>80 hours in to ToTK>Finally find a feature that is actually 10/10...

>80 hours in to ToTK>Finally find a feature that is actually 10/10, every open world game should have baked into itholy shit, this is actual Nintendo innovation. I do that they is eventually added in as a feature. I hope Starfield has it, or the next elder scroll.

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BotW has this too

>>640224712people don't talk about it because they're ashamed of being adhd teleporting shitters

And what is this feature? Showing you the places where you have walked?


>>640224991Yeah, and it actually save up to around 256 hours of previous walking too, so I just got to spend like 5 minutes rewatching my entire journey across Hyrule, which was pretty cool.

>>640224712this feature sucked, it gets stuck in areas and starts going in circles and I hate being reminded of those eventsyou know what feature every game has that TotK doesn't? why wont it say my total playtime, that one should be easy.

>>640224895Shieet, I wish I still owned my old Wii U I played BoTW on Originally. That one I spent the first 80ish hours without unlocking a single map tower and just walking to point of interest/point of interest.This game I played a bit differently cause the overworld was mostly the same.

>>640225109>this feature sucked, it gets stuck in areas and starts going in circles ??? That isn't the features fault, its user error because you died at that specific place and spent a long ass time going in circles.

>>640225109That feature is built into the console itself. Poke around the home menu until you find it.

>>640225109>why wont it say my total playtime,Your Nintendo profile tells you this wym

>nintendo innovationtons of games do this. even ubishit like the division has player and group tracking activity on the maps. dumb retard.

I did everything in the game outside of the monster hunter medals, because fuck hunting down and killing every single frox or whatever.

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>>640225320>>640225325if my console happens to be a computer where might I look bros?

>>640225167why would you get ride of Wii U, it's such a good console

>>640224712>just did all 4 regions fast fast fastyou should’ve gotten this a bit after the first dungeon user.

>>640225405>I did everything in the gameyou got all the korok? full compendium? all recipes?

>>640225557Shrines are ass, and having not changed in any serious meaningful way since ToTK I'm struggling to find motivation to complete them.I even booted up the game today to get more of them lined up and knock them down, but I just can't bother to find them enjoyable.I keep thinking about how boring and samey every single one feels, and how much I loathe having to go through the entry cutscene/ending cutscene, and how it'd be significantly improved if the puzzle was just present on the map or in a cave or some shit without loading screens, and helping out some random NPC like heartpieces.I had the most fun exploring the inverted depths, and lighting them up. I've still barely done any fucking koroks either though.

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>>640225408yuzu doesn't track your playtime as far as i know

>>640226107Ryujinx does count playtime though, and ran the game better than Yuzu on launch. Also has the better amiibo integration.

>>640225408>>640226107if your emulating and want to find out hours played, just upload your progress.sav to marcrobledo.com/savegame-editors/zelda-totk/and it will tell you

>>640224895Wasn't it added with the DLC? Or am I remembering wrong?

>>640226268I will never understand Ryujinx shills. Like yes that emu ran much better graphically and performance wise compared to Yuzu when totk launched, but you'd be an idiot to continue using ryujin after how much yuzu has gotten better. nearly every graphical glitch has been fixed and the performance greatly outweighs ryujinx. >t. used both yuzu and ryu since launch

>>640225086>watching lets plays of yourselfwe have come full circle

>>640224712>entire sections of the map you have never visitedthis is why open world games are trash

>>640226402It was DLC yes, TotK just incorporated all the DLC into the base game. OP's feature is good but I got annoyed at all the immersion breaking amiibo fanservice outfits that became one of the game's main rewards.

>>640225879Yeah I hope the next game has better shrines, or scratch that just put the puzzles from them into something else like a big cave with a heart container or stamina wheel at the end. Speaking of which, the real highlight of exploration in this game are the caves which make this Hyrule feel complete. Actually enjoyable going through caves and finding the misko treasure. A lot of them feel unique too, like the Faron region has a ton of good caves like a road rage one.Sky islands are ok, the low gravity ones are great though and the construct bosses in those areas are the peak of the game’s combat. Way too many of them are the same template of crystal shrines though, and the game making you explore the biggest sky island in the tutorial makes the rest less exciting to explore especially when they dwarf in comparison size wise.

>>640224712>holy shit, this is actual Nintendo innovationiirc they stole it from another game

>>640229185>Yeah I hope the next game has better shrinesI'll be honest, the one thing I wanted was just shrines for each unique culture/area on the mapSo Hylian shrines around Hyrule Center, have an old Hylian Sage be the person at the end of the Shrine. Do the same with a Goron Sage for all the Shrines around Death Mountain/ Akkala..Sheikah Shrines like in the original BoTW in areas around KakarikoHave Gerudo Shrines in the desert, Rito Shrines near Hebra, and Zora shrines near the Domain.Just a few simple fucking paintjobs to make each region feel more unique.I feel like it'd also stop people bitching about modern Temples because it gives more prominence to the other races culture in the Shrine.

>>640227192>TotK just incorporated all the DLC into the base gameExcept for the trial of the sword gauntlet challenge. Man I wish it had that because I'm not sure if TotK will even have DLC.

>>640226521has it?I've been on Rujin since Zelda launch because Yuzu still fucked up clouds and just stayed with it instead dealing with installing another thing...

>>640227145You saw it though, it's the same.And other players can go there if they want, shut the fuck up tiresome cunt.

WHY THE FUCK some weapons blink while on the ground/hinox collar/etc ?what it does?

>>640230435which game?I want more devs to "steal" useful mechanics like this.

>tendies literally are just discovering maps that show places previously visitedit's honestly beyond pathetic at this point

>>640231078blink?extra sparkles indicate bonus stats like Attack Up+x or whatever

>>640231141see >>640231091

>>640231141What game.

>>640231141what open world gamew

>>640231091every game with fog of war

>>640233259>asks what game>proceeds to list a game mechanic that isnt the same at alllol, lmao even

Most open world games don't need this because their worlds aren't as poorly designed at TOTK

>>640234036ToTK actually doesnt need it, but just about every other open world game should

>119/120 lightrootsI can't find a way to reach the one to the right of ganondorf

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>>640235390There's a cave on the cliff along the river

>>640236392thanks I spent half an hour combing that island like a spastic

>>640225405How do you get to the lightroot under rito village?

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>>640236527its easy theres like 3 entranceskeep looking

>>640236527>warp to rito shrine>look for fire smoke, there's a hylian camping there>he said that there's chasm under him>look at the cliffside

>>640237174from the surface or the depths?

Where does the light dragon hang out? I need all the pieces for the champion's tunic. Also think it would be cool to fuse a piece to the Master Sword for when I fight Ganondorf. Already got the Master Sword so the objective tracker is gone, and I saw all the geoglyph memories after that



>>640231141They've either not yet old enough to have seen a heatmap yet or are too neet. Bungie was publishing every halo2 map for each map online. Early arenafps games kept track of movement coords too. Open world games doing the same isn't new at all either, they just weren't paying attention.

>>640239914>They've either not yet old enough to have seen a heatmap yet or are too neet. Bungie was publishing every halo2 map for each map onlineBungie release static images literally isn't the same as having that as in ingame feature in an openworld game.You cant access the fucking heat map in the settings, nor would it be useful for that game.You're being purposely obtuse.I've never seen a heatmap feature implemented in an open world exploration game, that tracks specifically your movement.Yeah heatmaps exist like 2b2ts hacked heatmap.but tracking player movement in an online server is different than tracking player movement in a singleplayer game and offering that back to the player.

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>>640226521Last time i tried to use Yuzu it just kept crashing or had graphics issues when everyone said it was fixed, I'm sticking with Ryujinx since it works for me.

>>640224895It was Jewlocked behind the shite DLC.

I wish there was a way to filter the map by iconsIt's a hassle to find anything with all the shrinesstamps+cave+well icons

Should be a way to toggle jsut shrines off right?

I’ve definitely played games that have done this before. Not open world building block sandboxes, but actual good video games. Truly nintendo “innovation” at its finest

>>640226572I also donate to myself. With my moms credit card so it feels real

>>640225408Steam Deck has a plugin for tracking time on non steam games. Maybe you can do the same if you add a shortcut to the game emulation on steam as a non steam game on a normal PC

>>640242859A static JPEG of a heatmap shared by the studio isnt the same thing moron

>>640224712rate my scribbles

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>>640245024Why didn't you get the tower in the desert?

>>640224915why would i be ashamed of fast travelling? its an important feature.

>>640245118i think molduga killed me and i got upset so i left

>>640245186Go back and get it pal, and then post the updated heatmap where we see you go to the tower :)It'll be our adventure

>>640245186lmfao. I know exactly which one you're talking about too

>>640245024Obsessed with climbing mountains/10.

>>640230435I know Evolve had it on their companion app and it was actually cool to see replays of the game from top down and watch where the monster went, how it evaded us, when it downed us, etc.

>>640245240Here you go>>640245317pretty much

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>>640246129Ayyy nice job man

>>640246434thanks map master

>>640224712You get to see 50 deaths in the same spot where you fought your first lynel.

>>640226572replays have been a staple in racing games for decades. i think thps had replays too. and ace combat.

>>640246489most of my deaths are from spear usersthey have zero windup and just "poke lol half your hp is gone"

>>640246918NiGHTS and Armored Core arena fights have replays. Replays aren't very interesting in those situations cause I just played the thing, I remember it, but for something like an adventure game (TOTK, BOTW, Skyrim) it's pretty neat, I hope games steal this mechanic.

>>640226521It is even worse, since Ryu actually had more issues for weeks after Yuzu was fixed (transparency on text boxes was the big one, white cum stains on rocks another). Yuzu runs better on more hardware. Ryu has no benefits. It runs the game worse, and has frametime issues (unless you stick to 30fps). There is zero reason to use it in any situation even if you already have Ryujinx and think it works fine, Yuzu is better and you are losing out.