>S>SCROLL FOR GLOVES FOR ATT 60@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@>how much>offer

>S>SCROLL FOR GLOVES FOR ATT 60@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@>how much>offer

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When I was still in school I made my mesos selling witch potions and other event consumables during the holidays. Comfy times.

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To every nostalgiafag arriving ITTThey just announced 6th job yesterday.

I got to 74 fire mage I think but then I paused and forgot my password. Couldn't recover because email was fake

>>640210619Is this a fucking joke.


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>>640210773i cant believe its fucking dead soujack sisters, we lost again

>>640210193>intro music plays>mouses over buttons>"bloop bloop bloop">logs in>*sparkly chime*

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S>FAME 30k @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

>>640210193I like when an mmos let you set up a for sale stand so you could afk and didnt have to deal with anyone.

>>640210797neon vomitfuck gooks

maplestory was never goodalso, private servers are all trojans, keyloggers and rats no matter what some retard tells you

>game has insane powercreep

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>>640211175What I find the most "impressive" is how they manage to implement this shit in their cobbled together engine being held together by sticky notes and wonki shit. Just a week or two ago they implemented a file check on startup - even on SSDs it takes several minutes to start the client. That paired with the constant crashes when you enter the cash shop had people go insane. They also announced the deletion of a whole class because it's "too hard to maintain". Nexon KR is that biggest conglomerate of retards, ever.

>>640210497>witch potionswtf is that shit, newfag. anything after early 2007 is pure shit

>>640210193>*checks map*>How do I get to sleepywood?

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>>640211359>maplestory was never goodTrue. But everything about it was good. >also, private servers are all trojans, keyloggers and rats no matter what some retard tells youEven the one I'm hosting myself?

>>640210797not even going to watch and give them another view lol

>skills are endlessly getting flashier and larger>lots of lines and big numbers everywhereI hate this.

>>640211367would 100% hang myself or shoot my brain stem before ever downloading this fucking horse shit. AQUA ROAD WAS THE LAST GOOD PATCH. EVERYTHING ELSE IS SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

>>640211438lmfao nuke them

>>640211606yes, even the one you're hosting yourself

>maplestory boss in 2006>vs>maplestory boss in 2023wtf happened bros??

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>>640212005SOVL vs demonic troon diablo SOVLWSS

>>640212005kpop happened

>>640211629It's unironically fun for a while, just completely annihilating shit. But once you cross the 8 or 9 digit damage number threshold, it ends up being totally meaningless again.

>>640210797Man, what the fuck? I tried to go back so many times, but it never worked out. Even then, my last attempt was shortly after Big Bang. It was unreal how the changes to equipment around then had just instantly made my character obsolete, and images were never really welcomed to bosses and shit anyway. I found my wife there and got the hell out, so I'd say I won in the end. Let them have their literal cutscene attacks.

why is it that every single asian game franchises go full out waifufagging after a while? I absolutely love it

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How much of a pain in the ass will it be to get 6th job skills? I came back for 5th job for a bit, but having to grind for those Arcane River orbs and then also rely on motherfucking RNG for skill nodes made me want to blow my brains out.

anyone still playing nu maple is a stuttering shaking drooling and foaming at the mouth helmet wearing faggot freak who sounds like HURRRRRRRRRRRRR A DURRRRRRR AAAAAAAAHH FFDDDAAAAAAAAAAHHHH when they try to talk and slams their keyboard and kicks their legs uncontrollably while playing and bangs their head against the wall and they're cross eyed and smell like shit because they piss and shit themselves constantly


>>640212005there was always cutesey korean stuff all over the game. not everythign was zakum. I miss getting a shocking amount of exp on pquests.

>>640212410You're over a decade late, user. Angelic Buster released in 2012.

>>640212436the enemies like slimes sure but not literal kpop shit

>>640212436just no, whatever you're talking about sounds like post big bang or after 2008 goyslop

>ywn sit in computer lab watching soad mmv of assasins throwing 4 beefy 1.5k crits at yetis all songso cool

>>640210193>offerJust tell me how much you want, you fucker!

>>640212549>>640212630oh no, instead of kpop idols it was giant toy monsters with cutsey features or anime cliche characters filling out every single town in the game. you are absolutely singling things out and ignoring parts of the game that were just the same kind of shit. Dont even get me started on the awful cash shop things people would run around in. The game was always filled with relevant pop culture references run through the anime machine.

>>640212506They RAPED the FUCK out of this game. It is literal rape. I feel raped and it is exactly rape.

>>640212728youtube.com/watch?v=qCSe4BUp2sUI WANT TO GO BACK

>>640212857cute monsters were based, cash shop was always gay shit, so that's why you wore the normal equips which were badass, sleepywood dungeon was badass, coolies, dead mine, cave of trials were bad ass, ludi was hyper cutesy but then deep ludi was bad ass. aqua was badass and the peak of the game. playing after that is fucking retarded and a waste of life no matter how you try to cope.

>>640211367>>640212313>5-6 secs cutscene giving actual 0 vision of the battleUnless you are fucking invul during the whole duration this is going to be retarded

>>640213125yes normal equips were cool but the point is this type of thing was ALWAYS in the game. I didn't play after like you keep trying to insist, I'm just saying that this type of shit is nothing new for the game. its always been packed full of hyper anime pop culture shit. every city was filled with overbearing trope style npcs and we loved it. This new shit isn't what ruins the game, the games ruined because it's just not a good game now and online communities dont work like they did, adding some cute anime girl boss is not out of line for the game at all even back then though.

>>640213125victoria island only was also bad ass.basically beta through aqua road patch was the best game of all time then they added gachapon, 2x, onyx apples and made the game pure shit and the people who did that should be cut open while they're still alive and have their guts ripped off while they're alive and watching this happen to themselves and then set on fire and have their heads cut off with a chainsaw while they're burning alive with their guts and entrails strewn about, and this should be broadcasted globally for everyone to watch

>>640213393it was not even close to this gay ass shit TRUST ME

>>640213393you have no idea what you're talking about NIGGER

I just want the old game play style to go back

>>640210193>*defames you and logs out*

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>getting paid to farm eyes of fire because people were too retarded to complete a flowchart jump quest

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>>6402101933.5m scania price f/o



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>>640212317>arcane river grindFucking this. It was the final straw before I quit. Before that I felt I could play at my own pace, but then it felt like you MUST do dailies for months on end and only then can you access the next batch of content and if you take a break then get fucked.

>some korean saints make the most amazing game ever made with the best soundtrack as well>it's like 2d diablo>perfect game>nexon buys it>they add faggot shit and cash shop, add some of the unreleased shit the actual good creators made then continue to ruin it more and more because they're literally rapist demonsthat about sums it up

>>640213338like all current cutscene skills, yeah you'll be invul.

>>640214474Something I had to learn as well, but Wizet was always a subsidiary of Nexon.

it's actually a real shame zoomers will never experience real 2005-early 2007 maplestory. they got so cucked with everything.

>>640211629I just hate that it takes no effort to get this stuff now. The point of having cool stuff is working for it

>>640214730source? I remember them buying wizet and I could probably find some old archived shit about it. even if they somehow were then whenever nexon officially took the game over from wizet is when it went to absolute shit.


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>>640215157>The expansion of Wizet to the Global world of MapleStory began in January 2004. The open beta testing began in September 2004.Alright then. By the time they went global, Wizet was part of Nexon.

>wizet makes perfect game>ok, we'll sell it to our publisher now because we just made the perfect game>nexon rapes it like the end of the Millennium Falcon Arc in Berserk

>>640215356yeah, so they released shit wizet already made for a while, with cash shop that they added, slowly, until eventually they had to make their own shitty soulless talentless rape

>>640210193I don't get it why the @s?

>>640210797>new mobbing skill + big gay attackman, i already didn't use my fullscreen attacks because of how fucking clunky and slow they were, i would never assign that cutscene shit to a hotkey.

>>640215696chat bubbles overlappedthe higher your chat bubble was the better chance you had that your message would be seen@ was the largest size character

>>640215819man I used to get creative with it and used to know all kinds of weird chat shit, like you could type out a naked girl with huge tits like (V)(^_^)( o Y o )) . (( Y )KEK but you could use spaces to line it upand I would make the @@@@@s like alternate each type I spammed it so it would almost look animated and make it even more noticeable

is this sovlful?

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>>640216286fuck no

>>640215814You'll need to. Some of them are going to have persistent effects you'll need for your burst, I guarantee it

>>640216286I remember playing that on an emulator but it was pretty shit. and this was after the game was ruined.

As much as i miss maple preBB, the only good thing about it was the exploration and finding hidden portals. Oh and a few preBB skills like BoT rip.

>>640210193>play maplestory with a friend like a decade ago>it was already kind of eh but I got to 100+ because it was cool playing with him>now I see what it's become and wonder why I ever tried it at all

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>>640216549unbased neon vomit kpop fandefamed

if you played maple at all after bb and enjoyed anything after bb in the slightest we are not the same species

>>640216549I liked how vastly different classes used to play. You could get close with a warrior and you'd be able to facefuck everything, provided you passed the accuracy check. Archers could attack really fast to make up for their dogshit damage. Everything seems to do %damage now, and everyone has a fuckton of mobility options, screenwide nukes, and fast attacks to spam.

>>640216746If you played maple preBB and didn't immediately jump ship when Odin released, you're dumb.

>>640216759>everyone has a fuckton of mobility optionsThat's a good thing, though.

>>640211748the two of us should rise up against every other incorrect person on the entire planet. aqua road pre-himes, 0.35 in particular because that added orbis PQ, was across the board the best experience this game ever offered, nothing was better than farming gobies and squids for 12 hours a day with a group of your bros you made just fucking around in maps. now if you see another person in any map you instinctively just run away because the game is tailored towards NEVER partying for any reason, or even talking to others.

>>640216883that was 2008 so the game was already shit at that point

>>640216972Yes, but it's lame that it's just flash jumps and teleports. A few classes have little twists, but the vast majority just ripped them straight from explorer thieves and mages

>>640216980you know the truth my brother. killing gobies was so fun. fuck himes because then they just kept adding retarded as fuck maps that were just a straight line. aqua road had good mechanics, wish they kept going in that direction but no they made it more and more retarded and SHITTY! Mushmom, Rog, Crog, Zak, Pap, Pianus 4eva

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>>640216980>>640217289Uhh.. meds?

>>640217289himes were the very first map that shifted the meta to 1 player maps and discouraged partyplay, I will hate that fucking area forever.

>>640217616completely correct and based, apq gach and 2x also destroyed everything the game had going on too

So which pserver are we gonna roll on?Miss with with that 1x, 2x shit, though. 8x is alright, dynamic is better.Go!

>>640217730>1x is shitI don't wanna party with your tranny ass.

and now if you look at the game it's not even remotely in the same dimension how it used to be>>640217730I already played a 1x classic server a few years ago and killed zak legit so I got that out of my system for a while. I can never play anything that isn't 1x and completely unchanged vanilla ever again because it's just so fucking perfect.

>>640217861also I dropped that shit exactly on the patch they added nlc

Kerning City.. Home... At least it was until the Big Bang fucked everything up.

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>>640217861just look at it like mobile gacha game without any of the particularly fun systems.

This game lives in my head as a fever dream game where I would walk to random areas with little to no cohesion and always dreamed of getting to the Lego area.

>>640218012kek nice>that npc with 1 pixel of pantsu>those jump quests in the subway that would take you to the best map for bubblings and wraiths before coolies came out

>>640218103lmfao just take the boats

>>640217730Selene will surely release any day now...

New Leaf City and the based 60% HP potions

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>>640218439>F/P poison mist duplicating those boomer monsters, effectively crashing the whole channel.

>>640212857Every area had a pretty clear progression from cutesy monsters to great beasts and dark horrorthings. From victoria's slimes and mushrooms to the deep ant tunnel, or from kitties and jr pepes to the el nath mines and eventually zakum, or ludibrium from the animated toys to the ghosts under the clocktower This concept eventually fades completely and new areas are just one consistent theme throughout with little to no thematic progression as you explore deeper.

>>640211438they need to clean the code or port to another engine.But they will never do that

>>640218582>those demon black cats in orbisalways thought those were cool, too bad they were shit and useless to train on in every possible way except maybe they dropped 1 good thing that wasn't even worth it

what if instead of avoid we had blocking and iframes dodging

>>640212313angelic buster is some funny shit>magical girl>the dragon that allows her transformation is a pervert and wants to see her nakednot even sure if thats still canon, but damn it was funny.

>>640218820>iframesThose are a thing now.

>>640218439horrible shit, elixirs were precious before that. and they made rage useless with that attack potanyone know you could farm elixirs in the dead mine stage 1 by hitting rocks that would drop them then exit and re-enter? and killing balrog was a good way to get elixirs as well. it was the little things like that... everything was a struggle. and it was good.

>>640211438my client on a normal SSD, not even nvme or anything special, boots in about 45 seconds. still unacceptable, but not over a minute. crashes all the time though, especially in cash shop, yeah. code is definitely shit.

>>640218820iframes were always a thing, you would blink for a second after getting hit and it was useful just in general and jqs

>>640216286>>640216479The 3ds one is quite nice.It also has a english translation.

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>>640218820>what if instead of avoid we had blockingWas someone talking about me?

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What if we had a maplestory souls-like arpg or an souls-like arpg set in the maplestory universe (pre-bigbang)?

>>640219213It would still be a korean-made game and therefore p2w

>ywn escort a noob through el nath, coolies, dead mine, cerebes and bains then sacrifice them to Zak

>>640219358>ywn door a newbie into the lava

>>640219213Mite b kool

>>640219440>ywn grind weeks for a perfect stat clean weapon and more weeks for 10% scrolls only to fail the first slot then npc it and start over

>>640219358i remember there was an exploit when Aran released where if you get your Aran to level 10 you get a 50% two handed WEAPON for ATT scroll which sold for like 35 mil eachso a bunch of people farmed this by making aran chars, leveling them to 10, then getting the scroll and deleting the characterI went to the aran island and used summoning bags to kill the noobs in the island so they couldnt farm them to level 10good times

>>640219213You would just get Diablo 3: Maplestory Edition at best.

>ywn kill stumps for steel ore so you can craft a meba because everyone just started and no one has any money so you have to farm the items for yourself and actually use the crafting system>ywn get ilbi at mushroom or lycans


>ywn ks everyone at mushmom as a crusader using panic to 1 hit her

>ywn train at bains with a full party of high levels before deep ludi comes out getting like 600k exp an hour and cool items

>ywn party at grims>ywn get a fairfrozen drop or any other lv 90 weapon at zak before anything else in the game drops them

>>640216673>gets guild to mass defame you backheh nothin personell

>you will never police big foot ever again

>>640212005Tranime happened

>ywn solo pianus before kft and onyx apples came out

>>640221486go back

>ywn party at sharks (I actually never did this, they were way too hard. Idk if they would have been good at like level fucking 180 or something if we never got himes and the other shit. and they debuffed you. hardest shit ever to train on)>ywn boost a cleric healing a bunch of hp warriors sitting on squids to get to level 81 in a few days

>>640215814Exactly what I was thinking. Efficient mobbing already involves using your best mobs hit/second attack and getting that skill up to the point where it consistently oneshots. This seems like just one more button you have to press every few minutes when bossing and completely break the flow of the fight in the process.

>ywn make bonefish do the magic cancel buff on themselves then take a low level f/p and attack it with poison brace because then it would do 1 damage no matter what instead of missing, then have a high level kill it off

>>640210193I'll trade it for 3 10% overall dex scrolls.

>>640221541explain how he's wrong

>>640221705I was so upset by 4th job turning priest into a dps because I put all my points into HP, I was one of the best earlygame healers on my entire server though because I didn't die when dispelled and I still had quick reaction times back then so nobody in my group ever died unless they touched body.

>>640219967I remember when mercedes launched and the european server accidentally left a GM command open for everyone to use, said command let you reset the "skip tutorial" and gave you 10 levels every time you used it.Good times.

>>640221705>hp warriorsHeh, reminds me of a guy in a low rate private server that killed big foot using only power guard, took him 20 hours or something.

>>640222084Only newfags use "tranime" newfag

>>640222467>no explanation>no argumentGood luck with your obsession

>>640210193Someone scammed me in henesys and then sold me back my item in perion. Thanks for the lesson faggot

>>640210193>doesnt space his @'s to make his bubble largerngmi

>ywn fight zak when every class actually had a role and you couldn't kill it without a bunch of the highest levels>CBs carried everyone with the best dps by far meso bombing zak and the bottom right arms>priests had to prioritize keeping the CBs alive>sins were dps on the top right arm and top left and bottom left>dk had to keep everyone HBed or they would actually die, was dps and mob control for the summons.Also when killing the arms you had to have timing for when you got knocked back to get back and place and not get knocked off the plats or tossed into the body, sins could kind of sit in top right for a while attacking the top right arm>ice lightning was good for mob control for the summons and could freeze them, also they were useful at gobies because they could get rid of buffs there>saders for rage and dps, technically they could stand on the body with power guard for more dps but was risky>white knights for arm dps because some arms were elemental weak and they could technically do the pg thing on the body too>fire poison kinda was useless at zak and bosses in general actually but they leveled insanely fast with mist so they could farm and level like crazy so they could provide mesos to bomb and equips>bowman and xbow for uhh more dps lul and the arms that warriors struggled to hit without jumping and mob control for the summons>potting for dear life every time zak did the skill that brought you down to 1 hp and 1 mpPEAKMAPLESTORY

>>640222432No one came and killed it? Kek wow

>>640222274Holy based, and priests would actually wear hp equips like the pig bandana and maple staff

I actually liked the direction Maple Story 2 was going.

>>640222274>main mercedes>see dps chart>bishop was somehow higherI did not understand the workings of the world.

>>640223090people knew he was trying to do that.

>>640223680Oh yeah I forgot private servers are always hugboxes where you can't KS even though gms was a toxic hell pit ks fest 24/7which I loved kek

>>640223024you don't even understand soul unless you had a 4+ hour zakum clear where only your party is left and everyone else died out hours ago and you have to figure out how to donate the CB some mesos midfight so he can finish the boss off because he ran out of mesos 3/4 of the way through 3rd body. that was the run I got my priest's zakum helm, I will remember that shit forever, god this game used to be amazing.

The guilds with the highest levelsVenGeanCe (don't forget the capital VGC)MyBFFHmmmm what elseI rememberPirateNinjazIronArrows (Xbow only guild)

It's almost impressive how quickly everything Nexon touches turns into a disappointment.


>>640224136no 10 lives shit, you get 1 life, no resurrect, you fuck up you lose your zhelm until next week and don't even get your loot order position increased because only people who survived to the end get loot order priority ups.

>>640210797>really like the knuckle job because of the transformationdid they rework them or what? I don't see the transformations anywhere now

>>640224250Yess exactly, 3rd job only was so good. 4th was beyond fucking broken with absolutely no thought put into it whatsoever, complete dogshit.

All of this reminiscing on golden era classic maple is making me want to go get some beers brb

>>640224032must not be Khaini.

>>640224638>only some

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>>640210797>Nerfing Reboot because everyone in KMS was fleeing there after everyone realized it wasn't a meme hardcore server for poor kids>Phantom screenwide looks like ass

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>>640223806yeah its a shame, honestly if i had the money i would open a low rate server that allowed KS and other bulllshit.But no leeching, fuck leeching.

>MaplefagsNot even once.For me it was Mabinogi.

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>>640224750"acktually it's a 0-2% buff overall because it's 50% less EXP 210->260"reg has always been the easymode server but now we are officially allowed to laugh at them for being casuals now that they have gained such an obscene bonus to their progression to 260 and aren't even losing fz/fsr. reggies will be doing 1-260 in a couple days if they are even half serious about it now, a couple months after drop everyone is going to be memeing about all the worthless "prestige" 10K legion on reg is now, I can see them unironically either quitting or swapping to reboot out of shame.

>>640224916>G1 back when you need a sub>Had to have two friends because the loli is dead, the redhead is an idiot and the other one is a bear>Have use a campfire to block his attacks>G1 now>Smash Glas with a free Celtic-equivalent

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>>640224916I haven't logged in in years, but I have a fiona with cbt title and at one point I was 409/410 titles. game is a buggy mess on any GPU within the past 4-5 gens though.

>>640222525thanks for showing your newness

youtube.com/watch?v=zzxROmIXxjUalso does anyone remember the sleepywood forums and some old ass videos like path of a wizard and pimpin ms 2? it had a lot of early footage of people like Tiger, YoungLink, Stephan, etc. also check this out, the koreans had Pink Adventure Cape in 2005 youtube.com/watch?v=HMlLor7TxyE

>>640225262>still no argument and is crying projection in a thread where literally, LITERALLY no one caresfuck off faggot we're trying to re-live Maplestory here

dark skinned Tiger with fucking final attack kek

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>>640225014>I can see them unironically either quitting or swapping to reboot out of shameI mean people were already heading to Reboot anyway because a whale KMS eceleb had an epiphany. Who cares that Reboot was dabbing on Scania in GMS, GMS means shit outside of marvelous machine and vacpet sales.

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>>640225610Tiger, Stephen, derangedcow, Blitzkrieg at Bainsok brb in like 30 min

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>>640225296I remembered the MapleTip forums instead,

>i remember when the offical server of my country fucked something up and for some reason caused the FP poison fart to randomly kill peopleIt was wild seeing all the dead people in the FM.

>>640224916Mabinogi is also in a similar situation where it has lived too long and suffers from powercreep and massive casualization

I always used cheat engine to remove the delay between picking up items and sometimes vacuum

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>>640225862that happened on gMS as well, I don't recall much of the specifics but I remember it happened, f/p mist was buggy in so many ways.

>>640225937youtube.com/watch?v=6XLumU6RBqcI found a video of it, funny stuff.

>>640225925after years of playing MS, I should've done the same. Fuck pets and cash shop faggotry.

I remember some gave me a free pair of Ilbis because he thought my character was cute. I wanted to check out my damage with them so he let me borrow them and then refused to let me trade them back to him.My character was possibly the most scene-girl emo to walk the face of the earth. You know, like 99% of all female character in maplestory back in the early 2000s.

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>i had more fun as a 5x bandit just sitting down in Forest of golem and talking to people than anything i did in any MMO in yearsdammit.

>>640226965>tfw you finally get bottom rowI want to go back


>>640210619aren't there like 30 jobs?

>>6402275656th job, as in 6th tier of your respective job.In the old days, it was lv.10 -> 1st job, lv.30 -> 2nd job, lv.70 -> 3rd job. I don't know what the fuck it is now.

>>640227565There are 52 classes, each broken up into the 5 general archetypes of warrior, mage, archer, thief, and pirate. Each class has 6 jobs they go through at various levels to acquire skills.

Maplestory peaked pre-BB when this little shit was the endgame superboss only 0.01% of the playerbase ever got to see, much less actually beat.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt8ZlyYA4GI

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>>640227762>52 classesjesus, I already thought pirate was redundant when it was first added because it just seemed like a reskinned thiefhow different can that many classes possibly be from one another?

>when it took 20 people to finish zakum in a reasonable timeGood times.>>640227785Maple OST is 10/10, fuck.

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>>640211519I think your too old to be here

They got rid of stat rolling with Big Bang right?Also, it's been decades since I thought of Basilmarket or Hidden-Street.

Attached: MapleStory-BasilMarket-Screen-212423.jpg (546x284, 83.44K)

>>640228036Some stand out with unique mechanics, but there is quite a lot of overlap otherwise

>>640210193>not using @@@@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@@@ or a petit's like you WANT your message to be drowned out by everyone

I'm going to burn a beast tamer with the savior updateOn a scale of 1 to Why, how bad of an idea is this?

>>640228427>or a petLook at this rich son of a bitch.

>>640228312Pretty much everyone ITT is talking about Maplestory pre Big Bang, which means 2009 and before. And more likely they're talking about 2005-2007. No one younger than middle school formed lasting memories of the game, so that means everyone is at LEAST 30 or LARPing.

>>640228338hidden street still exists.

>>640228338>Basilmarket or Hidden-Street.basilmarket is dead user, I still have my basilmarket balloon, hidden street puppy hat, and sp chinchilla chair...

back with beers and more rare OG shitYoungLink, jump shotting at IV2 like a pro. Everyone thought this was the best spot because there was an npc right in the map to sell your stuff but coolies was way better exp even if you had to climb up there every time before dead mine scrolls.

Attached: YoungLink.jpg (1270x497, 85.31K)

>>640228462It's a good idea so that you get compensation when gms removes beast tamer as well. You will have to accept playing as an explorer though.

Attached: 1673416887559625.png (640x480, 655.68K)

>>640228808RIP Jett

>>640228492>t. bought chapel coupon to marry their maple gfyep, my CATHEDRALCHAD marriage is gonna last 2 more weeks than you poorfag

Attached: Maple0997.jpg,png.png (800x600, 976.89K)

PrinceAdamabout the red dana: they started out with 1 acc.10% helm scroll for def gave +1 acc alsoHe hit like 4 on that red dana and had the the godliest red dana in the game and probably the godliest acc helmet slot

Attached: PrinceAdam.jpg (711x420, 47.68K)

>>640228808>>640228956I'm honestly surprised Jett got wacked first. Jett had a small fanbase, Beast Tamer is just accepted as shit by literally everyone.

>>640229118beast tamer is cute.

>>640229118Jett was a GMS class first and foremost. GMS devs are lazy as fuck and need permission from KMS to do anything usefulBeast Tamer, Kanna, and Hayato are JMS classes and they're more willing to put in the resources to keep them online (even though they so rarely get balance updates and bugfixes)

>>640229118>>640229325How long is it going to be before Hayato and Kanna get the axe too.

>>640229375Probably not until JMS starts laying off staff

>>640229252Beast Tamer is just a less cute Lara

More early Tiger at lycans and werewolves with final attack lul (I'm laughing at final attack because it was pretty shit and would lower your exp/hr mostly because it had a random chance to go off when you attacked and a lot of the time it would go off after you killed the monster making you sit there and swing at nothing.) Btw Holy Spear (lv 60 spear) was actually better than Redemption (lv 70 spear) because it was slightly faster so you would get more exp an hour with it, I wonder if he knew that or just didn't have Redemption.

Attached: Tigerlycans.jpg (1268x501, 86.01K)

>>640224916why haven't we all moved to mabipro, mabibros?

>>640229635to be fair people didnt really knew that final attack made you grind slower at the time.

Tiger and GodBandit killing crogs>>640229723true, no one knew wtf was going on for the most part besides people that played kms before gms so they were ready, and people that read stuff on sleepywood forums because that was the main spot for info, high level vids, etc back then

Attached: tigergodbanditcrogs.jpg (1272x951, 152.81K)

>>640218980>It also has a english translation.source? seems fun

>>640225296i remember some guy on the sleepywoods forums admitting to installing a spycamera in his shower to record his sister.it really stuck with me for some reason.

There will be a big event starting next week and you can power level a character to lv 250. Anyone wanna play together??

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every now and then i think about the balrog on the transitwhat an insanely weird, unique, cool idea to have the transit randomly get attacked by sky piratesi can still remember the theme of them arriving fifteen years later due to the sheer paranoia they made me feel


>>640230091KEKKKKKKK wtfffffff

>>640218980No it doesn't, the link to the patch is dead


>>640230228wtf is this

>>640224472They did, they're now a more watery kinda thing and their class gimmick is they get a big ol dragon AOE that circles around them and deals constant damage, and most of their kit is based around movement abilities.

>>640230092What about playing on some somehwhat up-to-date korean pserver instead?

>>640224472Unfortunately, yesiirc you can still see the transformation... as a mount

dammit, there was this video of NinjaGyaru at ice valley 2 that I can't find anymore, he wore a black dana (which gave int and he was a sin kek so it was just for looks) and he wore shades kek, and he's throwing like 1 steely at a time with normal attack. and he was fucking like level 126 assassin or something so not even 3rd job. I think that's correct idk that's from memory.

>>640230578You're misremembering. Buccaneers are the fist class that went SSJ and used energy balls, they redid that and now they have lord of the deep.Corsairs used the battleship ability that was complete garbage that everyone laughed at and NO ONE liked, now they're a summon class.

>>640210871I could hear that, I could feel it.>>640212005I want to rape her>>640228338>They got rid of stat rolling with Big Bang right?Nope, it was before, don't recall the exact version, somewhere around v63~70 i think?

>>640230406Tiger getting ksed by a bunch of faggot sins at IV2

>>640230091I remember stuff from my country official server like a gold selling website that had a better costumer service than the official server one.It was wild to have a gold seller that wasnt a scam.

I missed being a Cleric and Bishop, I wonder if people still remembered me.

>>640230673also, ninja was like level 130 before 3rd job. with the fucking dark shadow set and black dana. at ice valley 2 only lol. fucking ridiculous

>>640230673reminds me that at least on some server level 200 was reached while still in 3rd job.

>>640230683Why did you make me log in?

Attached: Mount.png (797x442, 510.77K)

also Suuushi was fucking going crazy at Grims, one of the best ever end game spots because Suuushi went so hard there.

>>640230890>albatross and transformation removed from skillsAbsolute garbage.

>>640230890>sonic rips off DBZ>maple later rips off sonic of his rip off DBZ

>>640230885what year?

>>640230474There are korean private servers??

>>6402310032010~ i think, the server was quite behind from GMS, it never reached BB

Big Bang Ruined Maplestory

>>640231201oh yeah, I think that was brazil. that guy is actually a beast, I heard of that before.

>>640231232100%, well it was ruined before that. but that was like spitting on the raped dead game.

>>640231232No, that was the potential systemBig Bang just buried the corpse

>>640231082The one i found on reddit is KMS 1.2.374. The devs even started to create some translation patches since quite a few non-koreans play on there it seems.

>>640228338>look up basilmarketbasilmarket.com/its "there", but the soul is way long gone. Looks like tumblr or something.

then there was EMS in like 2008 and they had 3rd job for so fucking long for fuck knows why. they were in deep ludi for soooooooooo fucking long. I think they even beat horned tail as fucking 3rd job somehow but they gave horned tail less HP and sheeit.

>>640231426>BasilMarket.com is an inclusive and diverse safe space to share screens, videos, and chat about MapleStory.

Attached: 1250539110843.jpg (386x252, 24.02K)

>>640231393I think Potential could've worked if the top tier was limited to Epic, or if %stat didn't exist.

>>640231309youtube.com/watch?v=ZUhNQkoTaXsI found the video.

>>640231426That's not basilmarket. I refuse to accept it.

>>640231529It was even greater of a blatant p2w scam than scrolling was

Honestly, if i could i would make a pre-bb server without white scrolls, that alone would help a lot in stopping the players getting too strong.

>>640210193>100k>lol F3


>>640231586that's really amazing, even FangBlade didn't get to 200 until a few months after Leafre and 4th job came out with skeles. but he was always at himes and I famed him once and he whispered ty to me lmaoo. He was a top rank in Bera for a while before that though at gobies, I remember my guild was gonna invite him but it never happened for whatever reason.

>be at school>every day in home room my friend would be like, "do you think FangBlade is playing right now">"yeah definitely"

youtube.com/watch?v=8QhJY40-yGA>the sacrifice stab to finish off with a pocket priest to heal the hp the skill took from you

>>640231982Brazilians are very good at grind, its autistic how much we like it.youtube.com/watch?v=tnxG2Dz8D0MHere is a guy that became somewhat famous for soloing stuff.

>>640232246about to watch it, lol and I remember this bms video youtube.com/watch?v=HX6d8EvRAgo hahahaha Brazil went crazy, I talked to some bms players and they were really nice and cool too

>>640232334>brazilians>nice and coolThis must be some propaganda. Huehues were on the same level as israelis in GMS, most hated groups by far.

>>640232456Only other BRs would propagate that. BRs are scum

>>640232334Yeah it was niceyoutube.com/watch?v=YPLDtTpDIcgHere's another solo from the lvl 200And a video someone made of the day before 3rd job was released.youtube.com/watch?v=H-Nbcm7w6ZI

>>640232456What the fuck was up with them anyways? There were way too many times when a rando would come up and ask "israeli?".

I was at gobies for so fucking long on my dk, I will always remember it and trying to play as efficiently as possible with perfect movement was my fun. It got to the point where I figured out so much shit in just that one map, I could really manipulate the spawn points, and if I had a priest, I knew a glitch where they could use doom on the houses and I had a set up where I would place goby houses over certain spawn points (was extremely hard to set up but once you got it it was amazing) to block the spawn for bone fish at those points, so I could be killing more goby houses, and I would get the priest to doom the houses and then hit the snail so they would fall off the ledge and go into the corner so I could stack up goby houses in the corner and get like 3 million exp an hour at 3rd job with hs and no 2x, fuuuuuuuuuuuck I love gobies, that patch is my all time favorite game. and just playing it normally without that doom glitch was so fun. actually, I barely even got to do that glitchy set up, so really I was mostly just playing that map normally with high ass damage and sheeeeit. fuuuuuuuck it was so fun and amazing.

>>640232456>>640232816the ones I met were awesome, also the israeli people I met from maple were fucking amazingly cool and awesome people. yeah I know you guys hate brazil and israel but it's true, these ones were really cool, awesome, nice people that would have your back and be super nice and cool to you and everything.

>>640232940Gobies were really fun to blow up with the meso explosion exploit / hack.

So how is KMS doing?


>>640233245still endlessly seething at reboot even after the nerf

>>640233031back then I didn't give a fuck about geopolitics, but literally not a single person I met liked hues and israel???s. This meme exists for a reason.

Attached: hue.png (483x1075, 157.06K)

>>640233492yeah I know, I met those fucking retarded ones too

>>640233492it depends of the game, maple didnt have PvP so it wasnt that bad.

>>640230673nvm I found it youtube.com/watch?v=t-tsGEzYLJA

>>640233802you know, someone really needs to download all this stuff before it gets deleted for some reason.

>>640233847soooooooooo many vids already have been deleted by youtube for whatever the fuck reason, even a bunch of mine because fucking nexon copyright striked it for some fucking reason and they just take it down

>>640233802>>640233847lol and my description of the video from memory was pretty off. but that guy did get way higher level without 3rd job

>>640233893make some playlists of videos you know, i will download later.

>>640233802black dana, dark shadow set, black snow shoes, WITH THE FUCKING WHITE CAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKK

>>640233984a lot got deleted on youtube, I'm going through trying to find them now but I've been posting the ones I remember that are still up. there is another vid I was trying to find of the top EMS players when they only had ludi, but I forgot their names because I wasn't an EMS player, only GMS. the top 2 in EMS at that time though were a sin that was waaaaay higher level than the next one who was a DK, and they were fighting pap

>>640233597GMS did have PvP at one point (cant remember) but I had so much fun 1 shotting people with my db. Then they removed it one day and everyone forgot it existed.

>>640210619For every single class? Isn't that going to be a huge pain to reprogram

>>640210193People say this is better than the ge in rs

>>640234387lol that was for like 1 week and it sucked ass, I remember redownloading the game to try it out but it had springs and shit like a shitty banned smash bros level and the map was kinda big. now no one knows about that bomber man ass pq when ariant came out where you could get the palm tree chair, I hopped back on for that too and I swear I didn't lose a single fucking time and unlocked the palm tree chair and dipped

>>640234387i did play it on the europe server i think, it was cool but it was too ping based, i had high ping so it was impossible to win.>>640234236just make a playlist anyway, its easier for me to download than try to hunt the thread.

>>640234463of course, but varrock in actual old school runescape was the same shit where you would spam buying/selling like this, except in runescape you had to retype the shit out every time...


>>640234437youtube.com/watch?v=7XH_hnC_jP4&pp=ygUNbWFwZWxzdG9yeSBrcg==It's just one flashy skill + updated 4th job skill and passive stats. Not that much different from 5th.

everyone who played after early 2007 is a gay retarded faggot

>>640213338>>640214598How does that work when there are other players

>>640234695they got lazier or the code is too fucked to be touched.Its probably both

Didnt Europe have Maplestory Extreme or something where pots and skills have cds or did i dream that?

>>640234745You're a gay retarded faggot either way, congrats.

>>640233212lol I remember that too, there was a cheat engine hack where you could drop etc and blow it up for insane damage and kill pianus like instantly

tfw was autistic enough to read maplestory fanfics

>>640234607just ctrl+f "youtube" on this thread, i'm running out of vids that I haven't posted i think anyway

>>640234919fine.>>640234907there werent that many, maple barely had relevant npcs pre-bb

>>640234847Every dropped Etc item was worth a 50k meso bag. It took quite a while to set up with arrows but yeah, could just hold down the skill key after and explode millions worth.

>>640234832no u

>>640234972I think that was after fog came out also, so I think that was after aqua but before kft.... or was it after ludi but before aqua

>>640210193>entire purpose to add @@@@ was to push your message over everybody else - something only an issue in 2d games>See people doing this in text chat, or 3d gamesannoying shit

>>640235046no wait it was definitely after aqua, and people were destroying pianus with fog etc kek

>>640234969there was this one called revolt of the archers but the writer bailed and the chapters started becoming shit

>>640222525Kill yourself tranon

>>640235106they're just doing it as a throwback to maple to see if anyone recognizes it probably

>Still occasionally have Maple Story dreams

>>640235217iktf, I remember having dreams of cool areas and maps I wanted, like a dark forest with snakes like the area looked like act 3 of diablo 2 but 2d, but then there was a giant snake boss

>>640230092Hope you get some bros to play withI've never even leveled past 60 before I don't think I can make the 250

Mechanic was the best classGetting 1 damage repeatedly while gunning down enemies was so satisfying

>>640235349These days you level to 60 in an hour on a fresh account. Minmaxing lets you do 1 to 200 in under two. It's a bit crazy.

>>640234695Oh shucks, gotcha

>>640235469that shit should be called maplestory 2give us back maplestory

>>640235340I usually just bum around through maps, kill some mobs, see other people occasionally, check my inventory. Last night I had my perma pet w/ auto-loot trailing behind in Chronos.Usually a lot of areas in my dreams are mash-ups, or alters of previously existing ones.

>>640218820>iframesi remeber you had to hug the boat balrogs in order to only get hit by their melee attacks, letting you iframe their magic attack which did a lot more damage

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>>640235217>>640235340I rarely have maplestory ones, makes sense, i played grand chase a lot more.>>640235349my max level pre-bb was 104 or so at EMS.

>>640235469>Minmaxing lets you do 1 to 200 in under twoThat's crazy. I remember a classmate taking me to training grounds to get to level 30 in under 1 hour and I was already impressed.

>>640235550>maplestory 2Anon, I..


>>640235584My level 50ish was somewhere around when resistance released lol

>>640235561you could also kite them with sin using the teleport to go to the top, hit them and jump off and repeat. but you needed good damage to beat them before the boat arrived if you were solo.

>>640235561>get inside zakum's body as a warrior>get constant touch damage but ignore stuns and 1/1s>also more damage from power guard reflect

>>640235561and yeah the magic attack would 1 shot a sin pretty much no matter what, for a while it didnt more damage than the amount of hp a sin could ever get

>>640235721somehow there was a chance where you could get 1/1'd then take touch damage right after or something like that, so if you ever thought you randomly died, that's what happened

>>640235593youtube.com/watch?v=DKPAS_kSOewGranted, there's potions that give you up to 10 levels between 141 and 200, but yeah.Also, this guy's a faggot, but yeah.

>>640235620MAYPU SU TORY

>>640235593lv 30 was at least like 2-3 hours speedrunning after rolling the dice for 1-3 hours for 12 int WITH funding and pots with a magician and maxing magic claw first to ruin your character, in old mape at least

>>640235815there is some frames between the end of the iframes from touch damage and you being able to be hit from touch damage, the 1/1 can hit there.

>>640236051based, thanks for the correction

>>640210797I miss Super Saiyan Buccaneer like you wouldn't believe. The sea dragon thing is cool too but it doesn't beat Super Saiyan. At least he can still Spirit Bomb.

Attached: Goku.png (800x600, 758.85K)


>no one wants to just casually play pservers anymorewhat happened Holla Forums?

Attached: 1682600109584533.gif (1540x615, 263.73K)

>>640236250i still play legends sometimes, but honestly stuff like leech just annoys me.

>>640236250Every server is a scam to some degree, most people have played enough shitty pservers to last them a lifetime.And then there's faggots like this onearch.b4k.co/v/thread/637891008/#q637891008

warriors got nerfed when they introduced arabs with combat step bad huge aoe skills while heroes and paladins had to use slash blast and dawn warrior getting soul rush

Attached: 14938714.png (800x586, 2.17M)


>>640236304legends is fucking dog shit rat shit PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKEEEEEEEEEEEE

>>640236430i would open one for your niggers if i could, just for fun.

What are THESE?

Attached: 1682817348451445.png (1024x791, 1.49M)

>>640236276>The beautiful dusky sunset of Kerning City's main zone>The bleak, overcast sky of the construction site>Heading through the sewers, and coming out in the swamp>The Henesys approach to Kerning, along with the fences, and octopi growing more prominent as you get closerSupreme comfy

Attached: 1525661351950.jpg (1024x1024, 57.52K)

>>640236250I've had my fill for the rest of my life.

>>640236705newfag marshmellows


Attached: 800px-MumbaiCaltroplikeSeashoreDefence.jpg (800x600, 79.01K)

>>640236704>if i couldSetting one up is easy as fuck, takes maybe half an hour at most - if you aren't a techlet. Squashing bugs in publicly available sources is not, because lots of the game logic is baked into the client.

>>640236705never seen a starfish before user?

>>640236572very nice, very niceHOWEVER

Attached: 1663617324377302.png (234x681, 262.01K)

>>640236717>going through the sewers was another way to get to sleepywood>that one hidden map with the octopus in sleepy wood (NOOOO not NEWFAG construction site)

>>640236705Its some dolos, some tetrapods or something similar.

>>640236870yeah, now make an actually good server without bugs that starts out at beta and patches every few months to the next version

>>640236870i dont have any server or can i host on my own computer.

Attached: file.png (1280x720, 1.06M)

>>640236987Not going to happen, especially because of the aforementioned client problem. You could, however, implement old maps. Making custom maps is actually quite fun. Custom items and mobs work too, but that takes a bit more effort.

>All the endgame bosses now are cute girlsBased

>>640236987more than one server already did that,

>>640237120You'd definitely want a vps for that, even if you have a static IP for some reason.

>>640210797the reworjed 5th skills look nice but the cutscenes are awful. 80% of them just look bad and a time waster

>>640237194Name 3, never heard of that before.

>>640236430>fotm serverNo thanks, I'm loyal to Royals.

>>640233492i will gladly take brazilians over the chinese

>>640237336The whole thing was funny because it was the same schizo that tried to shill another pserver on here before. Tried on reddit, too. And fotm is quite apt, one month later and the server is dead.

>tfw I'm in the OSM meme screencapThe server was fun, I really love fresh old maple. When people are actually playing together, grouping for maps and grinding areas, enjoying and using item drops before the scroll fever really kicks in.

>>640235165There is no tranon this isn't SF6

>>640224750did they screw with reboot AGAIN?

Attached: 1682795994600492.jpg (1024x693, 49.38K)

>>640237469were you the furry porn browser>>640237453what server? bet i know who's shilling them

>>640237559Come winter, KMS will equalize reg and reboot when it comes to monster HP and EXP, the latter being said to the default 1x values.>>640237597KaizenMS this time, DreamMS before that.

>>640237690yep it's gay as fuck blackgoku, kusoge will never reform to its glory please give up blackgoku

>>640237194yeah, I know, and they were 1x and I played them

>>640238016and those are the only good, playable servers. but if they ever change 1 thing that wasn't in original gms, besides removing the p2w, it's unplayable dog shit. aka no custom shit, keep it as close to gms as humanly and physically possible, and dont add shit that makes the fucking game fucking SHIT!


anyone play any of the pservers on steam deck? Laptop kind of shit the bed so my portable options are limited.

>>640237469osm, if you're talking about the pserver from a few years ago, was dog shit for so many reasons, it was a fucking keylogger scam no joke, I did my best to tell people not to play so they wouldnt waste their time and knew they could never add zakum because of the source they stole. it was pure fuckin shit.

>>640237205oms and phoenix that i can remember by name.

>>640238327it was regardless of the keylog shit, got 60 on it before it died, shame the devs where retarded.

>>640238614if you played osm at all you're a retarded faggot

>>640238546phoenix was extremely good til they added maple tv

>>640238772phoenix is fine, shame its so dead.>>640238710i had my fun.

>>640238848phoenix is probably still the best server but unplayable because it isn't old school enough for me anymore

>>640237690I played a bit of DreamMS. It's "ok", but i'm burnt out on maple in general so i just dont have the energy to grind anymore.

how come shads (a melee class) got zero mobility while nl (a raged class) gets fj?


>>640236304legends needs a refresh, not sure why them and royals are so against just making another world>>640236430Kaizen sounds good i might check it out since im out of the loop>>640236718lies>>6402423093rd job was done by Wizet, 4th job is Nexon and many say the game went to shit then.

>>640242309Because shade was made to be brainless to play. Why wouldn't the ninja class have high mobility? Especially since back in the day ranged skillls tried to melee attack when enemies were too close

anyone from Comfy still around? that was the best Holla Forums guild

>>640237914moron, blackgoku was based

Does anyone have a Dexless Warrior or Sin loadout from pre-2008 (lvl 30ish I guess)? My friend and I want to cosplay them at an upcoming con but it's hard to find exactly what items people wore back then.

>>640243464I played with Holla Forums on Kradia - still keep in contact with a couple dudes.

>>640243776>cosplaying as something you know nothing aboutShameful, but I admire the spirit.>work gloves>green bamboo hat>any shoe from henesys shop>blue/red sauna robe>raggedy capeAnd then your weapon of choice. Spiegelmann's Necklace got added at some point, but I forget what year that was.

>>640243942I remember work gloves, snow shoes, and sauna robe. Couldn't remember which color bamboo hat was which, the raggedy cape, and which earrings.got used

>>640244015I think you could go with whatever, but I remember Silver Earrings being the popular choice.

>>640244151Leaf Earrings are probably the objectively correct choice


Attached: 1671372340549510.jpg (1518x2024, 358.58K)

>>640210797Mechbros... our 6th job skill is just carpet bombing the field

>>640243942Brown WGThe Pink Adventurers cape if loadedRacc mask or Tree Branch nose if really loadedDont forget to style your hair like the metrosexual

>>640244627we were planning on doing "F2P" versions so no cash shop stuff or hairdo changes, but those are fun suggestions

>>640244695Toben hair or bust

>>640244498>pac>no wgsI am so confused

these threads always take me back, mani played a f/p mage and would poison mobs way higher leveled than me