Games will be digital only in a mere 5 years. Will you miss buying physical games?

Games will be digital only in a mere 5 years. Will you miss buying physical games?

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Last physical game i bought was the Orange Box in 2008

>says analystoh, it's fucking nothing

No physical, no buy. The day the industry goes full digital is the day I stick solely to retro.

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>>640216207Global Warming will melt all glaciers by 2018.

>>640216207Remember when they said single player games will be a relic of the past in the late 00's.

fuck digital cuckslets take for example ff16 the next upcoming "big" AAA releasei can pre order it now for €64,99 or even 59,99 but i dont trust that sitethe same game is €79,99 on the ps store.

>>640216207>yakuza>AAAi'm a huge yakuza fan, and no. absolutely not.

>>640216207Isn't that standard already?

>>640216456Okay, grandpa

>>640216627thisnot only that but the game apparently needs no patch, and they've been playtesting it for 3 months since it went gold to make sure of that. I expect the same treatment for FF7 rebirth, which releases on 2 fucking discs.

>>640216539Yeah they are starting to become that.90% of releases are live service hell

>>640216207No shipping and manufacturingSo the price will go down, right?Right?

>buying games

>>640216207>Says AnalystThey won't, there will always be a market for collectible physical editions


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>>640216207>Like a Dragon Gaiden>Digital-onlyIt is?

>>640216456Amen brother, i won't pay for digital

>>640216768Okay autist zoomer who doesn't understand the basic concept owning the thing paid for MSRP for, it's called having principles you stupid fuck.

>>640216802>Yeah they are starting to become that.Single player games are more popular than ever. You're talking nonsense.

>>640216207You will own nothing and you will be miserable.

>>640217082You never owned the game, even with physical you only have a license to play it.

>>640216504and sea levels will rise by half an inchthose dumb millionaires buying ocean front property don't know how fuck they'll be

>>640216807That's what they'll say but then they'll use the inflation as the reason to increase the prices back up.

>>640216207>game prices historically were high to account for the cost of producing and distributing physical media>now, without having to produce nor distribute games, prices are being raised in addition to being heavily monetized with cash shops, micropayments, and downloaded content>and people somehow defend thisFuck this industry and fuck consoomers.

>>640217151How many digital games have you purchased?

>>640217219That's the weakest cope for digital cuckery I've seen yet. I buy a physical game, they can't tell me what to do with it. First sale doctrine. For all intents and purposes, I own the game and can do whatever I want with it.

Not on my watch.

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>>640217219But that's incorrect, even today most single player games are completely on the disc, hell that's been the case since the conception of games on cartridges, now if you want to argue the physical media that said games come on is DRM, sure you are correct, but it's fair less intrusive then that what is used in digital only games and plus there are many benefits to owning physical, used market, collectable, trade and seeing as most single player games are fully on the disc outside of day 1 patches, you don't have to worry about the servers going down, but try harder in defending digital only, outside of being more constrictive in what the consumer can do with it and it being more convenient to download instead of going to the store or buying a physical copy online, there are no benefits.

>>640216207Like a gay dragon den will have physical release for playstation 4 and 5 though

>Will you miss buying physical games?I honestly keep forgetting people still get their games this way.

>>640216504>Global Warming will melt all glaciers by 2018.I know you think you're cleaver saying this, but everyone of you that does this is completely oblivious to the fact that global warming has been slowing down due to most nations reducing their consumption of hydrocarbons. I don't know anyone who uses a coal fire or a solid fuel boiler these days.

>>640217765In Asia (taiwan,china) and NTSC-J, no NTSC-U/C or PAL releases which is bullshit considering both in the case of Alan Wake II and Like a Dragon Gaiden fans of both have expressed a severe amount of disappointment with the choice and have said they would happily pay the extra cost of a physical copy.


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>>640216207The world wont exist that year.

oh no bros, our physical gaming collections are all relics because Gerry Analystein said so

>>640217219If you can install it and play it offline then it belongs to you.

>>640216207Was this the same analyst who said that we would stop using game consoles and PCs like ten or more years ago, and instead do everything on phones and tablets?

>>640216207Only Japan will still sell physical games

>>640216802This isn't 2019. Publishers are finally getting off the live service train when they figured out that about five of those can survive, total, and those spots are already established and fortified.

>>640216207>owning consoles for the past two gensbeing a physical fag also requires you to be a console cuck

>>640216207How many of your PS5 games install completely from the disc? how many of them work fully without an internet connection connected to the console? How many of them have you have actually tried this with? you're likely already brainwashed about physical games even mattering anymore. No one ever answers this question on here because they don't want to admit that things have changed irreversibly a long time ago. It makes complete sense as to why the discs are going to disappear. There's nothing you can do about it.

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>>640216207>2 games are digitalthe west has fallen, millions must die...

>>640216207For real tho, there's a lot of "digital only" games, so this isn't something new or groundbreaking even


>>640216207Experts say OP is a massive faggot.

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Never pay more than a rental price for digital rentals

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>>640216207Reminder that PCf@ts are the reason that this is happening. They were the first ones to choose digital only over physical. Steam's influence has been a disaster for gamers and the gaming industry.

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>>640216456This. I have too big of a physical collection for me to think of going digital now.

>>640216807This is antisemitic.

>>640216207i had no idea people still bought physical copies anymore. does the latest consoles even have a disk drive anymore?

>>640218561So I have 143 physical ps5 games and only 3-4 of them have very little on this disc, the rest are ether full game on this disc or partial, as said above here >>640217656 most games that are single player usually have the gold version of game on the disc outside of day 1 patches, games that have campaigns and multiplayer are usually will have the campaign on the disc and then have you download day 1 patch (or whatever the latest update is) and download the multiplayer portion which is perfectly fine.

>>640217219Blatantly false.

>Piracy rates of AAA games will reach 50% by 2028, analysts say.

I'll just keep buying old physical games then. I'm not downloading 70gb+ games when my internet only does 1.5gb an hour.

>>640218910They do, grandpa

>>640218762physical had no purpose on pcnow that modern discs act the same as PC discs of old it's only a matter of time they get ditched

>>640218532Because an SteamCuck is any better with not having any ownership of the thing you paid full MSRP for.....right? Oh right...

>>640217910Man has done absolutely nothing to the climate, it is purely weather cycles. Hydrocarbons have zero affect on the climate.

>Like a Dragon: Gaiden will be digital only Oh FUCK YOU Sega

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>>640219082>muh steamrent free, console cuck

>>640218910Both do for now. Sony is going to actually be the first to do something major and release their next version of the PS5 without one. They'll make anyone who for whatever reason still wants one pay for one as an optional accessory they can plug into a USB or something though.

>>640216456This. My account I didn’t use for years got hacked and someone bought two or three games with it and I was notified by email. I challenged it, and they locked my account due to back charging. I’m sure I had bought some digital shit back on PS3, but guess it’s gone now

>>640219009>my internet only does 1.5gb an hour.are you on dial up still? even my 500 kBps internet could download faster than that

>>640219303No. My dial-up here was 20mb an hour. God fucking damn did Battlefield 2 updates take awhile to download.

>>640216456Honestly I will just quit games. I'm gonna do it anyway most likely.

>>640216207>playstation storeIronic considering they wanted to shut down their ps3 online store not to long ago.The same will eventually happen with its successors, ps4 and ps5.You will own nothing and you'll be happy.

>>640216207Wait those are AAA games? I thought they A, AA at best.

>>640219384>paying for games in the first placei own all of my digital games

>discs don't even have majority of the game on them anymorewhat's even the point?so you can onions out over your collection of meaningless plastic?

imagine how much money i can make off physical cucks by burning digital copies onto a CD

>>640216207i dont even have a disc drive in my computer

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>>640219384>Honestly I will just quit gamesNo you won't.>I'm gonna do it anyway most likely.You absolutely won't. What's going to happen is you will "intend" to quit, but as soon as they announce the brand new shiny console without the optical drive but with your favorite sequel or remake, your "curiosity" will get you. You'll just "try" it, think "this isn't THAT bad" and you'll be right back in again.

>>640218917>So I have 143 physical ps5 games and only 3-4 of them have very little on this disc,So did you do this without an internet connection? that's what i want to know here. A clean install of a game that has never been played/installed on the PS5 before with no internet connection connected. I'm unsure if consoles remember previous installs, so that's why it being new to the console is probably the better testing method. Cut ting out anything to do with Sony's servers is important. If it even so much as has to register with a server then that's bad for longevity sake, since once those servers shut down one day that could render a new game unusable.

>>640219510I do pirate all the time but I think it's a degenerate hobby. Plus the games are shit anyway - pirate or no pirate.

>>640219082>brings out steam out of nowhereretard

>>640219612I never bought a single console. What's going to happen is most likely I will just get rid of my gaming PC.

>>640219549It's so I can impress all of my gamer friends and people who will see my YouTube and Twitch channel. I can show them my shelves of games and they will think "wow, he's a real gamer".

>>640219601Some of us still cling to the old ways.

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>>640219625do you care for indie games? those are the only things that interest me anymore. once in a while i will go through a few videos from those indie game youtubers to see if anything interests me to pirate and play until i get bored and quit games for a few months

>>640216207In the best case scenario with something like this happening, you could still own the game to play offline but never be able to own the actual launcher meaning the only way to play the game would be through a subscription service payment.

>>640219685>getting this mad over the truthAnon....

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>>640219752Why would you get rid of your PC? You don't have to just use it for video games. Also why would going digital only effect you considering PC has been digital only for several generations now?

Most of the physical games I buy are boutique releases of indie games made for fans. That shit's not going anywhere.

>>640216207>Like a Dragon Gaiden>AAAIt's literaly an asset flip to fill the gap, does this 'analyst' even knows what 'gaiden' means?

>>640220000the truth is you don't even buy games, you buy a key to download and play those games

>>640219103The bonds that hold hydrocarbons together break when heated up and bond with the other element in the atmosphere called oxygen. This forms H2O and CO2. CO2 is really effective at trapping heat, so the more of it in the atmosphere, the warmer the global average temperatures are going to be. This changes ecosystems around the world. It wouldn't be an issue if it was gradual, but humans harnessing this power recklessly has resulted in a massive increase that ecosystems can't react in time, leading to the current mass extinction event that is happening right now. It has been slowed down, but we don't know if we're going to reverse the damage in time before the point of no return. Most of the west isn't to blame, green house gases mainly come from China, Russia and the Middle East, around 67% of it.

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>>640217082*gets a torrent*I now own my game

>>640216207Not buying either of them.

>>640216207You will own nothing and be happy

>>640220086No, you might do that, I don't, I buy physical and support the right to give the option to choose for consumers, by supporting digital you're only further giving publishers more incentive to push this digital only bullshit onto all of us thus at some point completely eliminating the right to own your copy of that property you paid full price for.

>>640219212Only in North America those lazy fucks

>>640220307modern discs are literal keys, brainletworthless plastic

>>640220153Well no at that point you've stolen the software illegally from the publisher/developer at that point, so no you still own nothing in that case.

>>640219889They're playable on a laptop for the most part. Also like 99% of indie games are ass.>>640220014I mean you're right about PC, guess I am just looking for an excuse to air my general grievances.

>>640220517how boot taste?

>>640216207Alan Wake and Yakuza are not huge. Yakuza is niche and doing decent and the first Alan Wake did well, but not well enough to justify a sequel until now. They are not a basis for this conclusion. I also don't know if it's reasonable to call Yakuza AAA. They seem to be efficiently made, quickly made, and aren't heavily marketed or mass appeal titles.>>640216504Apt.

>>640220393Again, wrong, that's a very small of discs that have little data on the disc, this was explained above, but by all means keep spouting autistic nonsense

>>640220117Aside from the fact that the west generates far more per person, much of the stuff generated by China and energy exporters is consumed by the west. Such is the way of trade deficits that the primary western export is guilt.

This effectively kills Brick & Mortar unless they get offered deals for selling codes at discounted prices.

GameStop on suicide watch

>>640220307post even one physical copy you've recently gotten faggot

>buy new physical game>25gb day-1 update that replaces half of the disc

>>640220594>that's a very small of discs that have little data on the disc>MY games definitely don't do this!cope, modern discs are identical to digital but now you need a key

>>640220576Don't know, I don't buy digital, I have the right to options just like pc players have options and how they run their games to some degree.

>>640219618You're being way paranoid. Most games play perfectly fine without ever being online, for both PS5 and SeX (despite Snoys claiming otherwise).You just won't get any day one patches published after the start of manufacturing.

>>640220795>I don't buy digitalinstead you buy a piece of plastic that says you can play digital gamesalso>console cuck>not deepthroating bootslol

>>640216207anal-yst is retarded, what will actually happen is super premium physical editions. the only way to get a physical copy will be collectors editions sold for $500-$1000 dollars and they'll only make a limited run


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>>640220936>discs definitely still have games on them>source: trust me, bro

>>640220929Again that's incorrect though if say it's a single player game in that campaign comes complete on the disc outside of a day 1 patch, therefor I own it.

>>640216207Nigga, within 5 years you'll be typing a game you want into a prompt and having it programmed for you there on the spot.

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>>640216456This, except replace reteo with pirate. Only reason I still have a console is for the freedom of owning games. The second the industry goes full online only digital cuckstation is the second I just pirate everything and not spend a dime on games anymore.

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>>640221030>Proceeds to not post evidence proving otherwisePhew you got him good user.

No, I won't because I will be done with video games before then.

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>>640221075This is what every boomer unuronically thinks AI can do.

>modern consoles can barely store more than a handful of modern games due to the insane file size of games>if the main servers for PS4 or anything fuck up you can't even play the consoles, which happened fairly recently where a good chunk of people couldn't play due to a main server having an issue>all these games that require always online, even if they're single playerWhy should anyone bother with modern gaming?

>> ask me, the Great Filter is most likely pollution

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>>640216207Whenever I bought physical games, was Bootlegs kind. So nope I won't miss it.

>>640216207>Ok, just make your own physicals then?It's moments like these that make me happy I ditched consoles 15 years ago.

>>640216207All I can hope for is that people become really good at cracking games

>>640221205It literally can. Nvidia trained an AI to program Pac-Man by watching FOOTAGE of Pac-Man being played and that was like 5 years ago, long before the Chatgpt meme.

>>640221214No, it's microplastics.Proof? The fact every human will be sterile by 2050 and we're still acting like overpopulation is even something that is still physically possible.

>>640216207Why are physical only boomers so absolutely pants on head retarded? Do they not know that Disc media is functionally identical to digital based storage? I back-up my thousands of games on multiple NAS servers and haven't bought a console in over 15 years? PC gaming ditched physical media because physical media is pointless and inferior to storing your own meda.

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>>640221075>AI, give me a game with cool robots, set in a dystopian nightmare world, where I have to rescue my catgirl waifu from tentacle aliens, before I become captain of my own space fleet and impregnating my catgirl wife with tons of kittens

>>640216456>>640216983>>640218843>>640219247I would also recommend you guys get a good computer and have Emulation ready as well just in case your systems begin to brick. Also the last holdout is Nintendo because on the Switch they have cartridges and you do not even need to go online and play them, they still rely on physical sales. Although some you will need to order from Play-Asia for because some Japanese releases have the English subtitles as well.

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>>640218532>Play on a console where you own your gamesvs>Forced to launch a gamer social media app that immediately directs you to a storefront before you even get the oppertunity to open up your lost of licenses that can be revoked at any time.Damn. And Gabe hasess than 10 years to live, btw.

>>640218843>physical collection>Literally just hoarding Chinese plastic


>>640216207Publishers will miss me buying games more than I will.

>>640220601Brick & Mortars don't even sell video games exclusively. They usually sell them alongside other items. Even still they mostly sell older, retro games and consoles. Gamestop is the only Brick & Mortar that would have a problem.

>>640216207Not one bit. I have a good 100 or so physical games and a few older consoles. I never play any of them. And at very least those games had decent performance on their platforms. I would rather pick up any game on a remaster on sale for 5 dollars than actually play anything it on PS3. it is sad how many games got trapped in that gen.

>I Only buy physical>It's a disk with a steam code on it or a ps store serialYOUOWNNOTHING

>>640221626>PC gaming ditched physical media because physical media is pointless and inferior to storing your own medathe best part is when you point this out to them, they'll seethe and cry its illegal ( it's not to create copies or move files for personal use) or that irlt doesnt count because it doesnt have the corprate brand of approval.Physicalfags are tge prototypical corporate worshippers. You see how their libraries always have a giant brand logo on them like a stamp of approval? Disgusting

I don't mind telling the industry to fuck off when it told me to fuck off back around 2009.

>>640221758All of my Steam games are backed up and have had their Binaries cracked. I'm good for the coming apocalypse.

>>640216207All digital games are bloated shovelware that bricks your console

>>640221626Not exactly, it's because Blu-Ray technology is expensive to make, and if it breaks it is expensive to replace as well and give a new one.

>>640216207Do people actually think physical copies provides better ownership, like DRM isn't included in the discs? Did you know Lawbreakers had a physical release? Do you think people are able to play the physical version, you fucking idiots?

>say word>buy product at wrong time>say wrong thing on twitter>be in wrong place at wrong time >be wrong person>own product too long>own wrong kind of product >own too old of a console it runs on>own digital account that's too old>money stolenYOUOWNNOTHING

>>640221708I already have a $1500 PC, I just don't really play games on it that often. Only PC only games like strategy games and the likes.

>>640216207>Will you miss buying physical games?No, I haven't used an optical drive since probably 2009.

>>640221836Not if you go on GOG. That place is DRM free which is where Boomers who desire to own things even digitally should go to.

>just emul->Revenue in the Games Live Streaming market is projected to reach US$11.69bn in 2023. In the Games Live Streaming market, the number of users is expected to amount to 1.65bn users by 2027. User penetration will be 15.0% in 2023 and is expected to hit 20.8% by 2027.YOUOWNNOTHING

>>640221758>to open up your lost of licenses that can be revoked at any timespeaking of, how are those "expired" chrono cross physicals?

>game streamingonly a matter of time before a generation dumb enough to fall for it would be born

>>640219882I got rid of mine when i decided to build a new computer. It was just sitting there doing nothing. I just put all my GOG game installs on a harddrive now. That's basically the equivalent of owning physicals digitally.

>>640222264>live streamingbruh that's a meme and has nothing to do with emulation anyway 1/10

>>640222154No doubt, i am just saying Emulation is great for a good PC. Even nowadays for a mid range PC at 800$ you could play PS3 games and below pretty easily less than 500$ if you intend to just go with Nintendo WII and below generation wise. Should run everything 60-120fps high graphical settings.

>>640222343Until American ISPs tone down their retardation, game streaming will NEVER have full market penetration. So it probably never will, thank God. It'll be Stadia 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 until that problem solves itself.

>>640216207>Will you miss buying physical games?I miss game manuals

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>>640216207>AnalystMore often wrong than correct, but the day it happens is the day I just pirate everything. I already pirate everything not on GOG or a DRM-free storefront.

>>640222190But AYENAWN! Those games are OOOOOOOLD!

>>640216207haven't bought a physical game in yearsi don't buy digital games on release eitherif i cant sell or trade it then it's just a useless depreciating asseti wait for 80% off sales often i won't play a new release until years later

>>640218704>paying for rental games You can have free games on mobile

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>>640216207Wait, is Like a Dragon now considered AAA? I dunno, I feel like the series is not quite at the level that is considered a true AAA.

>>640216207literally all of my games ive pirated in the last decade are digital only

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>>640221045you don't when 50+gbs require a patch

>>640222630>I miss game manualsYeah really when have physicals mattered when they stopped putting effort into what was shipped? it's just an empty case now. It sucks. Collecting past 6th gen is a waste of time.

>>640221045>outside of a day 1 patchso you know exactly why you dont own ittry playing any modern AAA release without these you moron

>>640221075If it means getting a proper Fallout game in the vein of 1, 2, and New Vegas without havong to wait on Obsidian to one day make another one, then fuck yeah, let's gooooooooooooo

>>640216456Based as fuck>>640217297Actually in a lot of places they warn the land owners near the water about rising sea levels near them as they measure it. It's why a lot of land close but not too far from water has been bought up in bulk where I live.

>>640216807by 2028 you'll have to pay $100 for standard edition

>>640216375Considering that games are +100Gb and require patching and updates I woulsnt be surprised if platdorms would want to cut physical copy expenses such as burning CDs, buying cases and dealing with distributors.Why would companies do all that when they can sell it directly from online store?

>>640221639>tentacle aliens>now generating [TENTACLE NTR]

>>640221082>This, except replace reteo with pirateThats when platforms fo always online or plain out streaming like Stadia

>>640220847>You're being way paranoidI'm being perfectly rational about how you should treat physical games on your PS5. We're not in the PS2 days anymore where having an internet connection didn't matter. Hell we're not even in PS3 days where it was still probably viable. If you're opposed to the transition to digital then you should really know just how physical your games are. Sony's consoles may not have DRM, but there is an unconventional method of the same practice. Where a game isn't hardware tied, but it could very well be tied to functionality with their servers upon install on new hardware. If you don't want to test this theory out then why does physical matter more than digital?

>>640216456You can't vote with your wallet when there is hordes of braindead zoomer golems who have only ever known you will own nothing digital and will gladly eat it up

>>640221626Why don't books go digital?

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>>640221539americunts only make up 330 million of the global populationthe rest of the world cant even afford products that contain microplastics in the first place

>>640224113and they will die just like stadia

>>640224169>he doesn't know

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>>640224169>Why don't books go digital?welcome to 15 years ago

>>640224249stadia was a shitshow, all it takes is one good option and it's done

>>640224342>>640224283Know what library still exist as does book store they didn't go anywhere and yet physical games are supposed to vaporize in to digital mist

>>640221626Its way more likely that my HDD will fail and I'll loose 1000 games store on it then every single disc in my house will fail

>>640224560>all it takes is one good option and it's doneman I remember back in 2018 when shills bragged that stadia would be that good option hindsight is 20/20 bud, use it

My PS5 will be worth a fortune

>>640224643as games get bigger it gets more inconvenient and troublesome to store them in physical mediabook don't have this issue

Average digital onlyfan >swapping disc is too much >shit him self

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>>640224737On the other hand, there's a choice between taking care of 1000's of CDs, or having a single HDD. And if you're worried about losing it, keep a few backups.What do you do if you want to keep a few backups of your physical CDs? Make a few thousand copies?

>>640224812>one thing failed so it always willthat's not how it works, time keeps moving and so does the technologythe second they can do streaming with minimal input lag is the second owning games becomes a thing of the past

>>640224737>Its way more likely that my HDD will failI have numerous harddrives for this reason, all of which have my games backed up on them. I find it highly unlikely all of my GOG installs will disappear on me. I don't think there's really a need for discs unless you have a retro computer build around dedicated to playing old stuff.


>alan woke>yakuza 23>AAAPick one

>>640224973>one thing failedbut it's not one thing, is it? Remember tge tachyons meme?

>>640224845>as games get bigger it gets more inconvenient and troublesome to store them in physical mediaNo there are multiple physical media storage that reach Terabytes of storerage like Holographic Verstile Disc (HVD) as well 3D disc and polarized laser that increases Blu-Ray disc in to 160gb single layer jsjxra

>>640216207People love to collect physical copies of things and they have done absolutely nothing to lower the file size of these games. To think PS2 games were a few hundred MB for what they were.

>>640224858>average physicafag

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>>640224845>as games get bigger it gets more inconvenient and troublesome to store them in physical mediaIncorrect. As they get bigger it gets more inconvenient to store them digitally. You'd need to keep expanding the size of your PC HD. Most people only have PCs with 2TB starting because to purchase a large TB SSD that is also FAST is going to cost you thousands of dollars.


>>640224973Wasn't there OnLive game streaming console before Stadia?

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>>640225205and how much is it going to cost to send out terabytes worth of games to millions upon millions of people?digital doesn't have this issue

>>640225423>store them digitallyare you really implying it's easier to store data on discs than on HDDs and SSDs?

>i heckin LOVE my physical collection i must CONSOOM and buy ALL the pieces of plastic to fit in my house somewhere

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>>640225606This, but unironically

>>640225179>>640225426it doesn't matter how many times it's been tried, it's just a matter of tech

>>640225431Well from HVD that i read it was 120$ per disc and around ~1000$ optical drive in the 2013 but were supposed to drop in prices in to a same price as Blu-Ray at that time don't know about others they never released price/cost to them

>>640225725Uh huh, sure. Tachyons and FTL data transfer will happen in the future. Im totally not laughing at your tantrum, btw

physical games are for retard

>>640225725And it keep's failing because current internet sucks in data transfer even with optical cable that needs boosters because light beam loses energy in long distance dim out

>>640221626>Do they not know that Disc media is functionally identical to digital based storage?It's not, because most of that physical media is just (game) while digital-only media that's been downloaded without piracy has DRM and other "Features" that will stop you from playing a game that "you" own. You can still go back and play games from 20 years ago without issue. There's a list of games from 5-10 years ago that you can't play and is slowly growing.

>>640225423>You'd need to keep expanding the size of your PC HD.Are consolefags really this dumb? Do you know what EXTERNAL storage is, user?

>>640225936>streaming with less input lag is literal space age sci fiokay

>>640226049>every single digital game ever made has DRM in it>piracy does not exist because... IT JUST DOESN'T CHUD!

>>640226094>retard doesnt know why input lag happens in the first placelol

I tried to get into physical gaming but it was just weird to me. It's just like digital gaming except you need to put in a piece of plastic.

>>640226053Why would I want to buy external storage? Just put it on the Cd that I pay 70$ for

>>640226161>things can't improvethe car will never replace the horse

>>640226201based zoomer just thinks logically instead of worshipping plastic discs.

>>640226252>improve past light speedheh heh

>>640226303well yeah, once the disc drive is reading in data faster than the speed of light. yes, then we can't improve any more. long way to go!

I will just buy old physical games and pirate digital only games

>>640226357*fast as the speed of light rather

>>640217219I can't believe corporate cock suckers are still saying this

>>640226303stop pretending to know what you're talking about

>>640217219They hated Jesus because he told the

Attached: team digital sakurai.jpg (1076x598, 69.69K)

>>640226525SE invalidated a bunch of physicals with an online patch as proof of concept. Corporate cocksuckers just bent over and took it

>>640216456Same here. I won't pay for trash that I can't physically own. It's stupid enough that most of the game isn't in the disc already, but if I don't have a fucking physical proof of my purchase then FUCK YOU

>>640216207"Analysts" have been saying this since fucking 2006, this isn't anything new and no your future games will NOT be exclusively digital.

>>640226621>t. still doesnt know why input lag existslmao

>>640226667Digital is fine really, as long as I can save copies of my games so I can play them forever.

>Alan Wake 2The first one only had a triple A budget because of the real actors and the fact that they scrapped the previous open world concept and went with a more linear concept.>Yakuza/Like a Dragonlol lmao. Everybody knows the money goes to the licenses and real actors. Almost the same as Alan Wake.

>>640226851yeah except now games sales are over 70% digital. the analysts are becoming increasingly correct. the new generations find physical games strange and irrelevant. They're right.Everyone smart uses digital. Only a bunch of loudmouth retards keep clamoring for things to stay physical. In a few more years or so they will represent less than 3% of game sales, and eventually they'll just stop making physical games.

Attached: ps5 digital.jpg (206x494, 11.49K)

This is when it's time to move to PC white boy come join us.

Attached: 342564323446435.jpg (2072x2752, 930.41K)

>>640216207better drop them back down to $60 then. dont have to spend that money making physical copies then.

>>640226902okay, retard

>>640222630>I miss game manualsSome gems still come with them.

Attached: omori case.png (722x647, 974.58K)

>>640216207Physical is dead due to blu-ray. What is the point of having a physical copy if it takes up hard drive space? The only physical games I buy are for the switch because they load fast and don't take up drive space. If game companies were smart they would make a card or cart standard for these 100+GB games.

>>640227167>seething nowkek

>>640227102>advanced micro dickskek broke nigga can't afford geforce

Attached: our lord and savior, jensen huge wang huang.jpg (1400x1400, 166.99K)

>>640216207Games have been digital only for quite some time, you just haven't noticed because you're a moron. A lot of discs do fuck all.

>>640227305don't worry, they have a mountain of cope for that fact

Your friendly reminder that the superficial difference between "physical" copies and "digital" copies are entirely nonsensical and entertaining this nonsense is how they get away with pretending you have no rights to either.

Attached: 1637346885770.png (572x832, 468.26K)

>>640226357If that was to happen, the disc drive would travel back in time.

>>640227286Nobody can fucking afford a 4090. Possibly the only bad thing about PC gaming is GPU prices.Don't care my 6700xt is fine

Attached: 6545754326435.jpg (2000x1506, 700.68K)

The 'analyst' in question is the same one that also tried to say that 50% of gaming PCs are owned by women and that 52% of Switch owners are also women and therefore the industry needs to cater more towards women because they're becoming a majority.

I've been buying digital games ever since Steam came out. I don't want a bunch of plastic dogshit in my house.>B-B-but muh ownership! What if Steam goes down?!Then I'll pirate all the shit I used to have.>Muh reselling!No, your copy of Neverdead for the PS3 is not going to be fucking worth anything 20 years down the line. And in the time it takes me to find buyers for all the fucking games I would own physically I could just work a decent-paying job.

Attached: 1670548729830891.gif (220x231, 494.9K)

>>640227305physical games are literally just physical permission to download the game lmfao. it doesn't help you "preserve" shit.just buy digital and then when they shut the servers down or whatever (lol) just emulate, or jailbreak your console, or just pirate it some other way. Literally everything is better to owning some retarded piece of plastic.>>640227485back in time to when physical games mattered lmfao

Attached: i came here to laugh at you zato sq.png (610x610, 354.08K)

I only buy digital games when they're discounted by 50% or more, if I lose them in the future I know where to reacquire them anyway.

>>640216456Same here.Half of the fun of a hobby like this is collecting and honestly I always put digital games on the back burner over ones I own physically.

>>640227286Bold of you to assume he bought those parts.

>>640224039I thought this new SSD console revolution meant games could be made smaller in size

>>640227098I think the main issue is accessibility. If I'm a digital paypig and want a game, I can play it within the hour (or like 3-4 hours if the game size is fucking monstrous) and probably brought it 90% off since digital sales are abundant. If I'm a physical fag and want a game, I could either spend time and money getting into EB Games and hope the game is even there and for a price that isn't batshit retarded, or order online and wait a few days only to still wait an hour to update/install.I still prefer physical games because I've amassed a collection over the years and love seeing it grow but I'd be lying if I said digital wasn't "easier" and cheaper.

>>640227580you don't need a 4090, any geforce card is better than radeon. better ray tracing, less driver problems, DLSS is better than FXSS. GeForce is the way it's meant to be played son, one day when you get a big boy job you'll understand.

Attached: nvidia mom 3090.jpg (1200x1052, 253.36K)

My steam library will probably outlive me. I care more about all new games being trash and demakes because of Western/Blackrock influence.

>>640226021and you retarded zoomers don't realize that if they take away your physical games, the companies will do whatever they want with youand this is coming from someone who has been playing digital games on pc for years

Attached: 1657281250506144.png (615x484, 191.52K)

>>640227842if he was a nigger with balls he would have stolen a geforce card. instead he has a black advanced micro dick.>>640227857you have attained sentience, this makes you already superior to 99% of the physical retards. Now you simply have to realize how dumb it is to get attached to physical objects, and perhaps you too could ascend to digital godhood.

Attached: gigachad becomes god.png (400x497, 248.13K)

>>640227098>yeah except now games sales are over 70% digitalThey're not even fucking 50% you retard.The percentage of digital to physical is something like 30/70 in favor of physical.

>>640227926Then we'll just pirate.>b-but they'll put in DRMAnd? Someone will crack it eventually, and if they don't, I'll just enjoy my old games. Don't be a quitter.

>>640216807Storage including the energy to stream has a cost

>>640227926god I can't wait to playing Rift Apart on my 3090. And yes I'll be buying a steam key 20% off and running it from an Nvme faster than that Sony garbage.

Attached: rivet tongue.jpg (2000x2000, 3.16M)

>>640227405GOG games are completely DRM free, so that's as good as owning it in regards to digital. Not even console physicals are like that.

>>640227910On my 2nd PC build I will care about that stuff.

Attached: 3747446339363.jpg (4080x3072, 2.3M)

>>640228050There have been people shilling 100% digital lately and they're not making any attempt to hide it.There was one user the other day who posted Nintendo's digital break down thinking it was about physical vs digital when the chart itself said it was digital exclusives, subs and so on vs full retail games.

>>640216207Why the fuck would I care what some faggot analyst thinks will happen?

>>640227225Couldve picked a better example than this tranny pedo shit you nigger

Attached: 67b.jpg (600x450, 77.59K)

>>640228050hahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAholy fuck physicucks are COMPLETELY out of fucking touch with games are literally over 70% digital, PC gaming (the biggest platform) is already 100% digital. cope.

Attached: laughing stacy.gif (354x266, 2.28M)

>>640228441>t. 3rd world shitstain who hasnt even played the game

Attached: basilgif.gif (498x459, 372.58K)

>>640228468>That being said, in the same report from the BBC it is stated that around 30% of sales came from mobile gaming. So, while it might be easy to assume that 90% number comes from PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, mobile gaming takes a huge chunk of that percentage.Read your fucking links physical sales aren't falling, mobile is growing.

>>640228694>physical sales aren't fallingYes. They are. You illiterate fucking nigger.>Data analytics firm New Zoo has revealed in a newly published report that 72% of video games sold on consoles during 2022 were digital, while boxed video games accounted for 28%.

>>640228053that's a good reason, and a pro on the pc side, that you have the option to do it if you want or notbut the point was more for the fact that in the playstation store the digital version, 2 years later, is at $70, and in steam at $60and a similar behavior but without physical format would be worse because they would have more control over their prices, compared to the physical format and its liberties>>640228189not only that, the game will be verified on steam deck, or even playable on an hdd

>>640228638It's funny when South Americans try so hard to be Americans that they just go full Holla Forums over an RPG.


>>640228825Oh you mean this report?The one that chalks it up to mostly mobile with the rest coming from incomplete data?

Attached: GI22_Infographic_YIN_dev1C.jpg (828x8014, 623.33K)

>>640216207They are already digital-only.All my local GameStops closed down, Target has nothing, and BestBuy neither. Walmart's the only place left with games, and I don't ever want to step into one again.I haven't bought physical since the PlayStation 4's release. I wish we would have gone digital sooner so all PS3 game were still for sale (only about a quarter of the library is actually available on PSN store).

>>640228987>They are already digital-only.>All my local GameStops closed down, Target has nothing, and BestBuy neither.That's not because digital is taking over, its because online is.Covid and the lockdowns forced the average consumer to learn how the Internet worked and now they're just having everything delivered.

>>640217910Meanwhile China and India produce more pollution than we have reduced by a huge margin. Also>we've reduced emissionsNo. If your car consumes 100kj worth of energy from burning carbon it doesn't matter if it was in your gas tank or the coal plant that powered your EV outlet you fucking retard.

>>640228825Oh and get this, that same report also doesn't take out digital exclusives and dlc!It's literally just made up shit!

>>640228986>>640229207ok.nigger.let me talk. real fucking slow. so dumb nigger brain. can maybe understand.look at boxed vs digital. see how it says 5.8% boxed, 94.2% digital? 94.2 is a bigger number than 5.8. not sure if they teach you how numbers work in the ghetto.see how it says 28% boxed, 72% digital on consoles? 28% is lower than 72%. Nigger.Good god even the chart is written so clearly dipshits can understand it. Clearly they didn't dumb it down enough for you.

Attached: screaming nigger in public.gif (420x431, 3.08M)

>>640216456The industry has been practically digital since before the last generation, jesus christ do people here actually buy newer games? I get if you don't want to play them when half the AAA landscape is garbage, but how out of touch can you be? When was the last time a AAA game just came out? No patches, no updates, no w/e where what you actually had in your disc was the game worth playing. They're either broken at launch or worse without the patch since launch. And the ones that buck this trend are 3rd party releases like LRG or some rereleases (unlike some GOTY editions are just the game with DLC vouchers or whatever else). That's not even touching on how many single player games have been always online even when single player, rendering the disc completely useless. Fuck, even the example in the tweet is a Yakuza game, which I'm not sure when anyone would consider those AAA, but specifically the game branded as an smaller inbetween release to fill the gap between the 7th and the 8th game. The future of gaming is and always will be self-preservation, but the physical disc you get in a jewel case has already been dead for a long time.

Attached: catwire.jpg (1224x829, 397.34K)

>>640228868Eh, it's not really too surprising.Omori is an RPGmaker game about Depression from killing your sisterPeople to this day think Undertale is some pandering shit because some guy got fucking buttmad about it and animal crossing in 2013, and blew $2000 on scat porn to try and get the game banned and made up some shit about mettaton being a tranny allegory, and not you know the very obvious surface level thing of a Ghost wanting a physical body.Something of which an example of already exists in Undertale.

>>640229097physical retards are on like 20 different layers of cope. They literally see gamestops shutting down, physical deliveries delayed or just cancelled, best buy and walmart shelves of physical games literally just empty. And somehow do the mental gymnastics to convince themselves that physical games aren't completely going the way of the dodo.Thank the good lord Jesus Christ almighty above us that my IQ is over 90 and I'm not a physicuck nigger hoarding plastic discs like donkey kong's bananas lmfao.

Attached: laughing raccoon girl.jpg (850x850, 147.83K)

>>640216207Like A Dragon isn't getting a physical release? Aw man.

>>640216207I find this hard to belive considering blu ray disc and dvds are still around.

>>640216456This. I refuse to encourage the jew agenda.

>>640226127>things nobody said

>>640229168I didn't say we've reduced emissions, I said they're slowing down due to nations reducing their consumption of hydrocarbons.>Burning carbonYou don't burn carbon, you burn hydrocarbon because it's the bond breaking and forming that creates the energy as I explained here >>640220117

>game studios go from physical to digital because it's cheaper>don't pass on the savings to the customerCounting inflation in, you retard cuckolds are literally paying more for less

>>640216207So that means games will get cheaper, right? RIGHT?

Attached: 1676275671440188.jpg (1200x675, 152.52K)

>>640229405I have more than thirty physical Switch games and the only one that requires a day one patch to play is Pokemon Shining Pearl. There are tons of games released physically that don't require downloads, so your entire post reads like a disingenuous attempt to demotivate and talk me into switching to digital cuckoldry.Also, don't play AAA slop you dumb mother fucker.

Attached: 1631998843981.jpg (815x989, 63.69K)

>>640229319You absolutely fucking mongoloid.Your whole argument now is>DUH LITTLE NUMBUH IS SMALLA DAN DE BIG NUMBUHbut you didn't even take five fucking minutes to understand what those numbers meant.It's not full physical releases vs full digital releasesIt's full physical vs literally everything: microtransactions, subs, digital exclusives and all that shit.Oh and wouldn't you know it? I mentioned that here! >>640229207>that same report also doesn't take out digital exclusives and dlc!Oh and I see you missed the massive circle at the top that said that mobile makes up 50% of the global market value which is included in the part you're hyper fixated on as if it proves your point.

>>640230030He's trying to shill digital for some reason, he doesn't even know how to read his own data.

>>640230278Oh god I just peaked at that conversation. Why do so many retards not know how to interpret data?

>>640216207>AAA games>digital only>live servicesAnd nothing of value was lost.

>>640216207>unironically talking about buying games in 5 years >in an age past the point of the singularity beginningThis is hilariously naive lol.

>>640225367>this image confuses and triggers the zoomerLooks comfy. What am I supposed to be upset about?

>>640225367What's the issue?

>>640216207Remember when going digital was supposed to lower the price of games because they no longer had to pay for production and shipping? I'm not paying $70 for AAA digitalslop.

>>640225367S O U L

>>640216207I haven't bought any physical games since 2007 so I probably won't notice when they disappear.

>>640230968In 2007 most games were still physical only. The liklihood of you doing that and still having an interest in video games is extremely low.

>>640216979I hope not. The Playstation store page says you get a free upgrade to the PS5 version, so I don't know why they would specify that if there was no dedicated PS4 version.

Games have been digital only on PC for like ten years now. They're going to be in for a rude awakening if they think people are going to continue to buy consoles for digital only games though, especially since modern AAA trash is uncompressed, unoptimized, 500GB files that take up your entire console drive. They already know digital-only is unpopular. That's why they don't even release the actual numbers of the digital-only PS5 sales.

>>640231198>That's why they don't even release the actual numbers of the digital-only PS5 sales.And then you look at Famitsu and see that the thing is selling like fucking garbage.Honestly, the idea of people liking digital is absurd.

>>640224169Because it hurts my eyes to read from a screen

>>640216207>like a dragon gaiden>AAALOL, digital only because it is a lesser, smaller Yakuza spin off. Digital only SHIT will never take off.

>>640231198With pretty much every worthwhile game that isn't Nintendo going multiplat, the only reason to even own a console is for physical games. Otherwise you might as well stick to PC.

>>640231471Especially when looking at how well physical copies sell on those famitsu threads, I'd at least give it another decade before they even begin to start phasing out physical vidya.FYI the Yakuza spinoff is digital only in North America only.

>>640231623>I'd at least give it another decade before they even begin to start phasing out physical vidya.Physical will only start being phased out when video game developers and publishers are themselves phased out due to the advent of user-created AI-assisted personalized gaming.

>>640216207>like a dragon gaiden>digital only Looks like this will be the first Yakuza game that I don’t buy at launch. I’ll get it in a few years when it’s like $5. Go fuck yourself, SEGA.

>>640216456I just don't give a shit, personally.Those fancy collector's editions you guys like to show off? Never saw them. Most of the games I could buy came in rebranded, absolutely fucking ugly sets. Console games were essentially just movie tie-in garbage, there was like a single import store in my city that actually had interesting stuff. Nintendo and SEGA consoles may as well not have even existed (prior to 3DS) to most people I know. Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of indie games I enjoy either don't have, or received a physical version much later after the fact.There's nothing for me to look back fondly upon regarding physical. I'll just keep buying/pirating what I want.

Attached: 0008693.jpg (300x429, 102.51K)

>>640216207No, I haven't bought physical in like a decade.

>>640216207Phil was right when he said that Xbox lost the most important Gen of consoles with the Xbone VS PS4 when people were building their digital libraries.

>fat loser gameboys need physical toys literally like bronies

I'm already all digital lol>But what if the x storefront goes downI pirate. Pretty easy

>>640229405that shit is not my problem. If the fucking retard sin charge are stupid enough to make their single player modes depending on online, then they fucking better keep those servers on for fucking life. The day I find out I can't play a single player mode because they shut down a server, is the day that fucking company/studio will be fucking dead to me.

If shit goes full digital only how do you justify consoles? Like at that point I see no reason for them to even be made when PC digital libraries work as they do.

>>640232278This nigger here buys fucking flowers for his battle station

Attached: 1685108201158016.png (730x524, 450.04K)

>>640224169You don't need to buy a specific $800 system to read a book. You can buy a print book and just read it, you can buy a used print book and need nothing in addition to read the text.You cannot play a video game without the video game system, especially when it's something more complex than just running a file.

>>640231076I only used steam. The last time I remember buying a physical game was at a used bookstore in 2004.

>>640216456Hold the line!

>>640232661>I only used steamWhich had next to nothing on it at the time.

>>640232731It had enough, pretty much just played counter strike source and day of defeat 2 all day.

>>640232496Having a bare minimum of convenience and quality control goes a long way. I have both a Deck and a Switch and the Deck runs the circles around the Switch in terms of flexibility and performance but the experience is nowhere near as simple and elegant

>>640216207I haven't bought a physical game since Devil May Cry 4.

That's cool. I don't care. I think I might be outgrowing video games. But please do keep me posted when Half-Life 3 comes out.

>>640216456>solely to retroI love heckin' retro games too bro!

Attached: file.png (601x589, 280.86K)

>>640229508Ok furrytard

>read into the thread>its literally just consolecucks copingMeanwhile my copy of FEAR that I bought decades ago on Steam can still work fine till this day. Can you Play FEAR in your console? Want to play Transformers Devastation but it's been taken off digital storefronts and physical copies are a nightmare to find? Meanwhile I can just download a torrent of it and enjoy it fully. Want to play Eternal Darkness but you can't find a physical copy for your gamecube? Emulate it which is basically digital. The true preservation is digital and PC.

Attached: 1656658637781.jpg (442x471, 96.74K)

>>640233992>and physical copies are a nightmare to find?Dude you can buy it for like 10 bucks on ebay.

>>640234112buy what on eBay? Game sellers are greedy on eBay.

>>640233679>this nigga thinks "retro" is interchangable with "old"

>>640234194Are you being serious right now?Did you not even ready your own post?


>>640234282>Can you Play FEAR in your console?it is lmao. get fucked grandpa.

>>640234412weird. don't know how that bit got greentexted from a different post.

>>640234412It isn't.Retro just means of having an anachronistic quality.

>>640216207>digital only>game price still increases

>>640234112The point is physical copies can eventually run out or it could be extremely expensive . It's just an example. I could pick another game like Rule of Rose which cost hundreds. Are you willing to pay for that?

They want more money for giving less fucking kikes and fuck digital supporters

>console cucks are still having panic attacks over digital games

>>640217219I actually own it. If they come to my home to take it I just call police

>>640234497>Retro just means of having an anachronistic quality.i don't think you know what anachronistic means.

>>640216802>slayers x released earlier this yearYou're retarded

>>640234747>or it could be extremely expensive .user, they don't get extremely expensive now unless they're done kind of special edition.

>>640216207I'm not buying digital games. Simple as that. Fuck that analyst, fuck Sony, fuck you, and fuck all pc cucks that got scammed into giving up physical games and now they regret it.

>>640234747RoR isn't available digitally either.

>>640218032>only people with souls get to hold tangible vidya

Digital cucksDRMAccountCan ban your accountDelisted gamesRequires download and strongerCan't resellEasier to region blockAlways being watchedPrices aren't going down even when digital so you get lessSteam bans hentai and some games allowed on consoles etc

>>640235018If you saw this fridge, you'd immediately think to yourself that it doesn't look in line aesthetically with the things that currently exist.

Attached: 42141.jpg (2266x5416, 608.29K)

>>640216456>pirate digital>put into a USB>you now own the software and only the government through use of violence can take it from you>???>profitI've been doing this for years, with nintendo roms

Attached: WhatsApp Image 2023-06-11 at 02.03.15.jpg (720x1280, 74.23K)


>>640216456This. I can remain disinterested for longer than they can remain solvent

>>640216456This, for console. PC bros will still be able to pirate somehow even with increasingly intrusive Denuvo, but console players are about to get boned. Never buy games digitally on console

>>640222951Free to play games steal the most valuable asset of all, your time.

>>640235362You shouldn't buy digital period.

>>640216456Same here. No way I am spending more money on digital when physical games are almost always cheaper and I can sell them later. There is advantage for me to buy digital games only.

>Not buying physical copy and getting digital for freeDigital copies are worth less

Attached: 1663844585400030.jpg (638x783, 336.8K)

>>640216207I wouldn't mind as long as digital prices reduce due to not needing to spend money on all the logistics of creating and shipping out physical copies. Oh who am I kidding as if they would pass the savings onto us

>>640235245retro doesn't give a shit about what currently exists or whether or not people think it's in-line with modern aesthetics.

No i pirate everything and my all games are preserved well on internet

>>640235327there is no such thing as "digital only" and people are getting upset because they're no longer going to be given corporate-approved plastic to store their games on.

>>640227857What's stops me from buying digital is the price (outside PC of course).New games from Big W can be $10-$20 cheaper than the digital counterparts

>>640235731That is literally the only thing that makes "Retro" a thing. Otherwise, it's just A thing.


>>640216207There will always be a market for physical copies for those retards that will gladly pay double for it. However it's likely that in the next 2 generations, physical copies will just mean a box containing a code you can use to redeem the game (and retards will still buy them and pay more for it because of the "box").

>>640216207i haven't cared since most games don't even come with good booklets anymore

>>640235635more PC games should do something like this. I'd love to have a collection of neat customized USBs. I have starcraft + broodwar on that dog tag USB and Diablo 1 and 2 on the soulstone USB and they're great.

Attached: d785a012-dac6-11e3-8bd3-db1989fb41b7.jpg (700x525, 101.53K)

>>640235929shut the fuck up you annoying faggot.

GODtendo will never stop releasing physical

>>640236032Mangagamer is doing them for sometime now plus they give free download copy too.

>>640236012We need an standardized way to transfer ownership of digital copies or this is going to fucking suck for everyone.

>>640235836Yeah it really depends. I've seen physical games, both preowned and new, go for a fraction of the price compared to their digital counterparts. But that being said it's usually only the case if the store just wants to get rid of excess stock or because the digital game ever goes on sale / goes for shit all on sale (looking at you, Koei Tecmo)

>>640216207Japan will the last country to sell physical games.

>>640236015>most games don't even come with good booklets anymorei bought a switch recently and was immediately disappointed that almost none of the games come with documentation or instruction booklets. the only one I've found so far to come with a little booklet was Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin, which was a game of pure and absolute SOVL from start to finish.

Personally, if i owned a dev studio, i'd be digital-only and do crowdfund-style campaigns for people that want it physical, with different tiers to get more of less shit along with the physical disc.Producing an inventory and hoping to sell it always seemed retarded to me, just crowdfund that way you know exactly how much to produce and don't end-up eating your profit on shit you'll have to throw in the trash.

>>640219505Yeah and there's a lot of digital only games trapped on that console

>>640236293God bless them. They truly deserved the success for making the extra effort.

>>640236421Anon, they make estimates for how much they'll need.And crowd funding physical versions is even more retarded because you'll have people who want physical buy don't crowdfund

>>640216207>no manufacturing cost>no distribution cost>no warehousing costyet game price is getting more and more expensivehm, curious.

>>640224039>+100Gb and require patching and updatesThose are bad games, I can do without those.

>>640216207I've been digital only since going to pc in 2017. I don't miss it.

>>640216301>i bought a copy of the orange box on ps3 in 2022>my last purchased game>FUCKING PS3 GAME

the day digital only becomes a thing, the day gaming in third world country one will buy games if buying 2nd hand and re-selling are no longer possible.Also I bet anti-piracy measure will become stronger than ever in the future and no one will be able to crack them due to lack of talent and supply. $70 game is not affordable when most people earn around $300 monthly salary.gaming is simply way too expensive for us.

>>640224039>Considering that games are +100Gb and require patching and updates I woulsnt be surprised if platdorms would want to cut physical copy expenses such as burning CDs, buying cases and dealing with distributors.user, all of that is considerably cheaper than constantly running a server farm containing all of the games.


>>640216207i have been using Steam for 12 years.

>>640218998Denuvo is trash DRM yet only 2 people are able to crack it currently. piracy will die.

>>640216207Pretty sure Like a Dragon will get a Asia & "NTSC-Japan" physical release.

I would buy the PS5 FFXVI bundle right now if it came with the physical and not a voucher so I can tell you for a fact it's affecting me giving them money

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>>640216207Funny how everything that gets peddled is just a big fat can of lies>Digital games will be cheaper dude they don't need to print the disc, box and manual>Meanwhile in reality digital is more expensive than retail day one for some reason>Retail also get discounted earlierDigital at least on consoles is a scam

Not one person advocating digital has provided a real reason why its better than physical.

I'll miss being able to nab some good sales on Amazon, but that's about it. I rarely get physical games.

>>640228837>or even playable on an hdd?Wasn't the whole point sdd to the extreme?

>>640216207>playing aaaids

>>640237856Digital used to be 10% cheaper. Now physical gets more deals because stores are trying to get them off the shelf. Digital has become the more popular format by a significant margin.

>>640236891they spend all that money on their denuvo subscription now. gotta stop those pirates from LITERALLY STEALING the games, you know.

>>640234476>weird. don't know how that bit got greentexted from a different post.If you have text selected and click on the 'reply to this post' button it'll auto-quote what you have selected, or it does on 4chanx at least.

>>640218302good luck playing games from the past 10 years without patches

>>640216207Turkey planned on becoming a cashless society by 2023. are they there?

>>640237546>piracy will die because 1% of the games released each year have denuvolmao

>>640236032this cracka know what's up

>>640238425for nowalso consoles will have even stronger jailbreak protection.

>>640236032THIS. I think it was Sims 3 that had the game on the green crystal icon thing. Let me fill a drawer with odd USBs.

>>640238305>Digital has become the more popular format by a significant margin.Not even close. Digital adoption generally wavers between 20 and 40 percent depending on the console and game, its still far from being the most popular format.Anyway, it's not that stores are trying to n get them off the shelves as much as its stores trying to get you to shop with them and not with competitors.Why would anyone want full digital anyway? There's almost no benefit to the consumer especially given that games have absurdly bloated filesizes now, downloading at midnight to play then and there is a thing of the past, in reality you're going to be playing it after most physical copies have been delivered because games nowadays are hitting 100gb+

>>640238532Mod chips will never be defeated. Even if they can find a way to end PC piracy, people will just turn their PCs into emulators for console game rips.

>>640238532why would anyone ever buy a console in a digital-only age? console digigames will never get discounts while steam will have them half off within a year. hell on the switch you can buy lot's of shit for $20-30 now yet their digital versions in the switch shop have literally not once ever gone on sale from $60 MSRP. what "digital only" is, in reality, is a greedy kike scam to try and destroy the entire physical secondary market and the practice of borrowing. remember when microshit tried to do that with the xbone and it completely fucking destroyed their entire console division forever after? that's the future of all digital-only consoles, i.e there isn't a future for them.

>>640238680>pre-loading>not having shit internet>disc games require an install anywayWhat's the point of physical anymore? It makes sense on cartridges, but optical games typically need to do an install that faces just as long as downloading the game, assuming you're not still stuck on internet speeds below 500mb/s

>>640238861because PC is fuck expensive and PC piracy for high budget games are impossible anyway. how many Denuvo games got cracked in 2022-2023?

>>640219818Why did this nigga reply to himself lol

>>640238861I get almost all my Switch games from checking the Great Deals section. I can't think of anything aside from Nintendo's first party games that haven't gone on sale, and those never go on sale physically, either.The PS5 digital sold great. People don't care if they have another case to take up shelf space.

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>>640238908>>pre-loadingThis still requires downloading the game kiddo and 100gb is a lot to download. >>not having shit internetI guarantee you aren't in a country that has rates that would mitigate the wait time. >>disc games require an install anywayTrue but they don't take nearly as long as downloading a game and you can still play the game out of the box as it installs or if you're playing a Nintendo system it just doesn't install at all. >What's the point of physical anymore?>playing out of the box>actually owning your game >being able to resell your game>no DRM>lending and borrowing games with friends is considerably easier >in the case of Nintendo, not filling up your storage space What's the point in digital? You get all of the downsides of physical and no positives.

>>640216207>Will you miss buying physical games?You cannot buy physical games right now even. Because every fucking game requires some sort of patch to get it to run properly. So what's the fucking point of a disc?

>>640239170>The PS5 digital sold greatAnon, it's quite literally crashing and burning. No one wants digital.

>>640239265Some doesn't cope. People buy physical version of ps5 more than digital one.

>>640238939>PC is fuck expensive $1k down then $100-500 every 4-5 years for replacements or upgrades? You're saving so much on the actual games that it makes the cost of a console look extravagant. for the cost of 10 console games, I can buy 50 on PC on a steam sale. That game that never goes on sale on console has all-inclusive GOTY edition sales four times a year for $20 on steam. >how many Denuvo games got cracked in 2022-2023?how many did people actually want to play? i'm looking at the "uncracked" list and it's full of actual garbage. that harry potter shit was basically it, and it got cracked in a week. it's very possible to do, it's just a pain in the ass and none of the games that have it are even worth cracking it on release. denuvo "ending piracy" is so overblown it's not even funny. almost none of the total PC releases any given year use it (because it's fucking expensive and only giant corpos owned and funded by blackrock and vanguard can afford it) and even the games that have it drop it eventually because it's a subscription service and eventually nobody is buying those games anymore to warrant shilling out $12k a month or whatever for DRM. And there's that whole bit about piracy not even actually hurting sales and denuvo being a giant anti-consumer waste of money.

>>640239170I wonder why Sony's digital downloads increased in a mystery isn't it?

>>640216207>Will you miss buying physical games?Haven't in five years except one by mistake

>>640236891it's getting cheaper what you're seeing is inflation.

>>640239310>user, it's quite literally crashing and burning. No one wants digital.

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Physical benefits the CONSUMERDigital benefits the CORPORATIONOnly shills are advocating for all digital.

>>640239521>how many did people actually want to play?not an argument.I want to play many of them, mostly jap games. I ended up playing them on Switch because no one cracked them on PC. Some, like Judgement, I haven't played it thanks to Denuvo.

>>640216207This has been slowly happening for years, they've been pushing the envelope bit by bitBy next gen, maybe the one after that, they'll notice enough people live on decent laptops or PCs and will try to make the jump to full digital stores with published titles to cut out the middleman of consoles

>>640216207Digital only is retarded because you never own any of your games, you just own a license to play it which can be revoked at any time and furthermore the games can be removed from existence at any point like what happened to PT

>>640239170>The PS5 digital sold great.[citation needed]>and those never go on sale physically, either.they do, just very very rarely, and usually not by as much. I picked up BotW last black friday for $25, and most first party titles have been 15-25% off for months at this point from various retailers. also of those "2100+ unique digital releases" in 2021, 2090 of them were either ports of older games, or multiplat indie shovelware.


>>640239752>I want to play many of them, mostly jap gamessuch as? No no I completely understand you want to pay full price for collections of 20+ year old games that hae been playable on PC for as long, I want you to say it outright

>>640239885Duh, this entire thread is just one guy trying to shill digital.

>>640216207No physical no buySuck a cock commiedigitaltrannyfags

>>640239670He's right though, the ps5 digital sits on shelves gathering dust.


>>640236032Indiebox did this too, but they stopped making indie boxes a couple years ago.

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>>640216207I won't buy any digital only games. It's just another way to control the prices of games. Without discs, they're effectively able to set the prices of games for longer because the market isn't dictating the value.

>>640240132>flipped the imageThanks hiroshimoot

>>640239926>collections of 20+ year old gamesmy work laptop is good enough for thatI'm talking about new games, new games nigga.your only """"'argument"""""" is>denuvo doesn't matter because all denuvo games are le bad! because... because I say so! oh so you like that denuvo games? that game sucks! your taste is shit!!!bitch.

>>640239265Every switch game i buy doesnt require a download, i beat Elden Ring entirely on v1.0.0, even if you do need an update all the games i own have the whole game on the discFuck buying game discs that are only a shortcut

>>640216207owning discs are the only good trait of the ps5.

>>640240206>I'm talking about new games, new games nigga......that you still havent given a single example of. Primarily because the games that use Denuvo are AAA,rereleases, or sportshit, and we both know which one you're talking about when you say mostly jap games.Dont feel too called out.

>>640240132I'd kill for one of those risk of rain indieboxes but they don't seem to be for sale anywhere.

>>640216456*proceeds to download the entire NES collection to play on an emulator*

>>640240330whatever I name, you'll just call them shit. you have no argument. I like some games that have denuvo and I want to play them. FACT. you can't refute my personal opinion and taste. denuvo doesn't affect YOU because YOU think (or want to think) that games that have denuvo are all shit. that's YOUR opinion based on YOUR own personal taste.

>>640240345That's a shame, it's pretty neat, looking into it they don't even have them listed as out-of-stock on the site. Maybe it's due to the Gearbox IP business? I got some great games from the Indiebox, I'm still bummed that I missed out on the Luftrausers box.

>>640216456i kind of agree and have been buying physical but part of me also fears that the ONLY games that will carry over next gen are the ones bought digitally. and it'll be like how series x owners can play games they bought on the 360 way back or how steam works where those titles stick with you forever. meanwhile, if you bought the disc you have to buy the game again digitally or rent it via some subscription service.

By 2050 games will be streaming only and consoles won't exist because you can just get game pass and PS plus directly to your TV. Piracy will die. Used game market will die. Ownership will die. And you'll be at the mercy of whoever bought the rights to stream a particular game.

>>640240665>I like some games that have denuvo and I want to play them. FACTAnd you're such a bitch-made loser you wont name one. Because you're TERRIFIED of being made fun of for thirsting for a tendie rerelease or AAA by me.Kek.

>>640240665>whatever I name, you'll just call them shitOh, so it was you all along ACfag.Of course you'd want to get rid of physical games.

Even if you prefer digital, why would you want to have LESS purchasing options?

>>640241078I mentioned one already >>640239752

>>640241078That's just admitting that you don't give a shit about the quality of the games dude.

>>640241507>Judgementwhat was it you said earlier?>I'm talking about new games, new games niggaKek. Bitch.

some of you people lack empathy.people have different taste in video games.if you can't even comprehend that then you might be autistic.

>>640241634>>640241724you dont have to cry and samefag so hard. You like AAA, just admit it with pride

>>640216456You’re buying a disc of digital data. The same data you can just download onto a drive. You could even download that data onto your own drive and paint a little picture on it if that makes you feel special. You should be worried about proprietary hardware and software, not if you can keep a worthless block of plastic on your shelf

>>640241037Considering the streaming video market is currently fucking imploding I wouldn’t count on that. It would actually be kind of sweet though, provided pirates might still find a way to archive the games

>>640241889>You could even download that data onto your own drive and paint a little picture on it if that makes you feel special.And if the greedy jews that want the whole industry to switch to digital only get their way, they'll make sure we can't do this, either. No physical, no buy. It's really that simple. They are not functionally the same, I cannot resell a game purchased digitally.

>>640216456I'm sure the industry will miss you and the other fags who replied "same".

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>>640242164With any game released on physical in the past 5 years they can decide those discs are worthless and withold your access to the games whenever they want. The battle has already been lost, they’re just printing the discs to ween you off

>>640242316It's funny that you think it's performative, but that's okay. I won't miss the industry, either.

>>640216207>says games analystLet me guess, it's the usual retard?

>>640242316The industry would die without physical user.

>>640241078Etrian Odyssey 1 2 3Live A LiveHi Fi RushOctopath Traveler 2Triangle StrategyDiofield ChroniclesJudgementLost JudgementPersona 3 & 4Valkyrie ElysiumStar Ocean 6Persona 5Soul Hackers 2Yakuza 7Valkyrie Chronicles 4Tales of Berseriaand the only AAA I like, Assassins CreedThat's what I can find from scrolling through I know some of them are multi platform on hackable consoles like Switch, or some made an error of not including Denuvo on release like Etrian Odyssey, but that's beside the point. We're talking about PC, those games aren't available for free on PC. I ended up just playing them on consoles either 2nd hand or jailbroken.My point is PC despite being very expensive, isn't all convenient thanks to these DRM that nobody bothers to crack.

>>640216207back in the early 10s, analysts were saying that consoles were over within the next few years. Analyst is just another way of saying rando with an opinion who otherwise doesn't have a clue.

>>640242370Your entire post is bullshit lol

>>640242529He's basing it on PlayStation. They had some aggressive DRM until they fixed it

>>640228063stream this*psssssss*

>>640220117CO2 levels are a self-fixing problem since higher CO2 in the atmosphere causes plants to grow faster, sequestering much more carbon in them until thee die, get buried in layers of sediment and eventually become more crude oil.The entire human population cannot keep up with the growth of all plant life in the entire world, and we're seeing that now with global temperatures dropping, defying the predictions of climate scientists AGAIN and the earth becoming more verdant and green.In 50-100 years the cycle will repeat.

If games will be digital only than im buying a pc and I will just pirate everything .Whats the fucking point of buying digital ?I wantwd to give them money if they dont want it than im gonna get everything for free Fuck them

>>640242093>provided pirates might still find a way to archive the gamesIt would be completely impossible without breaking into company servers. Streamed game files are all kept server side except for saves sometimes.

>>640242709I know. The CMOS battery issue. But it's still bullshit, if a console manufacturer suddenly locked out all of their physical releases on a wide scale, there'd be a huge class action lawsuit.On the subject of the CMOS issue, even if Sony never patched it, CFW would have fixed it eventually, still making user's claims bullshit. There's no substitute for a physical object you can possess.

>>640242903The rate CO2 is being released into the atmosphere the planet can't keep up.

>>640242395>We're talking about PC, those games aren't available for free on PC.Didnt you admit half that list released without denuvo and/or got cracked already?What are you trying to say at this point

>>640243367You're illiterate.

>>640241298I don't personally want less purchasing options, but I think being presented a false choice is even worse. Say I buy a disk for a PS3 game in 20 years, if I put it in my console and it requires a download but the servers are down it's functionally the same as having a digital copy you never downloaded before the servers went down. Games that release in utterly fucked states also count, but those could, theoretically, get revision releases.

>>640243603>those games arent available for free on PCall but 5 of them are available for free on pc and bring emulation into the question and the entire list is free on PCyou are retarded. Seriously, go do your homework

>>640216207I'd rather they keep releasing boxes so Amazon can help me save 20€ for new releases. Also second hand. Pc gamer and steam were a mistake

>>640216207>anal-ists says a thingAnd yet Nintendo is still selling physical gangbusters.Also, I won't miss anything. All digital means I stop buying. I 1800 games to play and over 1200 more to replay. I'm good. you can keep your no-ownership trash once you go that way.


>>640238373Imagine not waiting to see what is on the physical before making a purchase.I have but one game out of thousands that NEEDS a patch to work and it's because it was something that wasn't even noticed for weeks because it needed you to be pretty far in the game.There is also now an updated version of it anyway. Two of them actually.

>>640216207Not eating bugz, not living in ze pod, not having "always online" connection to play shit that's paid for.

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It’s getting a physical release in Europe. Eurochads win again

I feel like this focus and importance and wanting a box or disc is kinda dumb. Because when it comes to games, what really matters is actually playing the game itself. No matter playing the game on physical or digital, you're still gonna have the same experience regardless when actually playing the game.For example this faggot seriously refuses to buy and play a good game like Hi-Fi Rush just because its digital only, instead of refusing to play it because its good or bad.

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>>640245267>Asians with their tiny ass apartments still refuse to let go of physical etc>Americans with their huge ass country and big mc mansions>Noooo this jewelcase takes up so much spaceI don't get it