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>>640205378i am doing nothing.

>PLAYAN WWE 2K23 universe as Kevin Owens >WATCHAN Old food network and FNAF VHS series >LISTENAN 2000s alternative >READAN Nah >EATAN Take out >DRINKAN Cherry sparkling water >FAPPAN Rhea Ripley >FEELAN Ups and downs

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>PLAYANYakzua 7, Idolmaster>WATCHAN kaguya-sama zoomier shit>LISTENANeurobeat>READANwattmote>EATANpizza>DRINKANvodka>FAPPANi don't fap>FEELANgood

>>640205378Alternating between TotK and Bayonetta OriginsDi Gi CharatASOTCarl Sagan's Contactfresh homemade deli sandwichWATERpracticing semen retention for maximum liftsold

>PLAYANMajora's Mask, on Great Bay now>>LISTENANThey Might Be Giants>EATANHad like three fucking chimmichangas since I'm 160 and need to gain weight.>DRINKANDiet Coke>FAPPANJerked it to bimbo content. Watery semen, so retention time for me.>FEELANAlright, just a bit bland lately.

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>PLAYAN Factorio. I did well enough to be able to launch three or four rockets in a row before my base began to strain under the resource drain that causes. My second victory, but I still haven't worked out how to effectively create roboport networks for easier repair and resource delivery. Still, I learned a lot this time - how to 100% automate advanced oil processing and the uranium sorting procedures, plus effective nuclear reactor layouts, so not bad.>WATCHAN Combatants Will be Dispatched>LISTENAN Turbo Knight>READAN Reaper Man. I don't care for it as much as the other Discworld books. It's very childish for some reason and oddly mean-spirited in places. Still, with 40 books you can't win them all.>EATAN Scampi and fish fingers>DRINKAN Orange Fanta>FAPPAN Just did to this engineer girl I'm working on in Koikatsu>FEELANFucking hot. It doesn't help that you tend to feel even hotter after a good hard fap.

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>PLAYANnothing today>WATCHANall the game conference streams now some cheesy isekai anime>LISTENAN>READAN>EATANpizza for breakfast, spicy chicken tenders with sweet chili sauce, and spaghetti w meatballs for dinner>DRINKANsoda >FAPPANnah>FEELANdoing okay today , chilling. did a paid dog walk, now winding down and going to sleep hyped for starfield stream tomorrow most annoying thing today was watching cohh restreaming a conference and he wasn't even watching it and was complaining half the time like shut the fuck up idiot , try to go watch anyone else and they are beyond 9 fucking 30 second ads each

>>640205378>>PLAYANReturn of Reckoning, leveling a Magus>>WATCHAN & LISTENANYoutube>>READAN4chan >>EATAN Ham Sandwich>>DRINKAN Tea>>FAPPANThe Animal Crossing Dog. >>FEELANAlright personally, future game show was a letdown. Hopefully tomorrow has some good showings.

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>>640205378>>PLAYANGurumin, KOF2002UM. I started learning Lin, he's pretty fun to play as. >>WATCHANNothing>>LISTENANMy own cover stuff while I work on it, here's this week's cover, from Mega Man think another Mega Man one is going up next week. Been working on two separate songs so it's just whichever I finish first. >>READAN/v/, (you) guys>>EATANI haven't eaten today actually. Not really all that hungry either. >>DRINKANWater>>FAPPANNope>>FEELANPretty okay. Just playing through games and working on music stuff, as always. Got pic related out of a gachapon machine though the other day, pretty sweet. I hope to see other SMT demons in capsules at some point too.

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>>640205378>>PLAYAN remnant, halo infinite, mechabellum, might get some ff7r in there too>>WATCHAN youtube video essays, but am in the mood for an alien flick >>LISTENAN>>READAN chan>>EATAN bean tacos>>DRINKAN rockstar, vodka>>FAPPAN my imagination >>FEELANmid

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>PLAYANEU4>WATCHANTwitch>LISTENANK-pop>READAN4chan>EATANHot dogs and fries>DRINKANThis year's spring harvest sencha>FAPPANAsian MILFs>FEELANCOZY

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Let's try this again.>PLAYANPlayed 20 Minutes Til Dawn again. The new weapons are neat and I'm still bad at it. Also started up Pokemon Infinite Fusion finally. Looking forward to seeing what freakbeasts I get (pic related is one of the goals).>WATCHANMario Party AI streams.>>READAN4chan I guess.>EATANDeep dish pizza soon.>DRINKANTwo mugs of tea and water.>FAPPANMaybe later. All the Pokemon might inspire something.>FEELANStorming like crazy outside (lightning strikes within a mile and hail in June) but feelin' good. Can't imagine what it was like for people enjoying some parade event going on downtown.

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>PLAYANStreet Fighter 6 (gief), Time Pilot 1982>WATCHANMLB Baseball (Guardians)>EATANtacos>DRINKANcoffee, water>FAPPANmemories>FEELANcomfy bros. We're gonna make it>>640207975based pic>>640207671based FAPPAN>>640205690>YakuzaI'm looking to try this series, any recommendations? I'm on Steam but also have PS3

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>>640205378>PLAYANFFXIV>>LISTENANNa>READANMy CC Certification guide>EATANMicrowave Burritos>DRINKANCoop 66>FAPPANMonster girls >FEELANI got paid. shit's good

>PLAYANsome next fest demos that are already available. didn't wish list a single one>WATCHANone piece>LISTENANsoft tempo/lounge music>READANone piece>EATANwatermelon>DRINKANunsweetened iced tea>FAPPANpreggos>FEELANdisappointed and annoyed. applications for the jobs i wanted most are either ignored or rejected. hay fever has been relentless this year. i just want to go birdwatching, goddammit.

>PLAYANFFXIVEO3>WATCHANKOTH>>READANBuilds>EATAN Jet's PIzza>DRINKANIce water >FAPPAN I really shouldn't>FEELANDead tired but also anxious to get this raid tier over with.>>640209712>FFXIVHow's the patch treating you?

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>everyone posts nobody responds

>>640205378>>PLAYAN toy story 2 and toy story racing on my vita. trying to go for 1005 in toy story 2>>WATCHAN invader zim, it is much better than i remebered.>>LISTENAN dokkan battle ost, some are shit but other are really good>>EATAN Feijoada and canjica later>>DRINKAN good old OJ>>FAPPAN BIG MOMMY MILKERS FILLED WITH MOMMY'S SWEET AND DELICIOUS MILK>>FEELANReal fucking tired right now but i have company so I need to stay awake, at least for a little longer>>640205568than do something, nigga. it is saturday night after all>>640205646based listenan>>640205690based playan and watchan>>640205862how old?>>640207671remnant from the ashes? that game is great, much better than darksiders 3>>640207975based fappan>>640209095start from the remake of yakuza 1, then play 2, then 0, and then play the ret in order>>640210520are all the demos really that fucking bad?

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>>640210606this happens often on saturdays for some reason. i guess it is just different folk on each thread

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>>640205378>PLAYANJust finished a modded Terraria run with some anons. Might boot up MHW Iceborne in a bit>WATCHANtutorials to not be a shitter>>READAN/v/>DRINKANtea>FEELAN8/10, had fun playing with anons

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>PLAYANMainlining>WATCHANMashle>LISTENANJulieta venegas - limon y sal>READANSmoking behind the supermarket with you>EATANkebab>DRINKANwater>FAPPANlater, mayber femboys>FEELANtired

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>>640210646>remnant from the ashes? that game is great, much better than darksiders 3yupp, pretty hyped for the sequal i must admit. also agree on the darksiders point. honestly the first one is still the best and at this point i wouldnt mind gunfire just working on remnant games or new

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>>640205378>>PLAYANDark Soul 3>>WATCHANMight finally start watching Sabagebu since its been downloaded on my computer for like 2 years>>LISTENANThe Dick Show>>EATANCostco pepperoni pizza and muffins>>DRINKANWater now, beer later>>VAPANBC hush>>>>FEELANPretty chill. Weathers been nice lately but I'm a hermit who only leaves my apartment when I absolutely need to. I'm just gonna chill inside, pretty normal Saturday night for me.

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>>640210550>How's the patch treating you?I'm not in endgame or got around to playing scholar, so most of it doesn't apply to me yet. I'm stuck at the Venat solo duty and I'm too stubborn to go to easy

>>640211454try darksider genesis, it is actually really good albeit a tad short>>640211843wtf is that fappan, bro?


>>640205378Sup my niggas!>PLAYANOut of the Park 23 (still loving it! Need to get 24 soon), Total Extreme Wrestling 2020, World of Mixed Martial Arts 5 and Vicky 2>WATCHANRenfield (It's not bad, not great but not bad), then some CreepyPasta stuff like Channel Zero, or some other thing I can find on YouTube.>LISTENANNothing now>READANSome Ted Kaczynski stuff (RIP)>EATANSushi Rolls>DRINKANRoot Beer>FAPPANNupe>FEELANPretty Good! Dads won against the Pebbles, feeling full on Sushi, and feeling comfy! All and all, good day! Have a great weekend anons!

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>>640205378>PLAYAN OTXO, Returnal, SF6, Beat Hazard 3>WATCHAN Little Mermaid >LISTENAN Steve Aoki>READAN The Blood Passover by Ariel Toaff>EATAN Hamburger >DRINKAN Margarita>FAPPAN N/a>FEELANComfy

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>>640210646>are all the demos really that fucking bad?i'm admittedly hard to please. i don't think i've ever wishlisted more than 3 games in a single next fest. that said, the most promising games won't have demos until the event officially starts and two games already on my wish list happen to be on there.

>>640205378>>PLAYAN Street Fighter 6 - I love Juri so much bros.>>WATCHAN UFC.>>LISTENAN King Krule.>>READAN Jobless siblings.>>EATAN AND DRINKAN Had some mac and cheese earlier.>>FEELANPretty good.>>640213027>SF6main?>>640212831>Some Ted Kaczynski stuff (RIP)amen, rip to a hero.

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>>640213027>Little MermaidOld one or the dark meat edition?

>>640213036Dark meat

>>640205378>PLAYAN Fortnite or Nier Automata>WATCHAN Into the Spiderverse>LISTENANRock music>READAN Various texts>EATANPizza>DRINKAN Root beer>FAPPAN Feet>FEELANAnxious but excited

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>>640213197I’ve been maining Ken. This is my first real SF besides some casual 3rd strike.

>>640212459>wtf is that fappan, bro?I guess I'm just bored of normal porn.Also I like fapping to non-nude stuff because I can use my imagination more. Also love jap girls.

>>640212075Leisure chad. Keep at it, it's a fun duty. Enjoy the rest of the 6.0 msq.

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>>640205378>PLAYAN webm related.>WATCHAN Peep Show, again.>LISTENAN a loop, while playing.>READAN Nothing at the moment.>EATAN scrambled eggs with ham.>DRINKAN pepsi zero>FAPPANoppai_loli shortstack >FEELANPretty good, things are looking up.

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>PLAYAN OSRS + Dying Light>WATCHAN Just finished Summer Time Rendering. It was decent I guess>LISTENAN>READAN This thread mostly>EATAN Trying to decide between chicken stir fry or homemade burgers>DRINKAN Water, might make some lemonade>FAPPAN Probably not>FEELANAlright. I'm slowly starting to get back into fitness, getting myself together after a 6 month intense depression bout. Was in a really good space before that so hopefully I can get back there.>>640211843I should get back into DS3 but my controller is broken, I haven't picked up another one yet. Also the >fapping that shit would put me to sleep desu>>640211454Is from the ashes good just with the base game or should you get the DLC before you play it?>>640211293Love that album. Wish I had some anons to play games with, my IRL friends are all FOTM and can't play through any games they just move onto a new one, play it a bit, then next game

>>640205378Howdy boys.>PLAYANMore Totk. About to get the Master sword.>WATCHANJust finished the latest Ranking of Kings. It was pure kino. Got some Steve1989 in the background right now.>LISTENANYoutube.>READANZatch Bell. Might start the Hobbit. >EATANThe rest of the sushi I got earlier today.>DRINKANIced tea>FAPPANMidriffs and brown girls.>FEELANPretty great. There was a festival in town with lots of nice food and dudes playing Irish music. I also got myself a nice bookshelf so now I can have more space for my figures.>>640205960>They Might Be GiantsMy absolute nigga.>>640206339>Just did to this engineer girl I'm working on in KoikatsuGood choice.>>640207074>The Animal Crossing Dog.Which one?>>640207583Those are some cute Jacks. I'm jealous.>>640210520>watermelonI need to get me a nice watermelon. It's the perfect weather for one.>>640210646>invader zim, it is much better than i remebered.Re-watched it recently and it held up way better than I remembered. It was a good time.>>640213743>Pizza and root beer.The perfect combo.

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>>640214297I didn't like AJFA for a while because of the guitar tone, but it's really grown on me because really it's all I want - hard and heavy. I just hopped on a random /vm/ thread, but the occasional TTS sessions with anons hosted here were really fun as well. Good luck on your journey back to glory user.

>>640214297>Is from the ashes good just with the base game or should you get the DLC before you play it?Ive only ever played it with the DLC, but from what I understand the first DLC added the roguelike mode with permadeath and random order to the worlds, and greatly expanded the swamp world. 2nd DLC adds a whole new area. obviously both have items, guns, enemies, etc. I would say get the DLC. it feels complete with it and i heard the swamps sucked before they expanded it.

>>640205378>PLAYANAlan Wake Remastered on the PS5. Played the OG release a while ago, but felt like replaying it before 2 comes out.>WATCHANNothing at the moment>>READANEdens Zero later>EATANNothing right now>DRINKANCoke Zero>FAPPANNot now>FEELANLike I'm really fed up of the shit with this broken leg.>>640205690LAD7 is a good time.>>640205862I haven't played either of those. Are you enjoying them?>>640207074I'm not sure I know what Return of Reckoning is.>>640207583Gurumin is a game I'd like to get around to playing sooner or later.>>640207671Pretty based playan for the most part.>>640209095I'd just start with Yakuza 0, then play Kiwami 1-2, then the rest in order.

>PLAYAN DragonFable yeah that old ass game somehow still gets updates, decided to learn the story, maybe be the only person to put comprehensive lore on these games>WATCHAN Paddington movies>LISTENAN To mythology podcasts>READAN how the fuck subnetting works>EATAN ribs i had marinated since yesterday, but my grill is ass so i have to flip and spray them every 20 mins to minimize my carbon poisoning >DRINKAN fucking cheap flavored seltzers from sams club, they’re 2 dollars cheaper than name brand and taste twice as good>FAPPAN this girl that goes under body lyric, reminds me of someone >FEELANoptimistic

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>>640214850Good to know, I'll pick up the DLC sometime before I do a run then. >>640214724Thanks user. I kind of felt the same, at first I didn't love AJFA but now its one of my favorite Metallica albums >>640215274Hope your recovery goes smoothly user

>>640205378>>PLAYANBeen grinding POTD solo in FF14. I'm about to head into floors 171-180 (again) I died to behemoth on 180 last time >>WATCHAN POTD solo runs to>>LISTENAN>>READAN Shitposts on Holla Forums>>EATANNothan. Had too many snacks yesterday and I feel bloated today so I'm going to let that pass.>>DRINKAN Water.>>FAPPANJust huge fucken titties, absolutely massive.>>FEELANKinda sick but that's just my life, constant pain and suffering but I distract myself with video games>>640214297How is OSRS these days? I played RS2 back in 2006-2009 but I don't think I could ever actually replay it since the times are just so different and it's mentally linked to a different period in my life.

>>640215274>Pretty based playan for the most guessing halo or ff7r is one of the ones you dislike?

>>640215274TotK is more addictive than fun. Bayonetta Origins is fun and activates neuron because you have to control 2 characters at once.also uoooh

>>640215714Mostly Halo and that's only cause the game broke my heart 1 to many times. I'm actually down for whatever FF7 Rebirth is gonna do. Plan on replaying Remake soon too.

>>640215664OSRS is decent. Honestly I still find myself chuckling at some of the quest dialogue sometimes, if I read it and don't just skip it all. It's kind of a "it is what you make of it" experience, I like to mindlessly grind while watching movies/anime/doing whatever on my second monitor. Every so often I hear the level up sound and get a boost of dopamine, it's nice.

>>640205378>PLAYANWill play TOTK at night and maybe Disgaea 1>WATCHANWatched the OTK showcase for 20 minutes but was shit enought to make it the worst E3 presentation since the Wii Music one. >LISTENANThe OTK stream but changed to my music mix with a little of everything>READANEar, Nose, mouth, eyes book for a test>EATANHad Rice with corn as my breakfast and just ate Bolognesian Fusili. >DRINKANCoke at first but amd now with water>FAPPANTo my ASMR later>FEELANGood enough to make it in my day, but not enough to feel happy. Still, hope everyone is having a good weekend.

>>640214552Yes invader Zim holds up incredibly well. Also post pics of shelf

>>640205378>PLAYANsome discord activitys with the boys >WATCHANsunnyv2 videos>LISTENANgood ol nasheed>READANwikipedia lol>EATANsoft tacos with hard shell in the inside>DRINKANcoke>FAPPANhentai>FEELANmeh

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>PLAYANStreet fighter 6 battle hub>WATCHANNaruto>LISTENANFat>READANThis thread, comfy street fighter thread>EATANPanda express>DRINKANHard lemonade>SMOKANHybrid sativa strain called candy queen>FAPPANEh>FEELANOnce again evaluating my reason for living>>640215427>readanNetwork technician bro spotted>>640215274How's the Alan Wake remaster? I have the original on steam from before it got taken down but I never played it. How long is it? Which version is better?>>640214552What figures are you gonna put on the bookshelf? You got pics?>>640214297Good on you going back into the gym, I know you'll get back into your ideal routine if you stay diligent and remind yourself of your goals frequently. I believe in you

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>>640214552>Steve1989the MRE guy? He's pretty great, I like his videos. >Those are some cute Jacks. I'm jealous.They are, glad I was able to get them. More and more places in the states are starting to bring in gachapon machines and I'm loving it. >>640215274>Gurumin is a game I'd like to get around to playing sooner or later.It's a cute platformer, I'd definitely recommend it. Just know that whatever platform you play on, it'll be 30 FPS and there's no way to patch it. >Like I'm really fed up of the shit with this broken leg.Ouch, what happened to your leg man?

(gonna shamelessly copy most of my post from this morning)>>PLAYANSF6 World Tour>>WATCHANSeinfeld, Big Love>>>>READAN/v/>>EATANhad a gyro for dinner>>DRINKANMD 20/20>>FAPPANbig fat kemono titties and asses>>FEELANPissed about Canada's fuckup barbecue, because a bit of it traveled down to my state and my pool decided to close up. I'm hoping they open back up tomorrow because temperature-wise it's going to be AMAZING for a dip, and the skies already cleared up immensely yesterday. Hell they were normal again today.

Attached: 206fe4201996843b8e40e77912170ae6.png (1254x1771, 1.64M)

>>640217514>soft tacos with hard shells on the insideWhat the fuck. Is it good?

>>640218356Not that user, but yes, they are good. Taco Bell used to sell them, they were called Double Decker tacos. My parents and I used to make them as well.

>>640216107understandable, for all its faults i still find halo infinite fun to play. it helps infinite that 99% of other shooters are BR's these days, something i just have no interest in at this point

>PLAYANBattle Network 3 Blue. N1 time baybee.>WATCHANYoutube stuff. Haruhi.>LISTENANSelf titled Kessoku Band album.>READANNick and Lever>EATANFried chicken and ice cream>DRINKANMiller lite>FAPPANAlcohol and fapping don't mix so no>FEELANTomorrow's my birthday. I'm jammin.

Attached: kyon on boobs.jpg (735x549, 179.12K)

>>640205378>PLAYANEtrian Odyssey 3. Just made it to the fourth floor.>WATCHANBeen watching through AI Builds. It's another Petscop clone, that uses the fact that it's a Petscop clone as a plot point. It's a lot better than it sounds.>LISTENANMostly the Library of Ruina soundtrack and King Gizzard lately.>READANBhagavad-gita. It's difficult, but interesting.>EATANMade fajitas earlier.>DRINKANLavender tea.>FAPPANDoll girls.>FEELANRelaxed.

I hate video games.

>>640218871Happy upcoming birthday, user! Hope the chicken/ice cream combo won't ruin it

>>640217172>>640217646Current shelf is in complete disarray so I plan on getting it all sorted out tomorrow when I move it to the new one. The figures at the bottom are the ones I want to put up. It really sucks having very little room because I'd love one of those fancy display cases.>>640218163>More and more places in the states are starting to bring in gachapon machines and I'm loving it.The Gamestop near me used to get all sorts of really cool gachapons a few months ago but now they're just filled with Space Jam 2 capsules. It's a shame.

Attached: shelfigs.jpg (3640x3592, 3.86M)

>>640217646Alan Wake Remastered is a pretty straight forward remaster. I think it includes every DLC and removed several instances of product placement. But otherwise it's largely the same game. I picked it up mainly cause it was under 20 bucks and I wanted it and 2 on the same platform.

>>640219337It won't, I have a strong stomach and I fasted the entire day before eating/drinking this. Tomorrow I'm having a bunch of meat at my mom's and then the next day me and my brother are going to go ham on some KBBQ and expensive whiskey.

>>640219872Sounds like fun! Hope all will go well

>>640219508>The Gamestop near me used to get all sorts of really cool gachapons a few months ago but now they're just filled with Space Jam 2 capsules. It's a shame.That's really lame, but I'm guessing people weren't buying them because little Timmy inside of gamestop wanted more minecraft toys or something. I talked with a local gamestore about it and they were making a lot of money on it, enough to get like a dozen machines that get new stuff in them from time to time. Sadly though I know that local game shops aren't always something people have access to. >picI have that Duke figure too lol. I wish someone would make a Postal Dude figure but a talking doll will have to do for now.

>>640220053I'm looking forward to it for sure. My friends are probably planning something but we like to keep things surprising so who knows what else could happen. I'm just taking life as it comes as always.

>>640220119>but I'm guessing people weren't buying them because little Timmy inside of gamestop wanted more minecraft toys or something.I really have no clue. They seemed to be selling well. The sleepy kirby figures and mini Gundams sold out within a few days. I guess it just wasn't considered worth investing into for some reason. The only other place with gachapon machines is an hour away, but they always have the good shit. Got me some squishy DQ slimes.>I wish someone would make a Postal Dude figureThat would be awesome. I can just imagine all the accessories it would come with.

>>640205378>>PLAYANFightcade>>WATCHANYoutube vids>>LISTENANJapanese Music>>READANEdens Zero>>EATANJust Had Some Ramen>>DRINKANWater>>FAPPANPic Rel>>FEELANALRIGHT!!!!

Attached: sakura9.jpg (1200x1800, 403.09K)

>>640220439>some squishy DQ slimesAAAAA fuck I want more slimes. I'm gunna pester my local places to get some Dragon Quest monsters. Those sound cute as hell.

>>640219508Looking real good dude

>PLAYAN Been switching around a few games. Some hefty ones like Rule the Waves and Opus Magnum. Along with more chill "I don't want to think" Outward, Rift Wizard and League.>WATCHAN Gamer youtube>LISTENAN Putting my own, barely music shit on repeat.>READAN About Sweden's 18th century navy>EATAN Pringles and nuts>DRINKAN Beer>FAPPAN Nah>FEELANKinda good for now. But I can't help thinking about my mom who died two weeks ago. Fucking sucks.

>>640221476I've put around 40 hours into Rift Wizard and still haven't made it to the final boss. I usually either die to misreading a rift early on before my build is coming together or around level 20.

>>640221786I think it took me 20 hours to beat the boss. NowI have like 250 hours in the game and basically choose a comfy win with a known build. Or a challenge with something I haven't quite gotten to work yet. Truly a great game either way.

>>640221279>Those sound cute as hell.They're very neat. I wish the place wasn't so far away because I'd love to get a king slime one.>>640221404>Looking real good dudeThanks bro.

Attached: slimes.jpg (3185x1509, 798.81K)

>>640205378>>PLAYAN struggling hard in SF6>>WATCHAN SF6 guides and Juri guides>>LISTENAN Death Grips>>READAN Holla Forumschatbots>>EATAN boneless wings>>DRINKAN coke zero>>FAPPAN chatbots>>FEELANWish I wouldn't constantly stop myself from using my time productively.>>640217095Disgaea 1 is great. It took me a couple tries to get into it but once it clicked it was hard to put down. And the story was surprisingly memorable. if it's your first time, I hope you like it.

Attached: 1686057149596271.webm (1920x1252, 3.96M)

>>640205378>>PLAYANmetroid fusion and downwell>>WATCHANoneyplays>>EATANpizza and crazy bread>>DRINKANcore>>FAPPANto princess peach>>FEELANalright

Attached: e381756ce67b4852fd037e1c379000c0.jpg (1346x1536, 1.28M)

Playing Mario Kart 8 with my sister while drunk

Attached: 6035.png (317x317, 40.09K)

>>640223974>Playing Mario Kart 8 with my sister while drunkthere's no way this will end well for the aiater

>>640224317Sister*fucking hell

>>640223284Damn man, those are cute as hell. I see you got a Slime plush too, very goo-reat!

>>PLAYANDiablo 4 coop, Microsoft Flight Simulator, X4 Foundations, Dwarf Fortress>>WATCHAN NHL playoffs, pokemon ironmon runners>>LISTENAN>>READAN /v and reddit>>EATAN chinese food>>DRINKAN diet coke, sparkling water>>FAPPAN big anime boobs>>FEELANThe night is young! I got promoted on Friday, so it's a great weekend to do nothing but get high af and play video games and watch NHL playoffs and drink way too much soda.>>640207671How's Mechabellum?

Attached: e889b19da1f98b34d332c10931d8d490.png (706x1000, 476.38K)

>>640225734>Chinese foodWhat kind?

>PLAYANWest of loathing>WATCHAN Across the spiderverse earlier, very kino>LISTENAN Porter Robinson>READAN The news>EATAN Hot and sour soup>DRINKAN Water>FAPPAN Gay chubs fucking>FEELANTired

Attached: IMG_7378.gif (600x455, 2.19M)

>>640226204Chicken chow mein, beef with broccoli, honey walnut shrimp, eggplant tofu.

>>640226320Based playan

>>PLAYANI have no mouth and I must scream. Its very dark but very good so far. New Fortnite season seems fun too.>>WATCHANMore Dr.Who The Master is back again somehow but I like him so I wont complain. There are a lot more misses than there are hits season 11 and so far in season 12 but there are still some cool ideas in there at least. Orphan 55 was pointless and kinda bad though.>>LISTENANUpgrading my NAS soon so I can rip all my CDs. Been trying Nucleus music player but ehh. Been doing AI voice stuff to make Vegeta sing and its been>>READANMight read I have no mouth and I must scream after I finish the game.>>EATANWendys. Had left over grilled stuff the last few days. Costco hot dogs on the grill are great.>>DRINKANWater and Lime Bubly>>FEELANFeeling pretty alright. In some pain but hey thats normal and its not too much right now.

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>>640219508Nice collection bro, thanks for sharing

>>640219508Nice pop team figs. What is the hamster thing they are sitting in? I always see it but never know the name. You should take those bottom shelf ones out of the boxes.


These threads die because no one responds to anyone. Everyone just wait for the (you)sI say you have to reply to at least one person before posting. Get some conversation going. Anyway here’s mineWHATCHA>PLAYANStreet Fighter 6. It’s my first Street Fighter ever. Only ever been into Smash and Mortal Kombat>WATCHANMK1 gameplay from the summer games fest. I’m beyond hyped! Really hoping for more 3D era characters. Juri combo guides on YouTube>EATANStrawberry Ice Cream w/butterfingers and recess cups from Coldstone>DRINKANWater>FAPPANStarting “No Fap/No Porn” today. I really really need to break this porn addiction. I coomed all day yesterday as a final “get it out my system” day. But if you must know…Larajuicytv on TikTok. She farts in random things at the supermarket. Amazing brap Queen. Lana Rhoades anal creampie compilation, Casey Calvert anal gangbang, Ana de Ville double anal gapes, Abella Danger anal, Sasha Grey classic anal vids, Riley Reid anal to finish>FEELANFeeling lonely desu. Not in a “tfwnogf” way, but in a “I don’t have enough in common with anyone to wanna hang out with them every day”, kinda way. Know what I mean? I have lots of friends but no best friend. I need to beat this porn addiction cause it’s fucking up my sex life. I’ve gone soft in the last 3 girls I was with because I like the feel of my hand better. The final straw was when I caught myself becoming interested in cuckoldry. Wish me luck boys. Todays been easy but I know it’s just gonna get much harder. >>640205646I’ve spilled so much coom to Rhea. God, I want her to force me to sniff her massive protien farts

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>>640205378>Axew day in Pokémon GO>ask for an early day at work>okay.jpg>get asked to stay late>okay.jpg>go home and eat after, make it downtown at 3>it's raining>walk a bit, 98% Azelf raid>beat Shadow Articuno, it flees>reach level 48>pop a lucky egg and open gifts to grind another 5 million XP>12 shinies, no hundo>still haven't gotten my Dragon Tamer medal>car wouldn't start because I left my headlights on>have to work early again tomorrowIt's been a couple weeks since I have had the motivation to play real games and I'm wasting my life.

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>>640229338I usually post mine then go back and reply to a bunch. How is SF6 as your first? Do you use the easy controls or whatever they are called? Ice cream sounds good.>I’ve spilled so much coom to Rhea. God, I want her to force me to sniff her massive protien fartsMaking comments like that are not going to help you not fap

>>640205378>>PLAYAN beating OOT again, I played Portal reloaded multigayer and beat Rain World artificer dlc>>WATCHAN 24 hour le mans>>LISTENAN Deez nuts>>READANnot today >>EATANchocolate and wine gummies >>DRINKAN coca cola, redbull, vodka and whiskey>>FAPPAN blacked(joke)>>FEELANtired

>>640229759Yeah I immediately regretted it. As my first SF game, it feels really difficult. I know what I have to do and but the game demands perfect execution. In MK, the game will complete a special move for you even if you don’t put the input in perfectly. I feels it’s spoiled me a little. I’m wonder if buying a fight stick would help. The few times I do win, it feels good, but I can’t say great. I think it’s because I feel like they suck more as opposed to me getting better. But imma keep at it. It’s the only game I’m playing between now and MK1

>PLAYAN Wo Long but I need to get back to Signalis and Aegis Rim>WATCHAN some Nikkatsu stuff lately, but also a German occupation era French filmI need to watch the Megumin show >LISTENAN bluegrass/country influenced black>READAN Xeelee sequencefantastic stuff, almost too good because a most sci fi feels pretty flat in comparison>EATAN junk food after work>DRINKAN vanilla coke>FAPPAN black hair, black nails, black lipstick, black eyeliner, black clothes--the workskind of amazed it's still compels me so all these years later>FEELANalrightI need to get my shit together and do something with my life but the holding pattern lifestyle is easy to fall back intoI'm tired of where I am and where I've been for the longest time.>>640225734How's D4?I really did not care for D3>>640219234If you are playing the new ports, how are they? I really have the itch to play EO again after a long time but they are expensive.>>640218351based Chameleons enjoyer

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>>640229361Why are his eyes red?>>640226320>>WATCHAN>Across the spiderverseI just saw it as well. The animation is so good in these>>640225734>got promoted on Fridaycongrats user!>>640223548>Metroid fusionbased>DownwellBased>Pizza and crazy breadbased>Princess peachbasedGreat tastes user>>640223340>Wish I wouldn't constantly stop myself from using my time productively.What would you be doing user?>>640223284cute>>640221476>momSorry to hear user. It always hurts a lot to lose someone.>PringlesWhat flavor?>>640218871Happy birthday user! Hope its good.>>640217514>sunnyv2 videoscringe. Tacos sound good though.>>640215427>how the fuck subnetting worksNetworking class flashbacks are coming to me now>>640207074>The Animal Crossing DogLearn her name at least user!>>640230497>FappanGood taste anonWhat do you want to do with your life? What junk food do you like?>>640230410I have one of the 8bitdo fightsticks and its pretty good.

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>>640231102My bday is at least beginning with me drunk as fuck hitting rando on so it's a good time so far.

>>>>640231102>What would you be doing user?I'm trying to do 3D animation in Blender but I keep letting myself get distracted or find reasons to stopI have all the time in the world and I use it to stress about how I'm not using it

>>640232654Post something you've done. I've been trying to try blender but it's tough to get your head around at first.

>>640205378>>PLAYAN Grim Dawn>>WATCHAN Oney Plays>>LISTENAN Fleetwood Mac>>READAN Twilight Reimagined. I want to fuck an sutistic vampire.>>EATAN Chicken noodle soup. I got in late and wanted a small dinner for this time of night. >>DRINKAN The rest of my wine>>FAPPAN Not tonight>>FEELANIntrospective

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>>640230497Damn man humans are weird. I don't jive with a single thing from that list, but I totally understand it all.>>640229987>OOT AGAINOnce every two years for me, like clockwork>>640228354>Fortnite>Dr WhoI love me some Wendys so I can't be mean to you>>640226320>Porter Robinson>Hot and sour soup>West>WATERMy nigga>>640225734Is D4 good? I'm coping by playing Grim dawn because I can't spend that money right now>redditOut. >>640223548>Metroid FusionI liked Zero Mission better desu>OneyplaysBased same. Watching Links Awakening.>PizzaAlways good>Fapping to peachMy nigga.>>640219234>EO3That was the first one I played. Comfy.>King GizzardBased>FajitasBased>Lavender teaBased>>640218871>BN3 What was the difference between blue and white again?Happy Birthday user. Enjoy your ice cream!

>PLAYANDiablo 4>WATCHAN Ghost Adventures when stopping to eat meals>LISTENAN Silly podcast about Rasputin>READAN In the middle of The Subterraneans, but not reading anymore tonight>EATAN steak and salad>DRINKAN Black cherry bubbly water>FAPPAN Probably done with this for the day>FEELANPretty good. Anxious about some stuff around the corner but today was a very pleasant distraction

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>>640233189>Post something you've done.I totally would if I could commit to ever finishing anythingIronically, I've posted this before and since then it's still the only thing I've done that's good enough for me to present.

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Just LISTENAN to the Nixon Tapes and waiting for the next G-Witch ep to drop, sleep schedule is fucked anyways so why not watch it. Wish more presidential tapes were out there, this is some interesting shit>>640236001>when stopping to eat mealsWhere ya going, user???>>640233942Cool LISTENAN>>640230497>SignalisAny good?

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was playing some demo's and betas then explored some worlds in vrchat, doin some horror maps

>>640205378>>PLAYAN Was feeling nostalgic: Too Human & Dungeon Siege 3>>WATCHAN Those gaming events>>LISTENAN>>READAN Just what I browse >>EATANFabada Asturiana >>DRINKAN Water or tomato juice>>FAPPANlater, Myriam Project probably >>FEELANDoing ok

>>640236584Sorry to clarify I meant, “when I take breaks playing Diablo 4 to eat food (because I don’t like to eat while actively gaming), I have been putting on episodes of Ghost Adventures”>G-WitchFriend mentioned this in passing today, is it good?

>>640237784I'm enjoying it a good deal. The school setting seemed lame at first until they threw back the curtain and revealed that the meat of the show is about the politics happening outside of it, and it's pretty good intrigue to boot. There are a lot of subtle references to the older shows, especially Zeta, which I quite like. The mobile suit battles are animated very well but can be one-sided, which is a little lame. So yeah I'm thinking it's good

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>>640236701I drink too much til i pass out or see it back, i hate weekends

>>640230497I'm really enjoying D4. I'm also playing high as fuck and with some good friends I get along with. I've tried a Necro corpse explosion build and farthest I've gotten is with a Rogue poison trap build. Only on Act 3.

>>640236951>Dungeon Siege 3Basado