>last character you played as is taken to the Konosuba world to join Kazuma's crew and defeat the demon lordCan they do...

>last character you played as is taken to the Konosuba world to join Kazuma's crew and defeat the demon lordCan they do it? How would it go?

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>>640225294they would make a big deal out of Link not talking but he's fairly talented in taking out demon lords

>he paid

>>640225294wait 4chan has a battle pass?

>>640225294i played as my Mii and my Mii would fuck megumin

>>640225294>paying for a pass

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>>640225294>could probably do it all by himself>would instead just fuck around with kazuma and get nothing accomplished

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>>640225603>Link not talkingBut Link talks all the time?

>>640225294I don't know shit about this anime (or anime in general) but I would imagine guns and acrobatics to be very effective against a demon lord

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Can't believe I accidentally fucked some guy who cosplayed as aqua. He even sat on my face.

>>640225294>agent 47demon lord is fucking dead to a banana peel

>>640225837Oh you'd be surprised

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>>640225859Sounds kinda gay user ngl.

Most obnoxious pass poster next to Saucy

>>640225693>he hasn't been doing his daily posting challengesngmi

>>640225294Why doesn’t Kazuma just rape Megumin after she does an explosion?

>>640225294>dropping in a Kazuma 2.0I'm sure the second Demon Lord will be more difficult to deal with with just having an extra Kazuma since Kazuma already killed the first one using Explosion

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>>640225693>4chan battle passwould've been a better April fools event than dogshit GPT-4chan

>>640226050But you love my threads

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>>640226115Because for all his talk he's not a bad guy.

>>640225294>Sternguard veteran from BoltunXenos first, then daemon

>>640225294Why does the company that adapts Konosuba hate making it so much? In the past 7 years, they’ve made two seasons, a movie that cut tons of important stuff out, a boring cash grab prequel, and an incoming third season that they were practically forced at gunpoint to make

>>640226050Any namefags is obnoxious as fuck, even more if they paid

>>640225294Aqua anal sex

There goes his harem.

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My javazon would wreck the fuck out of the Demon Lord and any number of his minions. I have started this character 3 days ago, solo self found, and I can farm Hell Mephisto with /players 8 in my MF set.Unless the Demon Lord is lightning immune. Then I'm fucked.

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>>640225294>useless unless he has itemsat least we might get some fun character interactions

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>>640225294CSGO terrorist will just 360 no scope the demon lord, easy win

>>640225294>Deckard Cain in HotSI have no idea

I imagine auqa doesn't allowe him to summon undead/use curses or Megumin kills all the minions. Could of killed the demon lord ages ago but party sucks.

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>>640225294my mount and blade character is pretty strong

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>>640225294>Rex from XenobladeDemon lord has no chance

>>640225294>pass userAnyways>Can they do itDunno, don't know much about konosuba aside from the first season.>How would it goA lot of no way fagging

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>>640225837how come kazuma didn't have Vanir make guns

I played as twisted fate from league of legends

>>640229156Implying a neet from nippon where guns are banned knows how to design and make one.

>>640225294I guess it depends whether the Hacker can find a way to get ammo/charge for his stuff. Since recharging literally zaps him with lighting, his energy weapons SHOULD work meaning that his plasma gun should be quite effective.

>>640225294Last game i played was Skyrim. LDB can be whatever so im just going with my headcanon for the dude>hed be okay with following Kazuma's orders and wouldnt mind the downtime and sidetracking- since hed still percieve him to kinda too young and shouldnt rush to battle, better to let him grow>compared to daedric princes aqua is a breath of fresh air so hes okay with magicking up gold using magic to pay her debts. Not sure how she reacts to him being a demigod tho>megumeme is less weird than dunmer wizard so she gets a pass, even if she does anoy her with refusing to learn more spells>actually hates how much Darkness fucks around during fightsHis biggest challenge is not the demon lord but teaching Darkness to swing a fucking sword

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>>640225294I know nothing about that world outside of porn, so...maybe.

>>640225294I think the demon king and everyone is fucked.

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>>640225294>Freddy Fuckboy>"Inhale my dong enragement goddess"But for real, he already did beat a demon lord so it shouldn't be too hard

>>640225294> No one has done an animation of some random dude nailing Aqua from behind base on this picShame.

>>640230262Do you want to know a little story about me?

>>640230068>playing Five Nights at Fuckboy's in 2023Why

>>640225294Assuming he retains the modded class I am using for him (It's my 4th playthrough shush) the demonking is royally and anally fucked>Umbral assassin mod

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>>640225294>most skillful and loyal party member>”she’s le useless”What did she do to reddit for them to say this year after year? One is a dumb bitch that knocks herself up after a single fireball and the other is a sow with fat tits. Are they just pedos?

>>640225294Didn't play as her but was just thinking today that Duvalie from Trails feels like a Konosuba character. Wacky voice acting, recurring jokes and hot.

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>>640225758Isn't his playful attitude mostly a lie to get Angela's guard down? If she isn't there, I'd imagine he'd just do the job as fast as he can.

>>640225294>it's genuinely fucking over

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>NikkeWould guns work on him? If gachashit doesn't count then i'm sure Link would fuck him up.

>>640226570And barely and good Sylvia porn. Fuck.

>>640225859Greentext NOW

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>>640225294>The soldier from tf2Oh, this is gonna be interesting for sure

>>640225294He can solo mobile suits, demon lords and gods so they're good.

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>>640231191I agree 100% and always say this.What are Aqua's roles? Healing, purifying, killing undead. She performs all these perfectly.What AREN'T Aqua's roles? Fighting, tanking. She isn't supposed to be good at this, and she isn't. But her party is so shitty and dysfunctional that they always force her to take up these tasks. And when she fails, Kazuma/Megumin (who should be doing DPS) and Darkness (who should be tanking) have the courage to call her useless. Oh the irony..

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>>640225294>Veteran Sharpshooter from DarktideDude is just happy to not be in 40k anymore.

>>640225294OH HELL YEAH!ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/Ratha>Everyone now lives in the pussywagon>All damage is now done from the pussywagon>Crew is weak to everything, but lives with the convenience of having a free pussywagon>Great offensive stats in a pussywagon>Fucking Wiz in the pussywagon!

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>>640231319roland always had a carefree side and you can see it with oliver when they talk about the old days

>>640231630>Kazuma/Megumin (who should be doing DPS) and Darkness (who should be tanking) have the courage to call her useless. Oh the irony..Kazuma is a utility character, not DPS.

>Monster Girl Dreams protagonist Chad Thundercock who makes girls cum with a brush of his handKazuma harem is end.

>>640232084Aqua is already the utility. She is maxed level.Kazuma can be anything he wants to, he is the level 1. He is supposed to spec into what best fits the group.

>>640231630Just because the joke went over reddits head doesn't mean it has to go over yours, having a dysfunctional party is the entire point

>>640232486>having a dysfunctional party is the entire pointNo one is arguing otherwise.The point is that everyone in the group contributes to how shitty it is - except Aqua. And yet Aqua is the one who gets the "useless god" infame.

>>640225859yikesgood for you if you are gay

>>640225294Well, Kazuma would be happy to have someone competent I guess.

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>>640231191I think it's less to do with her battle performance, and more to do with the fact that every single problem in that world is literally her fault due to her isekai'ing every single problem there in the first place.


>Space EngineersThe engineer would just be a redux of that one guy that did nothing but build doomsday weapons all day in between lazing around. They'd probably pull off killing the Demon Lord, assuming he doesn't just spend all day building advanced tech for Vanir to sell.

Really wish I could tolerate LNs, it's one of the few mediums I can't tolerate at allHe'd probably do very well I guess, especially if items are involved

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>>640225859Don’t tell me, he even sent you a webm of him dancing about it in cosplay still

>>640225837It would be effective against weak creatures but it'll be back to bow and arrow once she runs out of ammo.

>>640225294He can

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>>640225294>be kyle crane>GRE operative>get bitten by zombie within 5 seconds of landing in harran>wake up in isekai anime land>dropkick monsters and demons>summon buggy to traverse long distances>use magic batman grapple and parkour skills to traverse short distances>doesn't even make it to the second season before he turns due to lack of antizinunless there's a mage that could heal him it's over

>>640225294Warhamer 40k: Boltgun. Well fuck, I think... Everyone dies?

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>>640234783Aqua would have no problem healing him.

>>640225294not a problem

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>>640225294Eltharion from Wahammer Total war I guess. How do you think he'd do?


>>640230896No. Fuck off passfag

>>640231092Do mods make it better? What's a idiots guide to modding it to be good? Loved the original base game

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>>640234924cranebros... we're back

>>640226115There are doujinshi where he does.

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>>640225294>Sole Survivor from Fallout 4Yes.

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>>640236213>being this triggered about having a small dickDo dicklets really?

>>640237638Yea it's annoying. It's about the technique not the size

>>640225294>HrotNo, but the shenanigans would probably get funnier.

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>>640236213Small penis opinion.


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>>640236213didn't she laugh because megumin wrote something above his knob while he was dead?

>>640225294>monster hunter rise huntershe would be a more effective tank and damage dealer than darkness and megumin.

>>640238352>>640238428How small does it have to be to be considered "small" anyways?Flaccid or erect size?

>>640236213huh this a woman series still kino though


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>>640238594>didn't she laugh because megumin wrote something above his knob while he was dead?What a slut

>>640225294>Malekith and seraphonSeems doable I guess?

>Jin Sakai.Sounds hilarious.

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>>640238628Erect. Isn't average like 5 inches? Smaller than that is probably small


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>>640225294They would not stand 0.00 seconds

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>>640225859Same minus the sitting on my face. I knew it was an asshole once I got in though

>>640238834I love this useless goddess like you wouldn't believe

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>>640226570Better question is why western otaku don't seem to understand that anime are just advertisements for the light novels/ mangas they are adapting.The west for some reason is absolutely terrified of fucking reading.

>>640239219I want to see Aqua in full color and her voice going>waaaaaaaaaahManga can't do that. Sorry

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>>640225294Welp. Now they have impossibly stupid ogre with immeasurable luck and a weird fire breathing bird thing in party. Can make some nice asset in terms of battle but comedy potential could be great.

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>>640225294Played that shitty ps4 dark alliance game. Drizzt has 1v1 several demons and autists with magical crystal shards and he has gwen to maul shit as well. Also he's one of those characters that gains plot armor through power of friendship and he makes friends with everyone that isn't EVIL.>>640239219I'd rather read about an austic dark elf use the power of friendship to overcome the odds in a DnD setting than some annoying jap kid whine and be pathetic while retarded bimbos with no personality bully them.

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>>640236213zipperheads are gooks, not nips

>>640239459Imagine it in your mind while you readAlso>manga Konosuba is a LN

Aqua's feet in my mouth

>>640239642Aqua's feet massaging my face with her divine bare soles for hours and then milking me dry with her bare divine feet untill i pass out only ti be woke up next day with another footjob from her.

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>>640225294God damn it jannie stop making these fucking aqua threads go to >>>/a/ holy shit

>>640236213least insecure dicklet


>>640225294>system shock hackerUhhhh

>>640239606It has a manga as well.

>>640226050>SaucyI hate saucy but I havent seen that faggot in a minute. I'm sure (shes) dead.


>>640238834>>640225294Cumming In the water goddess over and over until she's filled with so much semen she can't purify it all and she gets pregnant...

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>>640225294>able to defeat the demon lord>just fucks around getting into trouble with Kazuma and doing side quests for random npcsI'd watch/play it

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That'd be me runescape character who would cause a equally big threat as the demon lord by doing some dumb shit like pushing a button

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>>640225294She technically counts. I'd guess she kidnaps every living being and forcibly turns them into her own race to build a large army.

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>>640240646>Defeats the demon lord>Spends the rest of their time doing sim city sidequestsYup, it's wol of lite time.

>>640236213Writer is a manAqua is a goddess that supervise Japan. She sees small dicked nip with masturbation addiction on daily basis.

>>640225294MW2(the new one) shadow company mil-sim would stand a decent chance if he kept his equipment and got a skill

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>>640225294>EO3HDI always have one character act as the "protagonist" for those games that are kept in the party at all times so I guess this Gladiator is going in. If Limits and Subclassing is brought along with him then I'd like to think there's a fair shot.

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>>640225294>Project ZomboidUnless he can be defeated by miraculous carpentry skills, I'd say it probably doesn't go very well...

>>640225294I absolutely NEED to sniff aqua's shitchute

>>640239570What are nips then?


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a lot of living things are going to die violently

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>>640225294>>640231598>>640231630>>640236213>>640238674>>640238834>>640238970>>640239459>>640239736Useless goddess

>>640225294>crit energy build from underrailfucking dominate every pipeworker in that gay isekai world

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>>640225294Why is she so popular lately?

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>>640245512aqua is inferior to Lalatina

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>game has photorealistic graphics

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I was in the mood for some classics, and I played Goblins 3.>use coin on guard>bash guard with golf club>have Fulbert sneak through hole in the door>have Fulbert use the switch to open the door>give mage guard a moonlight spell>transform into a werewolf>use golf club on mage guard>use golf club on demon lord>use dispell spell to turn into Blount>use small key on Winona cageCongratulations. Demon lord is defeated and Winona is safe. No help from the bunch of retards needed.Also Korrin best girl.

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>>640226867I guess the party has to look for x2 ber just to be sure

>>640239219no, light novels just suckespecially if the translation is bad because you don't have the support of imagesit's not like they're impressive authors either so why not just pick up a book by a lauded author written in english or your native language

>>640242347Glad has the most complete skillset>Endless battle+berseker vow+wolf howl++charge+blade raveIt's over,you don't even need subclass