Fears, hopes and dreams for the next Monster Hunter?Will it after all be a real MH game again?

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I think you should kill yourself for making this thread again.

there hasn't been a real MH game since Dos

I'm going to make a prediction for MH6. They're going to go the Dragon's Dogma route and allow you to create a "pawn." This companion you will be able to fully customize from appearance, gear, weapon preference, etc. and will be able to play with from the start of the game. They've already dabbled with bots in Sunbreak. While initially limited, every update since they allowed the bots more availability in normal hunts, anomalies, etc. catering more and more to people who want more of the "offline" experience while still having buddies.In Monster Hunter 6 (or whatever it'll be called), you can start any hunt with the companion, and 2 pets (palico / palamute). If someone joins your match in progress, your companion will whistle and catch a Wingdrake and "fly offscreen." They'll fly back in whenever other members disconnect or leave. This will give the shy players the ability to feel like they're part of a team without ever having to touch the online. I also feel like they're going to embrace the mounts more in this. Palamutes were a great addition and the flood gates have been opened, there's no going back. That Velkhana skin? That's just the precursor. You'll have ridable "smaller" monsters akin to the monsties for the Stories series. Mark my words. The next Monster Hunter is going to be monetized to shit now that they have their hands in the Gaijin pockets.

>>640219356Are you here 24/7, user?

Bring back:-comited healing -no equip change/item refills mid quest -get rid of TCS on GS and make it a predictive crit draw weapon again -get rid of any type of mounting-no wirebug/mantles or any other retardation -unnerf barroth's charge

>>640219494Good thing that DOS got a full(!) English translation just a few weeks ago.

>>640220476I don't want more gimmicksI don't want more weaponsI want every weapon to feel unique.I want every Monster to feel unique.I want fun and I want to be challenged

>>640221073>Bring back:>-comited healingThis>-no equip change/item refills mid questThis>-get rid of TCS on GS and make it a predictive crit draw weapon againTCS is great! They already fixed this point by giving us Frostcraft, thus making both play styles possible>-get rid of any type of mountingThis>-no wirebug/mantles or any other retardationThis>-unnerf barroth's chargeThis, but minor pointDamn, pretty good take, user.Is your favorite MH FU?

>>640219101We can be 95% sure that MH6 will be announced on TGS, right?I think they wouldn't have announced Dragons Dogma 2 so soon if they didn't have MH6 as their ace up their sleeve for TGS.

>>640221737Maybe. What's the usual period between announcement to release for Capcom? About 5-6 months?

>>640221234>I want every Monster to feel unique.Your in the wrong franchise

Bring back underwater and seasons. Along with all this >>640221073

>>640222076>Bring back underwaterFuck off

>>640222149Fuck you

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>>640221427All Frostcraft did was make TCS even more pervasive.

Malzeno's skill is great, perfect mix of comfy and meta.

>tried to do a Risen Shagaru with LS that I'm not used to using>spent 30 minutes to get him to near death before using my last cart failing the questJesus fucking Christ that asshole never stops attacking. I literally used around 40 mega potions and like 6 max potions because every fucking time I'd try and heal there'd be like an 80% chance of him following up and taking off that health I just healed.

>>640221932Iceborne Fatalis announcement of about 20 days, so y'know, we could be hearing something soon....

>>640222347That's entirely a balancing issue. All I'm saying is that we can and should have both

>>640222752Let's fucking GOOOO

>>640219101I never played Rise and don't plan to. Can't wait for MH6

>>640219101>I "think"TU6 confirmed

>>640219101Why is the painting circled?

>>640223276capcom pandering to egs

>>640221073All of this and bring back gunner/bm sets

>>640223227They already split TU 5 into 2 separate updates kek.All they possibly have left are low effort event quests with low effort rewards like stickers. Rise is over and that's a good thinf

>>640223496I swear most of you retards don't even know what ESG is or what gives you a positive score

>>640223634>All of this and bring back gunner/bm setsWhy?

Wirebugs are fun

>>640223892wirebugs are better than clutch claw but that's not a high bar to clear

>>640223812They look cool.

>>640219101Leaker man here. The next game is monster hunter gladiator, inspired primarily by the adventures of Theseus and the twelve labours of Hercules. You get captured by a new imperial faction who put you to work in the coliseum before you, a slave, get bought out by the noble family of Cretos. In order to earn your freedom you must hunt 12 specific beasts for the family before taking on the labyrinth and under ground, randomly generated underground maze holding the new flag ship based on the minotaur. The daughter of the noble family is waifu bait. Theres a new herbivore which is a giant caterpillar and a new early game monster which is a moth pretending to be a rathalos.

realistically what are the chances of an hd collection? i want to replay 4U but i dont wanna end up emulating it if they end up releasing an actual port

How would you guys feel about 8 player raid hunts? I feel like they’ve been wanting to pull some type of large-party elder dragon fights ever since they made safi

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>>640224452Also of note.>Ice mole that lives in deserts, burrows up to create ice vents >new giant flower Locale>Turtle lion>New monster class; Terrapods. giant snails and a tree climbing octopus.

>>640224262>They look cool.I'd rather they use their resources to create Beta and Gamma sets

>>640224452That sounds unironically cool

>>640224531>realistically what are the chances of an hd collection?0

>>640224649What do you gain from that? Increase the party size and every single hinter matters less. This isn't an MMORPG. I don't know where you people are coming from. Even if they do something like you suggest, it would be a one-monster-only thing and it would be shite

>>640224531>>640225202More likely than you think.

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>>640219101Realistically I would want them to get rid of clutch claw, wirebugs and tone down the slinger. Rework mounts into something non-intrusive or outright remove it if possible. Also bring back Jhen and Ceadeus.

>>640225395I don't know what you are trying to tell me

>>640224649no interest8 player monsters would just make the balance even worseRampages to me offer more innovation. Instead of the stupid tower defense and mechanisms, what if there was a raid encounter where it was about defeating a hordeLike everybody synchronizes killing this horde. Encounter would be 4 plays beat X (20?) great jaggis and then the super omega jaggi comes out for everybody, kinda like KT

>>640225608This. Rampages would be fine if they were tweaked.

>>640225608MH is not a hack and slay. Your idea would be garbage with regular MH combat.

This is the "body type" tranny game right?

>>640226080Only the spin-off for the tranny tablet

>>640223980I didn't hate the clutch claw itself. On it's own it was whatever. I hated the concept of tenderization and that it was tied to clutch claw.


>>640225395Wouldn't Freedom be the more complete version?

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>>640226292and that's a good thing

>here's your story conclusion

>>640226642Now what will he constantly use as bait to start flamewars between games?


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Just bring back Brachydios

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>>640221427Frostcraft didn't fix anything when in the same game it was introduced, the first hit of GS got nerfed even more with TCS getting buffed too. God I hate TCS so much >is your favorite MH FU?No but I respect it. My favorite is 3U followed by 4U (the monster roster is enough for me to put it above FU despite hating mounting and the shitty apex stone thing)>>640222149Water guy is right. Capcom not sticking with water and improving it in 4 in favor of je sui monte bullshit is unfortunate

I just downloaded 4U. I used to be a hater of the older games because I thought they were archaic but you know what after playing it, I get it you guys……I get it.

I can't wait for the next game so I can start waiting for the g rank.

>>640227124>4u>older Zoom zoom

>>640227257What does Mazda have to do with what I said

>>640226832Tendietrannies will still come to rescue to defend ""their"" game (that they do not even play) every time someone shits on it.So you can threads still get going this way

>>640227257MH4U came out 9 years ago user....

>>6402271244U is not an older game.It's from the 3DS dark age era of MH

>>6402272574U is still part of classic MH, GU is the transition game

>>640227257>>640227657Literally everything pre World is a distinctive separate entity of "old games" since they all play the same.

>>640227562So did pokemon x & yIs that an old pokemon game?

>>640219101lol that's it?what a anti-climactic end to an embarrassingly mediocre got mogged so hard by world.

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I hope it’s not on switch


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That's it? Just Magusar again?

>>640228150Tri is the transition game, tranny

>>640228489This Victor Eric guy has some pretty correct takes to be honest

That's it? Sapscourge with eyes?

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>>640219101>Iceborne goes out with a BANG>Rise goes out with a whimper

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>>640229180World was an exception in that it was incredibly high-quality compared to every other game in the series.Rise was a return-to-form for Monster Hunter as a whole, since the "last" monster wasn't particularly impressive or memorable.In a way, Rise was the game that most of the old-guard wanted.

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>>640229394>In a way, Rise was the game that most of the old-guard wanted.I didn't want any of that wirebug shit though.

>>640229394>In a way, Rise was the game that most of the old-guard wantedAll if the old guard are back to Iceborne or even older games like FU or recently translated DOS

>>640219101Well, since we all know that new gen has to have some dumb gimmick. I hope they bring back underwater and expand it to make ot not shit, along with brong back the underwater monsters from 3.I also hope they remove/rework some of the "QoL" that just make the game plain easy like having infinite restock mid quest and healing being free now that you can move.I like the weapon changes of the new gen. If they are going to keep monsters being crazy, then i'm not sure if they will or should tune down the iframes from all the counters. Maybe just give them longer cooldowns, even with skills so they can't be crutched on so much.

brainlet hereI have one set (crit eye/boost/wex, swap a piece or two for weapon specific skills) that I use for all weapons and all the weapons I have are just high raw and no elementI am playing this game wrong right

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>>640219101define a 'real' MH game, if you say World, you had better kill yourself.

>>640229632>still hating on World[Imagine a steam charts image here]

>Rise gives you movement options that make traversing the map easy and fun>completely takes away monster tracking at the same timeI'm still mad

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>>640229770damn straight I'm hating on World, that game was and is fucking boring, with none of the 'weight' behind it's gameplay loop that made the earlier MH games fun.>massive QoL to make things easier>massive nerf to things like on-hit slowdown, screenshake and hit particles and sound-effects that makes your attacks feel like they're doing fucking nothing to a monsterif you think playing World is SATISFYING? you didn't play any game older than it.

>>640228461i hope it is cause that means the deck can run it

>>640229939I think you never played World.Try something like the GS, then come back

You can't call your game a MH since it has no Fatty

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>>640230014play GS in the games before World, then come back.

>>640230018>no Fatalis>no PoogieRise is a spin-off and jot even canon

>>640229573Element is so comically strong in riseYou could pull raw off on the typical suspects tho

>>640230065I will never play GU :)

It’s gonna be GAAS pay for material and talisman drop boosts with monster selection rotating every week

>>640229573for most weapons, element doesn't really matter, unless you're a hardcore optimizer who wants to spend hours building a set around each element for each weapon just to shave a bit of time off of each hunt

>>640230174did I fucking say GU? you pointing to that makes it clear where your biases lay though, get fucked.

>>640219101>They bring back tonfa, magnet rod and accel axe in next game>Underwater combat but WAY fuckin better(add in a palimute like creature for underwater to swim faster)>Don't bullshit people with decoration levels for actual good skills like handicraft and attack boost>Not be cucks with powercreep whiningbesides that I want Monster Hunter 6 or whatever it will be called already.

>>640224531Zero. MH's modern fanbase isn't interesting in flex healing anymore.

>>640229394>Rise was the game that most of the old-guard wantedNo. Not even fucking close.

>>640230269>play GS in the games before WorldLiterally what you said. Literally Generations and GUWorld is satisfying as FUCK and you deflecting to some older game that you haven't even played changes nothing

>>640230303>>They bring back tonfa, magnet rod and accel axe in next game>>Underwater combat but WAY fuckin better(add in a palimute like creature for underwater to swim faster)Holy garbage

>>640230463>retard thinks GU is the only game before world

>>640219101Hoping MH5 ignores 4th Gen and all the many mistakes of it and its endless shitty spinoffs like world and rise

>>640229394>In a way, Rise was the game that most of the old-guard wanted.Rise newfags parroting this will always be the funniest shit. You started with Rise, you don't speak for me.

>>640230463I can and will admit that I started with Tri, Tri, not 3U.YOUR deflection is incredibly telling though, and it's not surprising to see so many disingenuous people here on Holla Forums who started with World, considering how explosive it's sales were on the world stage.

>>640230536fuck you, tonfa were really fun in frontier

>>640230619We don't need more weapons retard

Reminder that any game without the hunting horn isn’t worth playing This includes rise

>>640230586>I can and will admit that I started with TriOpinion discarded.Respect for admitting it though

>>640230647yes we do nigger

>>640230586>many people started with World>many people stopped with RiseYou know what that means, right?

Just bring back the kitchen meals. Dango was a fucking mistake

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>>640230647Correct. Instead we need to fucking remove>insect glave>charge blade>swax>combine LBG and HBGToo much retarded overlapping weapon bloat.

>>640230715Tri is the next game after Freedom Unite in the West, you know, I'm a lot closer to what was made available to us as the start of the series than most these days.>>640230795people are tribalistic retards looking to unfairly dismiss the opinions of people not on 'their side'World seemed to bring an extra level of toxicity with it, though, one I have trouble ignoring

>>640230860None of these weapons overlap with each other.

World 2 pleaseWeird how I was pessimistic as fuck towards World and just wanted classic MH. Now I just want to get as far as fuck away from Rise as possible.

>>640228257i mean, yeah. i'm sorry user but if you don't think 9 years is a long time then you have been doing much with your time.

It hurts knowing Capcom will never make a new monster hunter better than XX again

>>640230925CB and Swax for being retarded sword morphing into "axe" weapons. LBG and HBG because there's no reason they shouldn't be combined and just customized to how you want. IG because IG is fucking gay and should have been a traditional spear.

>>640222690He’s regular version bit of an issue the risen version is fucking bonkers it’s like trying to avoid mine fields

>>640230860Finally a good take.Make every weapon unique again and make every weapon fill some kind of "role". Not as in MMORPG roles but more like different niches where they excel

>>640230860>hurr remove content I don't likenigger take. Kill yourself retard.

>>640231027Once you get the essences IG basically is just a normal spear>b-but the air attacksDPS loss

>>640225395If they do that am fucking buying them all

>>640230804I'm half convinced they already know they messed up with the dango during sunbreak's development, but the buff system was so important to them (and they already had the idea about the bunny dango buffs) that they just shoved a some food porn into the useless Elgado food stands instead. They'll probably fix it now that Rise is done.

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>>640230878>World seemed to bring an extra level of toxicity with it, though, one I have trouble ignoringWorld is on every single platform except one little tranny tablet. Where is this "toxicity" really coming from, huh?

>>640231109>hurr remove content I don't likeCorrect. All those weapons are gay as fuck

>>640229394I hate both of your games, I'm playing through 3U then GU again.

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Anyone else miss the old armor skill system?

>>640231174Are we supposed to ignore that monster hunter threads got significantly worse ever since World dropped? Worldfags (most likely console warring discord trannies brigading) need to insert themselves into every monster hunter thread despite claiming not to like the current entry.

>>640231109>>hurr remove content I don't likeCorrect. Development resources are limited. Making 14 different weapons only hurts the game.>bloated>interchangeable experience>not enough time to make every weapon unique>even harder to balance>not enough resources for good animations>not enough resources for unique models and skinsYou are just like a 12 year old that is unable to look 2 steps ahead

>>640229394They're both massive downgrades from what came before in every regard that should matter

>>640231329This but instead I'm playing FU right now and GU after.


>>640231405/mhg/ was alive and well even years after World dropped with many vets and multiple rooms every day.Go and look at the current state of it NOW. It's like falling into the essence of pure garbage. Also there are literally NEVER any rooms. It's like people do not even play Rise

>>640231547Gen was already a downgrade.

>>640221073Most retarded take itt.

>>640231632It's like 90% trannies ERPing in cliques now. /mhg/ fucking sucks and is full of fags.

>>640231027All of this

>>640231632Of course, it would detract form their 16 player ERP sessions.

Revert the changes Rise made to HH

>>640219101Not like I play games anymore so it doesnt matter to meI await Dragon's Dogma 2,if it doesnt pull me in, then I will have quit modern videogames forever.

>>640231457>bloatedyeah more mechanics to engage with what's the problem>interchangeable experienceseething cause there's a weapon type for everyone>not enough time to make every weapon uniquecome again when gunlance can do a shoryugeki>even harder to balancewe've been on 14 weapons for several entries now I think the last two games have been more balanced than the previous ones aside from the usual suspects which were from the core weapon roster anyway>not enough resources for good animationokay now I know you're shitposting>not enough resources for unique models and skinsyeah I'm sorry I guess we need more BONE'd weapons

>>640231329>3DS baby thinks his opinion mattersCute

>>640231801>I'm playing it on the 3DSMust suck to base all of your views on what console the game is one Eric.

>>640231801Bro you’re emulator?

>>640231863Now now, he might just be a retard.

>>640231405>Are we supposed to ignore that monster hunter threads got significantly worse ever since World dropped?Thanks for proving my point. It is literally because tendies couldn't stop screeching about World because it won't run on their tranny tablet and their mommy won't buy them a real gaming system. People LOVE world and the current player base 5 years after its release is proof of that

>>640232010>peopleThird worlders and normalfags aren't people.

>>640231717>/mhg/ fucking sucksIt's the perfect mirror of the currently supported MH game. It can only get better from here

>>640232010go back to your tranny discord, retard. You do this every thread and it actually hurts my brain how you have the autism to do this everytime.

>>640219101Didn't they say that they will show MH6 at TGS?

>>640232010sure Eric.>>640232085Yeah, the current game they aren't playing according to you. So which is it?

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>>640219101>Mon Hun 6I hope that if they do crossover monsters again they think a bit harder. Leshen using root attacks in a forest actually made my eyes hurt and giving him that much HP makes me fucking cry.

>>640232118>>640232168I don't have discord. I'm not your Eric guy

>>640232085>heh, i dont like (current entry) so ill find a new forced meme to shit up the general every 2 weeks!yeah, real indicative of (you)r mental state

Who knows, maybe he'll resort to defending the BONE'D weapons again.

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Every MH thread, every time.

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>>640232160No they said nothing

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anyone playing MHFU on Retroarch? Doing alright in Hard Rank so far, holy fuck is hammer busted in this, but I recon some help will be needed in the G mode.

>>640232240>admits to being the same posterOk Eric.

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>>640232316I'm probably pulling shit from my ass then. Either way, I think that TGS should be a good time to reveal the game, because the capcom showcase is way too soon.

Imagine being filtered by a lagombi of all things.

>>640232398I'm playing FU right now, but never heard of anyone playing PPSSPP through Retroarch

I think it's kinda lame how Prime Malzeno still has a Qurio mode when his lore is how he rejects the Qurio.I like how he has a risen mode, however, since the risen mode has been about the dragons resisting the affliction.

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>>640232398I am not, but if I was I would help.

Repping for accel axe to be added in MH6. Imagine the phial based movement combo...

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>>640232585Tonfas or DEATH!

I still don't understand the problem with wirebugs.

>>640232501It has online support since like a month or so, guess there are discords for that shit but I really can't be bothered aslong I don't hit a hard wall.

>>640221073>-get rid of TCS on GS and make it a predictive crit draw weapon againbut GS in world has never better because of charge slashing.

>>640232398Hammer is a good weapon. High Rank village or guild? G-Rank is guild only and pretty hard to be honest. But it is still doable solo. Just upgrade your weapon as soon as possible. What are you hunting right now?

On today's episode of "Why won't Eric just stick to the Famitsu threads" we bring yet another case of the rest of the thread humiliating him with his ineptitude and stale bait.

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>>640219101I want prowlers back and, to lesser extent, bowgun customization. Don't add stuff like that to the game, then remove it. Prowlers were my favorite weapon, it feels so bad.I also want blademaster/gunner armor split back. There is some clear weapon favoritism and it's made worse by effectively cutting the number of armors in half.I'm fine with wirebugs for traversal but skills have to go.I'm worried they will double down on wyvern riding. It's so dumb.

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>>640229813not only that but the areas in rise are some of the most boring areas in the entire series. MH peaked with 4U besides the bullshit mounting gimmickim so fucking tired of gimmicks I prefer the water bullshit cause it was the least gimmicky.

>>640232781I feel like wirebugs were just a gimmick of the risebreak entry just like how clutch claws and mantles were the worldborn gimmick.

>>640232752Advanced Guild HR to second stage to be able to do HR gathering missions yesterday, shit takes a bit longer but unironically I find the HR village quests harder at the moment.

>>640232864I hate to break it to you buddy but your entry started the verticality cancer and some of Rise's maps are just open Tri maps. Also nice spacing.

>>640232904in the volcano*

>every MH thread has become a shitfest ever since World came outIt's like a repeat of the years following the release of Tri

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At the end of the day, nobody else can do MH except Capcom. So you either suck up or remain in oblivion.

>>640233005>game is made widely accessible to the most annoying group in gaming>suddenly

>>640233005And they (as well as 4U) were entries that expanded the western fanbase upon release by a significant amount. More people means more retards.

>>640232968verticality would be fine if it wasn't tied to mounting bullshit. 4U has the best areas in the series. And Rise maps may look similar to some tri areas/maps but they made them worse.

>>640228850>>640231863>>640232168>>640232435>>640232756Eric won simply by mindbreaking you this badly.In a thread about the future of MH, you think "Eric" and immediately go to your Eric folder for images to make fun of Eric. But Eric isn't here. This is now a coping mechanism. You see posts you don't like and you think of Eric and you post your picture to let everyone know "I'm really sticking it to Eric, everyone!"Step back and ask yourself what you're doing here. How does this look to others? How did you end up like this?You will think about Eric every day for the next decade at least. You can't even think about MH without thinking about Eric. You will see MH6 on a store shelf and think "Eric" and whenever you hear about MH6 selling well you'll think "MH6 sucks" because you have to. You have to. You have to think it. That's how you win.Isn't it?

>>640233186They don't just "look similar" it's literally the sandy plains and flooded forest minus the underwater portions.

>>640233210You wish you were this important, Eric. You are just known for shitting up threads, being bad at the game, and doxxing yourself.

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>>640233260yeah and now they have god awful fucking textures that give me eye cancer and look worse than tri's Wii looking-ass areas whats your point

>>640233210>writes a whole ass paragraph after being humiliatedeven if, and if, you are not Eric, your low quality shitposting will still bear his label, and carry no more value than his own.

>>640233186>Shithole>Shithole with lava>MH1 Desert>Orange plains of climbingopinion discarded

>>640233336That you're grasping at straws because like every MH fan your starting entry is linked to a tribalistic outlook when comparing the rest of the entries.

Thread really went to shit huh

>>640233336That you have an older entries map in your "great" roster as well.

>>640233186>best areasBoy do I like climbing up and down those cliffs.

>>640233186Kill yourself retard

>>640233537In rise you're constantly fucking climbing cliffs all the time

>>640233186>4U has the best areas in the series.Now THIS is some good bait.

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>>640233590>slowly climbing up a cliff is the same as zipping up one at thrice the speedAnd the true reason finally reveals itself.

>>640233637Update that so it will have world in a year or two

>>6402331244U didn't even outsell Portable third which was Japan only kek3DS era was when Nintendo held MH hostage and Capcom was too stupid to realize that the franchise has A LOT note potential. After World they will never be this retarded again though. They even released the Switch exclusive MH game to PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Let that sink in. Rise looks so out of place on these platforms coming from World but they still did it.

>>640233637Aww, what's wrong, run out of arguments again?

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>>640233634Yeah they have soul something you never realize>>640233698So you're just one of those dumb naruto running bitches NOO IM TOO SLOW MY MOVEMENT NEEDS TO BE FASTER why even play monster hunter anymore fuck off with your bullshit retard

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>>640232904HR village has G-Rank AI. Maybe its because of that

>>640233738This isn't the own you think it is.

>Sunbreak was fantastic until they went full retard with the fucking anomaly research levels

>>640233785You missed all of what I was saying, you're defending the same retarded arguments the fivers are. You are just too stupid to realize it.

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>>640233075>game is released on all platform>except for the fisher price toy>the fisher price toy fanbase can't stop crying about it even years laterPretty funny if you look at it like that. Get a job and buy a PC or Steam Deck.

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>>640233873Be glad they didn’t up it to 999 like hr and master rank

>>640233360>even if, and if, I am wrong, I am still right!Mental capacity of a child.

3U and FU are the only good MH games, and world is the only okay one. Every other game has too many problems that filter me.

>>640221073also bring back -random spawn location for high rank-no infinite free farcasters (read fast travel)-10/15/20 point armor skills and negative skill points-unnerf Barioth's jumps while you're at it.

I find all the games fun and flawed.

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>>640233838Yes, I made a typo

mhfu is the comfiest most soulful game ever made. I need to get my psp going again

>>640223892Wirebugs ARE fun, Wirefall should be nerfed though, either by removing it or by making it not freely sheathe your weapon like it does.

>Freedomfags, Tribabs, 4Ubabs, and Fivers all stirring the same shit pot for nearly a decadeJust bring out the next 6th gen game so the hatred gets focused on that one too.

>>640234156This except for everything after FU

>>640232398I'm doing that right now actually. Heavy melee weapons in general are great in this game, very impactful and damaging. G rank isn't too bad solo. Their health isn't much worse if you have an upgraded weapon. The damage however is fucking high, nothing like losing half your health to a tailspin.

>>640234259You forgot the discord troons starting shit as well.

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Attached: 1666685573809.jpg (2560x1440, 315.98K)

Bring back swimming! Bring back Lagi!

Attached: slep toiht pupper.png (800x571, 356.77K)

>>640234259It's great isn't it?>freedomfagsMore like FreedomCHADS

>>640234321I'm kinda expecting that, any tips for a good HR armor? Still running arround in LR Rathalos


>>640234407no, you are all cocksuckers huffing your own farts and saying it smells like roses.

as a tribaby that started with the Wii version my biggest problem with the latest entries is that there aren't any monsters in LR and HR that feel like a "casual filter" anymore it feels too braindead easy these days. I gotta really try out FU one of these days when I get the chance/

>>640234428ceanataurs armor is the best HR armor and really easy to get. can carry you into mid g rank if you really wanted to

>>640234428Ceanataur armor is godlike

>>640234407The only chad thing about your game are that a minute amount of monsters are brought from it into the mainline.

>>640234526They did our boy Barroth dirty in every entry since his premier.

>>640234474If the newest game was better, I would have less time for shitposting

>>640219101make rapid morph innate to switch axe. That is all.

>>640228439>Malzeno, but blue this time>Fiorayne reeee-ing at the Malzeno for destroying the kingdom despite the fact that Bahari even said this is a completely different Malz than the one from the main story>kill all the quiro off-screen>roll creditsLol geez, to even unlock Fatalis you had to smack down a displaced Alatreon and investigate why the fuck it was even in the new world in the first place, not to mention Fatalis was fucking HARD even when fully-geared.

>>640234670Spite suits you well.

>>640234428Ceanatuar S is one of the best. It comes with Sharpness +1 and I think attack up small. But once you gem it, you can get Grinder, attack up large, and sharpness +1. You need a weapon with one open slot though. Sharpness +1 in general is king in this game because it can get you purple sharpness, which is massive a 50% extra damage.

>>640234538Another connoisseur I see

>>640234726The three Fatties were always hard, even before world though.

>>640234727KEKWhat is this passive aggressive kind of argument? Are you on HRT? You argue like my ex gf

Quick, while he's distracted, go tot eh other MH thread!

>>640234736i actually hate how good it is because i fucking hate the design of ceanataurs armor so much, especially the female version but nothing else even comes close to it aside from high end HR shit like akantor

>>640234850Says the faggot who admitted that he shits up the threads for the sole reason that he doesn't like the other games in the series.

>>640234538>>640234575Ah cool guess I'll get on that>>640234538For now I'll just try as is but if how to summon you? You on Retro Achievements? That was kinda like my incentive to finally tackle this honest to god classic.

>>640234526Yeah there really isn't anything with the magic that Tri-Barroth had for his ability to completely fuck up people who weren't ready for him. Doubly so because he used to be a blatant "you need to upgrade your weapons" message because you would have a bad time if you brought a yellow sharpness weapon to that fight.

>>640234925I like many of the other games. I don't like the 3DS games and I only really hate GU.

Thank god there is the other imageboard for discussing MH, this place has really fallen in comfiness since last i've been here.

>>640234901Akantor isn't really worth it in FU though when you can just proceed to G-Rank and get Rathalos X for example.Man, I still need to beat Ukamlos

>>640235005A very understandable opinion, I hope you have a good day user.

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>>640234929>You on Retro Achievements? That was kinda like my incentive to finally tackle this honest toHe was talking about the armor carrying you, user...

>>640234072>lacks reading comprehension>calls other people a child

Attached: 1671220261809111.jpg (1200x1200, 98.35K)

>>640234728Ah nice, yeah it's already fucking awesome with the sliver of blue shaprness on the Khetzu Hammer I'm using, like HR is not balanced at all for you to have that.

Regular mh threads when

>>640235278Years in the past.

>>640235209You should check out Narga weapons when you get to them, they're some of the best, especially the hammer. White sharpness that turns into purple if you have Sharp+1

>>640235209ceanataur s mixed with narga weapons is borderline game breaking in high rank since the narga weapons get purple sharpness. what the fuck was capcom thinking

>>640219101>fearUnderwater comes back>hopeProwler comes back

>>64023527899% of the fanbase is waiting for MH6 so probably then.Just ignore the inevitable screeching of tendies

>>640220476I don't think I'd be mad about monster hunter plus DD pawn, but I'll have to wait and see.

>>640219101There's no way they'll go back to making MH KINO like FU or 3U again.

Attached: 1686249648309467.png (250x250, 136.65K)

There's a tiny slim chance that Mh6 will be revealed in two days. I want to believe bros...

Attached: 1658756651841.jpg (2560x1440, 545.04K)

>>640235572I don't see it

I really miss 3U. I want to go back, but I know for a fact that I've been utterly spoiled by World/Rise that I don't know if I'll be able to enjoy it anymore.I don't know how to feel about that. At least I still have the good memories.

>>640234356Is this GU? I can tell because they fucked up the gen 2 maps by making everything bright and cartoony

>>640235838Who knows. All those garbage games look the same.

>>64023527899% of the fanbase is waiting for MH6 so probably then.Just ignore the inevitable screeching of Eric

>>640235278Never. Let's face it, MH6 is going to be casualized even harder than Rise and World were. Pandering to casuals brings in huge money. We'll never have another "hardcore" Monster Hunter game ever again. *ahem*Kill wirebugs, behead wirebugs, roundhouse kick a wirebug into the concrete, slam dunk a wirebug egg into the trash can, crucify filthy wirebugs, defecate into a wirebugs mouth, kick a pregnant wirebug with steel toe boots, drop wirebugs into an active volcano, report wirebugs to the IRS, mandatory abortions for wirebugs, slice wirebugs with a katana


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>>640221073I'd love all those changes but there is a zero percent change this will happen.

Attached: 1679280024480582.jpg (611x676, 43.5K)

>>640235886>All those garbage games look the same.Nah, I can tell for a fact that it can not be FU or anything before it

>>640235886>Who knowsWell I wasn't asking you then was I you stupid nigger

>>640235780I'm enjoying it, started emulating it and I'm having a blast.

>>640235886Yes, yes we know Eric.

>>640227058actually insane to think that they kept the dogshit mounting and have been refining it even though its always shit and gay in every game but swimming was just dumped and never revisited. shit couldve improved so much by now.

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>>640219101>Start with tri>game is too obtuse for middle school me>skip the mobile games>come back at world>reach credits and stop>at least I can final make it through older titles>try long sword in generations ultimate>it makes no sense>oldest title I can get is freedom unite>no hud element for harvestables>game is even slower than tri>trying to figure out bowguns for first time in the seriesI still like the series. I think rise is the right amount of control complexity, but could use more difficulty.

>>640236056Maybe the japs like it?We all know they have shite taste.

>>640235389>>640235365Damn, I guess Narga is HR (hunter rank) 7? Know what to do then, aside from black Diablos only a few shitmons in the way!

>>640235780Doesn't take long at all to get used to it again.

Attached: 1663005183629.png (2560x1440, 2.02M)

>>640236174I hate Jhen Moron.

>>640219101Keep dogs, keep switch skills, and well just keep doing what they're doing it either works or it doesn´t

>>640236205You gotta love his armor at least.

Attached: 1686142215742.png (2560x1440, 3.67M)

>>640236098>no hud element for harvestablesBased design choice. Fuck all this gay shit over my screen telling me the obvious.

>>640236248I do like his armor, but I still hate him.

>>640235975>>640236174Maybe I should add it to my list of games I wanna (re)play.

>>640228150wouldnt call GU a transition. more like a fun side meme game.

>>640236552>more like a fun side meme game.Let's leave it at meme game

>>6402359753DS or WiiU version?

post builds

>>640219101Following the success of the REmakes, they're gonna start doing the same with MH starting with FU.A full world-style remake of FU in RE engine with a possible P3rd expansion.

>>640236098>be me, 2008>get the first MH for $2 (pirated game) for my PS2>It's in Japanese, can't understand / read anything.>Never owned any other console, so didn't get the chance to play the other MH's>ffw to 2018, own a PS4>See MH WORLD on the Store>"Hey that's the same title of the game I played 10 years ago">It's kino>replay the entire series (on my pc)>More kino>Finish Sunbreak>Even more KinoFeels good to be a veteran uh...

>>640236651That's completely retarded. MH games build upon themselves usually, so why on earth would they remake an older title instead of just taking from it and putting that in the new game like they've been doing. In fact even rise did this with the gen 2 jungle map, which basically proves that those games are never going to get remade.

>>640236651Next year is the 20th Anniversary of the series so they HAVE to do something with the older titles...R-right?Monster Hunter: Legacy when

I think they should completely rethink mounting, as it stands it is not a fun or engaging feature, it's just a tedious minigame you get to do for a free knockdown. It probably shouldn't be like Dragon's Dogma, but it should be more dynamic and function as a way for weapons to more easily target specific body partsIn general I'd like them to move away from these mechanics that only exist to make the monster stop attacking and give you a free damage window, that's the sort of thing that should happen because of the player exploiting specific characteristics in a monster's behavior (Like say interrupting a charging monster and sending them sprawling on the floor, or hitting them against a wall). Hitting an HP threshold and getting an "Ok now you get a bunch of free damage" signal has gotten kind of old

>>640236850>that time all they did for 4Us 5th anniversary was rerelease the old trailersits not looking good bro...

>>640236639PC version


Since we love shitflinging so much, how about we start making up things to shit on the next MH game for?

>>640235780I've been going between nu-MH and FU for years and haven't had many issues. It takes like 30 minutes to get used to.

Attached: 1676025182263171.jpg (430x430, 41.58K)

>>640235278NeverThere's almost certainly no way that MH6/ World 2 will be on Switch, and that fact alone will pollute discourse around it for it's entire life cycle. I have no idea why the shitposting went into overdrive when World came out, but I don't think you'll ever get normal threads about MH again

>>640236649hAHa kill yourself

>>640237026>not on the tranny tabletThat was easy

please give us a monhun that isn't held back by switch next

>>640237026>on PC onlyThat was easy

>>640237026>not on GoystationThat was easy.

>>640235278until world 2 comes out MH threads belong in /vg/ where all dead/dormant games are

>tfw still manually use items and don’t hot key them I just can’t it feels wrong

>>640237026>Xbox exclusiveThat was easy :^)

>>640237287Nobody buys Xbox games though

>>640237328Third worlders do

>>640219101Underwater and walking back some of the "quality of life" features that are really just casualization, have difficulty settings if you have to make it easy for shitters instead

>>640237361>difficulty settingsNO, bad user!

>>640222076> Bring back underwater> but leave wirebugs behindnigga shut the fuck up

>>640237026>Monster Hunter World 2 will be GAAS/always online mandatory multiplayer (MMO)>your main character can only be female or black>will have a pride flagtop of my head worst things I can think of

Just remake the first game :^) It appears to be all the rage these days.

>>640237026Aggressive anti-cheat, absolutely no mods or custom quests allowed

>>640224452no wirebugs no buy.

>>640237460People would probably be fine with a remake, so long as it added more monsters in and balanced them.

>>640237403>wire-fishsuddenly underwater is fixed

>>640237403>>640237512Wirebugs have no place in monster hunter.Purely from an in universe perspective.

surely peco will be coming back next game, right?

>>640237613they have a place because insect glaive exists. they just don't need to be a core feature of the combat. freer movement is a good thing for map exploration, but monsters need to be able to reach you if you try to hide between areas.

>>640237512Wirebugs are way worse than the Crutch Claw. They trivialize the entire game, to the point where it's almost a different genre of game. Considering noosing yourself

Attached: noose.png (128x128, 22.11K)

>>640237654peco cant exist in modern games where multiple monsters on the field actually benefit hunters.

>>640237026-Anti-cheat-Always online-Open world-non-mod friendly-no custom quests-further casualization so easy a games journalist can play it-merge weapons into multi groups (light and heavy bowguns merge/can switch modes, greatswords switch axes and charge blades merge etc etc)-insert retarded one entry gimmick here-release only on one type of console (handheld, PC, ps, xbox etc etc)

>>640237512>>640237703Kill yourself

>>640229394>>In a way, Rise was the game that most of the old-guard wanted.Holy shit jump off a cliff, nobody, especially not the old guard wanted rise. That shit show is exactly the kind of crap that we wanted to avoid after Generations/GU that was delivered in a slightly different flavor in World then doubled up on in Rise. The Old Guard wanted Monster Hunter to be a slower game about making good predictions and having to commit to your actions. Gen/U, World, and Rise are all moving closer to DMC every game and it's shit. DMC is great but let DMC stay in DMC. Everything in Rise is about retarded amounts of damage numbers vomiting all over the screen. Every armor set is almost entirely the same or at least it was until they started adding a million little broken snowflake skills with every patch to power creep more and more, only god knows what skills actually mean anything anymore if you stopped playing for a month.Weakness Exploit and Crit boost need to get outright removed from the game for starters, stop turning every skill into a snowflake way to deal damage and just let the damage come from the weapon, make the armor skills about interesting movement, defense, and enhancing certain tactics, not pumping up damage numbers, it's armor. dont even get me started on how fast they made the hunter with their "QoL" changes

>wire bug tide to insect glaive only next gameScreen shot this

>>640237512>>640237703leave the gimmicks buried in their entries, no clutch claw, no wirebugs.

>>640237703I just hate that your hunter relies on a lame bug instead of his own strength.

>>640237753Didn't read. Stay mad.Anyone that calls themselves Old Guard should neck themselves by the way.

>>640237750I'm not saying they need to be in game, but they definitely don't break the lore after the introduction of kinsects.


>>640237801I could totally get behind big jump button instead of grappling hook.

>>640219101The next MH will be open world goyslop with a bunch of empty space.

>>640237753Good post. Agree to all of it

>>640232691free recovery and the fact that they effectively remove tumble.

>>640237714oh true, that makes sense thinking about it now sadly

>>640237753Anon, stop perpetuating the shitfest between the generation that nobody besides those introduced via it like.

Attached: cough.jpg (630x418, 39.57K)

>>640237909holy fucking shit I love empty space.

>>640237909>next monster hunter will have worlds maps be the zones of a new big open world map>essentially the entire map got scaled up and no longer consists of flat hallways

>>640232691A different flavor of mobility, causes monsters to be more aggressive by being coded to attack as if you use it even if you don't, blah blah blah

>>640237952Imagine walking across a beautiful open world for 5 hours finding Elder Dragon tracks while you light up the Ubisoft towers. Omfg. Game. Of. The. Year

>>640237950my gripes in that post are just as much about world as they are with rise, the only thing particularly rise there was all the weird skills they introduced post-sunbreak. since gen, but especially during world and rise the hunter is turning into dante and that's not the direction i want mh to go in

What if we get rid of healing items and make your character passively heal when you didn't get hit for some time?

I'd totally be down for a world 2, honestly it spoiled me, I liked that it was a little more casual. I was able to get my friends on board with it, but they had 0 interest in rise.

>>640238063>my gripes in that post are just as much about world as they are with riseI know, that's why I said to just stop, as it won't go anywhere. Everyone is too entrenched in there own opinions.

>>640237707This complaint can be chalked up to balancing issues. Wirebugs are a culmination of so many experiments between Gen 4 and 5.> Makes hunter arts natural to the series instead of out of place super moves> Integrates Aerial style into default moveset> Makes mounting fun for a change> Is a shit ton of fun to use to explore the terrainI don't disagree with Wirefall being broken, but it's a problem conceptually. These things can be solved with balancing.

Attached: MonhunRiseFlagship.png (956x754, 1.17M)

>>640238085How horrifying.>>640238103I hate your kind.

>>640238103>I liked that it was a little more casualwhat are you talking about?Alatreon filtered most of the playerbase not to mention the Fatalis fight was harder than any other Fatalis fight in the past games

>>640238192>Makes mounting fun for a changeWoah now, let's not go that far.>>640238235Alatreon filtered players because it introduced a goddamn mmo-style damage-gate

>>640238103I liked world when it came out but I don't like clutch claw now that I came back to it. I could already stick my switch axe into the monster and cause a big explosion.

>>640238332>Alatreon filtered players because it introduced a goddamn mmo-style damage-gateas I said filtered

MMO type features do not belong in MH.

>>640238418what about the monster hunter mmo?

I just want a ball and chain sling that can shoot exploding bullets.

>>640238413Well, I mean yeah, it's still a dumb thing to do though.

I always imagine some retarded wojak saying it when someone compares Alatreon to MMO garbage

>>640238449What ABOUT the monster hunter mmo?

>>640238564Ah yes user, what kind of mechanic do you call it when you have to do a certain amount of damage to a "boss" in a limited amount of time otherwise it wipes your party? And where are such mechanics the most prevalent?

>>640221073>get rid of any type of mounting>-no wirebug/mantles or any other retardationNah, wirebug and doggos can stay. They're inherently enjoyable to use and make traversal, which is an inevitably large part of your playtime, significantly more fun.Just do a better job balancing combat around them.

Attached: 1649971663176.gif (267x200, 366.05K)

>>640238643they definitely exist in old jrpgs. like off the top of my head, demon wall from final fantasy 4

>>640238705I'd rather play Spider man when I want to swing around like a retard. ThanksAlso dogs are gay and smell

>>640238740Yes, and do you know what monster hunter didn't have prior to world outside of repel quests? DPS checks.

Monster Hunter: IcebreakIntroducing: WireClaw

>>640238851You just proved yourself wrong kek

>>640238564Are you going to tell us all straight to the screen that a DPS check isn't mmo-tier garbage?

Attached: 1649603848353.jpg (828x765, 416.53K)

>>640221073Pretty solid list except the GS point where you're completely wrong.

>>640238906You just proved yourself retarded kek

>>640237707>most of the time I let myself get knock down and stay down to completely make the monster miss the attack completely Wire bugs don’t need to come back at all it was nice for the mobility but we already had evade extender


>>640238932Every MH fight is a "dps check" because of the quest timer. Alatreon is so lenient with it that you have to be a special kind of shitter to screech about this absolute KINO fight.

>>640221073>committed healingshould be an armor skillFlex comes back but you heal more + all at once

>>640221073based>get rid of TCS on GS and make it a predictive crit draw weapon againget rid of TCS on GS and make it a predictive crit draw weapon againcringe

>>640238413Sounds like a design flaw to me

>>640239083Anon...don't be obtuse on purpose.

Attached: 1685651500049733.gif (332x215, 1.99M)

>>640239145Try hitting the monster with your weapon, pard!

People who defend the garbage encounter design of MHW alatreon only do so because they know it makes people made. They do not have any actual legitimate defense for the fight. Every single defense of MHW alatreon is some variation of "cope", "seethe", and/or "filtered".And then you've got disingenuous fuckheads like >>640239083 who spin a narrative using something that was present in-lore from the very first game in the series to justify their badly-designed fight while also fulfilling the usual defense criteria.

>>640239083>Every MH fight is a "dps check" because of the quest timer. Wew

Attached: you.png (370x584, 108.3K)

>>640238835I'd rather play Mario when I want to jump. Therefore, any game that isn't Mario should remove jumping.

>>640239198>They do not have any actual legitimate defense for the fight.It's kino and only second to Fatalis

>>640239195>pardThank god I'll never hear or see that dopy retard again.

>>640221073i hope they go back to the artstyle of tri, or at least 3u.So tired of all the blinding special effects flashing on screen every nano second, and the ugly color palletes making everything blend together

>>640239218>I'd rather play MarioWe know, tendie. Leave the MH threads alone though

>>640239312But user, it's not ReALiSTiC or IMmERSive!

>>640239342We know, Eric. Leave the MH threads alone though

>>640239342Ohhhh, you're a console warrior. Nvm

>>640221073Absolutely based take

>>640221073God I wish. Wonderful take.>>640238835>Also dogs are gay and smellSpoken like a true mudkin.

>>640219101I just want World+Iceborne 2 desuYeah I don’t care get mad at me if you want, I had a lot of fun with it and it’s what helped break me into MH

>>640239564It's nice that it did, and your opinion is your own, despite how bad it is.

can someone tell me what im supposed to be doing with SnS in sunbreak?>shield bash >XXX - X+Y>YYY - X+Y>perfect rush>charged slashive just been spamming shield bash almost exclusively

It’s time for everyone to just admit that monster hunter sucks fucking ass. Every monster hunter game I’ve played was fun for 10-15 hours before it gets boring as dirt, with the exception of world which sucked ass so fucking hard I couldn’t bother to play it longer than 3 hours. It’s a bad, boring formula and it should die out

>>640239676find what works for you and continue doing it.

>>640239710>just be yourself:/

>>640239681You need to keep in mind it was made for jap salarymen who only play a few hours a day.

It's taken me 15 or so years to come to the conclusion that I don't really like monster hunter all that much after all. Debating which is best is retarded because they are all fucking awful in their own unique ways.

>>640239681>It’s time for everyone to just admit that monster hunter sucks fucking assI would but I already clocked 1k hours in 3u 4u and sunbreak no other game come close maybe Pokémon but I quit a long time ago

>>640239761Yes.Now stop asking for opinions on a mongolian basket-weaving forum and find what feels fun for you and do it.

>>640239681>Every monster hunter game I’ve played was fun for 1000-1500 hoursLiterally me

No gimmicks, like the cloak in world or the flies in Rise. NO FUCKING GIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKS.

Attached: 6k2cpCvC_400x400.jpg (400x400, 21.49K)

>>640239846This love monster hunter and it's games, despite their flaws. I find most of them Fun.


>>640239865>tfw they make a new weapon with all the gimmicks tide to itCareful bro!

>>640239865Sirry Gaijin, you wirr hab Gimmiku and you wirr rike it!

Attached: twas you.jpg (1024x917, 61.39K)

only thing I liked about MHR sunbreak is my Lances triple pokeas long as they carry that into the next game ill be happy

>>640221427Frostcraft made tcs even stronger what the fuck are you on

I haven't played sunbreak since title update 4 GL user still using bazelguese armoris it time to upgrade or is quirous upgrade stuff enough to keep me up with the bullshit from the last and bonus update?

>>640236751I think it's more of a matter or remaking the map, villages and proposing a similar but not identical roster.It'd be cool to have a new game in Kokoto with Forest & Hills, Old Jungle and Old Swamp

>>640239865A monster hunter without gimmicks would ironically be one of the most unique titles in the series. I'm all for it.

I'd like it if we have a cute and funny Wyverian little sister.

how much did rise and sunbreak sell compared to world/iceborne?Which game does Holla Forums think will inspire mh6 more? rise or world? or do you honestly hopium for a return to classic?

>>640226887>The enemy were... the evil bugs all along!No Quriodrome for you.Malzeno won and he got to cunt punt your waifu.

Attached: 1655320818015.jpg (1000x1000, 691.08K)

Bring back the slinger. The claw can go

>>640230018>No fatty>No alatreonSunjokeSunmid

>>640240451Rise sold like 12 milWorld was over 15 mil dunno how that's shaken out after more Steam sales and shitBoth of the expansions sell about half as much as their respective base game which is pretty normal for G Ranks

>>640232529Qurio are literally forcefully injecting him with roids

MH6 is going to be a free to play live service game and you fucking know it

Attached: 1686466002473.jpg (937x1171, 141.52K)

Alatreon, the ultimate filter KINO, still going strong 3 years, holy shit

>there are people who unironically have never triumphed over dawn

>>640219101I doubt I'd get into MH6 due to its visual style, probably, so I wonder if they would tone down the story. Select characters having major character and story presence might be nice, but I greatly prefer that the hunter hunts monsters for the sake of hunting. Rather than being propped by some """destiny""".At least, those are the thoughts I have playing Rise and coming from FU and P3rd (World just didn’t feel right). Maybe something changed in the 3DS titles.

can we get the cat loli's back they were cute

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>>640232529>when his lore is how he rejects the Qurio.>lore from Dracula untold storySo that’s where they got the idea

>>640241417wouldnt even be surprised after world>daily log-ins>battle pass>timed events (i dont care if it was a thing in the older titles too)>more raids>pvp mode>season pass>more cinematic cutscenes, with dialogue trees>skill tree>more crossovers with western IPs like elden ring>open world>hyper casualized to be more accessible, every weapon can now use items unsheathed and all use animations are now shortened or non-existant >hunter vision, makes every interactable object in the enivronment glow and shows footprints of every monster>protagonist now speaks more regularly, with lines like 'holy shit did i just do that? i just did that' and other marvel quips>minorities >more DLC>more skill cooldowns and flashy finisher moves >more counters and moves with tons of I-frames to feel more like souls games>hunting horn will stay like it was in rise>unsheathed movement is sped up>monster tracking is worse, and they will stand still longer for arbitrary reasons>palicos will carry your ass even more>skill bloat up the ass, and will make sunbreak look like a joke>layered armor colors will be bought with premium currency >every woman will look even uglier than world>artstyle will be stock standard 'realistic', and look like bland trash to appeal to zoomers

>>640241443>farmed all of the Tempered Kulve elemental weapons back in the base game>used them together with the Safi armor setAlatreon wasn't shit

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>>640241417But user we got dauntless for that.

wild hearts... already forgotten....

>>640242353Fucking dropped I ain’t dealing with that shit

>>640242353This is all true. World and all the worldsperm killed the franchise. Rise is gonna be the last Monster Hunter game ever made.

>>640242353>more crossovers with western IPs like elder scrolls**dont know why i mixed them up

>>640221073>comited healingYes, but I don't mind moving while healing too much, especially if the monsters are designed with that in mind>no equip change/item refills mid questYes>get rid of TCS on GS and make it a predictive crit draw weapon againFuck no, TCS is fun and greatsword is still a great draw weapon>get rid of any type of mountingMounting was fun in world they just need to make it riskier and not a free down>no wirebug/mantles or any other retardationAbsolutely this>unnerf barroth's chargeYes


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How do I into building a Rage slash build for GS? I don't like relying too much on frost craft its kinda bullshit that I need to disengage after spending the guage.


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>>640221073Fuck committed healing, everything's too fucking fast now to jam it in and I don't want to go back to the slow gameplay.

>>640231109Retarded zoomer,Transforming weapons are gay, while IG does not transform it is still gay with kinsect, just make it spear only or kinsect/thrown only.Proper weapons are the one that does not transform.SnS with shield move and sword moves but still intactGunlance with shelling but still intact as a single modeHunting Horn (older horns) with recital mode but doesnt do any gay transformationIf you need transformation for a weapon you are a brainlet hack, everyone can think of transforming weapon


>>640241417Bro they did a PAID live service game 16 years ago

>>640220476>You'll have ridable "smaller" monsters akin to the monsties for the Stories seriesMakes sense to me. With monster riders beings a canon thing that the hunters still see "foreign" in the Stories games, and the guild implementing tools to go from mounting and toppling to forcibly controlling wild monsters, it's only a matter of time world building wise until Riders and Hunters meld culturally.

Please don't put a fucking counter on every single weapon, thank you.

>>640245216>lists all of the things he spends time tacking the word "gay" on>somehow I'm the one who is retardedYou could've said you don't like transforming weapons instead of making yourself look like you're obsessed with faggots.

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>>640242473I liked it. Surprisingly got 150hrs out of it when I thought it would be closer to 30.Hopefully they can build up on the franchise.

Is it worth starting Rise now