Dungeon Travelers 2/2-2

Both games are out now in English on PC.

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You guys JUST shilled a garbage dungeon crawler earlier this week, can't you take a break?


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How lewd is it?

>>640192794The story, characters, and writing are all terrible. The dungeon crawling itself and gameplay is actually good.

anyone got another DL link to put up because gofile is ass?

>>640192794Do everybody a favor and filter yourself from these threads instead of bitching about itThank you

>>640193196>The dungeon crawling is goodWhy?

>>640192605Do I have to play the first one to understand the sequel or is it stand alone?


Alisia is such a good girl

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>>640193674Dungeon Crawlers 1 is a standalone spinoff of ToHeart 2Dungeon Crawlers 2 is all new characters and story unrelated to anything. (I personally recommend you start here)Dungeon Crawlers 2-2 is a sequel of sorts to 2.

>>640193821Holy based user helping a retard like me ty i love u


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>>640193741It's not the Western Vita version. As the Gematsu article covering the Interview with Aquaplus says, they are using all the original art assets, asthey were already incredibly high resolution when they were made, before they were downscaled for the Vita. Basically, everything used here is the original art as intended, not the censored stuff for the Vita version.


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Did DLC for 2-2 get posted?

>>640194501I should have listened to the anons who advised me to just fucking skip everythingthis shit is unberable, and spare me the predictable bear puns, its fucking unfunny

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>>640192605Having played DT2 before on Vita, how is the port? Is it just a barebones one, or are there some extra details to it? Is it capped to 30fps like Demon Gaze?

>>640192794You mean Etrian? Yeah it’s bad timing that these both got released same time, I am overdosing on dungeon crawling games.

JP versions where?

>>640192794>enter a thread about shit he doesn't like to tell people to stop talking about shit he doesn't like

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>>640194657in the last thread.

>>640194879This has the Japanese text language as an option already. Voices are Japanese only as is.

>>640193550because god fucking willed it so, what kind of fucking question is "why"

>>640194976>garbage shill is a twitter userShould've seen that one coming.

>>640195067Oh really? Neat.

>>640195474>twitter userwhat the fuck are you imbecile spouting? just get the fuck out of the thread and make your own

>>640195474what part of that looks remotedly like twitter you mong?

Frieds voice on or off? Unlike in 2-2, he never is shown in his portrait next to other characters when talking. Also, does Fried stay a shota in 2-2 by the end?

Vita eng patch fucking when?

>>640195891his actor is good, so I leave it on. I find it rare that in a japanese games its the girls the ones I find hard to digest, but holy shit the writting is indeed horrendous

>>640192605I haven't touched this shit since the Vita. What's 2-2 like anyways?

>>640195412he means what is good about it, user, don't be so tarded

>>640196162It's basically a what-if story, taking place after DT2's ending, except they fucking lose against the final boss.. You can expect more of the same gameplay-wise.

>>6401961622-2 is 2 with a bit of polish but otherwise very similar gameplay.

>>640196168Obviously. He should have asked "what is good about it?" and I find it pertinent to tell him to speak properly

>>640196276So, similar to Dragon Quest 1 and Dragon Quest Builders? WHere you gotta unfuck the aftermath done by the winning side?

So I either install a trojan or pay for a shitty drm

Is there a way to bypass windows defender? I already tried to allow it through firewall and it doesn't work at all.I wonder if that's even the case since the program closes the moment I open it.

discussion for this game really gets infinitely worse with every threadfirst thread or three were pretty helpful with anons delivering and now it's the quintessential jaded posters trying to look cool saying how everything about the game sucks but they're playing it anyway

>>640196801Anyone who actually cares is busy playing the games.

>>640194501That's actually in the Japanese version. /vitagen/ already went through that phase.

>>640193306Careful, you might get yelled at by an angry turd.

>>640196801The thread is so low quality, we should all just be like you and doompost like a fucking faggot instead of making good posts

>>640196930I assumed so and confirmed after listening closely to the jap voiceDoesn't change my disdain tho. Holy shit the writting is so bad, this may be the biggest discrepancy I've ever seen between good gameplay and horrible writting

>>640196845I care and do want to buy and play it, but not from a cancerous store front with drm worse than Securom. Throw it on gog or even fucking egs and I will buy it.

>>640197103A nerdy guy with a magical book is sealing demons while commanding an army of anime trope women.

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>>640196625for me both johren version and cracked exe are detected as trojansMoreover the game (offical from jewren) worked fine yesterday and now shows license invalid and can't revoke it either.

>>640192605Any news on it coming to Eshop or GOG?

>>640197315>trope womenNot even that, Alisia and Melvy are so fucking BLAND and so similar that I cannot differentiate between them. They are both "haha, I'm such a cute ditz and I like Fried so much!". Even the stupid cliche of making one of them the stereotypical unbearable tsundere would have been better if only to make them different

>>640197645>We previously announced the possibility of other platforms, and we're busy with talks towards making this happen.>But negotiations take time, and we want to get the game into your hands on schedule, so tomorrow's release will be Johren only for nowFrom their twitter, 2 days ago.

>>640192605How echii is it?

>>640197753Interesting. I have a feeling EastAsiasoft will be on the rescue for Switch/Eshop version and GOG will add them soon. It's just about trying to work out the licensing and agreements. That makes sense.

>>640196625tech illiterate zoomer thinks anything Microsoft doesn't like is a trojan, more news at 11.

>>640197685They're not the same. Alisia is dumber.

>>640197970very decent in that regard

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>>640197645>>640198009Thus far the developer seems to hate the Switch, despite the fact that it would have made sense to port all the Aquaplus titles there (White Album 1/2, Utawarerumono trilogy, Dungeon Travelers 1/2/2-2, etc).

>>640194501DT2 released shortly after the JP version of Skyrim and was considered an obscure cult classic by them back then. Of course TES was already huge here, but for them it was extremely niche and the arrow to the knee thing a pretty fucking obscure reference.That Therian Duo constantly makes meta jokes like that, pretty much every 2nd line has one, you probably just aren't picking up on most of them since they are all obscure as fuck for Westerners. Like every single Sting and Aquaplus game gets at least 3 or 4 jokes like that arrow meme for example.

>>640198157people point to positives on virustotal from literal who AVs while not even looking what the exe does or checking jotti.

>>640198280I like that the MC unironically doesn't see them as girls at all, just monsters. even if they 100% look like human girls.

>>640198240BARELY. They both act so cutesy that they come of as equally fucking dumb>>640198380That's interesting. I still find it really fucking bad that there's no fourth wall and thus no fucking reason to take anything seriously at all

>>640197685>BLAND>cannot differentiate between them>unbearable tsundere>doesn't like ditzes or deredereholy shit taste, I hope you're actually gay

>>640197970It's a late Japanese PSP game ported to Vita and now PC so just the usual horny anime designs that would get modified for the west.

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>>640192605Are there new classes in 2-2?

are all these party members that i started with from the dlc or should i just use em

>>640198586>chuuni>cute cups>yuriCHADshe's pretty high up there

>>640197685Alisia is dumb genki, Melvy is a little more reserved softspoken type, get your anime tropes straight my man.

>>640198450To a zoomer, you just spoke Chinese. Apple and Microsoft have driven tech literacy into the ground, by design.

i unironically like the dungeoning AND story the cheesiness kills me

>>640198754DLC.If you use them you will break the game somewhat fierce early on, since the first couple dungeons aren't tuned for a full party.If you want the proper experience just only use the characters that appear in the story and stuff the Exp/Drop Boost Accessories from the DLC into your storage.

>>640198774she was one of my favorites in 2

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>>640198546>liking characters with no fucking personality makes you gaykill yourself

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Did to heart 2 dungeon travellers come out?

>>640198967exactly the answer i was looking for, appreciated

>>640198992i feel like you meant NOT liking

>>640199093no but they are going to release it soon™

>>640192605So are these games actually good or are they just standard blobbers but with more anime puss?

>>640199183lul, yes, that

>>640198369I think at this point they have no choice and realize that Japan heavily favors the Switch and also in the West it seems like people are buying these types of games already. The fact that Katamari on Switch outsold the PS4/PS5 8 to one is an example of this.

>>640192605post torrent

>>640192794No we need more Dungeon Crawlers from Japan!

>>640199360I just tried it and finished the tutorial dungeonMy conclusion is that the gameplay is really fucking good and is accompanied by some of the worst fucking writting I've ever seen. Its fucking something, as I said before this may be the biggest discrepancy I've ever seen between good gameplay and horrible writting

>>640199498you are not such a fucking retard and newfag that you can't find it yourself

>>640199360A lot like with the 3DS Senran Kagura I had always heard praise for the gameplay and I did end up enjoying playing it until a Pokemon game, Persona 5, or something came out and took up all my time.

>>640198992>posts fucking NeroLOL okay you're not gay you're just a troll

>>640199360Shit is a super autistic 200 hours dungeon crawler for masochists hiding behind the facade of cute anime girl shovelware.You think you're on a lighthearted romp and suddenly you're in a maze with darkness areas, invisible one-way walls and a high encounter rate meant to confuse the fuck out of you.

>>640199451You would think, but they just released their most recently developed title, Monochrome Mobius, as a PS4/PS5/PC release.

>>640199914>You think you're on a lighthearted romp and suddenly you're in a maze with darkness areas, invisible one-way walls and a high encounter rate meant to confuse the fuck out of you.So yeah, standard blobbers with more anime puss.

>>640199914don't forget the random encounters from octoplush that oneshot your party if you didn't buff defense outside combat(yes you can cast spells outside), no-magic zones, and class doors that only let you pass if you have a specific class characters with you.Game has multiple ways to fuck you up every time you think your build rocks.Also everything during story and before post game is basically longest tutorial ever.

>>640200361when the giant minibosses start showing up the game gets so cruel, I remember those octopusses so distinctly from the sewers.

>>640199785nero best girl, fight me

>>640199914>>640200361>>640200497now i'm even more sold than before. Story has charm, artwork is really good and i like the system mechanics. But what i've read from you made me wet my pants.

My 'tism won't let me leave until I get a 9th Jeweler HELPany excuse to grind more medic spellbooks is fine, too

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>>640200275Iunno, maybe I've been playing the wrong ones, but outside of DT2 the only game that really scratched my masochistic mapping autism streak to this extent was Strange Journey.

>>640192605aren't these straight up loli porn games?Asking for a friend

>>640200643also here have another tip: at levels 15, 30. 45 etc you can reset and respec skills freely so if you fuck up you either farm till that level or suck it up and reset a character to that leveldon't use dlc characters and dlc items like exp boost it's basically cheat, at least not until you have full party

>>640200657This area really overstayed its welcome and I'm not even done with the second half...

>>640200668Probably because the ones you'd enjoy involve having to memorize late 80s hotkey clusterfuck controls and having character design direction that looks like the game's staff edited to look like they're wearing Renaissance fair costumes.I think I'll pass on these. I'm not huge on ecchi shit and I'm occasionally willing to tolerate it for good gameplay, but these sound a bit too much like games for people who treat RPGs like autistic research projects.

>>640194861I noticed slightly faster load times, especially in 2-2. Since you move around the shop and facilities a million times any load time adds up quickly, so this is welcome.

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>>640200880really? It seemed like a bit of a breather to me since you get a maid just before this dungeon. I cleared the boss here pre-class change too, I'm just trying to finish the spellbooks before moving on.

My only drive to play those games is to finally get some context on some of my favourite insect doujins.

>>640201146redpill me on what happens in DT1 that it spawned insect doujins.

>>640201103Oh I confused it with the next one

>>640200824i think i won't use the dlc for 2 at all, since i don't mind grinding and don't care about the VN characters. but 2-2 dlc seems pretty nice since it's just costumes and dungeons minus the equipment.

I did the first DLC dungeon in 2-2 and the bosses didn't join, I thought they were also supposed to be character DLC? I don't care/didn't know the White Album chars, but I would like the Uta characters if possible

>>640201235nothing, it doesn't even have real insects, it was all in one artist's mindjust like Iori anal

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how's this version different from the vita version I played before?

>>640201634no waythere was no insect monster attacking the party?

Do the benched characters still get exp?

>>6402018422-2 has never been in english before, so it depends if you played the original 2-2 in japanese or not.

>The game REALLY pushes me to put Irena in my party once she is availableSorry, I have a no hags allowed policy.


Why, yes, i do stay in the current dungeon until i get 9 of each monstergirl before continuing to the new one, how did you know?

>>640200795tried to respond to you but when I attached dt2 screenshot it got filtered. To answer you - One rabbi will say yes, and another rabbi will say no.Game was released on playstation, but got banned from steam

>>640201634hentai artists with autism are a wonderful thing, another example is Precure and drugs or this fucking guy who has been drawing nothing but medusa doujins for the last 20 years

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>>640202207Did they give the hags better abilities on purpose?

>>640194705tasteless faggot hates the best partno ice cream for you, nigger

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>>640202282oh right forgot the game also had grinding for those to craft items

>>640202367>Siena gets a shitty feedback shield>Irena gets occasional instant castIT'S NOT FAIR

>>6402023714th wall unexisting isn't funny

canonically plump maid

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>sell every enemy drop I don't need early into the game because I'm retarded and figure I can just get them later if it turns out I need them later for something>start picking up some quests>been trying for legit 30 minutes to get 1 (one) Priest's Amulet and it's just not droppingDo items get reduced drop rates if you need them for a quest? Or am I just insanely unlucky?

>>640199914"I'm a shitty dungeon explorer" lol filtered

torrent doko

So are the mutants the only monsters that get CG's in DT2? I was hoping all the female monsters I encountered/sealed would get cute art

>>640202282have fun farming mimics later kek

>>640201965no, which is why you're permitted to use the DLC to help catch them up, but no further

Alisia needs some new things to shout out to enemies to Provoke them as a tank.Teach her some lines to say that'll draw their attention.Hard mode: No Niggerfaggot.

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>>640202624I'll cope by eventually making her a magical princess, the shield might proc sometimes at least, although even in that situation it seems rather lackluster

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>>640198380>StingHold up, Sting is involved in this game?

>>640203105"I have to pee!!!!!!!"

>>640203105"reply to this post or your mother dies in her sleep tonight"

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>>640202914some drop from bosses, but generally items drop in certain dungeons so it might be the one you need was in previous or future one

>>640202650boohoo nigga

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>>640203149yeah starting with the first PSP title they were heavily involved. It's their best series

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>>640202914the drop quests can be miserable sometimes.

>>640203082hope someone responds this time last thread I got forgotten...also who's drew Alisa's art?

>>640203149They are the developer, yes.Aquaplus supplied creative staff, Sting made the game.

>>640192605Tempted to. Very tempted. I already had them on Vita though so im having trouble justifying it.

>>640203382you don't find it funny either, why are you trying?

>>640203105Niggerfaggot I'm not taking the challenge

>>640199198That's why i didnt find it then, thanks user, i just want to heart 2 shit honestly

I wish they tweaked the classes a bit in 2-2, but so far (just got Yuni) everything seems copypasted. Also what's with Siena's shitty unique, this ruins her like Alisia in DT2.

>>640203412>>640203474Great, I'll put this one on the backlog for now. I didn't know they also had a hand on this. I'm a real shitter on Dungeon Crawlers so this might make me like the genre. Closes one that I played is Conception series but thats only because they got random generated floors.I'll play this once I finish Refrain Chord.I would love Sting to go back to their Dept. Heaven games though, their experimental gameplays hits really good.

Helll yeah. i've been waiting for this for years

>>640203830DT2 is a really good introduction. Etrian I feel can be kinda fucked for a first time through and I know a lot of people who bounced off it as their first and later came back to it after playing shit like Dark Spiral and ended up loving it.

>walking the dungeon>gave Alisia a claymore to wield earlier>suddenly starts telling me how she admires heroines in stories who have two-handed swordsgreat, now i have to keep that cute dork using 2h swords..

>>640204157the games have a charming amount of dumb events that trigger from silly interactionsI'm pretty sure giving one of the girls the porn mag to equip triggers an event in both games too

>>640203620I read they rebalanced a lot of things so more things are viable and others not as overpowered anymore, as far as actual skills goes everything so far seems the same to me though, at least up to the 2nd tier classes I got so far


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>>640204123I did tried Etrian in my phone via emulation and I get rekted in the first area alone, and theres not much of a tip to do for a first timer. I felt lost on what to do there so I gave up in the end.Doesn't help that I'm not fond of a first person RPGs.

>>640203620With Alicia I really didn't care since she's so generic, I like Siena's bossy attitude


Has anyone found a reliable solution to the directx issue on AMD cards?

>>640200657Exit and reenter to respawn the door fights

Played a couple hours of this. Pretty fun, will play more tomorrow. Thanks for shilling anons.

holy shit just got to the forest, dungeons get THIS big????

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>>640192835I will play your game only if I can abuse this tard


>>640204585several of the early dungeons have a part 2 that you revisit later hiding in the uncovered map, yes.

>>640204585That's just a single floor user. There's dungeons in the postgame that are as big as all the main story dungeons combined...

I am getting my ass beat by bosses in the tower of piertan... what do i do

Which of the DLC characters are lolis? I will only pay extra for lolis.

>>640201257>one way doors introduced>current mechanics introducedI can see why you didn't like the next dungeon...

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>>640204964silence her if you canassassin sting does wonders

Is 2 on nyaa yet? I only see 2-2

Is there a list anywhere for numbers on these skills?Or a list of the character unique things?

>>640194435Yeah we all saw the marketing talk faggot, but they didn't actually confirm it wasn't going to be censored since they're spineless fucks, so where's the proof?

>>640205229nvm found it

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>>640205057It's mostly that it drags on a long time with the same theme as opposed to the previous ones, at least the combat has gotten into its own at this point since you have a full party

>>640205390Anon, the cut AND unedited images are in this version of the game. What more do you need us to say? Just play the game.

>>640205163Thanks I didnt have everyone on their second class so ill try again now

>>640206019good luck she's a notoriously strong boss, you'll get a bit of a breather after that.

I can't decide if I want to make Luco a berserker or a paladin. Berserker makes a lot more sense thematically but Paladin is probably better to survive and not die horribly.

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>>640206148personally I went BE but both do their role wonderfully.

So is the unique skill you learn at lvl 10 the only thing that separates all the characters and makes them unique?

>>640192794Shut up chud. This thread has given and shared to everyone here more than all AAA threads in last two years combined. Why is it that a niche game has community that's more willing to contribute than your multi billionaire worth of game series? We have daily shilling AAA threads and all anyone ever did there is licking untalented devs' hairy balls with not as much as a single good lewd posting.

>Add a gun weapon>It's extremely strong>But you can't use any of the skills to attack with itI'm massively disappointed that the Archer class can't use the gun honestly. All their skills are "X Shot" but you NEED a bow similarly to how the Assassin doesn't have any weapon requirements but still doesn't work with the gun.

Playing 2-2 (skipped 2)Why do so many girls in this game walk around in their panties?Its distracting

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>>640206480Unique skills, team buffs (some are great), exactly 1 (one) case where a character gets a small stat increase from an event in 2, and that's it really.

>>640204585They can get quite large but there still nowhere as atrocious as the original Mary Skelter 1 maps

I really dont feel like downloading a potential virus, any other anime dungeon crawlers you guys could recommend me?

>>640206691Do you learn more skills after 10? This game is so obscure it's hard to find any quick information on it.

>>640206680>play 2>One of Alisia's classes just outright has her in her panties>Fried has an event with her immediately after her class change into that class regarding her attirepretty based honestly.

>>640206680to make your pp hard, no other reason

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>>640206773not sure on 2-2, in 2 you only get the one unique skill but it grows in power every 10 levels

>>640206857okay but does this game give any coomer rewards outside of the mutant cgs? I feel like I got lied to about how sexualized this game actually is, I thought this would basically be a softcore alicesoft game

>>640192605I'll buy them if they end up on gog

boring artnext

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>>640206969no>I feel like I got lied to about how sexualized this game actually isof course

>>640204707Doesn't work, the only difference is that instead of crashing instantly, the game gets to the intro video then throws a different error.

>>640206680>Playing 2-2 (skipped 2)retard

>>640207108works on my deck which has amd gpuproton 7.0 as compatibility layer

>>640207130Well, I didn't completely skipped it, I played it on vita many years ago and didn't finish it, then just watched the true ending and picked 2-2

>>640205057What character do you get in this dungeon?

now we just need some hero to UNFUCK the Mary Skelter PC ports and we'll be in a blobber paradise

So lame this shit is delisted on the vita, I would have gotten it. Is there no way to play this shit on a vita? Without getting fucked in the ass for a physical.

Alisia's cute butt

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>>640207463I'll tell you in an hour maybe lolthey teased her voice but I am terrible at remembering the voices of characters in games I played nearly a decade ago

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>>640207629it really bothers me the font is slightly different

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>>640205948>What more do you need us to say?What I need is proof that it's actually uncensored, given that the same publisher didn't do anything about the censorship of Utawarerumono.

>>640207828Someone posted some internal files.Dont think anyone's gotten that far for the vita censored CGs yet.I remember some being near end/postgame.

>>640207828in the first threads, someone dumped the CGs in a mega file and others confirmed it to be uncensored.

>>640208028the first one is either the straw skirt girl or the girl with the spats edited in, I can't remember, it's gotta be a good 15 hours in though

>>640207559A cute butt indeed.

>>640207629Craper? As in poo poo? Wtf.

>>640207463You get Yae in a middungeon event, not the dungeon itself and probably Soufflet or whatever the fat maids name was at the end

>>640208518Craper, not Crapper. Ged your mind out of the gutter.

>>640208650Ah, weird how one extra letter makes all the difference. That's so gay.

The art for these games are so good. Do they still make games? I think somebody mentioned a potential Dungeon Travelers 3.

>>640207828None of the Uta games after the first, which hasn't seen a release since the fucking PS2, had anything in it that could possibly be censored user.But you clearly have a chip on your shoulder, so yes, I admit it, the game is censored. They covered all the nipples with god rays so powerful you can barely see the girls anymore, and everyone wears spats now. Dreaded thick winter spats that don't let you appreciate even the smallest bit of curvature. It is, quite frankly, disgusting.

>>640209014I doubt DT3 is ever happening because this isn't gonna sell well as long as it's stuck on johren

>>640209020>None of the Uta games after the first, which hasn't seen a release since the fucking PS2, had anything in it that could possibly be censored user.This is already wrong on multiple levels.>gets so triggered he goes on an autistic rageWhy are you taking the question of the game's state as a personal insult?

>>640209020they did censor a cg in mask though

>>640209150Put it on Switch and I'll immediately buy it. Then again, no mods(If people make those for this game).

>>640192605There is like 2934784 threads about this loli hentai game and skimming through the only thing anyone is talking about is porn. Is it actually fun to play?

>>640209239What kind of asset flips would you want for this game?

>>640209313you arent even skimming then. plenty of people have been talking in all the threads about gameplay. there really isnt that much to coom over its all just cute anime girls as portraits and SOMETIME you get to see a cute girl CG, for the most part its just a regular ass dungeon crawler

>>640209150DT3 happens if they throw this on Switch in Japan.

>>640209404I just saw people doing it for Etrian Odyssey. I guess there wouldn't be anything to change besides maybe a nude mod.

>>640207828just pirate the fucking game if you're so concerned and if it meets your standards, you can always swipe your card later

>>640209456You just replied to obvious bait.

>>640209562An insect mod. You just know...

>>640209487loljapan is being "I can fix them" with sony and release with on both most of time

>>640209656that isnt bait retard some people are just mentally challenged just like YOU

>>640209313The last physical games I ever bought were made by Aquaplus, including DT2, but I'm just here in the threads waiting for all the DLC for 2-2 to get uploaded and giving advice for DT2 if anyone asks for it (they generally aren't). I'm a massive fan of the game, but I don't have much to say if people don't ask.One would assume the people playing the games are, you know, playing the games and not posting.

Attached: 058_AMADUYU_TATSUKI_ART_WORKS_AQUAPLUS_COLLECTIONS059.jpg (4877x6950, 1.65M)

>>640209921but user, the DLC *is* uploaded

>>640209921It was already posted in the last few threads. mega dot nz slash folder slash dCcUwJKL#OLkQbg1scaR_GCacttcWKg Real easy to miss when reading it like this, no?

>>640210050>>640210161Oh, is it truly all of it? I did download it, but I have no idea if it was all of it. Thanks for telling me, I guess I'll go load it up then later today

Attached: DT2_OCG_001.jpg (1133x1600, 784.7K)

>>640210370yes friend, be sure to buy from Peggy whenever you see them

>>640210370Honestly, I wish the Penguin and the Bear were party members. Just because.

>>640192605I've seen the CG artwork collection. It's not really that lewd, why did Valve ban this? Considering there are actual porn games on Steam.It's the troons, isn't it?

>DT2 maid class change>choose bard>every skill is a chant now>and doesn't heal on castDid I choose the wrong class? Feels kinda iffy.

>>640210998focusing on maid for early to mid game is > either of the intermediate classes, and ultimately dancer path is far, far stronger in late and post game sadly

>>640211130Damnnnn. I level reset and dump all of my maid skills for bard skills. Will this screw me over later in the game?

>>640210954They tried to ban Chaos;Head until the backlash from mainstream press forced them to back down.

>>640211479you can fix it at level 30post game doors will ensure you end up using a bard eventually regardless

>>640210998It's not a huge deal yet, but the bard line is the inferior choice. You want a debuffer because a taking 20% defense off a boss with 2000 defense is better than giving your characters that have 300 attack 20% more of it, among other reasons. Also, as the other guy said, use maid skills and not the others until later on. Stats are so low that it doesn't really matter.

>>640210954some shithead with an anti-anime boner was perma-banning games left and right until there was considerable backlash on the chaos;head noah ban.

>>640211479You could just reset again if you really wanted to.It's honestly fine though, there's no need to minmax for anything until late postgame.

>>640211529>>640211705I hope that guy is gone now. I'd understand loli porn but Chaos head doesn't even have anything lewd in it.

>>640211890It seems like the changes they made are keeping stuff from being perma-banned as easily (old banned stuff like DT2 remains banned though), but the standards of what is being blocked from being released on Steam itself is just as strict.

>>640211582>>640211685>>640211771I will reset after the boss battle. Enemy buffs are gay and bard skills take way too long to get going.One more question, is it possible to summon multiple dolls of the same kind (eg summon spartan twice in a row)? Or will it just replace the previous summoned doll?

>>640212382forgot to attach image.

Attached: dt2_21.png (1600x899, 2.39M)

>>640212382I'm using Bard because the 20~ extra exp stack up and aside from that I mostly use Maid skills anyway, then late game you can swap to dancer

so we are 100% certain that the CGs are uncensored in both games?

>>640212382>is it possible to summon multiple dolls of the same kind (eg summon spartan twice in a row)? Or will it just replace the previous summoned doll?Can't have duplicates, nope. You can have different dolls, though. The problem is some of them scale with physical stats and the others scale with magic, so it's hard to make much use of them later on when you start amassing gear for one or the other.>>640212661The problem with the XP thing is that the bard skills are chants that take time to activate, like magic, so you'll find yourself delaying kills to get the bonus, which not only slows things down but gives enemies a chance to wipe out your party

>>640212909The entire game is censored and the text is pro-LGBT. Will you fuck off now?


Attached: 94ee2bb9fd3cd6ca4261729fddc30d3e.jpg (960x544, 461.19K)

>crit on enemy boss chant>enemy chant goes through anyway>back row insta wipe despite full hpWTH

Attached: dt2_22.png (1598x898, 2.33M)

what i am suppose to do after getting yuni as a party member to advance the story? i didn't unlock a new dungeon after defeating her.


>>640210998My bard sets up a song and then starts cooking, I've been doing alright

>>640209734I'm convinced most of these devs that still insist in releasing games first (or only) on Sony's consoles despite sales being terrible simply have too much experience with Sony's platform they don't know how to program for Switch. Just look at Idea Factory: there's battered wife syndrome and than there is them. How do they still have hope of making it big after 5 years of failures is beyond me

>>640212909they replaced all the cute girls with naked black men, go play zelda or something

>>640213841Idea Factory but we're out of ideas

>>640213854i guess nobody really knows if its truly uncensored

Do those choices you get to make throughout 2-2 matter at all? Could I fuck up some kind of ending?

>>640210998Haven't tried bard, can you pre-cast them buffs out of battle?

>>640212937So far my bard always gets like at least one turn, more likely two and it's not like I constantly need to the other stuff like refreshing TP, the after battle heal is plenty so far

>>640212382double doll is strictly a soul summoner trait, and even then they have to be different dolls, if you want a strong intermediate build force-fed to you from someone that has cleared post-game: Strictly Spartan, Auto-refresh and doll mastery until you hit level 30, maybe a little fleet foot and some cheap weapon mastery if you want

>>640213330crits guaranteeing spell cast stop would be op for both sides, keep retrying this boss is a bit dumb

>>640211890The Chaos Head situation feels like whoever banned it didn't even look at the game and simply googled it. Reading what people posted on some other places was wild (like "The protagonists has fantasies of raping his underage sister! Of course it got banned") but it really opens your eyes about how easy is to spread misinformation. I think the fact this ban impacted an actual Steam partner (Spike Chunsoft by that point had multiple publisher sales and many releases on the platform) is the reason it caused such a ruckus and got it reapproved. A shame it's impossible to know how many other games got banned in a similar way and by the same individual

>>640212909Extremely censored good thing the gameplay is kino now fuck off

>>640214823if the game doesn't open 20 pornhub links after every encounter, some anons refuse to pirate it

>>640214823just think about it: if they didn't even bother to unfuck the CGs on pc, even if a dt-3 would get made it would be censored or toned down, too. I'm asking if anybody can post if the 4 CGs in the first game are uncensored. By now someone should have seen them, no?

>>640214629Most VN developers have been and continue to remove significant amounts of ecchi but not R18 content (such as underwear, lewd dialogue, etc) for a few years now to attempt to avoid bans, as they don't really care because any cut content can be thrown into the 18+ off Steam patch they were already going to have. Chaos;Head on the other hand was a purely all ages title by a relatively big publisher, so it never was going to play by that and and the review team thus banned something that predictably drew significant backlash thanks to the size of Spike Chunsoft and the title being well known.

>>640215317one of them is literally in the final dungeon which I'm not sure any user could have reached yet even on zero sleep.

>>640212615>Lilian, Carol, Carol, Carol, and ConetteWow real original naming there, Compile Heart.

>>640215317holy shit you absolute faggot just go jerk off on nhentai and come back when you want to play a game.

>>640215552and one of them is after some hours, no?>>640215787people want ecchi drpg. Not censored drpg. You sound like a twittertroon. Bet you suck sonydick, too.

>>640192794And they don't even bother to post the gameplay. This is a fucking vidya board. If you wanna shill so fucking much, at least post the fucking gameplay.

Attached: 1623372228331.png (600x567, 160.58K)

>>640215317For what it is worth at the very least it has been posted before that a check of the files saw the CGs were uncensored, and there hasn't been anyone to contradict that since.

>>640215787no matter the other anons retarded logic of the devs going out of their way to put the games on a site with uncensored games while getting denied everywhere, you actually defending censorship is even more retarded.

>>640215317>By now someone should have seen them, no?Yes, you. So fuck off and find out yourself since you can't be assed to open past threads and open the mega extract.

dt-2 crashes when i tab out too much. First the music is gone and then the game will freeze. Maybe the quick crack is at fault. Other than that it runs flawlessly. The only thing left is a 60fps patch, if it's even possible.

>>640216336>>640216009there's tits and ass everywhere and anons have said 100 times that it's not censored. You're not going to pay for the shit so if you're being misled, who fucking cares. And in that case, it's 4CGs you see once. Look at it elsewhere.

>>640216113I imagine watching DRPG gameplay is like watching a game of chess when you don't know the rules. You don't know the classes, the skills, or even the basic mechanics of the game. I don't know what you would learn from it

*Mute the game*

Attached: shop.png (1275x716, 1.57M)

Why is Sienaso flattsundere lolibaba is a great archetype

Does weapon speed play a role for the turnspeed of the dolls?>>640216841Holy fuck yes, one of the most annoying shopkeepers ever

>>640216795>imfuckingplying you play this for the gameplay

Holy FUCK I just beat Siren by an hair's breath>About 300 HP left>Bitch starts casting her mega spell again that instant kill a whole row>Try to stun/crit her with whole team>Alisia, Lilian and Monica ALL FUCKING MISS>Only last one that can act before the spell is Melvy>If she gets that spell off I lose so might as well try it>Attack>Deals one (1) damage>Cancels the chants

>>640216841A a--A_AA_AAAA!!!!!Imagine the sounds she'd make if you take one of those screws out and just jammed it in her head

>>640217090>Does weapon speed play a role for the turnspeed of the dolls?Nope. Also, dolls inherit the stats at time of summoning and don't "update" while they're out. I was never much of a doll user so I don't know much about them.

Is Siren supposed to murder the whole backline everytime she does the spell? I've tried attacking her every time I see her chanting but I don't think I've ever interrupted her, am I missing something or do I just need to get good?

>>640217461good job user she's the toughest one for a while.

>>640217461>>640217737Shes the hardest boss till postgame unironically.She's kinda cheesed by silence or assassins, still pretty rng and the price for not landing the interrupt being your backrow is damn annoying.

>>640217737Cancelling chants by attacking uses a formula based on how much HP the monster has left, so the chances of cancelling it like isn't effective on a boss with so much health. But if you get a critical hit, you have a predetermined chance of cancelling the chant instead of calculating based on health, so that's more effective. You can also use moves that inflict Stun or Silence to deal with it.Cancelling chant is essential through the whole game, so don't be afraid of taking those build options, you'll need them.

>>640216113There's people discussing build options through the whole thread.

>>640217737get to the intermediate classes, assassin, spam silence or stun stab, reset and pray until you get a good run. You can do this without the intermediate classes with godly crit luck too but it's much less likely. This boss was a pain in the ass.

>>640217737The bosses in the first parts of the game are there to teach you game mechanics. Siren teaches you that spell interrupts are important and that you should have a character that can do it. Scout with the level 1 dagger skill for crit is the "cheapest" way to do it, but it's not a guarantee. Don't level it up because you want the low MP usage rather than minuscule damage increase

Attached: DT2_OCG_008.jpg (1133x1600, 643.07K)

>>640218797the maid lesson that opens around this time talks about chanting too. The game is pretty open with what it expects from you

I want to have sex with Maid-Sensei as she gives me that deadpan look from beginning to end.

Attached: Maid-Sensei.jpg (1280x720, 249.78K)

>>640219619anon she is dead

>>640219619anon....she's already.....

Attached: kuuko.jpg (350x525, 50.51K)

>>640192794>He doesn't like blobbersGet a load of this sape

>>640203274dont think it works like that champ

is there a way to access the game files to dupe the xp ring?

>>640220024you greedy sonova bitch

>>640219673>>640219765youtube.com/watch?v=besekb8f664She was too good for us.

Bros how do I get the character DLC working in 2-2? Is it gated behind progress or something?


>>640220774what character DLC? I thought it was maps and outfits.

>>640221037Yeah from what I can tell the characters don't even join which is a bit disappointing

>>640216783What the hell is your damage? He's just asking if it was uncensored or not. WHy the fuck are you in a thread for a ecchi dungeon crawler to begin with if you're this aggressive towards fans of the ecchi aspect?

>>640222201I'm fine with ecchi. I played Omega Labyrinth. The damage is 5 posts an hour asking about censorship when it's already been answered

Is my computer fucked or something? I ran it through another computer and it worked fine but tried to copy paste it and it just shut down the moment I tried to open it. Is there something wrong with my settings? I tried compatibility with windows 8 and 7 and still failed. Is there anything left that I can do like disable Windows defender completely if so how?

>>640223828i wonder if you even can disabling defender completely. even when turned off, it's so agressive that it hinders stuff to execute. My laptops defender acted up like crazy and i couldn't make the game work; it had the same problem you have. But on my other device it didn't make defender react and it works.

>>640223691But muh censorshipI need everything to be straight up porn or I can't enjoy it!! Where's the H-scenes? The titties? The sex?

>>640223691Then ignore it? At least the thread is being bumped. This isn't a fucking blog site. Then there's this tranny, >>640224127, that's just been going apeshit, but you don't seem to have a problem with his faggot ass shitting up the thread.

>>640203412I can't believe Sting knows how to make good games

>>640223828It's probably an issue with some amd video cards. There's nothing you can do but play it on another computer.

i hope someone takes the translation and applies it to the vita version of 2-2. I much prefer playing drpgs in the comfort of my bed

>>640224281interesting, my notebook has an integrated amd "gpu", this might be the cause.

>>640192605anyone remember that one jrpg that was really lewd (maybe h-game) that for some reason had really good graphic design in all its menus and combat?

>>640223828AMD? Directx to vulcan wrapper

>>640198341Made for yuri rape.

>>640224408>he didn't set his pc up so he can lie in bed while playing

>>640224243This is a videogames thread on a videogames board.If you want to masturbate to porn then fuck off to a porn board or /vg/ with all the other cancers. I came here to discuss videogames but all I got was retards asking about the censorship, the porn or how it's shit and they're only playing it to fit in with the thread.

This water dungeon isn't a good one to do while you are tired...one wrong step and you're 15 minutes back in the current puzzle. Maybe I'll push on before bed....

Attached: water dungeon.png (1278x718, 1.81M)

>>640221154Don't you need to beat them to let them join you

>>640224440That didn't work. Someone said the game works fine on linux. It might be a problem with windows drivers.

>>640224437You could be talking about literally any fucking game. You'll need to give people a bit more than your broad, subjective opinion on menus graphic design with zero identifying detail if you want people to know what the fuck you're talking about.What was that one videogame I dreamt about two weeks ago? You played a guy and the swords looked so fucking cool.

>>640196471Not either of those anons, but you sound a awful lot like someone avoiding addressing the main question. Could it be that you were full of it?

>>640224670>pornHow the FUCK are you in the thread for an ecchi drpgIt's faggots like you that piss away any actual game discussion by calling all potential fans "coomers"You aren't discussing shit, just picking fights with people asking simple questions. This isn't fucking reddit, you don't need a clean thread with clear discussions, you can discuss in between questions just fine. Take a fucking shower to cool off.

>>640224670retard, unironically.

>>640224281>>640224440I use Intel.

>>640224910Anon, censorship is bad and I don't like it. That's why we're in this Johren mess to begin with. But if 4 png's that you see once and never again are a deal-breaker, then you didn't want to play this game to begin with. That's the issue with the constant "censorcensorcensor" needling. I'm still minmaxing barely dressed titty witches and if those CGs were deleted completely, I'd barely notice. Just steal the game and get to grinding and if you're still not cumming, take a hentai break and go back

>>640224514that's not the same as playing something on handheld. I have a laptop and it's still not the same

>>640224437>>640224734Idk, it wasnt sprite based but it was 2d art, I think green and pink were the most prominent colors, half tones were used quite a bit, it had stat altering equipment. I've only seen the game from screenshots on Holla Forums so I don't have much to work with.

Is there are needs for mods for 2-2 or people are fine with vanilla arts?

>>640225245nobody faps to this game you stupid nigger. People just don't want censorship and everybody has a different point where they draw the line. you fucking taking the stance of excusing censorship in a ecchi drpg franchise is actual retard-level. you have to understand this.

How many floors in tower of piertan?

>>640225775Hey. Retard. I'm not excusing censorship. I'm annoyed with retards who refuse to accept that this game ISN'T censored instead of just playing the fucking thing

>>640225582dohna dohna?

>>640225872yup thats the game, thank you for your help user.

>>640225864you literally excused censorship by saying that it's not that bad if it's only 4 CGs that got censored. just stop typing and consider suicide.

so the game appears to work on linux with wine-ge 8.3 but I haven't been able to get sound to work.

>>640225864I've already said this before but, JUST fucking ignore them. It is perfectly reasonable for them to wonder if the game is still censored or not. Anyone could just play the game on vita with the uncensor patch or pirate it with a cg mod. YOU are the only one talking about dealbreakers and actively attacking people questioning the level of censorship.Again, this is a ecchi drpg. You aren't better than anyone for only focusing on gameplay when there are etrian and smt threads up RIGHT NOW.

Attached: Dungeon Travelers 2_ THE ROYAL LIBRARY & THE MONSTER SEAL [1.0]-004601.jpg (1280x720, 277.37K)

>>640224670arguing like a lefty bitch lmao

>>640226205I liked Maid-Sensei right from the start, what a fun way to learn the games ropes.

>>640226017step in a pitfall, coombrain

Has craked-user delivered the 2-2 DLC yet???

Attached: 1631620144572.jpg (1242x1209, 169.77K)

>>640216336>the devs going out of their way to put the games on a site with uncensored games>johren>uncensored games

Attached: 1310952274355.jpg (441x408, 20.56K)


>>640225245>censorship is bad but

Attached: 1329961431139.png (203x188, 3.46K)

>>640226729>just outs himselfkill yourself faggot

Gotcha bitch

Attached: 83928.png (1597x935, 1.67M)

>>640227049Thanks m8.

>>640227142...but it's completely playable and filled to the brim anyway

>>640227454keep defending censorship faggot

Trolls convinced that they're trolling other trolls that think they're trolling other trolls. >>640227328Her scene is fantastic. Not so much erotic, but hilarious


>>640227542Okay fine, I will. I hope they remove more stupid rubbing minigames too. They're a waste of time and you're a loser if you like them

Attached: 86af174b5061dfdab7e8baf9e1a6f1ef1e49f08d2d7015b567b5b15ff06733f9.png (328x342, 130.17K)

>>640227872just admit in honesty that you defended censorship while trying to argue that you don't just because the censorship was "only" 4 CGs. Stop being a faggot about it.

wtf is pep?

>>640228153I'm censoring a 5th one just because it makes you sad :)

>>640192605Anyone have the crack for DT2? I got 2-2, but missed 2.

>>640228413>he still can't admit it

Holy shit Conette is absolutely mental in 2-2.>>640228324hidden motivation stat that determines character eligibilty for the joint attacks. Their portrait will change expression depending on their pep. Long story short characters like doing things that fit their personality and are demotivated by things that go against their personality.www49.atwiki.jp/dungeon-travelers2/pages/16.html(ultimately it doesnt matter that much but it is an interesting system)

>>640228324motivation/pep is required to trigger joint abilities and each girl has different conditions that raise and lower it

Attached: 83928.png (437x349, 26.9K)

>>640228324It's a not-so-hidden motivation mechanic. The girl's portraits and what they say will change in the dungeons depending on how well they're performing. I don't remember exactly what it changes, but I do remember you needed high motivation for Joint Attacks in DT2.

How hard are the DLC dungeon bosses? How long in should I wait until rushing them for the characters?

>>640228848>>640228889thanks for the info, that helps!

that temple in the beginning is raping me. Suddenly members die to combo'ed magic attacks.

>has dancing>has auto guard>has avenger>has 2k hp>has 4 magic oriented lackeys>has resistance in pretty much everything>has a skill that hit the whole front row with a massive damage without chantingYeah, this is bullshit.

Attached: dt2_23.png (1598x894, 2.35M)

Are there any good vita only games left?


>>640230116>nyaa.si/view/1680731Thanks, user.

>Conette gets unique skill where if she gets attacked the enemy gets slow>"man, she is in backrow, as if that will trigger at all">suddenly skit with her getting told she should go to the frontline to make use of her skill to which she vehemently disagreesSOVL

>>640230686but formation doesn't seem to impact enmity :\

How the fuck am I meant to be fighting Berserker/Grish. Am I just underleveled?

>>640230784Reach level 15 and change class


>>640229698freeze fucks this boss over hard, otherwise you gotta consider all options. As I see you are trying to taunt, consider switching to a 2-3 formation just this once to funnel damage to a more manageable frontline, etc.

>>640230908Oh wow I am completely underleveled. Thanks.

Attached: 1686237107992992.jpg (479x715, 117.26K)

>>640230769backrow still gets attacked less, especially when the enemy got a backrow, too.

>>640229742soul sacrifice

Irena is best

Attached: irena witch.png (936x1473, 781K)

>>640231153If you do some quests you can unlock the Samara Passage, it's optional but you can go there to get some experience and items

>>640230784I beat berserker by buying a stack of 200hp party healing items. They're better than any healing magic you have at the time, they also don't have any cast time. Just have Conette use one each turn to keep you topped off and burst damage with the rest of the team.It gets harder until you grind to 15 and unlock second jobs, then it relaxes abit until you need to grind to 30 to unlock third.Speaking of third jobs, I can't decide between Sniper or Treasure Hunter. Any anons thoughts on this?Sniper can interrupt chanters, this is essential as sometimes boss spells will wipe out a whole row.Treasure Hunter has... fucking whistle? I guess that's good? If there is a consumable that could replicate it's effect a huge draw of the TH would be gone for me.

>>640231327we're reaching underboob levels previously not thought possible...

Attached: eyes pop out binocular.jpg (1080x833, 211.61K)

>>640230769there is definitely a mechanic in place where front row gets attacked more often, the problem is people tend to distinctly remember the times where a boss reaches into the backrow and clobbers a mage, which is still gonna happen.

>>640231381consumable investment in general is one of the best things you can do for bosses throughout the games. Some classes just don't have high value turns all the time against bosses, and chucking out healing items can be indispensable. Even in 2-2 it helps a ton, for instance, just buying a small stack of croissants in the early game means that Seina can spend a little more time casting spells and a little less time being the party healer bitch trying to patch up everything with one often inadequate heal spell.

>>640231381 I like having her bard TP for the party while capping off HP with items. Melvy is for nuking

>>640192605Does it have rape? Otherwise I won't play it.

>>640231381>I can't decide between Sniper or Treasure Hunter.Depends on your team make up, both are great. Treasure Hunter is the quintessential item healer.

Hope the anons getting filtered by early bosses make it through, the game is fantastic. I also know it's some anons first DRPG, hope you learn to love exploring shit and that getting lost is fun.Admittedly dungeon crawlers are an acquired taste, i still remember shitting on my friend's dad for playing shit like wiz 6 when real time shit like Dragon Age was on the front page of magazines, its something "you get" with age, it doesn't help that you can't make it flashy.

Attached: LongTimeSinceCrawling.png (960x544, 762.92K)

>>640231381Sniper is the best Scout class for a large chunk of the game. It's not until late in post-game that it fails to keep up with other damage dealers and at that point you're likely no longer satisfied with Mage healing (there's a number cap, like 900hp was it?) and you can go treasure hunter. Its passive to damage and prevent a turn is very powerful>>640232239It makes me wish the threads were this active when the game came out on Vita. Well, I guess Vita and Japanese DRPGs in general were a lot more niche back then

FUUUUUUUUUUUCKI guess I gotta go back.

Attached: 99 percent.png (1275x715, 988.57K)

Are the ???? items found in chests static or randomly generated? In the first 2 dungeons I've already got a full set of TP regen item, so I could basically skip really early stage these games have where you loiter around the dungeon entrance and grind until you have enough TP to actually go further. I'm wondering if I just got lucky or if they actually gave these items out to cut down on the grind.

So was 2 censored or not? I thought someone said it wasn't earlier, but I might be wrong

>>640232567>It makes me wish the threads were this active when the game came out on VitaI mean we are talking of a niche sub genre on an already niche console, what did you expect? Still, this series and Caligula games get constantly brought up in the imageboard i use on the RPG threads.

>>640232682some of them are pre-determined I believe. The nurse's cap is absolutely intentional, the devs were aware of how early game tp is shit for mages and took steps to streamline it.

>class change to risque outfits>it doesn't show in dialogue>bummed out>talk with the bear at the shop>casually remarks how this is intended as theres no reason to stay in "combat" clothing in downtime>nor in the library

Attached: 1631668542780.gif (112x112, 264.08K)

>>640231898yeah but you have to fight the siren with a party of lvl 10s to get raped

>Shiravune didn't say anything about salesIt's fucking dead, no Dungeon Travelers 3 i guess.

>>640233106DT3 will only happen if they put their games on the SWITCH, missing the massive market for it is fucking retarded

>>640233106They're still looking for more storefronts. I suspect that they're looking for options with DRMs, but if that's so, which options do they have that have a less cancerous DRM?

>>640233395Is there a summoner class is 2-2?

>>640233106I don't want Dungeon Travelers 3, "global audiences" standard would kill it.

>>640233367To be frank, EVEN if we get a DT3, if they choose Johren again as a PC store platform, it'd be like a blind bat that repeatedly flies to a bug zapper on repeat trips.

As much as I love the game, sometimes I have to take a break just because it gets repetitive.

>>640233106>wanting a Dungeon Travelers for "modern audiences"

Attached: 1683154524638993.jpg (298x270, 24.58K)

>Tendies shitting the thread once againFuck off, Pc gamers are talking, no one plays anything besides Zelda in your underpowered tablet.

>>640233651understandable, it's good as a nightly distraction but can get to be a bit much in a marathon.

>>640233395I'm hoping that they were just waiting to get drm sales before putting it on gog but since it was cracked day 1 there isn't really a point now. I think shiravune is a jap company though and they're always completely retarded about drm so who knows what will actually happen.

has anybody been able to get this to run on a virtual machine? i'm on loonix and it wont work on wine either :(

>>640233651It's a game for a portable console, you are supposed to play in short bursts.

>>640233924>>640233998i played for almost 12 hours today

>download directly to steam deck>hit head against virtual keyboard>force compatibility proton wine withcraft>"it just works"dungeon crawling as it should be, on a handheld where women and Quentin can enjoy high quality aquaplus illustrations with me

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>>640234168what a coincidence, me too.

>get to Prizen Woods>zoom out on map>cant see where I left a path unexplored>somehow I played this shit just fine on the vita 10 years ago>tfw going blind at 30Not like this...

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What's really refreshing about 2-2 is that it's actually translated and free from the made-up pozzed localizations that plague all modern Japanese games.

>>640234826I dunno, user. It IS a localization made just recently in the middle of this current modern japanese industrial era. So, that by itself is the real miracle.

>>640233106DT3 would depend on JP DMM sales, if they weren't idiots JP and EN Switch sales, CN/EN Steam sales if 1 and 2-2 gets onto Steam, presumably GOG EN sales if they approach them, and so on over whatever it does on Johren.

So, is there anyone who can make an edit of her book into anything else?

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>>640231626Tsurara is so fucking useless i just put her on croissants duty when not stabbing a channel. The skit about her being a item bot is spot on.


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>2-2 is 12 gbswtfis it the voice lines?

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This little slut took me 4+ retries but I was probably underlevelled

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Why DO my opponents clothes keep exploding, anyway?

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>>640237421Anon...In the future you should save as a .png because PNG supports transparency, so people can easily put an image underneath the existing layer

Any DL link for 2-2?

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>>640240106its on ryuugames, oddly enough

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>get maid>game goes from hell on earth to super comfyWhy are they so good?

>>640240378>kunoichi is the only class that gets dualwield>they only have elemental jutsusthat's just wrong, dark lord should have been able to dual wield axes

Oh boy, a conspiracy.

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So how's the dungeon DLC for 2-2?I don't want to use it and ended up overleveled for main story

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what is the point of the flashlight? I haven't ran into any dungeons with secret walls yet, it is useless until postgame?

>>640240858>Get possessed by evil entity>Immediately become racistWtf guys, you told me this game wasn't woke!

>>640240990You don't get any dungeon with secret walls until after the tower which I reached after 8 hours of playing

>johren exe reads 7 viruses>crack reads 3Lmao what the fuck are they doing.I know they're probably all false positives but holy shit.

To install the DLC, I need to copy only the ENG folder, right?

>>640240990early on the walls just hide some treasure, later in the game walking through them is required for progress.

>>640209020uta remake has no sex so im not even gonna bother


>>640238031I will spank Lize's butt

>>640232828>CaligulaIs this like a knockoff persona?

Did they rebalance the classes in 2-2 or some of them are still worthless trash?

>>640243218I heard they nerfed magical princess, no idea about the others.

is there any not mega links for the dlc for 2-2?



Guess it's time to start grinding, it was only the third boss, but fighting a level 12 boss with a party of level 7's meant I couldn't interrupt any skills and every attack could oneshot. Next time I should probably just bite the bullet and level up rather than constantly reload every time the boss killed my one character capable of dealing double digit damage.

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Is there a genre name for this where the game only has girls like the nep series? So many other games would be so much better if they'd just get rid of the ugly monsters and just replace everything with cute girls

>>640243793i said not mega but i appreciate the effort.

Any gigachads with Johren's release able to confirm that the original root folder "DungeonTravelers2-2_EN" modified time is 2:27:35 PM?

>>640244439stop being paranoid

>>640244506I'm just curious, sorry if that bothers you for some reason.

Who puts pitfalls inside a school?

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>>640212909>>640215317Game is indeed uncensored as confirmed by the user who made the crack, I don't know why those people got so triggered and defensive.

>If I can beat this disease, I want to get married!AAAAAAAAA

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>>640225775>nobody faps to this gameI did 10 years ago you double faggot.

>>640243218They did rebalance a lot of things, yes.MP Transformation isn't overpowered anymore, Familiars scale better, and Bard buffs are stronger are some of the random things I've heard people mention so far

>>640244643>He didn't have pitfalls at schoolNGMI

Was mistress changed? stupid sexy useless class.