Post lifebar, guess game, round 2

post lifebar, guess game, round 2

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My favorite game of all time.

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Responding to previous thread >>640209365 also reposting mine that was never answered

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>>640209550Cry of Fear

>>640209395Dante's Inferno.

Last one before bed. Kinda cheating

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>>640209673Hell yeah brotha. God I love this game and it's

let's see you guess this one

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>>640209791Tell me cry of fear user, what's up with the floating bed enemies

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>>640210098Your bed doesn't just start flying out of nowhere with a guy trying to stab you strapped to it?

Yes, it's the lifebar.

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Pretty easy one.

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>>640210241AC of course but if I had to guess it'd be one of the psp ones


>>640210241Definitely Armored Core. Probably 3?

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Another easy one

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This one's unsolvable

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>>640210452Lost planet

>>640209964SLAI, I was just about to post that one :(>>640210241Armored Core 2/2AAHere's a fun one.

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>>640210579Stop pushing people down stairs


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>>640210509Lost planet 2

>>640210509lost planet 2?

>>640210368>>640210402Yes, AC, but 2

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>>640210537Calisto Protocol


>>640210831>>640210858Correct and coincidentally someone had posted the first game prior to my post.

>>640209550Is this worth playing if I already know the twist and the endings?

>>640210897Fuck yeah someone got it. How lol it's just a green line man

>>640210912Yes. The atmosphere and monster designs are pretty good.

>>640210912I'd say yes just because the actual atmosphere of the game is really nice, though I am biased since it's my favorite game ever.


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>>640211063buttsass dogma

>>640210567Scarlet Nexus! What a fun game. Musubi's is probably the best rest-track I've heard in vidya.

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>>640210968Its a very familiar line i played that game for dozens and dozens of hours

>>640210659damn i didn't realize more than four people on the planet knew about SLAIno idea what yours is, sorry hoss

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>>640210226Parasite eve

>>640210117Demonophobia?>>640210226Parasite Eve 2

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>>640211357Not Demonophobia, sorry.>>640211364Capt'n Claw

>>640211303Fuck, looks familiar but not sure.Devil Summoner/Soul Hackers?

>>640211156Correct!>>640211303Soul Hackers


>>640211063Breath of the Wild

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What was that one game that had a healthbar where it was some guy's armI think there was also a magic/energy meter represented by a katana ago

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>>640210562>>640210873Retards, it's Dead Space.


>>640211352close but also correct>>640211357PE2 is correct


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>>640211993Living Zone?

>>640211993I could swear it was Callisto Protocol

>>640211968That's the designated rpg maker porn game font. Don't know which one it is tho

>>640210537metal gear rising, but that's not the HEALTH bar you retard

>>640212020Dang, that was fast

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>>640211063Ass Creed. The first one to be specific I believe



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good fucking luck.

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>>640212414You got it

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>>640212984Tomb Raider.

>>640211236Oh no you're totally right on the money, you just happened to find that fourth person lmfaoI think the one I posted is probably way too bland and niche to get any answers, so I'll break the rules a bit and post an ENEMY lifebar from it hehe.

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>>640210869FF7 Remake

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>>640210537Spineshine 64

>>640212705Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks

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>>640214590Nope.Hint: 1996


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Hint: from a ps2 game

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>>640214708Star Fox 64

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obvious but i liked how creative / how simple it was

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What ones am I missing?

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>>640212280graffiti kingdom?i once ran into a guy in one of these threads who could guess the hp bars from the most fucking obscure 20 year old indie games i could find,that shit was crazy

>>640215003Godhand? (i have never played godhand)

>>640216029The one between fire emblem and doom 2016 is Starsector

>>640216272that's what came to mind but I've never played the game so I wasn't sure

>>640215931this one looks damn familiar but i cant place it

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>>640215931looks like an rpgmaker game with default assets


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>>640216534lego games ?

>>640216442correct what game tho

>>640216594yep, specifically Lego Marvel Superheroes.


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Hard mode, nobody played this game

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>>640209764Isn't that the boost bar? I don't recall Sam having a visible health indicator.

>>640216632It's not Fear and Hunger, so I'm guessing the next popular one, Black Souls.

>>640216756surgeon simulator

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>>640216764I never played it but i wanna say remember me?


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>>640217541Hard Reset?

>>640217541Hard Reset. Great game.

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>>640217541hard reset, pretty iconic

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wow it's so fucking minimal, you really have to recognize the font, this is fucked

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>>640216098no one said anything wow, diablo 2 duh

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>>640218291system shock 2

>>640218338hell yea

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>>640218451Still Not In The Fucking Capital Simulator 2023

>>640218210ever oasis


>>640218440hellll yeaaa also no clue what ur img is hmmm looks familiar

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>>640218542Well, there's one scene in the capital now. You fight/save Perpetua.

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Got another one for you guys.

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pretty unique health bar, i think people can guess it easy if you know the game

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>>640218887monkey outbreak

>>640218887ape escape, pretty easy to guess things when its not just a green or red bar and that's it

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>>640210912I'd say yes but stop once you reach the part with the floating beds. The game only gets worse after that.

>>640219024alan wake

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>>640218887I've never even played ape escape but somehow know that's where this is from. Some kind of buried memory from reading a gaming magazine 25 years ago or something.

>>640218592Need a hint?

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>>640209395Dante's inferno>>640209550Cry of fear>>640210226Parasite eve>>640218892Onimusha

>>640219168Cave Story

>>640219168Rabbits and Rabbit suffering within caves, the video game.

>>640218892One of the Onimusha games?

>>640219224if nobody else picks up on it then sure

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>>640219272>>640219382onimusha 3 yes

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>>640219535Castlevania 1.>>640219520Think about the file name. Old. Old OLD game.


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>>640219680dude sex

No one got these, so I'll give them away:>>640212705Twinkle Star Sprites.>>640216082Tales of Zestiria.>>640216382Hyperdimension Neptunia.

I'll be genuinely surprised if anyone gets this, you're a real nigga if you know.

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easy one

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>>640219587damn. Idk why but i keep thinking about scorched earth lol i havent played many older games

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>>640217794Shining Soul

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>>640219878lmao riddick, its the only gamei ever played that has square health "bars"

>>640219962No but you couldn't be wrong in a funnier wayit's Runescape Classic

>>640219956I'll give it a few more minutes before revealing the ones I gave out.

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>>640220114gotcha, interested to see what it is

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Last one for good measure.

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>>640216834Good guess, but I guess guessing a specific rpg maker game is impossible. My bad.

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>>640220109yeah, glad someone else knew, kino game

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>>640219664The twisted tales of Spike Mcfang

>>640216029The one between FFTA and Fire Emblem Engage is Brave Fencer Musashi.

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>>640220424Nuclear Throne

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>>640220539wait..i think i played this game

Alright, since I'm too much of an oldfag.>>640218440Dune 2>>640218703The Guardian Legend>>640218885PSO2 Surprised no one got this.>>640220250And waiting for someone to get this till later.

>>640220539is it judgement? the yakuza one?

>>640220645Wrong, but it looks very similar so i dont blame u

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>>640220697Wild, never played the first one before>>640220814

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>>640220593Metal Gear?

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>>640220789ohh you're right, its from judgement

>>640221051pathologic 2

>>640221089Not quite

>>640210528looks similar to master of orion


>>640221150Descent, though I couldn't tell you which one

>>640219949no one ?

>>640221410Both the one I posted and the one I quoted are from both games. Its the same image in 1 and 2 as well as the one I quoted is a minimalistic version of it, So yes.

>>640220792this is so familiar but i can't place it

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>>640221410it's Descent 2, D1's Pyro is more minimal.


>>640219949BF3? Maybe 4?

>>640222614BF3 yes


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>>640209395thanks doc

>>640210659I fucking loved Breakdown. One of few games to actually creep me out.

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nobody guessed last time

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Very hard mode, only true gamers know this

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>>640220250Alright, since no one guessed.X-COM:UFO

>>640220483Spark the electric jester. 3 I'm guessing>>640220505Tactics Orge remake>>640221003Transistor?>>640221067Ninja Gaiden 3>>640221094>>640221150Descent?


>>640225440Yes on Spark 3 and yes on Descent

>>640210209Unmetal>>640217708Ragnarok Odyssey including ACE>>640217909Madoka Magica The Battle Pentagram>>640218130Deception 4>>640219165Maximo

>>640223531What the fuck is that font at the top.

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>>640225770budget comic sans

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>>640225004Little Fighter 2. Not sure I would say true gamer so much as being around at a pretty specific time period.

>>640226149Mercenaries>>640225678Correct on Unmetal


I'm guessing terribly at these so I'm just going to post one myself.

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>>640227042Chaos Legion

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>>640227350yesshere's an even easier one

Attached: file.png (144x133, 30.89K)

>>640209597Chaos Overlords

>>640227603postal ?


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>>640225830this is driving me fucking crazy I know I played this

>>640225830ghost in the shell

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>>640228041shit station 12

>>640225678>Ragnarok Odyssey including ACE>Madoka Magica The Battle Pentagram>Deception 4correcti did not think anyone would get madoka


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>nobody has posted THE MONSTROSITY

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Attached: 32424.png (167x297, 125.17K)

>>640228376cruelyty squard

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Attached: 4234324.png (108x103, 23.81K)

>>640228525Wanna say nightshade.

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>>640228709Fighting force. I played this alot, one of the best best em ups there is.


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>>640229150syphon filter


Attached: 12232335.png (391x109, 30.6K)

>>640228789>best best em upsI stand by this typo.

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Attached: hb2.png (1279x141, 140.24K)

>>640228172onimusha 1

>30hp>health bar subtly marks out 10hp incrementsSimple yet elegant.

Attached: RN: Redundant Name.png (561x68, 2.19K)


>>640228402dungeon siege 2

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Attached: 7565.png (164x71, 24.26K)

>>640230095final fantasy

Barry Fantasy X-2: Lightning Returns

>>640230095Bonk's Adventure

>>640219680Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


>>640230095Resisting the Feminazi Regime Proves Futile and Violation Awaits RPG

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>>640230095epic mickey

>>640230095You are not even trying.Here I made it a bit harder so it's an actual challenge.

Attached: mystery nigga.jpg (853x356, 71.28K)

>>640230160Digimon World?

>>640214996this one is driving me insane, nuts even

Attached: 1655010866378.png (363x36, 27.43K)

>>640230095DRIVE MAX 4 mp

Attached: Capture.png (73x430, 72.38K)

>>640230532kof all stars

>>640220562Ding ding ding

Attached: Screenshot_20230611_060022_Firefox.png (230x217, 62.63K)

>>640231026Jet Force Gemini?

>>640230923lol correct, one of the most infamous crossovers of all time

Attached: (1710x900, 1.48M)

>>640231026Pantsmode: Guess the level

>>640230596idk what the fuck this is


>>640230532>> it good?



>>640231274it's a gacha mobile game, go figure

Attached: hp.png (343x53, 29.31K)


>>640210528Starcraft Alpha?

Attached: 1660151211695.jpg (243x72, 8.12K)

Attached: 20230611001109_1.jpg (156x236, 32.72K)

>>640231895shake shake

>>640210912Yeah, the twist is so laughably obvious I thought they were going to subvert itThe story doesn't mean shit, it's the gameplay and horror that seal it as the best horror game of all time


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Attached: 980345.png (800x600, 622.14K)

These were such weirdly great games

Attached: Life.png (292x107, 58.1K)


Attached: file.png (191x58, 16.06K)

What is the lifebar IRL? Is it your skin? People always tell me I have terrible skin


Attached: DutyCalls 2011-02-02 09-22-59-14.jpg (640x360, 95.62K)

>>640231895prank producers

>>640232793Your heartbeat is probably the best way to measure your irl health bar

>>640216829Maybe he views it as HP in a sense, due to the auto-slowmo shield


Attached: Capture.jpg (216x99, 3.92K)

>>640234005Dying Light?


>>640226447Best of the Best>>640226871Beyond Good and Evil>>640229545Duke Nukem>>640232021Deathsmiles


Attached: 1672247623482.jpg (184x66, 7.19K)

>>640209395Let me post something for once.

Attached: shenmue2-screenshot.png (168x86, 39.77K)

>>640236171bruh your filename


>>640236217>>640236242How new are you, anons?

>>640212467rock of ages

>>640219964Wipeout PureIf anyone can guess this one I will be genuinely impressed.

Attached: WTF.jpg (412x153, 18.1K)

>>640236532>DMC1 DT glyphs>what the fuck is that green shit

>>640230093Kobeni best girl

Attached: file.png (100x96, 14.64K)

>>640236695Might as well post the full.>Kamiya thought this was okay

Attached: 518506DMTBL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL80_.jpg (1000x750, 82.88K)

>>640234706illusion of gaia, fantastic game

>>640236532Is this the ps2 night before Christmas game? I'm guessing because that looks like a DMC1 DT bar.

>>640231931Sonic Heroes

Attached: 1684652941467257.png (208x75, 3.61K)

Criminally overlooked game IMO.

Attached: Untitled.png (578x43, 26.96K)

>>640237139This looks familiar but I can't remember it for the life of me.

>>640236838Obviously when you think of demon slaying, you think of nickelodeon gak

Attached: 12213213453.png (448x504, 289.75K)

>>640237108Mega Man Star Force :^)

>>640237247hint: 2011

>>640237527Fucking shit, of course it's bastion.

>>640237652correct! one of the best soundtracks ever IMO.

>>640237723Indeed. It's up there with Shadow of the Colossus and Hyper Light Drifter for me.

>>640231274It's like beats of rage but more compressed and more fun with supers and stuff. It's an ok game if you catch a decent unit to carry you but it's not free of bullshit either. I will say the WWE was in fact the best collab to date and redeemed igniz as a character completely for me.


Attached: HP.png (137x38, 4.04K)

Come on Holla Forums this ones ezpz

Attached: D.png (332x76, 37.64K)

>>640220424I have boots, and my boots shoot bullets

>>640239113Post 1cc.

>>640238918Purification of Failures

Someone post the lifebar that was tattooed on the female player character's boobs. You had to look down to see it. Mind you this is ancient.

>>640241628Look through the thread

>>640236819allied assault

>>640219520Vintage quest?

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Attached: mh.png (620x620, 380.45K)

>>640232772Morrowind... no... Gothic 3!

>>640210237Spider-Man The Arcade Game

there's 3 acceptable answers

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Ya'll won't get this.

Attached: HT Health Energy Special.png (53x30, 1.66K)

Attached: z.png (303x71, 32.02K)

>>640245213Darksiders 2, I want to say

Attached: 1655776282229675.png (366x128, 62.04K)

>>640229408Taffer Simulator

you couldn't have this thread with modern games alone, it'd be impossible to guess since they all look the same

Attached: 1676430576803213.gif (480x360, 386.04K)

Attached: 4hoursofacceptablemediocrity.png (265x172, 58.24K)

Attached: vaevictus.png (85x658, 70.38K)

Attached: Capture.png (309x202, 86.96K)


>>640245410Ghost Rider spirit of vengeance on PS2

>>640244903This looks really familiar unfortunately my brain doesn't work correctly but I will say it was probably a game that flopped.

>>640245626Red Faction?>>640245670Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

>>640245749yes to both

>>640245720Kings Field>>640245782:D

Attached: FcPFLF1aIAALdLa.jpg (1016x1015, 183.34K)

>>640245720Kings Field 2


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>>640244542hint: it's not the player character's HP

>>640230802cmon, surely one of you fine anons play video games?

>>640245746It had 5 sequels and a show with a 126 episodes.

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>>640225004You could have left out Rudolf's icon and people would have still guessed it, it's a uniquely lazy health bar.

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>>640245729Correct.My local games store didn't have DMC, so I played God of War and this. Isn't a perfect game, but it can be fun when you're a kid with no other options.

any boomers here?

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>>640246469lol looks like Predator

>>640210528cosmic rift?

hardly even counts as a bar

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>>640246507it is a predator game, but very old

>>640211156Scarlet Nexus is fun but its major flaw is that you only gain access to the complete combat system 70% through the game. I think when I did NG+ as FeMC I was stuck with few/no characters all over again?

>>640246469Alien Vs PredatorI think the UI is from AvP2

>>640210746lol I also thought of xenoblade x but I knew that wasn't it. It has the same lighting as X

>>640213848Evil Dead Fistful of Boomstick


>>640243285yes>>640244345nice, i thought no one would recognize the third game


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