Have you played her game yet?

Have you played her game yet?

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>>640216259Say the name and i will

>>640216259Nah, Vitamin Quest 1 was boring in how it treated the porn so I'm not interested in the sequel.

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>>640216259No english No careNot downloading another Polynesian mtl virus to make it happen

>>640216259What's the game?

>>640216259Have the imbedded moon runes finally been cracked?

>>640216259still waiting

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>>640216259VQ2 was kind of a mess, one of the most scatterbrained developments I ever followed. If it focused on any of the ideas it was going for it would have been a 10x better game. The original idea of making it a true prequel with loli Mikami (instead of a sequel to VQ1 with magic age change) was also superior as far as I'm concerned, but then you couldn't have the demon girls.

>>640217870Oh and if you never played it>Adult and Loli forms both get scenes, some of which are exclusive and really good, but often times are glorified copy pastes with some redraws and generic onee-san language swapped for cunny language>you can't fully play as the loli form because there are straight up roadblocks that require you to be adult>there's a whole monster girl hunting side of the game with a male MC, it's HUGE but not very fleshed out and you're forced to engage with it at least twice

>>640216259I did but it was shit

The whole reason VQ2 existed in the first place is because loli Mikami sold like gangbusters despite being a random one of idea originally. She's just a superior design.

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>>640216259I want to see this character get violently raped and fucked so hard her taint gets torn apart and the holes that connect her vagina and anus become one single hole like those German snuff pornos you can find in the dark web.

>>640216259>feMC rpgmaker gameyou played one, you played 'em all

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>>640218930Not really, there are ones with proactive slutty MCs like VQ and pic related, there are slow corruption ones where the MC starts pure and scenes change as they get lewder, and there are ones with straight up rape on loss game over scenes where the MC is always pure until you feel like unlocking a CG (the worst of the 3)

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>>640219323Doris needs a sequel

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>>640218930True, we need more harems

>>640216259>open game>talk to an npc>sex scene>cum>close gamei haven't even left the first town

>>640218631they should have focused on loli content. Nobody wants big tits nukige for the 999th time

>>640216259I don't understand Japanese and I'm too busy with other shit to ever bother learning.

>>640218930Perhaps the same could be said of most of genres of videogames.

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>>640218930Indeed, I cannnot fathom how people can play so many of these

>>640216259Is VQ2 translated?


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>>640219979No but it's finally getting some serious progress and a partial patch, all of the early game is done. Apparently because of the way the game was coded it's a nightmare to translate, you can't just rip the text.

>very few games where the evil villain girl gets her comeuppance from some lowly generic enemies

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>>640219871they are either short or simple enough to just finish in one or a few jack off sessions

>>640216259...why is she a loli now?

>>640219871To jack off? It's not really complicated...

>>640222679see >>640218631Loli Mikami was a massive hit when she debuted in an image set like a decade ago. Turns out slutty lolis are hotter than regular sluts. Also her design objectively works better as a loli.In-game it's due to magic and she can swap forms at will.

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>>640217870I got pissed when I kept reading Butakoma promising more and more stuff he could never deliver while working on the game alone even with 20 years of dev time.

>>640224187What tactical benefit could being a little girl possibly give?

>>640221274It's some some weird programming language for the text so it breaks if you don't account for it, but it is rippable

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>>640225308The dumbest thing is that the text is two layers of text, black and white, with the same text repeated so everything is doubled

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>>640225406Not that this version of the translation will ever see the light of day

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>>640225121Peak breeding proportions and being a better fucktoy

>>640216259i didnt really like the game aside from the designs.it just felt copy paste for some reason

>>640225121Better at seduction.

>>640225974It absolutely was, there was a lot of copy paste. Butakoma was an autistic perfectionist with too many ambitions for the first ~5 years of development (think Star Citizen), but eventually he had to concede the game was never gonna get finished so he took shortcuts to push it out the door.

>>640216259...that's not how panties work.

>>640226168aside from that i dont see the appeal of the designs anymore since MSGKs are popular nowadays.

>>640216259what's her name?

>>640226326skill issue

>>640221884underrated gripe

>>640226349>I don't see the appeal of the designs anymore>MSGKs are popular nowadaysI mean you answered your own question

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>>640226349>>640226646Loli Mikami is more of an erogaki than a mesugaki, yes there is a difference. Both usually lead to sex but one leads with teasing and general brattiness while the other is much more direct about lewdness and generally doesn't get domination loss'd.

>>640226326>too far she cant do thismy condolences, may I suggest self improvement?

>>640226349lolis have always been hotter, its just that young naive us werent into it until we became proper adults

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>>640227026Shes a saint for helping out those poor men.

What do you think of Mikami's daughter?

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>>640228831I'm not a horse sir


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>>640221274Is there any site i can take a look at to know how close it is to completion? i mostly end up relying on /hgg/ for this stuff but i don't really like asking questions there since they're not exactly a welcoming general.

>>640229820F95 is the site for most of this shit nowadays, most other sites like Hongfire, ULMF, etc have died. F95 also allows loli as long as it's not 3DCG loli so it's based.

>>640229980>F95 also allows loliNo they don't unless they arbitrarily feel like it.

>>640229980I see, the only issue with F95 is that its bloated with wegshit which all look the fucking same to me, its not an issue if i just search for what i actually want to see i supposed but it does suck when i'm looking for something good out of the popular tab

>>640230161Anon...f95zone.to/threads/wip-translation-youmaen-the-magic-academy-of-loli-succubi.48822/You don't get more loli than fucking Youmaen, it's /tod/

>>640216259is it even done or out yet

>>640218140I actually found myself enjoying Rai's portion of the game a lot.

>>640230161That's how it used to be but now it's only a ban on realistic loli, they even have a loli tag

>>640229980>f95 allows loliyeah when they like the game. Because these retards are hypocrites

>>640230161>>640231036Sounds like you're pissed some ugly ass western 3D shit got banned before, there are 536 games with the fucking loli tag

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>>640230337Let's just ignore the multi year freeze on the Insexual Awakening thread that was lifted two weeks ago. Let's just ignore the fact that Flatcheez is banned. Let's just ignore the fact that Violated Heroine is banned from the platform. Etc. etc. I don't necessarily have a problem with them banning loli/shota content on their platform, I have a problem with them being giant hypocrites about it. You either allow it or you ban it, this retarded double standard serves no one.

>>640228204Interesting if just to see how Mikami's descendants end up looking. If Butakoma ever finds the willpower to make another game I'd be down to see more of Mikami's children. Sons or daughters, really.

>>640231239That's part of my problem with the platform. I'm fine with them having clear rules but this is just favoritism at this point.

>>640231263I think the VH thing would have been reversed a long time ago if people actually cared about the game, it's dead and has been for yearsMods are indeed fags though

>>640231239>search loli and 3dcg>1 million results>it's all ugly ass western 3d shit

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>>640231749My kingdom for even 1 decent loli 3D game.

>>640231468>I think the VH thing would have been reversed a long time ago if people actually cared about the gameSeeing as there are a billion threads for obvious 0.0021 scams I don't see how that holds water.

>>640231749Yeah that's clearly the most bullshit and unevenly applied case, a lot of western loli is banned while others (even realistic) are fine.

>titty monster MC>turn them into a loliI will never understand it.

>>640219323There's a surprising lack of feMCs that actively hunt for sex and will rape dudes. I want the Stacy simulator.

>>640231810you didnt like?too young?

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>>640218140What do you mean not fleshed out? Rai's portion of the game is literal half of the game and it is highly in-depth.

>>640217870>but then you couldn't have the demon girlsYou could by making them time travel to the past to help out loli Mikami. Now that I think about it, they'll bring adult Mikami with them too.Storywise, they'll make loli Mikami forget about them at the end, once they return to the future.

>>640226646>>640225546>>640225308>>640225406why arent you niggers using the English art asset patch from f95?

>>640232210It didn't feel that way to me. Felt like a pretty mediocre male MC BF game.

>>640230337>Post says he is going to translate the game himself>March 2020Does it usually take this long?

>>640231920Lolis are much hotter, especially loli sluts

>>640217035unironically this

>>640232490Nope, Youmaen claims another victim

>>64023249080k lines of text2000 baked in text-images

I loved Vitamin Quest but I don't want to play 2 until it's fully translated. Therefore i'm likely not going to play 2. Oh well.

>>640232993Buddy, you missed a digit there.It's 20000 baked in images.

>>640233009Is the first one already translated?

>>640233009Thursday at 12:43 AMHi, update.All dialogue you can encounter before the first boss fight (not including unlockable NPCs through pregnancy) has been translated AND proofread at least once, with a few exceptions.This will include the first encounter with Rai and what happens after the first boss battle.The first translation has not been fully translated or proofread after you gain control of Rai, or in other words, the moment you are able to save past the first boss battle.I am currently going through the battle system and interfaces to translate the spots I've missed. These include the casual sex menus after the initial scenes with select NPCs, pop-ups to indicate who the father is, bonuses you receive after giving birth, combat with monsters and their skills, enemy names, etc.A couple of things: I have been unable to properly proofread "atypical" scenes of Mikami, Peridia, Pyurano, and Nelpura due to the fact that they are encountered by chance. For context, these are birthing scenes where the baby will look different from normal, and they will usually have either more monster demon traits, or are eggs. But you are not guaranteed to get these scenes, even after having sex with enemies. I have done multiple tests to try and get these scenes, but have failed. I will figure out a way to do so in the future, just know that these will most definitely have wrapping problems for now (but they have been translated).This is a work in progress, so some parts, such as the menu for scouting Envein or the names of the girls for birthing information will not be synced up to my translation yet.In addition, enemy names will most likely overlap with their HP bar for this version of the translation, which I apologize in advance for.Judging by the amount of work I have to do left, I believe I will be able to ship this first part out before the deadline. (June 16-18)

>>640233569It's been translated for almost a decade at this point.

>>640233652the dude could have used Mtool's debug options and set the atypical birth flag, then started the birth scene.

>>640216259No. If she's not a loli for 100% of the game, I do not care.

>>640231920During a brief flash of lucidity, he realized she was vastly better that way, before the stupor returned and he forgot to make it permanent.

Ryona when

>>640231749The main problem is there's exactly 1 loli model and it's effectively rigged to a bunch of characters' heads and slightly scaled to fit. It's not bad or anything but if you wanted to make such a game you'd need to create something that sits on a legal grey area (stupid as it may be.)

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>>640235718>>640235718>The main problem is there's exactly 1 loli model and it's effectively rigged to a bunch of characters' heads and slightly scaled to fithahafuck

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>>640237112Dios mío la luz extinguidos...

>>640229081Someday we will touch VR and it will be the greatest moment in mankinds history.

With the era of ChatGPT and AI will we see an MTL revolution that's churns out MTLs that are actually not terrible?VQ2 will never get translated unfortunately. Also Kagura doesn't touch games with loli or beast.

>>640237325f95zone.to/threads/summer-camp-v0-1-6-all-natural-games.108733/>v0.1.6enjoyhonestly i dont understand version numbers. i wish there was some kind of system based on hours of gameplay or number of sex scenes instead of arbitrary development numbers

>>640235718>>640237112would you play a loli VN that looked like this?

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>>640217164>polynesian mtl virus>it's just the entire game, MTL'd to your choice of Hawaiian or pidgin

>>640238056i consider myself to have low standards for art i'll fap to but that is actually really fantasticno need to play it down

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>>640238056>>640238302>toddler pedo shitYou should seriously consider suicide.


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>>640231239Thats BEFORE user. Till they start cracking down on the loli

>>640238390>toddlerummm that is an average 8-10 prime girl body type you uncultured swine

>>640238417>to this day there's still no dominant handjob pic based on this scene

>>640237112Fucking NASTY

>>640237325holy fuck faggot get some fucking taste. That shit is literal nightmare fuel

>>640237112>>640238056Weggers truly have no standards.

>>640238056Not a bad model it's cute

>>640238056achievable natty?

She gets raped by dogs

>>640239252who user

>spent a few hours trying to get NTRすき skill for my fav girl in the brothel>the only changes are the status, from lover to NTRNot like this...

>>640239280I thought that too and had to go back to OP. This was a vitamen quest thing.

>>640239280Main girl of op game

Dogs are really boring. Navel and urethra violating monsters is where it's at.

>>640239252Hot. We need more of this.

>>640239252>rapedIf anything she is the one who rapes dogs

>>640239252I think that is what hell is like. constantly raped by dogs

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>>640239427While wasps are definitely rare I'd say dogs are also still pretty rare especially non-consensual non-mindbreak ends. Horses seem to be most common

>>640239793They're boring.

>>640216259Is it even out yet? I remember anons waiting for it for years now.

>>640239946it's been out for a couple years, but the dev was really butthurt about western piracy so he made it a pain to translate.

>>640239941Nah you are

>>640239379Such is the life of Rai.

>>640240343They're overdone.

>>640240030>don't offer a translated version of your game>get mad about itmany, many, many such cases.

>>640240462Not nearly enough

>>640240493Thankfully. They're boring. I hope they do less dogs.

>>640240030Angry at piracy for what? VQ1? That was free. And VQ2 costs like 8 bucks. I don't think the game's complicated to translated because of piracy, it's just complicated because Butakoma spent an autistic amount of time working on the game, so it's overloaded with content + a shit ton of images with hand drawn writing on it.

>>640240524Too bad for you

>>640216259I only play /ss/ games

>>640216259it would be much better if it was just Mikami, either in just loli form or adult form. the scenes have been scattershot because of the inclusion of the demon party. also other games have incorporate slut parameters and like the phone stats in the menu but this guy is still relegating it on an event item, so its really annoying and cumbersome compared to other games.art is still top tier. story? its porn, it doesnt need to be an epic adventurealso, who actually came out first? Bitch Exorcist Rio or Mikami?

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>>640237676They already have AI models like whisper that can translate speech to text in real time. I use it when I'm watching japanese vtubers, but a lot of vtubers are already using it on their end to translate their streams.

>>640218140>>640232210Worst part about Rai's part was he never encountered Mikami. It's pretty strange how you go through enslaving just about every character around Mikami and corrupting the whole main town including the daughter queen and goddess, but never actually doing anything with Mikami herself. I get the whole point of the ending was that you could give Mikami to (you) but I was expecting a final battle with Rai, either as him or Mikami.


>>640238056What is that from?

>>640216259gitgud.io/Stuffedgame/SimLolilolichadsWho is going to save this game?

>>640216259A tiny bit. I liked the style of battle animations from the first game better

Its crazy to me that despite cunny being so popular in Japan, we rarely get decent loli focused games. Also nobody translates the ones that exist.

>>640243347what is this user?

>>640217035Honestly same. I beat the first or so boss and lost interest. I guess it doesn't really help that a bunch of scenes weren't even translated and you were just looking at recycled CGs without any of the context. I also don't like how disposable pregnancy felt. This is why games don't make an effort to include it as a mechanic and just have it as endings.

>>640244097Why would Japan waste their time with turd-worlders like you?

>>640244131It's a really indepth pixel loli game where you kidnap a little girl and can do horrible things to her.Sadly it was left unfinished and the current build no longer works and needs a savior to bring it back to working condition.

>>640244608This kind of sounds familiarWas it mostly text based?

>>640216259I never played the games but I really like the CGs/doujin stuff butakoma did

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>>640216259Nope. I did buy it to support the dev though

>>640225121prime breeding age

>>640244146Disposable how? All the children you have end up collecting at the little home for them in the main hub city, and you can talk to them, or even have sex with some of them. Other pregnancy/birth games don't even really do all that much other that showing a number that went up after the baby was born.

>>640244608>no longer worksYou're doing it wrong then, the amount of patching to make it compile on GCC 13 is really minimal

>>640245743Like how everything is basically instant from the conception to birth. I get that the whole point is she's super fertile but I think to me part of the appeal of pregnancy is the risk and chance. Which I guess doesn't really work here because the point is to slut around.

>>640238056>>640243257I'd also like to know where this is from.

>>640216259She's in dire need of vitamin D if you know what I mean.

>>640216259i don't like how slutty she is, so no

I prefer LBL's lolihags instead

>>640245936The risk? I mean, you can technically play to avoid getting pregnant as much as you can. But it kind of does go against Mikami's entire drive of "Gotta make more elf babies so my race doesn't go extinct!" She's a walking baby factory, and that's kind of the biggest kink of the game.

>>640246219Based taste. Reminds me that I should look to see if there's some TLs of his more recent shit.

>>640238390>kys suddenly out of 10loli WEGs are the only WEGs worth mentioning

>>640245790Be the change user

>>640246884Actually, I take it back, there's something broken. It locks up shortly after loading in.