Your opinion on this game wholly determines what kind of gamer you are

your opinion on this game wholly determines what kind of gamer you are.

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never played it

I have finished Earthbound like 7-8 times with at least two more unfinished playthroughs.

It was fun.

>>640206837I haven't played it yet but I did play the sequel and found it pretty fun

>>640206837Tried to play through it tons of times ever since I was child but always ending up dropping it. Farthest I got was a little past fourside. Just too fucking boring even when I was a kid.

>>640206837Played the game a few times and had a good time. Drawn a few erotic images of Paula.

>>640206837I don't play rpgs. If i want to read badly written fantasy I'll read a book.

>>640207010>was a child*>ended up*Whoops, never phone post.

I haven't played it in like 20 years. I've been really into Dragon Quest lately though so I think when I replay it I'll love it more then I did back then.

>>640206837Its cute but boring as fuck

>>640206837good and fun JRPG, overmemed because it isn't in magic fantasy land like most ones

>>640206837I loved it at the time but have no desire to play it again because of the gameplay. I love everything else besides that. The game is heart and soul incarnate


>>640206837I really love Earthbound but i've never actually played it. Anyone else have this feel?

It's charming and weird enough to keep your interest for exactly one play through. There are so many strange ideas. Not just the story, characters and dialogue, but the odd things like getting a bicycle just to quickly learn you can't ride it anymore after getting your first party member because it would be rude. Playing through it a second time (unless you have nostalgia) isn't going to work, because after you already know everything, only the gameplay itself is there for you, which is as dull as turn based combat gets. Even at the time it was primitive to not see your own characters during combat. The rolling hit points are a cool idea, the music is cool and unique, and instant killing weaker enemies is handy, but none of this means it isn't just boring turn based combat. I'd recommend the game to anyone because it really is worth it the first time around. Countless indie developers have looked at Earthbound and thought 'it's just braindead simple turn based combat but with a quirky tone, I can do that', and countless indie developers have failed to capture it properly.

i dont really like jrpgs but the music, setting and trippy backgrounds almost keep me from falling asleep. so i have a higher opinion of it than most similar games.i think its hilarious that they got in trouble with the music and the scratch and sniff marketing thing didnt pan out too. im glad it exists even if its a stinking jrpg.

one of my first memorable faps was to art of the hips elevator lady in foursidethat is the strongest emotional connection i have to this game

>>640206837I've tried to beat Earth Bound 3-4 times, I always get bored around Fourside. I made it to the desert once, but I just lose interest. I have the same problem with FF6, I always stop caring right around the start of Kefka's tower.

>>640206970Mother 3 is a lot tighter but less freewheeling as a result

its pretty good and the music is a big factortwoson and fourside suck cock

>>640207657Undertale basically trannified and tumblrized Earthbound

>>640206837i loved it as a kid, but tried replaying it for the first time in 20+ years and it wasnt fun. got up to the everdred fight before i flushed it.its an amazing first play, but theres just no reason to replay it. theres nothing to explore or discover, and walking around areas talking to people never serves a purpose other than to see their couple of lines of quirky dialogue.

>>640206837As a game, its kind of a crappy rpg.As le experience, its decent. I still vastly prefer Mother 3.

>>640206837Really good JRPG with an amazing atmosphere, great soundtrack and charming writing that still holds up despite being older than 95% of current Holla Forums.Quite literally ahead of its time and underappreciated on release.

it has shortcomings in some areas but overall it's still greati never cared about undertale or any of these so-called """earthbound-inspired""" rpgs

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>>640206837played the first 3-4 hours then dropped it, for no particular reason.I wanna give it a proper second shot and actually finish it someday

>>640209212best take in thred so far :-)

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>>640206837Love it and Mother is just as charming if not moreMother 3 I don't know if I like as much outside of combat but still very charming

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It was the first game I beat on my own when I was like 4 or 5, because I spent the past couple years watching my older brother play through it.Also frames a great friendship I had with this dude Ruben back in high school.

>>640206837It's a solid game, if a bit clunky in some aspects. Not a fan of how they completely crippled one of your party members unless you find his best/only good weapon randomly from a single rare enemy drop that can be completely missed if you actually complete the dungeon its in. Also not a huge fan of having new party members be massively underleveled when you first get them

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>>640209403I was actually surprised how much I loved Undertale

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>>640210357>completely crippledthe sword doesn't matter, he benefits more from brain food lunches and with those he can keep replenishing his PP and using pk freeze/starstorm

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>>640207428kinda true


mother 3 is a better game

It was good but there are few things that were either annoying or just outright bullshit. Finished it only once few years back when i was visiting my mom on summer holidays and played it during the evenings. I like that you can emulate snes with your phone quite easy

It's alright. The slowly draining damage is a good mechanic

>>640215117>I like that you can emulate snes with your phone quite easyYou didn't beat it, much less play it.

>>640215331Care to explain or is this mike matei tier shitpost gatekeeping?

>>640215452Mike is right about save states and rewind

>>640215602shame that i dont giv a shit about playing on original hardware :) deal with it

>>640206837Half of the fun is dealing with very limited inventory space and getting ready for the challenges ahead.>no sorting functionFuck you game

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>>640206837It's great. Same with Mother 3. haven't gotten around to playing 1 but it looks great as well.

>>640215602Earthbound isn't really the sort of game that I would imagine people would feel inclined to use save states and rewind on

>>640206837It has an interestig vibe, like a feverish dream. I liked the HP gimmick and it has some funny and whacky ideas. Played it while high and enjoyed it for a while, but I lost interest halfway through and ended up dropping it

>>640208819Undertale isn't anything like EarthBound.Hell, even Mother 3 which is literally EarthBound 3, isn't anything like EarthBound.

>>640206837Good music, lotta charm, bad gameplay

>>640206837One of my all time favorite games. Don't care if reddit and undertale fans (redundant) are trying to hijack it.

>>6402161591 has a neat aesthetic and atmosphere of it's own, and it also laid a good bit of the groundwork for 2. It's not quite as forgiving or straightforward as 2 but I kinda like that about it, and I personally don't really mind the frequent battles so I'd say give it a shot without the ez ring. Also definitely give the studio album a listen.

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I've started over and fought Franky more times than I can count over the years, but I think I'll actually buckle down and snuggle up with some comfy blankets to do a full playthrough of Earthbound this summer while blasting the A/C.

>>640217919it’s a perfect summer game if you think about it

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>>640206837Better than dragon quest 6, not quite as good as dragon quest 5.

>>640208819You don't even play video games shut the fuck up.

I played this because the box was big.

>>640218098Hell yeah

>>640218173uhhh ok

>>640206837I was retarded the first time I tried to play through and never made it past the final dungeon, but now that I'm wiser and went back to it, it was pretty lit and influenced the way I draw things.

>>640218273Lol triggered.

>>640218273Btw I beat undertale a few hours after it came out and it was a repulsive experience.

>>640206837It's alright

>>640206837its neat i guess, i liked the YIIK-likes but earthbound was alright. My friend doesn't shut the fuck up about it though and keeps trying to get me to beat it

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>>640206837loved it like an adult, played it on 3ds, worth every minute, now i understand why every indie is trying to copy it, but they will never get it.

>>640206837MOTHER 1 was better

Mother 3 depressed me. Seeing the village I grew up in slowly embrace facism and losing my bro early was similar to what happened here in 4chan

The writing and quirkiness is fun especially considering it was a snes game but the gameplay is so boring that i didn't feel inclined to play past fourside

>>640215602Good thing you play video games for the experience and not bragging rights

>>640220504damn sorry to hear that man

>>640206837Carried by its setting/tone/feel.The actual gameplay is shit, the visuals are decent and the plot is almost non-existent. But everything that contributes to the aforementioned "feel" like the writing and music is great. I actually prefer it to the sequel because of the more unique contemporary setting, even though Mother 3 is much better designed and has a more impactful plot and characters.

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>>640206837It's really bad. The best question to ask people who played it is when they dropped it.

>>640222423>even though Mother 3 is much better designed>when the gameplay slows to a crawl constantly thanks to the chapter systemPost instantly disregarded.

>>640222846It's the great filter, normalfags think M3 has better gameplay on the basis of being "more modern" when M3 could barely do well the shit that other games before it had perfected. M3 may have the worst timed hits system in the history of timed hits, especially after M&L showed up years prior and showed what perfect timed hits looks like, but normalshitters eat that shit up.And Paper Mario demonstrated the "correct" way to break a JRPG up into chapters without blowing the pacing well before M3 was ever a thought.M3 struggles not only as a JRPG, but failed to hold up to the other 2 games in its own series.Mother 3 is Mother in title only.

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>>640222423I agree with mother 3 being better, but just say mother 2 is bad hurt less than say it has no plot

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>>640222551After the end credits

Its a great, landmark title that does many wonderful things but its gameplay has been done better by games that game after it, like its sequel.

>>640206837One of my favorite games of all time. I remember playing in class on my R4. Such a nostalgic time.

>>640206837SMT is better.

>>640206837I played it on Wii U so I was really late to the party, I loved it but it's nowhere near the best game as I saw some people call it before. It's definitely a game you should play through

>>640206837it was made as a shitpost against rpgs being the same but now everyone copies that shitpost as the new standard becoming what it hated otherwise pretty alright

>>640206837Le quirky. I mean that in a good way, Earthbound was my childhood. When the Mother Zero beta leaked I emulated that in good old fceu and when Tomato released the fan translation of Mother 3 I was over the moon.Shame I don't have the box anymore.

>>640224175it's not that deep

>>640216385I'm playing Earthbound Beginnings emulated on the switch right now and I would have dropped it if not for save states and rewind. Tedious as fuck. First experience with such an old rpg.

>>640206837better than both the first mother and mother 3

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It's so weird that people (supposedly) love EB but will never play a dragon quest game.

>>640224839i'm playing through DQ11 right now and apparently made the mistake of getting the special edition where the entire second half of the game is nothing but a slog.i enjoy the setting, the writing, and the characters, but fucking god damn am i way past done with it. meanwhile i've beaten earthbound roughly 5-6 times in the past decade and enjoyed it every time

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>>640224691That one specifically benefits greatly from rewind because of how random battles are tied to your movement.

>>640206837my favorite food is dog shit, and my favorite thing is Marijuana

>>640224839I've played every dragon quest game. storyline wise my favorite is 5

>>640206837Plays better than Mother 1. (As in it's not a janky, horribly balanced DQ clone)I don't like the setting or atmosphere as much as Mother 1. It went a bit off the wall for my tastes.Still really good though.

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>>640206837It was pretty fun back when it came out. I still have the huge oversized box it came in with the strategy guide and the nasty scratch and sniff things. I played it again as an adult and while it retained its "quirky" charm, it was overall pretty boring and grindy and I would never have been able to finish it without using an emulator for the save state abuse and fast forward features.

>>640206837Insurmountable kino. Underage newfags will never understand. Literally ends with you going back in time to kill the final boss in the womb

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Mother 3 is even better

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>>640225418>le womb shit


>>640206837kinda funny but not funny enough to make up for the snoozefest gameplay

>>640206837Replayed it recently and hated the combat. At least one party member was always under leveled, an enemy would cast an annoying debuff or explode forcing you to heal, certain weapons have a high chance of missing, etc.

>>640225647Its fucking proven retard. Giygas making the shape of a fetus is 100% intentional.

>>640225863>certain weapons have a high chance of missing>not reading the descriptionsFiltered hard.

>>640225962he's not missing much, people drop the game for all kinds of reasons. It's not very engaging, the pacing is terrible. It may be the most picked up and most dropped game of all time. /vr/ even has threads about how much they drop it but jannies like to censor that.

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>>640226123>vr/ even has threads about how much they drop itI love this. Game gatekeeps underage faggots. Anyone who hasn't played it yet doesn't deserve to

>>640226297The games quality is a gatekeep. it keeps people with taste from actually playing it, this way the only people left are the fans who have never touched it before.

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>>640206837I loved the music. The setting, the aesthetic, and the tone are wonderful experiences in a (J)

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>>640206837Fun as hellInventory is a niggerKinda drags after you get PooGetting best weapons

>>640207063haha it would be really funny if you showed me those images of paula

Trashburger...My beloved...

Favourite game of all timeYes, I'm a casual

>>640207063Can I see?

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>>640206837incredibly boring even by JRPG standards

>>640206837One of the best games ever made. The idea of a game that has the bright, expressive color palette of a kids game punctuated by such exquisite humanity and darkness in an era where this was unheard of on consoles is frankly so unbelievable that it's hard to imagine how it actually got made.

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One of the most charming, consistently enjoyable JRPGs of all time. One of the very few of its genre that is resoundingly creative and utilizes its zany creativity to its fullest possible potential within the constraints of JRPG mechanics.

>>640206837As a kid, when this released, I had always figured the boxart was Ness piloting some Starman. I don't think I realized or it was pointed out and I read it some 20 years later that it was simply Ness' reflection on the towering, imposing Starman. That's genuinely a somewhat recent revelation to me.

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>>640206837You may say I'm a fool... Feeling the way that I do...You can call me Pollyanna, say I'm crazy as a loon!I believe in silver linings, and that's why I believe in you!

>>640224839I don't think people really love Earthbound for its gameplay. It has a very different vibe and atmosphere compared to Dragon Quest despite playing basically the same.I do like Dragon Quest as well though. 7 in particular, probably because it actually captures a similar but obviously different sort of feel to Earthbound of like, a kids adventure. Also Maribel is super cute

Just gonna post some Starman in here.

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>>640219681>i played a game that sent me into apaoplectic fits because i fantasize about trannies nonstop and want everything to be them and i forced myself to finish the game to top off my manufactured outrage tanks that allow me to live for another day

>>640209576gif saved

There's a Starman waiting in the sky.He'd like to come and meet us, but he thinks he'd blow our minds.

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>>640225418that bitch has got to be like 4 feet tall

There's a Starman waiting in the sky.He's told us not to blow it 'cause he knows it's all worth while.He told us.

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>>640225545Why aren't they robots?

Let the children use it.Let the children move it.Let the children boogie.

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>>640225545You fight Giygas as robots. Not humans.

The best part was when you followed a nearly-nude hooker to her motel room.

Oh shit a Mother thread that didn't die in the first few posts?Alright faggots give me your favorite:>Game in the series>party member>song>area>boss>NPC>thing>food>What you would want in a hypothetical remake of any of the games

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>>640206837ive always enjoyed the artstyle and characters in it but its too text-heavy for me and i find the battle system incredibly dull, i wish earthbound played as good as it looks and sounds. it's made me wary to check out mother 3 since i couldn't care much less for story in any video game and i never see anyone say mother 3 is the best one for anything BUT its story which by this point the web has spoiled for me anyway

Reminder that if you played EarthBound in English, you got cucked out of precious time by the slow ass menus.

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>>640228898I'm guessing the english version has to load in a different tileset for some letters? Whack, any romhack that fixes this?

>>640228157>I don't think people really love Earthbound for its gameplay.Then I can prove that you are wrong. I enjoy(ed) Earthbound for its gameplay. The rolling HP combat was unique, the RED surprise & the GREEN sneak/no-battle battle transitions, how the walking in this game was still mapped to the D-Pad but the towns were mapped diagonally, I'm mildly OCD and that supports I actually enjoyed organizing my inventory (HI, RESIDENT EVIL!), and did you know? You can simply press the L-Button when you want to "Talk" to someone or "Check" a spot?? Kept that Menu box invisible and let my stay more immersed in the obviously-beloved-by-everyone aesthetic/world/music of Earthbound, too.

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My mom told my brother he had $50 to spend at Best Buy for his birthday, and he narrowed it down to Earthbound+strategy guide, or a virtual boy. He chose Earthbound. The strategy guide had scratch and sniff cards in it.

>>640228730>mother 2 like everyone>kung Fu kid that lose all his arms>whatever everyone is cool>desert and city>gaygas>tendas and big nose guys>killing hippies>whatever>just 3d like shin megami tensei V

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>>640229346David Bowie lyrics.

>>640228730>>Game in the series2>>party memberPaula>>songBattle Against an Unsettling Opponent>>areaCave of the Past>>bossGiygas with Pokey>>NPCHint Man, I just like that he's a feature, used it a lot as a kid>>thingMulti-bottle rockets are fun to clear bosses>>foodDoes rock candy count?>What you would want in a hypothetical remake of any of the gamesLink's Awakening remake style/engine

>>640207063rommi or nina user?

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>>640229265sure, I like those features as well. But if you want to prove me wrong, one person saying they like some QoL features isn't gonna do it. I suppose for clarity, when I say "people", I don't mean every single individual, I mean generally speaking. I don't mean to sound close-minded, but I think convincing me that Earthbound has the level of fandom it does today because of its QoL features and combat rather than its presentation is going to be a pretty tall order.


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>>640229758Rommi, unfortunately

>>640226423Spoken like a true newfag, everyone who matters already played the game over a decade ago.

>>640228730>Game in the seriesI loved Earthbound. I never played Mother. I didn't enjoy Mother 3.>party memberJeff's multi-bottle rockets were broken fun, but otherwise Ness.>songProbably "Snowman" but basically all the other towns had equally wonderful music, so my "favorite" good change based on my mood."Battle Against a Machine" is easily my favorite combat music,>areaOnett>bossKraken. Best boss music,>NPCThe Tendas of Tenda Village.>thingGolden Butterfly chases (and I liked being 100% HP and MP)>foodI rarely used food in Earthbound since I kept my magic working, but mixing condiments was neat.>What you would want in a hypothetical remake of any of the gamesThe option that the music is completely untouched. Same for the visuals, assuming it would get tons of filler additive.

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>>640230053That shit is exactly as impactful as it is the first time no matter how many times you go through it.

>>640227867Cutest rendition of Paula I've ever seen with a perfect butt

>>640229158Unless you know how to write a quicker text loading/rendering routine in 65816 ASM, it's probably not happening. Then again, considering how spaghetti code EarthBound is at times, it might just be possible if the right person got their hands on it.

>>640228049>simply Ness' reflection on the toweringHoly fuck im a long time fan and never realized this, I thought he was piloting it too

Just a friendly reminder that Itoi's company is putting out a bunch of official Mother-related merch and it's japan only of how well this shit seems to sell you'd think they'd make some low-effort remakes just to ride off popularity. Also the two collaboration mangas are in the internet archive, no one has translated them unfortunately.

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>>640229991>I suppose for clarity, when I say "people", I don't mean every single individual, I mean generally speakingI'll admit I instantly believed you meant everyone, my bad. I can agree with you, now. But, by the same token, people don't like videogames and most gamers don't bother playing a game beyond about 10 minutes. I really do mean ten minutes.

>>640228730I would love to see a 3D remake of 3 using concepts from the original plans

>>640208819While I don't agree with the buzzwords, I can get behind the sentiment. The biggest difference behind the Mother games and the post-Undertale games in the style is that more than an acomplished writer on his own, Itoi was a functional adult when he wrote the games, not an internet addict manchildren like the people that try to imitate him.

I feel like you can't talk about the tone and dialogue of this game without someone getting all uppity with you because we're now in the post-irony internet age where talking about kids games like they have any depth is mocked and ridiculed, thanks to all the parodies and knockoffs and video essayists. But when I played through Earthbound, what struck me the most about the game was probably the dialogue of average NPCs. I didn't have any expectations for the game and was genuinely caught off guard by the cynicism of a lot of the throwaway lines in the game. It doesn't come across as tryhard or forced, it comes across as passively unpleasant and hostile. NPCs in this game just say the kind of ignorant, rude or selfish things that embody the kind of behavior you see out of people in real life while driving to work or waiting in line at a store or something. NPCs just casually say shit out loud that an average selfish, jaded adult thinks and acts out on a daily basis and the game doesn't make a big deal out of this. It's just the background radiation of the world setting.And I think that perfectly fits with the general "coming of age" and "loss of innocence" narrative going on elsewhere in the game, with the main party of kids going on a journey and elements like the Saturns.

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>>640230280>decade ago>for a 30 year old nongamePoser.

>>640230616>Itoi was a functional adult when he wrote the gamesHe said that when he originally pitched the idea of making the series to Miyamoto that Miyamoto basically told him "You sure you can do this? You're not a game developer." and then he cried on the bus ride home.

>>640230254it's ok, i love your paulasif you're up for a req, can you draw paula jerking ness off to his first orgasm(something like that mayl and lan pic you drew a while ago)?

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>>6402287301TeddyFlying ManTwosonCaptain StrongNess' momRockinSteakI'd kinda rather they not happen but if they did I'd want them to have a subtitle or something to distinguish it from the original, doesn't really matter to me from there

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>>640206837>your opinion on this game wholly determines what kind of gamer you are.Never played it, but a huge fan nonetheless

>>640230438Right? I didn't try to justify it as a kid, though it seemed odd. "Maybe he used it for battle, once? Maybe it's some future plot point? Oh well." Only to find out, more than a decade later when the Internet could be found in our homes, I probably read online it's just a reflection and it's mean to look intimidating. I'd probably forgotten after that, but I was reminded not too many years ago and I'm always a little surprised I never noticed before.Neat.

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>>640230452>mani mani statue is a 100 bucksworth

>>640230452any word of when the next plush restock is?

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My opinion in what regard? I like the battle system, the wheel is a pretty fun little twist on typical menu combat, I like how 3 takes it a step further and makes liberal use of 1hko attacks to make you sweat heals.I think the story is a little flat, kinda boring really, it's just generic story of adventure and save the girl, save the world stuff. Characterization of NPCs is really fun, I like the wide variety of characters you meet and the shit like saturn valley.I like the humor in it.I love the music. I just don't really care for how it all fits together, it feels like a lot of the game's navigation and adventure aspects are just a fucking chore. Actually GOING to the towns blows, getting through a lot of the dungeons is just boring, Desert Monkey Cave is still the thing that makes me stop most of my playthroughs when I go through it again. I don't have that issue with 1 or 3, they have their own faults, but man, 2 has just a TON of shitty spots.

>>640230452"low effort remakes" is a misnomer, nintendo has no interest in it, itoi has no interest in it, so it doesn't get made. Doesn't matter how little effort they put in. At BEST, absolute best, they hire someone to apply translations to mother1+2 and put it on the switch online service, 3 is still a never ever because tomato beat them to the punch and if there was any work done, it has surely been scrapped since.

>>640230452>scarves with areas on themthat's some comfy shit right there

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>>640230507well sure, if you expand outward like that, it is like that. Gamers are fags. My original point though was that it's not that weird for people who love Earthbound to never touch Dragon Quest despite the very similar gameplay. If you go down to lowest common denominator secondaries who only play games for 10 minutes or just watch let's plays, that's probably even doubly so.

>>640227529>> this for a thread in 2021

>>640228049>is obviously standing at a slight angle >not seated directly in the middle as one would when piloting a giant mech, as is the rules

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>>640232726what if there was 2 seats

I liked everything about it except the gameplay. I just don't find JRPGs to be fun. Would rather have that sort of setting in something like a platformer.

>>640232712i love them

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>>640206837It was fun, but I prefer Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games. Better than Chrono Trigger though, that shit stinks

>hmm today I'll check how that shitty fan remake of Mother 2 is doing, surely they can't make me even less excited for it->>they're using the fucking censored version of magicant despite the remake being called MOTHER and not EarthboundAbsolute fucking cringe, and they said they were originally going to be accurate to Mother 2. At least this shit project will never get finished like every Mother fan remake/sequel.

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>>640236598tbf if they had ness be naked then the tumblr refugees on twitter and in the mother community would have a mental breakdown over iti don't care if he's naked or not, still hoping to play it someday

>>640236818He's not naked though, he has his hat.It's just dumb to call it MOTHER Squared if you're just going to use all of the fucking censorship from Earthbound anyway.If this shit ever DOES come out (it won't) I'll make a censorship removal mod day one and post it here.

>>640206837Bought it when it was new, started summer of 95 playing EB, finished it playing Chrono Trigger. A good year.I like the game in general, but there's a couple parts that piss me off every time (fuck Moonside, fuck the pyramid, fuck Deep Darkness). On the other hand, my mom LOVED it. At any given point in the late 90s, she was doing a replay of this, Breath of Fire, Lufia, LttP or Mario RPG. She was absolutely nuts for 16-bit RPGs.I kept a copy of the save near the point where Jeff joins the others just because the SkyRunner theme was my favorite.

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>>640206837Shit gameplay, compelling bizarre world and writing.

>>640206837The director is extremely based and is only involved with quality shit. The game itself is an unremarkable copy of dragon quest 1 gameplay that came off as very idiosyncratic and unprofessional to the general press, much to its detriment. Considering the endless copy cats and games that vaguely resemble or blatantly plagiarize it, it's still a very original, endearing and charming game that outlives many of its contemporaries as a seminary example of the merit that retro games continue to have to this day, I would categorize it as a kusoge but a fairly engaging one that breaks off the monotony with some sublime, silly and contemplative moments, it's far from one of my favorites but it shares several components with games that I would consider my favorites. On that basis I respect it and can enjoy it, and to some extent identify with it but it doesn't really impress me. Too bad the post modern RPG style of game is so frequently garbage.

>Ctrl + F Overrated>Zero ResultsWell you have impress me Holla Forums but really, no really?It is a good RPG but a good RPG in the 90's doesn't cut it, you could be doing better.It is not even one of the top 10 best SNES games, arguably among the 15 best but exactly spot 15 depending on how you feel about F-Zero.It is the definition of a cult classic, it was not popular at the time because there was way too much stuff happening and then pokemon put all gaming media in a chokehold.That said I did fall for its charm and on my embarrassing weeb phase managed to get Mother 1+2 importer plus the soundtrack and it was a great time, you cannot deny it is a heartwarming game but advertising this game on the Xtreme attitude 90's was tough.>Hey is that fucking kid beating the shit out of aliens with a baseball bat? You bet your nuts he is and he is going to be beating a whole lot other crap, he is going to beat the literal puke out of his foes>Earthbound NIGGER, play it loud you god damn pussy.

How do we keep the Motherlike genre alive and fresh? Aside from the Lisa re-release, there don't seem to be any quirky RPGs being made that aren't just Mother fangames. Well, and Knuckle Sandwich, but it's never coming out and is also a borderline Mother fangame.

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>>640239608>motherlikeIt's Yiiklike Anyway Hylics 3 is in development, Ib got a re-release a while back, and someone on /vrpg/ was translating a lot of japanese RPGmaker games like Hat World.

My childhood video game

>>640239859It's weird that Hylics turned into such a series of all things.

>>640239859It's wolfenyiik

>>640239859No, yiiklikes are their own genre at this point consisting of yiik and possibly nothing else

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>>640239608The only games among these that even remotely hearken to mother imo are yume Nikki and off, maybe hylics but gameplay and thematics wise it all feels far removed. Ironically I think yiik was more successful in earning the motherlike moniker. I fucking hated yiik.When games like yiik and undertale try to deconstruct shit like romanticism and ethics I just clock off, I always felt like it misrepresented the occasionally understated beauty of itoi's writing for earthbound, funnier still to me is I felt yiik was sometimes more successful at capturing shit like quiet moments in earthbound than mother 3, but it was more preocupied with sperging out about uninteresting shit every other scene, that was a game with genuinely no real field of expertise.

>>640239071Dragon Quest 1 didn't have a party and you only fought a single monster at a time. If you don't actually play the games and you only watch them that might not sound like a big deal, but it's certainly different enough to not be a copy. I'm surprised the youtuber you got your info from didn't teach you that.

>>640225545>>640228567>>640228641also there wasn't a Ness INSIDE Giygas. It was his reflection.

>>640239454It's underrated because everyone talks about it, but only like 5% of the people who talk about it have actually played it through to completion.Most retards pick the game up and see at most through fighting Carpainter before dropping it. That's IF they didn't get filtered on the way there by the usual shit like>HERE IS THE TERRITORIAL OAK'S OPENING ATTACK!or the 5 cops in a row battle at the police precinct.

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>>640232712>2021good lord

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As a game Earthbound is meh. Compared to every other SNES RPG it's pretty bad.The graphics are kind of ugly, the soundtrack is fine but the gameplay is super dated. It has no side quests, no secret worlds or bosses, no alt. party members, etc. The game is really linear, basically a straight line from start to finish. It doesn't really hold a candle to contemporary SNES titles like FFVI or Chrono Trigger.

>>640243968I personally won't blame those who drop the game before Mr. Carpainter because the game is piss boring until you get to Threed where things start to get interesting.What kept me going from the get go was this funky hearing this, my mind and soul unanimously agreed to keep going until the end.the ending moments made me teary-eyed like a little bitch both as a kid and an adult - the themes having different impacts based on life experiences. not many games do that for a person.

>>640239608>there don't seem to be any quirky RPGs being made that aren't just Mother fangamesdeltarune?>>640240945>When games like yiik and undertale try to deconstruct shit like romanticism and ethicswhat the fuck are you on about

>>640241971How does that work if he was a robot at the time though