Fairy Leviathan, daughter of Megaman X.Say something nice to her

Fairy Leviathan, daughter of Megaman X.Say something nice to her

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>>640211468Gets mogged by my wife, Splashwo



>>640211468DATS LEV

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When are we getting a new Mega Man

>>640211468fairy leviathan is based and so is the user who posts her

>>640214717Anon, i...

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>>640211468Nice robogina

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>>640211468cutest fembot from megaman, would make robobabies with

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wtf i love megaman('s child) now

we're a sage harpuia board

>>640217083>KneelpuiaNo we're not.

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>>640217795DELETE THIS

>>640211468Who's her mom?

>>640211559What is a splashwo anyway?

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>>640211468why is every design in this game god tier but zero looks fucking terrible?

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>>640217968A forgettable character from a forgettable entry.

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Brown tomboy.

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>>640218062i think zero looks fine in his own series. much better than x2 zero and beyond but x1 zero is still the goat

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>>640218062Because they changed Zero's design for no reason instead of making him look like a dated Reploid against newer ones. Even if he is technically in a different body to his original.

>>640218062Most of the other designs were made from scratch for the series, Zero was a shitty design to begin with and they had to keep him recognizable.

>>640218327name? need

>>640218062>>640218492I know this has been said 50 times by everyone who played the game.But god damn, Zero 3 would have been kino if Omega had the original Zero design.

>>640218621Atlas from Mega Man ZX AdventShe's a small time boss, don't expect much porn.

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>>640214717>Mega Man 11's producer leaves Capcom>X Dive to hit EoSIt's as over as it gets user.

>no Leviathan.exe

>>640218842I BELIEVE!That we're only going to be getting a port of Mega Man Legends at best

>>640215429>>640216702>>640214162remember when they killed her and she didn't even get a cutscene


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>>640218989Remember when they backtracked on that? Remember when they just released an image of the guardians watch Ragnarok fall in the complete works without any context?

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>>640211468>the guardian that more looks like X is the fucking girlThe fuck was light smoking to make X so girlish

>>640219187Mega Man X uses parts from Rock and Roll

>>640219187They all look like X besides Fefnir.

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I just realized that there's an X on her top

>>640219048>huge hit when he said horror games were dead>he went on to mock DMC no one would ever play and the protagonist was too westernThat doesn't sound like Inafune because Inafune was the asshole who started the entire push for "WESTERN GAMES ARE THE FUTURE" and even went on to say "Japanese games are dead" around the time Legends 3 was in Dev Room hell. He's also the person who greenlit this.

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>>640219169>Remember when they backtracked on that? They did? When? Please, tell me, I want hope>Remember when they just released an image of the guardians watch Ragnarok fall in the complete works without any context?I remember that but I didn't think it was canon.

>>640219486/mmg/ isn't known for rational discussion.

>>640219486I heard that Inafune was really against the BN is an afterlife idea. So if that's true that's another thing going against that fanfiction.

>>640219048>>640219486Inafune didn't like DMC, but for a completely different reason.He felt it was too much like his Onimusha game.

>>640219558>They did? When? Please, tell me, I want hopeThey backtrack on random shit in an interview, I don't have it on hand but you can easily find it on the internet or some /mmg/ lurker will post it since they take Inticreates interviews like biblical prophecies. At the end of the day, take whatever Capcom says as canon in the end and Capcom has never said what happened to the guardians, not even confirmation if they died with Omega's explosion.

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>>640219843god I hope so. It doesn't explain how they died between X and ZX and how Prairie survived but it's at least not literally dying off-screen because they didn't know what to do with them in Z4

>>640219169>remember [thing outside of the game that's ignored in all the material that came after]leviathan bro, let go, is not healthy.She is dead as shit and her remiains were used for Model L.

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speaking of which, why would you make your reploid into a lesbian

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>>640220027Why not?

>>640219558>They did? When? Please, tell me, I want hopeIn the Megaman 25th Anniversary Q&A. Aizu flip flops again and says believe whatever you want regarding their fates pretty much.>I remember that but I didn't think it was canon.They ask Aizu about it in the Rockman Zero Complete Works Q&A. The conversation pretty much goes:>For some reason we included this in the booklet for the soundtrack.>That was just Nakayama being generous. I didn't ask him to draw it. When could it have happened..?>The timeframe and events of the illustration are fuzzy, but we threw it in there anyway. (laugh)If you haven't guessed by now, IntiCreates doesn't plan things all the way through.

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>>640220027why would you make such a blatant attempt at trolling?

>>640219951Well it's never elaborated what happened to the classic cast either between MM and X. Not that it matters in the end, the biometals were created by Ciel based on their data. They're not the actual reploid they're based on. The only biometal that's created directly from a reploid is Model O and that's not even canon.

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>>640220018The guardians being biometals doesn't make a ton of sense when you think about it because why wouldn't OTHER reploids from the beforetimes be that as well? Where's Model Axl?

>>640220018>her remiains were used for Model L.see >>640220143

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>>640220130Nakayama is so based. What a gigachad.

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>>640219839>>640219486>laughing at inafune hourremember when inafune thought this is what western audiences wanted?

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>>640220136just asking why Alouette became a carpet muncher, did Ciel corrupt her?

>>640220335We missed out on kino...

>>640220335I always thought that was some kind of demo, like he was never going to make this, it was just something to show off the new engine's feet. r-right?

Reminder:>the entire original cast died off because of irrelevance, because the robots are all designed with an expiration date>the reploids were all wiped out because they couldn't stop going maverick>humans were all wiped out because they couldn't stop genociding the robots>Zero died for nothing>X died for nothing>Wily and Light fought for nothing>Sigma was useless and died >nothing mattered in the ZX era because the world got flooded anyway>exactly one human survived the entire apocalypse, and he died being gay for one of his robot servants, Mr. Nigga that's Volnutts>the inbred offspring of humans and robots are all that's left>Legends 3 implied that the end would involve a man named Thomas Light making a robot named Rock, after the world forgets about the events of the past, trapping the entire megaman universe in a stable time loop

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>>640219725I find it hard to believe because BN was his idea, no?

>>640220509The expiration date idea is so fucking stupid. Are we sure it's not mistranslated 'Service Date'? It would be like throwing a truck out every five years.

>>640220509Humans and reploids became one hot , neither of them died out. The last human died thousands of years after the events of ZX. Also everything in ZX DOES matter because the flooding you're talking about happens so far in the future that it's like saying Rome didn't matter for us, today.

>>640220509This post is just dumb headcanon.

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>>640220143>They're not the actual reploid they're based on.They flip flop on this in the games themselves, what with Model H saying "I believe OUR battle hundreds of years ago had meaning", but it's really best not to think too much about how the Biometals work.>>640220298It's a nice drawing.

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>>640220752god their robes are cool as FUCK why couldn't we get that as a real design?


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>>640220216>why wouldn't OTHER reploids from the beforetimes be that as well?because X, Zero and the guardians were not reploids.The guardians came from X the same way the Mother Elf came from Zero's original body.>Axllmao>>640220143>based on their data.that's the thing though, data in the megaman universe is equal to the soul of the robots. Model W was literally the soul of Weil, why would the others be any different.

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>>640220752I love that red light silhouette trail. Nakayama seemed to love it as well with how much he uses it.

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>>640218781>don't expect much pornFine, I'll do it myself

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>>640211559I’d like to think Splash Woman at least had some inspiration from Leviathan, same with Harpuia and Tornado Man

>>640221162>The guardians came from X the same way the Mother Elf came from Zero's original body.I always thought Ciel made them

>>640220752>Model H saying "I believe OUR battle hundreds of years ago had meaning"To be fair, that could still follow under what Prairie said about them being created by Ciel's data. Copy X was created with X's data and he liked to larp like the real one. I'd rather ZX didn't exist at all honestly.

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>>640220526That doesn't cancel it out. If he invented BN then that could be a motivation to not want it to be robot Valhalla.

>>640214717Capcom megaleak had what sounded like a fighting game title in the pipeline. Not sure if it was canned or not but many other projects from said list have seen the light of day so maybe it'll be announced sooner or later too.

>>640219839>>640219486>>640220335god damn it why was inafune such a cuck

>>640221162>data in the megaman universe is equal to the soul of the robotsNo it isn't and it has never been. Go play more X games. Weil is a human, not a reploid. Reploid souls are physical things which eventually fade into the digital ether which X does in MMZ. They're finite,

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I wanna see cute robot feet and smell them

I'm more curious what would ciel do in ZX3 if it was ever released.

>>640222196who cares the original megaman games are the best. 1-3 are the only ones that matter. x 1 and 2 only count as well.

Here lies Leviathan, she never scored.

>>640221853they probably smell like 3 in 1 oil because of all the tiny, delicate joints and gears needed to operate such a complex structure

>>640220143That explains why model L in Zx is ugly as heck.ZXA version reminds more of the original Lev.Or it change depending on who uses the model?

>>640222196killing Light, hopefully

>>640222327think she ever got back to Neo Arcadia HQ, roughed up after a fight with Zero, slammed herself down in her bed and just started furiously shlicking, thinking about Zero holding her down after the fight and just ravishing her

i fap to leviathan but haven't played her games. is she relevant at all in them (i think it's the X games, right?) or is it just a case of peak design transcending inherent relevance?

>>640222624she's the main character you should play them

>>640218906>>640219048>no splashwo.exeGood things wont happen

>>640221640>No it isn't and it has never been.Shadow was still "alive" in MMZ3 because his data survived aka his soul.>Go play more X games. Go play MMX5>Weil is a human, not a reploid.a technologically inmortal Human that fused with Ragnarok and was converted into a battery.> Reploid souls are physical things [citation needed]>which eventually fade into the digital ether which X does in MMZ.never implied Model X is literally X if that's what you are implying> They're finiteyes.>>640221392she did, they just didn't manifested from X.

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>>640222624She's in the Zero games. You fight her a few times.

>>640222624all the bosses in MMZ have a personality voice acting and plot even the animal ones. They play a much more active role in the story, and Leviathan is one of the main villians without being the big boss.

>>640222835>Shadow was still "alive" in MMZ3 because his data survived aka his soul.Who the hell is Shadow?>Go play MMX5Go play Megaman Xtreme 2.>[citation needed]X in MMZ>never implied Model X is literally X if that's what you are implyingYou are and you're just completely backtracking on that mid argument.

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>>640222624Just the Zero series, and she's a reoccurring antagonist throughout the first three games.

It's always been weird as fuck for me seeing threads about Mega Man lore as someone who's only played 1 - 3

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>>640222874right. it was Zero.>>640223027>>640223154i could never get into classic MM but i guess i can at least try these games so i feel less bad about liking a character i know nothing about. also maybe find out what personality Leviathan is supposed to have

>>640222624She's one of the four guardians of New Arcadia, the city where the remaining humans and reploids live.Basically, X went mad with power and created them to force his rules onto the city.Zero fights the 4 guardians to stop X, she's one of his loyal kids/soldiers. She was created based on X original model.She interacts with Zero during fight cutscenes and she's the 2nd most relevant girl in the first 3 games.The way she speaks implies she's like a femme fatale, but AFAIR she never mentioned directly that she like or dislike Zero.

>>640222624No, she's not really relevant. She serves as one of the big bad bosses but outside of that she doesn't have much presence other than enjoying fighting Zero like Fefnir because the Resistance has been nothing but boring pushovers. She has a bit of an arc in MMZ3's drama tracks where the real X and Phantom convinces both Lev and Fefnir to join him and help Zero against Omega.

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>>640223232be warned, Mega Man Zero is considered one of the hardest series

>>640223240>but AFAIR she never mentioned directly that she like or dislike Zero.She outright says Zero is 'fun' in MMZ3's intro All of the guardians say that. That Zero gives them purpose, and existence, because nothing else comes even close to fighting him. It's why Harpuia outright saves Zero's life in 2.

>>640211468Fairy Leviathan used to be my crush but there were barely any fanart of her back then so I moved onto other charactersHow much fanart does she have nowadays?

>>640223291that's fine, difficulty wasn't my problem with MM>>640223240>The way she speaks implies she's like a femme fatalewell at least now i have a bit more context as to why some of the porn with her is the way it is

>>640222624All the 4 guardians have 10/10 designs.


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>>640223287honestly the cast of Zero would make a very good dating sim.


>>640223590ok but then you have to date this thing

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>>640223590Not really because Zero has the personality of a piece of wood in MMZ. If you mean as just a generic Neo Arcadian human then yeah. It makes more sense lore and setting wise and could produce an overarching main story about joining the Resistance or sticking with Neo Arcadia.

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>>640223447Not as many as other girls from the Megaman series.You can find a good amount if you find the right tags to search in Pixiv.There are even a few doujin.

>>640223529X had sex with THAT!?

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>>640223696>was censored to female in the english releasean improvement tbph

>>640223696I saw people saying Cubit Foxstar was a dude. Is there any confirmation on that or is it just a rumor alphabet people are spreading?I liked when they included "her" as a boss in the game.

>>640223447>How much fanart does she have nowadays?Honestly, still not much and it's a miracle that she's getting any in the modern day but it's a decently modest amount for a character stuck on the GBA.

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>>640223753>Not really because Zero has the personality of a piece of wood in MMZ. Like most dating sim protags

>>640223910megaman.fandom.com/wiki/Cubit_Foxtar#cite_note-telos-3there's the source, feel free to debunk it

>>640223696if that's a male then i'm gay

>>640224246Not really, they have a personality just not one that you particularly resonate with. Zero doesn't have one at all, and I mean at all in MMZ.

>>640224332Well you're in luck. It's a robot.

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>>640211468Why is everybody in Zero arc wearing fetishy underwear?

>>640224264That's a shame.We could use some more girls in MMZ. It's a shame no one cares for Neige.

>>640224425There's a few.

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>>640224404How come no one likes Neige?Is it because of the mess that was the plot of MMZ4?

>>640223753Zero has quite the personality on the drama CDs, honestly he was half written as a silent protagonist in the game.

>>640224404>HarpuiaIs it ever confirmed if he's a girl in the Japanese version? I kept seeing that but idk if it's true or not. I figured it was bullshit.

>>640224865She already has a pair>>640224901he is a guy, its a joke of how girly he looks.and his crush on zero, but all the guardians have one

Speaking of fucking robot girls, Dystopian Robot Girlfriend needs more content.

>>640224865>How come no one likes Neige?She's REALLY DUMB and her stupidity is what made Craft an enemy in the first place.

>>640224405Metal diapers are in

>>640224898If you say so, I've never noticed it. The only time he even remotely emotes is when he tells Ciel and the Resistance to shut up while traveling out in the snow.

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>>640224405Nakayama's fetish, spot the bulges on these Kamen Rider villains

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>>640224405The game explains that the technology was so advanced that the big armors that we see in MMX got reduced to simulate skin/body proportions.All the parts that seem like normal limbs are actually heavy machinery created in that slim shape. The "diapers" are (I believe so at least) to hold items and weapons. If you look closely at the chest of all the guardians and X is almost the same structure, only changing the color. >Why was it done this way?If I recall correctly,the reploids wanted to be more human-like, so the robots evolved to resemble the human body. Some of the people in the resistance base are actually reploids and ciel is one of the few remaining humans


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>>640225845Also, ciel is halfway of a cyborg already even during Zero, she needs it to be able to see cyber elves.

Why are there so few female bots anyway? The actual games are a sausagefest.

>>640225905GET PREGNANT

>>640226071Malebots are forced to fight because 90% of fembots are sex robots.

>>640226071Women rarely fight or work trade jobs.

>>640226071MegaMAN will always be about MEN. Ask for RockGIRL instead.

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>>640224978>and his crush on zero, but all the guardians have oneIt's wacky how the guardians were all based off of certain "aspects" of X and the biggest thing they have in common is having an unhealthy obsession with Zero.They really weren't even hiding it at that point.

>>640225905please tell me there's porn

>>640226071because muh anime shounen tropes where most of the lead cast are men usually yelling or turning yellow and yelling

>>640226363That's official art, friend.

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>>640227201god she's SO SMUG

>>640226071I don't know but first person to make robot girl game will probably make bank

>>640211468>daughter*feminine side

>>640227729She knows she's the favorite child.

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>>640227827it would probably have to be a gacha game to be viable and gain any sort of traction. not the sort of monkey's paw i want. almost guaranteed it wouldn't be released in the west but that's not a real problem as long as the robutts are cute.

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why has nobody made any NSFW fangame of megaman yet? Can the japanese do it for once?

For me, it's NaNa.

>>640228179They have but it's not a Mega Man game, just generic dough-eyed animu girls

>>640218238Complete erectile destruction.

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>>640228179As many pixel artists as there is in the Megaman fandom, it baffles me too. I guess nobody can program.

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>>640211468"She's" a man.

>>640228449I would pay unholy amounts of money for the guy that made forest of blue skin to make a R18 megaman game.Its a shame that i dont have money.

>>640228610No, she's not. I checked.

>Reploids and humans canonically have sex and create carbonsI fucking love Capcom

>>640218327"You're not innocent, just ignorant"

>>640228637I'd just make a visual novel since I have very basic experience with Renpy but my Wacom tablet shit the bed over a few years ago and that just killed any drive I had at learning to draw.I may pick up drawing again and buy another tablet but it'll be years before I even produce anything worth while and even longer for a potential VN.

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>>640228650Sure, a piece of X's psyche just randomly happened to be a woman. Cubit Foxtar is more of a woman.

>>640228905if you do, please let me know.

>Ask myself "Why hasn't Mega Man jumped on the Metroidvania platformer bandwagon yet">remember that Corruption has been in development for fourteen fucking years

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>>640229447that game has been completed 3 times already, but the dude just keeps adding more shit.

>>640229447>>Ask myself "Why hasn't Mega Man jumped on the Metroidvania platformer bandwagon yet"

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>>640229515truly the Duke nukem forever of Mega Man

>>640229567oh christ I forgot ZX even happened

>>640223910Cubit Foxtar is a trap, the alphabet people despise those.

>>640229720its ok so did capcom

>>640229720The human mind tends to repress trauma so that's understandable.

>>640214717Do you really want current Capcom to make a Megaman?

>>640229447>Why hasn't Mega Man jumped on the Metroidvania platformer bandwagon yet">What is MMZX

>>640218062your mom is god tier

>>640230059we're never getting a sequel to ZXA are we

>>640229871i mean 11 was fine, not objectionable>2018christ, really?


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>>640230434can't find the comic of Zero ripping her bra off with the gauntlet

>>640230542danbooru.donmai.us/posts/49661?q=mega_man_zero_(series) gameplay_mechanics

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>>640230780god i wish i were a rainbow devil

>>640230285Honestly no. I will be the cynic and say ZX is probably the least popular sub-series. It only got 2 games while Star Force which was running at the same time managed 3 and even it got a Complete Works artbook while ZX didn't. That's without getting into Capcom cutting ties with Inti which is a whole other can of worms.

>>640231047how can ZX be less popular than Starforce?

>>640231047it wasnt less popular, capcom just decided to cancel a lot of megaman games at the time.

>>640231125Star Force had anime and manga advertising it.

>>640211468She is a cute hotwifemiss u bro

>>640231125>only two games>flawed from the beginning>second game immediately went downhill>didn't even bother trying to wrap up its story

>>640223240>X went mad with power and created them to force his rules onto the cityNot quite, original X fucked off and became a cyber elf and as replaced by Copy X. The Guardians were actually created sometime after the X series from the original X's DNA and continued following Copy X as their master even after the original's replacement. NA becoming an authoritarian shithole was NOT something the real X foresaw.

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>>640223240>, X went mad with power and created them to force his rules onto the city.X got so depressed after founding Neo Arcadia that he just fucked off and didn't care anymore.

>duff mcwhalen>izzy glow>the skiverwhy did anyone listen to claire's VA when it came to localization

>>640232097what no zero does to x

>>640232275Coming from X specifically, it's because he's just fought for so long that he's just tired of seeing this shit and no longer cares about it.

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Why did that one Ninja guy explode but the rest didn't? It took me a long fucking time to beat MMZero and I genuinely thought I did something wrong for the others to be alive.

>>640232819Also he finally noticed that 99% of the humans are fucking retarded.Is there any fucking human in the X series that is not a fuckup retard?

>>640232995because muh code of honorno, really, thats the reason, he just wanted to stop you

>>640232995>Wouldn't it be cool if one of the bosses didn't show up for the re-fights? So it was like you actually killed them the first time?Pretty much what they were thinking.

>>640233037Are there any humans in the X series?All I can think of is Dr. Cain, Ciel, and Weil

>>640232995Because he took his job very seriously where the others just like the thrill of fighting someone who can stand up against them. The only reason Harpuia didn't is because he cares too much about abandoning X.>>640233037I think that's taking some liberties there, otherwise he wouldn't have bothered to help Zero save Ciel at the start of the series. Zero could've just fled like Ciel told him to.

Attached: FpMiKUxaAAAf74X.jpg (1237x1677, 421.61K)

>>640233236If we're including the Zero series, then there was that whole caravan of them in the fourth game

>>640233112>>640233137>>640233254What a digital dummy

>>640233236Ciel isnt from the X series, she also isnt that much of a retard and her fuckup (copy X) can be explained by her being a literal 8 year old at the time and just following orders.

>>640233474Speaking of, I like the cartoon's adaptation of X where he takes his job so seriously that he's just borderline Maverick and the original Megaman calls him out for it. The cartoon in general is just underrated fun Saturday morning shlock.

Attached: FknW6tnX0AAEwAe.jpg (1500x1500, 211.01K)

>>640221386>mm9 is made by inti>who made the zero series

>>640211559It's hilarious out the reality is the complete opposite.

>>640233474>gets to hang out with his dad in digital heaven while his brothers and sister fight in pointless battles>still gets in one more battle with Zero after the fact (which is a big deal to these guys)He's actually the smartest of them all.

>>640233236Only Cain. Ciel and Weil are zero series.>>640224898It's less that he has quite the personality and more that they tried copying the x version but then not committing

>>640231357What did he mean by this?

Attached: 33a5b0e3f83240c7ce68a27d9ca243e9.jpg (2089x2687, 688.09K)

>>640234151Imagine the blowjobs...

>>640234071Probably some /trash/ roleplayer.

Attached: leviathan_by_nanayaryuoo_de1qknc-fullview.jpg (600x987, 133.18K)

>>640211468Bitch already costed us five daibugrass games in a row

>Z/ZX Legacy Collection flopped

Attached: really-makes-you-think.jpg (1280x720, 145.03K)

>>640234478Zero games aren't that good and ZX games are just a mess map wise. It's not surprising but it's not like these legacy collection sales ever lead to new entries or something ridiculous like that.

Attached: 105671133_p0.jpg (1322x913, 407.36K)

>>640211468why does everyone including the male robots wear iron panties? even zero is wearing white iron panties, why?

>Zerolosers get no more games>MEANWHILE CLASSICHADS got 11

Attached: a58f49077eff9fca14106e62f2e14632.png (1400x1400, 1.08M)

>>640234629To hide their charge port.

Attached: file.png (850x871, 1.17M)

>>640234629its just the design of the era, they keep getting more human-like.

>>640234629For ass shots.

Attached: 102815901_p0.png (1417x2004, 1.57M)

And then there's this retard

Attached: FyPntdjaQAIy9uX.jpg (692x1024, 69.87K)

>>640211468auntie and niece

Attached: 8808110_p0.jpg (550x836, 360.03K)


Attached: Leviathan & Thetis.png (830x824, 689.75K)

>>640233639The cartoon is great, if it weren't for their goofy faces, it would be fondly remembered.

Attached: 1320475646534.jpg (266x478, 38.83K)

>>640235526>>640235371made for big atlas girl cock

niece and uncle

Attached: 22416836_p22.jpg (744x549, 135.23K)

You Leviathanfags have it easy. You weren't cursed with 1 random commissioner going in a commission spree and turning your character into a literal blob/slop art magnet.

>>640234758>wanting more Zero titlesWhy ruin it by trying to make a new sequel?

>>640236074which character did this happen to, asking for a friend

>>640236206Probably Splash Woman, if the images in those threads are anything to go by.

>>640236074but you do get art, unlike Atlasfags, Kalinkafags, Prairiefags, Neigefags, etc.

>>640223209Its fascinating stuff, particularly because the gap between classic and the X series is so vague and unanswered. The slow transition from robots becoming more and more human like to the point where there is eventually little differences by the later games is fun to discuss and think about

Attached: 1663089578919486.jpg (665x574, 24.8K)


>>640236074A damn shame. It should’ve been me god dammit.

>>640236074Bro, just become a Levfag. Splashwoman is just Lev but classic style.

Attached: D6F3FHIWwAIX8XV.jpg (1000x708, 114.5K)

does she even have a pussy

>>640214717I shouldn't leak this, but... Capcom has a new Megaman IP series in the works. The main thing about the new sub-series is that it takes place after humans and robots fight off aliens that crashed on earth with a crystalized energy source. Mega Man is the project name for old robots meant to turn the tide of the war. This iteration of Mega Man wakes up after the war's end and missing chunks of their memories and goes searching for their old friends (the other Mega Man) in the changed world while the surviving aliens robots try to resurrect their empire/people.It's an action-game with some platforming elements, you use a system of equipping different parts and modifying them from a in-game menu. The world is accessed by a train system that brings you to areas you can run around in and connect to other parts. It has a very green-life vibe with a lot of earth and ancient society elements. It will be teased at the end of the Capcom showcase.

>>640236840She has an exhaust port.


Attached: 47632 - artist cy blush colored fairy_leviathan heart_pupils implied lewd mega_man_(series) mega_man_zero robot.png (1374x1230, 593.87K)

>>640236968Yeah, right. And I'm the tooth fairy.

>>640236968Also, Star Force Collection will be released in late-2024.

Attached: 83000025_p0.jpg (819x579, 65.85K)


>>640236840she has boobs so probablyit's not like those serve any practical purpose for a robot either

>>640236968metro 2077 man

>>640237084>footfags will get THIS desperate

>>640237170The boobs COULD be practicallike flotation devices


I like how canonically reploid women (and Robot Masters) are meant to be subservient to Humans. If you were a Human Maverick-Hunter, you could have literally cuckolded Zero.

Attached: Iris 2.png (1384x2042, 1.1M)

>>640237170This is in the far flung future where reploids are far more closer to humans than in the X series or even the robots in the classic series.

>>640237310Iris would probably not give a shit about humans. Leviathan on the other hand, specifically fights for and serves humanity so you could realistically probably get with her as a human if you're in shape and fun enough.

Attached: ExKe8BXVEAMhvDS.jpg (730x1200, 486.72K)

>>640237310they don't have to as long as they don't pose a threat to humans or do something retarded that could. doesn't matter anyway since zero no way fags her and she tried getting (you) in dive instead

>>640237462So nanotech organs and bodyparts?

>>640237618Synthetic ones, yeah. Artifical wombs for reproduction, reploids also have DNA as far back in the X series so it wouldn't be too far fetched to say female reploids could produce milk as well via chemical reaction.

>>640237310Iris is part of the Repliforce who was created specifically to tell Humanity to fuck off. So she would be less than willing to listen.

>>640237462the funny thing is that reploids are simplified rather than made closer to humans in the zero series. they're just deweaponized including not being allowed to wear armor unlike in x

>>640237462I thought they just had fake life spans, and humans had fake robot parts.It's not like they are reproducing.

>Humans become literal gods.>They all decide to kill themselves.>The last human acts like a complete fucking fag before killing himself.I'm not mad, but I would have strangled the Master for squandering the work of humanity and giving up brown robo butt.

>>640237594was (you) a human or was that X Donut steel?

>>640237803literally (you)

>>640237780>It's not like they are reproducing.Well we don't really know that because it's never brought up.>>640237763Reploids have always been simplified and closer to humans even during the X era. The only difference is technology advancement and the energy shortages deweaponizing most of them.

>>640237726You also have Carbons from Legends. They're humans but they seem to integrate machine parts into their bodies easy.

>>640237738Actually this isn't true. Repliforce was created by Humanity and led by a Human council to act as a main military force to fight Mavericks.HOWEVER, Repliforce is an army and Mavericks don't go around in an army during their outbreaks. This ignoring the chimpouts first started by that faggot Sigma. So for every Maverick outbreak, they would end up bombing blocks of apartments for no reason wwhile X and Zero would just be like 80s Undercover Cops hopping across cars and taking shots or just catching up and slicing a Maverick. Even when they declared secession, Repliforce leader literally stated he kneeled to Humanity, but needed to protect it while being separated from it in front of everyone in his army. Of course, these fags would later start warcrimes which escalated into Humans and Maverick Hunters (Reploids) fighting an actual war against Repliforce.

>>640237897>Well we don't really know that because it's never brought up.Dude there is like thousands of hours of audio drama CDs and a stupid amount of lore for connecting everything between the original MM all the way to Legends.If reploids were fucking and reproducing, we would have gotten some cringey audio drama that mentions it.

>>640237995>Dude there is like thousands of hours of audio drama CDs and a stupid amount of lore for connecting everything between the original MM all the way to Legends.No, there's not. In fact I'd like citation for this.

>>640237780>>640237897 >It's not like they are reproducing.In ZX timeline, Reploids and Humans are basically reproducing, Grey is a Reploid made from Albert's genes afterall.

>>640237897no I mean really simplified like leviathan's legs are actually figma simple

>>640237796I still hold the Master was the true villain of Legends. >Have an INSANELY SELFISH plan to just up and die one day because he wanted to do the equivalent of watching TV >Takes his top Purifier, whose job is to ensure the security of the system to the planet, alone, where no one can verify what he said >By the way Trigger, I'm going to die now and leave you with my final words>My final wish is: fuck all of it, lol! fuck the system, fuck the ruins, fuck all of humanity's progress. I want you to tear it all down, alone. >No I won't tell the mother units about this. >No I won't give proof that you have this mission>And I CERTAINLY won't make it look like you didn't take me down to the planet and murder me. >Now go and murder all of my creations including the mother units so you can tear down their only reason to exist >Later budThe only other villain is Trigger's stupidity for listening to them.

>>640238080Also Ashe being a human and a reploid's descendant.

>>640238074For all of the stupid audio dramas?megaman.fandom.com/wiki/Remastered_Tracks_Rockman_Zero_Telos_-_Drama_Track_TranslationsHere's a bit of them

>>640237827I hate cucking Zero like that


Attached: 1617289808326.png (546x458, 271.36K)

>>640238138Also Ashe being unbelievably hot

>>640238173it's not really cucking when he no way fags her

>>640238089That's what I mean too, those big bulky legs on reploids in the X series aren't actually their legs. It's just armor.>>640238146That doesn't look like over a thousand hours to me, champ. You wanna add something at least relevant to the topic or prove a point?

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 286.54K)

>>640238330>Here's a bit of themNow go google it you faggot

>>640238330> those big bulky legs on reploids in the X series aren't actually their legs. It's just armor.I wish they would be consistent about it. X5 has diagrams of X and Zero and it's clearly their legs.

>>640238359No, that burden is on you. You don't get that luxury, you're the one trying to prove to me otherwise.

So do you think there were humans fucking robot masters or did interspecies relations only start happening with reploids?

>>640238392X and Zero are robots, specifically made for combat. Roll is a house cleaning model so it's at least fairly consistent.

>>640238438I don't give a shit if you don't believe me.Why do you think I give a shit.

>>640238447Yes.Absolutely.We fuck things less complex than robot masters now.

>>640238447rockman-san has a girl marry strikeman and reploids are made more human so yes

>>640238447No because Robot Masters weren't wide spread like an actual population of an artificial race. Interspecies relations probably happened early on with reploids to an extent before the Sigma uprising and everything going sour for a few hundred years.

>>640238520Then why the fuck are you replying to me? Attention?

Attached: 1686058925809003.jpg (1322x913, 284.17K)

>>640238639To call you a retarded faggot.It's the internet you dumb fuck.

Attached: FyAiRT8agAETxHH.jpg (1322x913, 684.25K)

>>640238447probably began with reploids, the earliest one we know for certain i think is neige and kraft, but some 100% happened during the X series.

>>640238737So attention, got it.

>>640238787>the earliest one we know for certain i think is neige and kraft>forgets Andew

>>640238787We have Andrew and his dead human wife.

>>640238447There is certainly potential. If they can be treated as family, it's possible they could also be seen as romantic/sex partners.

>>640238841To be fair, Andrew is a widow.

Attached: Fairy.Leviathan.full.321905.jpg (900x1288, 94.11K)

The only thing I think of when I think of leviathan is the doujin where ciel tortures and rapes her with a cyber strap-on.

>>640239016Well there's only like two doujins that aren't complete dogshit chicken scratch.

Attached: 2e33b4e1288e012627f591fe0bc531f7.jpg (643x907, 176.86K)

>>640238987he's also old as shit

>>640238173He still has Layer and Cinnamon.

>>640218842>>X Dive to hit EoSYou say that like it's a bad thing

Attached: thrusterjob 2.jpg (1756x1637, 541.57K)

>>640239371Fuck i wish that were me

Attached: 1670777260186967.jpg (721x870, 144.38K)

>Light has X>Wily has ZeroWhat is the Cossack's legacy?

Attached: 6732cd33-53fe-4641-ba7b-0d5edb9d95dd.jpg (960x1280, 298.47K)

Attached: Fo-NbxlXoAEteCM.jpg (1641x2172, 302.41K)

>>640239518The XOver X clone?

Attached: 1547587824966.png (591x515, 251.52K)

>>640239087>>640239468Damn, X's DNA looks like that?

>>640239887Didn't know there was a version of that pic with glasses.

Attached: __leviathan_mega_man_and_1_more_drawn_by_chiwino__07b96809338c0e80ef99579ec8931506.jpg (830x930, 540.16K)

I had an idea where I had Mavericks be based on mythological monsters. Two of them were monster girls: Sonic Lamia and Weaving Arachne.

Attached: 40601703_p11.jpg (480x640, 135.58K)

Attached: 45904363_p0.png (994x965, 576.19K)

I'm glad she still gets lewds. I used to crush on her a lot as a teen but she only had like two lewds.

>>640240196Cute Lev.

Attached: depsi0d-ae3e1ca1-f13f-4d70-b77c-bb02c1b37d2e.jpg (684x786, 53.37K)

Attached: Fairy-Leviathan-megaman-31819539-693-1598.png (693x1598, 1.11M)

Attached: 9c5ad187648367eb5dd80fe5838777485cf1b30f.jpg (413x600, 106.51K)

>found out there was a megaman gacha game that had fairy leviathan as a character>the game shutting down on this septembertoo late like always...

>>640218062i think the problem of zero design is the stupid diaper

Attached: 544.jpg (720x554, 29.52K)

Attached: d4a54q-0ca7f640-d62f-47e8-88ba-e859d9b6c984.jpg (480x986, 247.99K)

>>640211468huh? daughter? HUH?

>>640240887The NA and EU versions are still up on mobile. Maybe we'll get a different Megaman Universe game that actually plays like one where she returns.

Attached: cheeky-christmas-leviathan.jpg (1293x1440, 551.85K)

I love my autistic wife Ciel.

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>>640211468Farts steam to avoid overheating.

>>640241042are NA and EU the original servers?

>>640241367No but they're the only servers that announced that they'll continue running despite the original one ending service.

Attached: Fairy.Leviathan.full.2395275.jpg (1200x1300, 417.31K)

>>640241512that's just them damage controlling

>>640241512Original server being down is death sentence for a gacha game

>>640241595Maybe but if you want to try it then there you go.

Attached: d8h8xkv-3ead6a98-11de-4c26-96dd-f4268c55ac7d.png (967x1131, 336.92K)

>>640240951Her eyes radiate big wife energy.

>>640241181I really like the French flattie scientist too, but how is she autistic?

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Attached: Fairy.Leviathan.full.3630868.png (1350x1500, 1.96M)

>>640241998Her swimsuit which she designed herself is autistic as fuck.

Attached: 1658521678092.jpg (1500x2000, 1.76M)

Attached: d1764c3d052995414e2a020804bbd0fe8535bd18.jpg (1668x1378, 2.31M)

Attached: a0d695e49374e11d20a6511dba9e5ba408c1ed74.jpg (3293x3876, 1.85M)

Attached: 8a900d40d5163c4d54c5479672f15d27f42fee0f.jpg (1550x1600, 1.54M)

Attached: 937bbebc538e1e80413c2a209e5358e8c7dfc20f.png (710x876, 474.35K)

Attached: FqYkL_WaYAIgpBI.jpg (1322x913, 587.97K)

Attached: Fanart_Leviathan_by_liline.png (538x875, 296.32K)

>>640211468Her figure is pure sex.

Attached: Screenshot_20230611_021341_Brave.jpg (1079x1468, 615.79K)

>>640242231>Her swimsuit which she designed herselfit was actually designed by rico

>>640243060Wasn't that a fanmade one?

Attached: 5c324d676e5ca9ea282bfda782795f6566590dc0.jpg (826x600, 73.9K)

>>640243247i did not know that.i want one so bad.

I wish more mmz doujins were scared

>>640243379In theory, couldn't you just print one with a 3D printer?

Attached: 9f1acefe1cc1901e57f72b542e4c685c42f1a42b.jpg (1417x1963, 214.53K)

>>640243527With a normal filament-based printer? Absolutely not. The tolerances aren't good enough. You'd need a resin printer at minimum, and then there's the issue of painting it.

>>640243604I have no idea how any of that works but that sucks. Maybe Capcom will release an official one eventually.

Attached: __leviathan_mega_man_and_1_more_drawn_by_semikichi__2dea92ff26fe24073380a537cf121485.jpg (800x566, 211.92K)

>>640243527i barely know how to use the breadmaker.

Attached: Screenshot_20230611_022643_Chrome.jpg (1062x1642, 604.66K)

Attached: __leviathan_and_ciel_mega_man_and_1_more_drawn_by_ukimukai__c12c62867851eda32b670ea3295b51c8.jpg (1008x1167, 127.78K)

Attached: __aile_leviathan_ciel_and_pandora_mega_man_and_4_more_drawn_by_kaidou_zx__697450a9b58d4a058c9e290d6b53348e.jpg (1257x878, 369.16K)

Attached: FjILYsWVIAAI4vo.png (688x270, 226.42K)

Attached: FhaTe_8XoAYTGsq.png (705x693, 9.42K)

Attached: __leviathan_mega_man_and_1_more_drawn_by_huanxiang_huifeng__ecde69c9231823003630c4a39fe47156.jpg (824x1397, 101.96K)

>>640243223It's a shame she couldn't get a dive armor before X Dive died.

Alright, it's late. I'm out.

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>>640236074We have an AI model too strangely enough I guess dedication goes a long way

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Attached: 025.png (800x800, 289.27K)

>>640225845>the game explainsNo, supplemental material like artbooks and interviews may explain it but the Zero series never acknowledges the visual differences between X and Zero series.>some of the people in the Resistance base are actually reploidsBit of an understatement when Ciel is the only human in the entire Resistance.

>coom megaman thread outlived an actual megaman thread