Gamestop is now accepting Retro Vidya for trade-in

It's fucking over.

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>Wii U is now retro/vr/bros...

>>640217238breath of the wild? now i'm retro!!!

>>640217116WiiU is retro now lmao

>>640217116Boy I can't wait to receive 20% of the actual value

i thought they stopped selling retro games.

>>640217238it's fucking over

i thought gamestop folded when the funko bubble popped

I, for one, am happy for this because Gamestop usually says retro games for dirt cheap.


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Why isn't xbox retro

>GameStop will now carry battletoads for the NES

>>640217116why do they keep doing this and not doing this every once in a while

Give 10 reasons to support why the PS2 is a retro console:Age: The PlayStation 2 (PS2) was released in 2000, making it over two decades old. Its age alone qualifies it as a retro console.Influence: The PS2 had a significant impact on the gaming industry and popularized many gaming trends and genres that are considered retro today.Nostalgia: Many gamers have fond memories of playing the PS2 during their childhood or teenage years, invoking a sense of nostalgia that is often associated with retro gaming.Limited availability: The PS2 is no longer in production, and finding a brand-new unit can be challenging. This limited availability adds to its retro appeal.Graphics and technology: Compared to modern consoles, the PS2's graphics and technological capabilities may seem outdated. This technological gap further reinforces its retro status.Classic game library: The PS2 boasts an extensive library of classic games that are highly regarded and sought after by collectors and gaming enthusiasts. The presence of iconic titles adds to its retro charm.Cultural significance: The PS2 was a cultural phenomenon, shaping the gaming landscape and attracting a massive audience. Its cultural significance is often associated with retro gaming.Physical media: The PS2 primarily used CDs and DVDs for game distribution, unlike modern consoles that rely heavily on digital downloads. The reliance on physical media aligns with the retro gaming era.Aesthetic design: The sleek, black design of the PS2, along with its iconic logo and branding, has become synonymous with retro gaming aesthetics.Historical milestone: The PS2 holds the title of the best-selling video game console of all time, selling over 155 million units worldwide. Its record-breaking success solidifies its position as a retro console that left an indelible mark on gaming history.

>>640217421that will be 300$ plus tip sir


>>640217238>failed console didn't live very longshocking

>>640217457nigga if you are gonna use gpt don't leave the prompt there.

>>640217310Until the market became ridiculous and they realized they were missing out. Now they sell them for similar prices on their website.


>>640217116How? If you still own some of those games you have idea of their value. Unless you're a scumfuck that rips off old people at yardsales who don't know what their kids collection is worth.

>>640217420The xbox was way ahead of its time.

>>640217116The key word here is "eligible".They aren't interested in your $2 SNES sports titles, they want the high value titles.Funny shit is the GameStop staff and customers probably won't know how to identify reproductions and fakes.

>>640217116This is like injecting pure aids into the already cancer ridden body that is the retro games market. Fuck.

>>640217116theyve been doing this for years at least where i am

>>640217116oh boy, even more stock for gamestop to destroy when it doesn't sell for the ridiculously inflated prices retro games are being sold for.

Can't wait to trade this in for Mario Kart 8 deluxe

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>>640217757They don't even test the games. I went in there and asked to look at the 3ds/ds games. They had persona q and I asked them if it worked because I had heard most of the physical copies were broken. Someone had turned a 3ds (because the eshop was closing down) and as expected the game did not even boot. So yeah if you have broken shit unload it at gamestop,

>>640217757You know how low the average gamestopnigger is? They admit to hiding limited editions for themselves. They admit to not actually putting the games you sell into the system if they want it. Once I heard of a gamestop "employee" as if they do any real work purting someone's DS that they brought in and set down for a minute under the counter, lied about it, and only after being confronted, admitted to trying to steal it. If you bring an "approved" high value game like the OG Zelda for Nes in, they will offer you 10% of its value, not actually put it in the system, put it in their bag, and guarantee you they are selling it on eBay themselves that fucking evening for $300

>>640218070Eh? What's with PQ being broken?

>>640217757I dunno. The lowest I'm seeing for retro shit in their site is $10 with the highest being in the 100s.

Retrobros, we eating good

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So what? I get $5~10 back as the best offer? You'd probably make more selling it yourself on ebay.

>>640218418They want to avoid shit like this happening anyway.FIFA games and sports games in general plummet in value with annual releases and rosters becoming outdated.

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>>640217310Despite the braggadocios act from micro and sony, new consoles have been selling like shit and slowly at that no games and finally the sheep are getting miffed about being called racist and sexist all the time, especially by their favorite slop producerI've said it before, but conditions are near parallel to the first vg industry crash, and with the world economy getting kneecapped from shutting everything down for years on top of seemingly endless, passionless remakes and no-quality trash, I see what gamestop is doing as their desperate attempt to keep their heads above water while it crumbles.Funny. Turns out even the funniest money isn't a sure bet.

>>640217310I got Fire Emblem Path of Radiance boxed for 50$ about 6 years back from them.

>>640217116Great so they are gonna give you 2 bucks and sell at ebay rates?

>>640218396Persona Q and European Pokemon Omega Ruby carts were produced with poor quality memory and have a high failure rate. Kinda like the Wii U tablets of the era that are also failing.

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>>640217116retro gaming is a huge market right now on platforms like ebay, its wise to want a piece of that pie

>>640217457Brother who gives a fuck about a label that doesn't actually mean anything

>>640218962If only gamestop didn't have a reputation of screwing sellers

>>640217471Try 5%.

>>640217310This is the third or fourth time they've tried to dip into retro and it will end the same way because ultimately they don't have the staff expertise to navigate that market and they're too broke/cheap to pay for it.

>cinematic PISS5 and XBONE games are so fucking trash that they did a 360 and went back to real VALUABLE NINTENDO GAMES lol Nintendo alone is LITERALLY keeping video gaming market alive

Remember that time gamestop tried to bullshit retro prices with Xenoblade for the Wii?

>>640217116doubt it will ever come to canadathe gamestop ive used for 10 years now recently got new owners and they are all sand niggers nowjust the other day they had 3 fans goin cause the air conditioning must have broke(doubt it, never did in the past 10 years)when i stepped back outside it was cooler then in there

>>640218662I really wish stores would just round up all the Sports games literally no one wants, melt them into a giant mold of frisbee and fucking launch into space already.

>>640217116>7th gen is retro nowFUCK


>>640219321they reprinted it and gouged itthey reprinted gravity rush for the ps4 as well. it was a $150 game until they flooded the market and sold their reprints at 69.99

>>640219531what they actually mean is: "fuck off with your cinematic piss4 and xbox trash we just take the good valuable nintendo stuff"they don't want your fifa and madden they want mario and zelda

>>640219531Hi Grandpa! Tell me one of your 9/11 stories again! Or that time the whole world freaked out about the Mayan calendar!

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>>640217116Wow a whole quarter

>>640219694>they reprinted gravity rush for the ps4 as well. it was a $150 game until they flooded the market and sold their reprints at 69.99Huh, didn't know about that one.

>>640217238>first Wii Us were produced in 2012>PS2 discontinued in 2013It’s still more retro than the PS2.

>>640219482Sports games actually have a use though. You're supposed to take the cases/cartridges and repurpose them for actual games.

>>640219804You can just buy a Gravity Rush from Hong Kong for normal prices. It wasn't a limited release there and the game comes in English.

>>640218320this man is seething on a mongolian hamster diving certification forum about gamies not selling him a copy of bing bong wahoo 4 deluxe edition

>>640217116>ps2 retroEat shit /vr/ fags

>>640219762Fuck you, it wasn't that long ago. The PS3 was still being produced until 2018.

Serious question, what should I do with an old red ringed 360? Would anyone even want this thing?

>>640217116Fuck that. Put it at Pawnshops. Gamestop is the absolute fucking worst at preserving anything, where that is video games, handhelds or even consoles. It is always in the shittiest of quality and has scratch marks on the screen or basically is not cleaned out at all.

>>640220318Or just be a normal person an buy it online if you can't find it domestically. Gonna go ahead and save some retard the trouble.

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>>640221259Anon, that was 8 years ago.

>>640217116We're so back.

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zoomie here, couldnt you buy new snes games up until 2000?

>>640217116Watch them give you $10 for a game and turn around to sell it for $400. Maybe at the very least the used game market will be less volatile and Gamestop will use their analytics to adjust price accordingly because nobody is going to overpay for some piece of shit licensed game or whatever.

>>640217116the new #1 stop for fake chinese cartridges

>>640221441>2012 turns 30 next year I can't take this any more

>>640217294>actual valueWhat's that?

>>640221632>Watch them give you $10 for a game and turn around to sell it for $400.local game stores already do this. the ones around me try to give you a bulk price on whatever you bring in and actively get upset at you for "wasting their time" when you dont want to give them a stack of gamecube games for $30

>>640217116that's fucked. they'll offer you $5 in store credit for your $350 cart

>>640220174Yeah, you COULD, if they didn't fuse the worst kind of sticker to the front cover 95% of the time.

>>640221834>We're closer to 2040 than 2020

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>>640217116Thank God they’re limiting what can be traded in so it isn’t thousands of copies of Caesar’s Palace and Wheel of Fortune

>>640217116>an 11 year old console is now considered retro

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>>640222050I hate this so much. they're fucking classic not retro. people are fucking dumb

>>640221663that would take some level of thought on the part of their management, importing knock off carts and reselling as legit would be waaaay too smart for themunless you mean customers coming in with masses of knock off carts in which case maybe but who would want gamestop funny money that fucking badly

>>640217420can't accept games for a platform with no games

>>640222121look up the definition of retropeople were already calling the snes retro when ps2 came out and it was only 10 years old

>>640222050mmhh yummy borccoli man I shall partake in broccololi yes ghshshh come here broccoli man come here don't worry i just want to eat


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Wasn't GameStop actively destroying retro game stock years ago?

>>640222297retro is anything before nes

>>640222512Snes included

>>640222506yes. they even destroyed ps2, Xbox, and game cube games.

>Get cluttered with PS2/Gamecube/Xbox games that nobody buys>Throw them in the dumpster to make space for new games>Get called out on reddit for throwing away video games that could be given to homeless people to feed their families with>Start scratching the backs of the discs with blades before throwing them away so that said homeless people stop raiding your dumpster and selling the games back>Start burning old games in a fire to dispose of them more effectively, keeping the cases out of your stores>Wait 10 years>Put out ads begging people to come sell you PS2/Gamecube/Xbox-era gamesWhat a fucking power play

>>640218662A strong case for digital only AAA releases

There's a funny irony when the fact everything is noxious about trying to get you addicted to gambling, or convince you to cut your dick off that finally made well, 6 & 7th gen, but to the point of the current discussion, 7th gen anachronistic enough to modern gaming to actually be retro.

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>>640217116You can sell your entire NES colelction for $10 POGGERS

>>640217116They'd be stupid not to. For any decently rare old game in good shape and they could pay $5 to some clueless idiot for something that costs $500.

>>640222506they used to toss ds and 3ds game cases on purpose to stuff the carts into their retarded tiny display

>>640222050zoomers are in their late 20s and early 30s now anonyou know what year it is, right granpa?

>>640222807kids born in the early 90s are still considered millennials, kid.

>>640222607Specially the PS2 since it was full of rare games like Mister Mosquito, Chulip, Katamari or Darkcloud

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>>640222883and they are late 30s early 40s

Can I trade in ET

>>640217116>xbox 360>ps3>wii>retro

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>>640222964Katamari was overprinted and hasn't appreciated much in value, user.Also, as the Yakuza 1 and 2 reprints in recent years show, many PS2 games could be reissued on a whim if publishers wanted to.

>>640223060If it makes you feel any better user, retro is only tangentially related to the length of time that has passed.

>>640221120The last thing I ever bought from gamestop was far cry 4 on ps3. I just hate gamestop.

>>640222607They threw out the shovelware/sports shit only. When they were doing that big PS2-era liquidation sale they raved about, all the stuff you wanted was eBay prices for disc-only sleeves 99% of the time, i.e. $40 for Nocturne and Conker L&R, but plenty of $7 Gran Turismo and Sega GT/JSRF OEM discs. Same deal with Hollywood and Blockbuster's liquidation sales way back when, $3/$5 for ancient DVD's, $15+ for Blu-rays of any kind and new releases, $20 for "okay" games, and $30+ for the shit you wanted. In 2009. Gamestop selling retro games will go down the exact same way as the Hispanic family selling retro games at your favorite swap meet, or Goodwill's behind-the-counter deals*I was so pissed that THIS was the great rental liquidation, and their sites were no better, eternal 408 errors on Hollywood's because everyone is bumrushing it, and the only fucking thing they had at a liquidation-esqe price was this shit, s/o to ancient Holla Forums posters who remember picrel the same way Holla Forums does Jack Keane

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>>640219975Nigga you retarded

>>640218662Good lord. that reminds me when I've seen nothing but copies of titanfall years ago. The store was so saturated with that they stopped accepting copies.

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>>640217116In no way shape or form can the 7th gen be considered retro. Most design sensibilities of the later 7th gen games are still present in the industry today. Hell, what has changed since the original The Last of Us compared to the new one? It's literally the same with better graphics. Most of the same applies to stuff like Demon Souls compared to newer souls games or GTA V compared to whatever modern sucessful third person open world games there are. What difference is there to FarCry 3 and modern open world FPS games etc. Games haven't changed in the last 10 years apart from just getting worse. Not even the graphics have improved all that much.

>>640221867actualadjectiveexisting in fact or realityvaluenounthe monetary worth of something : MARKET PRICEin this case "actual value" would refer to the amount of money would could gain if they were to sell directly to the consumer, instead of using gamestop as a middle man

>>640223848Okay grandpa.

>>640218678Don't get my hopes up user

>>640223901>sell directly to the consumerAnd who is that? Some random neckbeard on Ebay?There's no "actual value" for items like these. People just pay what they want to and can afford.

To be fair some retro games are so fucking worthless that you can't even sell them on eBay. Like it's already almost $5 to ship shit first class and there are already sellers selling them for like $6 free shipping because they're just trying to raise their seller rating or they're stupid and don't realize they're getting like 25 cents after fees.If Gamestop seriously just takes any game and gives you a few bucks for it, then it doesn't sound like an awful deal for the trash ones no one wants, which is the actual majority of retro games.

>>640224057are you simple?

>>640224057>And who is that? Some random neckbeard on Ebay?I guess so, idk. It's not for me to decide what people waste their money on, but there's no denying certain items command a higher price from the market than's decided the same way the "actual value" of anything is: what people will pay

>> this shit? hilarious.


>>640224260No. New products actually have a set "value", that depends on the market where they are sold, the cost of manufacturing, cost of transportation, cost of marketing, etc.New games have a set value of roughly 60 dollars. But what is the "actual value" of a random 20-30 year old retro game? No one knows! It's foolish to even use a term like that here.

>>640222780>they could pay $5 to some clueless idiot for something that costs $500Vidya thrifter circa 2002 here: this phenomena stopped around the time eBay was comfortably in everyone's pockets around 2010, everyone knew about the money in retrogaming ever since Pawn Stars debuted, and Gamestop only needs to look at thrift stores for info. Salvation Army/Goodwill have been pocketing and/or jacking-up the good game stuff since roughly the same time, leaving mom and pop/literally who thrift stores left, and they seemed to catch-on sometime around 2015In terms of generational shifts, there really isn't a clueless caste of parents around to donate little Johnny's game stuff that he forgot when going to college either. The average kid holds onto their game stuff and will never set foot into a far-away college, and the average parents steal game things for money to flip on eBay/Craigslist, not donate. You need to rely on a very specific generation of grandparents for this to happen, and they're getting to old to adhere to what are now very specific donation rules at thrift storesThis is Gamespot trying one more time to stay relevant, but you will never, ever beat eBay in this department, and whenever they try, people go>hmmmm, eBay prices + tax + Gamestop markup is fairly fucking gay, I'm just gonna buy on eBay

>>640217421What a time to be alive

>>640224458wrong. how much would you pay for a bottle of water? what if there were absolutely no other sources of water? what is the value of water?

>>640224575Are you simple? Ask Evian.

>>640224671send my rhetorical question to evian? yeah they might actually dodge less than you, but i'm not terribly interested in their answer because it would probably be something stupid like ~that depends on the market where they are sold, the cost of manufacturing, cost of transportation, cost of marketing, etc."

tons of underaged in this thread

>>640219282There's a second hand electronics shop in my old area that sells game stuff too. You can bring in your games and sell to them for a decent price because they always put retarded prices on them. Funny thing is, most of the games there are fake. I'm not even talking high repro lookalike either, I mean shit like the disc cover of Silent Hill ps1 printed on A4 paper, loosely cut out, glued onto a CD and being sold for $90.

Gamestop has been accepting retro titles for awhile now, it sounds like they just expanded titles they take.But this is a per Gamestop thing, chances are your local Gamestop doesn't deal in retro video games at all, it's just the big ones and the website.

>>640224841So you ARE simple, got it.

>>640225045Actually, they accepted them, stopped, and now doing it again.

>>640225126better simple than a drooling retard like yourself. fucking bongs i swear

>>640217116>PS3 without the spiderman font is now retroFucking christ.

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>>640217116Just like how anyone who started using 4chan from 2006 onwards will always be a newfag no matter how much time passes, nothing made after the 90s will ever be retro no matter how much time passes. Simple as.

>>640217116Nobody should do this. They give you forty dollars for a copy of Rule of Rose lmao.

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>>640225197Sure, sure. Maybe some day your "actual value" will go up!


earthbound is 20 bucks cash 40 credit lol

>>640225307i don't collect old games, retard. don't even own any consoles or console games.>>640225260retro just means "recent past", so PS3 is retro for games

>>640217280To be fair 2019 FEELS like 6 years because of all the pandemic and stress bullshit.

>>6402238487th gen actually is fairly different. With a focus on linear campaigns for the most part (that were derided at the time but I really enjoyed). Battle passes weren't a, and DLC was just getting started (and derided mostly, unlike today where people actively ask for it).Yes, games have not changed in the past 10 years.The Playstation 4 (8th generation) came out in 2013. it is now 2023.


>>640221345I'm not saying go to Hong Kong. I'm saying buy the Hong Kong version on Ebay. This was back when US editions were hundreds of dollars.


>>640225303>Cousin sold his copy of Metroid Prime for one fucking dollar back in 200xI never forgave him. God knows how many people got suckered to selling their games for literal pennies on the dollar.Feel bad because you can't ever get deals on shit anymore. I bought a copy of SF64 for like, 10 bucks fifteen years ago. Lord knows that GS will sell a chocolate covered copy with the name "BRANDON" in sharpie over the logo for $75

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>>640225471Then why the fuck are you even this tread!There's drooling retards, and then there's (You)...

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>>640218978You might wanna head over to /vr/ and test the waters with that.Those queers care, ergo the copypasta.

>>640217116What’s the best retro console? I have a 64 and was looking at potentially buying something. I’m a pc gamer and have a decent gaming rig that runs everything I like to play. Took a look at ps5 and Xbox and there is not a single game that interests me so I’m researching older consoles now.

>>640225795because I thought it was interesting? what kind of stupid-ass question is thatoi u got a loicense for that thread m8 it'll cost you the ownership of one gaming console

>>640217116Somebody tell /vr/ to update their rules

>>640217116Why is it so difficult to use the word "old" when referring to things that are old? People will understand the distinction between new and old since nobody is releasing games for the PS3 in 2023.

>>640217457>Nostalgia: Many gamersWorst. Argument. Ever.

>>640217238Bullshit, they just want to give you less.

>>640222297>look up the definition of retroI did and it's>new thing made to look old on purposeNow what?

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>>640217605>Unless you're a scumfuck that rips off old people at yardsales who don't know what their kids collection is worth.This is based and the only way to get video games for cheap nowadays though.

>>640225959It's about connotation and word associations.You don't call something "cheap" if you want to sell it to someone, you call it "economical."Same with old and retro. Retro sounds classy and nostalgic, whereas old brings up thoughts of decay, dust, etc.

>>640225792I never sold my shit, all sixth and fifth gen horror titles. But lost a few manuels here and there. I knew the market was just disgusting at this point but wanted the manual for my og Silent Hill, they were going for like sixty bucks. Isn't Haunting Ground going for what Rule of Rose did four five years ago now? Even Silent Hill 3 is fuck you money, SH3, there's like seven million circulated copies of that game. It's a sickness.

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>>640226176Why not call them classics? That's literally the classiest word you could possibly choose.

>>640219282>This is the third or fourth time they've tried to dip into retroYeah, I seem to remember they tried to this back in the...mid-2010s, I think? I can't remember. But this is at least the second time since 2010.

>>640226346That is a great suggestion and I think that would be a good idea.Classics implies things that have stood the test of time. It would be more appropriate to use only on the well known and popular retro games, however.

>>640217457If you use this same bullshit to unironically Minecraft a "retro game" with "nostalgia" and "influence" and "age", then I will physically come out of your screen to slap you.

>>640222607>GamecubeThat stuff will sell. Even crappy movie-based GC games are getting expensive.


>>640223416I got Klonoa for PS1 from Blockbuster for $10 but sadly it stopped working after a week.

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>>640217757>>640218070Shit, I got repos. I could sell them legitimate PAL versions of games too and they won't notice.

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>>640226316Same. I might be a miser, but knowing that I can put in a copy of Harvest Moon 64 or REmake any time that I want in the original format makes me feel good.Shame I don't have most of the manuals. Who knows what happened to them over the decades? Just wish I had picked up a few more things I had rented back then.

>>640222803You think THAT was bad? In 2012, during the great gamestop firesale of gamecube games, i went to every GS i could grabbing everything. One NJ Stop had like every expensive game @ 75% off, but zero cases or manuals. Turned out, 3 months earlier, CORPORATE told them to trash everything that wasn't discs. To save space.

>>640226945We live in a society.

>>640226864That's a man.

>>640225795You are mentally ill, and probably a communist considering how you think you're making a coherent market analysis. Please, please kill yourself!!

>>640217605>rip offBarely anyone pays full price for consoles

>>640225535yep, and almost NO lootboxes present compared to later titles.

>>640221216>people complain WIi U is retro (even though it has BOTW on it)>people complain PS3 and XBOX360 is retro>people complain there's no original XBOX on the list>this guy sees only ps2

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>>640218320That's anywhere man. You work in retail, like clothing, you take what you want when a shipment comes in before they're scanned into inventory. Returns? If it's older than a season or two and you want it you take it. Gonna go through the whole thing of putting it in, marking it down and then on the floor? Nope. Video games are begging for that too.

anyone who still uses a ps3, 360, or wii/wiiu needs to mod them ASAP because scalperniggers will bleed you dry selling you substandard shitthanks gamestop for hooking me up with wii copies of NMH 1&2 for $30 back in 2018.

>>640218320>REEEEE>These people with bad wages are hoarding all the TOYS WAAAAAAAAAAHGrow up

>>640219482My used game stores section them off from other titles from that platform lol. I see most places doing this now.

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>>640217238Why did it fail, anyways? Was it entirely the name?

>>640221834I'm gonna slit my wrists.

>>640217116So... $5 and some change for a Chrono Trigger (SNES) cart, right? You're probably better off taking your shit to any random pawn shop.

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>>640224420bravo user

>>640218472damn thats crazy crysis 3 is really considered retro that shit still looks better then half the games out right now on pc that is

>>640227627It's ass overall, terrible and slow UI, can't do shit without the Gamepad, the gamepad has like 20 seconds of battery. Only softmodded it shines

>>640227810Plus I'm guessing the library of games was weaker than the Wii, right?I got a 3DS and the only games I play on it are NDS games

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>>640217457Video games have barely evolved for PS2 to be considered retro.

>>640224470This. That window is basically long closed now.

>>640226864Its how i got my jurassic park OP genesis a gamestop. A fucking PAL game in a store that should never accept it. I got it for free, along with all the other PAL titles because i told them you couldn't play them on an American ps2.

>>640223848It's not that's retro they're just looking for the few seventh gen titles that are getting expensive. Get there before it blows up like almost all sixth gen titles- it won't in the same way at all though, there's few seventh gen titles that will blow up in the way say your sixth gen survival horror did.

>>640227905All the exclusives feel janky and experimental, for instance Nintendo Land, it has some good minigames, but it ends there, no online, not even with friends. Game & Wario is super boring, it is obvious they just reskinned some tech demos.ZombiU is evidently incomplete, only one weapon has Gyroaim, loading times are terrible, and the controls are janky.3D World is a stinky ass.

>>640224470I have a small thrift store near my house and managed to pick up some fairly rare PS2 games for $2 each. The employees didn't care and just labeled them as DVDs.You're right overall though.

>>640228006Nah, it's just so closed that the barest of air gets through. You'll find "games", but nowhere near what it used to be. TL;DR i been at this shit since 1995 man, ive seen it ALLLLLL change.And my collection is so much smaller now because i dunked mah junk games unlike these faggot YTers who want a complete nes collection. Fucking dumbasses.

>>640218320>You know how low the average gamestopnigger is? They admit to hiding limited editions for themselves. They admit to not actually putting the games you sell into the system if they want it. Once I heard of a gamestop "employee" as if they do any real work purting someone's DS that they brought in and set down for a minute under the counter, lied about it, and only after being confronted, admitted to trying to steal it.That sounds like a shit store in general. I've never had anything like that happen to me at any of the stores I've been at.>>640220174that is 100% unironically why they started putting a holographic NFL/FIFA/NHL/MLB sticker on the front with the strongest glue known to man.

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>>640217352It was but the short squeeze bought them another decade

>>640217116Fucking IMAGINE bringing your NES and SNES games into fucking GAMESTOP to get $5 store credit

Attached: cringe4.gif (380x285, 1.97M)

>>640228304RIPSay I want to get a Wii (not a Wii U) and flash it so I can crack games, is that a good idea? Is its library good? I know a guy who's selling it and wanted to give it a go

>>640228450You basically have to be very plugged in like you, yourself are to get those moments still.

I'm gonna bring in my copy of Haunting Ground and see what they say. I've been awfully blue lately and could use a serious laugh.

>>640228621Get both if you can, stock WiiU is a failure, can't do shit, soft mod it and you can play Pikmin on it.

>>640224470I passed by so many rare things, cheap rare things, golden carts littered the shops, super scopes, ROBs, congas, gameboy players, all sorts of gameboys.I don't regret it, fuck that, but man I feel stupid

I legit blame AVGN for this. He started the trend of Internet retards becoming obsessed over shitty old games, thereby jacking up the price.

>>640229132I bought my GBC that way. Playing GBCin school in 2004 was weird but I don't regret it.

>>640217421>battletoadsReminder that Holla Forums won

Attached: gamecraazy_moti_poster.jpg (1280x1024, 206.74K)

>>640229182not even close. It didn't take the very ugly shape it is now until the last six-seven years. AVGN never shaped the way PS2 games and specifically survival horror becoming just about the most expensive games out there.

>>640228224Seventh gen games are already back at new price.

>>640229354Did the manager sign a smiley with his own blood?

>>640229393Cause PS2 has tons of rare shit that will never be seen again due to the developers/publishers being defunct.

>>640229676That was his cats blood

>>640229701Exactly, that's not something to put on AVGN. Still, years ago it made sense for Rule or Rose to be stupid expensive but any Silent Hill was still 20-40. Things got retarded fast.

>>640229776That nigger

>>640219694I bet my Africa version I paid $12 for is worth more now than the NA version. certainly are a fuckton less of them

>>640229856Cause Konami refuses to re-release the original games besides that horrible HD collection they made.Suikoden 3 and 4 used to be stupid expensive until they get put on PSN. S5 is still pricy because it never got included.

>>640217310They did. Which funny enough was what also saved all the privately owned game shops. They thrived on GameStop no long selling stuff people actually wanted.

>>640226864nasty looking bitch

>>640218662Did t GameStop straight up stop buying sports games unless they were within like the first two months of release to avoid this shit

>>640220174I bought a case of the xbox360 burger king games, brand new sealed, for 50 cents a pop on ebay for this very purpose.


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>>640218662this made me wonder, what happens to the millions of sport game disks?every year they release a new game so these previous ones become obsolete and since they're all the same there's literally no reason to play the older ones so not a single soul is going to buy them

>>640218662Kek every fucking retro game section i've seen is like this

>>640230002Yeah but it was still a very mass produced series. I remember used game stores having five copies of 3 and The Room at the same time shit like Haunting Hour, Siren, Fatal Frame was exploding on eBay. Well after PT was canned and we knew they wouldn't re-release them. Again, something happened- I mean it was greed and Jewy-ness but they also became unaffordable fast when I wasn't looking. The whole sixth gen did, grading scams fuckers and then COVID fucked it permanently.

>>640230369I don't know, orcas are probably eating them and dying or some shit.

>>640221930the worse fucking sticker is the one MS puts on the games they sell in their employeee store. holy fuck. I got a Kameo with one of those fuckers and nothing sane worked. then I left the fucker in lighter fluid over night. it came off, but now the plastic sleave that holds the artwork fucking expanded and became hella loose.

>>640222462>>640217421We've come fucking full circle

>>640230368kek baggie

>>640230607First as a tragedy than as a farce.

This isn't new. They did this a few years ago as well. Its how I got all of the DS Dragon Quest games for $20 each. all of them were mint too. It was kind of suspicious, I don't know if they were reprints or not.

>>640228075A perfect game.

THUG is now thirty bucks. There were more copies of that game than the Bible.

This thread made me chuckle. I forget sometimes how worthless sports games are.

>>640222512>>640222561Not gonna happen.

>>640222121no shit. shovel knight is retro. ducktales is classic.

>>640217116>trade in a copy of smw for 5 dollar store credit instead of selling it for 50 bucks minimum on ebayoh god this might actually save the company and make them money. retards will do this.

>>640217116>PSP and Vita not listedWE'RE STILL EVERGREEN BOYS

>>640233146Vita bros we live to dab on consoles yet again.

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I still have a plastic bin of like 12 n64 gamesOff the top of my head, Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2, F Zero X, Dk64, Majora's mask, mario kart 64, pokemon snap, kirby 64, super smash bros, Beast Wars transmetals, maybe some of the mario party's and other shit I forgetrealistically how much could I get for them? on ebay even like 1 game seems to go for 60-100+, do people actually buy that shit?


Attached: 1657668546572941.jpg (545x362, 29.57K)

>>640231204More copies than the bible game?

>>640233514Apparently ever since the pandemic, people have been buying up used games and consoles a lot during the lock downs. Driving up the prices. Might be too late now though since normalfags can finally leave their homes again.

>>640233514I just checked, unless its unopened, most the games you listed are going for $25-$30 on ebay, which means they'll give you $5-$10 and resell for $20+.

>8 Nintendo consoles>3 Sony>1 MicrosoftHoly based

>>640217116They closed down in my country

>>640217116But why though. Older games are a million times better than current goyslop. No one is going to trade in unless its some dumb shit like Madden 2010

>>640227627yes the name really killed any momentum it would've had. normalfags (the main audience) thought it was some wii add-on like the wii fit and not a whole new console

>>640217310I once called Gamestop to ask if they had PS1 any PS1 memory cards and the guy on the phone laughed at me.Fucking Gamestop.

>>640235410You’re supposed to get all that dumb Chinese shit on Amazon now

>>640217294This. And then stuff that niggas sell to Gamestop (FIFA/Madden) clog up shelves enough to where they destroy those copies (scratch up DVD's and put them in the dumpster, break cartridges) driving up "resell value" for anyone not retarded to sell to Gamestop to sell on eBay for 1,000+I'm still fucking salty that a copy of FF12-2 I bought's case is fucking broken and I have to take it out of the DS it works in and hopefully hot glue the fucking case enough to where it is "used" as promised.

>>640235716I know some places have just stopped taking yearly sports entries.

>find my retro game i know goes for $100 online>take it to fucking gamestop>"i can give you $5, take it or leave it"

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>>640217116They're doing whatever they can to stay relevant and not go out of business. We have a local game store in my city called Game Exchange that has been accepting retro trade ins for like 10-15 years now, they even sell refurbished Nintendo 64's and other consoles, can also find PS1, Xbox, Gamecube, pretty much any game for any game system. It's a hot place if you're into physical collection of games, I don't really give a shit about physical editions, but if I did I'd go there.

If your console had mgsv and gta 5 on it then it's not retro

>>640237242those games came out 30 years ago dude

>>640222142Then why do they take playstation 3+ trades?

>>640227627Call it the Wii 2 and it sells 50 million. Seriously

>>640225595By online I meant digitally

>>640217421the Rare Replay collection had it for years

>>640217116>buying old games from gamestop for ebay prices instead of just downloading them

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>>640234068>>640233953if I put the whole bin up for like 200$ you think somebody would bite?

>>640217116>Oh, you want to trade-in an original Xenosaga III worth $300? We will give you a $10 coupon for it.

>>640228732there's a trade value calculator on the websitehaunting ground doesn't seem to be one they take though

>>640217116Do pawn shops not have regulations about dealing with children?

>>640230202the cut off is 3 yearsand they offer very little for the ones they do take

>>640238968Link to calculator ?


>>640238618Nowadays all "old" games are legally free anyway. Abandonware, open source and f2p conversions.

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>>640239176Some of these are fucking hilarious.

>>640239176Eternal reminder that "up to" means that's the absolute max you can get if your game is in pristine like new condition. If it has so much as a scratch on it you can bet your ass they'll take off $5+ in fees.

>>640239464yeah$38 store credit for my RE Code Veronica X for gamecube or I could sell it on ebay for five times as much

Can I trade in funko pops?

>>640217116They did this more than 20 years ago, and yet they stopped, because they would rather focus on overpriced merchandise that nobody likes instead.

>>64023962720% deduction>>640239771don't give them ideas

>>640235716it's insane that there isn't a special policy in place for the yearly EA sportslop

>>640217757Gamestop had 3 copies of metroid prime first hunt on the ds for full price when I went lol.

>>640227627Yes. Been following game news since the 90s. The WiiU was the worst console reveal I ever saw. Even I thought for a moment that it was an addon. and I knew they were revealing a console (Café), but then questioned everything I'd heard prior. casual observers 100% thought it was an add-on.

>>640217116>we will now accept...In a mall in 2001 at a Gamestop I saw SMRPG without case/booklet of course, for $85game reselling is such a massive scam I should have gotten into.

>>640240782It's bad for your soul.

>>640240819nah souls aren't real. doing good deeds doesn't please me, i must be jewish down the line somewhere because anytime I do something nice I regret it.

>>640218472Can someone explain this to me? Why the fuck does this look so nice despite coming out 10 goddamn years ago? It looks like the kind of stuff that should be releasing today but everything looks uglier for some reason. In general pretty much all forms of CG just look worse today, whether it be games movies whatever. Why?

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>>640240921Doing good deeds feels good only when you're doing it to people with high enough IQ to fully understand what you just did. If you do something good for the average retard it gets ignored or forgotten in two days


>>640240974Let me guess, born in 2002?

>>640241045Born before the turn of the century but I'm still confused.

>>640217116why are people retarded enough to sell a game for 5 bucks that they quickly sell for the new game price minus 5 bucks.

>>640217116watch them give you $8 for a game and then they sell it for $150 and in a generic box.

>>640240921>obvious bum comes into store>asks if he can hang out for a bit>my boss left for the day>ask if he wants coffee or water>gets coffee>pay for it>refill him once>give him the big to-go cup of coffee>he pocketed two of the three things i had sitting thereasshole. he couldn't pocket the eggs because they were sunny side upfuck homeless people

>>640241540pay for it meaning i buy it

>>640241112Around 2011 is when games started looking decent and they haven't really improved since

>>640222607I destroyed every copy of Simpsons Hit & Run that came into my store. It was pretty much the singular most sought after pre owned at the time and I got really fucking sick of being asked for it by disgusting fat single mothers to appease their disgusting fat fatherless children.

Seems like a savvy move to me. Collector's items are one of the only things that can get people into a physical store and I'm sure there's still plenty of mom's out there looking to do something with their kid's old ds. For the older items though I don't see their usual scam trade in prices working, I don't think there's many people who just happen to have an old NES laying around these days


>>640242019seems like some big games are starting to not be distributed on disc anymore as well. yakuza is a big one coming out that wont be on disc in NA

What are the odds of this leading to more physical copies of new games in the future?


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>>640242265that's an O

>>640227810But enough about the Switch

>>640242329I looked up "dancing zero" and used the first thing I found. If it aint right then it's jewgle's fault

>>640239665Feel you man. Could get at least 10x what gamestop is offering basically anywhere else.

Attached: Xenosaga.png (417x541, 118.94K)

>>640227031You wish, faggot

>>640217116Their trade in value are still ass. They'll give you $10 trade in credit for a ds pokemon game and turn around and sell it for $79.99. I guess Gamestop saw too many tiktoks of that guy who scams people to trade in $1000 worth of pokemon games for a Nintendo Switch.

When will the term retro be used correctly?

>>640227627yeah, most people thought the Wii U was a add on for the Nintendo Wii and not a actual new console

>>640217420Nobody cares about the original Xbox. Just look at the state of Xbox emulation vs PS2. Nobody gives a shit.

>>640223808here in leafland skylanders, titanfall, and that fucking ubisoft space shooter were all offloaded to dollar stores, funny ass time


>>640225792I did too, but my parents made me do that regularly for games and systems I didn't play very much.Why yes we were poor as shit, thanks for asking.

>>640217386I got King's Field 2 and Pokemon Sapphire for $30 from them so fuck yeah I'll keep my eye out for good prices.