Master Duel thread.Play Dragon Link

Master Duel thread.Play Dragon Link

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>next pack is trap-themed and features the new support for Lab, Dinomorphia and Traptrix, as well as reprints of archetypal cardsHow much money would Jewnami make?

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>>640221917normal summon albaz the ashen

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Map to 3 please (Sorry I been MIA was on vacation)

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I have no fucking clue what bystials do and why people bother with them lately

>>640221917Eternal reminder Labrynth is now a cow.

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>>640223359DD Crow but gives you bodies and various disruptions.

Anyone here play 8 axis?

>>640223184I missed you.

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>>640223359Dragonmaid support

>>640223484She will be once I'm done with her

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Where is everyone? Did bystials kill the game again?

they need to release the event already. not playing this rankedshit

>>640223359- Branded Fusion send Albaz and Bystial Lubellion into Albion- Albion special Lubellion (need a Dark monster not Albion)- Lubellion special Mirrorjade- Tribute off the Albion to special Bystial Lubellion- Set continuous Branded Spell/Trap- End phase set or add any Branded Spell/Trap

>>640224293>new cards>need 11 UR to update branded>still tearlaments are tier 0no wonder

>>640223359>light or dark monster D.D. Crow>can also banish your own cards if you're going first or the opponent isn't playing light or dark monsters>quick effect if your opponent controls a monster>special summon themselves instead of being discarded>have effects for even more value. Magnamhut searches ANY dragon while Druiswurm has targeted SEND>level 6 monsters, which means easy high level synchros with tuners like Rokket Tracer and Assault SynchronTheir best lvl 10 synchro targets, Dis Pater and Chaos Angel, aren't even out yet.

>>640223484Pushing her chest as forward as she can desperate to look like she's got something... Things are tough for Lady Labrynth

behold, a mindbroken tearnigger

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>heh lmao good luck trying to get pass my invincible 4k power monster without a ED chud aha gonna cr-ACK

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>can only summon Spheres, set two Tidying and pass>he opens with Lightning Storm>he had Perlereino>he milled his two millers in one go>pretty much full combo>even had TTT when Albaz ate Kitkat to steal Mirrorjade>somehow stopped him so hard he ended in only my Mirrorjade and a negated Gigantic>he gave me a free Chamber and Lorpar with his mills>went Zeus and cleaned the field>went from 0 to 4 when my turn started>scoopsI love feeling like an anime protag.

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>>640223359Branded beast with branded regain means you can recycle your resources while popping your opp's card.

>>640224373>still tear 0 bricklaments

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>>640224931first time in yugioh history where a soulful pet deck is meta?

>>640224931Looks like a tier 1 deck to me.

You just know you're drawing into something good while moving a card from banish to reuse

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>you are going second>you are going second>you are going second>you are going second>you are going secondNICE FUCKING COIN FLIPS

>>640225318Stop flipping wrong

this was the 5th rank up game to diamond 1 todaythat nigger on the side is playing runick stunthis is thte 8th time today i've played against runick stun, it's back in full force along with bystial canceri hate this fucking game

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>>640225705Stop being playing nugioh drop your slop handtraps and play a based pet deck like tears

>finally go first>nigger immediately disconnectsGo fuck yourself

>>640224773What? Mirrorjade, gigantic and tears with schizo cards? pls show his deck

>>640225909sorry, that was me

>>640225006>Looks like a tier 1 deck to meProblem?Dude said Tier 0


Why do people use maxx c and then immediately stop you from special summoning?

>>640226442They just like to click yes

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>"Synchro" Event>Junk Speeder and Hyper Librarian are banned again

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>>640226442Because he wanted you to pass turn with nothing.


>>640226675GoodIt's going to be playable

>>640223097I never realized this guy gave blanket targeting protection, I should probably include this guy in my decks that run branded in high spirits

>>640226675Cope, nigger. For once Konami did something right.

>>640223359Its support for chaos decks, banish decks, and dragons on top of being decent handtraps and boardbreakers

>>640226675Good. Fucking Swordsouls should be banned too.

>>640226675Good.I'm running Nib at 3 just so you know btw, don't fucking come anywhere near me with your sneedroid shit.

>>640227228when do i nib sneedroid


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>>640226694he could have just stopped me with just maxx c and kept his imperm and ash for later

>>640223742I guess the answer's no

Remember to pay your taxes. We use them in social services like clowning, ironmaiden manteniance and breast expansion

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>>640225979No, he stole my Mirrorjade with TTT after I summoned Albaz with Spheres and ate his Kitkat. He then went on a weird chain where he summoned Elf to bring Maxx C on the field, then summoned Dharc to steal my Albaz and then summomed Gigantic which I Veiler'd. I somehow managed to make him waste all of his fusions with nothing but Spheres, two set Tyding which he cleaned and a Veiler in hand. Sorry, I can't share the deck at the moment since I'm out of home.

>>640221917Branded fusion ban when? A fucking limit is useless when ALL their fucking cards search that goddam garbage card

>>640221917Anyone has fought any tears these past days? I swear they have fucking disappeared after bystials came

>>640228182It doesn’t matter.Stop ashing their ten million ways to search Branded Fusion and just ash branded fusion.

>>640228182total bystial death whenthese cards are cancer incarnate

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>>640228182Ok but first when ban every tearlament, ishizu and Sprite

>>640228182Forcing them to search it instead of extenders is a good thing, and only having one copy to recycle leaves their grind game far more vulnerable. Also it makes it a lot less splashable. Limiting it would be great. But I hope they semi it just to make you seethe.

>>640228182A limit would be fine since you could just ash it and/or banish itMakes it harder for them to recycle it

>>640228267Meta whores and carried shitters bear no loyalties.

>>640228438and every floodgate

>>640224931>Tear still winsIt's new toy syndrome anonEveryone will be playing Tear in the next tournament


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>>640228658>Meta whores and carried shitters bear no loyalties.Yeah but was the limit of the ishisu stuff that bad? I've only seen them splashed with branded now

>>640224603>All these COPE>No Bystials>Still running Ishizu trap>Going seocnd?

>go first>basically brick aside from roach and Evenly>smartest move I can make is just pass turn and fall back on those two>opponent's draw phase>drop roach>*clickclickclickclickclick*I can't get out of gold fast enough.

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>>640222471Altergeistsisters…we’ve been forgotten again…

>>640228881>muh low probability free advantageProbably not consistently braindead enough anymore.

>OCG limited Branded Fusion and Opening>Expulsion untouchedI thought TCG was the trading clown game.

>>640228267Everyone's running anti tear tech with banishes,floodgates, etc.

>>640228967We'll make it someday.

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>>640221917Does Master give a new icon frame?

>>640228267Everybody trying to do that ebin Gimmick puppet lockdown

>>640228913>>*clickclickclickclickclick*whats this?

>>640229462The sweet sound of surrender.

>>640229441It doesn’t even work because tear can just normal reinoheart then search havnis and the set up to play during your turn.

>>640229441met one on ladder earlier, too bad I shotgunned super poly on standby phase

Superpoly meta is insufferable. I'll see you lot next month

>>640228881Kinda, I heard it is harder to go into rank4 now so it is harder to play against floodgate / Maxx c.

>>640229323I hope they continue to fast track anime pack filler cards

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Anyone got a good Bystial Dragonmaid deck?

timestalling a cyber dragon player right now

>>640230601>timestalling someone one of the quicker OTK decksTake the loss and move on

>>640230691no i think i will always timestall people who open 1 starter 4 handtraps then topdeck exactly what they need to break my board

>>640230301I don't know if this one is good since I don't play it.Laundry and Hollow are flex spots

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>>640228083You dropped this

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>>640230791Until it gets some proper support on par with Exosister, you might as well just play a dragon link or Dragunity.


>>640230791>>640230301Mine is very standardBMD-REDMD package can be anything

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>>640222471>i have all three of these decks builthuh I never thought that I have a thing for waifu decks focusing on traps

Never again i actually sit up against tears. Insta scoop everytime now.

>>640230791>Laundry is a flex spotI would not trust this man's opinion if I were you.

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>>640230895i had a floo nigger drop this on me thrn floodgate me with fissuethank god for quaers effect stonewalling that gay nigger empen from beating over dracosteplia

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>>640230791gee bill, SIX DD crows?

Today I'm gonna craft 3 dark hole

>No, don't play THOSE good cards! Play THESE good cards!Why is Konami like that?

>>640230301This is what I just came up with after some duels with only Bystials, most of the time I was just playing normal Dragonmaids or bricking so I decided to instead modify my previous Branded Maids deck to add Bystials and so far it's doing pretty well as long as I don't brick with the sheer amount of handtraps the deck has. I also removed Retribution because I'd rather search for Beast with Albion.

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>most pots in the synchro event banned>pot of desires at 3, the one pot swordsoul runsthey aren't even subtle with this shit

>>640231816It's because they don't want you using ones that let you dump your extra deck in the "you're supposed to use the extra deck" event.

>>640231816Mo Ye is at 1 user


>>640231928>1you mean at 7

>>640230301here is mine

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>change of heart at 2>raigeki at 2this bothers me immensely for some reason

>>640231534You will not

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>>640231534I have so much SR dust I don't know what to do with it. I've already crafted an SR for each secret pack for the free pull and everything.

Assault Synchron wasn't hit in the synchro festival. How can I break this card?

she did nothing wrong and will not get banned

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>>640232656Based i need her for my pet decks

>>640232269Its not brokenThe degenerate shit you can do is have it bring back blazar or shooting majestic because their effects are a soft opt

>>640232702No you don't bitch

>>640232269Normal Deep Sea DivaSpecial Guitar DuonigisBanish 2Synchro into Assault StardustRevive DivaSynchro into Baronne

Strongest male Yu-Gi-Oh player

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Why is branded fusion at 3?

>>640233156braindead players spend money

>Bystial Lubellion in hand1. BraFu into Rindbrumm>Dark monster in hand2. BraFu into Albion>no monsters in hand3. BraFu into MirrorjadeI prefer option 2 because it gives us Branded Beast

>>640233156Because it's fair? Just ash it

You know what's fucking bullshit?The amount of URs in abyss actors.

>>640233551anime tax


>>640233156Because it makes money. Only Japan hit Branded correctly by hitting the root of the problem instead of Aluber or Expulsion.

post a strange card from your favourite archetype

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if branded fusion gets hit im not playing anymorei can't deal with max cban max c and then you can hit branded

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>>640233298You're right, it's a fair card that can even be beaten with Ghoti ft. 3 maxx C.

>wahhhh ban branded fusion i cant draw the ash for its chokepoint>spright>ash sprind>they make gigantic>ash gigantic instead>oh wait they setup negates first>imperm gigantic>lol elf + ip + catty + backrow

>>640234537thisspright is way stronger than branded

>>640234537>for its chokepoint

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>win coin flip, open with 2 Sphere Mode, 2x Compulsory, 1x Solemn Strike>It's a Rokket/Bystial player, pitches Bystial Lubellion for effect and decide to Strike. At this point I have no choice but to save the CEDs for Borrelend and Borrel Savage. Instead of Borrel he goes straight into Chaos Ruler and as soon as that happens I bounce his Borrelend immediately. He decides to grab his 3rd copy of Lubellion, tributes Magical to summon and then I bounce it back into his hand. I have absolutely no follow up after this, he revives his Chaos Ruler from the GY using its effect when suddenly VICTORY, PLAYER A WON DUE TO TIME OUTBRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH....

Anyone got a Ghoti list for the Synchro festival?

>>640234657Yes. No matter how much support branded gets it must resolve branded fusion for any decent board.

>>640234748loaner deck

what do i play for synchro festival?

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Does the new branded support make it better than tears? I've barely seen any tears lately, instead replaced by branded.

>>640234896deskbots like me

>>640234935tear is a pet deck now

>>640234896Baronne de Fleur the Iris Swordsoul


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I'd think there would be way more generic fiend support out there that would be fun to dig up and use but its like nothing is out there. I just want fun tech cards that people aren't expecting

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>>640234935because branded bystial is waaay easier to pilot then tearsSwordsoul and branded are the best decks in MD cause they can farm easy fast wins


how many of each do i need.

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>>640233156It makes money and is actually not that bullshit of a card.not even the most bullshit fusion related thing braindead has, let alone in general for it.


>>640235394second copy of alba zoa is just backup. sprind at 2 is ok unless you're plan to to duel till turn 5 or 6

>>6402353942, 1

>>640233156stop complaining about honest brown boy

>>640233156>Why is [UR] at 3?truly it is a mystery

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>>640235843this but unironicallyFREE DUSTER

>>640224352>don't have any single branded card at allare bystials useless for me?

>>640235895just play birds

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>>640235896they banish light/dark from gy (quick eff. if your opponent controls a monster) and give you a free 2500 body. they're basically an instant win against some decks and they're pretty good at cucking tear.

>>640235895Nah, Duster's the kind of card that should be at 1. There's no reason for free backrow blowout to be THAT prevalent.

>solos you're board

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>>640235394Sprind is 2 for kash in case of elf ban


I really wish this and Red Rising didn't lock you into Dark Dragons. Jack played Fiend Synchros and Fire Dragon Synchros as well.

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>>640236306do you really want your deck to become an engine for negateslop like baronne?

>>640236279>>640236336you say this but it's really incredible how few times i run into a s/t negate when i drop evenly. it's only ever removals or monster negates.

>>640236306attribute locks are soul and the only good dark synchros are dragons anyway.

>9000 gemmies and not one magnamhuti have exactly 30 UR dust should i craft it or garura

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>>640236595i did 14000+ and didn't get one either

>>640227414Justice is a sin

>>640236374>>640236468Scratch that, you reminded me how Synchron decks just end on generics.

>>640236808?The only generic monster is baronne.Rest of their board are stardust dragons and maybe clear wing

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>Finally get the perfect hand and fucking buster lock somebody with plunder>Its just a DM player that bricked anyway and scoopsI'm taking this shit out because it sucks but this is still a victory I don't care

>>640236915anon, i....

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>>640237016I appreciate these albums you keep posting, they're good.

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>>640224373>11 UR to update branded>2 cartesia>1 lubellion>1 grand guignol>1 magnamhutWhere the fuck are you getting the other 6 from? Don't tell me you're counting the 3 deployment from the structures ?


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>>640236595pls respond...

>>640237586Some builds use 2-3 lubs.

Dogmatika doesn't always go off, and sometimes it going off bites you in the ass, but its always worth it for the games where you do something like trash a Cyberse soup faggot's ED and they're forced to surrender because its all critically important one offs.

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>>640237586not him but i run 3 lubellion and i had to craft a second mercourier. i'm also retarded and didn't know deployment was in a structure...


Oh man it feels so good to play branded to dumpster floodgate trannies after so long.

>spend 8k, got everything for upgrading branded outside of the two fusions.Life is good

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pretty happy i got a high rank playing stock ass burning abyssshould try to rise up again been a few months

wow imagine floo not hard opening two pots every game

>>640238379tell me about it.Ive seen it every fucking time

>STILL don't get a win for the opponent DC'ing at the coin flipfuck Konami

>>640229323>altergeist turns into a cooombo deckHow do geistfriends feel about it?

>>640221917wtf with this atelier and chaos ruler relation?

does your deck have an omni

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>>640238813>both chaos ruler and ryza are sex incarnate>both have thick thighs>both have wide thigh gap

>>640238870Sigh, no.

>>640238870One of my decks do.

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>combo off until the timer runs out>play slower as time goes on>half the people scoop before they see their first turnI love playing combo.The fuck is Tearlament?

>>640238870no because we're too honest

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Why is Konami obsessed with light and dark attributes?

>>640239120And dragons. They can't design anything else.

>>640239120Yugioh is a game about the occult.

>>640238870Kind of?

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>>640237938in branded that's incredibly unnecessary when Saronir can already get it on circulation. The only decks that would do so are Dragon Links deck that desperately want the material for extension turn 1

>>640239425saronir needs to send retribution/branded in white if you want to use rindbrumm and not end on one monster.

>>640239165They can also make:>Wyrm>Spellcaster>Warrior>"Dark Spellian">Illusionist

Exblowrer is fun :)

>>640238870Yeah but it fucks memore than the enemy

>>640239706are you faggots already seething about Illusionists being "shilled" just from being created

>Bystilas in Dogmatikagood or bad idea?

>wanted to play an Ojamas deck for the hell of it>ended up with an ABC Union/Armed Dragon/Spright/Ojama/Tri-Brigade abomination that somehow worksIt feels like this shit is actively rewiring my brain, it's like I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown every time I use it.

Attached: 2JK.gif (245x245, 966.99K)

>>640240153Post list, I gave up on my Ojama schizo pile long ago but I still have all the URs.

>>640240138bystials in general are good but i can see them being potential bricks since they don't help your dogmatika plays at all

what do bystials do for branded?going over 40 in my branded deck feels weird

>>640240071No, I just find it funny how they're doing the same thing as Wyrm where they're trying to make new cards in an existing type, but don't want to let them share generic support.

>>640240686Im trying to understand it too. So far i sorta get fusing albion first before lubellion using Bys-Lubellion, so you can tribute it for his summon without using the mirrojade banish, but that seems a bit convoluted for not a lot of payoff. Maybe im just missing something

>>640240686banish mercourier to search cartesia/albion/kittlubellion activate branded loss from decksaronir foolish a branded s/t so you can add it to your hand with retribution that you discarded or foolished with albion

>In Gold>play Dogmatika>I'm bullying the fuck out of pet decks>really feel bad about itGuess I'll play Witchcrafters or my jank Noble Knights>LMAO TEARS>LMAO SPRIGHTSFUCKYOU

>>640240138Sounds like a good way of bricking your field, just run DD Crow.

>>640240936>matched against people with shit decks because low ELO>easy wins boost ELO>now your high ELO gets matched with meta scrubs

>>640240686>>640240786Dont get meme'd too hard on it anons its really more of a sidegrade for branded. Bystials just sorta synergizes with branded and are good against tears thats it.Although I did add Rindbrum and Cartiesia because a negate on a single summon and cartesia giving you a better ability to dodge spells is pretty sweet


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>>640241041>master duel>ELO

Attached: devq6yq.png (800x712, 527.83K)

>>640241041>ELOFuck off.

>>640240424Main Deck:2x each of Ojama Yellow, Blue, Black, and Green1x Ojama Red1x Ojama Pink1x Regulus1x each of the ABC and VWXYZ monsters2x Armed Dragon Thunder LV31x Armed Dragon Thunder LV5 and LV 72x Rescue Cat2x Ash Blossom1x D Hero Plasma2x Spright Blue1x Spright Red and Carrot1x Tri-Brigade Kitt and Kerass1x Nibiru3x Ojamagic3x Ojamassimilation1x Pot of Avarice3x Ojamatch1x Lightning Storm1x Harpie's Feather Duster1x Ojama DH1x Polymerization1x Ojama Country1x Union Hangar2x Foolish Burial Goods2x Forbidden Droplet3x Ojama Pajama2x Ojama Duo---------Extra Deck:1x Ojama King1x Ojama Knight1x ABC-Dragon Buster1x XYZ-Dragon Cannon1x VW-Tiger Catapult1x VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult1x A-to-Z-Dragon Buster1x Armed Dragon Catapult1x First of the Dragons1x Ojama Emperor1x Link Spider1x Underworld Goddess1x Hip Hoshin1x Gigantic Spright1x Number 64It's the YGO equivalent of a car crash, it either explodes hard or bricks hard. No in-between.

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>Only 53% WRGarura...

Attached: GaruraWingsofResonantLife-POTE-EN-UR-1E.png (478x700, 685.95K)

>>640241813so what is this good for again? Tears?

>>640241913>Tears?Too bad Rise-heart cant be used as a fusion material

>>640241913Almost every single deck that doesn't use engines and dares to summon more than 1 monster with the same typeIt's a retarded TCG exclusive card, I don't think Japan has it yet

>>640241208Not him, but yes. The game has a hidden rating system for sure.If you win a lot, you get moved up into a higher "tier" of players. I've noticed it in this game, Duel Links, even all do the same shit so people don't literally go on 50 game win streaks stomping bad players.>What does a "higher tier player" mean in the context of this game?It means a player that has a higher overall win rate. Thus, they typically play better and have better built decks.Don't believe me? Win a bunch of games in a row and see for yourself.

>>640242402It actually has a very visible rating system. I've gone on 20+ winstreaks and not noticed anything other than my rank going up.

>>640242402my broken winstreaks are 100% always caused by forced coinflip losses and bricked hands. the "quality" of my opponent is irrelevant when the game can just skew the random aspects to set me up for failure.

>>640242504Do you check decks after games and/or notice if your opponents are good or bad?

>>640242592I check decks after almost every game just out of habit, and because you never know when someone's secretly running some crazy shit to laugh about.

>>640242280lmao you people are so defensive about anything TCG. You act like Garura killed your whole family yet it is just not that relevant in the meta, it's a solid card but you're making it a bigger deal than it really is.

>>640241913It kills virtually any deck combo or most archetype boards.

>>640241913since none of the retards who replied bothered to mention this it's a super poly target. the card's effects don't matter it's just the fact it has extremely generic materials.

>>640243070two of the three replies said that without directly stating it you idiot. you're the clueless one here



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>>640242402I've lost too many rank up matches 2+ times before being able to rank up and also forced to go second in them that I'm also convinced there's some kind of manipulation going on to just keep you playing more.

>>640243437Look at her go!

>>640243437tiny Laundry is cute

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>>640241913you make garura with raiza + empen and flip summon limit

>>640243437my daughter is so cute

>went first with prosp>still lostwhy do people insist on going so hard on stun? it's not that good

Attached: 155163203569.png (656x740, 565.23K)

>>640244291It's toons which aren't good. they're just trying to polish a turd. Toon Stun does have more success than other Toon decks though, sadly.

>>640244291Your boarder?? Your fountain??? Rainbow magician???? Iwato?????? Not even the good purple cards like TCBOOMaybe you just suck user

>>640242592I stopped checking decks because they make me sethee so hardSo many retards running 1 ash 1 Maxx c and 1 imperm AND OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DREW IT

>>640244472That's his opponent's deck

Why's Yata Garasu still banned?

>>640244652Damn it i got owned.... Is over ....N-nooo

>>640244556Niggers are just getting even more blatant with the cheating

>>640244875It's impossible to cheat in this game unless you somehow had direct access to Konami's servers

>>640244989No, he's right. I've experienced it too. Sometimes my opponents DO actually draw cards that are in their deck.

>>640244989>>640245116Exosister sisters we won

>>640244989>>640245116Thats because some cards have a higher chance to appear in your hand than others (noticed the *bing* in some cards?)

>>640244291Not enough going second cards like boarder, alpha, or solemn strike.

>Full Handrip with Durandal and Zarc>field of negates>Zarc floodgate effect>pendulum trap to stop any potential play out of the 1 card you are left with>all RoyalPendulum players always find new ways to make themselves hated

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>>640245250That's just God's Grace at work.

>>640244989People have been banned from Duelist Cups for undisclosed cheating. We only know one was banned for exploiting a disconnect bug. I've seen too much suspicious shit in this game to think there's not other kinds of cheating.


Want proof that there are cheaters in Master Duel? Start running Gamma and TTT in all your decks and pay attention to how your opponents will start to play around exactly whichever one you draw.

>>640238870Yes. From Cyberstorm Access

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>open Gamma>my opponent will always wait until I have a monster on board to activate Maxx C, even if I activate E Tele or a similar card>open TTT>my opponent will always drop Maxx C during the standby phaseEvery time, without fail. They aren't cheating though, they're just better than me at Yugioh(according to Holla Forums)

>>640245773I am at the opposite of that>always play around nib>On one faithful day, it is turn 3 after chixiao pass as usual, some weird thought entered me>"Maybe, I should try to combo more", and I started doing tenyi line>got nibbed immediatelyNever again. Same thing with gamma, the first time I tried not to play around it was against PUNK of all things. Fuck you.

>>640238870Only generic, thanks baraoness.

>>640245773Compile just 5 examples of it happening since it always happens. People always share these stories and never share the replays.

Hey guys, check out this playmat I got for cheap.

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>>640246314nice.are you going to get pic related too?

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>>640246234Because no one is going to save replays of shit like that. People only save replays of good games or shitstomping games.

>>640246691It's not hard to record a replay. But still why has no one ever linked it happening to a streamer? People stream dozens of hours during duelist cups or just from day to day. Shouldn't be too hard to find.

>>640246314saw the Traptrix structure deck at the supermarket yesterday. showed it to brother and had a giggle

So, is bystial engine generic enough for light-dark deck that is not branded / dlink?I wonder if i should put 1-2k gems on it for shit and giggle.