Why is Super Mario 64 so deeply embedded into our collective unconscious?

Why is Super Mario 64 so deeply embedded into our collective unconscious?

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>>640219467It was designed by a higher order.

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>>640219467It's LVDO.Simple as.

mario if he ghost

>>640219467How do you know it's there if we're unconscious of it?

>>640219467Do you know the difference between “unconscious” and “subconscious”?

>>640219467>One of the most popular/well-known video games ever>"Bro why does everyone know about it?"

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>>640219467it was experi-mental, super rental, oh so simple, gooter crimple, hyper spintal, vorey ental, chumpoh frengal

>>640219467Top tier music and no point and click or motion control mechanics. Also Mario started looking like shit once the enhanced graphics made everything look round and boring.

>>640219656redpilled but unironically

>>640219656>you are forced to look into this mirror and observe for the first the camera that has apparently been watching you the whole gameDid this schizo not even pay attention to the intro where is shows lakitu flying around with the fucking camera?

>>640219656>Sulphur i thought it was canonically established though that level was the castle's sewer and mario was choking fumes from peache's years and YEARS old turds she flushed down there without out a care in the world, casually, absent mindedly flushing deadly toxic shit chunks for years and years letting them stew down there

>>640220196what the fuck did I just read?

>>640219467satantic demon magic

>>640220712I think someone should draw that so we can all laugh at it h-haha

>>640219656this but unironically

>>640219467SM64 is the equivalent of flypaper for autistics.

>>640219656he's not wrong

>>640219467it is not, only 30% of that generation played it and of that 30% only 5% finished the gamemeanwhile 90% of all gamers have played pokemon at least once

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>>640219467Mario if he ethereal

>>640219467It isn't, you're just autistic.


>>640219467liminal spaces and hypnagogic music fr

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>>640219467because it was really fucking dank

>>640227716i dont remember this part

Citizen Kane of vidya gaems.

>>640230172>he never played mario kart 64

>>640230172Yeah, if you stop'n'swapped SM64 and MK64 you'd get an extra couple of stages in SM64 (Jungle Parkway, Banshee Boardwalk, and if you get 100% of the main game and talk to Yoshi, there's a small Yoshi's Valley 'extra star') and if you did the reverse with MK64 you'd get a new Painting Cup (Bob-Omb Battlefield, Big Boo's Haunt, Shifting Sand Land, Tick Tock Clock [Yes, it was before the DS version!]).Pretty cool application of the technology, really. I'm surprised they managed to fit that much in there.


this is your general weirdos>>>/vg/432299169

Because before you even touched the internet some guy made mario blue on an emulator and played scatman john over it.

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>>640219467Don't know, never played it. I'm almost 40. All my gamer friends enjoy it though so I won't question their enthusiasm.

>>640219656Now this is schizophrenia.

>>640231868And yes, I am saying all the nonsense about people talking about Mario 64 being the pinnacle of 3d designA game with immaculate controlsA perfect level structureEven being the best of the games that were out when it came out.It's all bullshit.People saw mario blue running around to Eurodance and a guy with a marvelous mustache going bweee ba-bada bo.


>>640219467Powerful relic of my childhood. It was the first game I purchased with my own money. The game has a very distinctly pitched soundfont, memorable and iconic voice lines, bright colors, tight controls, great sense of exploration. It's almost trance like.

>>640219656this is your brain on Twitter


>>640219467It's fun to just move around in SM64.The music is great and has nice reverb. You have to learn to navigate, which imprints the levels on your mind.The N64 era had an asset style that I think coincidentally made thing more appealing than they should be. Low poly models force developers to filter out unimportant lines.

>>640219467>one of the very first games to showcase 3D graphics and gameplay>did it right where most others have failedIt was just simply an incredibly innovative and functional game for its time. Still to this day it's a blast to play, and you can't say that for most other games of its generation.

>>640219467zoomers discovered it through pannenkoek2012 half an a press, everyone else has played it as a kid

>>640236680zoomers play sm64 ds (better version) as a kid

>>640237004Based and true.

>>640219467This is not how the vanish cap works.

>>640239417That's not the Vanish Cap he's wearing...


>>640230172you have to press the Doug button

>>640219467It's such an ugly looking game. And whenever someone tries to do an HD upscale of it's originals textures you've all called it out as looking ugly. So that is proof that it looks terrible.

>>640240050I'm pressing the Doug Button but it doesn't correlate with what's happening when i play Super Mario 64.

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>>640227716I wish this was on B3313

>>640219467Depressed Zoomies are obsessed with this shit for some reason.

The memes, it has enough character to keep them alive.

>>640241180that explains the tranny influx in the modding community

It's such an intricate and focused game, it feels like everything was designed ahead and planned out with a great deal of thought behind it, despite feeling like such a free form game, like a precursor to open world games with the most loose of objectives. It would be a nearly perfect game if the camera wasn't so garbage

>>640219656>so far we have been through the grand hall, climbed a mountain and killed a king, an owl dropped us into a cage, we were submerged in water and we found a severed head and rebuilt a body. after this mario descends into the basement for the next part of the ritualThis guy sure knows how to make a game sound interesting.

>>640220629He's doing it as a joke. I've been tempted to do something similar interpreting Banjo Kazooie as an anti-communist allegory.


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>>640227716Skips the part where the Smash Bros 64 level is located in the sky above.