What were they thinking?

What were they thinking?

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>We want the reddit audience

>>640223137It's DBD they already have the reddit audience on lockdown

He should've been one of the killers instead

>>640223087People are saying he's gonna be the protagonist of the DBD movie.

Remember when video games were separate from other forms of media?That was a good time.


>>640223358Why not both? The man is an actor is he not?

>>640223358Should have been a mode with four unique Nick Cages on the run from another Nick Cage, each based on a different movie.

>>640223087I was thinking I have the Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

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>>640223318they want more money out of them

>>640225082Could've just reprised his role from Vampire's Kiss.

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>>640224902>it's another episode of a zoomer pretending he wasn't a toddler in 2002Back in the day we had whole games that were movie tie-ins instead of a 1-3 celebs facescanned into a game. A lot of them were trash, but several of them are undisputed classics to this day.

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>>640224902>Those dozens and dozens of movie tie in games since the fucking Atari daysNo.

>>640223087>Not the killerWhat's the point

Worst living actor alive.

>>640223087he needs to stop dying his hair and beard so damn much it just looks weird now

>>640223087The game relies on licenses to stay afloat and is unable to get anymore at this point. So they'll take anything. This is the first new "license" in over a year. Wesker does not count as that was an existing license.

>>640225616im 32 years old.

>>640224902You know Michael Jackson's Moonwalker came out in like 1991 and big name actors starred in FMV games in the 90's, right? Fucking Ripper had Christopher walken, the guy who played Gimli, Paul giamatti, and a bunch more. Wing commander had Mark Hamil. Games are LESS movie now. They were literal QTE's or adventure games with movies attached in the early to mid 90's when CD gaming was kicking off.

>>640224902every god damn movie to ever exist was made into a game in the 80's and 90's, retard. Those were the prime days of tie ins. They don't do it anymore because games cost too much. A game will cost MORE than a movie to make, so no one does tie ins

>>640223087That beard tech would have been better served on a Matt Walsh appearace

>>640223087the devs are literal gays lol

>>640223087doesn't even look like him. why did they give him a nigger nose


Why not Mel Gibson ?

>>640223087>say you added Nic Cage>actually add Matt Walshhurm...

>>640223087I like how its not even one of his character's he's played being added, just straight up Nicolas Cage.

>not killer

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>>640224902you fucking dumbass lmao

>>640224902It was worse then. Every shitty movie got an even worse video game adaptation.

>>640224902Kojimbo made it worse since he started to add Pedowood actors into his game. Now every modern AAA game has a big celebrity in it.

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>>640223087It's easier to buy licenses than bothering to fix the game

>>640223087his child plays the game, so he asked to be in it, behavior didn't reach out to him he reached out to them>why isn't he a killerbecause its him not a character so it wouldn't make sense

>>640231413>because its him not a character so it wouldn't make sense

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>>640223087they were thinking $$$ and also he's been in several horror filmsthis is no different than guest starring George Romero or Jesse Ventura

>>640223087Ol Nicky is low on cash again


he'll be the only survivor in the game with access to a mori ability.

>>640223087Nicolas Cage said he wants to meet Sadako in Dead by Daylight.

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>>640234113is nicolas cage a guy who goes around killing people? no? so he would be a survivor. He is playing HIMSELF retards saying "duuur he should be a killer" look like fucking morons

>>640223087>theyDoes Nic Cage go by they/them now?

>>640223087NC is the only non woke hollywood actor

>>640235707he's doing it because one of his kids likes dbd i think that's fucking gigabased also sadako enjoyer

>>640223087Half the demo of this game is gays and campy horror dorks. They love this dude

>>640237303>campy horror dorkssounds kawaii as fuck

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>>640237736Fire the game up, sport

>>640225616Never played picrel, is it the former or latter?

>>640236176>Not wanting to tunnel drag queen streamers out of a match as Nicholas RageYou're no fun

>>640238104nah im good

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>>640224902born '85 herei don't why everyone is pretending to be retarded and not understand EXACTLY what you meant by this

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>>640238693maybe he should have articulated himself instead of typing a blatantly wrong sentence

>>640225890You’d only think this if you haven’t watched enough movies. You’re most likely a zoomer parroting what other people say without thinking for yourself

>>640225136>four unique Nick Cages on the run from another Nick Cage, each based on a different movie.That's pretty genius.My pick.Survivors :Con Air Nick CageFace Off Nick CageWindtalkers Nick CageColor out of Space Nick CageKiller :Vampire's Kiss Nick Cage

>>640223137If they wanted the reddit audience they should've did John Wick

Killer would be based on him in Mom and Dadyoutu.be/ZOnQohTePwo

>>640239190I liked Bringing out the dead. He sucks tho.

>>640239542Nah, he’s great in>Mandy>Pig>Con Air>Face/off>Wild at Heart>Color Out of Space >etc…You just haven’t watched enough kiddo

>>640239616>Con AirStopped reading there, never reply to my posts again.

>>640223087actor obsessed fags are mentally ill

>>640239708Shit taste. Kill yourself lil baby bitch boy

>>640223087Didn't he say it himself? He thinks his over the top acting would be funny in the game and >>640235707.Kinda makes me want to pick this up just to see how it'll play out.

>>640239616Is the Color Out of Space adaptation actually good?

Heard his son likes the game so he did this, or something along those lines

>>640240000Checked and not really

His son is a huge fan of DBDHe said it during Summer Game Fest

>>640240000The director/writers clearly either didn't understand the story or had no intention to adapt it faithfully. It turns into a shitty body horror flick toward the end. Terrible adaptation.

>>640240000As an adaptation, no, it does its own thing and deviates from the source material a lot. As an entertaining movie, I personally love it

>>640223087why didn't they make him a killer he would have been amazing

i will never understand how this game still has a following and players, when it first came out I thought it was going to have more than 1 fucking game mode with generators.its so fucking boring every game is essentially the same.baffling

>>640240104>programmers have a special voice clip that play whenever it detects his son's steamid>"are ya winnin son?

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>>640239616face\off, one of the worst movies of all time and his acting in it didnt help

>>640223087>hehe dickolas cage

>>640240679Another user with shit taste, NEXT!

>>640238693I don't why either

>>640223087is this the first DBD character that doesn't love cock? or will the devs make Nick Cage LGTV?

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>>640240886tell me why you think face off is a good filmwith the shitty fucking fingers on the face thing, and you choose to have 1 fat fuck and nick cage swapping bodies, yeah that wouldnt be obvious

>>640224902>you remember that time that never existed?>yeah, me neither.

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>>640238693Oh that's simple: because he has terrible communication skills

>>640224902No, next time make it less obvious you're a retarded zoomer

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>>640224902Not really

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>>640235707i kneel tomboy enjoyer

Imagine being famous and get to touch with some publisher to get modeled into a game your kids are into, then some sickos rip your model for their sfm porn.

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>>640224902Actually it happened in the past and we are peaking again. Get me an E.T. cartridge

>>640223087Don't care. It's not going to make me come back to the game because bhvr still won't fix and balance their game and keeps catering to whiny killers because they want easy game which is why Nurse, Blight, and Spirit are still broken.TCM is going to kill DBD.

>>640244380I don't think one property can carry a game like this long term. they need to have a plan to do other licenses if it's ever going to remain relevant for more than a couple years.

>>640225136best post itt>>640239262All I see is a a list of five movies sharing the same character

>>640223087I know right? Why isn't he a killer?

>>640237219Yeah, it's a sweet dad thing to do.Rick Fox has a nerdy son, and he's gotten involved with various projects to foster a deeper connection. Like, his son likes Jake and Amir, so he guest starred in a bunch of Jake and Amir videos. And he was pretty darn funny!youtube.com/results?search_query=rick fox jake and amir

Imagine not finding this fun.Imagine not being able to appreciate the amount of laughs the dev team had making himYou're all jaded fucks

>>640239616I'll add to the list.Adaptation.Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New OrleansRed Rock Westand more