ITT the most anti-fun mechanics ever conceived>damage scaling

ITT the most anti-fun mechanics ever conceived>damage scaling

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>>640201608input reading

>>640201608invisible walls

>>640201608Status effects that make you wait for the effect to wear off before you can play again


>>640202009the last straw that made me drop AAA games was the trend of walking dialog sequences to disguise loading screens

>>640201843It's this and by a lot. Literally nothing but a detriment in any game.

Fishing in the PS3 Yakuza games where you can fail to catch a fish while your bait is consumed completely randomly, not to mention it takes like 5-10 fucking minutes to reel in the toughest tier of fish.

>>640201608button mashing

Non-infinite inventory

>>640201608Weapon/armor durability, and unique, non-repairable or-replaceable rewards that still have normal durability.

skill rust

>>640202406A'strians cannot be likeable by default unless they somehow became swole as fuck.

>>640202230The only way I could see it being enjoyable is if all weapons are really good and there are a ton of em all over the placeDead Rising would be a whole lot more fun if all the random bullshit you could smack zombies with did more than zero damage

"Skill based" matchmaking in a non-1v1 game

>>640201608damage scaling? Like in a fighting game? combo damage would be absurd without scaling if that's what you mean

>>640202406kek and the butthurt Holla Forums niggers appear

>>640202113Those creeping in to the FF7 remake genuinely depressed me.

Point of no return.

>>640203461Probably means rpg stuff>Tutorial rat hits for 10 DMG, about 10% of your hp.>Get level 100. Return to 1st zone.>Rat does 10k damage now or about 10% of your hp.

>>640201608Enemies with too quick attack animations.You cannot even react. In that case all you can do is keep on attacking. It then results in closing your eyes and mashing your attack button as fast as you can.Boring.

>>640201608Damage caps in Roguelikes.Fuck you dead cells. What a piece of shit game.

>status effects don't work on bosses>normal mobs die too quickly to botheralso fuck random encounters

Any kind of stamina system/timegating bullshit, at least it keeps me from ever playing modern online-only shit no matter how cute the characters are

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>>640203461>your attacks suddenly deal chip damage to enemies if they're "too high level">your damage is capped arbitrarily against bosses because the game is "balanced for it" (looking at you, roguelikes)>leveling up causes your damage to go down because at this level you need Y of stat to deal X damageThere's many ways to do it, but they all suck ass.

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>>640204384Learned this the hard way in D4. Planned my character around damage to slowed/CC'd enemies, saved up a bunch of gear until I had it all together, then swapped all at once. Imagine my surprise when I got to bosses and was suddenly doing 1/10th the damage to them as I do to trash mobs because they are immune to crowd control.REEEEEEEEE

>>640204230for me it was Enter the Gungeon that pissed me off with its DPS caps

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>>640201608>automatically reducing difficultyi've never seen something so rude

>>640204698Ah I see now, yeah that's very sillyI remember people complaining about that first example with some later kingdom hearts games, compared to say II where you always did an okay amount at the very least

>>640203639t. butthurt actual nigger

>>640205025Enter the Gungeon put me off almost immediately with how FUCKING SLOW it is as a twin-stick shooter, coming off of Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne it was just fucking insufferably slow. I didn't have the patience to even unlock that mode that makes it a lot faster.

>>640201608>Enemies uses cool weapons which you cannot pick up upon their deaths>Recruitable enemies/bosses come massively deleveled and neutered and almost always stripped of their powerful equipment they had prior to switching sides>Levels with lots of foliage and/or fog & darkness which severely impairs the player's view, but the AI is not programmed to be affected by them and so can spot you as if you were in the open

>>640202749God I hate these>I wonder if I missed anything, I hope that I can explore both of these paths… FUCKmoments.

>>640201843Works for fire emblem but FUCK whoever thought it was a good idea to add it into action adventure games, only ends up with stuff like this

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>>640202749This happens in a lot of platformers I play to where I've tried to train myself to guess which is the optional path so I can go there first, I'm still not always accurate>>640205416Same, I don't like slow

>>640201608>>640201843>>640207375Since we’re on the topic of nuzelda, these things having a 1 minute timer is the epitome of anti fun. It makes it even worse when a fairly cool looking boss is resigned to being a 3 hit knockout mario boss because it was designed around the timer these things have.

>>640208006forgot image :(

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I utterly hate invulnerability phases with bosses, they’re shit 95% of time. The most recent one that got me all annoyed up was Deep Rock Galactic’s boss bug missions, especially the lone big one is a shitty, miserably slow fight that you ultimately end up repeating too many times, and putting invulnerability phases into bosses you have to fight many times is just torture. Slows it down every time.

>>640205063this, and by extension adaptive difficulty>play badly>the game makes your weapons do more damage and slows enemies down>play well>game inorganically makes itself harder by reducing your damage/increasing enemy hp/increasing enemyspeedgames like this frustrate the fuck outta me, like the game simply lets me win when otherwise would have died, or just forces me to die when I would have otherwise won

>>640202423I actually read all that. This comic is GOOD.

>>640201608forced tutorials every ten seconds that you can't skip

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>>640201608patching out advantageous exploits in single-player games if they don't have adverse effects

Not really a mechanic but replacing interacting with the scenery and getting detailed text descriptions for tons of things with MAYBE the main character whispering "what the fuck" when you walk up to the big setpiece.

>>640203059That's a long cutscene you've got there. It'd be a shame if you put down your controller...

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>>640201843This is honestly annoying me way more than I thought it would in BOTW

>>640202113Is that why they're doing it? I thought they were trying to be all "deep" and "relatable" and "cinematic." I didn't think it was for an actual reason.

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>>640208837Give me all the tutorials you got in the first 20 minutes of the game, but fuck off with that bullshit of having literally half the game be a longass tutorial (see almost any Tales game, for example).

>>640209584I'd argue that they're not even good for the beginning of the game either. Old players already know what they're getting into and new players need some breathing room to get accustomed to whatever the game is. Having someone constantly take the controller out of your hand to talk down to you is infuriating for both of these types of people. It all just needs to fuck off and let the player experiment on their own.

>>640209584Never play Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

>>640201608"Elevators" in boss fights, where you have to wait for a platform to ascend to hit the weak point. I hated the final boss of Doom 2, and Ys Oath in Felghana pissed me off how I'd have to just wait for the boss to do the right attack and hope RNG wouldn't make it do that one attack where I'd have to jump off prematurely.

>>640209797games desperately need a light tutorial optionthey also need to stop hiding the numbers behind scaling, stats and damage. 'do fire damage' isn't adequate for a spell description when you have three different items doing it

>>640201608>ITT the most anti-fun mechanics ever conceivedthe D Counter cancer in Dragon Quarter>goes up if you do anything>dragon mode, the series staple, speeds it up greatly>hits 100%, game over>only way to reset it is to start over from the very beginning with minimal carryoverit's a shitty mechanic to turn the game into a Rougelite

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What the hell are you talking about jew? Hitler is one of the most popular and liked human beings ever.

>>640208006Whoever thought that Rivoli’s Gale and the Master Sword should have cooldowns probably loves his after work gig as HOA President.

>>640208727Adaptive difficulty ruined RE2make for me. Why give me more precise control for aiming over the original if you’re going to also punish me for landing headshots and avoiding damage?If the speedrunners are deliberately taking damage in order to nerf the difficulty on their runs, you must know that you’re idea was stupid. Except Capcom have continued the practice with RE3 and 4 make and are really only copying the system that was used in OG RE4 (even if it was less obnoxious in that game).

>>640201608is this tails gets trolled?

>>640211450For Revali’s Gale, it’s not just the cooldown, but that it has 3 charges and it only recharges them after you’ve used all 3 of them. Jesus fuck, what were they thinking?

>>640212028>playing a shoot em up>powerup that blocks 3 projectiles>picking up a new one doesn't refresh the stacks>have to get hit intentionally before picking shit upberry nice

>>640201608>chance to hitIn almost every game where hitting your enemy is a matter of randomness the gameplay boils down to spamming status effects and cheesing whatever mechanic lets you sidestep hit chancesIn Darkest Dungeon you have to bring a ton of status effects to disable the shit out of the enemies while buffing your own dudes, and there's all sorts of cheesing methods like taking longer dungeons because they're more effective than town buildings at healing stress, almost every update of note tried to shut some cheese method down because the difficulty made people crafty.In XCOM you end up spamming grenades and psi powers at any given opportunity to do serious damage, and unlocking psi powers in particular is either a good benefit if it's EU or a game-breaker if it's in 2.>iron sightsIt's not exactly the problem of iron sights existing as much as it is the problem that its inclusion almost always results in "hip-firing" getting fucked in the process and the aim being all over the place unless you use iron sights. Good luck shooting anything 6 fucking meters away if you don't use iron sights.

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>>640201608>bullet reflecting directly back at the player

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>>640210329unironically filteredd-change is broken and ends any boss instantlyyou will never get it to 100% with the passive build up>minimal carryoveryou didnt even play the game

>>640201608Damage scaling is fine if it's done to bring the play up from a minimum rather than down from the maximum. KH2 does this well. Damage scaling in general is also a necessary evil in things like fighting games because your only alternative is to arbitrarily hardcap combo length, which is turbo-AIDS.>>640201843Weapon Durability is fine when used as a way to effectively limit resources while giving the player access to more powerful tools in the short term. TotK's fusion system gets this right except for with Bows>>640203059QTEs that lead to instant death in a cutscene if failed are dogshit but they can be a fun gimmick or excuse for a gag. Hi-Fi Rush has a really good one after the Korsica fight, as an example.>>640208727Adaptive difficulty can be fun if it's something the player has direct control over. God Hand and the two TWEWY games handle it incredibly well.Anyways the real answer for a mechanic that's literally never, ever fun is games that lock unique rewards behind literally shutting the fucking game off. You don't really see this any more since it was mostly a thing on the DS but holy shit it was bad on that system. Speaking of the DS, that one RPG where running costs health. Not running from combat, but on the Overworld.

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>rail shooting sections in non-railshooting games

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>>640213462>sensitivity for the railshooting segment is ungodly low and can't be changed

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>>640213192>unironically filteredI like how this is the only comment "fans" have to critics of Dragon Quarter>you didnt even play the gameI did, it was horrible. Dropped when I realized that a full reset was the only way to reset the cancerous mechanic


>>640212028Overheats without their own individual cooldowns are a crime that deserve nothing less than death.

>>640202113what really gets me about this was when I suddenly realized how these are worse than outright cutscenes in that they can be skippedso many games are awful to replay cause of this shit

>>640213674Your "criticism" is "I can't faceroll every single encounter and effectively turn the game into a movie game" so you'll understand if we don't take you seriously

>>640214015funniest part is if you collect party exp, something that does carry over, you can faceroll the game with ease, but he was too stupid for even that

>>640204698>the gun in my hands shoots nerf darts if the enemy is 3 levels above me>the same gun instagibs the same enemy when i'm 3 levels above themi fucking hated borderlands.

>>640201608Lane maps in non mobasI genuinely stopped playing halo infinite because of this

>>640201608>increase game difficulty>enemies just have double the health while yours is halvedI'd prefer they use more aggressive tactics, or hell, the easiest thing to do would be to just add more enemies.

>>640214228I actually would not say that's true. Your stats don't do much in DQ, the only way levelling actually helps you in any significant way is increasing your AP

>>64020954690% of the time yes, it's a way to load in a new area without a cutscene or loading screen cutting off "player control" even though you're just walking during those sequences usually. Same with segments where you slip through a crack in the wall or boost another character up to a ledge or something for seemingly no reason, it's a way to wall off the content behind you and load what's ahead.The only time I've heard anything to the contrary was when some GoW Ragnarok dev said that they kept that stuff in even though PS5 could handle loading in areas fast enough because of pacing or some shit.

>>640208259>invulnerable to any meaningful damage 90% of the time>boss has gauge you deplete to deal a bit hit that deals the bulk of your damage>hardcoded to get up when the gauge is 49%/99% empty>once he gets up you have to wait 20-30 seconds before you can knock him down again>maps can put 4 of these down at the same time>so big it blocks the camera>way too many characters need its dropsThe Imprisoned, especially in Hyrule Warriors, might be the shittiest boss of all time.

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>>640201608Microtransactions.Not just because it's ripping you off, but it's literally taking things out of the game to put them in a cash shop. You could have gone on a cool side quest to get that costume. But instead you just paid $5.99 for it. The system literally took fun away from the game.

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>>640214659Man this thing was fucking shit even in SS.

>>640214518i did a 1/4 run by just 1-50ing everyone with expmade it obscenely easy

>>640214736i remember fighting it, going to skyloft for something, getting the choice of going to one of 3 provinces, picking faron, and having to fight a nearly unchanged Imprison AGAIN.


>>640201608>99% of attacks rely on an accuracy stat>rng WILL randomly fuck you over and have you miss a killing blow or an enemy dodge an important debuff>devs realised this fucking sucked and had barely any reason to exist, changed it for the better in the sequel

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>>640214932>hit chance RNG swapped with "tougher enemies have Death's Door mechanics" RNG

Forced tutorials, even worse if the tutorial is integrated into the story, so it couldnt be skipped at all.I dont remember if Super Mario RPG did it, but Super Star Saga lets you skip many tutorials despite the game not being a sequel(or maybe they just thought "hey many players will have come from Legend of the Seven Stars, so we should give them the option to skip the things they already know).How games continue to fail at this simple QoL feature, even more so games that have high replayability or long standing franchises that share many mechanics with the previous games baffles me.

>stamina bars>random encounters>weapon/item durability>unskippable cutscenes and intro logos>loading screens disguised as "wall shimmying">doors which only open once you've killed all the enemies>"to replenish your ammunition, please interact with this box">any and all forms of crafting mechanics in non-survival games>forcefields which damage your character if you walk up to them>cutscenes which end "seamlessly" and drop you straight into a fight>excessive handholding and tutorials which you can't skip or disable>game has huge open world but is devoid of any interesting content between landmarks>"please travel all the way to the other end of this open world and back to fetch me X">exceeding your maximum carrying weight prevents you from moving, instead of slowing you down>"interactive cutscenes" where the game slows you down and forces you to follow an NPC at snail's pace while talking>unnecessary multipliers on damage numbers, XP, etc. to make them seem larger: "6,000,000 DAMAGE DEALT!!! (enemy has 6,000,000,000 HP)" == "6 DAMAGE DEALT!!! (enemy has 6,000 HP)">game automatically gives you hints to puzzles if you leave them too long, interact with something too many times or happen to pick the wrong answer>paralysis/stun effects in CRPGs that prevent your character from playing, especially when enemies apply them over and over again effectively rendering your character useless>turn-based games which force you to battle low-level enemies regardless of your own level, a huge waste of time if your lv. 99 character is forced into a 30-second random encounter battle against lv. 1 enemies>room has a selection of doors where some lead to optional enemies/loot and one of them progresses the story, if you accidentally pick the wrong one a cutscene will trigger and you have no way to return without reloading your old saveDid I miss anything?

>>640203939i guess ive never actually encountered a game that does this but i always thought this would be the best solution to fix the age old problem of JRPGs, where you will inevitably overlevel and kill everything by just spamming your normal attacks over and over again. enemies are too weak to warrant using your skills or wasting your mana on. i had this problem with etrian odyssey 1. the game starts out very challenging. enemies actually hit hard, you actually have to make use of all the tools at your disposal and because of the games structure you have to make the conscious decision of when the right time is to turn back yourself, otherwise you will die on your return trip. it was the most fun ive ever had in a JRPG. but then i found out about warp wires so the return trip was no more. and by the time i got to the third layer of the first stratum random enemy encounters were just your usual JRPG nuisance. and by the end of the second stratum, even new FOES would be no problem to beat by normal attack spam, unless it was something like the praying mantis FOES that you are supposed to come back for way later.i always thought having any enemy encounter in an RPG be a genuine thread that you have to go all out against would be way more fun than just outleveling your enemies because the devs didnt expect you to walk around so much, triggering way more random battles than you were supposed to fight.

>>640208259the invulnerablity phases are one of the few really negative things about drgit wouldn't be so bad but every boss in the game has them in some formlike you mentioned hiveguard is particularly bad in that if you don't hit him hard as shit during his one weak phase you end up wasting a huge amount of time/health

>>640201608Forced pacifism

>>640201843Would it have fucking killed them to at least provide a repair mechanic

>game autosaves but doesnt actually autosaves but reconstructs the state of the game from arbitrary points of datalooking at you ToTK.its stupid how often ive had the situation where i go up to an enemy camp, try some approach, fuck up and die, and then reload IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CAMPwhats the point of autosaving if its constantly fucking shit up? ive also had situations where i snipe some enemies off from afar, then i walk up to the remaining ones, game autosaves NOW, i die and respawn and the enemies i sniped off earlier are gone, their loot i didnt collect is also gone and im standing right in front of the enemy that killed me, giving me no chance to approach this entire camp in a different manner.

>>640215332Absolutely>escort missions>preanimated takedowns>hacking minigames>pointless dialogue wheels>overbearing UI elements/objective arrows>you have to rotate control stick to break out of stun animations>ranking systems that lock you out of the best rank if you get hit even once

How do you all deal with bs like this. Do you just cope. Stop playing or mod it out [sorry console friends]

>>640208727If you ever want an interesting watch, check out the developers commentary series on youtube for the ratchet and clank games, it had a really interesting point about adaptive difficulty that kinda brought me round to the idea, good adaptive difficulty systems exist to do two things, roughly make a game a similar experience regardless of skill level (IE, levels designed to be hard should be hard regardless of skill level) and that good adaptive difficulty systems are basically invisible, i never knew RNC had adaptive difficulty before watching it.> like the game simply lets me win when otherwise would have diedI used to run ttrpg campaigns as a DM, and something you learn pretty early on is it is trivially easy to design facerolls either against or for the players, good games (tabletop or otherwise) are made to obscure that fact.>>640211803I don't think that speedrunners taking advantage of game systems to make things quicker means the devs made a bad system, that's just what speedrunners do, i'm not familiar with RE3/4's adaptive difficulty but it doesn't sound that great.


>>640216405Depends how good everything else is. If I'm enjoying it despite having the anti-fun mechanics then I'll just put up with it. If not then I just lose interest in the game and play something else. Modding to try and salvage a game I don't like when I could just be playing a game without horrendous issues feels like a waste of time.

boss rematch gauntlets. fuck mega man for making that shit a tradition.

>>640214015>and effectively turn the game into a movie gamenever said that, I am all for challenge but DQ does it at the price of making the game a chore to play.It's always a constant timer and not even executed in a good way like Majora's Mask or Dead Rising

>enemies don't react at all to your hits>everything they do, even from weak enemies staggerlocks you

>>640218537Literally the problem with all Souls games besides DS1.

>>640201608>>640201843this, also fuck jannies for deleting this for some fucking reason it's literally the same god damn comic as OP

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>>640204594>third worlder participates in the bants against himKEKReminds me of that fake cartel video where it looks like a beheading but the executioner just brushes the person's teeth.

>>640204594>burns a kittenthat's funny


>>640214932The problem with DD is how the game info doesnt account the enemy dodge change so if the enemy got 80% dodge change and you got 100% hitchance in reality should tell you "you got "20% chance to hit this cunt"

>>640218493it's a cheat mechanicnot using it doesnt make the game "a chore to play"the "timer" is never running out unless you make it, you are just stupid

>Slow statusTaking away mobility is the most anti fun shit imagineable

>>640218537Prodeus has no pain chance on enemies, so you unload a fucking minigun or plasma gun into them and they still move/attack as normal. Even doom gives you a fucking 2% chance to pain-stagger an Archvile what the fuck man

>>640211803RE4's adaptive difficulty is so subtle you hardly notice it unless someone points it too you

>>640205063>adaptive difficulty doesnt work as intended>instead makes the game harded and more funAny example outside Max Payne?

>>640219475>it's a cheat mechanica cheat mechanic implies that there is no downside to using it.Speeding up the game over counter is a MASSIVE downside

>>640219038They've had a stick up their ass all week. Not sure what's been triggering this careless ban wave

>>640201608Resting a game causes you to sit through all the logos just to reload a save since it does have a load from in game

>>640201608how it was>enemy is level 3, you are level 1, enemy takes more hits to killhow it is>enemy is level 3, you are level 1, enemy takes 90% reduced damage and deals 90% extra damage, has glowing red skull icon floating above head, tooltip appears in top right of screen telling you its okay to go explore other areas and come back at a higher level, still drops a rusty pipe when killed

>>640201608Turn based combat

>>640201608True ending is RNG

>>640221589freaking Lost Dimension

>>640220987i'm so sick of deleting company vanity plates, some games have like 6 of the fucking things.

>>640201608Word filters in single player games.

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>needing to mash a button to run

>>640202113The worst part is it's not something you can sit back and watch. You still have to move the character around or you can't progress through the tedium. Your character just moves like he's swimming in treacle and it feels like shit. Also, even if the game runs on next gen consoles/PCs, you'll STILL have those sequences when the game could load in 2 seconds.

>>640208259Similar is the extremely played out boss that charges you and runs into a wall.

>>640202113Not that anyone played it, but this was so fucking bad in Outriders.

>game requires you to constantly open your menu>adaptive difficulty that you can't control>long and unskippable cutscenes/animations

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>enemy has special animations for killing the player>has zero buildup and takes away control for the player, no choice but to sit back and die

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>>640204384>game is full of abilities/weapons you can gain with a specific status effect/element in particular>pretty much every boss is either outright immune/resistant to it or just doesn't take extra damage from it, haha oops :)

>>640219119>projection>bringing politics in vidya discussionyou need to go back

>>640222306why does a single player game have a chat function

>>640201608>stagger locking>stun locking>flinch locking>iframesthe four horsemen of bad competitive games.

>>640222972Why the fuck doesn't Tears just let me keep shooting the same Arrow combo untill I run out of materials or change it myself? They made autobuilding, they must have known menuing each shot is dreadful

>>640205416Slowness is a problem even in something like Vampire Survivors. Default rounds really should be 20 minutes instead of 30.

>>640223293skyrim was fucking awful with this both ways>random killshot zooms when you cast a spell or shoow an arrow at an enemy>if it wasn't actually a killshot it deprived you of control leaving you wide open for 1-2 seconds for other enemies to come inor>fight an enemy with kill animations like the dragons>as soon as your health gets low you instantly get snapped up by an animation and killed before you can heal

>>640202113Was half life in the wrong?

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>>640201608GrindingNo contest

>>640201608enemies with "nuh uh" shields and whatnot that completely nullify your attack from a frequently stupid and obnoxious anglethey are either very easy to shoot around thus rendering them pointless or have retarded huge hitboxes that force you to waste a few seconds repositioning before melting them down anyway

>>640208259Genshin cranks the bullshit with this up to 11 by putting these bosses in abyss now, quintupling their hp, and putting you on a timer.Oh, you didn't kill it in the first 11 seconds? Enjoy the next 40 seconds being unable to do jack shit. There's another boss after this, btw.

>>640208259>the boss also has healthgates that completely nullify any damage going past the treshold>they also have iframes during the transition period

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Multi-stage bossfights. It's a fine enough gimmick if used *once*, but the dude who decided that every boss in the souls franchise is now obligated have 3 stages deserves to be thrown into a ditch.

>Game's mechanic needs an internet connectionMake black flag a bit unenjoyable since now I can't capture the boats for rewards. Many games suffer thanks to always online bullshit>LEVEL SCALINGImagine thinking that leveling loot is good the only thing it does is making people look up shit to avoid gimping their new sword instead of just playing. Seriously fuck oblivion for this.

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>>640224601half life used dialog to tell a story, not mask loading screens.

>>640225651especially if one stage is just a QTE

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>>640201608This trend of making games that have ohko difficulties or locking things behind speedrunning the game. Where's the fun in that?

>>640201608>multiplayer game with group content>1 person making a mistake instantly kills everyone instead of just themselfThe real reason mythic raids are cancer

>Boss forces you to go through each stage facing them>Every level gets progressively harder>Final level>Boss has at least 1 MILLION HP and sends peons that have 5x their HP and deals 5x their regular damage>Said boss can hide behind the peons and oneshot almost every unit in the game that isn't extremely overleveled>Your reward for doing this?>An extremely watered down version of the boss

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>>640225580This. Replaying ffvii remake on hard and it's definitely a lot more fun than normal mode but the stagger just causing invulnerability is annoying because you save up big attacks for when theyre weakened, but they just go invulnerable right after u use it, kind of anticlimactic and anti-skill too because when it happens is pretty random unless you already know the fight

>>640224849>100% immune to even the biggest hits possible with shield on>completely helpless with shield off, taking a single hit to dieThis is always stupid

>>640218537This drives me up the FUCKING WALL.And it's the best change that was ever included in Nier Replicant. The remaster has you actually able to take a couple hits from the tiny child shades before you flinch. (thank fucking GOD).Can't stand games that do this shit.

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Running back to collect your lost xp.It was fine the first few times Dark Souls did it. It kind of felt like a okay replacement for extra lives and gave death a little more tension, but it wore thin by Bloodborne.Now it's shoved in everything for no other reason than they wanted to make a souls-like and that is one of the ingredients.

>>640201667I've never understood what people mean by input reading. There's no hidden actions in videogames. If you press a button that translates an action of course a game entity that "saw" said action is going to react.

>going out of bounds makes you lose instantlyThis isn't so bad when the boundaries are reasonable, but Armored Core: Last Raven had some real bullshit, like missions where there were enemies in the air but there was also an ALTITUDE BOUNDARY as if my AC would just fucking fly out of the atmosphere to escape. Just absolutely retarded.>>640221149I hate this shit so much. Players should be rewarded for using skill to overcome a major gap in stats.

>>640229936It generally just means the AI is reacting in button press.if player presses button with bow equipped, immediately dodge no matter the context.A decent AI would have a behavior it follows regardless of player input. Aggression based on if the player is outnumbered, health levels of itself and the player, range & weapon types, ect...

>game has damage reflection moves>enemy with 25 health and 0 defenses or resistances gets his 79 damage attack reflected back to him>does 6 damageEvery time with this shit.

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>>640229205what's also funny about it is that Dark Souls is the only game I can think of that doesn't allow you to obtain your lost xp through other means beyond going to the actual spot and retrieving it.. Nioh, Hollow Knight, Blasphemous all allow you to recover your XP in other ways, for example

>kill enemy 5 levels lower than me>no experience or drops because it's too low level>kill enemy 5 levels higher than me>drops shit equal to my level

>>640231150that's physics baby, a bullet ricocheting is going to lose a lot of velocity

Whatever the hell you call this while it's possible to beat the game and play it on the highest setting you literally have to use a book tier guide to do do without ruining that playthrough

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>>640230629>if player presses button with bow equipped, immediately dodge no matter the contextI agree in 99% of situations this would suckBut for say a one off boss fight against a mirror match/mind reader/jedi where you need to force errors or think outside the box it would be fucking kino

>>640224601It's a different thing.HL has characters only opening the door to the next area after they're done with their blah-fest, and it didn't even have it after the resonance cascade all the way until the teleportation sequence. You can walk away from every Barney and scientist that's talking to you otherwise. I hate that HL2 actually forces you to sit there like a stick in the mud and listen to them talk in the unskippable totally-not-cutscene, but it's not a slow walk to conceal a loading point.

>>640215332>>random encountersWhat? You mean random encounters like in Skyrim when a thief pops up and tries to rob you? Those are super fun and make the world feel alive, why would anyone hate them?

>>640231494wrongi played it on the maximum difficulty and the first thing i remember about it was having to punch a zombie to death for like 20+ minutes because my weapon broke and because its hp regenerated too fast for my character to killas a result i earned a some levels in unarmed combat

>>640201608contact damage>enemy flies across the screen with the bladed weapon>does same amount of damage if you touched the tip of their footi'm looking at your hollow knight

>>640224236I think it's more of a>game has section(s) where you can input something>single player game so the only person that will ever see what you input is yourself, and anyone in the room at the moment>still censor what you input anywayFor what purpose, this isn't an online game where you have to constantly think of the children

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>>640215332good list. qtes, forced death/loss encounters

>>640231837I don't mind it, but what I do mind is in some Megaman games contact damage with some enemies is WAY higher than literally getting shot by them.

>>640202113I actually love that, didn’t realize it was a thing until people mentioned it here so definitely more immersive than a loading screen. I rarely like to look at loading screens to begin with besides some exceptions like Halo 3.

>>640230629>AI is reacting in button pressThat's what I mean. Unless it's an unrealistic reaction that breaks the momentum from the previous action or moves with no windup I don't see the problem. A realistic reaction time is around a quarter of a second, so if your character can perform a jump or whatever instantly after a button press I don't see why the enemy couldn't react just as fast.

>roguelike>it's impossible to beat the game without getting permanent upgrades outside of the game

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>>640201608>negateeasily the most retarded mechanic ever put in a card game

>>640233081what game does this? sounds like ass

>>640233081>The amount of RNG shit that needs to align for an even remotely specialized build to come together is unrealistic for 95% of runs>RNG is so extreme that build specialization requires you to ignore a shitload of otherwise decent items >Game is built on the philosophy that you should be walking a tightrope at ALL times since restarting from scratch is painless compared to similar counterparts

RNG hit chance in games. I have not ever bought the game dev reasoning for its existence in that 'it creates moments of uncertainty to test player skill/ excite you when something randomly goes wrong'. I have never been excited or enjoyed missing what should have been a guaranteed hit. It often just results in a reload, because for as much as these devs like to hype up their shitty system, they don't really add any way to counter or compensate a miss. Often you need to do a setup or finish an enemy off and the game simply decides no and wastes your time and health/ items simply due to random chance. Even worse if you can't guarantee hits and the chance caps out at 95%.>Throw net on enemy in Underrail, reducing their dodge to 0 because they are stuck in place, immobile>Stun them with a taser on top of that>Miss 2 95% hit chances in a rowAbsolutely insane

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>>640201608>INB4 someone complains about CC or movement impairment in a game full of high mobility like lol

>>640229936it means the enemy reacts before there is any visible change in the player character

>>640212028I haven't played the newest Zelda but for annoying shit like this I just use a cheat. In emulated BotW I disabled weapon durability. I know that breaks the "balance" of the game but I don't care. I would still be just as "good" at the game and get just as far, it would just take me longer and be more annoying. I don't find that mechanic very fun. I'm going to do the same thing with these cooldowns when I get around to playing the new Zelda.

>>640208129having there be absolutely no way to increase or reset the timer has got to be the most horrible idea ever conceived

>>640201667>>640234079thats not a mechanic its just a shit implementation

>>640234128>balanceI honestly don't see how it affects the balance too much unless your playing on Master Mode. also, while it's annoying the weapons are so fragile, the real crime is that atrocious amount of menu swapping. like, you couldn't just cycle between weapons or auto equip the next? dumb as fuck

>>640233469Vampire Survivor comes to mind. At first without any upgrades you might struggle and die a lot, but once you buy enough upgrades the game becomes piss easy.

>>640233762>but dude the 1% thing happening is exciting

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>>640201843>>640202230works well in survival games like minecraftdoesnt work well in games like fucking zelda

>higher difficulty only inflates enemy hpDamgesponges are such nuisances and just not fun to play around.

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>>640214601The PS5 has an SSD by default, the PS4 and the PS4 Pro don't. Loading a level means loading from disk into memory so read speeds are the only bottleneck

>>640218710have you ever actually played one, retard?the only enemies that wont get staggered from a few swings is bosses. you can stunlock the entirety of ds1 mooks with a halberd, ds2 with a mace/rapier, ds3 with a straightsword or greatsword.

>>640215332>random encountersehh it depends>stamina barsfor sprinting, sureas a resource to balance attack and defense I think it can be done right, I like how it works in Nioh and it rewards skill, but I also like how it is in fighting games where you're free to do any attack except supers without spending any resource>cutscenes which end "seamlessly" and drop you straight into a fightif they're long and unskippable, sureif they're short I don't see the problembut all in all I agree with almost everything you said

>>640216084>preanimated takedownsI kinda like those

>>640202113I rather have wwalking dialogue than a loading screen.

>>640225651I fucking hate this so much.The boss getting up again after you killed him is supposed to be an "Oh shit!" moment, not something expected.Two stages made sense in DS3 lore with the whole embering shit, but they carried it over and shat it everywhere because "its what dark souls bosses do". But the DLC showed us what to expect already back then, with both bosses having 3 fucking phases where they shit out particle effects and projectiles.

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>>640224601No HL2 was

>>640201608Literally EVERY SINGLE MECHANIC in Enter the Gungeon.I don't know why I spent so much time in that stupid game.

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>>640231494It's called a retarded leveling system.

>>640224236>>640231867That or when a game lets you name the character you play as.

>Softcaps/hardcaps on stat scaling. If I put in the grind to be overpowered, why shouldn't I be? >Stunlocks on the player with no diminishing returns>Excessively long windup animations for attacks that just end up getting you stunlocked most of the time, and the few times the attack is successful, you would've done the same damage with 2-3 quicker, lighter, less risky attacks. >Daily/weekly caps on grinding or earning certain things. Fuck you, literally every single MMO out there. >Long "recoil" animations after an attack has landed. >Mandatory debuffs. Slag in BL2 ruined the game.>Character sliding forward a bit after landing a jump in platformers or games with platforming. >Platforming in first-person-only games. >Points of no return in games with missable content>Weapon/armor durability outside of games that try to be very realistic>Player runs faster than escort NPC, but also walks slower.>AI can friendly-fire you.>"Out of bounds" barriers in single player or co-op games>No exp for low level enemy kills, but also not much bonus exp for high level enemy kills relative to player level.>Drop rates/spawn rates at 1% or lower.>Hit chance as a stat>Loading into a game save slowly fades in, during which you can't move or interact. >Lack of attack telegraphing/swing animations in action games>"Garbage collection" crafting systems replacing cool and unique loot found in interesting locations, crafting it all yourself instead.>Treasure chests not giving anything worthwhile>Sidequests in your log you can't complete until much later>Story-gated side content or skill progression>Uselessly weak defensive/resistance stats.>Companion affinity - having to walk on eggshells and kiss their asses otherwise they leave you or are weaker.

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>>640237210>>Story-gated side content or skill progression... what? Are you upset that games have a linear progression of difficulty...?

>Soulless grinding with gacha tier probability stats as insult to injury Despite playing for about 15 years, my enjoyment for MH only genuinely started the moment I modded broken rewards and 100% meals.

>>640233081I swear it feels like you're punished for not having prior knowledge. Which kinda defeats the purpose of blind playthoughs

>Aiming doesn't actually decrease bulletspread nor actually make you more accurate and your guns will randomly just spit out rounds into all kinds of directions>Semi-sequel game fixes this by adding Iron SightsFallout 3's shooting fucking sucks.

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>>640201608Long animations which play frequently and pause the game

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>>640224939Embrace doing 33 star abyss. No seriously fuck it, you'll spend months grinding for the equivalent of one days worth of dailies every 2 weeks for that extra 10 seconds. Not worth it.

>>640237578I think he means things like the game only unlocking certain things, for example, a healing spell like 5 main story missions in, effectively forcing you to do them before you're allowed to play in the sandbox. Or you gotta do mission 7 before you're allowed to do the side missions in your starting town.

>enemy pulls weapon up out of ground after a slam attack>produces an explosion for some reasonIm not sure even slamming a 1 ton sword into the ground onfront of me would even hurt me in real life, so don't fucking pull this shit, when was the last time a farmer fucking hurt himself from a shockwave pulling his shovel out of the fucking mud

>>640201608Unironically any more story than strictly necessary to make the game seem coherent. For example "Walk right and jump on things to save the princess" is plenty. If your game can't survive on the merits of its gameplay then it's trash, and if it can then lore is just time wasting.>>640201667If you want realism play multiplayer. The challenge is to figure out how to cheese the AI.

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>>640239107>If your game can't survive on the merits of its gameplay then it's trash, and if it can then lore is just time wasting.And if your game is only composed of what is strictly necessary to not be bad in some fashion then it's not living up to its potential. "Walk right and jump on things to save the princess" is perfectly fun but nobody in their right mind is going to tell you Paper Mario having a ton of fun characters is a waste of time. Outside of jaded faggots defending the new ones' total lack of sincerity, that is.

>>640201608>enemy has instant kills you can't counter or block in any way

>>640237578Say you want to go off and get as much side-content done before you progress a story, things like branching paths, sidequests, exploration, etc, but you can't because those areas are largely blocked off until later story stuff happens. For skill progression, imagine you want to grind a bit of experience to unlock skills a bit earlier to make things easier in the long term, so put in the time, grind some enemies or quests, only to find out you can't unlock said skill before you have the magic stone of ooga-booga acquired later in a story mission, even if you have the experience/skill points to unlock it.Why even bother having experience or areas to explore if so many don't even have a purpose or are inaccessible until later in the story? Open world games just empty if you're not allowed to do what content you want, when you want to. Not saying you should be able to jump to the final boss of the main storyline from the start(or maybe you should be able to, could be fun), but having to switch back and forth between side content and story content is very annoying. It's like being forced to mix everything on your plate at once instead of eating things in the order or combination you want to.

>>640231494Use summons.

>>640232748Because it happens AT the button press but BEFORE the character animation proceeds. Meaning you get locked into your animation but they get to choose precisely how they respond. It's not realistic, it's gamebreaking, and it's painfully unfun because what is the recourse? I attack, he blocks or dodges. I heal, he hits. I dodge, he holds his swing and hits me after.Try playing a game with input reading, it's fucking cancer

>>640230045>enemy going outside of boundaries makes them loseI unintentionally won so many of those Armored Core 2 arena fights

>>640215447Random battles suck any way you cut it.Most JRPGs have learnt to just have the player automatically win if he's overleveled enough.Earthbound did it best with enemies running away if you're a high enough level. So you could chase them down and kick the tar out of them if you wanted.

>>640202230fallout new vegas>thematic, post apocalypse scrounging for parts to keep your shit in top condition>encourages you to try multiple weapons early>weapon never breaks irreparably (!), can become unusable at 0 condition but can be fixed>allows you to make use of copies of the weapon you find out in the field but cant carry back to sell >repairing is governed by its own skill, which factors into player's choice of character building, allowing you to repair more efficiently if you choose to improve your character in this way>can always be repaired by an expert repairman for money if you choose not to improve in this way or have no other weapon to take parts from>there are also weapon repair kits that can be found, allowing even novice repairmen to fix their shit>skilled repairmen can also create their own repair kits with junk and scrap if they have no spare guns or money to repair >increasing repair skill also gives you access to certain ammo crafting recipes>repair skill also has its own skill checks in dialogue or in open-world scenarios like repairing a generator to open a door, so the skill isnt pigeonholed into being a pure combat-related skill

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Hitstunning the player is one of the most anti-fun things a game can do, yet hitstunning the enemy is perhaps the most fun thing any game can do

>>640220762they ought to kill soijaks with this level vitriol, no one likes seeing that shit

>>640240014Bigger agree on the skill unlocking than the side content unlocking. I tend not to try and outpace a game regardless, so I don't usually run into either, but if there's a damn level system and there's huge swathes of your skillset that are tied entirely to story flags instead that's just dumbass design.Side content has every excuse to stay locked until you're at a point where it's a reasonable jump in difficulty from the main story. So long as the game designs it to be unlocked in sizable chunks so I can spend hours sidequesting and then hours playing through the main game, rather than constant back-and-forth with inconsistent levels of difficulty if I don't babysit the entire game world and constantly comb for new side shit.

Not mechanics, but dungeon crawlers and immersive sims are the most anti-fun genres ever conceived

>>640231653This nigga has never heard of a JRPG before. Should we tell him?

>>640231867Doesn’t it effect ESRB rating if they find a situation like that where mature content could exist through the game’s systems even though it’s the players doing? It would make sense for a game like psychonauts to try and skirt that and a pic a mature rating from a sales/marketing perspective

>>640201843FUCKING THIS i hate weapon durability i hate weapon durability i hate weapon durability i hate weapon durability i hate weapon durability i hate weapon durability

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>>640241174whatever happened to warnings like>user generated content not rated by the ESRBCan that not extend to shit players put in for their fucking selves?

>>640223293>this happens in outlast>lean back in my chair, arms behind my head>go to the fridge to crack another beer>gargling noises, chainsaws, growling>take a quick piss>agonizing death cryLove immersive horror games

>some degree of RNG to how well each of your options worksThis is fine. Sometimes consistency is called for, but that can be offered by COMPARATIVELY consistent attacks in a game where most bigger attacks are less consistent.>some degree of RNG in how enemies respond to any given scenarioVery much depends. Generally I want there to be some predictable overarching rules, but some minor things can be down to RNG-based whims, sure.>MY OPTIONS are limited purely by RNG, and not even RNG I can reasonably hedge bets onThis is fucking AIDS.

>>640240748The only problem with this is that the execution doesn't work that way.Repair vendors are so atrociously overpriced, that they feel useless. This is further compounded by NV's awful in-game economy, balanced entirely around winning card games, since quests don't give jack shit, with the only alternative being farming fiends for weapons and, you guessed it, repairing them yourself to sell.Additionally, repair kits are extremely rare in the wasteland, and very expensive from vendors who will only restock every 3-5 days. You can only make them if you have high enough repair skill, and their effectiveness is also determined by said repair skill. Finally, there are some weapons that are practically impossible to repair on your own without jury rigging, a high skill repair perk, and even then, the weapons which can repair them are also very rare or expensive, making said weapons pretty much useless outside of one or two fights, and they're never strong enough to feel like such a drawback is justified(most energy weapons, for example, which is another reason why energy weapons are grossly underpowered in NV outside of the gauss rifle.)Repair is so disgustingly mandatory in new vegas unless you're constantly juggling weapons, but that isn't practical given different ammo types and many enemies, such as creatures, not even carrying weapons. The design philosophy behind new vegas' repair/durability system is sound, but the execution misses the mark. The game feels like it was balanced around a high luck guns-repair-barter/speech character and no one else.

>Weapons can have random modifiers, including negatives that actively screws up the weapon>Upgrades can randomly fail and still consume resources>Any durability system that makes weapons break at complete random

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>boss projectiles have some degree of randomizationnice>boss projectiles are not guaranteed to give open spaces and you repeat attempts until the pattern is open enoughwhat the fuck

>Weapon has two perks, one of which can be re-rolled for another at the cost of resources.>Once you do this, the perk that wasn't re-rolled is now locked in place permanently.

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>>640240924>Bigger agree on the skill unlocking than the side content unlocking. I tend not to try and outpace a game regardless, so I don't usually run into either, but if there's a damn level system and there's huge swathes of your skillset that are tied entirely to story flags instead that's just dumbass design.That's exactly what the "newer" AC games do. I was enjoying Odyssey until this bullshit hit me.>Side content has every excuse to stay locked until you're at a point where it's a reasonable jump in difficulty from the main story. So long as the game designs it to be unlocked in sizable chunks so I can spend hours sidequesting and then hours playing through the main game, rather than constant back-and-forth with inconsistent levels of difficulty if I don't babysit the entire game world and constantly comb for new side shit.I suppose it would depend on what type of game. I mostly refer to RPG's, and prefer the design where the main story is "there", but there's also a bunch of side stories and questlines you can do beforehand from start to finish, should you be capable. That's what I can appreciate a lot about Elder Scrolls games; there is a main story, but you never "have" to do it in order to do anything else in the game. You can quite literally do every single sidequest in the game before doing any story content, and sometimes the main story will reflect this with changes in dialogue or events. This means you can much better "roleplay" whatever you imagine your character as. Maybe they're not the main hero, maybe they're just a side hero of a smaller guild. That sort of thing.

>>640201608These retarded little fucking robots.

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>>640231516If it's an intentional game mechanic, like psycho mantis and the bullshit where you need to change the controller port, then maybe. Young me didn't think to use the codec so I never got the hint about switching ports, and I brute forced him over the course of like 15 minutes or something. Anyway, back to the point. AI, without limitations, is not fun at all to play against. It needs to be held back, because an AI with no restrictions is basically impossible to compete against. Insane reactions, never whiffs, always executes combos correctly, punishes absolutely everything and is never punishable itself. The discipline of AI in games is more about creating something fun to play against than something actually intelligent.

>>640202113>Cyberpunk walking sceneGod, I fucking hate that.

>Game is advertised as a "chill fishing" game with some spooky elements to it.>The "chill fishing" is a frantic, QTE minigame which takes up to 10 seconds, but causes hours of in-game time to pass.Why?

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event exclusive rewardsWant cool thing? Sorry you could have only gotten it on this day x in year y. Will the event ever happen again, dunno lol.

>>640242424>I mostly refer to RPG's, and prefer the design where the main story is "there", but there's also a bunch of side stories and questlines you can do beforehand from start to finishAnd I'm one of those lunatics who sees nothing wrong with a more or less linear style of RPG, like a JRPG. I'm not in this for "roleplay" in the human sense, I'm in this because I enjoy the common systems of RPGs and the worlds they tend to present, more so than I enjoy taking any specific role within them. (To whatever extent the mechanics provide, at least. I'm sure someday I'll find a game where everything I want to do to immerse myself in a world is mechanically represented in a genuinely fun and believable way. Until then...)So really, I prefer it when the main story takes the lead. Like I said, I rarely feel any strong urge to try and outpace the game as I play it. I don't want to experience an earlygame-to-endgame difficulty curve five times in a row before I start the main story. I just want to play the game. And as I said, so long as the game gives me access to new content in big enough chunks that I'm not constantly obligated to check the entire game world for new quests, I'm good.

>>640242206>Falling for obvious cash grabsThe mechanic, just like everything around it, is half-assed and doesnt work as they intended. The only thing that gets consistent updates and gets put as #1 development priority spot is the cash shop. The game has barely enough content for 5 hours, after that you just repeat the motions to see number go slightly up. Underdelivered again, again and again.

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>>640201608>Forced and unskippable tutorials during the second playthrough>Unskippable cutscenes until you finished the game for the first time or unskippable cutscenes>Weapon durability without being able to repair it>RNG to get good skills, think the PS2 version of SMT 3 as example>Fucking mandatory mini games or segment that breaks the core of the game>Long death animations or death screens>Limited use of saves on any game.

>RNG chestI fucking hate doing a rerun of a dungeon just for an item.

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>RNG chestActually, I don't mind it, it's kind of cool wondering what I'll get from it.

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>>640243187>Fucking mandatory mini games or segment that breaks the core of the gamefucking bayonetta

>>640243282Based gachachad

>>640243282say that shit after you failed 10-20 times grinding that chest.>muh 2% drop rate for each set of armor

>>640243002>The event content is also meta or rolls around every now and then>When you ask for a guide on something people just gives you guides with the event content done or tell you to wait for the event content to roll back a round in 6 months and until then just enjoy the game

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>>640243426>May 2019 Login Campaign>May 2022 Login CampaignDid they just not allow you to get her for 3 fucking years?

>>640231150>inversely you have Minecraft Dungeons>Enemy has reflect>it reflects back your damage in full, despite them having far less HP than your damage>do a 340,000 damage shot>enemy has 20,000 hp>it dies, it reflects 340,000 damage to you>solution is to use rapid-fire, lower damage weapons>buuuuut there's also thorn-type enemies who do a %? based damage to you every time they're hit>there's 0 visual indication which of many types of enchants a monster has, so unless you specifically mouse over them you can't tell at a glance>at higher difficulties enchanted enemies are the norm>a lot of good weapons chain/bounce shots/pierce/etc so shooting anywhere, even if the thing you're primarily shooting at isn't enchanted, the thing that your arrow on its 4th bounce hit may beWas somewhat humorous headshotting myself to an enemy 2 screens away, but it grew tiring shortly.

>>640231494Oblivion's level scaling will always be the ultimate example of how not to handle enemy scaling. Truly one of the worst feeling games to play of all time as far as that's concerned. If you're not minmaxing your stats you'll get measurably weaker as you level up, and by the endgame ogres will take literally 10+ minutes of swinging with the best in slot sword to kill. Nevermind all the loot ALSO being level scaled, so the loot you find is always bad and immediately worse after you take a nap.

>>640201667I know what you are referring to and there is a theory that Elden Ring actually has something arguably worse, ai that learns how you play. Basically if you die multiple times but you do the same thing multiple times before you die it will remember what you did and react to it. For instance if you just keep on rolling without attacking then it will just hold up it's weapon until you stop. Personally I never had either happen to me which means you either suck enough that the game literally changed itself to be impossible for you or I am just so skilled that I am able to overcome input reading. However, a majority of players are like me which says a lot about you.

>>640234414>conquest>great wall map on lunatic where everything under the sun has 30 different types of counter and vantage>long as fuck map>last mob has 2 sub-mobs>die to a sub-mob there, restart map for the hundredth time>finally get to last mob>as long as I don't miss the first 90% hit he can't attack me>miss it>he can attack me back, but as long as it doesn't hit the 6% crit on the 18-30% hit chance I'll be fine and the follow-up will kill him>crits me, dieHE HATES IT

>>640243634elden ring also has the enemy responding to your actions way too aggressively.>Enemy would normally do an attack then after the attack animation was completely over pause for a few seconds, reposition, etc.>If you attempt to do something that has some significant startup in this period that would normally have 100% odds of being dead time, the enemy will immediately attack

>>640206284Trying to autistically play Arma3 in a "realistic" way against the bots was an error for me. Having to locate the enemies through masses of tall grass and bushes, with sometimes heavy fog when the fuckers can see you without binoculars or sights (even at night!) from half a mile away is NOT realistic.

>>640237210>RPG where resistance/defense buffs are largely worthless, gives like 5-10% resist max>except for 1 single story fight where for some reason it's like 80-90% resist to the bosses' element>brute-force the fight through chaining revives and luck without using spell since it was worthless everywhere elseFucking Balrog

>>640233081Hades isn't impossible to do without boons but you have to have the skill and patience of an angel to pull it off. There's actually unique dialogue tied to it. However just like Hades, most roguelikes constantly try to give you permanent upgrades every opportunity they can that you must really be either stupid or just masochistic not to get.

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>>640243932wrong picrel. I just saved OP's pic as a reaction image and didn't mean to use it.

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>>640243187>>640243308>Breath of Fire 3>have to find the legendary mariner to get across the ocean>who knows where he is? the mayor of a small village>how do you make him divulge this info? make sushi (shishu) for him (he doesn't even ask you to do this: your party just comes up with it)>have to go on a fetch quest in multiple locations to get sushi ingredients>one ingredient requires a minigame with terrible controls>have to track down a specific fish in the fishing minigame>then you have to do a minigame to make the sushi, and you have to start over gathering more ingredients if even one thing is off with the final productPic related is what happens when you give him the "shishu". Yeah, sure does love the food from his "hometown". There was no indication at all that Wyndia was like Japan in any way. If the developers were any more cheeky, they would make him also ask for a reliable, affordable car with good gas mileage like the ones they make in his hometown, or maybe he wants a curved sword that's been folded 1 million times. Then Ryu would break his protagonist silence to say "It can't be helped...."

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>>640243492covid was a real threat to the World so they decided to postpone the event

>>640235330Halflife 2 didn't do this either. You can literally no-clip past these sections and the game would trigger like you had just went through them normally. It even has loading screens.

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>>640239107>The challenge is to figure out how to cheese the AI.If the entirety of the game is just spent figuring out how to cheese then it's not a good game. You might as well say that I Wanna Be the Guy is fair.

>>640201608every mechanic in this game

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>>640202293>he's never been fishing IRL

>>640201843only tolerable in the 1st stalker game

Quick time events. Somehow every developer during during the ps3 and xbox 360 era thought this was an amazing idea and that it was fun and engaging. Thankfully they eventually realized from public reception that this actually sucks and there is no way to see it coming and therefore you will likely fail the first time you see it.

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>>640233910jannies are nigger fags

>>640234128It doesn't even break the balance. Weapons are littered everywhere as a consequence of their decision to have everything break in 10 hits. Remove that and you only need to pick up new weapons if they're better, like in Diablo 2 which also has durability but does it right.

>>640213290>that one RPG where running costs healthThat's Lunar: Dragon Song. Even aside from that, it had a lot of stupid shit.For example, there is a system where you have to choose if you earn money or exp in battles.At one point the main character gets cursed and loses his ability to headstand, which takes away two hits out of his three-hit normal combo.There is no way to choose which enemy you attack.The MC learns Dragon Magics, but can't use them unless he equips a certain accessory, one for each spell. In a game where there's only one accessory slot.On the world map you can't just walk past a cleared dungeon. You have to get inside and walk through it, if the game forces you to backtrack.There's special blue chests, that you can't open until you clear the dungeon of enemies.I unironically believe that this game was sabotaged. You can't come up with so much stupid shit while trying to make something decent.

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>>640242724I'm convinced that it would be impossible for me to get an S rank all the way through this game and bullshit like that is why. It isn't even that the boss is particularly hard, but you get overwhelmed and you can't be everywhere at once which means you will probably get hit by a stray enemy and there goes your S rank.

>>640234193I’m really liking the game but this definitely seems like it’s weakest design decision. Isnt that what the battery is for? Why introduce two different limits, where one is totally visible and easily understood, and the other is an eventuality you have to anticipate or get punished by getting stranded?

>>640211803You can't base design decisions around what speedrunners do

>>640214659To make you do this with Agitha was awful. I ended up putting a second controller in and using Link to mow down everything while she was safely parked in a corner free from harm.

>>640205063It was good in God Hand because the game is hard at all difficulties and is intentionally insulting you, plus by playing good enough for it to increase you feel good.

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>game forces you to take an immoral action to progress, and then tries to shame (you) the player for it

>>640205063I've seen something ruderA lower difficulty prompt showing up when you're doing poorly. That happened when I was playing Yakuza 4, and I started seeing red, had to put the game down.

>>640204698name 1 roguelike that caps ur damage

>>640244396>Will run away like a pussy while stun locking you by constantly shooting you.>Heals all of his health instantly the moment he makes a turn behind the pillar where you can't shoot him.>Will then proceed to one shot you.Good game design you fucking morons /sThe only way to actually beat this piece of shit is just to pretend you are a middle school bully and back him into a corner so that he can't react to you barraging him. Gungrave was brain dead easy up to this point too.

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>>640245248I remember in frostpunk immoral actions ARE NOT FUCKING LISTED UNTIL YOU BEAT THE GAMEeven so, getting a run without "Crossing the line" doesn't fucking matter, as canonically you go the asshole route

>>640201608>game has guns and armor, but you can't buy them, only find them>What you find is always busted, making crafting repair kits for specific gun types necessary to progress>can't do it unless you find tools that you can't craft or buy, only get through a luck-based system of reward stashes that may not may not appear on the map upon completeing secondary quests>You therefore have to walk your ass off to get these rewards, which might just be pieces of junk stuck into a corner of Hell, as anything that isn't food or meds is just good for being disassembled at best>said tools have a low chance to drop, meaning you could grind for hours and get nothingI can't just take "pure" S.T.A.L.K.E.R G.A.M.M.A seriously because of this. it makes crafting essential, yet it locks it behind a gacha system, minus the microtransactions and the anime titties. This shit is not an anti-fun mechanic, it's an anti-christ mechanic.

>>640201608rpg enemies that do not obey the same game rules as player charactersbroad statement so i'll give some examples>cc diminishing returns, can't stun the same enemy twice>but if the player pulls too many thief type enemies they can rotate cc and stun lock him permanently>emergency defensive skill that makes the player invincible for 10 seconds has a long, >5 minute cooldown>all paladin npcs have access to this skill and you have to wait out the entire timer when fighting every single one, and there are 10 of them in that dungeon>if a player is disarmed, his unarmed attacks do less than 5% of the damage of his weapon>if a npc is disarmed, his unarmed attacks still do 80% of normal damage>enemies have infinite ammo/manaeven if it's somewhat "necessary" as in the case of infinite ammo (it would likely be easy to force an ai to waste its ammo and this would encourage a dull, lame waiting playstyle) it still feels like pure shit when you have to sit there and watch the enemy blatantly cheat the same system that so tightly restricts you"game feel" is the key word here, things can still be balanced for difficulty without needing rule breakers that come off as unfair

>>640245478You know, i remember in darkest dungeon enemy stun gimmicks are way different than player stun gimmicksWhen an enemy gets stunned, they get a much higher stun resistance and it lasts for TWO ROUNDS, player character stuns only last for one fucking round and is much, much smaller compared to enemy stunsyou damn well know the pain when wilbur is capable of stunlocking your party to death, there's even an achievement for it

>luck stat>description is "luck has many effects">could be any combination of status resist/run chance/drop rate/hit chance/crit rate/small stat boost/better loot when you do find it/dodge chance/absolutely fucking nothing

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>>640238271THISI love the Metroid series, but I really don't need to see a description for what a missile tank does every time I get one.

>>640246064I will say that in fallout luck affects gambling, will raise all of your skills, critical hit chance and dice rolls such as getting past that retarded as fuck super mutant in the first game without use of violence.

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>>640243002I'll do you one better>Event exclusive rewards tied to real placesYou better hope you live in NY, CA, or JP if you want any chance at getting a shiny Mew.

>>640243282>3 gold pieces>1 rusty arrow>literal trash>Grognax' Axe, ultimate bane of badguysTake your pick

>>640243308The Wonderful 101 was way worse in this regard, no Kamiya i don't want to fucking play Space Harrier or Rail shooters segments.

>>640245220I hated god hand's handling of adaptive difficulty because it would completely throw off enemy attack timing on a dime, in the middle of a fight no less. Would rather play through it again on hard than normal even for a casual play.

>>640246598Normal is probably the worst of the three because of it. A first time player is going to be stuck on levels 1 and 2 the whole time anyway, but you can't unlock hard mode unless you beat normal.

>>640244807jesus christ this sounds like the least fun game in the world

>>640247213there's also shit like>you choose exp or the CHANCE of items from battle>you only get money from doing repeatable fetchquests or selling items>running on the overworld hurts you, cannot run under 1/3rd health, running isn't even very fast to begin with>the healer's basic heal spell costs most of her MP at the start of the game>enemies can break your equipment, setting them to the weakest equip in that armor/weapon slot forcing you to rebuy them