Playing this directly after TOTK

The Forest Temple took over 2 hours to explore and finish. It took me under 2 hours to complete all 4 "temples" in TOTKWhy is Nintendo so shit now?

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>>640211346>he Forest Temple took over 2 hours to explore and finishLmao...> It took me under 2 hours to complete all 4 "temples" in TOTKThere is, overall, way more to explore beyond the "temples".

>>640211346In BotW/TotK the open world meme took priority. Everything else like dungeons, satisfying progression, and enemy variety were de-prioritized.

>>640211683And>No items>No interesting NPCs>Uninspired towns>No sidekick>No special weapons>Generic unreal engine vomit grafix

>>640211346>It took me under 2 hours to complete all 4 "temples" in TOTKStop talking absolute shit. You wouldn't even get off the tutorial island in TotK in 2 hours. A segment which is better than thr entirety of Twilight Princess.

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>>640211970You're describing the first hours of TP

>>640212119how about I just gouge out your fucking eyes, would you like that you pathetic nincel

>>640212119that 2 hour "segment" was the only interesting part of the 100 hour game.

>>640212212unlike TOTK which is the entirety of the game

>>640212297>that 2 hour "segment" was the only interesting part of the 100 hour game.Nah you'll just keep shitposting.The first questline I did was the Rito quest, which took hours of handcrafted gamedesign occurring in open organic play, before I even got to the dungeon. This one quest alone decimates anything the Zelda series has ever done. TotK is the ultimate zelda.

I spent 15 minutes fucking around in the wind temple before I realized I needed the giant chicken as backup for that stupid wind fan bullshit

>>640212541nigger what? You just go through some caves and paraglide to the destination. That took hours?

Wind temple took me 45 minutes, but that's because I couldn't figure out how to get to the bottom of the ship by missing an incredibly obvious hole.

you started your thread admitting that you value autistic strict puzzle solving but thats never what Zelda was, the puzzles are to go along with the sense of exploration and adventure. You sound extremely clean cut in your preferences in that you want set, rote, dictated experiences and if i were to insult you for it id say its like you want a box with shaped holes in it and think walking around and looking at cool stuff is "boring".the games were good and all have different qualities but you have those games now so blustering and braying that new things are not like that is wilfully ignorant of what nintendo do and has done. >i played through Mario Odyssey once i play through Mario 3 every year, that means Odyssey is shit and boringit might be better sure but youre neurotic pissbaby whining about something being shit because its different from a company that loudly exclaims it keeps trying to do something different is insanity.i want another of every zelda game ive played but im not going to compare the GB games to the gamecube games and those to switch games like an autist

>>640212769>You just go through some caves and paraglide to the destination.Holla Forums reductionism at its most laughable.

>>640211346Twilight Princess is the worst 3D Zelda game. Even Skyward Sword is better.

>>640212119Casper knew this

>>640212875that's pretty much what you do though? Once you get to the sky area it's just a boring walk to the temple

>>640212297hard disagree, the tutorial island in totk felt like a slog. i really like great plateau in botw but this felt way more linear

>>640211346Literally all they had to do was take 10 or 20 of those stupid ass shrines and repurpose them into each dungeon as separate puzzle rooms so you can get a small key. I literally don’t understand why Nintendo is this retarded. No one unironically enjoys the shrines. After a certain point, it becomes busy work

>>640212119This. Twilight and Wind Waker incels are literally delusional. They are suffering from literal psychological issues.

>>640213062>Literally all they had to do was take 10 or 20 of those stupid ass shrines and repurpose them into each dungeon as separate puzzle rooms so you can get a small keyKek 4channel babies are such incomprehensible morons lmao

>>640211346The older Zelda games are infamous for filtering dumb people (muh water temple)Every person who gets filtered is a future lost saleBotW sold 30 million copies specifically because it didn't filter anybody. You need to accept that you aren't the target audience anymore. Nintendo will always follow the money, and there's no money to be had from the ~16% of the population with an IQ above 110.

>>640211346The only reason the Forest Temple takes 2 hours is because they play a fucking cutscene for every single time a monkey gets on a vine and then they have Midna pop out like "oh... monkey got on the vine... maybe you can do something... I dunno tho..." like jesus christ why does this game think I'm a retard fuck you and fuck Twilight Princess it's a game for people with brain damage.

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>>640213062this. Each area needs a dungeon equipped with a dungeon item and mini boss.

>>640211346>playing easy mode

>>640213062doesn't help that the shrines in totk are worse than botw

>>640213353Tp has skippable cutscenes

>>640213062Because it takes no effort and they know they'll sell to their zealots on brand alone.

>>640211346>The Forest Temple took over 2 hours to exploreUh? Its being retarded is a sign of pride?

>>640213534Pretty sure the puzzle highlight cutscenes aren't skippable but I never bothered to check.It's still a pace breaker though, and you can't skip Midna's dialogue.

>>640213353i dont remember much stuff from TP, but THAT was the water temple? that is what most retards complain about?

>>640211550But nothing coolFunny how that works

I'd like to play it again but I'm not dusting off my wii or emulating. Wish they would just port the HD versions of WW / TP to the switch already

>>640213419>this. Each area needs a dungeon equipped with a dungeon item and mini boss.I mean I gave up on them doing that anyway. If you want the whole game to be about Ultrahand and Recall then fine. But the way they designed these dungeons is so retarded. Getting 5 keys, lmfao. Honestly you might as well take the dungeons out of the game. These dumb ass Japs aren’t even trying anymore with this.

>>640213521I disagree. Shrines in totk, despite having less powers, have more variety. But they both still suffer from the problem of depending on a few tricks. Once you figure out those tricks you can easily do all of them

>>640213325lol I love how BOTW and TOTK mindbroke manchildren so hard they now pretend Zelda hasn't always been for literal 6 year olds.

>>640213419>Each area needs a dungeon equipped with a dungeon item and mini bossYou literally gain a companion/ability for completing each dungeon. The insane wealth of unique items/rewards hidden everywhere else for the player to discover by fucking EXPLORING absolutely rapes every other Zelda. How retarded are you?

>>640211970>No itemsTP had one time only items, at least the abilities in BotW/TotK are relevant for the whole game>No interesting NPCsMidna is the only interesting character in TP, BotW/TotK Champions and Sage are decent characters by Zelda standards>uninspired townsTP’s Kakariko Village is the worst version in the entire series tho. Kakariko and Hateno Village in BotW/TotK is much better.>generic aestheticTP is the worst looking 3-D Zelda tho

>>640213738Those don't count

>>640213815totk sucks man stop trying to justify your 70 dollar purchase

i love twilight princess :)

Keep seething /v,/troons.TotK is better than your favorite game.Verification not required.

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>>640213815>TP’s Kakariko Village is the worst version in the entire series tho. Kakariko and Hateno Village in BotW/TotK is much better.

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>>640213672Read so much about the water temple i ignored the forest temple part, oops

>>640212908It's the last good Zelda gamestraight forwardagithatakes less than 60 hours to do everythingpuzzle dungeonsagithaxbox 360 graphics on a friggin gamecubeagithamaybe i'm getting old idk but games that go on for 200+ hours is just fucked

>>640213874Makes the long intro worth it

>>640211550Like what? Empty land>Woaaahh I can use physics to move...a rock!

>>640214021>xbox 360 graphics on a friggin gamecube

>>640213874best song in the

>>640211970>UninspiredCringe word.

>>640213738uh no. Companions are whatever, I don't use them unless for boss fights in the depths. The champion abilities in botw were decent, sages suck ass in comparison. But unique items? The rewards are even less unique than botw due to the fact that you can fuse weapons to achieve the same effect, and weapons are barely a reward considering you'll just end up breaking them again. There's no actual unique rewards in totk

>>640213853Never disagreed with that. It’s just funny to watch TP fans pretending it’s one of the best entries when in reality it’s a low tier Zelda since Day One. OoT, MM and most of the 2-D games are objectively better.

>>640214047i like the intro honestly. i get it being too long for some, but playing as "normal" farmhand link is interesting and cool to me. also it's only like 45 minutes

>>640212875You literally do that though..?

>>640214001You know it’s true, TP’s Kakariko Village is absolutely hollow, boring and devoid of NPCs.

>>640214073hyrule field was perfect in tp. Each area was jam packed full of stuff to find and come back to later with new items.

>>640214206I think it's the fact you go right into a wolf that makes the intro annoying

>>640212837But instead you will write a novel on 4chan like an autist

>>640213874Jesus even the music is shit in this game.What happened to the catchy tunes the series was known for before this? TP's score is so

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>>640214308No user there are zero uses for the spinner and clawshots, bomb arrows and rod anywhere!

>>640214116Its beautiful but ruined in game because any enemy encounter will play over it. I always hated that oversight.Still, TotK has absolutely beautiful music too. Its a game of pure soul.

>>640214116oooh this is a good one too. i still have a soundtrack CD from nintendo power somewhere around here. i used to listen to it in my mom's car all the time way back when

>>640214316the wolf mechanic is the reason why my sister even played a zelda game

>>640211346>It's longer so that means it's good/betterOkay

>>640214395Odd brag about your furry sister

>>640214385yeah dominon rod is basically useless after you're done with it but you use the other stuff in hyrule field.

>>640214331not even the best songs from any of those

>>640212119>Stop talking absolute shit.NTA, but I literally LITERALLY beat the entire Fire Temple in less than 15 minutes with my hoverbike.

>>640214408people made fun of tp dungeons for having the same path but totk is literally just go to 4 different areas to do the thing. Only difficult one was the wind temple for the thing being hidden

>>640213672>>640214002People complain about the OoT Water Temple, not TP. And the only reason they do that is rather than being a horizontal linear series of rooms, it's a vertical linear series of rooms. Oh and people couldn't stomach .25 sec of taking off boots or putting them on.Zelda fans have always been retards.

>>640211970Based and truepilled

>>640214575>I literally LITERALLY beat the entire Fire Temple in less than 15 minutes with my hoverbikeYou ruined your experience by looking up cheap cheeses on the Internet. Sucks to be you.

more like TikTOK

>>640214712it's called creativity retard

>>640214308Like what? Moblin camps? Rocks? Trees? Mountains with nothing on top? Oh boy even Morrowind has more to do

>>640214502For me? It's

>>640211970>Generic unreal engine vomit grafixwhat are you even talking about?

>>640213738the companions are so incredibly fucking poorly implemented even DS Zeldas and their touch controls control betterYou will use them accidentally more often than not, will never be there when you want to use them, will cover the enemies to make combat a mess and are so shit in general you will want to turn all of them off except Tulin.

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>>640214783maybe if you tried looking around you would find it :)

>>640214783I don't understand how tp sold a single copy without endless amounts of empty space to run around with nothing in it

>>640214712>looking up cheap cheeses on the InternetI did that on May 2nd you fucking retard.

>>640213573>Its being retarded is a sign of prideit is on Holla Forums

>>640214501But who the fuck plays Zelda to run around Hyrule field? It's not elder scrolls where there is actually shit to do

>>640214979>endless amounts of empty space to run around with nothing in itThis is exactly why that game did so well.>oh but each area has like 2 bugs you can find haha

>>640214974If only it had giant assassin creeds towers to climb so I could mark shrines to run to

>>640214771>it's called creativity>>640214980>I did that on May 2ndI've been on 4chan long enough to know that none of you mentally ill babies has modicum of intelligence or creativity. You saw the hoverbike meme on reddit and copied it.Of course there's no "wrong" way to play TotK. But there is shit way to play it. Sorry I had more fun than you.

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>>640211346Open world memeshit is easier to make than a game like Twilight Princess >>640211550>There is, overall, way more to exploreLMAOCompare the item, enemy, and dungeon count of TP to TotK's.You cant make the quality over quantity argument since 1 TP dungeon mogs several of TotK's and other than Lynels the enemies are all trash mobs too. >>640212119>4 baby tier shrines (joke puzzles) are better than TPLmao>>640214783>Moblin campsThey're not talking about BotW >>640213738TotK has the worst party member mechanics n video game history, that's not hyperbole, I can't think of a worse example. >>640213815>TP had one time only itemsBow & Arrow, Ball & Chain, Hookshot>at least the abilities in BotW/TotK are relevant for the whole gameAnd TP's Master Sword and Ball & Chain alone have as many functions as the entirety of them, and the game is far better paced with better content.

>>640211346It takes about an hour and a half to do the temples in TP, and about the same to do the temples and "pre temple" parts in TotK. In fact, that's pretty standard for the entire series. The mansion in TP is one of my favorite temples in the series but overall the temples in TotK were fun and puzzle heavy.The people shitting on TotK are contrarians, as is usual for this board.

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>>640214835majoras mask really had the best ost

>>640215105I really don't get it maybe it's just not for me, why is running around empty space looking for stuff to do fun? You do that in lots of games but it doesn't blow everyone's minds like botw or totk seem toWhat about no man's sky that game fucking sucks all you do is run around an find shit to do, but it still has more to do than botw or totk, yet it's not raved about like the second coming of Christ?

>>640215060because it's fun to explore dense areas with stuff and not half a square mile of map? You don't like the game pointing out something that you can't do yet then coming back to realize you can do it now because you got the correct item?

>>640215307>and about the same to do the temples and "pre temple" parts in TotKWow how coincidental they're "about the same", too bad they're not. They have no forced enemy encounters, no minibosses, and you can skip most of the "puzzles" (e.g. just fly through the Fire temple to the terminals), they're the shortest dungeons in the series and a lot shorter than TP's

>>640215060i did in oot when i was kid. i would actually make up my own quests and oc in the game and play them out

>>640214967I love how Goro doesn’t even spawn half the time when you’re in small enclosed spaces in a random cave and need him to blow up some rocks. Like this is literally the only reason you need this dumbass and it doesn’t even work. So you’re forced to use bombs anyway

>>640215307Elden Ring's dungeons shit all over any of the TotK dungeons.

>>640215545yeah once you learn the puzzles you can do them all in like 15 minutes tops.

>>640215774Elden Ring has no content outside of dungeons and caves, the open world is just scenery with zero interactivity beyond killing monsters.

>>640216140that's definitely true. The open world is really just a less linear way of connecting the areas together.

>>640215774>Elden Ring's dungeons shit all over any of the TotK dungeons.Nah Elden Ring's dungeons are nothing but window dressing. Just empty rooms to walk through with utterly no interaction. TotK's dungeons involve puzzles, lateral thinking, spatial awareness, creativity and player agency - which offer up an entirely better type of gaming experience than anything Elden Ring can offer. I actually tried to play Elden Ring a few days ago, after a month of playing TotK, and holy fuck was it painful.

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>>640211346why are you playing an outdated game?

>>640216390>TotK's dungeons involve puzzles, lateral thinking, spatial awareness, creativity and player agencyall of this is in elden ring dungeons?

>>640212908>objectively the best combat with its biggest moveset>introduced the finishing blow, something WW was SORELY lacking>actual swimming, something literally no other game in the series has had>snowboarding>best boss spectacle >arguably the best dungeons>most in depth fishing mechanics>hottest zelda

>>640217080Elden Ring doesn't have any puzzles though.

how do i pirate totk on pc?

>>640216390>after a month of playing TotK, and holy fuck was it painful.Must be a challenge having to navigate a dungeon that isn't just a couple small rooms.

>tp is better than totk

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>>640217348Download it and download ryujinx.

>>640215643I did too user but I was about 9 years old and poor and there weren't many comparable games

>>640217326How did you get past the tower that you flip the interior upside down?

>>640215530I'm talking about botw/totk being empty and confused why people find it fun, not sure who would consider that map dense

>>640217592That's not a puzzle.

>>640217348yuzu has better performance but ryujinx has less bugs.>>640217624I was talking about tp retard. There's stuff around every corner

>>640217624shut up, retard

>>640217639Navigating through it is yeah. How did you get past any of the jumping puzzles? How did you get past the various silver tear balls?

>>640217483>ryujinxryujin was great a month ago when totk launched, but yuzu has surpassed them imo. fixed mostly all the visual glitches and you get way more frames. Obviously this is partially dependent on the hardware you're running, but yuzu runs alot better than ryu these days imo.

>>640217206>>objectively the best combat Debatable. Enemy design sucks relative to combat. Moveset was great though>>introduced the finishing blow, something WW was SORELY lackingElaborate why it was sorely lacking>actual swimming, something literally no other game in the series has hadDid you just skip MM? Or OoX? Or aLttP?>best boss spectacle lol no, the boss are trash and the spectacle is nothing out of the normal>arguably the best dungeonsThey're mid>most in depth fishing mechanicsKino>hottest zeldalol no.Good game, 8.8/10

>>640217882is there a site where I can get the xci/nsp files?

Just finished TotKThe entire ending sequence was kino as fuckGlad I stayed spoiler free for my whole 150 hours

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>>640214676Yet they're fine with pausing every 5 seconds to fuse, eat, fuse arrows every arrow, change weapons, goat hand, armor, and even clothes when the game switches from day to night and back to day. Pause, pause, pause. nuZelda fans are retards.

>>640211346>bringing up the shittiest temple in all of Zelda to talk down to anything

>>640214676>>640218614The MM temples were also far worse than Water Temple for menuing and watching cutscenes, yet it's still Water Temple that gets the hate for it.

>>640218614pausing takes half a second and gives access to hundreds of items on the fly. A feat no other Zelda game can claim. seethe more.

>>640217403Elden Ring is nothing but hitting people with sticks to progress.

>>640218773oh come on nigger it gets annoying after the 100th time scrolling to get a specific item that's not on the top of the list

>>640211346this is the last good zelda game

>>640218889>scrollingRetards always reveal themselves.

>>640217829>How did you get past the various silver tear balls?you kill them. I like Elden Ring's dungeons more but there's really basically nothing in terms of puzzles. Platforming is not a puzzle.

>>640218374>Elaborate why it was sorely lackingWW's moblins are easily knocked over on their backs. While they are in this state, they are literally invincible to any of your sword attacks. they will pass right through like air. Even when theyre getting up, your attack will do nothing. They have at least 7 seconds of invincibility getting up where your attacks do literally nothing, and they can sucker punch you right in the face. >Did you just skip MM? Or OoX? Or aLttP?Doggy paddling is not swimming. OoT and Lttp are just skimming the top of the water(plus sinking to the bottom and walking) or doing a corkscrew charge as a zora>lol no, the boss are trash and the spectacle is nothing out of the normalFyrus's buildup leading down into the ehart of the mines is great, a legendary goron corrupted into a faceless mosnter. His reveal is really enat and despite his fight being easy, having to don the boots and physically pull him to the ground is fun. Stallord is fucking great, get out of my face. Blizzaga's fight is great, and its rare(possibly even the only time in the series) where a friend youve been helping this whole time suddenly turns into a boss. having to use the reflections of the ice to see which crystal she's in is great. Using the ball and chain is neat, and fighting the darkhammer to get it was fun. You literally FIGHT zelda in her posessed form, something no zelda game has ever done. It utilizes her powers faithfully with her arrows and triforce powers. Bulbin has three fights, one of which is literally a jousting match, never before or since done in the series

let's talk about how good Nintendo PR has been to keep people convinced that there was ever any real vision or concerted direction taken by any given entry of this series when in hindsight they were clearly just winging it

>>640212119>You wouldn't even get off the tutorial island in TotK in 2 hoursAnd that's a good thing, because the tutorial island the best part of the game.

>>640219210>they were clearly just winging itThey were definitely winging TP. I don't really think the others had this issue, though WW was infamously unfinished.

>>640212214Why you mad though?

>>640218937this is all it comes down too. all the bitching doesn't change the fact. Skyward Sword was the beginning of casualization of the series

>>640219412TP development was so all over the place that one member of the dev team spent his work day making a holder for his Wii remote out of wire and rubber bands and he showed it to Miyamoto and he got chewed out and that's how they got the idea for the Wii zapper. This isn't a joke. That happened.

>>640212541Zelda II is still an objectively better game experience than TotK. Nintendo had one job to fix all of the 'iron boot' type problems, but kept them, and then introduced another problem where you could attach stuff to your arrows, so you have to mindnumbingly scroll through an entire inventory of junk to find the item you need for a specific situation cause you use it so rarely.

>>640214317>H-he's right! I'll call him an autist. DEFLECTO!!!

>>640211970But enough about TP.

>>640213007It is 100% impossible to walk to the sky temple. this shit is like a completely different game, the only thing that stuck was fighting a baboon with a huge ass

>>640214001You aren't supposed to post the truth in greentext, moron.

>>640218937It wasn't good then, and it isn't now. BotW and TotK are both vastly better than fucking TP, SS, and the 3ds games.

>>640219594Nigger, Zelda II is in my top 3 favorite Zelda games and I really think that you're massively exaggerating your statement.

>>640219991>my first game was minecraft

>>640218545I had the Twilight Outfit on during this It was kino

>>640219087>WW's moblins are easily knocked over on their backs. While they are in this state, they are literally invincible to any of your sword attacks. they will pass right through like air. Even when theyre getting up, your attack will do nothing. They have at least 7 seconds of invincibility getting up where your attacks do literally nothing, and they can sucker punch you right in the face.Well that's neat, although I guess it's another issue with WW since ragdolling enemies wasn't a thing before that.>SwimmingTP swimming is the same as MM, just slower and you have throw on the iron boots to sink to the buttom>SpectacleSee, pic related is an example of a good spectacle boss. Most TP fights are too boring or too short to make for a fun spectacle.

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>>640219594played Zelda II on that gamecube promo disc and sunk so many hours into it as a wee laddidn't really play the first Zelda but there was something about that second one that was good

as time goes on I start to think maybe that >Zelda 1 is the only good Zelda guy is right

>>640220427the stallord boss in arbiters grounds was pretty coolthat whole dungeon was really cool


>>640219003oh please just because you dont scroll a mouse wheel doesn't mean it's not scrolling. Disingenuous faggot>>640219067so you overleved to the point where you can kill the enemies that were specifically made to be avoided?

>>640211346that dungeon isn't two hours long bro

>>640211346youre a rushing faggot so who cares what you think

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>ZELDA'S SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT THE DUNGEONS!>w...i, is Zelda supposed to be about the dungeons?

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>>640215545U haven't played the game, they are minibosses in the "pre temple" sections and also you can't use zonai devices in temples so basically u can't fly.

>>640211346>The Forest Temple took over 2 hours to explore and finish.

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>>640211346>The Forest Temple took over 2 hours to explore and finishHOW THE FU .....HOW?!?!

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>>640220427>TP swimming is the same as MM, just slower and you have throw on the iron boots to sink to the buttom????? how do you think you get to the water temple?

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I completed TP in 3 days and I was a moronic 14 yo teen. The only temple that took me more than 1 hour to complete was the water temple.

>>640211346>The Forest Temple took over 2 hours to finishI see trannies continue the false flagging operations, no matter how much you seethe, shit or dial8, Tears of the Kingdom will be GotY, Nintendo will continue to be ran by old dudes who don't give to shits about the west faggotry and you will never be a woman

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>>640211346>It took me under 2 hours to finish all 4 temples in ToTK.Well, first off, there are 5. Secondly, no it didn't.

>>640211346>The Forest Temple took over 2 hours to explore and finishno you didn't. you are just a seething false flagging fagget

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funny thing is someone exaggerating and saying it took them 2+ hours to do a dungeon in Twilight Princess is not a new phenomenon but when people said it before it was not praise

>>640211346twilight princess sucks dude. you have very bad standards

>>640211346It's a kids game user.

>>640223120based selfie poster

>>640211346No one wants to sit and do 2 hours of a dungeon in 2023, and god forbid you have to stop playing before one is finished for a day or two and come back, because you'll have no idea what's already been done and what you need to do next. The format is outdated and BotW and TotK's success has shown that we prefer the new format.

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>>640213062>No one unironically enjoys the shrinesOn Holla Forums maybe. But, in real life, people love them. Myself included.

>>640223283no normal person with a functional brain takes 2 hours in the forest temple. op is just a retard

>>640214937If I had to guess it's because the GI factor is turned up to 11 for no reason and causes the whole scene to get washed out by a single colour

I need to replay a few of these to see if they should be where they are, I recently replayed alttp and it sunk a lot. As for the seasons games, I just don't remember them too well. Post yours user!

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>>640211346BoTW took empty as fuck areas from WW/TP and weapon durability and stamina drain from Shitward sword but it gets called revolutionary the Great Plateau at least wasn't a fucking slog like every other 3d Zelda

>>640223303Uuuh, no.

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>>640214676>>640218768The OoT Water Temple's great filter was the key under the floating block. The spatial perception needed to find that isn't common enough among gamers. In the 3DS remake they added a cutscene to highlight it.

Anyone else remember those rumors that TP would use fixed top-down view for the dungeons?

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>>640215272>I've been on 4chan long enoughis that why you still redditspace?

>>640224024Double-spacing paragraphs enhances readability, you little clown. Everyone with average intelligence does this.

>>640211346i haven't played a zelda game since minish cap and i have been enjoying the fuck out of totk. did I fuck up by skipping botw? Would you guys say any of the older zelda games have both aged well and are worth playing? (including botw)

>>640224454BOTW and TOTK have both aged terribly

>>640211346Listen user, I am a TP fan, it is one of my favorite Zelda games only behind OoT, BotW and AlbW, yes I'm also an Imp fucker, I have drawn lewd Midna fanart, who knows maybe you even fapped to one of my drawings...but you just can't compare TotK to TP, at least gameplay wise, Tears is just objectively better, TP has more Soul however, that is something I'm willing to admit, the point is you don't have to lie, just fucking say it, you like classic 3D Zelda more than open world Zelda

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>>640224454You won't be able to enjoy botw after playing totk.

>>640223503SS is the HD version. I'd drop it 1 if not 2 tiers for the original.Also, I really need to play more of the 2D series, especially ALBW.

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>>640224562>you like classic 3D Zelda more than open world Zeldaa man of culture, intelligence, and wealth, I see.

>>640214001It’s true though?

Skyward Sword had a great OST and I'm tired of pretending it didn't

>>640224696>zelda 2 enjoyerMy nigga

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>>640217080Some of this is in some of the Elden Ring dungeons.

>>640213353I still give the cutscenes a pass because of the 2006 nostalgia.I really want to back to 2006.

>>640218545>Zant's Revenge

>>640211346God I wish there was a mod to unfuck the horseback and underwater swimming controls. I've offered hundreds but there's not a single autist that knows how to mod it.

>>640219419Zelda has always been a casual series. It's always been great, but it definitely hasn't ever been harder than casual.

>>640212875What the fuck are you talking about? There is virtually no Rito "quest."

>>640211346I do enjoy the freedom of movement, the new mechanics letting you do all kinds of crazy shit, and hell I actually like the new characters. The final boss is great even if the last phase is just spectacle with no challenge.But why oh dear god did they fire whoever made those cool as fuck enemies? I like Tears and I liked Breath, I did, but there's just no comparing the two. Walking in on this right here, this was something special. And this was normal. Shit, the sheer creativity of the Beyblade fight still sticks out to me even. The monsters were so unique and the fights could be so fun. I get it, this is an open world so you're going to see a lot of repeats, and I fully acknowledge Tears was a massive step forwards compared to BOTW, it's not even close. Tears has you spot a three headed dragon off in the distance and you can just run right the fuck up on that thing and fight it, that's great. But I miss the dungeons having cool monsters and bosses. The closest it got, the absolute closest, was Fire Temple having that three headed lava dragon pop up before the temple. That was great! It was unexpected, it let you use the mechanics in a great way, it was fun, but it was too easy. I wanted more than three hits while it barely even seemed to attack me. When a giant ass skeleton appeared in a sand temple you knew shit was going down.You've got the mechanics, you've got the world, now please, give me some more surprised in it. That's not too much to ask, right?

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>>640219571What the fuck? Why? Jesus Christ.

>>640214712This isn’t really an argument. Simple logic always leads to the hover bike. It took me until the second depths mine in the Koga quest line to have done enough experimenting to understand the battery mechanics and already be on that path. The more weight and pieces to an assembly the faster your battery drains. From there it’s simple reasoning. My first several didn’t angle the fans and used a platform. Then i realized you could ditch the platform for just the controller. Then I fucked around with the fans and was basically there. It’s just too heavily incentivized with how the battery was designed not to eventually pursue a lowest common denominator result. You have to impose limitations on yourself as a result. Same thing with the rocket shield inside shrines.

>>640226274One of the Yiga blueprints is a bike that is just the controller, wheel piece, stabilizer and 2 lights. I think there's a few other preset blue prints like this. Once you realise Link needs no other platform than the controller, it's pretty short leap in thinking to start trying to make the most efficient bikes possible using only the controller and wheels/fans. Most players seems to then reach either the hover bike or hover segway design.


>>640225883and Miyamoto's original idea instead of Link's Crossbow Training was for Link to be a terminator from the future with an actual gun

>>640226873alright this has to be fake

>>640214712lmao that 2 fan hoverbike is way too efficient and game breaking as shit. should've nerfed the physics so you need atleast 3-4 fans to hover properly.


>>640214712Not him but I had 10 rocket shields at all times for any shrines/temples that I could cheese using the ridiculous height advantage it gives

>>640212908And they're both still better than the open world meme games.

>>640214307it's music theme clears your nu fake zelda totk/botw tho cope

Why do I tear up whenever I hear rito village/colgera/dragonroost island ost.

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>>640211346>5 hours into toilet princess>farm sim bullshit, wolf bullshit, collect twilight tears or some shit, shitty linear monkey dungeon, more wolf bullshit, second dungeon where game finally starts>5 hours into tears of the kingdom>4 shrines, get access to every single major power up, fully explore largest sky island, access to vehicle building, land on surface, full access to anywhere on hyrule, preliminary exploration into abyssToilet Princess is - at its best - an inferior clone of Ocarina of Time. It has narcoleptic pacing, cutscenes out the ass, the slowest intro in the series, and shitty wolf segments. Some decent dungeons and a great sidekick aren’t enough to elevate it to Tears of the Kingdom’s level.

My genuine opinion as someone who's played Zelda his whole life.

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>>640225743agreed 100% user, botw needed way more enemy variety and unique set pieces. Totk was the perfect time to do that if they were going to reuse the map, but they put everything into the ultrahand mechanics instead. one that stuck out to me was lurelin village, they hype up this pirate gang the whole game, and then you get there and its just more bobokins. would have been way cooler just to have some generic pirate enemies. Every area in the game should have some kind of unique monster basically, if not multiple

>>640214001He's right even if BotW sucks, but FUCK the soulless TotK versions. Just depressing.

>>640211346>It took me over 2 hours to complete the Forest Temple.90% of which was cutscenes.

>>640228170disgustingly abhorrent taste but you get a pass for rightfully putting lttp at the top

>>640228170I don't think anyone could agree to this.

>>640211346TP is so good.

>>640211346The wind temple took me a depressing amount of time to beat. I didn’t know I could open up the ceiling to the skydiving laser room.

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>>640226964>2 fan hoverbikeI wasn't the only one who thought of this as well too lol

>the amount of seethe in this thread

Attached: 1627882061902.jpg (268x284, 9.52K)

>linear as fuck and tons of handholding>cringeworthy cutscenes>little to no innovation, doesn't even improve the formula from the N64 games>Link isn't as mobile as in previous games (Wind Waker Link could crouch and hide)>filler tear segments>shitty tryhard atmosphere for grimdark niggers>too much expository dialogue>artstyle that aged like milk>swimming feels awful>non-existent difficulty even by 3D Zelda standards>final boss was predictable and boring>dungeon design is basically on rails>worst looking bokoblins in the series>most enemies are beaten in pretty much the same way: look for an opening, rapidly hit the B button until it recovers from the assault and guards again, rinse, repeat>crappy story, failed to explain anything in a compelling manner>NPCs are soulless and not engaging, you can't even interact with most people in Castle Town>worst battle music in the series, which also ruined the Midna's Lament track>barely any sidequests>basically no interconnected areas except for Lake Hylia>Death Mountain Area is a fucking line with no branches or secret areas>LITERALLY A FUCKING LINE>item usage was limited>potions, fairies, upgrades, and the like are useless and offer no variety>babby tier puzzles (open the door by shooting an obviously placed eye switch, woooow)>dull soundtrack>both the overworld and villages are shallow and not dynamic>no free-roaming, gotta wait for the plot to explore other areas

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>>640217432it's facts cry about it nu zelda tourist

>>640211346Damn, that looks pretty cool.I don't remember it looking that good, although I did play it in the Wii, so that may explain it.

There is no actual good Zelda game, it was all in your head. Yes, yours too.

>>640211346It baffles that me that anyone can think this game is good. It had some great ideas but nothing was fully realized because at its core this game was Aonuma throwing shit against the wall in a desperate attempt to save the franchise from B-list hell.

totk is S

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it is fascinating how zelda fans are the exact example of what happens when you just eat goyslop garbage and start eating your own fanbase alive by revising your own historynow that TOTK has officially cemented the BOTW formula into what zelda will be forever, now these pathetic faggots need to go back and justify their changed, shit taste, all in the name of defending their holy grail company nintendotwilight princess was always debated, but now seeing schizos in this thread completely revise the overall history behind what people thought of it is incrediblewatch, a year from now, wind waker is going right back to being outright hated, along with majora's mask. JUST so these faggots can justify why they think TOTGMOD is an objectively good game.

Attached: bewildered.jpg (720x817, 58.49K)

also daily reminder you stupid faggots, you can call people snoys or trannies all you want, but at the end of the day, to justify those sales numbers, you have to accept they're sitting on YOUR side you fucking retards, your kind absolutely do not make up the majority of those sales. It's predominantly normies/trannies/snoys. Good luck ever justifying that to anyone that doesn't have their heads straight up their asses. You're the reason nintendo will never go out of their way to innovate or make anything of real substance anymore. fuck.

>>640234495this is gonna sound crazy but you can like two different things at once.

>>640234756about the response i expect from a braindead retard like yourselfi genuinely dont know why i tried here and let emotions go, fuck it. nintendo's dead, about as dead as the average fan's brain.

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>>640211346>The Forest Temple took over 2 hours to explore and finishHoly SHIT

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>>640234490move links awaking to Aocarina to Stwilight to Aswap phantom for seasonand we're goodhaven't played TotK


>>640211346Are we now pretending that Twilight Princess isn't utter dogshit until you get to the Arbiter's Ground?

>>640234980i'll post mine i guess

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>>640234490Spirit Tracks is a straight up improvement over Phantom Hourglass.

>>640235226im scared of trains

>Play TP>Spend hours and hours climbing back and forth to solve shit one room puzzles to beat easy bosses in a literally fucking empty overworld>Play TOTK>Spend hours and hours climbing back and forth to solve shit one room puzzles to beat easy bosses in a literally fucking empty overworldThey're more similar than you disingenuous faggots are letting on, the presentation is simply different

>>640211346Why would you want a temple to waste that much of your time? It's such a slog. TotK had perfect temple lengths, older Zelda games have temples that vastly overstay their welcome.

>>640235280>literally fucking empty overworld

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>>640235210BotW should be higher but pretty good listThe DS games have a mod to let you use traditional controls just in case that was holding you backthey're still some of the worst games in the series even with fixed controls

>>640235395hyrule field in twilight princess is fucking legendarily empty

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>>640235286that's what i enjoyed about older zelda gamesbooting up that save in a temple was magicalthis time we're gonna finish it

Twilight Princess is kino

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>>640235261choo choo, fuckboy

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>>640235419i don't know what it was but i didn't click with botw at all. which is funny because totk is great, i'm in love with it. though i also think botw's story was better, a bad end introduction is cool


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the trade of tp is "everything but dungeons is weak" and it was a worthwhile trade for that game.

>>640235775>TP: Everything else is medicore but the dungeons are good>SS: Everything else is bad but the dungeons are great>BotW/TotK: Everything else is good but the dungeons are bad

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>>640236017the dungeons in totk are good though

>>640235683waited years to play BotW because the trailers and gameplay footage wasn't doing it for mebut when i did play it, it was actually really good. sunk about 40-50 hours into itjust seems odd to me that BotW is low but TotK is high. they're literally the same gamei don't think any other Zelda games are so identical but is all good

i just want to say, TOTK is my favorite zelda, (yes i have played mostly all of them and grew up with them) i feel sorry for those who are too jaded, or otherwise, to enjoy this great game... sad!

>>640224729>>640219848Same fag kys

>>640236081I actually thought the ones in botw were more unique. People whined about aesthetics and Nintendo ended up dropping the holistic approach to them.

>>640235461not enough copy-pasted koroks or some faggot holding a sign every 10 meters for you? the overworld in TP serves it's purpose just fine and it's much better than the god awful empty ocean in WW.

>>640213029I'm a fan of TotK and I actually agree with this. Plateau also felt shorter which made the 1-2 tutorial shrines you find elsewhere feel more understandable. But not only did the sky island take a while, you'll also find like 6 or more tutorial shrines like "USE A SNEAK ATTACK ON THE ENEMY" which should have just been included in the island in some way.But my biggest problem with it is that it sets up wrong expectations for the rest of Hyrule's sky. I really wanted more islands that felt like contained regions, instead we just get small archipelagos with one-off challenges and rewards.

>>640236265totk defenders are content addicts. it's about the quantity.

>>640236081They feel weaker than BotW. I'm happy that they weren't all puzzle boxes and that the bosses were more varied design wise, but they were very simplistic and the bosses were mostly a reduction in complexity.

>>640236017>but the dungeons are goodBut they weren't. TP's dungeons are linear and easy as fuck. You never hold more than 1 small key at a time and rarely are left wondering where to go next. Snowpeak Ruins and maybe Arbiter's Grounds are the only good dungeons in TP.

>>640236245the dungeons were okay probably less okay if you grew up playing the older games like most of us didthe big thing about these new games is getting to the dungeons is the most challenging part

>>640236346Well TP is lacking both in quantity and quality.

>>640211346>The Forest Temple took over 2 hours to explore and finish.Are you mentally impaired?

I love Twilight Princess.

>>640215545>player is given freedom>this is a bad thingSo glad Nintendo is outing people as hylics with their recent releases.

>>640236265TP's Hyrule Field is literally emptier than BotW/TotK's Hyrule Field.

>>640215545have you played ALBW worlds retard? you can beat most of those dungeons in under 5 fucking minutes

>>640218374ESL detected

>>640236380Those are also shit. TP is all spectacle, there's nothing even remotely difficult beyond maybe the stone statue puzzle.

>>640236380Hyrule castle in TP is a labyrinth of keys and rooms and doorsstill very linear but easy to get lost. one thing i will give BotW/TotK credit for is 3d maps

>>640213062Some of the shrines are so easy too, it's kind of pathetic

The average shrine in TotK has more complexity than any dungeon in Twilight Princess.

>>640217432All classic Zelda games are better than botwitter and tiktotk, games designed to be shilled for meme physics clips

>>640236715then why is the rest of it so good

>>640236708come on now you're not even trying anymore

>>640236715thats crazy, ive beaten every classic zelda and TOTK is my favorite, also im 40

>>640236776No wonder, your brain got fried as you reached 40 so you're enjoying physics nonsense than actual puzzle oriented dungeon crawling games. You also likely browse tiktok to watch 12 year old girls dance thinking they'd fuck you.

>>640236845fifty bucks says this guy struggles with puzzles so he needs classic zelda where the camera zooms in on the answer.

>>640236845it is so funny how unhappy and hateful you are, it is not a surprise that you cannot enjoy new things. i genuinely hope you find happiness though, good luck in life!

>>640236914Okay make a classic Zelda game without those camera zooms. I'm glad we agree that'd be 200 times better than>ULTRAHAND + RECALL LUUUL, ALSO CHECK MY DICK ROBOT! :D:D:D

>>640236775Most puzzles in TP just involve hitting switches or blatantly using your newly acquired dungeon item. Even the average TotK shrine requires a little lateral thinking.

>>640236953That girl on tiktok won't fuck you bro.

>>640236989>he has to cheese every puzzle because he cant figure it out

Attached: file 171x278_003329.jpg (171x278, 14.55K)

>>640236914>Study the map, learn all the minecart routes, work out how to all the switches interact, all to navigate to your intended root>Nah I'll just climb lolLet's not pretend the totk puzzles and dungeons are hard.

>>640236715the physics in BotW was one of the things that impressed mestill a bit overkill. never once did i think better light this field on fire to use the updraft to fly especially when you get the jump thing after beating one of the beastsstill cool but most of those physics mechanics i never really used

>>640237043i dont use tiktok lol, but keep seething, i will enjoy a new classic while you shitpost on 4chan

>>640237056Make the fucking puzzles uncheesable then, that's what I'm fucking asking for. Get rid of the normie solution. Breaking older games felt fun because you actually had some resistance to it.

>>640237092I don't force myself to enjoy a game not designed for me. Nor am I a braindead faggot to go for shitty positivity bullshit from normies. I am just a bit melancholy classic Zelda won't return and no one in the gaming industry is able to make good "Zeldalike" games, that was only something Nintendo could do, and now its gone forever.

>>640236845>You also likely browse tiktok to watch 12 year old girls dance thinking they'd fuck you.The kind of projection that only the genuine article could muster.

>>640237056>>640237125there is no cheese in totk, the puzzles are designed to be open-ended. typically if they want you to solve a puzzle in a single way (some of the shrines on the way up to the wind temple do this) they will literally force you into one solution

>>640237268im not being fake positive, i do hope you find happiness, and i do feel for your desire to see a more classic approach to zelda

>>640237037so does TP. there's plenty of time where you have to study a puzzle to get to a solutionyes a lot of it is; pushing blocks, blowing stuff up, hitting a switch. typical stuffbut it still requires some patience and practice.

>>640237369The only fucking puzzles in TP that require any of that are the sliding ice block puzzles. All of the others are braindead.

>>640237317Options are objectively a bad thing if there's one streamlined optimised solution to everything. Why'd I try to build that thing to slide on rails when I can just use something else that requires less effort and time?

>>640212837>you started your thread admitting that you value autistic strict puzzle solving but thats never what Zelda wasthis has been objectively true prior to botw though, didnt read the rest

>>640236081it's just complete cognitive dissonance to believe this if you have any frame of reference to previous 3d zeldas

>>640237317>there is no cheese in totk, the puzzles are designed to be open-ended.Just because it's open ended doesn't mean it's not cheese. Rocket shields are the obvious example:>brain dead to figure out>easy to execute>works in a ton of situationsRocket Shielding is a solution to a ton of puzzles. It's simple to execute (fuse, boost, glide) and usually requires far less reasoning than other solutions. It's bonafide cheese.

>>640237498all of zelda rather than just 3d zelda I'd argue. TotK and BotW dungeons are likely the worst in the franchise.

>>640237498i probably started playing zelda before you were born but ok

>>640237348I'd honestly not mind BotW or TotK if they did not kill the rest of the franchise for them

>>640237498its not, oot is my second favorite zelda, the TOTK dungeons are good, and there are more puzzles in TOTK than any other zelda ever old zelda dungeons are pretty fucking easy, i just beat OOT again a month or so ago and they took me like 20-30 mins

>>640237418can see a lot of TP puzzle design in BotW / TotKin the City in the Sky you have throw a bomb into an updraft, but if carries it too far, it blows up in the wrong spot. you gotta throw the bomb quickly pull out the bow and shoot the bomb at the right time when its flying across the room. thats just step one.very similar to a couple shrines in BotW / TotK only difference is you run out of bombs if you mess up enough

>>640237498In older 3D zelda games, dungeons just involve pushing a block, hitting a switch or killing all the enemies in the room. The best puzzles were the ones that required you to think outside the box for the solution, e.g. jumping from high up to break the web in the Deku Tree. That's pretty much a standard physics based puzzle in BotW/TotK.

>>640237626you shouldn't bring up oot. its easy to say every adult dungeon in oot is stronger than any singular totk dungeon. if every dungeon in zelda is easy, it then comes down to which dungeon is the least easy or most interesting in design. the forest temple in oot stomps all over anything in totk not because it is hard but because it is a well executed and themed puzzle box. even if the puzzles are easy. there was an intention and it was executed well for it's time. since then standards gave risen and totk fails to reach the bar even oot set honestly. it's pathetic.botws divine beasts are stronger puzzle boxes than any totk dungeon barring maybe lightning temple.

>>640237626pretty smug that i can blast through the water and spirit temples nowbut thats only because i know those dungeons like a speedrunner now

>>640237830>TotK requires to think outside of the boxI just found a blessing shrine whose big requirement was to pick up a rock from a pond and drag it 20 feet over to the shrine it was connected to. It was in a random cave. There's also a shrine whose sole requirement is to give a Korok 5 golden apples. The shrines aren't that great outside of a few memorable ones like the nude shrines and the trap door one.

>>640227378'Cause Dragon Roost Island is great

>>640211346Your first non-Nintendo game is gonna blow your mind

>>640238862suggest one

>>640214021Agitha is not as good as Yeta, but I understand your affliction.

>>640220613... I'm glad someone listened.I just wish we'd gotten a Zelda 2 remake instead of all this nonsense we've been getting. I mean who honestly asked for Link's Awakening NINTENDO?WHO?Fucking Nipponese don't even want to touch nestroid...I swear those people's brains are boiled like eggs.

>>640238862>bloweh, they don't blow, they suck, tried Ragnarok, Survivor and Hogwarts

>>640240358well links awakening is the best 2d zelda so who wouldnt want it

>>640220613bomb wall simulator is only impressive for the year it was released in.

TP sucks too

>>640236017>Everything else is goodnot even true.

>>640214308I heard people say TP was empty as fuck all the time when it came outI fucking hate this post ironic shitposting culture

>>640240358The real problem I have with sequels is that they're basically just comfort food. They're not what original indie games are to AAA sodomy. They're just mindless booze. Sequels will forever be cursed to be lesser than their original for 1 reason only, because the very idea of a sequel is one born out of the promise of profit, not quality. The quality is always secondary to the profit. It's why call of duty has been doing this shit since 2007, to think that was 16 years ago.>>640240591Yet Zelda 2 remains the black sheep till this day, and Nintendo refuses to release their countless re-attempts at that game to the public.

>>640240871the fan remaster was pretty good

>>640240358LoZ is only good from in terms of general systems and concepts. Eg Freedom, good progression and sequence breaking, lots of dungeons that are of decent quality, challenging, good items.It's less impressive when you look at things closer. Combat is challenging, but incredibly simplistic compared to future games. The game is only difficult because the devs decide that lock you in rooms with 8 Darknut/Wizzrobes. Puzzles never move beyond bombing walls and pushing blocks.

>>640240747People change user, I feel the curse every night and day.

>>640211346>It took me under 2 hours to complete all 4 "temples" in TOTKHyperbole doesn't make your argument look better. It just shows you have no ground to stand on.

>>640241089>the game is only challenging because it incorporates enemies with unique attack and movement patterns in tandem with one anotherpretty standard video game stuff that you'd think a game from 2023 could incorporate instead of having everything rubberband you at varying speeds

>>640212214Why are Snoys who never played Zelda pretending they're old fans and shitting on TotK?

>>640211346The only original thing BotW/TotK did was adding a bunch of MMO tier quests to the games. Why have actual main game content when you can just deliver 16 Hinox Guts to Some Guy in Buttfucknowhere Cliffs?

>>640241089I don't judge games from future perspectives. Zelda 1 was a classic of its era. None of the sequels truly captured that magic that spawned countless sequels. Ocarina was great, but it wouldn't have happened without the Tower of Druaga inspired original.>>640241213Blame Nintendo for their Mario galaxy design philosophy to nearly every game they make these days.

>>640240608>bomb wall simulator?...totk? I swear to god if I go into another cave that's just breakable rock spam, i'm turning this game off

>>640241213Yeah, but what I mean is that the game isn't actually capable of creating a challenge without flooding the screen with enemies. AoL has enemies that are individually challenging, and can thus create a challenge by forcing a gauntlet of weaker enemies or by confronting with you with a single or small number of harder enemies. It makes for more interesting and less monotonous encounter design.

>>640241464Yeah but eventually you just get hammer bros or nestroid tier mindfuckery which is, in retrospect, a sidegrade to mobs. Unless we're talking about Hyrule Warriors, in which case, I fully agree with you.

Why hasn't Zelda gone the way of Shadow of the Colossus by now? Why? Is nintendo allergic to things that are less like games and more like art? I'm just saying, video games evolved from Super Mario Bros. because that game proved the medium could be more than just endless arcade rompups that are really just glorified gacha machines when you think long and hard about it.

>>640241424thats like 10% of caves, if even that.

>>640241424dunno man Im not touching this trash game.

>>640217206SS had actual swimming

>>640241424use a cannon

>>640241464Agree to disagree. There's something about the sort of "battle maze" concept that I love and is encapsulated better in Zelda 1 than anywhere else.

I remember someone saying Shadow of the Colossus was the beginning of Sony movie games, but that's ironic considering God of War was released that same year, 2005. Like you do realize there is a world of difference between a quick time event rompup and a game that is focused solely on exploration and a sense of adventure?

>>640238137most people never find the cave retard. hence why it is a blessing shrine. most people are not gonna find 1000 koroks.

>>640242484Tower of Druaga was its inspiration, you'd love that game. Just have to know where to look. Explore, try new things, you'll never what you'll stumble upon.

What gets me about BotW/TotK is that despite everyone claiming they're like LoZ, they're NOTHING like LoZ, but also they would be a lot better if they were.Imagine discovering dungeons organically, each one was full of challenging combat encounters, and you got a cool new item each time. Why weren't BotW/TotK like that? Why was their progression so frontloaded? Why were there so few mandatory combat sequences with intricate enemy placement? So much less satisfying than it needed to be.

>>640228358They should've had aquatic dinolfos near the sea

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>>640213325I know this is bait but every child in my school completed OoT at the time lol

>>640242708You know, while we're at it, which takes the crown, Zelda I or Nestroid? I personally prefer the latter.

>>640242828It is a fact that kids beat more video games than adults. And it's not because they have more free time.

>>640242708>Why was their progression so frontloaded?because they wanted a true epic nonlinear open world moron experience, and being gated through items would go against that.

There are parts I liked about totk, but I sorely miss the old zeldas where you're on an actual adventure.Also, who thought it was a good idea to make ganondorf so smug in totk? Even did the come at me hand wave after getting completely destroyed moments earlier

>>640240747I've been very critical of TP back when it came out and years afterMy biggest issue with it is that there was too much focus on the main story of the game and not a lot of side content to fuck around with. However I consider the scale of TP and BotW/TotK and I can't bring myself to bitch about TP anymore. It's at least manageable, you're not wasting a considerable amount of time on fucking nothing. OP is complaining about it taking under 2 hours to finish temples in TotK but I feel the opposite, not in a good way either.

While I kind of enjoyed myself playing for the most part, I ended up disliking the game on reflection. I didn't like the combat and almost all the puzzles were too easy. Finding the caves and stuff like that was nice but only a very small handful feel substantial. That's a theme for most of the game actually and for me that problem surpasses anything you could say about the combat, the puzzles or anything else you care to name. The thing you're doing is over just as you're getting started: no shrine is more than three rooms large, there is no Spirit Temple using the robot, there is no Deku Tree roots dungeon just a copy-pasted miniboss. You end up pissing about the map until the next tiny distraction then you're on your way again, it feels repetitive (the actual content is reptitive too, especially the shrine where almost all big islands have one of about 3 shapes and all the shrines are some variant of carry the crystal blessings.>>640242118So that means it's acceptable then? Totally fucking pointless and only exists to waste your time

>>640221245>so you overleved to the point where you can kill the enemies that were specifically made to be avoided?lol filteredthere has never been an enemy in any souls game which was meant to be avoided permanently

>>640243110Just nipponese culture. There are so many more games out there that would surpass your expectations than you think. Also, Tower of Druaga was quite a hit in Japan that... there's an anime series of it. Yeah.

>>640236265It serves it's purpose of having fucking nothing to do excellently

>>640240747Honestly people need to learn that empty space can be a good thing.BotW would unironically be a better game if all the korok seeds were deleted, and replaced with nothing. I'm serious.If you don't have to constantly worry about searching for dripfed content, the way you think and feel about the game changes. You can just look at the world and breathe in the atmosphere. This is most noticeable in Death Stranding, a lot of it is just traversing the environment, it has problems but the moment-to-moment vibes are great.And of course BotW's map should have been a lot smaller. The size of it was purely a marketing gimmick and made the game worse.

>>640243402It's really just an intermission for the quests. A loading screen if you will. Just like real life...

>>640237523It works on like 20 of the shrines

>>640211346>The Forest TempleAnd now you'll play temple structured in the exact same way for 40 hours, good job

>>640236845You might see the appeal once you grow up and your brain fully develops

>>640220613Yep, it's what happens when sequels are allowed. Imitations made by different people who seek to prove themselves are better than the asskissing monopolies of today.

>>640242484Well as far as battle mazes go, I don't think AoL's the Great Palace has been topped. Actually BotW Hyrule Castle was pretty solid, waterfall shortcut aside.>>640242708While they share similar philosophies, the system and encounter designs that are used to express the underlying philosophy are very different. So the people that focus on overarching philosophy are going to see a lot of commonality between the games. On the flip side people who focus on more specific mechanics are going to feel that the play very differently.

>>640212119OP meant that it took him under 2 hours to beat the "temples" not including getting to them, you reading comprehensionlet mongoloid

>>640243798"Philosophy" in this context is just vague marketing nonsense. In terms of structure and progression LoZ and BotW are so different they are basically unrecognizable, you don't even need to go into the nitty gritty like puzzle and combat mechanics.

>>640242708>Imagine discovering dungeons organically, each one was full of challenging combat encountersthere no challenging combat encounters in the zelda dungeons

Breath of Wild and Tears of the Kingdom are heads and shoulders above any other Zelda game. You legacy dungeon fags need to let go already.

>>640243986Zelda 1 is not a Zelda game, do you understand what I'm getting at? Yeah, sequels create arbitrary franchise "staples" like the zelda formula or whatever the fuck.That's why Zelda 1 is the only good game in the franchise; it had none of the shit its progeny had and earned its prestige by taking inspiration and building upon games that came before it. Just like Demon's Souls.

>>640224696My brother, I could copy that, although I'd only bump LA to A and ToTK to S, haven't played SS

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>>640244079The appeal of this game is ultimately tied down to the fact that the things you create are not limited to your imagination, but to an arbitrary battery that, and no matter how much you upgrade it, it will never feel like a truly genre defining experience like Minecraft was.

>>640242625what are you babbling about you fucking clown? read the fucking reply chain before you open your fat mouth

>>640228170S-class taste user

Twilight Princess was soul

>>640244426If it wasn't for Ocarina, then yes.I do appreciate the fact that Aonuma tried to best Ocarina with Twilight to see what it was that made Ocarina so great.

>>640244512>Aonuma tried to best Ocarina with Twilight to see what it was that made Ocarina so greatCould've definitely fooled me if that was his attempt.

>>640240983Too bad about Nintendo, they shut down everything their fans make like they think it's a fucking honor to be a monopoly. Fucking Nipponese I swear to GOD

>>640236516What is there in botw/tok hyrule field that you'd really miss if it wasn't there? I can't recall a thing...

>>640215643Same, good times

>>640242867Anyone? Does no one have anything to say about nestroid? I get tired of talking about Zelda, it's just the same old topics with this website.

TP did a lot of things wrong for me, but its dungeons were top-notch.I do like TOTK's dungeons (as in they're better than BOTW's) and count some areas as their own dungeons beyond the main 4, but I do wish they used TP's design philosophy for them.

>>640235210Good list but I agree with >>640235419that Botw should be higher. Although I cannot fucking grasp how he felt finished with it after 50 hours. I spent 350 hours in it

>>640244582I mean it had been almost a decade, so cut him some slack. Besides, Koizumi was too good for Nintendo and Miyamoto wasn't really a part of the creative process.

>>640211346>The Forest Temple took over 2 hours to explore and finishHow? Unless you mean the time from the beginning of the game to finish the temple, but it by itself shouldn't take more than 30 minutes tops.

>>640244813It's not just that, the story behind TP's development really, REALLY made it seem like Aonuma was throwing random shit together in an attempt to create a game people would buy.

>>640211346>2 hours to do the Forest TempleAre you legally retarded? It only takes 30 minutes to complete.

>>640244852They were just desperate for a game that could sell as well as Ocarina. It makes sense, Majora's Mask underselled, which I'm sure Nintendo was not expecting. And Wind Waker + Four Swords did not help the franchise's future either.

>>640244884I can only guess OP is a kid, but I can't be bothered to hate people these days for shit as petty as this.

>>640244323>but to an arbitrary battery thatBattery is nigh infinite with zonai charges, the real problem is there are a few parts like the wing or the balloon that despawn after about 30 seconds.

>>640244936I think the context for "underselling" for MM is a bit different since it was literally a game cobbled together from reused assets. Though you're not wrong on the latter part.

Why does every game need to be 30+ hours

>>640211346anon I think your retarded if it takes you over 2 hours to complete the forest temple

>>640245031Yeah, it's stuff like that which goes to show just how stupid Nintendo is sometimes. They just don't have faith in anything that isn't tradition.>>640245050To be honest, Majora's Mask suffered from being alienating, not just because it was a glorified dlc.

>>640242708BOTW/TOTK took the nonlinearity of the earlier games and went to the extreme with them which I have no problem with, but I do wish for a mix of nonlinear overworld and linear dungeons of the original games. I never really liked how linear and handholdy the 3D games tended to be.

I unironically think BoTW/Totk are the best Zelda games there are.However i think the whole garry mod minecraft shit is too much in totk, fuck ultrahand and fuck zorai shit. Go back to the more grounded feel of BoTW

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>>640245089I dunno, play Doom 2016 or something. There are plenty of games out there that are compact and short. It's not my fault people think longer length = more replayability. Hell, play Super Mario Bros.

>>640233369Based. I can understand BOTW not being your cup of tea, but TP is trash. If the game didn't have Midna it would go from a 4/10 to a 2/10. The final boss is literally a string of QTEs.

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>>640245349Blame the E3 audience for bolstering their hopes. I honestly wish this franchise had died with Twilight Princess.

>>640245089>>640245342Most people play games once, you think people autistically play Devil May cry 10 times on higher difficulties? Lmao, one and done, thats why games are longer

>>640237498Totk temples are mid, but presentation is excellent.I miss puzzles where you need to manipulate several aspects across a dungeon like the water temple or the centipede tower in LA iirc

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>>640245513And yet Portal was a hit and was like 4 hours long. And people still replay that game from time to time.

>>640245571Portal also wasnt $70

>>640245656It's a better game than most. The considerations a developer puts into making a good experience for all players matters more than anything else.


>>640223987The early builds for twilight princess are so mysterious to me, almost as much as ocarina of time, both games changed so much through development

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>>640245556divine beasts from botw had better puzzles than the totk temples but i can understand people complaining that they all look the same.

>>640245089Some games can justify it with a bunch of content like Elden Ring, but BOTW/TOTK have less total enemies in the game than Limgrave has.And they try to strech 30 hours of shitty filler content to 100 hours.You don't do something once or 3 times, you do it 20+ times and you'll like it:-find 50 wells-do 150 dosgshit shrines-100 caves with a frog in every one-100+ lightroots (depths being just reused content)-20+ Sky Islands with green crystal shrines-1000 Korok seedsQuantity over quality, that's the new Nintendo motto, you can see it in SMO as well with all the worthless amount moon spam.

>>640245760Okay but imagine having to pay $70 for a 5 hour long game (reminder, most people play games once)>inb4 dont make the games $70Cant do that when making a game like ToTK or God Of War Ragnarok takes millions and millions of dollars and years of full time work of 100+ people. If Portal was $70 N O B O D Y would have bought it, 100k sales tops. Indie games are where you go for shorter experiences

>>640214712>If you aren't retarded you're playing the game wrongDo TOTKfags really?

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>>640245881It was bundled with the Orange Box which contained Half Life 2 Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 ($20 back then) and Portal 1 for $50. So yeah.

>>640214712>okay so here's a game that focuses on freedom of movement and freedom of puzzle solving>NOOOO DON'T SOLVE THE TEMPLE LIKE THAT

>>640245995Portal costs only $10 now, hell it was even made free to own for a time to advertise Portal 2.

The thing that baffles me the most is that TPfags will shit on Wind Waker for being an easy baby game while Twilight Princess is just as insultingly easy.

>>640211346>being this garbage at babbys first zelda

>>640246102I don't think they shat on Wind Waker for that. It was something else. Dungeons? Combat?

>People arguing which Zelda is the easiest90% of Nintendo franchises are piss fucking easy, nothing wrong with that, still fun, but piss easy. Compare ToTk to...well, Elden Ring, or compare Mario Odyssey to Crash 4. Shit has a stigma of being for kids for a reason

>>640246151>Dungeons? Combat?these things are also worse in TP

>>640223350>in real life, people love them. Myself includedThey should have made them harder and added an easy mode to puzzles for people like you. Like they have in Silent Hill and Resident Evil games.

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>>640245821In general, Twilight Princess as shown in 2005 was more interesting-looking and ambitious game than the game we actually got.

>>640246206Why the fuck would you compare TotK to Elden Ring in terms of difficulty though? TotK is harder than every other 3D Zelda game.

>>640246102Not a TPfag but I shit on WW for combat, dungeons, the sea, and the triforce hunt.

>>640246351another open world franchise that lets you go anywhere you want when you want

Twilight Princess was the last Zelda game worth playing. :)

>>640213353>does this game think I'm a retardYes, that's why the puzzle's in Zelda games suck. Lucky they didn't make two whole ass games that are 90% puzzles for retards, right guys? Haha...

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>>640246496Yeah :)I miss Metroid Dread and AM2R discussions :/

The classic zelda (yes, including the first one, which people keep comparing to botw when there's very little in common) is something that doesn't have a lot of content, but most content is nice. The dumb collectible part is just a small part of the experience. The games are more focused and linear, however I wouldn't say that's even all that bad. The biggest problem with 3D zeldas I felt was the overabundance of cutscenes, but other than that and some annoyances exclusive to SS, I liked them because at the end of the day they gave you a decent amount of stuff to do and they were just fulfilling enough. You can say about previous zeldas that some dungeon sucked balls, or that some part of this game you wouldn't want to get through again perhaps, but you get done and get over it.These games feel like MMOs instead. They feel like they're massive but there's no meaning behind a lot of it. I would confidently say 75% of BotW wouldn't need to be there at all to make it as good a game as it currently is. Same with this last entry.

>>640213915>Same memeSame game.

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>>640213915Projecting hard.

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>>640211346Oh shit, Toilet Paper fags now thing their opinion matters

>>640246642what the fuck is a nintendo

>>640246558Question, Nestroid or Zelda I?

>>640235210I can agree with this list, although after completing TOTK it's just B-tier for me, sometimes even only C-tier. They didn't fill the game with enough meaningful content even when they had six years and are using basically the same overworld map. The fact that they only added one very small settlement is just sad. Also the story is retarded from start to finish.

>>640246558Zelda 1 is not linear by any definition.

>>640215307>and about the same to do the temples and "pre temple" parts in TotKOh, we're counting 'pre-temples' now?

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>>640235419Where’s the mod? I want it.

>>640223350They’re the most bland and boring cookie cutter shit imaginable.

>>640246558>These games feel like MMOs insteadThe way weapon fusing works really felt like an MMO content treadmill at times.

Why is BOTW/TOTK so much more popular with normalfags than other Zelda games?

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>>640247123Switch install base, gaming is more mainstream now, covid

>>640247123It's just newer, it was the same thing with TP and SS when those came out.

>>640247064The combat, HP inflated reskined enemies as well as retarded substractive armor system that takes ages of grinding and makes you nigh-invincible at max upgrade level is literally out of an Korean MMO.

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>>640247216BotW has sold like 3-4 times what TP has. Mind you TP was the best-selling for the series before BotW.

>>640247249just stop being a retard and do a spinmove/charged attack