They are having premarital sex

They are having premarital sex.

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>>640214451That's illegal

>>640214451Which one is the girl?

>>640214451Not according to my ntr cuck SFM by Fugtrup, chuddy.

>>640214494Zelda can make it legal.

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whenever i think of a zelda thing, i make a new zelda threadi love making zelda threadsthey are so funeveryone comes into my threads and postswe talk about zelda and it is a really good timesometimes i make more than one zelda threadi think zelda is the best franchisei love all zelda gamesi wish i were zelda in real life

>>640214451Link is a slut, he has an open relationship with every major NPC, and side flings with minor NPCs.

>>640214551>>640214537>>640214494>>640214604>fugtrup>trannybaitwhat did they mean by this?

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>>640214537So you're saying they're both married to Ganondorf in those? That's even hotter.

how can you say that Zelda loves Link when she stole his house threw away his swords and his motorcycle?

>>640214451Impossible, she's high-class royalty with a strict proper upbringing, she wouldn't just throw herself at the first young man she's forced to spend a lot of time with. Especially if it's just some lowly guard or knight with no estate

>>640214451Headcanon. Link is more like Zelda's trusty guard dog.

>>640214917>lowly guard or knight with no estate>not the hero of Hyrule chosen by the Masters Sword who sealed darkness TWICEumm

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>>640214926>Link is more like Zelda's trusty guard just know.....

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>>640214537Mental illness.

OP is a bit of a Link/Zelda obsessed nut. Proceed with caution.

>>640215040nobody forced you to click this thread tranny


>>640214451Not according to nintendo, Aonuma thinks of link as a gay protagonist.

>>640215014>you just know.....

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>>640214926Well she is a white woman.

>>640214917Wasn't Link a member of the Royal Guard even before he drew the Master Sword and the King started dick riding him for actually living up to his legacy unlike his failure of a daughter?

Zelda is a masonic, especially the Tears of the Kingdom software release. Look at Zelda's dress; what do you see? The eye of invidia, of envy, of the pregentior sin, AND OS A FALSE HOPE OF LIGHT A DARKNESS DYNE IN DELIRIUM. And then you have Rauru. Rauru is literally the baphomet which is a freemason adrenochrome cult symbol, and the patron saint of gender subverters and homosexuals. And what you see? Link sporting the cloth pf those which isn't his own gender DON'T YOU SEE ITS SO FUCKING BLATANT, PLUS THE Homosexual VOWS, FUCK NINTENDO FUCK YOU DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDIEDIEDIE

No they aren't. Link is Catholic.

>>640215040OP is a breath of fresh, HETEROSEXUAL air here on this faggoted ass board of tranime-worshipping gaylords. And Zelda was like my first ever waifu back when I was a wee lad—I used to marvel at the OoT instruction manual's art and daydream about romantic (not lewd) shit.Godspeed, OP, your kin are with you. Faggots seethe away.

>>640214735Thats what all women do. They still love their man but they think they're keeping him "safe" by doing that

>>640214513BothFor ME

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>>640214451So did Riju after they cleared the sandstorm.

>>640214541What it with this artist's kink of making TOTK Zelda look like ALTTP?


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>>640215224>IP count didn't go upYou are OP.

>>640215014>she's a Hylian woman...

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>>640215286>what do you think about thisExcellent, and the board needs more of it.

>>640215286I mean it's hot, obviously, and I have no real complaints about it other than love>lust. However, since it's LinkxZelda, they have both, so it's based. And I reiterate: hot.

>>640215224Link is a girl when I fuck him (with Zelda.)There is no gay.

>>640215359I am OP.

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>>640215312all elves look the same

>>640215286Why is he doing all the work? I thought partners were equals?

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>>640215359kek, rent free>>640215079>>640215224>>640215409are me, and you are gay

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>>640215485>>640215286I can't reiterate enough that Zelda and Link are FURIOUSLY FUCKING every goddamn night. Zelda's womb is being filled with cum while King Rhoam's spirit watches with a smile on his face.

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OP, you posted a photo the other day of Zelda standng in the doorway greeting Link at their house, while she wears his shrimp pajama shirt, and koroks hang off the house. I didn't get to save that. Can you repost it please?


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>>640215224>the time has come when vanilla heterosexuality is considered radical and dangerouslmao, troon world

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Link is a eunuch, as are all royal retainers, he couldn't get it up for Zelda if his life depended on it

>>640215224troon worldlookie here>>640215771>>640214537>>640214604>>640214917>>640214926

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If you know you're eventually going to get married with the other person, then premarital sex is ok methinks

>>640214451Link is doing literally all of her housework, paying for all the bills, and he is not even Zelda's boyfriend, nor does he get ANY sex out of the deal.

>>640215813>femanons are the ones saving this board with white heterosexual couple-posting while anons continue with their stupid cuck fantasieswtf I thought Holla Forums told me women ruined gaming

>>640215871You're right she gets endless LOVE.

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>>640215107Aonuma is such a faggot Nintendo made a trailer where he is cucked by Link while Chadmoto fucks

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>>640215871He is her retainer and servant, as her knight.She owns him, as his royal monarch.He might as will be her slave, that is what his status in a feudal system means.Even if he marries her, he will be a consort, not even a king.

>>640215973He will die soon and Fujibayashi will give us endless zelink

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>>640215727Saved, thank you!

>>640214451>They are having premarital sex.So am I. With men.

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homos and trannies. your response?

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If two beings legitimately love each other and would say yes to marriage if the other asked, does it really matter.

>>640216275Link is canonically female and this is a lesbian porn thread

>>640215727Link will treat those Koroks like the suitors at Odysseus house.

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>>640216027>Even if he marries her, he will be a consort, not even a king.i think the monarchy is all but dead at this point in their world and Zelda seems to have little interest in restoring it

It's canon.

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>>640216342I think they have Hylias blessing.

>>640216414that he is living in a one-sided relationship in which she is mooching off him and living in his house for absolutely nothing in return? correct.

>>640216512yeah that's marriage.

>>640216557except he doesn't even get the duty sex

but link doesn't have a dick

>>640216629lies, he has a nice juicy one, lovely to suck on

>>640214451>They are having premarital sex.Even if Link is a goat?

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>>640216617>duty sexlmao you're not married

>>640216410Wouldn't be that hard. She is the one leading the effort to rebuild Hyrule and considering Zelda has divine right to rule being a descendant of their deity capable of performing miracles the people would probably make her their monarch eventually.

>>640216410Link is a hero instead a king. A title that means way more to the people

>>640216864it's ogre

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>>640214451I would pay millions to see Link's hairy cock go deep isndie Zelda's hairy pussy and devlier a nice, thick load.

>>640216864Wheres the official nude Zelda artwork?

How can THIS fuck a girl like Zelda? Link can't even get hard unless someone puts pressure on his prostate.

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>Imagine her smell after 10,000 plus years.I see now why Donkey insisted his dragon GF needed a tictac for her stank breath

>>640217043Link is a messianic figure in this world. They should prostrate themselves in front of him.

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>>640217453>Kings like Rhoam and Rauru had to listen to everyones individual problems and occasionally help them out when they could>Link saved everyone from literally getting eaten by a giant pig and a giant dragon, and nobody would be alive to bitch to the king without Link. Link also traveled every square inch of Hyrule and helped out every list character with some kind of problem they had.

>>640217884And he is basically an integrated part of their religion.

>>640218245And yet he's more concerned about fishing

>>640218323extremely based

>>640218323And fisting his dragon wife

>>640218510ultra mega based DX

>>640218412>>640218510>>640218323HOLY fucking based

>>640215198Anon it's not completely schizophrenic since OoT does share similarities to the magical flute. Known Masonic play

None of these compositions work when Link is shorter than Zelda. Up yours, Miyamoto.

>>640216027King Rhoam was a Knight who married into monarchy. Link it's no ordinary knight either. Even by medieval standards his actions and feats would be repayed by something like the hand of a young maiden. Both Zelda and Link were constrained by their societies expectations and traditions. Since those don't exist anymore they are free to be together since they care for each other a great lot.

>tfw hard stuck in platI'm going up at a snails pace bros. In just can't keep a good streak going

>>640219961They also don't follow real life medieval rules and I don't know why Holla Forums always fucking assumes this

>>640219961>King Rhoam was a Knight who married into monarchy.And where is this stated? He seems to refer to the royal family as if they are his ancestors.

>>640214451No kids = no sex

>>640214451well she is the reincarnation of a god and the ruler of the kingdom so i dont think she gives a fuck

>>640221819That and literally nobody could do anything to stop themWho's going to tell the autistic teen swordsman-wizard and literal goddess they can't fuck and create unstoppable children that will forever ensure Hyrule's safety

>>640217283zelda just has to shove her fingers up his hole and they're all good, no problem

>>640220392it's just neets trying to flex their useless knowledge.

>>640214604he fucks all the fairies in botw and totk

>>640214735that's normal

kissy kissy mwah mwah

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I still don't understand how it's possible for link and Zelda to be living together after botw. I can't remember did she travel 100 years into the future?

why did Zelda have Link's hairtie in her basement office?

>>640224504when I had long hair my girlfriend would always steal my black hair ties

>>640224171She was containing ganon in the castle for 100 years so she might have froen both of them in time

shhh they're asleep

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>>640223860Against his will at first, he desperately needs the armor upgrades, but eventually he gives up and makes the most of it.

>>640225514do you think she sniffed them while touching herself?

>>640214451i've never played any zelda game before because fuck consoles lmaowhat is this mipha shit in botw? i thought zelda was always the romance for link?

>>640216512>she is mooching off him and living in his house for absolutely nothing in return? If anything Link would be the one mooching. Isn’t every incarnation of him just some random fag before ceiling the hero? Zelda is also always royalty iirc

>>640214917She threw herself at a hobo and got pregnant

>>640214451if zelda gets pregnant does the immortal spirit of hylia get transferred to her daughter? Does the original zelda die after giving birth.zelda's mother has never appeared in a zelda game just saying.

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>>640228981he's not a nobody in totk. he's a well established hero who literally saved the world once already.

how come no hylians ever notice in this series that the guy solving problems for them them is dressed exactly like all those heroes in all their legends?

>>640228981Link is random reincarnation, Isn't even necessarily named link, the women of the Hylian royal family are all the mortal vessel of the goddess hylia and all given the same name out of tradition's sake.

>>640229668Because they intentionally dress people up like the hero of legend.

>>640229416Hylia was only in SS Zelda,

>>640229894she's in all of them.


reminder that all Legends of Zelda are actually just Hylia's named-swapped friendfictions where writes out her self-indulgent fantasies of being rescued by that boy she likes at school.

>>640229970>write a story about your crush>he shares the same bed as his unclebitch doesn't even focus on tax policies or what they eat either.kojima tier hack writing

>>640228981Link bought the fucking house

>>640229416Hylia and her knight only reincarnate when the plot dictates it's time to put that fag Ganondork down.

>>640229416God, what were they thinking when they designed this underaged girl?

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Link is smaller than Zelda so most of these cringe pics aren't cannon



>Shield surfing drains durability>Hitting switches and other objects during shrine challenges drains durabilityWhat was the rationale behind these decisions?

>>640231385Someone at Nintendo is in charge of designing the brown girls and he makes sure to make them as sex as possible.

>>640214917bro knight with his princess is classic courtly romance stuff.

>>640232073>>Hitting switches and other objects during shrine challenges drains durabilityDid you even play the game?

I'm about a dozen hours in. Do they ever explain why the king is the only furry on the content while the other hylians look normal?

>>640229416wasnt her mother in aoc

>Link smiles off camera when Zelda tells him he woke her up with a warm loving embrace> did Nintendo mean by this?

>>640232676He's not a Hylian he's a Zonai and there are only 2 left. Why are there only 2 left and why do they Rule the Hylians? Who knows who cares, certainly not Nintendo's writers.

>>640231385There's a whole questline in Tarrey Town about how Gerudo girls living with their fathers need to move to Gerudo town because 'things dont end well' when they spend adolescence around hylian men.

>>640232229how do I find employment in the Department of Brown Girls?

>>640232073fuse a cart, minecart or frozen meat to your shield.

>>640214917Her kingdom is defunct & he stuck with her anyway.Also if you've seen the cutscenes in totk she's clearly head over heels for the guy.Meanwhile he's full stoic... and spends literally the whole game trying to reunite with her after getting separated. He goes after Ganondorf only one he realizes thats what she sacrificed herself so he could do.

>>640214984>sealed darkness TWICEHe never sealed the darkness once, he just killed the big monster at the end both times. Calamity Ganon fucking died and never resurrected and Ganondorf got styled on so hard he ragequit existence.

>>640233042>'things dont end well' when they spend adolescence around hylian men.WTF. Stop being vague. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!

>>640214451You all are happy that our bro Sidon also got to have someone in his life too, right? What kind of bro would you be if you weren't happy for him.Best friend? Nah, best MAN.

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>>640233645They don't actually say that, they just make it clear it's tradition. BUT, in this same game there's an entire subquest, one of the longest in the game, dedicated to what amounts to the Gerudo's greatest heroes personally saying these traditions are stupid as fuck and they're ashamed they didn't fight back on them.Oh and also the greatest hero of the Gerudo was a guy.

>>640214541that's abuse of power

>tags: princess_zelda link bisexual_(male)

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>bisexual_(male)No such thing. You're a faggot.

So Paya is definitely getting railed every night by this bull right?

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>>640233971>Hylian male hero steps in when the Gerudo are getting their shit rocked and about to die, faces off against a giant thing that threatens to destroy everything, handles shit with minimal help, and then he isn't allowed in Gerudo Village to be given a reward because of stupid traditions that everyone can see were bullshitI think someone was venting about BOTW's gerudo plotline and I'm all for it.

>>640234396he can have her

Um....but they are brother and sister, ewwww

>>640233870Why wouldn't I be happy? He deserves it as well as being king now.

>>640234396I'm not the only one who found it funny she specifically says him running around with his shirt off doesn't bother her at all and then when Link takes off his shirt she's too shy to look at him, right? It would've been funny as a side note that might just be odd programming but that she specifically says>Oh, I'm used to him, I don't even notice you, but DAMN Link put a shirt on how am I supposed to talk to you over the sound of the great flood of Hyrule I mean godDAMN

>>640234396Tauro's a fucking bro, I'd be happy for him

>>640234396>giant buff tanned guy>talks to Paya constantly>name is literally Tauro, aka BullWhat the fuck did Nintendo mean by this?

>>640234396No but that balding Holla Forumstard thought of it immediately.

>>640234396Paya literally writes in her diary she hopes Link and Zelda get together.

>>640214451Link is friendzoned hard in these games

>>640234396So happy for paya, link is a femboy with a microdick, while this chad has a massive dong

>>640234794Being that Zelda loved him 100 years ago BEFORE he saved the world that’s a hard no.

>>640234794It's the opposite

I wish in botw3 has a breeding and marriage mechanics so i can fuck all over hyrel and then leave

>>640214451>>640214638>>640214541>>640215286They look like siblings

>>640234794Zelda is head over heels for Link, girl can barely contain herself while talking about him to king goat, the only mystery is if Link feels the same.

>>640234652Look man, Tauro's fun and all, but Paya knows his ass isn't going to take down the Yiga personally. He's a cool guy, nerdy as hell and loves his history stuff, I can respect that, but then you put him next to the guy who said "Master sword? I have a stick and a rock come at me bro" Paya comes from a bunch of techno ninjas and Link is canonnically a better ninja than they are ninjas and better tech wise than they are tech wise thanks to the Koga plotline from BOTW and then TOTK. But she just can't compare to the incarnation of a goddess.


>>640235038>only mystery is if link feels the same>link calls her beautiful and professes his desire to be with herAlso this> is going to birth beautiful blonde babies.

>>640234396God please yes, take that crazy bitch off my hands so she stops bothering me. Secretly the hero of Hyrule

>>640214451They married aeons ago.

>>640235102This link might have some of the most trollish and candid responses in the entire series and you think he doesn't have feelings? One of his dialogue options for the Yiga to make them drop the disguise in BOTW is to call Kohga a fatass. He's not voiced but he's saying those lines you select.

>>640235123Where is the source? this could be just modded animations

>>640235351Modded animations?kek

>>640233870aren't fujos like losing their minds over this or something?

>>640214917it’s absolutely possible, just look at princess moko


>>640237695r34 pomelomelon

>>640214451she only lets link watch when ganondorf ravages her.

>>640233348Minecarts still reduce durability but I assume at a much slower rate.... Gotta try that last one, god damn that's smart. I need to find out more creative shit like that.

What cycle do I have to go on to achieve Ganonmode?

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>>640235301He's also the biggest cunt to the guy who simps hard for him thinking he's a girl

>>640223860Fucked the fairies fucked Paya (Botw)fucked that chubby Gerudo masseuse.fucks Zeldahe is a manly man just like the Link in Zelda 2



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>>640239691The blackpill is that you can't reach that even if you roid

>>640231385>17 >underageDo americans really?

>>640240314Bitch that's MY shirt

But this is Link's wife.

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>>640235123When he calls to her be that when?

>>640239691You already need bearmode genetics and on top of that you haave to constantly roid

>>640239691The first step is to win the genetic lottery and be born as the only male in an all female tribe

>>640240595Different Link, and that one obviously banged the farm girl.>>640239691Acquire the triforce of power.

>>640239691Remove your nipples, they are only holding you back.

>>640240413>>640240831>>640241086>>640241283>>640241475>lost genetic lotteryit's over...

>>640214451No only Zelda is

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Zelink threads will be a permanent fixture on Holla Forums from now on. It’s only going to get worse. Each Zelda game is getting more and more bold. /Zelink/ should be a new general.

>>640241870They literally kissed in Zelda 2 on NES. Meanwhile, in the latest game they are both asexual.

>>640242992>They literally kissed in Zelda 2 on NESShow me

>>640214451I think they earned it.

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>>640234104You are right.That's why after doing that, she will have Link punish her.

>>640234396Obviously. And probably not only at night.

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>>640234396>>640245481What makes a person turn into a cuck like you? Did your parents abuse you?

>>640245481Paya doesn't even look that good anymore in totk.Riju is where it's at.

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>>640214451i mean link deserves to get some pussy he has had to save this bitch in multiple timelines

>>640214451Guess the link is a cuck posting really got to the tendies kek. Blame Nintendo for making him a literal fag and cuck in botw and totk and even the interviews suggested as much kek.

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>>640217453>Expecting any gratefulness from hylians.In canon the hylians are the most Jewish race of them all.Put yourself in Link's shoes for a sec.>Be the chosen champion of the goddess.>Build your heroic legacy by saving your kingdom from certain doom by defeating a malevolent computer virus boar spirit.>Your girlfriend, who's literally responsible for all of this happening in the first place gets praised for your achievements, even though the only thing she did right was to act as a glorified timed padlock that was just delaying the inevitable.>Fast forward like 4 years and most hylians don't even remember who you are, and even attribute some of your accomplishments to the princess.Now examine how the others races treat you.>The Gorons are fucking retarded, with the like 2 smartest of their race having below average IQ, so it makes sense that they don't remember you.>Most of the Rito remember and respect you, in addition the future leader of their tribe even looks up to you.>The Gerudo don't even know you, though this one is 100% understandable since they don't know of your deeds aside from Riju, and even if they did know, they would only remember Link as a womanlet. But they make up for it by literally kneeling to you and praising you once they learn of how you saved them.>Lastly everyone except some of the children from the Zora remember who you are. The king of their race treats you like the son he always wanted his daughter to marry. The crown prince treats you like a brother, and would've wished you were his actual brother in law, he also considers you his best friend. His wife who doesn't even know you treats you with the respect you deserve. Every Zora welcomes you back like a member of their family, they even build a statue of you and marvel at it daily.So taking into account how the other races treat Link in comparison, ask yourself, is it even worth saving the jewlians or expecting any gratefulness from them?

Not reading your autistic rant fag

>>640246264Is this the balding autistic guy who really wants to fit in?

>>640245767>still flatMUH

>>640246264cuck spam is by bunkertroons who seethed that every character they headcanoned as a fag was turned straight in this game

>>640220392Stupid Anglo Saxons know nothing about royal families other than the one that rules them, so they assume that every royal family in history operated as theirs does.They unironically think that the title "king consort" is an actual thing in the Zelda franchise, or that Link needs to be a noble to pork the princess.It's a fucking fantasy series, real life concepts such as these don't apply to it.

Best girl

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>>640245715Wut? Paya was never in a relationship with anyone, she just found herself a nice boyfriend in TotK. Why do you have a problem with that?Are perhaps mentally ill?


>>640246779Are perhaps ESL?

>>640228924>i thought zelda was always the romance for link?Sweet summer child

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>>640246729Hyrule is clearly modeled from a medieval Europe and since Nintendo hasn't filled the gaps people speculate based on history.

>>640246779>Paya was never in a relationship with anyoneYeah and she's still not in one.

>>640246841what's next for the grannies?

>>640214451>they have sex while link in this armor by zelda request

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>>640246398Yeah, especially the ones in Hateno are really weird with their mushroom shit going on, fuckers even are calamity deniers.

Since Link is Zelda's servant/knight, if Zelda ordered Link to strip completely naked, would he have to comply?

>>640247245He eats rocks on command simply because he was challenged to do so. He would strip in an instant.

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