Party Holla Forumsan

It's Saturday night! Come hop on for some good ol TF2!Address: or tf2.madhammer.clubdon't join from your browser, you'll get autokickedPassword:what is the subtitle of the recently announced sonybro game?>I've never played on the Holla Forumsan. Do I need to download custom content for TF2?The fastDL redirect server will send you missing files.Optional custom content archives can be found at the links below.Saysounds (~50MB, extract to 'Team Fortress 2/tf/sound/')>MAP DOWNLOAD IS TAKING FOREVER go to download the map in question then drop it in the steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps>DOWNLOAD THIS OR ELSE YOU'RE GONNA SIT AT SLENDER MAPS FOR>For Sunday its gonna be hl2dm>Sunday games Polar keeps on tap if you would like to suggest

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wait I forgot to change the password thing.Password should say: "what is the subtitle of the recently announced sonic game?"

Kill Minimelt. Behead Minimelt. Roundhouse kick Minimelt into the concrete. Slam dunk Minimelt's babies into the trashcan. Crucify filthy Minimelt. Defecate in Minimelt's food. Launch Minimelt into the sun. Stir fry Minimelt in a wok. Toss Minimelt into active volcanoes. Urinate into Minimelt's gas tank. Judo throw Minimelt into a wood chipper. Twist Minimelt's head off. Report Minimelt to the IRS. Karate chop Minimelt in half. Curb stomp pregnant Minimelts. Trap Minimelt in quicksand. Crush Minimelt in the trash compactor. Liquefy Minimelt in a vat of acid. Eat Minimelt. Dissect Minimelt. Exterminate Minimelt in the gas chamber. Stomp Minimelt's skull with steel toed boots. Cremate Minimelt in the oven. Lobotomize Minimelt. Mandatory abortions for Minimelts. Grind Minimelt's fetus in the garbage disposal. Drown Minimelt in fried chicken grease. Vaporize Minimelt with a ray gun. Kick old Minimelt down the stairs. Feed Minimelt to alligators. Slice Minimelt with a katana.

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>>640208921Feels good to unwind in a "Everything goes" server

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ltgwon2 was fixed so delete and redownload that saysound to get earraped on round end

>>640209012You screwed it up last thread too.


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password is superstars

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>>640210513>letting the normalfags and midwits in

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van's alive and kicking

execute the retard that fucked up the daytime map pool

TF2 is dead, it's time to move on to the superior multiplayer Valve shooter AKA Left 4 Dead 2>Fully mod supported with a large amount to choose from>Consistent playerbase that isn't filled with bots>No jew cosmetics, if you want to change the appearance of someone you download a mod, no transactions required>A well programmed game director ensures that almost every game you play is different than the last, promoting replayability>even if you get bored of playing the same campaign maps all the time, there are plenty of great custom maps to choose from>has one of the most advanced gore systems in a vidya>Versus still makes faggots and shitters seethe to this day

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>>640213385Team Fortress 2 isn't dead, it's not time to "move on" to L4D2.>Fully mod supported with a large amount to choose from>Skillful bot players picking up the slack when your team needs it the most, also encourages the opposing team to play better>Has hundreds of different cosmetics, easily letting you customize each class to your liking>Has a well optimized game engine, ensuring the best framerate possible on any configuration>Even if you get bored of playing the same stock maps all the time, there are plenty of great custom maps to choose from>Has one of the most advanced gore systems in a vidya>Still makes faggots and shitters like (You) seethe to this day

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>>640213385stupid nigger

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What do we do about the asriel epidemic plaguing the server?

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28 players gameing on cp_dustbowl

I am done playing TF2Classic for today, so just review spray I made in paint yesterdays user

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>>640214884first a klonoa epidemic and now a asriel epidemic? this might aswell be the official kemoshota server

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>>640215571go ahead...

rtdfags deserve to be kicked

26 players on pl_angkkor

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>pick spy>walk up behind teammate>say "spy behind you, Sniper">they turn around to see a spyYeah I'm thinking I'm twisted.

>>640216636i remember when i used to seethe at rtd fags. now I find rtd shenanigans fun.

>>640218157If you roll vote kicker, you deserve to be kicked.

17 players on cp_steel (it's so over)

If the van doesn't come back what movie should I watch tonight?

>>640220224enter the void.

wish we could do a synergy sunday but i think max players is only 10 on that game.

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>>640208921>password isn't the usualThe fuck are you retarded niggers doing?


not yet... its not over yet

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its over

teehee! had to do a quick restart cause the mapcycle wasnt loading properly! squee~~


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>>640220224Kung Pow and stream it for us.

I would drag my balls through seventeen miles of broken glass to hear the Administrator fart through the contracker.

Secret discord is full of femboys

Femboy pauling sexo…

Would you fuck the slenderman

susie taking a fat dinosaur shit on the pavement

I’d rather sound myself with a bottle brush than add any more low tier god quotes

>>640228737a black entertainer

>kills the server with slenderfaggotrywatch in a week they'll remove the pw again bc no one wants to put up with badmins

haha dead server rather play on redditopia instead

the server is in the healing process

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>>640231515da coon room

14 angry men throwing balls at eachother

14/14 players going to gungame dust2


10/10 homies going to tfdb_onett

10 of the strongest warriors holding out for a hero

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now if i was running the Holla Forumsan? it wouldve been not like this sorry ass state

>>640235760sorry ass state? this is what the van should be

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FOURteen men playing wii sports on tfdb_wii_sports

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>>640210736wait they changed the password from the usual?


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Kill Minimelt


what is the status of the Holla Forumsan my fellow soldiers.

>>6402440923 hours on dodgeball with 3 hours left for the map to end

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