Tales of Series is officially dead !

Tales of Series is officially dead !

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Tales discussion on Holla Forums is dead and you killed it ednanigger


>>640225745shit, only took 30 years since these gayms were never good

Sex with Enda

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VELVET CROWE NO relations to Russell Crowe

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>>640225745What happened? can i get a qrd?

>>640226904Yes that's what you should be taking you retarded spammer

>>640229092Nothing. It just simply died

>>640229092Nothing, literally nothing it's just ONE mentally ill nigger spamming the same OP with the same image dumps every Tales thread, just sage them and filter them

>>640229306Are you new ? This always happen with other franchises too especially JRPGs

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>>640229417Fuck off schizo, go spam another series your shtick got old

Velvet Crowe, friends with the doors

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>>640229749uh ?? what ?? the fuck ???

>>640229859fuck you schizo

>>640229859Kill yourself schizo, kill yourself

>>640230005>>640230062Im >>640229092 you retard

>>640230113yeah, and fuck you schizo


>>640230341Pot calling the kettle black






>>640225976Finally someone else calling this faggot secondary spammer out.

>>640230663>secondaryGateKEEPIN’ in tales is real also???


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I want to fuck Edna. Thanks for your attention.


Fuck Edna

Tales is dead because .....Edna is dead.

Literally just had a game come out like 2 years ago?

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>>640225745Good, Now that I have my Dragons Dogma 2 and Persona 3 Remake. I will never have to touch a shitty Tales game ever again.

>Hideo Baba gets hired by SE>Game he was directing gets cancelled>He immediately leavesWas he a hack fraud?

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Surely they made some kind of interesting announcement that wasn't gatcha related at the Tales festival thing, right?

>>640230663He appeared during Arise when it was confirmed it was never coming to switch, since then he spms Edna and will call every new tales of shit for not having Edna

>>640239553Hideo Baba almost killed F/GO.

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>>640239820Isn't the festival 3 days long or something? Anyway surprised to see namco refusing to port the rest of the games at least

Please, just once, I want a normal Tales thread...

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>>640240048Stop bumping his spam threads and he'll stop making them

>>640239820Anon they havent made a new outfit for the characters appear in ToF and you expect for new Tales news ????????

>>640240084Right, so he was a hack after all. Nice to have confirmation lol.

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>>640240271This is the new normal Tales thread. I already contacted some rich ednafag arab oil baron to fund Tales. Expect more Edna soon !

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>>640240301The problem is that he goes to ALL tales of threads now, probably abib trying to kill tales of threads

>>640241601Nothing gonna happen.Hes tame compared to Vidyabuttanon.


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>>640241601You're not helping trying to make up some schizo conspiracy tied with console warring and the mods, it's literally just one autist spamming her and making the threads. Fuck off.

>>640230742It's been a necessity ever since the vesperia secondaries wouldn't stop foaming at the mouth about them not about getting vesperia R, they would keep derailing all threads about Tales for years until they finally got it and finally shut the fuck up. Tales must be gate kept so shit like that never happens again. P.S. is there anyone who can find the tales of derail comic, could you please post it. I can't find for the life of me and it's what I was go gonna attach to this post.

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>>640243341>Lets gatekeep an already dying seriesNice idea, dumbass

>>640241803Anon we could have tales of threads in the past, this schizo casually appeared when tendies were mad arise skipped the switchSeen the patter enough times already, see monster hunter world

>>640243341This is all I got, but I know there was another.

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>>640225976What's there to discuss besides sex with edna or magilou

>>640243535My nigga

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>>640243419If it's to avoid another tens years of shit like >>640243535's comic, I will gate keep harder than the Buckingham palace goons.

>>640244324Theres nothing wrong with >>640243535Its keeping the fanbase alive. Jesus christ. Try to visit a general for once. Dont like it ? Get the fuck out from here then.

DotNW was good and none of you faglords can convince me otherwise.

>>640244431No, don't understand how bad it really was back then. When I say literally all talk about tales would get derailed because of vesperia, I mean literally all talk. If anything that comic waters down what really happened in that time. Every tales thread was nothing but secondaries fags arguing how every game but vesperia was shit because they saw cool combos and thought the game was like that 24/7 every battle, and it wasn't until like a year or two ago when they finally got there hands on Vesperia did they realize how misguided they were and finally calmed the fuck down.

>>640245014Imagine get triggered so easily over some anonymous in the internetI hope you dont cut your dick and posting it on twitter

>ESLs shitflinging over things that do not matter whatsoeverGood thread

>>640245014Vesperia lives in your head rent free

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>>640240113Festival is nothing but Seiyuu eventIts even way smaller than previous Festival. I guess they havent recovered from coof