HOW'S YOUR GAME DOING?>use lua which is a easy scripting language>playerbase are retarded kids therefore easy money printing machineTake the Robloxpill.

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don't have a million dollar idea so i don't see the point in starting

I saved all the hard parts for last and now im dragging my feet because I cant break it into smaller parts anymore

>HOW'S YOUR GAME DOING?It's on fucking life support. I fell for the employment jew, now I feel so fucking drained and zapped of all energy so that I have almost no will to work on the things I actually enjoy. There must really be some kind of dark magic hidden behind every employment contract, where it actually is draining your energy and using it for some sinister purpose.

Don't talk to me.

>>640211772Its fun tho

>>640211137You can't make money off of Roblox

Boss fight tomorrow but I made the simple arena and made walls around it. Fun little project is nearing it's end.

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>>640213321Looks retarded. Good thing you're almost done with it so you can move on from it

>>640213449The Arena's floor was originally made to eventually move sideways, but it looked weird

im changing engines again because im fucking retarded

>>640212558That's depressing to hear user, hope you pull through. What game were you making?>>640214941QRD?

>>640212558take a break and set time for it, while allowing time to rest

Still working on the audio driver, so nothing to show

>>640211137Not really a game but I like using RPGMV for pic slideshows w/ bottom text. It's a nice flexible engine.

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>>640211772I have a 5000 dolar idea

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>>640211772Use AI and make something simple for art, but with lewds and while making it figure something cool


Again, for stuff like Hotline Miami, does it have an audience still? I wanna work on that formula but I don't know. Lost plus writer's block

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How is the documentation for Godot? is it beginner friendly for someone new to programming?

>>640221490Yes, but you need to set it apart from the rest like everything else.>>640221990Godot has really good documentation and it's really easy to get into.

>>640211137>thought up of an original game idea to make in Roblox>was super invested in it, made plans and everything>coded the backbone and all the mechanics>designed the basic UI and controls>everything going smoothly until I started making maps>first map took fucking forever to make>completely lose all motivation working on the second mapFucking sucks, who knew mapmaking sucked so much fucking dick

>>640221990The recent transition from 3.x to 4.0 broke shit, but it's getting better. It helps that GDScript is the easiest fucking language I've ever used. The engine also got popular enough that even obscure problems can be easily googled

>>640221990Do you LIKE traditional (text based) programming? Are you good at both math and abstract problem solving?The more you answer "yes", the more fitting Godot is for ya. If you're at all visual-minded person and don't understand even basic scripting shit, it's gonna be a steep, steep hill to climb alone. Even more so thanks to most tutorials being just "1-2-3 done!" style, just telling you what to do for intended results, rather than teaching you the logic and reason behind the practices.

>>640211137Selling pretty well. It's a take on those "Granny" first person horror games. Maybe you've heard of it

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Am I missing something blatantly obvious here? I'm trying to set up a point that onTriggerEnter, applies a force to the 1st object here (with the onTriggerEnter in a script on the object) when it collides with the second object. I even put what I believe should be the relevant collider matrix from Unity, but like I'm not getting any response, including just a simple Debug.Log. Any ideas?

>>640224998Completely forgot to attach the image

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I made an animal game for my neice. Just tidying up a couple things then will make the apk and pc versions available on itch next week.Will finalize all the steam stuff after and launch on steam too. Gonna make it pay-what-you-want on itch and like a buck on steam. Made for

>>640225410that's pretty sweet desu, i sometimes make 3d prints for my nieces and nephews from their drawings and stuff but never thought of making a game for them.

>>640224628Most tutorials and documentation are still out of date and its missing tonnes of basic shit because 4.0 broke everything, recommending godot to anyone is just setting them up for failure right now

>>640224954Put more effort into uncanny valley on the main monster next time pls, this one wasn't relatable enough to look scary

>>640225081I seem to remember something about unity spazzing out when it comes to triggers on moving objects. might be something like that?

>>640226262I do have it moving at the moment, I suppose I could just manually put it there and see if I can get a trigger to happen. Trying to use the trigger so I can make smoother movement than a normal collider (which collides it just fine).

>>640222825My buddy and i did the exact same thing. We have a fairly polished working game ready to go but making maps totally demotivated us

>>640213182yes but you make Robux out of it

>>640222825>>640226506why not just hire a few young third worlders to do it for you? to make the maps it's more of a patience thing than technical knowledge since you just need a few plugins and know some technique, so you can offload that shit rather easily

>>640226262>>640224998Nevermind, I'm fucking retarded and forgot that unity has a OnTriggerEnter and OnTriggerEnter2D

>>640219201maybe in a couple of years, people shit in any kind of work of art that has even a hint of ai for now

>>640213182Yes you can retard. google roblox devex

Terrible. I’m sick and tired of all the bullshit involved with Unreal Engine. 4 years of my life wasted in this shit engine and nothing to show for it because the engine is so shit with crashing, bugs, limitations, and ESPECIALLY OPTIMIZATION. Fuck this gay ass engine and fuck game development.

>>640211137working on it user. >inb4 another 2d pixel platformerIm a retard so im starting small

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>>640228834in the long run enginedevs won

im making a horror game and my enemy design sucksidk, maybe the concept doesnt suck but bringing it to life sucks

>>640229492Maybe the concept does suck and you're trying to bring a turd to life.What's your concept?

>>640228834One thing people need to understand about UE is that it’s first and foremost an engine for making Shooters. It does not natively support any genre except shooters. Hell, we only JUST got customizable vehicle support in UE5. But yeah, if you’re trying to make anything other than a shooter on a small map then you have your work cut out for you.

>>640213182I literally made 1k this week off my roblox game that somehow managed to get thousands of concurrent players. if you can't make a successful roblox game you definitely can't make a 'real' game

I added loadout and AI randomization to every normal faction in the game. This means that NPCs have a bit more in what they can be carrying and their AI can be tweaked to better utilize that. Sometimes they'll have better shields (or worse shields), use missiles in situations where they wouldn't normally have them, maybe some extra laser guns, etc. This just covers the basic loadout randomization, I'll be getting to special cases (where NPCs can have additional loadouts and AI changes based on things like quests you've completed or whatever) later when I go back over quests for their next drafts.

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>>640229623if i showed you my concept art you'd think i was schizo (I am)

>>640213321Visuals look good but the gameplay looks like it would be more fun to play than to watch.

My last game sold just under 300 copies and that discouraged me from ever trying to do anything productive ever again.

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>>640211137I want to make a game so badly but I just feel like a failure. I'm 27 and I can't program or code and can barely draw and I dunno man. I tried to learn C programming and tried to practice my art daily but I just lose motivation to do it. I WANT to make a fun 2D game to say "Yeah, I did that!" even if it ends up bad or doesn't sell I just want to do this for me but I'm struggling so much to just attempt it and I feel like I've wasted too much time already.Sorry for venting. I hope you guys' games end up well.

>>640211137Game? Perhaps you mean my UGC empire.

>>640230117Needed more marketing, keep at it friend. As long as the quality is there the sales will eventually come

>>640230153watch welcome to the NHK friend. It helped me a bit

>>640230218How do you handle marketing?

>>640230036Yeah, and?

>>640230473NTA and this sounds dumb but its a great idea. Offer it up for free to some youtube channels/streamers this is one of the best ways to advert your game. Some will say no but some will say yes in order to 1. get a new game to play, and 2. more content for their channels. stay with channels that play games similar to yours.

>>640230312Never heard of this but it sounds relatable, I'll watch the first 2 episodes tonight. Thanks for the recommendation

>>640230153Each year you don't do anything the more you'll regret not starting NOW. Just start with something even simpler and make something in Renpy in a hot minute to give you some motivation seeing that you can make something show up on screen. It'll just be for you anyways

Your game is real, but you're not. How do you celebrate?

>>640211137based pic and roboxpilled

>>640230748of course, it starts slow but trust me it gets good. i personally relate to the mc alot and it helped me. Good luck fren

>>640230473Yeah this>>640230709Was basically what my advice was gonna be. Find a youtuber that would be willing to do a quick video on the game. Give him a promo code, blah blah blah, and let it go from there.

>>640230790Yeah I've wanted to do this for about 5 years now but each year I look back and realize I haven't done anything with it yet. Enough is enough, I need to either get started in small steps or just give up. Renpy sounds like a good idea, I'll give it a try first thing tomorrow thank you.>>640230903Slow animes don't bother me, that usually means they focus on characters and plot more. Thank you amigo, I don't really binge but I'll try to watch at least 2 episodes a day.

Trying to rebrand my game to something more SFW.Slowly removing the coom from my game.

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>>640213321Background looks like it'd fit right into Earthbound / Omori. Should've just made an RPG.

>>640230608true ok, concept vs wip modelfeatures: eye in mouth that needed to be cut open to fit the eye inside, sewn eyes shut, one shriveled arm that hangs off to the side and is floppy and one long arm which has metal balls in it and is bendy and floppy and it uses to attack, there are also balls reinforcing the legs i think my biggest mistake so far is that it looks too humanoid because i started with a standard basemesh and sculpted around it. also the 'eye in mouth' part is really hard to do in a game sense, i want it to track the player and move around but also the oblong shape of the eye being 'shoved in' makes that difficult. i think i can work around this with the eye being in a translucent 'sac' that floats in the mouth still new to designing stuff like this, it's really challenging honestly and it is so cringe to write any of this out. i spent like.... 3 or 4 hours total on this so far and its just not really going anywhere exceptional but maybe my expectations are too high. i dont know if i want to revisit the concept if it's not any good and just stop wasting time on it which is where i stand currently i'll take any opinions on this honestly

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>>640211137i dropped unity because it runs too shit and takes too long to even load it and godot because of the limitationswhere do you guys go to learn unreal engine 4 the most effective way? im not new to c++ either

Roblox looks easy, but the engine is complete ass and development pipelines are convoluted. You can make what you want, but it takes a lot of learning how to not step in the beartraps.

>>640231183That's thte spirit. Just so you know, supposedly the 8.1 version is conflicting with a lot of older code people have shared, so if you decide to go into it in more deeply, if you liked using it that is, try using 7.5 instead so you can follow tutorials people have put out without any errors popping up. Otherwise, 8.1 is just fine to get by with. God speed user

>>640231827Looks cool man.You've already done more than 90% of "gamedevs". Keep it up.Legs on your mesh look longer than that of your drawing. Chest is too defined compared to the drawing. Belly could be wider.Just my 2 cents. Hope those arm balls do some freaky shit.

>>640231656Why not just change her outfit instead of replacing her with a squirrel?

>>640229206Nothing wrong with 2D pixel platformers. They're a classic standard for a reason, people just like to shit on things for no reason.Looking great so far, I really like the aesthetic.Good luck with your development!!

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I'm too much of a brainlet to learn how to program, or use an engine. At least I'm okay at art I guess.

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>>640232623Check out visual scripting in Unity(Typically 3'rd party plugins like Playmaker) or Unreal.You'd be surprised at how much can accomplish with it.

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>>640232770I can vouch for playmaker; it's a godsend for brainlets who just want to make games like mebut it's also very viable and there's plenty of successful games that were made with it I think noodle code like blueprints/bolt sucks tho, more than just learning to code lmao

>>640232770Unity has visual scripting native now I believe. I don't use it so I don't know the specifics, but they have a page for it.>>>640232623Code boils down to "if this happens, do this, else do this other thing". It just looks scary because of numbers.

>>640231827Nice model, I like your concept art too, keep it up man

>>640232215Because that would be just a generic female character with nothing really interesting going for it. The whole point of female characters is the coom.All negative feedback I receive is always that they would never buy or play my game just because its a big assed loli in a bikini.Its not final but i rather go for something less risky atm.If i remove the coom i can actually show my game to normies who have a prejudice against lolis. It sucks but it is what it is

>>640213321>>640218178>>640221490>>640229206>>640231656Hmmmm yeah nobody is playing this shit. SorryMake a 3D game

>>640211137Redpill me on Golang.Can you make games with it? I heard it was easy to learn.

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>>640233154zoom zoom

>>640233191There is no amazing "make your dream game easy" program. Golang is 100% not going to be any easier than Unreal, Unity or Godot.Pick an engine. Learn to use it. Make your game. Stop procrastinating. Making games won't be easy for decades or more.

>>640230117300 people bought your game? was it solo dev? shit I'd be happy with 50...

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Hows my game coming along? hows YOUR game coming along?

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>>640230117Vividlope dev?

I painted this, I think it looks alright. I can’t do anything else though.

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>>640211137I'm thinking of making a card game ala The Sacred Cards/Reshef of DestructionWhich engine would be the best for that?

>>640236034Whichever one has the cheapest tcg base on the asset store honestly. I would not reinvent the wheel on the actual functionality of getting cards if that part isn't changing, find one you like the look/sound of and try it out. My opinion for a card game would be to just prototype a lot of the ideas on paper first. If your card game sucks to play on cards (and not because of arbitrarily hard math), it probably sucks in an engine anyways.


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>>640236264My card game will play well, I'm just thinking of an engine to bite the bullet on

Are there any addons for godot to add c on it?

>>640236554This is the current iteration.

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Anyone have any advice for what engine to use? Thinking of starting development on my dream wizard game, I have some prior experience in unity but seems like all the AAA devs use unreal these days

>>640236927Wrong webm.

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>>640237035unreal engine is great if you have the sheer manpower to sustain it, otherwise youre going to be buying a lot of marketplace crap just to get going in basic engine workstick with unity/source if youre all alone or godot if youre making a 2d game

>>640237035just take a look into both engines, at most it will take 2 weeks

>>640233061Make the skin an unlockable after 100% the game. it would be a shame to get rid of the work.>>640232613thanks user. Yea im trying to have a different aesthetic since im going down the route of having simple graphics

>>640237273shes cute user! looks great!>>640234481>concept artistsweet gun. you could easily be a concept artist. Find some peeps if you dont/cant work alone

>>640237035I'd still say check both relative to your idea, but considering you have experience in one and are probably not a 1 man AAA studio, seems like you might already have your pick.

>>640229206What type music should i go with? stick with chiptunes or use regular instruments? i feel like regular instruments would be jarring with the aesthetic.

>>640211137I'm trying to brute force some balance data. I have prices for the weapons, but I picked them out of thin air, and they don't seem right. I'm running about 2 full combat simulations/second right now. I want to get a feel for the relative matchups for each pairing of two weapons against all other pairings or two weapons.

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>>640233154>watch otk game announcements>90% are 2d retro pixel games.I've personally got 2d pixel fatigue

i give up

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>>640239435really? or are you just agdg attention posting

>>640239378understandable. im making one simply because ive always enjoyed them. if i was on a team, then i would love to make larger game, possibly 3d. but honestly i will only make games i find fun personally

>>640239478i just wanted to post my cute female character

>>640239528that's a nice blog post, good for you>>640239563getting mad beaner vibes from this

>>640239641what game are you working on? you wouldnt be talking shit while also being incapable of making a game would you?..

>>640239741You realize this is Holla Forums and not agdg.

>>640239894You realize this is a devthread and not the same streetfighter 6 thread.

>>640233154Im going to fuck you, then beat you, then shit on youIll bite and cut your balls

>>640240004Doesn't matter, its a video game discussion board. I'm here to see what people make and updates to projects. Take your tranny culture back to your containment board

>>640240335>tranny culture>containment boardwhat did i say that was "tranny culture"? and what board would be my containment board?

>>640227365because then you get soulless map designs in your otherwise perfect game

>>640230117Tell me how I know it was a 2d platformer

how the fuck do i port hl1 movement to unreal engine 4? everything is pay walled or the source code simply doesnt compile anymore

>>640213321>another quirky earthbound/omori clone that's a metaphor for mental illnessYou are a fucking faggot.

>>640213321Looks visually interesting although the placeholder character is really hard to see when he's walking on the black tiles

>>640240004>>640239741>make thread on Holla Forums>obligated to talk about videogames>start frothing at the mouth when people start comparing your garbage tech demos to real games and rightfully calling your work out as the trash that it isI don't get it. Why are you mad? You knew this would happen. This isn't faggydaggy

>>640239435Oh wow another ugly 3d model in a non-videogame. Why is it so hard for you faggots to just make a goddamn video game?

>>640240989wut? you hire them to build the map, not to design it

>>640227365>third worldersI will tell you right now without a shadow of a doubt, that you get what you pay for. >but--You get what you pay for. You pay for third-worlder maps? You get third-worlder maps.

>>640239435where's the game? all I see is some tranny /agdg/ shit but no gameplay

agdg more like lgbt lmao

>>640211137Just spent about an hour figuring out how to do something in a way that made my code more readable when a less visually elegant solution would have worked just as well.I hate having this compulsion all the time.


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>>640244240>you get what you pay for, you get what you pay forthat just sounds like a meme, like Jensen saying "the more you buy the more you save"on Roblox the role is called "builder" not designer, no one hires a builder to design their game, the task is to just build and that's it, and usually people will go even more to the point and ask you to build X specific thing, so you don't even have any decision on what you are going to do, you just shut up and build>b-but can't coordinate other people to follow my designngmi as a big studio then

>>640243925>doesnt answer my questionssorry user. you outed yourself as a retard

whats the nodraw equivalent in unreal engine?


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>>640230153Hey, I'm almost in the same boat, except I don't even have a proper job. But there's no point in giving up. What are you going to do, lament your fate every day until you die at 80? Just start with baby steps, and in 5 years time, you'll see that you've grown. At least that's my plan.

>>640237035>but seems like all the AAA devs use unreal these daysEntirely depends on what you're making. I know it's not "gamedev" per se, but the games in phyiscal slot machines are made in godot and unity, at least where I work.

Barely any progress made the past couple weeks after rewriting the player character but now I'm ready to tackle AI

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Anyone know how to add noise to sound files to fuck up audio watermarking? I have some sounds that I didn't pay for and don't want any sneaky shit fucking me up later.

>>640246441holy fuck thats soulful

>>640246441Would be good if there was some interpolation between animations. Might make it slightly less responsive, but less eye torture.

>>640230153Jump on youtube.Unity programming for beginners.Make a porn game.Finish game.

>>640211137Any tutorials on making pixel animations like metal slug?

>>640246734Draw them.Though really, the Metal Slug animations were super fucking smart and well planned/executed. Good luck.

>>640211772I have ideas but not the knowledge.

>>640246868>the Metal Slug animations were super fucking smart and well planned/executedHow?Is there a behind the scenes on how they were made or an art book?


>>640211137Working on new floor, made new enemies, also ogre shamans (ogre girls), they buff their allies. Improved vesions of shamans instead of buffing heal +cleanse dots.webm with

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>>640246989>How?Pretty sure picrel is only like 4 frames of animation.

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>>640247115Camera is aids when it gets close to a wall.Let the camera go through geometry and use a shader that makes occluding pixels disappear.