Favorite skyrim questmines pic related

favorite skyrim questmines pic related

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what an ugly game

>>640220679That's because it was designed to be played on ps3/xbox 360.

>>640220842not an excuse

>>640220959>2011 open world 3D game running on horribly obsolete hardware from 2005/2006Yes, yes it is.

>>640220259that series of quests where you have to search for ethereum shards with a ghost lady

>>640220259I like that quest where you have to enter that crypt with the bandits, then you kill your way through several draughers and retrieve a treasure from deep inside the dungeon. Yep. That one is probably my favorite.

The radiant guest that has you spelunking tombs for random crap

>>640220259This quest was pure kino

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>>640220259>>640220259Siege of solitude was kino, slaying those high-elf feet kissing medniggers was satisfying as hell.

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>>640220259I really like the quest where I ask to join the bard's college and then they say yes and send me on a journey to a nord tomb, and then they have a big ceremony where they say im a bard now :)

>>640220259I like the quest where you fetch the thing inside the dungeon and you have to kill all the inhabitants.

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I like being given the chance to fuck over the daedra instead of only on rails quests from prior games.Glad they cared more about player agency in game.

I never understood why people shit on this game's quests and then say Oblivion's are the best thing ever. They're the same shit.>umm.... le draugr dungeon bro!How many forgettable dungeons were the focus of quests in Oblivion? Too many to mention.

>>640220259Skyrims Thieve Guild Questline is better than Oblivions.

>>640221496the Forsworn are in the right

>>640222579Since Arena they have been steadily improving the quality of the questing.

>>640222932Fuck off Rolstonfag

>>640220679not as ugly as ur mom

>>640222053This but unironically.

>>640222579What is the equivalent of the painting quest in Oblivion from any other game?Now your best option is to admit defeat by just attacking the painting quest because we both know you will not be able to come up with better..

>>640222847Never should have cum here!

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>>640220259Forsworn Conspiracy

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>>640223002Take your meds

>>640223235The quest from BGII where you enter a psycho's personal torture hell by stepping into a cursed circus tent comes to mind. And it's a hell of a lot more complex than "kill 3 level scaled trolls and fetch a paintbrush."

>>640223256>subvert the city government that's controlled by foreign occupierssounds based to me

>>640223256do chuds really?the banker and bad guy of that quest is a respected nord.Nepos was his lacky who was secretly working for his King to undermine his boss

>>640221496I always took the random ring or necklace of her dead body

there should have been more reachmen quests and content in the game.


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>>640220259Retrieving the bow of Auriel. The caves with falmer and buzzing insects were shit, but the canyon itself and the snow elf ruins hidden high in the mountains were soul, kino and other buzzwords. I spent hours the first time just in that area alone, it was december and it was cold inside irl, my feet were freezing while creeping through icy caverns ingame. A very memorable experience.


>>640221354this one was fucking amazing>>640221453hated that one, honestly

>>640220259I've never finished skyrim because I refuse to kill the old dragon. Cleared all side quest.

wait a minute... that claw...

>>640224651Main quest is always the last thing you do in elder scrolls games.Oblivion gates are ass

>the dwemer ruins start turning into falmer caves

>>640223461This quest got a name or just a vague description and assurances of excellence?

>>640225101so you can read the wiki and pat yourself on the back?play the game if you care to form an educated opiniont. haven't played BG2 and has no idea what the quest is but won't waste everyone's time with retarded rhetorical questions

>>640221496>You can actually kill this guy and save her>The scripting doesn't break and you get extra options during the quest

>>640225101Investigate the Circus Tent. Now go read about it on the wiki like user said and make up some shit about how it doesn't matter and Oblivion's excellence in painting fetch quests is still unmatched.

i liked the lighthouse lizards questeven with cyrus we didnt get enough nautical nonsense

>>640220679Just torture it into being less ugly

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>>640225286> Noooo don't check on it. Dude just trust me.Is it really that bad you want to hide it from me? Not helping your case.

>>640225668So you both know how bad it is. Must be a doozy.

>>640226002>spend hours getting some ENB preset set up. >still have no idea what the load order was supposed to be or if I even installed everything correctly>don't want to fuck with it since the game is launching and it definitely looks shinier

I like the one where you find that cube randomly and it starts speaking to you.

I like the TG quest where Mercer drags you into a draugr dungeon and you go on to witness severe mental retardation in its purest form

>>640226073I don't know if it's bad or good. I haven't played the game.that's my whole point. play the game if you care so much, faggot

Skyrim quests are an insult to the concept of quests


>>640226138>>640226226post it

To this day, I still seethe over thieves guild quest. What a wasted potential. You met the oldest daedric prince at the end of thieves guild questline, which was cool, but the entire guild story was so fucking stupid

>>640226170How was it retarded? He used you as bait because you knew too much

reusable black soul gem makes the enchanting grind easier

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>>640226350I dropped it when they made me the beehive bitch

>>640225101>um oblivion has da best quests of rpg ever>hasn't played baldur's gate 2Fucking pottery

>>640226002>Give money to a corporation>Dont enjoy their product>Solution: use third party addons to "fix" it and declare the game greatMany such cases

>>640225668The only one i could find is about freeing party members from illusions. Nothing about a psycho's personal torture hell .Are you remembering the right quest?

>>640226475You're speaking to two different people you absolute dimwit. One guy is claiming the quest is better than anything in Oblivion, and the other guy is telling you to stop being a lazy retard and either Google it or play the game yourself.

>>640226475I don't think the quest you described exists. Not in BG2 anyway.

>>640226672you're a bit mixed up yourself, user. that's a third user taking up the cause

>>640226556Play something other than TES and maybe you'll find out the truth. Hell I don't even really consider this quest to be that good, but it's miles ahead of Oblivion's shitty painting quest. Last post you get from me autist

>>640222847>terrorism is BASED!Grow up, retard.

Samefag is getting so confused he is yelling at his own same fagging. Yakkity Sax intensifies

>>640226448Do you mean the first thieves guild quest where you have to stole a thing from a small island? Believe it or not, that's the most 'thief' quest in the entire thieves guild story, the rest of the quest makes you feel like a gangster instead of actual thief, and split second later, you become batman in nocturnal cave

>>640226914So badically everyone *wink* is giving up on finding an actual better quest? At least I am getting assurances they do exist even if nobody knows what they are.

>>640226993I think it may have been the first quest lmao. it wasn't anything about the quest actual, that's just the exact moment I got burned out on that particular playthrough of skyrim. I usually only last 80 hours or so (if even that)

>>640220842MGS4 came out years before Skyrim and looks 10x better

>>640226437Last time I played through Skyrim I found a mod that made female statues nude. Find myself climbing up a mountain and see Azura and her massive fat perky tits in the distance. It was downright glorious.

>>640227332Mod support was a mistake.

>>640224298>Retrieving the bow of Auriel.Fucking hated that shit quest so much>Who wants to go through a long ass corridor and fight falmer for the billionth fucking time?I just used tcl and ran to the end.


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>>640227105What the fuck is this post? does anyone speak autism?

>>640227105I'm playing the somewhat overrated Pathfinder games and even those have sidequests that are more nuanced than most bethesda shit.hell there's fucking sidequests in PAPER MARIO that are more memorable than most oblivion quests.I beg you, play more games, user

Kind anons, I'm playing my first wabbajack modpack after not touching skyrim for about 10 years.I'm doing wildlander. What level do I need to do:1) BFB2) The main questline


>>640227482wax museum faces

>>640227487The context is in the reply chain. Of you understand badic English you can follow along and catch up > You misspelled a wordHappens all the time. If one misspelled word breaks your mind I can't help you.

>>640220259Molag Bals quest is kino minus having to go fetch the priest from a bandit camp.

>>640220259Honestly, setting up Lakeview Manor.It was a nothing quest, but it felt good.Also being important to Falkreath (best area) was good too.

The one with those puzzle wheels you have to randomly guess the solution to, and then there are about 8 more directly behind it.Then you get a completely worthless piece of jewelry.

>>640227724Have to agree with this. The lips look good though.

>>640227895>you have to randomly guess the solution to

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>>640227494> Dude totally trust me they are everywhere.Why no specifics. Vague assurances are a sign of weakness. I know your last attempt at a straight answer went South quick but don't give up. One stunning failure is no reason to turtle.

>>640227895>have to randomly guess the solution toWhat one is that?

>>640222579I don't shit on Skyrim, especially given everything since. Oblivion's thieve's questline all built up to something and gave an amusing thieving item.I like Oblivion because it had the best flora and greenery. It had a world I actually enjoyed being in instead of brown and grey tundra, or brown and grey destroyed buildings.

>>640228017Why should anyone give you specifics when earlier you just admitted to having to look at the wiki cause you only play TES garbage? We cannot experience games for you dumbass, leave your bubble and go play them.

>>640220259I can't even remember much they were all bland and forgettable compared to kinoblivion.

>>640228310I looked in the wiki to see what was so good about tbe quest.One problem. The quest you cited does not exist.Are you sure it was BG2?I am sure you will claim that wasn't you so the other user made up a quest happy now?

>>640221153The ghost archer lady?I like how she complains if you loot all the armor off her corpse.

My most memorable moment wasn't even a quest. I ran around lost in Black Reach and realized Lydia wasn't following. I had no idea if they were lost or dead and couldn't possibly retrace steps to try finding them.I resigned myself to their loss and continued on for another hour or two exploring all of it and only when I returned to the surface did they reappear at my side.

>>640228606Holy fuck I know TESfags are retarded but the handholding required here is insanebaldursgate.fandom.com/wiki/Investigate_the_circus_tentThere retard. Can you not even use google properly? Did your handler go home for the day?

>>640228503Skyrims quests are better than Oblivions, you are biased

>>640227895>those puzzle wheels you have to randomly guess the solution to you might have brain problems dude

>>640228310To addThe burden of proof falls on the one making the claim does it not? If you or the "other" user can't come up with an example between you then you have failed the burden of proof. Having failed my claim is taken as fact.Do you not know how discussions work?

>>640228769That is the one I found. The one user cited was a psycho's torture hell or some such.That one doesn't exist.The circus tent thing seems fairly unremarkable from the wiki.

Most of the quests stink, they are basic fetch quests or elimination quests. One at least stuck out for me which is Lost to the Ages, it had the halmarks of being a great quest but still had you Fetch X and Kill Y. Remove the quest markers, make it non-linear, add a few branching paths and then it'd easily be my favorite.My favorite isn't even part of the base game but from a mod which is Vigilant. Yes it plagiarizes FromSoft unapologeticly, the voice acting is shit, and its incredibly unlore friendly BUT its still a fuckton better then anything Bethesda came up with in Skyrim

>>640228790Yeah look at those fantastic guild quests in Skyrim right

Does anything even happen if you find all the necromancer masks and return them?

I wonder how the game would have faired without the mod community propping it up. Can you think of anyone who plays vanilla anymore?

>>640229317I played a thousand hours of vanilla if you don't count SkyUI and unofficial patches.

Hardcore makes Skyrim WAY more enjoyable.Just gotta be honest and delete your charracter if it dies. Crashes don't count.

>>640229136What quest can't you reduce to fetch X kill Y?

>>640220259>quest takes you around the world map to explore dwemer ruins with your ghost buddypure quinoa

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>>640227895Wait a minute, that claw.This was a joke, but seriously when game came out the first thing you do is replace the console UI with a PC one; which made the claw in the inventory much smaller if you even opened the inventory to look at it which there is no reason to do.I did not realize they had markings until this quest where it wasn't feasible they intended iterating solutions.

>>640229672I don't like any of the items you get from the forge. Regardless, this quest is one of my favorites. Also, her bow is sick.

>>640223924The Silverbloods are the good guys.

>>640229317All 26k probably are using mods.

>>640220679kys neo-zoomer

>>640229305Havent played in years but I think they combine into one mask that isnt as great as having individual masks.

>>640229773the real treasure is the friends we made along the way

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>>640229916kek'dof course they do

>>640220259The quest where they re release the same game for the 5th time

>>640229916Collecting the 8 masks unlocks a new mask by placing them on an altar. After the master mask is unlocked, you can simply pick up the masks again.

>>640220259I barely remember anything past Whiterun. I wish there was a nice mod pack to just make combat not shit and actually a 3D game but keep everything vanilla.

>>640229125Oblivion painting quest>it's all retextured assets>gameplay is just fighting 3 level scaled trolls and fetching a paintbrush>crosshair literally visible on the screenshot of grass -- I mean paintingBaldur's Gate II Circus Tent quest>unique assets for the quest>opens up a potential companion for the rest of the game>challenge is static>several different illusion based encounters>genie guarding the entrance who asks a riddle the player must answer to progress (or fight him)

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>>640224298I hated the forgotten vale at first because the game had just thrown you into some fucking hellscape for hours in the quest just before it and I wasn't ready for another massive zone with its own easily missed optional bullshit. But damn it ended up being kino especially when you finally reach the sanctum itself.

>>640228790brotherhood had great quests, thief guilds first time also. And the random quests, town quests are good as well;Fuck off contrarian

>>640230871Gleamblossoms and poison blooms really remind you of how lifeless much of the flora around skyrim is.

>>640230867> Just retextured assets.That is where you lost.

>>640229605A quest like Whodunit? where you, yes, have to kill off every guest locked in with you but to do the quest right you have observe each of the guests, figure out their habits and elimate them 1 by 1 without making yourself suspect until you are the only one left. There is no quest like that in Skyrim just a sad facsimile where you come across a stone that yells at you to interact with it at the wedding

>>640231134Yeah I knew it'd be a waste of time to earnestly reply to you. Kill yourself.

>>640231203Amazing quest design

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>>640231203Skyrim has way better dungeons

>>640231248If you consider that your best effort that is on you.

>>640231315you can be a murderhobo in most rpgs user.

>>640231427the npcs are blind during whodunit. it's designed like shit but retards fellate it because they like the idea

>>640231203The point in contention was all quests could be reduced to fetch or kill. You acknowledge this quest is no different so I don't know why you brought it up.

>>640231561closed circle murder mystery is always popularbeing the murderer removes the mystery but it is a novel idea for a quest

>>640231386You are the lowest scum on Holla Forums. You bait people into discussions then when they engage with you you make cop out posts where you disregard everything they say because you are a literal autist whose only goal in life is to make the normal function humans of earth despise you and your kind with immense hatred. Actually fucking kill yourself.

>>640231782You glossing over the things that made it notable was lazy and it got the respect it deserved Playing the victim is not going to change that.

>>640231993What did I gloss over? I stated exactly what both quests were. You are denying FACTS. You are crying. You are seething. Your parents do not love you. No one enjoys talking to you. You will die alone and obese you mistake of nature.

>>640231993nta but you didn't even point out what he glossed over?t. never played Oblivion so couldn't tell if you were being genuine about him glossing over the best parts of the quest or not

>>640232175How do you get the quest? Are you td a guy is yrapped in a painting and needs help?As you are playing the game it is unexpected and unique.The circus quest is bog standard.You glossed over the unique rewards and items. You were disingenuous from the get go and are throwing a histrionic fit because you got called out.Do better. Be better.Now back away you sniveling pig.

>>640232482Of course you aren't.Throw your customary histrionics for getting called out.

>>640232571>rewards and itemsrewards and items a quest do not make

>>640232638>>640232571this guy is trolling

>>640229317I tried playing vanilla at my first vanilla play through level 60 to get the remaining achievements needlessly to say I played for about an hour before abandoning the idea and go back to mods.

>>640220259Skyrim was fucking trash for retards

>>640232823Too bad thats exactly what the average player loves.

>>640232648So you can put in a companion as a reason but I can't use the rewards from the Oblivion quest?Does not seem a fair and equitable deal.So i addition to you being disingenuous I am being hobbled. Can I still use voeels or is that out of bounds now.

>>640232571I didn't list how you get the quest in either because it barely matters. If you want to count it, the painting quest is theoretically better, but the quest literally creates lore that contradicts with the rest of the game just so it can exist. That's a lazy hack way to create a quest.>You glossed over the unique rewards and itemsEh? Like the apron which offers a middling level scaled stat increase? What unique item? The paintbrush? The Circus Tent quest offers a full blown companion as a reward among XP and reputation. Much better than Oblivion's reward. Again, raped. Again, destroyed. Again, you will seethe and cry in an autistic fit.

>>640232703Why do you always tell yourself things like this? Nobody is reading this but me and you.

The one that gets you Serana as a follower so I can drag her around Skyrim to get raped by bandits and beasts

>>640233143Why not just rape her yourself?What are you, a cuck?

>>640232983Painted troll fat and turpentine are also unique to the quest.I also find it amusing that after admitting I was right you then declared victory.

>>640233251>touching Molag "Ligma" Bal's used goodsyucky

>>640232983an asideWhat lore did it contradict?

>>640233251Because i'm too busy raping argonians and khajiit

>>640233282>turpentinethat's literally a quest item that has no use outside the quest itself nigga

>>640233570Uou are correct about that. Did you have a point or were you just spouting random things?

>>640233826if you can't see how it's related then you may really have autism like the other user keeps saying

>>640233282>the retextured troll is unique, as is the retextured potionWow so unique. Circus Tent still rapes it retard

>>640233905So you didn't actually have a point and were just showing off your knowledge.Fair enough.

>>640233919Was the setting unique or notable in the circus tent? Were there other circus tents you could enter ?Were you led to it or did you have to find it organically?The puzzle aspect was certainly a plus but hardly exceptional.Your contender tirned out to be a pretender. Wonp womp

>>640233905> The other anonlol

>>640234249replies are 9 seconds apart>>640233905>>640233919, take meds failed troll boi

>>640234175>Was the setting unique or notable in the circus tent?Yep>Were there other circus tents you could enter ?Nope>Were you led to it or did you have to find it organically?Same way you're led to Oblivion's painting quest. You either hear about it in town or you approach it and someone tells you about it.>Your contender tirned out to be a pretenderConsider yourself raped again, autism boy.


>>640234420How did your companions get trapped in the circus?

>>640227285this except in no way whatsoever

>>640234420Circuses having circus tents is unique to you?

>>640234492It's not your companion, it's someone who can become your companion after the quest. Raped again.>>640234751Circus tents leading to an mage's crazed illusion is

>>640220259Can't remember what it was called, but I like the quest where you go inside a lighthouse, you find a family of redguards dead and you go inside a whole on the wall to fight a bunch of falmers and their pet gugs to find the remains of the father.

>>640234976So no back story on the companion like the painter? That does aeem a bit odd. There almost has to be one.

>>640227626>BFBYou can skip that completely if you want since Wildlander removes the first 3 main quests, but if you do want to do it I'd say have your primary relevant damage skills at 50 (ie One-Handed, Two-Handed, Destruction etc.) and bring a tempered silver weapon if you're not a mage. Don't go through the back door that exits to the lake after killing the boss unless you want a cool surprise :^)>Main QuestWhenever you kill your first dragon since your first dragon kill starts it for you unless you selected the option during character creation to not become dragonborn. Pro-tip: You probably won't be able to kill one until level 50 or are abusing the fuck out of the meta.

>>640234976I thought it was a genie.

>>640235103There is backstory. They become your companion and then you learn it and there are a lot of different things that can happen with them as with the other companions in BG 1/2. Raped again.>>640235187The genie is one of his illusions. Raped again.

>>640234976Crazy mages are not uncommon in forgotten realms.

>>640225292>You can bang her later

>>640235243I hardly think you knowing more than me about Baldurs Gate is a raping. If it helps you cope though I understand.

>>640226265NTA, but this one?

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>>640235585I think you saying "this is the best quest ever" and you not having any knowledge of one of the most surface level RPGs is a raping indeed. Exposes you and every other retarded TESfag who want to give themselves "best RPG ever" awards while not touching anything that isn't Bethesda's shitty FPS adventure games.

>>640220679sorry i forgot the picture.

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>>640235693Some niche game from the 90s is hardly some powerhouse that all know. these days.You offering up some boilerplate quest indistinguishable from any other quest from that game in format is hardly the resounding victory you imagine

>>640236419>baldur's gate>nicheWrong>You offering up some boilerplate quest indistinguishable from any other quest from that gameWrong againRaped for the thousandth time. Stick to building with duplos, autist.

>>640228037None of them. user was just too stupid to investigate the claws for the codes lol

>>6402365802 million in sales would not be considered a big hit even by the standards of the time it was released. It was certainly the most successful of tbe antique RPGs but still just a niche.

>>640236773For RPGs it was a huge hit. Raped again.

>>640232823Kill yourself contrarian

>>640235020That was a cool one. I liked the quest where that adventurer party got trapped inside a dungeon due to a snow storm and you fight a khajiit that went crazy from the experience.

>>640236823Yes for a niche game it did much better than other games on that niche. Does not change the fact it is a niche game, my initial pount, that is largely forgotten today .In my travels it seems the sales of Baldurs Gate 3 confirms its niche status as the previous two had better sales at their launches. It would appear the fans of those games are aging out of the system .Old forgotten game is old and forgotten

>>640237496To addCongrats on your memory holding out this long. They say it usually the first thing to go.

>>640237496Change the subject as much as you want, the baldur's gate quest is still better, and you still got raped. Cry more autism boy.

>>640237706You are so cute when you are coping.> But I remembered an unremarkable quest from 100 years ago.Yes you did and you should be very proud of that

>>640237850So just more crying? By all means keep replying. You're like my personal little autism slave. Go on, cry more for me slave.


>>640237984>>640237850Christ, just kiss already

>>640227332After all...why shouldn't they be nude?

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>>640220259Vigilant.>>640229136Good taste brother.

>>640223461you're on drugsthat quest is literally 'walk in and kill everything that moves', same as every fucking BG quest.I like the bg games, but nostalgia cocksuckers like you piss me off.

>>640220259Skyrim is legit the most soul and kino you can get from a game and it's why even after 12 years most people who played it still long fondly for it.Fave quest is the first one : the golden claw and the temple until you get to riverrun, absolutely kino introductory sequence.

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>>640220259Talk to owner, go through a tunnel killing rats, spiders and a random bum, go to vat and activate, return to bar.Where's the part where it's good?

Invading Windhelm and using the shout on Ulfric as an ironic end.

>>640239850The part where you added the poison in the brew vat, and somehow that magically transferred over to the small barrel back in the counter were the guard captain got his poisoned mead sample.

>>640235759I wanna play oblivion/fallout 3/new vegas again but that era of the bethesda engine is just way too unstable. Even running it vanilla + crash fixes it'll crap out on modern hardware too much to be worth the hassle.

>>640239873>cant shout his body apart so theres nothing left to buryulfrics thu'um is canonically stronger than dragonborn

>>640227332Makes her worthy of worship.

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>>640240259god, I wish I had the patience to mod skyrim again

>>640240298Download a mod pack off wabbajack. You probably have to cough up a couple bucks for a month of nexus premium to make it not a pain in the ass but it's worth it, IMO.

>>640239702my eyes

>>640240429I've done it before, main issue with modlists/wabbajack is that it's usually really hard to customize them because they often have custom patches and settings and even a small mod will break them.

>>640240005Nords are.known as the pre-eminent enchanters of TES. It is reasonable a well off meadery would commission a system of teleporting mesd to the bar.

>>640240136honestly any bethesda game pre skyrim is literally unplayable as far as im concerned. even with modding.

>>640239412I never said it was the best quest ever, I don't even like it much, but it's without a doubt better than Oblivion's painting quest. That was the point retard.

>>640242340We have reached peak silliness.

>>640243075There's my little slave.

>>640243139You allow slaves to insult you? Kinda punk move on your part.

>>640227285lmao no

Looks like a bitch got put in her place.

>>640220259As much as I love Skyrim and played it for a thousand hours, I struggle to remember quests that were memorable for me.I think the DLC questlines were the best to me, I enjoyed the vampire questline and pretty much everything about Dragonborn with Hermaeus Mora and lovecraftian elements.

>>640231203>where you, yes, have to kill off every guest locked in with youSo you can reduce this one to fetch and kill too.Why would you blow yourself out like this?