What's the Holla Forumserdict?

What's the Holla Forumserdict?

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lilith mommy sex

>>640214176tranny trash

>>640214176I'm having fun but I enjoyed D3 and Diablo Immortal (until level 40 or so) so take that with a grain of salt


>>640214176loving missionary and cowgirl sex with lilith

5.7/10Aggressively mediocre


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>>640214176You'd have to be a retarded homosexual to hand over your hard earned cash to Activision Blizzard.

>>640214176solid 7/10, not perfect but nowhere near as bad as Holla Forums says it is (if they even bought it), good foundation to work on

>>640214176Is it better than d3? Because d3 was alright/10

>>640214176It'll put much needed pressure on POE devs

>>640215580If you enjoy the graphics of 3, it will feel like a side grade. If you rabidly hated the graphics of 3 to the point that you couldn't play it, you'll probably think it's the best thing ever OMG OMG 10/10

>>640215580the only thing Diablo 3 really does better is having more cinematics, Diablo 4 has two and fills the rest with in-game cutscenes

>>640214176not giving chinks money

>>640215580Its making me nostaligic for d3 and ikeep feeling like i think d3 had x feature why the fuck is that not in d4. Im having fun but there are flaws that could be improved on

>>640215956Diablo 3's combat is more enjoyable. This shit feels like Diablo 3 but clunky and underwater.

it has potential to be better than d3, but that's it

>>640215580Visually and tonally way better. Story is passable for modern blizzard. But the gameplay and level scaling are rough, most game systems and stats don't function as they should and it feels like its a few years and expansions out from being really any good.

>>640214176Didn't buy, doesn't matter. Blizzard are bad developers and a detriment to society you might as well throw your money at Russians.

>>640215580As other said, its visually better. Gameplay its 5 years away from being as close to as good as D3. Don't bother buying it. You can buy it for half price and triple the content soon.

5/10. Plays smooth and looks like, very little depth in any of the actual in game systems.

>>640214176>have to pay extra money on top of 70 buckaroos to winshit


>>640214176I had fun, but I rolled Necro and sadly the class is so broken it ruined my will to play. I would reroll but I'm too far into Necro.

Does anyone else enjoy the crafting more in D3?

they launch the game with like 10 uniques, what the fuck is this? you have seen everything with level 60, and nothing changes due to fucking level scaling, I can not fucking believe how shallow and mediocre the endgame is, while literal reviews praised the endgame. what the fuck

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It's okay, but by no means worth $70

>>640217883I don't know a single thing that isn't better in current d3 than d4


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>diablo game without diablo in itthat alone is retarded enough.

>>640215049...what's the difference?

>>640216091d3 combat is actually okay early/mid gameit's endgame that's peak retard

I like it, it's better than the trainwreck that was 3 though there isn't much worse than that besides PoE I guess I enjoy the mmo elements too with the group events

>>640214176My fatass titcow wife gives it a 4/5. The camera’s too close and sometimes your guy gets lost in the action but we’ve been playing most of the day (and keeping her well fed of course).

>>640218993He'll appear later on as D4 is a live service game

>>640221679dsp? is that you? tell kat i said hi.

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>>640221679big fan pierce

Honestly what they did with Donan was irredeemable

Designed to require battle pass or purchases for end game. I already knew what they were going to do cause they are so fucking bad at it. I actually have a legitimate monetization model that would work for persistent economies and be socially accepted in the West but wtf would i ever bother sharing it. The more people clap back the better because these game companies are too fucking lazy to make the model work.

>>640214176After 100%ing the map and reaching 80 on necro I would give this game a 5/10. Really short story content but the dungeon grinding is okay. There isn't much to do at this point so if season 1 flops I'm going to abandon this game.

>>6402141766.5/10There's potential for a good game if Blizzard doesn't abandon it. But unfortunately currently they balanced all the classes around the endgame without actually having an endgame or any real sense of progression.

I didn't realize how hard they nerfed the bloodmist corpse explode aspect and spent two days trying to get it to drop again and replicate my solo necro build from the demo.Now I just switched classes because solo necro looks awful without it.

>>640223580Diablo 3 took forever to build up their end game, I'm not surprised they kept it souless because that gives them the perfect excuse to charge people for new seasons. They will slowly introduce past features from Diablo 3 or the mobile gacha into the game. It's all a standard slow-cook the audience scheme. The fact that people paid almost double is disgusting, they haven't even gotten to the whale money phase yet.

Friendly reminder if Blizzard Activision get's confident they will re-introduce an Auction House in some sort of capacity, it's the entire point of online always after all.

>>6402208163 on launch was leaps and bounds better than this. The only thing that was an issue was the last act on the hardest difficulty.

>>640224401lol reading your comment made me realize I had way more fun on D3's launch. It was so challenging in hell mode and you could build your class in like 10 different ways. In D4 we only have 1 viable endgame build for each class. Honestly this kind of sucks in hindsight.

>>640214176Solid 7/10 base. Combat is nice. Mechanics are nice. Sounds are nice. Graphics are nice. Systems are nice.However, the entire game hinges on how the seasons will change the game. Right now you can pretty much complete 95% of the game in about 150-200 hours or so, and then after that there is literally nothing to do.

>>640214176Fucking miles better than PoE, genre defining.(I did not play either game)

>>640214176another cookie clicker game for retards who have been mazed by this shit since they were in high school when d2 came outliterally nobody else gives a shit

Seems like it would be a fine enough game if it wasn't $70.

>>640224507This would be nice. I could use a top-up. The blizzbucks I earned from 3 are starting to run dry.

Better than 3, not as good as 2It's alright

>>640214176Just entered act IV, the story so far is very fucking boring and also seems to want to forget about D3 at every chance,Which is a shame because I like Lilith and Inarius’s characterization pre-D4

>>640214176>Leveling up makes you weakerWhoever made this decision needs to be publicity executed

>>640214176You unlock the mount way too late

>>640214176Its okay. Mob density in helltides and NM dungeons feel lacking.

>>640218289>believing jewish mediaISHYGGGGGGYYYDIGGITYDOG

>>640214176A single set in d3 had more build variety than an entire class in d4.

>>640214176It isn't worth $70 and it's hilariously arrogant on Blizzard's part to think they can get away with charging that when they haven't been a good enough company to even dare that in years.

>>640226108>and it's hilariously arrogant on Blizzard's part to think they can get away with charging thatWhat's even more hilariously arrogant is that you are somehow fully convinced that it won't sell insanely well, despite the $70 price tag.

too easy, otherwise it's great

>>640214176it sucks. I bought this shitty game on a whim and I regret spending it on this over some beer.

>>640214176trash. same shit as d2 where you do nothing, but grind for the end game.

>>640214176Its the same shit as before. People loved it until they relalized how FUCKING AWFUL the systems were.All these people saying how great the game is to play have not even started the paragon board socket grinds or Torment.>5 different dugneons bosses>tiles all just reskinned>Events are nearly all the same>M+ grind that was brought to wow from D3 RiftsGames going to fall off after season one. The only reason season one will sustain is because all the people buying the CE.

>>640215303society is going to collapse soonhope everyone moved out of the cities and bought guns & ammo already

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why is it so expensive? to right click on enemies and get some loot?

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should i get sf 6 over this?i got a gorillion hours out of diablo 3 but wasnt super impressed with the beta of this honestly, paragon is the only thin i havn't really seen but rogue was the most fun character and that was kinda underwhelming even at max beta levelim not great at fightan games but i enjoyed sfv, but i only played bison so the exclusion of him makes me sad

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>>640214246>lilith mommy sexSafe horny belongs to reddit


>>640233041Safe horny is the dumbest phrase I've ever heard. I can't wait until people stop getting mad about it and people start using it non-ironically.

>>640230360damn lil nigga just got down outta nowhere

>>640216053>i keep feeling like i think d3 had x feature why the fuck is that not in d4Because it did, unironically. If you can think of a feature you would want D4 to have but doesn't, D3 may have actually had it. It's embarrassing how rushed and ramshackled this shit is, but I haven't played the full game to know the full extent and only have a friend's perception (of which I played the beta at his place).

>>640228174The US elite are just trying to hold it together through the boomer retirement. After that, things get really fun. And by fun I mean dysfunctional and hyper violent.

>>640224634isn't that how all diablo games go though? clear all the content, find sick loot, then roll a new character or pvp - except this game you get way more hours of it

>>640214246it's a male with cock

>>640214176seems like most people have the same opinion as me, I give it like a 4.5/10. Its not a horrible game, but its clearly meant for 'gaming dads' with only an hour to play each day. There's very little depth, and the depth it does have is overshadowed by poor balancing and lack of guidance. Seems like a lot of people are getting filtered out by WT3 because their gear sucks but the game doesn't really tell you what IS good. There's no loot filter or way to tell if X item is a upgrade (besides armor rating) unless you are following a premade build guide that tells you exactly what do look for. The game is unfriendly to both new players to the franchise and hardcore poopsockers. So its firmly a game for older (aged 35-50+) gamers. Its the perfect game for Reddit.I think the seasons will improve it but right now, definitely just a mediocre feeling game.

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>>6402141765/10campaign isnt that good, final act its decent, endgame its just meh

>>640214176AHEMIS THIS THING ONTESTONE TWO THREETESTRIGHT>4tanic>no trade>boring gameplay>shit itemization>extreme cooldowns>extreme FOMO bullshit>lost ark rip off>resourse generators/spenders>no crafting>no map overlay>predatory cash shop>enemy level scaling>shit quests>no charms/jewels/runes>bland uniques>no real build variety>no global chat>D3 reskin with grey filter>no OST>Diablo not even in the game>obvious console port to pc>shit UI>paladin class intentionally withheld until the $70 dlc drops a year later4/10

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>>640238638Holy based

>>640214176absolute dogshitmobile game tier gameplayplayer character less complex than most league of legends championsonly blizzard drones defend this

>>640239590>player character less complex than most league of legends championsholy shit i haven't thought of it from that perspective and it's absolutely true

>>640238638>shit quests>bland uniques>shit UI>lost ark rip offThis is already enough not to play it. I don't really care for build variety if existing builds are good. If that's not the case then there is literally no point in any diablo clone.

>>640217803facts, my god necro feels like shit

>>640214176Playing with 4 friends, it’s pretty fun. Shit class selection but it feels a lot better than d3. Haven’t made it to end game yet so my opinions could change, however I already feel I got my moneys worth

>>6402141760/11 didnt fall for jewy tricks this time

>>640238638>no trade That’s basically all I needed to know to lose interest. Why the fuck didn’t they incorporate trading??

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>>640239590>player character less complex than most league of legends championsAre there any good Diablo clones that require you to press more than 2 buttons for meta builds?I am so fucking sick of this retarded community that starts seething as soon as they need to actually play the game and not merely hold left-click.

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What's the point of extracting aspect if I can just get the codex from dungeons?

>>640242578the dungeon once always gives you the absolute loweest roll. it also costs more materials.for some aspects (like the one that gives you 1 to 4 resource per proc) the codex one is practically worthless

I love how blizzdrones laughed at us when we said that D4 was gonna have a bunch of the shit parts from Immortal built directly into it from day 1. Who's laughing now, you autistic retards?

>>640241427Trading in arpgs is garbage anyway. No longer about self found gear, it's all about getting hand me downs. kiss yourself retard.

I'm already bored of grinding levels so I just beat the dungeon to get into Torment at 59, learned I can't even equip drops til 60, and I don't think I'm going to be able to stomach grinding another 40 levels anyway. Even if build variety were good enough to change things up every once in a while, the paragon system seems designed entirely around entrenching you into doing only one thing forever. Which could be fine it were fast to level, but as it is there's basically zero chance I'm going to get one character to 100, much less multiple.Seems like it was unfinished and pushed out the door designed to waste as much time as possible to give them more time to "fix" it later.

>pvp is half the population of people with have something like this equipped.

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>>640243357this only works on melee attacks right?

>>640243357Not once in my life have I felt that people who pvp in any Diablo game are anything other that subhuman. So I don’t care

>>640243436anything that isnt a dot


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>>640241427>giving a fuck about tradingI’m not saying wowfaggots corrupted Diablo, but they definitely didn’t help the situation

>>640230360Is it common for kids these days to burst out in bizarre narcissistic fits of attention seeking behavior like a poorly coded npc? I don’t have to interact with children ever thankfully so I wouldn’t know.

>>640230360press g to taunt

>>640243156>>640243558Trading is what made social interactions in D2 interesting. I can’t believe there are actually people who think it’s a bad thing. There’s no fucking point to interacting with anyone in these games otherwise.

>>640214176has level scaling / 10

>>640241547Grim Dawn

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>>6402141766/10 if I'm being generousCould be a 7 or 8 with some tweaks that Blizzard will never make

>>640214176I would really like an unbiased opinion of this game but everytime i look up for opinions its either people saying its the worst game they've ever played or total shills saying its the second coming of christ, idk what to believe. I wish they had a demo or smth.

>>640241547Last EpochGame is still in Early Access though

>>640244412there are paid shills and shitposters herethe only time you get a normal discussion of the game is early morning burger time when they're all asleep.

>>640244412>The endgame hits after you finish the campaign and hit 50. >The only activites left to do are to finish unlocking the renown for each region that awards extra talent and paragon points>PvP for random pvp cosmetics>Grind Nightmare dungeons (the same dungeons you already have done but with modifiers) to level up sigils you can use on the paragon board>grind out whisper quests to gain exp and loot caches>do world bosses that give you a weekly cache for the first time you do them that week>go to helltide areas to grind out mats that you need to upgrade gear and open item caches you find with specific currency you earn during the event called cinders.The leveling grind after 50 gets really boring and honestly for me I don't want to grind out the same repetitive quests and dungeons over and over again.

>>640244412it's fun if you like this genre.Though open world outside of dungeons has the exact same feeling as Destiny 1/2 patrols except for the fact you can actually enter dungeons.

>>640244412always ask yourself thiswhich side would directly benefit financially from you siding with them

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>>640244678oh and uniques for each character class will vary, some will actually be "build" defining others lackluster

>>640244412It's like Diablo 3 but with sluggish combat.

>>640244124it sucks being limited to 1-4 and left and right mouse for skills. just got my ult skill as a rogue and don't want to take anything off for it.

>>640244412if you have played other arpgs and have some frame of reference its dogshit. if all you've played is wow or other mmotrash it will feel fun

It's even worse than D3 somehow. And don't talk about the art style. D2R literally looks better. Just compare them side to side, it'll be a treat.

>>640244678remember when people were saying it was easy to get to level 100lollmao

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>>640245337Correct on all accounts.

it bothers me that the quests are all so fucking boring. the stronghold quests are literally the most fun the game has to offer, outside of a few moments in the campaign.literally every dungeon thing or event is a fucking chore.except the ring the bell event. that one is fun.

>>640245964This might be intentional in order to encourage people to buy future DLC which will contain "the good quests."

>>640244124>grim yawnNO!

>>640246040I think it's intentional that they spent hundreds of millions on the graphics and marketing and probably 10-20 million on gameplay.

>>640214176its ok

>>6402141763/5.Not really an improvement over diablo 3.Campaign is a tedious piece of shit that is clearly designed just to FORCE you to spend 400 hours just running around collecting crap to make your character viable.Balance is fucked in every single possible direction. Skills being entirely useless and random mobs having 1000x more hp than similar counterparts whilst even sometimes doing several times more damage.loot is currently being exploited because they made it always online - currently because every time you zone into a dungeon it joins an entirely different 'lobby' when you leave most of the time. So you can just zoom in and out and farm an event thats 2-3 screens away from entrance.Armour system feels terrible, I actually hate it. Whilst I don't really dislike having build changing legendaries, they're actually a requirement for your char to be viable even in the first difficulty.I wouldn't suggest anyone that didn't like d3 to play d4. It's more of the same shit but even more badly implemented in ways to fuck over the player.

>>640224610don't worry user! you can use ANY of the those legendary modifiers to put on gear you wont use because why the fuck would you?

>>640243750yes, because their parents are usually emotionally absent or just ignore them in favour of other things, like fucking the gardener or the neighbor.