically rendered almost entirely unusable, thus the only viable units were ranged ones and thus only the factions with heavy ranged focus became viable

Depends. I'm not going to play on hard if I'm not used to the game. I'm playing Ninja Gaiden on easy and I'm not ashamed, I'm literally learning the controls and the game is pretty hard already.But I definitely play shooters on the hardest setting.

>>640231208You'd die in real life before 250 billion seconds expire, retard gorillaniger.

>>640231208Ah yes, using a fallacy as an argument. What I expected from a pleb. I can do that too>So from your hyper-intelligent point of view, if I make a game, where you can't die and the enemy has 1 HP and you do 500 billions damage every 2 seconds to him, that's fun for you?

Hard or hardest >>640231029When does it ever mean more enemies / different tactics lmao?

hard unless "hard difficulty" just means the enemies have 10x more health and the difficulty doesn't actually increase but it just takes longer to clear shit, for a lot of games this translates to normal though.

>>640227605Based. I play on hard and have been successful (except socially and mentally).

>>640226310>most of Holla Forums are dogshit at video gamesye

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>>640231294My only issue with removing hud elements is there isn't usually a good substitute to something you would be able to do realistically. I liked Red Orchestra 2's system where there's no ammo counter but you can hold R to pull your mag out and it'll tell you how heavy the mag feels which is a rough indicator of ammo left in it. Insurgency also has a mag system and I liked that you can reload normally to keep half spent mags or mash reload to drop the mag and put a new one in quick.

>>640231196Recently replayed Metro 2033 Redux on Ranger Hardcore and it was very tense and a great time. My only problem was I had run out of oxygen completely by the very end of the game, and I had to spend a solid 15 minutes figuring out how to beeline to the very last cutscene. Artyom takes his fucking mask off and smells that fresh air anyway

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>>640225913Normal. First playthroughs are for story, second is for challenge.

>>640230491Its what the game is designed around.>>6402259139/10 games are designed around normal difficulty, so normal.


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>>640225913Either normal or hard (depending on the game).If difficulty means opponents have a million hp and hit with the fury of a billion suns, then I set it to piss easy.

>>640231610Well, that's an unrelated topic in that games should always have in game ways to display HUD information like Dead Space or Spyro's dragonfly, but good games will find a diegetic solution for removing HUD elements, yes.

>>640225913Normal, sometimes hard if the game lets me change difficulty without starting a new game.

>>640231408You should get tested for autism. That was obviously an over-exaggeration you humongous faggot shitbrain>>640231414Yes fucktard. There are even entire fucking genres based on that premise.>All Musou Games>Vampire Survivors>A lot of RoguelikesThe point of most games is to get stronger to have an easier time or to make it even possible to beat someone or something. Down to even fucking mario, where you get a mushroom or star. Or even fucking pac-man,Even pac-man got difficulty right you cucklord.>Get to higher level>Enemies get faster and more "intelligent">Always same hp, you just have to outskill themNo wonder modern games suck if you 2 are potentially part of the target audience.

>>640230491Let me guess, you exclusively play "souls" games that don't actually have a difficulty setting. Anyways, majority of games with a "hard" mode, just equates to turning every enemy into a damage sponge that casts all the same movesets. Rarely does a game have a "hard" mode that incorporates new mechanics into the game. So if you're wasting your time having to play just like on normal but spending more time whittling away health, that's your time.

I'm playing through vanilla Skyrim because I never beaten it. Playing on Legendary unironically makes it more fun because you actually have to make the most out of everything. I never cooked food or used elemental resistance potions/poisons, leave traps undisturbed so I can lure enemies into them, or had to walk out of a dungeon because I was unprepared for it before. The common complaint against sponge enemies that instakill you only really make sense for games that don't have systems to let you bridge the gap if you are "smart". This is Skyrim we are talking about, but it is probably even more true for actual RPGs.

>>640225913hardest difficulty with self made handicaps if it's still to easy.


>>640231852>using Vampire Survivors in a discussion about game difficultyStop user, you are embarrassing yourself

>>640225913> I don't want a challengeUnless you're a student doctor working like 90 hour work weeks or something, I really don't understand this weakmind, pathetic attitude.

>>640226334except it is. a challenging thing makes you feel more fulfilled when its achieved.if you risk nothing, you gained nothing.

>>640225913Normal but I broke my arm 2 days Amago and playing vidya one handed is pretty tough. I have a ps4 and a pc so I'm open to game suggestions

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>>640225913Do you guys ever actually get into the mood of pic related? I’ve unironically had a month or two stint where I was just tired from work 24/7 and would just put everything I played to easy because I didn’t want to think while I played. Then once life chilled out I went back to playing everything on hard for the challenge. It doesn’t happen very often but I have done that a few times.

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>>640225913I generally play on the second hardest difficulty if there are several, since the hardest is usually bullshitthere are some games I do actually get good enough at to enjoy playing the hardest though

>>640225913There is no "play" without "challenge" at some level. Even if you want an easy challenge it still has to be there in some form otherwise you're just passively going through the motions, like channel surfing on TV. That isn't "play".

what are some examples of "definitely play on normal difficulty first"Darkest Dungeon 1 comes to mind, if you aren't using guides and don't know each characters abilities.

>>640231961>Makes a retarded ""counter"" argument about how low hp enemies vs high damage player is not fun>Name a game (X) where you literally do that and it was a big success>Name another game (Y) that is the same as game X>S-stop using g-game X in your argument, y-y-you are embarrassing yourself uwuFucking kill yourself

>>640232250I'd say most games like DMC/Bayonetta/etc unless you have a lot of practice with the genre.

>>640232048Hitting an enemy that doesn't do anything different but just has more HP is not a challenge, it's a waste of time. The only hard modes worth playing are ones with actual mechanical changes or ones that encourage builds and technique like Witcher 3. Forespoken's "hard mode" is literally bosses with more HP. All easy to fight, you just waste more time.

>>640231961It's a relevant example to the power fantasy of being an overpowered dickhead beating on a bunch of shitters being more fun than fighting a bunch of damage sponges with an airsoft pistol.

>>640227605So a stable and happy home life is bad because they're more likely to play games on easy? You know you're supposed to be at least 13 to post right?

>First playthrough on normal>Do follow up playthroughs on all of the harder difficulties>Any replays after this are done on whichever one happens to be the most fun

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>>640225913Usually the hardest that's available from the start and then every difficulty I unlock. If it's a genre I'm unfamiliar with I might go lower for my first playthrough.

>>640232152Card game like hearthstone or an auto battler like team fight tactics.>ORSingle player any turn based JRPG.

>>640232469>stable and happy home lifeHumanity is how it is today because we all aim to go forward, improve ourselves and seek challenges.If you stand still, you aren't human

>>640225913Normal unless the difficulty is specifically called "Hardcore". I'll go above normal if I'm really enjoying the game though.

>>640232279Not him, however the games you used as examples are fucking poor. Senran is fucking shit and Vampire Survivors has the entertainment value of a monkey riding a bicycle. Your argument fucking fails horribly.

Hard and if it's overtuned I immediately drop the game

>>640232658I got molested by my uncle too.

>>640232408yes it is. its more of a endurance fight. assuming you have a finite amount of healing. some of the hardest fights in FROM games are against bosses with gigantic health pools, like Midir and Gael.also your time isn't valuable, you aren't important. stop coping.

>>640232646Persona 3 fes it is then. Played p3p and enjoyed it. Wanna play through the answer

>>640231760There is no cope games are designed around normal because most people will play normal.

>The last man (German: Letzter Mensch) is a term used by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in Thus Spoke Zarathustra to describe the antithesis of his theorized superior being, the Übermensch, whose imminent appearance is heralded by Zarathustra. The last man is the archetypal passive nihilist. He is tired of life, takes no risks, and seeks only comfort and security. Therefore, The Last Man is unable to build and act upon a self-actualized ethos.

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>>640227572our time is past

>>640232779>Senran KaguraYou do realize there are a bunch of musou games that aren't senran kagura, right? Like fucking Dynasty warriors 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and spin offs. Samurai WarriorsHyrule WarriorsFire Emblem WarriorsOne Piece WarriorsEtc.>Vampire Survivors has the entertainment value of a monkey riding a bicycleSpoken like someone who only plays LoL and COD competitively and considers himself a ""gamerboy""

>>640230239unironically who are you quoting?

>>640232867If the boss is doing the same mechanics that are easy, but just has a higher health pool is isn't endurance. It's just you wasting time. What are your fingers going to get tired? Retard.The hardest From fights are bosses with insane mechanics like Malenia and Pontiff Sullivan. Also From games don't have difficulty setting so if you're trying to compare the average game's hard mode to that you're embarrassing yourself.

>>640232624Yep. Unless it's a 50+ RPG or something, then I just stick to normal.

Hard on genres I'm familiar with (FPS, TPS, survival horror). Normal on RTS or RPGs.I mostly avoid meme difficulties (one hit kill stuff for example) in general.

>>640227140what part of the game made you turn on godmode?

>>640232973literally me

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>>640232250A lot of old survival horror games (normally you unlock hard with a normal playthrough). Mostly done because you absolutely need to be familiar with the puzzles, optimal routes and dodge mechanics in order to not have a shit time.

>>640233152>boss have higher HP and damage>have to buy consumables to manage mana better>have to look up how to properly build my characters to do more damage>have to understand status effects to CC the boss so he doesn't one shot my team>have to engage with the crafting system to optimize my party>boss have less HP>just hit him until he dies

>>640233058Musou is still fucking horrendous, man. Those games make me fall into a state of depression because of how mindless they all are. >Spoken like someone who only plays LoL and COD competitively and considers himself a "gamerboy"This made me laugh so hard. This bait has good entertainment value. Vampire Survivors (VS) is made for ADHD riddled brainlets who can't exercise an original thought. Much like COD. My taste is immaculate, but who cares. Enjoy ur baby gaems

>>640233482>have to buy consumables to manage mana betterYou just dodge and attack. What mana?>have to look up how to properly build my characters to do more damageJust dodge and attack, it's not like they are doing anything different they have more HP.>have to understand status effects to CC the boss so he doesn't one shot my teamWhat team? What game are you even talking about?>have to engage with the crafting system to optimize my partyAre you stupid? You should be optimizing, using status effects and weaknesses during normal play through. If you don't do that then you aren't playing the game and that's your own problem.>boss have less HP>just hit him until he dies>boss have more HP>just hit him until he diesWhich is a waste of time.

>>640230239you're replying to someone who thinks easy modes shouldn't exist...

>>640233771>I only played 1 game in my entire life and can't engage in a discussion about games in general

>>640233837You've only played one game your entire life? Wtf is wrong with you?In Forspoken you just hit the boss until it dies because it does the same thing on easy mode. In Dragon Age Inquisition, Witcher 3, and DmC there are actually mechanical changes and restrictions imposed, and even have enemies casting additional abilities, which makes hard mode worth playing. Most other games I play hard mode is a damage soak, so you play the exact same way just takes longer, it's not even hard. Just a tedious waste of time.

good games either have customizable difficulty options or no difficulty setting at all

>>640225913Easy mode, as i got older i get less time to play and i don't have the patience to try and be good at games anymore, i just want to have fun and escape the world for a bit.

>>640225913>game locks the hardest difficulty behind completing the gameI play on the easiest difficulty>hardest difficulty is available from the startI play on the hardest difficulty

>>640235182>I play on the easiest difficultywhy you dont play in normal?

>>640230985>Be casual with 50 games and hardcore with the 1 you loveThis especially for "moviegames" like God of War, you know gameplay was not the devs' main focus so what's even the point of playing on hard? Other than to brag to other Holla Forumsirgins

Heroic difficulty in Halo, normal difficulty in everything else

>>640225913normal or medium on my first playthrough, hardest difficulty for consecutive playthroughs

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>>640225913Hard unless it’s a genre I suck at (like fighting games). Most games are way too easy at default setting.

I don't play games that have difficulty modes. They are inherently poorly designed.

>hard mode>reduced rewards, shop items cost moregay lol

>>640225913i used to be like this, now i only go the hardest

Normal nowadays since nobody but Japan does difficulty achievements anymore.

>>640225913depends on the game, Halo, Heroic (and a playthrough of Legendary) since there's a bit of difficulty but you can still fuck around. Most games, Hard/Normal depending on if Hard is just "you do less damage and enemies have more HP".

>>640225913Normal, unless that's too easy. If it is, then Hard.

>>640227605>aim for higher job position or higher payThat's not the type of people who play on hardest difficulties. Such people aren't even playing videogames, because it is a waste of time. And in a competitive environment if you are wasting time, your competitors aren't.

>play hardmode>you can cheese the endgame DLC and take advantage of the xp/gold boost from the difficulty>reach max level and get all the equips I want>ng+ into normal mode because the stamina penalty from hardmode is gay and unnecessary >"now I can finally play the game"

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>>640225913Generally normal to start. I'll do harder difficulties on later playthroughs, or if Normal is far TOO easy to the point of not being fun

>>640232973>self-actualizationA spook. I don't understand how this meme sold so well in our civilization. Self-actualization doesn't exist and it is a cope meme for those retards who just can't enjoy life.

If it is first person shooter then I will almost certainly play on a hardest difficulty from the start. Depends if it is a hardcore mode or if it just makes enemies respawn, never was a fun of permadeath if games isn't balanced around it.

>>640225913Patient gamers is the most mentally ill place on the internet Ive ever seen. Its not mentally ill enough to be like insane shit esting furry trannies but enough to want you to smack the shit out of them for being do goddamn fucking neurotic and joyless. I cant stop going and gawking at them all.

>>640232973Is this xenosaga

>>640225913Whatever I feel like. CoD on Veteran is no fun since it doesnt improve the braindead AI it just makes them laser accurate. On the other hand games like Max Payne I kept replaying on higher difficulty since the gameplay is so fun, same with games like Darktide. Feeling I improve slightly for every run and knowing to handle any eventuality. On the other hand I frequently used "killallenemies" in Dragon Age 1 or restored all skillpoints in Tides of Numenera because I was really invested in their world and stories, had I not used those cheats I would've quit. Same with point and click games, if I get stuck too long I look up a guide before I get frustrated enough to stop playing. In Elden Ring I used poison arrows and mimic tears as much as possible, because getting an artoria leaf for risking to be set back in time and progress wasn't worth it.So it depends. If the gameplay is good then I want to challenge myself. If the gameplay drags, but the story and world is good then Ill skip the gameplay in any

Depends on game/genre but usually just go with normal unless it's too easy but game is fun then hard. I find very few games actually do difficulty right tho, majority of Hard (or higher) difficulty is just a numbers game and depending on game that can quickly turn something enjoyable into a complete chore. And if it's an action game it's possible it's still very easy too but now it's just taking significantly longer.Etrian Odyssey games are always Expert because that is the default difficulty the games were designed around but I feel it's really uncommon where the hard setting is the intended/default.

>>640225913>start on normal, play a few hours>if it feels easy enough, start again on hardIt's a better experience for me to actually be in danger of losing and in the chance that happens so be it, deal with it and play the fight better next time. Of course I will be a bit mad or angry but that's the fucking point. A game should have ups and downs, otherwise it gets boring pretty fast.

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>>640228331>Or, if it's a "pick once" kind of difficulty, just jump in to the hardest mode because it's what the devs intended.you see the 10x bloated HP pool was the intended experience

>>640231196the glass cannon style hard modes are cool. had a lot of fun with it in metro, didn't like it in ghosts of sushi

>>640225913>I want to play games, I just don't want to PLAY games


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>>640225913I only play on very easy, if the game does not have than then I use Cheat Engine. I have never felt any satisfaction from beating a difficult challenge, only frustration and anger at the game for having a challenge in the first place.I play video games as a power fantasy where I always succeed effortlessly and automatically no matter what I do, I only want to see numbers go up and never come down. I am a paying customer, if the product I bought allows me to fail then it is defective and I will either modify it make failure impossible and success automatic, or I will get a refund.

>>640225913Depends on the game really but I usually at least play on hard mode, if there are more difficulty levels above hard I usually google to see what they change before deciding.Nothing kills my enjoyment of a game more than it being braindead easy. If a game is too hard you can fix that by practicing and becoming better, but if a game is too easy there's nothing you can do but slog through the rest of it on auto-pilot.

>>640225913>play on hardest difficulty>turn on godmode>also didnt pay

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>>640226010This.I play the hardest first and if the game is worth replaying or allows difficulty switching per level etc. then I play on the rest.The only exception to this is puzzle games like Tetris or Pokémon Puzzle Challenge in which case hardest difficulty 100% of the time because slow is boring which makes me suck because I get tired of waiting for shit early on.Also, games that don't allow me to play on the hardest difficulty on the first go have zero replayability by default. I am not your monkey. I will not dance and replay a game you clearly think isn't worth playing only once and you wouldn't force people to play multiple times for the premier experience if you believed it to be worth a damn.You're just trying to get play time up so you can fuck off and I am also not going to 100% it like I normally would just to keep the play time down.

Normal unless it gets challenging then baby mode and cheats

>>640226035This. I have too much stress in my life and responsibilities to spend my precious free time grinding in an RPG for hoursI do a 3 time rule. If I can't beat it in 3 tries, easy mode. But if I came close then I'll keep trying

>>640225913>By PortlandobserverHeh, maybe it's the city water

>>640225913in strategy games if the AI is competent i play on medium where neither I or the AI get any bonusesif the AI sucks i set it higher till i find my sweet spot cuz AI cheats being too blatant ruins the game (cavalry breaking the front of a phalanx in rome 1 on very hard)for other games i usually start with the hardest one that isn't perma death unless it's a fucked up game like halo where max difficulty is something that will make me dilate

>>640225913I play on normal. I'm a normal man.

>>640225913PvP random.

>>640225913Depends on what I want out of a given game. Easy on some, hardest on others (mostly if it's a mechanically interesting game).

>Hard for what would be considered somewhat new normal aaa games (but those are very few games which are just to easy even for me on normal, i dont care for 99% of new releases)>normal for old aaa games and few of the newer ones (old gow and alike, soulsborne, rpgs, almost everything from pre 2014)>very hard/hard for strategy games, just because the ai is always so bad and strategy is all i play nowadays.I dont look for a challenge in games anymore from quite some time. I play to get my autist fix when it comes to few generes, to roleplay in my head or just for memberberries. I dont know how you can play for a challenge only if you have like 25y of expirience with the hobby. Those must be more autistic then me and just below speedrunners. The only genere that I still expirience the challenge thrill are puzzle games, everything else feels like reheated meal. Basicly challanging soulslike game will feel and play like any soulsborn game, if you dont rp/you arent a lorefag I fail to see how anyone can be still invested after playing clone game for very similar challange.

>>640225913I see "Ultra retardedly CBT masochist mode", I click.But like most people are saying here, just giving enemies more health isn't good difficulty.

>>640225913There’s nothing wrong eith playing on essy but whining about it like this is gay. Why do you feel the need to explain to people why you want to play on easy? Are you that traumatized by jokes from 2011?

>>640246305If you can't handle challenge in a fucking videogame, you probably have a very fragile ego. So yes, he still is traumatized from reading "git gud"

I like to play on hard because I assume that would force me to play a game for longer and invest myself more into learning its mecanics and make good use of consumables.When I play on normal or easy I finish the game while ignoring game mechanics and with full inventory of stuff I never use.But I rarely have the time to actually invest myself deep into a game so if im just plaging it to check it off an arbitrary list then I play on normal or easy and if its not fun then Ill drop it

I used to play everything on normal but idk this year I took the hardpill. This year I've played sekiro charmless demon bell, re8 village of shadows, re2 and 3 remakes hardcore, system shock on 3/3/2/3, gow3 on titan. And the only one I found frustrating was gow3 of all games. Otherwise the challenges were fun.Typically I look up first if higher difficulty is well balanced for a first playthrough and try to judge based on consensus. I played yakuza 3 on normal because everyone was complaining hard just turned it into a tedious blockfest, ended up finding it too easy.I also like adding mods that sometimes make games harder or some features less convenient.

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>>640231219Were you here for the sekiro/elden ring launch threads? Most people here are shitters