LF2M deadmines need healer and tank

LF2M deadmines need healer and tank

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>>640207329paladin here, im dps though

>>640207329>I can tank*shift+left click name*>lvl 13

>>640207329>2005, nobody wants to heal>2023, nobody wants to tank

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>>640208484Unironic evidence of the sissification of gaymers

Priest here but I’m shadow (dps). Can off heal.

>>640207329Tauren survival hunter here can I join

hi, me is hunter 15lvl, but muh pet can tankinv plz

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>>640207329druid healer here! better not die lol.

>>640208484The combination of vanilla threat tools being trash and zoomer dps who expect the game to be like retail is too much of a headache to make tanking worth it.

>>640211564Only if you're a female tauren and you strip your character naked for me ;)

>>640208763h-hot...people get mad when i try to druid tank tho

>>640211564>>640211908The sad thing is they actually can, vanilla WoW pets had infinite threat generation due to taunt mechanics.Their only downside was a small health pool that means the healer needs high HPS which isn't mana efficient.But people were so used to only doing what they already know works, and assuming hunters are retarded.In fact Mend Pet has amazing scaling but it's hard to put together a functioning set so I exclude that one from the discussion.>t. Leveled alts with guildies on a PvE server for a lark with my hunter pet tanking

Enh shammy here, will tank, inv.

>>640212554>not also forcing them to roleplay with you throughout the dungeon where the entire party has to repeatedly stop while they give you messy cowtongue blowjobs and let you play with their milky udders before you continuengmi

>be chad Warriors>"lfm DPS for DM">"DPS here">shift click>paladin>"we're good on heals, thanks">...>he whispers back "i'm dps"

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>>640213083RP king, I kneel

>>640212590I thought druid tank was decent though, our server's first molten core and ony were warrior/druid tanks

>>640213003been done before, not sure how far in raids people got with this works just fine before 40

>>640207329i just want to play classic are you nigger really shelling out to blizzard?

>tfw want to play hpala only and kill lich king >Only done it on private servers and never on proper ones>No dungeon finder so leveling is just the worstFucking horseshit, gimme dungeon finder so i dont need to quest until i hit outlands and northrend. And yes, hpala is only acceptable uncucked heal class in wotlk. Everyone literally sucks your dick if you play holy over retri

>>640212862It was a long time since I played WoW, but I can tell you that everyone who played as a hunter should be shot on sight. But than again, if somebody still plays wow in the current year of our Lord, that person should be sent to hell.

>>640213438I think it works as an off-tank but not main. Around 30-40 is when people start wanting actual tank classes, which is fine because that's around when Feral takes off so people change talents to Cat.

>>640213450done this until lvl 50 (after that I stopped playing) and still was ok. t. Enh Shaman with int gear in spare bag.

>>640213438>>640213969druid is the best tank until level 60 raids, then warriors are better for main tank just because they can use a sheild

inv protopally 20lvl (overgear low skill)yeah I have nothing better to do with my life

>>640213615>don’t add dungeon finder so as to maintain the “spirit of classic” even though it was originally in wotlk>add p2w gold months later i’m tired bros…

>>640212420Its fucking weird too. I've seen guys who play tank classes in tank roles who still zug like fucking idiots when playing DPS alts and bitch at the tank when they started blasting before anyone else has done anything.

>>640214420I'm off this fucking train as soon as my homies who wanted to play are done. We'll probably get a Lich King kill, and then with any luck raid interest collapses and I can fuck off.

lf39m hogger MUST KNOW THE FIGHT

15 mage here

>>640207329Come home white man

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>>640215689that's sovl

>>640213864I literally only played Hunter, what's wrong with them?

>>640215823They roll on melee weapons for stats sticksThey don't realize multishot is coded like chain lightning and keep pulling shitTheir pet is always on aggressive pulling shit

>>640215689Too many polygons

>>640215581>ret paladins, the serverlollmao even

>>640216040I will add this:They almost always forgot to buy enough arrows to last an entire dungeon.They pull ahead of tanks.They are retarded.

>>640215823>blue melee weapon drops while in dungeon with group>no stats on it other than a chance on hit>hunter rolls need

>>640215581No Thanks. I'm ready for Blizz to shut you down

>>640215581>no dranei nah fuck these faggets

>>640216332>They almost always forgot to buy enough arrows to last an entire dungeon.Kek this was me when I was doing raids, end up running out of arrows in an 18 slot quiver towards the end and becoming pretty much useless

>>640216458Draeneis are only good for futa SFMs

>>640208763I liked tanking in lich king, because I had all my rotation on one macro and just avengers shielded or taunted when one of my braindead party members pulled aggro somefuckinghow. I'd never tank nowadays where you have to juggle a thousand fucking things.

>>640216490Ammo in general was a mistake. Why the fuck would you add something to a class that makes them more useless with no pros?

>>640208484>tfw do both but not for randoms

>>640216490I could tell you that you can store arrows in generic bag and put them into quiver only when it is empty, but then again you are a hunter.

>>640216679>no prosBetter ammo = more dpsalso class fantasy

>>640215581>Tranny WoWNo thanks, playing Ascension instead.

>>640213615I hate playing holy paladin and am sticking with my resto shaman forever

>>640216679>Why the fuck would you add somethingRP reason and RPG elements. That is why classic WoW was a role playing game.Now Blizzard just removed everything and all classes literally plays the same.

>>640211564Your 5 talent points don't mean shit you're a hunter nobody cares about your spec at this point

>>640216679I enjoyed that kind of stuff in og wow/classic, having arrows feeding pets being able to switch between melee and ranged it makes the class very enjoyable in an odd sort of way

>>640207329Dungeon Finder was the best thing ever added to WoW. Fuck having to manually find a healer and tank.

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>>640208484>>640208763Modern healing is way more difficult and interesting than tanking.

>>640207329I got tired of doing this for everything. It's why i dropped Warcaft and can't get into mmos in general. Just standing around like a goof and repeatedly posting it pisses me off. Mainly because it barely ever works and no one replies. I usually found getting lucky with groups already there was more effective.

>>640212862>Their only downside was a small health poolNo, the biggest downside of hunter pets was that they were controlled by hunter players.

>>640208484>2005, nobody wants to healThe average dungeon group plays at a snail's pace. The average raid is casual and healing is basically cleaning up other player's (more frequent) mistakes.>2023, nobody wants to tankThe average dungeon group plays like there's a bomb strapped to their PC that will detonate if they dip below 10 pulls-per-minute. You're constantly hitting the ceiling of your threat output while DPS end up draining the healer's balls. Your options for raiding are to compete for limited spots in more competitive guilds or join a casual guild where an Indian hunter is seemingly bathing his father with his microphone open while he does catatonic DPS.

>>640213291>literally all you need to do to tank is equip one of your 78 green questing shields+1H>can make your own group, instantly>can get your pick of the loot>can do whatever you want>"NO I AM A FUCKING DPS"

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>>640219308this at least is somewhat justified as warr dps will beat lolretbut there is no excuse either way. dont even need a shield to tank as a warrior, better to go with a 2 hander. you hold threat and kill shit so much faster while topping meters

any private servers where you don't get banned for chat stuff / admins are chinese or russian and don't care? warmane?

>>640213291this but say we're full on tanks when warriors ask to join

>>640219671Dalaran or warmeme. Pretty much your only options now

>>640219464you can literally tank in leather dps gear in classic dungeons, people are just retards did every dungeon with a tank that wore maybe half plate gear and it was finehealer has to spam but who cares

>>640216679Once upon a time when all guns weren't given the exact shame shooting time, a properly-specc'd hunter could machine gun a warrior in PVP with the right planning and ammo worked to counterbalance the vastly higher DPS capability.


>>640207329Druid tank here, pls invite. We won't get any job in raid.

>>640219308>people play spec nobody wants to bring claiming that it's 'their choice'>gets upset when people choose not to invite themstill funny.


>>640207329this just reminded me of all the posers in wow classic who kept trying to abbreviate deadmines as vancleef or something instead of dm. they claimed "dm stands for dire maul" even though deadmines came out one whole phase earlier plus everyone knows dire maul included sections like east, west, and north in its abbreviations anyways

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We had a druid tank in the very early weeks and imo he was a threat generation champion, could not rip threat unless some massive bad luck happened. But apparently he needed some item to farm constantly and it drove him insane so he quit

>>640220197Had a Feral in my raid from MC all the way until Naxx. Having one Feral is great, they're very good in MC and are incredible in Naxx.

>join group as a tank>all the dps are warriors>leave

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>>640215581>russiantranny wow

>>640219671no, you get banned on every server. don't know why retards aren't used to this by now, it's been the case for almost 10 years. it's not hard to take your fucking pills and only say nigger in private chats

What's a good server? I play on Firestorm.

>>640220503Only needed them for bosses. Using the hammer on trash was only if you were really tryharding for good parses.

>>640219671whitemane is the meme server where you can spam nigger but it's one of the buggiest shittiest servers ever

>>640220624me in BRD

>>640220642Here's a tip, if you join the discord and see:- Wall- Whitekidney- RaddixxJust quit. They're crazy people. They go wild with power, ban 90% of their population before they launch the server, watch the server go into P2 then start it all over again.

>>640220657why the fuck would anyone want to play a shadowlands private server

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>>640220905I never played retail lmao. Just want the latest shit I guess

>>640220503>>640220531yeah bear tanks are serviceable in vanilla but it's miserable actually playing one. tier sets favored resto druids so they didnt have many good options for itemization. i believe 80% of their naxx40 bis are just pieces from the previous raid

>>640220905>shadowlands private serverthere is no fucking way something like that exists already

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>all world buffed up and ready to game>fury warrior dipshit goes full hog on ony pull and gets a decent chunk of the raid instantly killed by breath>laughs about it while everyone else is quiet>does it again 2 more times>finally stops>bitches out when he doesn't get the neck

>>640216262explainwhat do ret pallies have to do with turtle wow? never played it

>>6402211241. it just fucking ended2. it was a shit expansionzero people should be interested in this garbage

>>640221319pretty sure that server is vanilla but with some changes. so they likely gave ret paladins some real abilities so all the ret rejects from retail classic go there.

>>640215581lmfaoprogrammer socks

>>640221473sounds to me like they fixed blizzard's incredible fuck up with hybrids then, not seeing the downside hereliterally all blizzard had to do was add holy strike from beta back and ret would have turned into a real dps that specialized in longer fights where the stacks add up and their damage snowballsand even after that the ironfoe+av exalted offhand spelldamage build still topped dps in classic, being rogues and warriors alike. too bad it required such a rare fuckin weapon though

>>640221113feral tank bis is half naxx and half random shit, largely AQ but also gear from all over the place

>>640220503If he was using a crowd pummeler in dungeons he was neither a threat generating champion or a very smart person overall.

>>640221319Go look on their website. They have custom changes to every class, some more than others. Ret supposedly received big buffs when in reality, they're still the same dogwater spec ala vanilla. With the exception that once every 10 seconds they can delete a big chunk of hp in pvp against other players.They actually broke reckoning so they are even more gimped on this server. Doesn't stop a plethora of retards rolling paladin on the server to try out the "op ret changes", only to find they are still required to heal

>>640221594>not seeing the downside to 2 people balancing the game and adding oc content donut steel

if they made weapon chance on hit work for druid I'd play one but they are too limited with weapons and those are like the fun part playing melee. Bear druid with earthshaker would be kino fun, or even a cat with felstriker

>>640221594They added holy strike, and its basically heroic strike with a 10 second cooldown that converts all damage to holy. This bypasses armor and allows them to slap around warriors in pvp but that's about it.They tweaked some sp coefficients and added Crusader strike but it's garbo. Just replaces vanilla seal of the crusader, except it stacks to 5 times. The spec is more mana hungry than ever and isn't raid viable at all unless you're geared to the teeth and pump consumes, which you can do on any other spec and get bigger numbers. But hey, some people love the ebin grusader larp so whatever

>>640221664'required'. lol.anyone who gets their asshole in a bunch and 'requires' paladins to heal missed the entire intended point of paladins in vanillait wasnt to be healbotsit wasnt to be massive big dick damage pumpersit wasnt to be huge meaty tanksthe point of paladin was to be a very self sufficient fighter who needed next to no babysitting from the raid's healers to stay alive and who could cheese through many mechanics and just ignore them, along with empowering the raid with buffs. where blizzard went wrong was in removing holy strike in beta. if paladin had had that, it would have been a viable real dps on top of being self sufficientand, of course, the secondary reason is to watch porn in between pressing consecration as your autoswings go off

>>640221848that was changed in tbc

>>640220657Turtle WoW is pretty nice if you want a vanilla+ experience. Good amount of active players too.

>>640221901holy strike in beta dealt holy damage but also applied a debuff to the target that made them take extra holy damage, and it progressively stackedit was what made ret okay in beta since they could snowball the longer they were alive and on a targetdisappointing to hear that they fucked up literally the easiest hybrid to fix everits much harder to fix all of druid's problems, honestly

>be affliction drain tank>tank classes not required for the first 30-40 levels

>>640221129This but instantly removing the dps after the first pull

>>640221901Ret was already the best pvp (1v1) spec in vanilla, you can’t feasibly buff them for pve without making them steamroll pvp even harder.

>spell cleave>tanks not using shields>no CC needed as that's boomer tierFor a 20 year old solved game you'd think the player base would discover how to 5 man dungeons with no heals or tank and just unga bunga dps the mobs before they even hit

>>640221934debuff limit fucks paladin more than anything, ret just needs way too many slots

>>640222252yes you can, it worked fine in beta precisely because holy strike required time to build up that just didnt exist in pvp fights

>>640222252well that's what they did, and now bg's are FULL of rets. who, of course, never use their abilities to support others.i swear the class attracts the biggest fucking retards on the planet

>>640222275>spell cleaveWho started this stupid fucking meme? It's called AoE.

best memory while leveling was a tauren hunter tanking armory with a turtle when our tank Dc'ed and never came back

Having to deal with DPS paladins is the single reason why I always played Horde in Vanilla servers there isn't a single other kind of player I hate more than the idiots who expect to be carried for doing fuck all just because they want to be a special snowflake.

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>>640214071Druid is the best tank until Twin Emperors.

>>640222401Me but with my blueberry

>>640222295yeah debuff limit always needed to be removed, not gonna lie. and i say that as someone who, during some private servers, would get a raid full of 8 ret paladins, one tank, and ALL HOLY PRIESTS, then debuff a boss with every single rank of crusader and watch them get absolutely annihilated by holy smite spam. full healer holy priests going hog-wild naxx geared fury warrior tier damage, it was lolalsoNew Talent: Sanctified CommandGives your Seal of Command a 45/90% chance to resist dispel effects and your Judgement of Command will restore mana equal to 10/20% of the base mana cost of the Seal of Command to you and nearby party members. Requires Seal of Command as a prerequisite talent. i pulled this off turtle wow, this should would only make any difference in solving mana problems if seals weren't consumed by judgments. i dont know if they are or not on turtle.

>>640222363I can tell you’ve never pvpd in vanilla. Any extra ability will just make them retardedly overpowered. They have the most utility, 3 separate resets, and steady but bursty damage. You cannot CC them. Please stay the fuck away from vanilla.

>>640222431everyone wants to be a hero, user. dunno what to tell you>>640222397i think it came about to differentiate spell damage aoe vs physical damage aoe

>>640215581>Literal tranny mods who powertrip over the dumbest things>Illegal cashshop that tries to hide behind "donations">"custom" content is just shit that was recycled from beta assets I'd rather play ESO.

>>640222386The only thing that kept them out of premades unless they put on a dress was mortal strike. I swear the biggest fucking losers play ret.

>>640222661you definitely canif you're dying in 3 hits from a ret paladin who reaches you then you're going to die regardless of if they have holy strike or not. holy strike didnt even do that much damage, it was chiefly about its stacking debuff (which went way past 5 btw)also mage and warlock absolutely ream ret paladin at all tiers of pvp; its not even a contest. the moment the pally bubbles, just iceblock or blow a voidwalker sacrifice and youve shut down all the benefit of their immunity to cc by making yourself invulnerable, and they can't do shit about it

>>640220905>why the fuck would anyone want to play a shadowlands private serverAt this point I just want a somewhat working MOP repack.I never went past TBC in retail and pservers are full of dirt monkey's

For me, it's Guardians of Azeroth 2

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>>640222695>spell damage aoe vs physical damage aoewas physical damage aoe even a thing in vanilla? rogue, hunter, and warrior had fuck all in that department unless you were fighting two mobs

>>640222873Not reading, stay away from the game clueless

>>640222695Physical damage aoe is just called cleave>>640222609Seals are consumed in turtle too, hence why I don't bother with paladins. Too many hungry for far too little.


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>>640222397It was more effective to use all casters or all melee for dungeon spamming in classic. Calling it "spellcleave" was just an easy way to tell melee to stop fucking whispering you for an inv.

>>640223089>see gnome>go out of my way to kill the little shit>cannibalize>place campfire>/sit>repeat

>>640222995yeah i definitely understand that then, 20% of base mana means nothing when you have to blow even more to refresh the seal. i get the idea, to give them some mana regen utility to the raid/party, but ret just does not have a hgih enough base mana pool to do it. even in spelldamage builds, you really gotta consider whether it's worth it to judgment bec ause of the mana cost to refresh your seal; and fact is that its almost never worth it in the long run. real shame.>>640222914nah, it just a holdover from modern shit where everyone has assloads of cleave>>640222924so you admit being wrong then okay

>>640222431one of the few things vanilla did right with the factions. sure, it's nice to have paladin blessings but it's quickly negated by the fact that you have to deal with r*t players

>>640208484I played feral druid in classic and the most fun I had was tanking strat and reserving all the orbs just to see the amount of seethe I'd get in /w

>day XXXX of not having Sulfuras on my pvp enhancement shamanFeelsbadman

>>640216529>not wanting to play a futa draenei and seeing how many you can breed as you level

>>640208763>being a healer means you're a sissy fag healslutWhere did this shit come from? I haven't been playing mmos for over a decade but from what I remember healers were the chads that carried the whole party. Literally yelling on thop of their lungs when others screwed up. More often than not they were also guild leaders. What happened? Something in the water perhaps?

>>640226230Normalfaggots swarmed mmo games. They are incredibly fucked up, just keep it deeply repressed. They cannot conceive of sexual dynamics other than dom and sub and view almost everything through sex lens because that's what media fed them at the time and now it's the opposite and they are told to abhor anything sexual, so they are.

>>640226230probably all those shitty mmo isekai where the healers are always women simping for the mc

>>640226230Tanks dictate the pace of the dungeon/raid. The group lives or dies by the tank. If the tank is shit, there's no raid. If the tank is undergeared, there's no raid. If you can't find a tank, there's no raid.Healers become less and less relevant the further into content you go. The DPS get a few more points of IQ and stop standing in the bad, they require less healing. They get better gear and the boss dies faster, the tank requires less healing. The tank gets better gear, he requires less healing.Plus, healers stand 30 yards away, out of harms way. It's a role for women or gays user.

>>640213291>he whispers back "i'm dps"

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>>640208309I was getting begged to tank on my level 11 warrior back in Vanilla.

>>640222924>not readingSo he's right?

>>640226751That's nice user

>>640227092Just sayin, he's the only one discriminating against under leveled tanks. Most people were so desperate for a chunk of meat, they were willing to deal with crushing damage on trash mobs. I don't know where >>640208484 is getting his info, but tanks were basically non existent back then.

>>640226230Korean MMOs and some group setups in WoW allow healers to be played by girls. How does Bishop in Lineage 2 work? You just spam 1 button on your ally's healthbar and he's back to full really fast. MOST healers in other korean MMOs have 1 very strong healing spell and infinite mana. In WoW you have to use your brain and have a fast reaction, but only if you play in a modern raidcomp that uses a few healers. Back in the day people had 6-8 healers in a 25-man raid instead of 2-4, so women were inclined to pick that class.

>>640218895>Your options for raiding are to compete for limited spots in more competitive guilds or join a casual guild where an Indian hunter is seemingly bathing his father with his microphone open while he does catatonic DPStoo real>>640221934>where blizzard went wrong was in removing holy strike in beta.It still baffles me to this day that that was removed and the seal/judgment system was put into place, with little to no testing. Seal of the Crusader (and not using Judgment at all) was the best leveling DPS on release. The only time you deviated from sealing every 30 seconds was if you were fighting undead, then you used Exorcism every 30 seconds. And this continued to be true for more than one patch.

>>640227541>he's the only onebaseless but I'm nonetheless happy assuming you didn't make up your story and/or it wasn't just one instance in which you were being begged to tank.

>>640228458>or it wasn't just one instance in which you were being begged to tankNope, people were constant using /who warrior (level range) and whispering anybody to try and find tanks back then. If you were a warrior, you were getting spammed constantly. You took who you could find to tank, and even then they were probably complete shit, because nobody knew what they were doing back then. I had to set an /afk message just about every time I played that character.

>>640228934Your example was specifically being begged to tank as a level 11. I had no trouble finding people to carry me through any dungeon that would even be within the realm of possibility for a level 11 to tank, if not just enough randos slightly above level to have a warlock or hunter tank.

>>640228934>>640229285Regardless, my point is that it's silly to use your personal experience as a basis to claim >he's the only one discriminating against under leveled tanksif you believe otherwise, my example counters your point and it is instead the case that you're the only one *not* discriminating against under leveled tanks.

>>640212862It doesn't matter how viable the pet could be in theory when playing a hunter automatically deleted all of your brainchild, the amount of dumb retarded shit I've seen hunters do over the years is staggering, and you can't even blame the pet because warlocks also exist and they're normal functional people by wow standards

>>640215581Nah, not playing on your chink/russian/troon infested server

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>>640208484>tfw tank, healed, and dpsd despite never changing from ret specVanilla dungeons are a joke, but still kino

>>640229285>>640229386>I had no trouble finding people to carry me through any dungeon that would even be within the realm of possibility for a level 11 to tankNow you're trying to use anecdotal claims to try and "gotcha" my anecdotal "gotcha". In my experience, people were retarded back then, and warrior was synonymous with "tank". Most people didn't think of using pets as tanks, even if it would have been a better choice than an underleveled warrior.

>>640229793>Now you're trying to use anecdotal claims to try and "gotcha" my anecdotal "gotcha".Yes that is explicitly the point I spelled out in >>640229386

>LFM [Raid] req GS [Score equal to or greater than full set of [Raid] gear] link achievement everything good reserved

>>640231002>not a GDKPBro, I bought all of this gold for a reason

>>640231002>inevitably lower requirements to fill groupggez

>>640220905>look it up>it really is a Shadowlands private serverWhat kind of loathsome creature would inhabit a server like that?

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>>640207329I’ve played every dungeon on Turtle for my level and i have no idea what the fuck happened with Stockade. It’s literally a tiny T intersection and the “bosses” do nothing. Was the B team in charge of dungeon design that day or what?

>>640231324Good joke. What actually happens is they don't fill up with their retarded requirements, everyone who joined ends up waiting an hour or more and then when the raid finally starts it turns out everyone sucks dick and doesn't know the mechanics so it wipes. Usually the raid leader also just decides to leave.

>>640207329inv dps dual wield war

>>640231002The actual worst version of this type of shit are the rated battleground groups on retail>LFM LINK 2.4k XP MULTI GLAD LEADER>view armory profile>they are in full honor gear, no gems or enchants, no pvp achievementsthen even the legit ones are like>LFM LINK 2.4k XP MULTI GLAD LEADER>they have the armory profile to back it up>they are still always missing some sort of enchant>you don't get invited despite linking the xp because they are trying to build an extremely specific comp out of randoms from fucking group finder

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>>640215581>Xiangluong:[]Nigga i am NOT install ching xhing translation addon. Fuck off.

>>640219935>healer has to spamdon't complain when he stops for big sippies then

>>640208484Doesn’t help warriors aren’t fun to level. They aren’t hard, but why would I go fight green mobs when I can go mage rogue or warlock?

>>640207329Fucking hell i want to go back.

>>640232074I remember one time I got blamed for not healing when I literally wasn't even in the instance yet.A lot of tanks try their best to kill themselves and then get mad if you don't do the impossible to save them.

>>640231748oh sorry, I assumed you were referring to established groups that have logs and other means of demonstrating their competency, I wouldn't even glance at other groups.

honestly, one thing I hated about WoW, was the hidden 'Resurrect' limit in raids. since absolutely nowhere in the game does it tell you about it.like when I played I sunk a ton of time into engineering to get the consumables that resurrect and I had zero clue why people hated non-healers rezzing and assumed it was just because a "muh efficiency" thing and when I finally learned why, I it felt like "why even bother having this item/mechanic"

>I'll tank>"spellcleave yesyesyesyes>>????">Three Brazilians run ahead of me spamming AoEs then rush back with 5 packs>Everyone wipes >"try agen yes gl">Pull one or two packs at a time>"gogogogo 123 123 gogo">Rip aggro at least once per pull>"gogo 123 123123">"more pull do big pull yes?">"slow slow">They all leave the party >Healer silently leaves after 20 seconds of standing stillI'm so happy I dipped out of Classic before getting into raiding proper.

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Are people playing this game sociopaths?>turtle>group filled for Gnomeregan>tank is just “handing in quests” while standing perfectly still in Darkshire for 20 minutes>tank is then “getting some rated xp”>tank procedes to walk towards strangleton vale entrance because???>warlock and the boys forcibly summon him to the entrance>procedes to passive aggresively bitch out during the entire run while dying to the mine collapse event and warlock correcting him where to goI also like how this game has NO PENALTY for leaving a dungeon or being an asshat.

>paladin tank does not stop throwing consecrate even with a polyd enemy stand next to himIs waiting for a mage to sheep someone first and tanking a mob far away from him to not break the spell reall that mch of a high iq concept? Nigga, at least move the enemy a bit before throwing that shit. What are you even doing.

>>640233209>I also like how this game has NO PENALTY for leaving a dungeon or being an asshat.How would the game track that? The penalty is generally that people will not want to play with that player.

>ench shaman tank lfg

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>>640233948shammies can tank up to like SM no problem

>>640233948I haven't had a lot of shaman tanks but I've never had a bad experience with one.

>>640233429Anon, the idea of crowd control being anything more than a light suggestion is completely alien to the modern WoW player. When was the last time hard CC of any kind was actually required in dungeons? Cata before the heroic nerf? Even in high mythics you can simply throw out a couple of stuns and just burn everything down.

>>640233904The second you step out of an actuve dungeon (final boss isn’t killed or the group hasn’t voted to disband) you get a timer penalty on joining a new one.

>>640234454Oh I don't play Turtle Wow which I see has a built in Dungeon Finder. Yeah, it would make sense for that specifically to have a deserter penalty. Obviously that would be too vague for normally assembled groups.

>>640233904> The penalty is generally that people will not want to play with that playerThis. Cross server dungeon noobs don't know that you could end up having a good or bad reputation on a server based on how you behaved.

>>640226408>healers stand far away so it's a role for women or gaysENTER

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>>640235163Not a good example image.

>>640231741It's more likely that someone just had to bang it out over the weekend considering the insane scope and time crunch on vanilla wow

>>640235163Kys pandafaggot

>>640235163I too want to fuck pandas

>>640235338Okay then legion holy paladin

>>640235552Low test post

>>640235163Why am i supposed to hate last wow expansion with a soul?

>>640235856A panda would give 10x better and rougher sex than any human woman, and she would even cook you an 11/10 meal afterward

>be tank player>roommate is healer mainYep, it's instant queue time.

>>640235856Yeah wanting to have sex is a clear sign of having a low level of male sex hormone. That's how science works.

>>640235163>Blizzard couldn't even get through wrath without completely ruining classic>wotlk is now deader than the vanilla seasons servers>inevitable cata classic will flop even harder>mop classic never ever I will never go home.

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>>640236083does he suck you off between pulls?

>>640236057Blah blah blah see >>640235503

>>640236083Best feel.

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>>640236363>Wanting MoP classic when pandaland is dogshitAnd nothing of value was lost

If I could go back in time to 2004 I would be so happy. Original WoW community on top of the foreknowledge of what to invest in, so I would be rich as fuck too.

>>640236375That'd be gay

>>640236387Lmao cope>>640236528>foreknowledge of what to invest inUnfortunately you aren't the only time traveler and doing this reveals your hand, there can only be one and the consequences to the timestream will be disastrous

I liked the concept of “open world dungeons” classic had that was basically just a tower or a fort with elite enemies around and one assrape elite you needed to behead for a quest.


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>>640236971>dude, orange wasteland, lmaoNice zone “design”.

>>640237050Westfall is comfy while still feeling like it's part of a fantasy world

>>640236754Same, it's the one thing I liked about SWTOR was that there were whole sub areas that were all elite enemies and you needed a group for them. I also never realized how much the vanilla elite content was nerfed from TBC on, I hated when blizz ended up nerfing most of the elite quests in TBC/Wrath too.

>>640219308justifiable on hordewarriors with windfury absolutely carry dps in dungeons, on alliance though id literally never invite a dps warrior

>>640221113Gearing as dudus sucked in generalTechnically the BiS helm for feral DPS was lv40 in vanilla btw

>>640221901How did they change feral DPS and both shammy DPS specs?

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>>640238217>feral tank BiS chest in BC was a random quest green from one of the first quests in Hellfire Peninsula>mfw when I realized I missed it because I took the staff thinking I'd still be healing in that xpac>the staff was sold to a vendor shortly after

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>>640237554DPS warriors in low level dungeons were actually pretty nice. Their damage was kind of lame, but they still beat Ret paladins and they were tanky enough to survive inevitably ripping aggro for extra rage. Other DPS would usually split up the pack when they got aggro, either by being ranged or just running away like retards, which leads to the healer getting aggro and dying. Also DPS warriors could switch to a shield and taunt or pop challenging shout if things started going to shit.

>>640238475>feral tank BiS chest in BC was a random quest green from one of the first quests in Hellfire PeninsulaWait which chest was that

>>640212862I might be tripping but I'm pretty certain a hunter pet took one of the bosses on the first encounter in Gruuls lair

>>640238815I thought one of those assholes had to be mage tanked?

>>640238664DPS warrior cleave+sweeping strikes is absolutely nuts though, and then when they get whirlwind they just become a wrecking ball

>>640238669wowhead.com/tbc/item=28051/jerkin-of-the-untamed-spiritMisremembered the other quest rewards, but yeah, that thing was better than anything you could get until you were well into raiding.

>>640238961I might of become retarded and got it mixed upWarlock banished demon mobHunter trapped oneMage tanked anotherIt's been like.. well burning crusade days since I did it but I recall something like that, I think our hunter had his pet tank the freeze trap mob a little

>>640239137>I might id become retardedI might've became full retarded*Definitely time for sleep

>>640239259>I might've became full retardedI warned you about that hunter alt broI told you dog!

>>640222849No other class generates the same amount of seethe like Ret does. Why are you so mad

>>640239920You're the kind of retard of self-inserts as a human male ret paladin aren't you.

>>640208484Disc Priest at level 79? I think PvP was hilarious in either Cata or Mists. Holy Pally in ICC was just so broken I only played it to help my guild out on some bosses then went back to my Rogue. I was out healing my guild's healers in absolute trash gear due to Holy Beacon. But man that twink Disc PvP, man. It was great.

>>640219671You will get banned on Warmane for being a sperg in chat, other than that you're good

>>640208484>roll dps>people need more tanks>roll tank>people need more healers>roll healer>people need more dps>roll dps

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>LFM heal deadmines>dwarf priests only

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>>640237050>dude, orange wasteland, lmaoNice zone “design”.

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>>640219308>not tanking as chad 2h arms

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>>640221934>>640228452It literally was last minuteyoutu.be/O-FFiSjiwEk?t=4619

State of WoW in 2024:>lfm >need heals and tanks>all fun dps spots full>everything you would want is reserved>link achievements >must have gear 2 tiers above content>must have 99 parse

So who is responsible for modern 'do everything as fast as possible using everything you can up to straight up abusing mechanics' mindset?

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>>640228452A lot of their kit seemed to point towards a support class but WoW didn't seem to want those as the community never really understood the point of hybrid/support classes and got asshurt when they couldn't be the best at every role.Paladins are just one of many examples of why WoW's community fucked the game though they never want to admit it.

>>640241995I think it's just an unfortunate side effect that holy trinity design doesn't really accomodate hybrids all that well. There's no point in being versatile when everything is pushing you to specialize solely as Tank, Healer or DPS. Three people that are all capable of filling any role are worse off than three people each dedicated to one role in particular.

>>640241762That's literally what's been going on since wrath.

>>640242223Not him but I think it's more of the player's mindset and also the game restricting you via gear. It's a rewarding feeling to DPS as a paladin or shaman and start off healing when the healer is having trouble. You can't do it for long though because you'll go oom and then you're useless. And forget about tanking because the boss (or multiple mobs) hit so hard you'll get destroyed in secondsIt could have been solved but it'd involve reworking the game

>>640215581I got banned on there by a female GM for being sexist or whatever and then i put turtle support mail for 20 politic newsletter subscriptions.Worst part, i don't think the server is bad or anything.

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>>640242726Turtle WoW is a troon server and are hyper political. It's shilled here constantly but best avoided.

what never ceases to amaze me is that people who play hybrids know exactly what they're getting into. they know what the class is capable of, its strengths and shortcomings, what's expected of you endgame etc. and STILL they play one and try to go against the grain. then when guilds dont want them, they piss and moan about itthere's 15 years of fucking knowledge out there, at your fingertips, about every aspect of the game. you're a retard if you still play a hybrid and expect not to have to heal

2023 version

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>>640243157>roll warrior, priest or rogue>"why would you play other classes durr"

>>640243157>>640243565It's the mindset change of the players shifting from the intent of the MMO as a social experience of making friends and adventuring together to trying to flex on people about your logs. The players killed the game.

>>640243723It's funny because FFXIV swung the other way to such a degree that the vast majority of the playerbase treats the game like Second Life. So it's less about socializing with other like-minded adventurers and roleplayers, and more about "roleplaying", read: pretending you're at some nightclub with your horrific ultramodded catgirl.>t. played WoW for 4 years and XIV for 9 years

>>640208484>2023 on ascension wow>every group is looking for dps, no room for tanks or healersWhat the fuck happened??

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>>640219308I'm leveling a Warrior on classic right now, and I whenever I wanna do a dungeon I just type "LFM Dungeonname" and don't specify what we need. If I get someone willing to tank instead of me, great he can come, if not I'll tank. It's fuckin vanilla it don't really matter.

>>640241492>night elfopinion straight into the bin


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>>640241837Blizzard for listening yo poopsockers.


>>640244916not even close to believable. everyone knows warriors are the worst 1v1 class in the game, even when geared. paladins shit all over them its not even funny

>>640246261>noooo he's lyingholy fucking cope

>>640246307if you played vanilla (you didn't), you'd know that i'm not lying

>>640246581why is it so hard to believe that 2 devs dueling each other in 2003 were not playing 100% optimally?