How can Tina Armstrong return back to mainstream prominence? Is a new Doa fighting game required?

How can Tina Armstrong return back to mainstream prominence? Is a new Doa fighting game required?

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>>640187841>Is a new Doa fighting game required?Sure, why not. Just fire Tom Lee first and make it a company policy to ban the usage of twitter to masure (((public))) opinions under any conceivable metric.

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>>640189529Who is Tom Lee? I've seen this guy mentioned on v but never anywhere else for team ninja related stuff

The next DOA fighter will be a mobile gacha game

>>640187841At this point they should just make a porn game, it's the only thing people care about.

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>>640189529>>640191246Tommy Lee from Motley Crue?

>>640187841>>640189529i want Tina to make fun of my small penis

>>640193989I'll make fun of it, but in a completely non-sexual manner. In fact, I'll relentlessly mock your utter failure as a man. Deal?

>>640194474very boring.

>>640194703Not my problem, smalldick.

>>640187841Sorry, she doesn't align with our core values.

>>640187841MR board.

I want a DOAXVV game but with wrestling instead. Volleyball is nice but it gets kinda boring. I'd rather see some oil wrestling.

>>640195185We already got that

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>>640195185So Rumble Roses?They should just put in a bunch of gimmick modes from other ecchi games. Get volleyball, mud wrestling, water gun fights, on-rails photographer, dating, and casino all in one game.

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>>640195938i wanted to play this so bad

>>640187841>return backThis is redundant. "Return" already conveys "back."How can Tina Armstrong return to mainstream prominence?"You're welcome, ESL-kun.

>>640187841It would be enough to bring back the Video Game Vixens competition, so she could win the title of Vixen of the Year again, it's a shame that we live in such times that this competition can not take place

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Tina is cute

>>640197478She only sucks small dick, sorry.

Rachel > Ayane > Momiji > Mai > Honoka > Naotora > Kasumi > Marie > Nyotengu > rest of the doa girls

>>640197613No, Tina is a virgin because she was protected by her overprotective father, but if you want to get into her pussy, you have to prove yourself worthy and beat those 346 lbs of live weight

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>>640197613How do you imagine this, honestly?

>>640198638He's a small dick Pete and that's the only way he can cope with the miniscule size of his laughable manhood.

>>640198883i don't know who's worse you or him, i bet your one of those blacked faggots.

>>640198975And I don't know how you came to that conclusion either, specially when in this very thread there's retards like >>640193989 who get off on being humiliated over it. No clue where you pulled the nigger worship from that post.

>>640187841>return back to mainstream prominenceShe never was popular, and now that they added a ton of marierose clones she is probably pushed even further back in the line

>>640187841After the ESG shit at Koei Tecmo, I feel like DoA is actually dead in the water, sadly.Which sucks because I actually genuinely liked this series.

Tina is old and busted.Tamaki is the new hotness.

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>>640197613Whitebros, we won!

>>640202625Both of them get the nakadashi

>>640202625This needs to be proven in a doa7 rivalary

>>640202625I want to bust inside of Tina.

>>640203167what did he mean by this

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>>640204243I want her to rock me

>>640204330Like in a rocking chair?

>>640205856I'd do her wherever she wants desu

>>640206609Do her what? Her homework?

>Hey, you. Yes YOU!>My daddy wants grandchildren and he won't take no for an answer. YOU will help me out with that.wat do

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>>640209740Call her bluff because she's clearly still wearing pants.

>>640209740Impregnate while holding hands after marriage

>>640210086Do your parents know you want to get your ass reamed by dogs and horses and project that desire onto fictional women?

>>640209870How indecent.

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>>640210086Tomb Raider thread is two pages down

>>640204243Allah Ahkbar!

>>640210425but I love her

>>640210086Fucking hot. Author name?

>>640210783Maybe, but this is a christian website and your language is rather lascivious.

Attached: 1656197282509746.jpg (3840x2160, 1.11M)'s Tina beating up her KWABbed father

>>640211061I can't help that I want to give Bass grandchildren

>>640211285You wouldn't.

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>>640202625Nut inside TamakiNut inside Tina>>640204243>>640209740>>640210425>>640211061>>640211369Nut inside Tina

>Steam gets RyzaJUSTAt least I unlocked sexcretaryWhy did Zack bring her in though, sounds like Helena's underling or Helena's reinforcement since she can't handle Owner-san's libido alone

>>640211369I would

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>>640211584You don't have the stamina.

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>>640211719She gives my dick stamina

>>640211719>>640211810She gives my dick stamina

>>640200143tina was the most popular girl in the west before gachacancer drove off all of the old fans. source: just trust me>>640195185I'm still waiting for rumble roses xxx

Fiona is olev

>bet 5000>stand at 19>Monica gets BlackjackFuck this bitch


>>640211926That is physically impossible.

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>>640212338What mod is this?

>>640202625handholding and cuddles with Tamaki

You're meant to beat Mormons with Tina by self-building an army with her.

>>640212359That's a real SSR. The water droplet raincoat with the raincoat removed thanks to one of Teddy's mods.

>>640212278She is literally perfect

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>>640212503Ergo, you would not last more than 20 seconds with her.Checkmate.

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>>640212562would nut inside both

>>640212719I'd go all night with her

Fact: Fiona and Koharu thirst for Owner the most

>>640212867Not when Lobelia exists. Rapes your hand within 10 seconds of meeting her.

>>640212562I don't think they're wearing anything below

>>640213116She's just a tease, at Tamaki sleeps with (You).

>>640212808You will end up a withered husk of a man by morning. You know when that guy in Indiana Jones drinks from the wrong grail? That will be you.

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>>640213120That's because Venus are much cuter when they dont wear pants.

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>>640213120Wifesumi definitely isn't, the bun is really short though so you can't see as far down on her

>>640211661Delicious Wifecretary.

>>640213208>>640212719>>640212278Nut inside Tina

Man this Atelier Sophie event came way too soon.I'm still poor from trying to get Koharu 2 weeks ago.

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>>640213216But then their coochie is exposed!

>>640214180It's okay they have hair covering it.

>>640214114Meant to be mating pressed while she's cleaning your room.

>>640214437For sexual bullying.Wish someone made an edit of this costume that removed the big ribbon in the back so you can see the butt better.

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>>640214683>sexual bullyingSexual training.

Should I spend episode coins on episodes or VIP coin fodder?I'm at level 100

>>640215513I'd say old episodes you have yet to see are more valuable since the trade in ratio for coins is pretty atrocious. Would be lucky to get even a single SSR awakening stone out of it.

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kinda wish steam had weekly selection tickets for sale desu

Is it time for Koko?

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It's time to make Helena an aunt.

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>>640219316>>640218783>>640218689>>640218596>>640218554Nut inside Kokoro>>640216881Nut inside Nanami

>>640219316It's time to make Kokoro a mother, an aunt and a big sister.It's time to make Miyako a mother again and a grandmother.It's time to make Helena a mother and an aunt.

>>640219434I love Nyo so much it hurts


>>640195185>>640195938>oil/mud wrestlingFuck, I'll need to remember this for the next survey. Though I'm certain they've received a ton of such suggestions, they just don't have a lazy basis of reusable assets to implement them or can't figure out a monetization scheme like they did with lipstick.But I would be happy with something that creates more sheen than the misting bottle. Booty battles can get someone soaking wet but that's pretty limited availability.

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>>640220623there's a monetization system for lipstick?

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>>640220720Usually the first roll of a birthday set unlocks something. First year it was rings. This year is lipstick. And since the only way to roll birthdays is with paid vstones...


>>640220860there's a paper building on the island?

>>640202625But user, the last time I've saw her she was a book

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>>640221565>Owner-san I dont think this is is weed

>>640209740Call it bullshit but still going after it

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Xtreme ruined DOA.

>>640221036The owner-san has basically unlimited budget so he can do whatever the fuck he wants

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NEED loving handholding sex with Tamaki in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation


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>>640222534But user, she's a drunktard

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>>640222334With an unlimited budget I will build a birthing hospital for all the children I'll have with Kasumi and Momiji.

>>640222684you say that like it's a bad thing

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>>640222919I think I love Miji


>>640222957>>640222684Nut inside Tamaki>>640222334Nut inside KasumiNut inside Momiji>>640221943Nut inside Tina>>640220623Nut inside Helena

How should I spend my Ryza coins?SSR stones for the suits look tempting.

She was bigger here.

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>>640223454gods I was strong then


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>>640223557With cabbages

>>640222920Why do you think that Sayuri is in the island?She'll help with the births

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>Fiona doesn't complain if you grope her>she has the same animations anyway as the rest of the lotThey should just hire Lazy desu.

>>640223695Sayuri will also give many births herself too, we need an ob-gyne in that island quick (who will also be bred btw).

How do you get more of this?

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>>640223695That's until I impregnate the nurse too

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>>640223791>818850 jewelsWTF gigawhale detected

>>640223791Dailies and running events.You'll have more than you'll ever be rid of eventually. And apparently you don't even need them to get experience for your girls, it's just for drops.


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>>640223791You can pick up some through the event score rewards and I think the daily chores offer some too. Though unless you grind heavily I think you'd slowly be burning through them regardless.So it may be time to accept that perhaps the bar should just stay empty. You still get EXP and items with an empty bar, it's just slower.

>>640223967You get bonus exp along with the items so it's good to always use what you have at least.

>>640223965I just haven't roll anything since January.

>>640224068I love DoA butts so much

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>>640214114Amazing naked apron

>>640224068>>640223581>>640223557Sex with the cute drunktard cabbagehead

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>>640223791I don't even understand most of the "game" mechanics>just feed 100 fruits/veggies to one girl>then give her all of her favorite snacks/drinks>then dump her all the green clover or that one-off Gift for max XPEven the green clover has its limits, it seems only the Gift can give copious amounts of XP beyond level 50I don't even know how outfit minmaxing works, I only semi-understand that you have to unlock the outfit 4 times to make it level 90 then upgrade it while you have to whale during rock climbing events to max out skillsNot sure how decombromides work and when to upgrade accessoriesArena sucks too, I always lose but I lose even more if the girls are TEC oriented since I could win once in a while with POW girls


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>>640187841I mean, was she ever there to begin with? Kasumi always, always mogged her in absolutely every release. Early on, Lei Fang was also far better known than Tina due to promo arts and general use of the characters(as well as their greater willingness to slut the chinagirl up.)Tina's always had a good look, but she was never really "there" as much as other characters were.

>>640223887>>640223801>>640223746The nurse was built for impregnation

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>>640224379Leifang is the best ChinaChun-li is too mainstream and made unhot while Tekken and Soul Calibur China are both used goods

>>640224225At certain poses they can be excellent

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>>640224571Which poses are a must have?

>>640224571You have to find just the right lighting though, or else it looks too much like a plastic doll's butt

>>640187841Tina was only ever prominent in DOA 1, and only because it was just her, Kasumi, and Leifang. She's not a ninja, nor involved with the ninjas in any way, so she'll never be treated like anything more than a sideshow by TN.

>>640224749Good. More Tina for me.


>>640222984Well, I am in love with Miji

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>>640224316>I don't even know how outfit minmaxing worksFind a nice suit with good skills as your "main" suitLevel it to 90, skill awaken it to max, but DONT level the P skill during rock climbing since accessory skills and suit skills with identical names do not stack.Instead you find other SSR and awaken them solely for their P skills which you do level in rock climbing. So for example the STM from within 5 skill becomes 27% with rock climbing and thus the highly sought after skill. And then there's the STM skills with unique names that also become 27%, but the unique name means they will never conflict.>Not sure how decombromides work and when to upgrade accessoriesBromides are basically just more skills that activate conditionally just like accessory skills. The difference here is that you can stack identical skills.2 types of bromides, general and girl specific.General can be used by any girl and you get 100% of the effects. In order for a girl to get 100% from a bromide that doesnt belong to her she needs higher relationship levels in the owner's room with the girl the bromide belongs to.As for accessories skill awakening them is unrealistic. To upgrade them just through your fodder R swimsuits at them instead of using the yarn items. It's super doable.

How do you move girls to pose at certain object in Owner's room?

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>>640224434Fine, I'll do it

>>640225204You open the furniture placement menu and then on the item you want to pose the girl on you click the girl face in the menu.

>>640225151There needs to be an in-game tutorial for this for retards like me>As for accessories skill awakening them is unrealistic. To upgrade them just through your fodder R swimsuits at them instead of using the yarn items. It's super doable.So I'm a retard for just selling R and N swimsuits and accessories for VIP points?

>>640225247I'm guilty of loving the cabbage

>>640225204You place the girl where the furniture isAnd I think that there are some special interaction poses that you can get with the golden coins from the casino

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>>640191246He used to be a graphic artist who designed the North American covers of the classic DOA games. As of Itagaki's departure and the switch to more realistic graphics, he's been promoted to Creative Director of DOA5 and DOA6. He's based in California, and the "I'm a Fighter" concept of emphasizing fighting and de-emphasizing fanservice, boobs, and sexy stuff in DOA are all his ideas. However, despite the failure of the original I'm a Fighter with DOA5 and KT pushing out $1200 worth of dlc, primarily sexy costumes for the girls, he was still allowed to try again, with I'm a Fighter 2.0, in DOA6, with even more de-emphasis on fanservice, at least on the surface. He also created Diego because, in his own words, DOA didn't have enough 'representation', and as a Commiefornian that meant not enough Latinos apparently, despite the rest of the cast being mostly asian, with some black, spanish, and whatever the fuck Lisa is in there. Hispanics in America were noted as saying they would have preferred a big tiddy Latina to some shitty chicano. He has survived with the company while the main game directors were kicked upstairs or, in Shimbori's case, shitcanned altogether, despite it being Lee's bright ideas that alienated all the old DOA fans and failed to attract new, more mainstream fans.

>>640225378Eh the game drowns you in swimsuits honestly. I'm sure it's fine.Just dont combine too many of those N and R accessories since you lose those as customization options until you get another copy. Since you can't gift them to girls like you can swimsuits.

>>640225502I'd place Miji on the bed desu


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>>640193989I want you to eat healthy, take zinc and magnesium supplements and do yoga targeting the pelvic area so your test levels become proper and your dick becomes healthy for your chosen woman to breed.Nigger

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>>640225587Already done that dozen of times

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>Finish all reward point grind>Check where I'm sitting on ranking>Rank is right in between "Here's a crappy title" and "Are you even trying?"I should probably stop grinding then.>>640224316It's all just stat management and making numbers go up for your favorites.>Plays the game in english>Still can't figure it outShould've played on JP.I don't know where you gaijin players got it in your head that affection is tied-in with stats in a meaningful way. Raise those levels for the stories.You just run the event to get drinks and keys for rock climbing. Stamina swimsuits and skills all help with it however.Decobromides and their upgrade system are legitimately trash though, fuck those. Accessories are the same as swimsuits, though you only really focus resources on your favorites' SSR accessories.

>>640225370>>640225502Thanks>only Kasumi has unique animation in the baththubDidn't know that.

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>>640209740How many children are we talking about?

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Kiss Miji's neck

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I sure hope Amy is free by the time 4.5 anniversary rolls around on global. Wouldn't want her to miss the bunny suits.

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>>640226385Nut inside Amy

>>640222123If a low budget cash-grab game featuring mostly re-used assets, and a low budget, cash-grab gacha featuring mostly re-used, 10+ year old assets 'ruined' DOA, how bad must DOA6 have been that it couldn't compete with such shitty side-games?

>>640226379Kiss her neck while doing it doggystyle

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>>640225997She's too perfect


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>>640226671Making the maiden a mother after marriage

>>640226385>>640226532For a tech nerd she surely is breedable

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>>640226671Post more Raise the Sail Momiji

>>640226385Bottomless Amy makes my dick hard


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>>640226706She fits perfectly the "princess heroine warrior" role

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>>640226795yes please

>>640226890She fits the "perfect wife" role, too.

>>640226821Breed the casino cheater

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>>640226998gambling on loving her

>>640226890These magazine cover camera filters sure do have the potential to make things filthy.


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>>640227219My engineer can't possibly be this cute.

The new uniforms on DMM are very cute.

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I just want a new DOA fighting game that's also good

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Attached: Furw_vnaYAIln6T.jpg (1920x1080, 309.78K)

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>>640227517Licking my sexcretary's pits!

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>>640227465None. Zack canonically can't even coax a kiss out of his supposed girlfriend, Niki. The rest just stomp on him or ignore him.



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>>640227642Poor guy

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Wish her braided hairstyle is this long in the game.

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>>640227820>>640227595Elise is cute!CUTE!

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>>640227856Tamaki seems pretty single-minded tonight

>>640227943cute is a severe understatement

>>640227943I cant decide on whether she's cuter with her up-do or hair down desu.


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>>640228061Hair-down Elise is pretty sexy

>>640228061I prefer with her hair tied up, but hair down Elise is good too

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>>640228258Literal goddess.

>>640227870I don't remember her braid being that long in the older games tho

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>>640226385She didn't get a bunny outfit until 5.5 anniversary on JP. If you somehow have her before she goes free, they should give you an outfit to use.>>640227412>Pretty much all top-tier girls for me>Wiped out from half-anni rollsProbably should've tried saving but didn't get anything from the rolls the event gave. The break could've been a bit better too.

>>640228520>She didn't get a bunny outfit until 5.5 anniversary on JPAAAAAAAAAAAA

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>>640228583She doesn't get a "real" one with stats and whatever until 5.5If she's in whale jail, you get an outfit for her if you have her. That is to say, I don't have any new pictures but my pictures from 4.5 have a few of Amy.Did they even release her on global yet?

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>>640228904>>640227219>>640226769Nut inside Amy>>640228703Nut inside Tina>>640228448Nut inside Kokoro>>640228348>>640226890Nut inside Kasumi>>640228258>>640227943>>640227517Nut inside Elise>>640228118>>640227856>>640226795Nut inside Tamaki

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I want to defile Koharu

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>>640228904>Did they even release her on global yet?Yeah she appeared in April. Still haven't seen her 2nd costume go live yet though.

>>640228904>Did they even release her on global yet?YesHer tsun is quite cute

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>>640228703What a baby factory

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>>640229959damn she farted so hard the dress clipped into the bed


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>>640187841Wow she's so beautiful

>>640229826Every DoA girl is

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>>640202625Literally who?

>>640229540Her second debut swimsuit is fucking mint. Easily one of the best ones.>>640229707I wonder if the translation captured it correctly.

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I find the lack of Ayane in this thread disturbing.

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God damn it, Elise. I'm trying to watch the Ryza anime PV.

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>>640230419She needs coaching aka breeding

>>640230205Many kids with all three yes.

how do i "play" this "game" as a europoordo i need a VPN?


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>>640230439Coaching in Kama Sutra>>640230514yes

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>>640230514You only need a vpn to get the game iircafter that you're okay without vpn

>>640230560>>640230349What a fatso

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>>640209740Or what?

>>640230514If you want to play in english you need a vpn to add it to your steam library. After it has been added you no longer need a vpn.>log out of steam>go to>turn on vpn and connect to somewhere like singapore (JP doesn't work as a valid connection)>click install>log back into steam when prompted to>???>profitTunnelbear just works if you need a vpn. Johren is an alternative launcher if you don't want it on Steam, but you'd be figuring out the install process on your own for that.You can also play it on DMM if you're willing to deal with moonrunes. I think DMM isn't region locked either.

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>>640230891Get a hold of yourself Tamaki.

>>640230891Post more wet naked bathtub Tamaki

>>640230756>Or what?Or she'll force you

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I pulled Nanami 3 times in a row... what does it mean?

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>>640230331This should appear two weeks later on Steam since next week is the Ryza second half with the other grillsThe second half Ryza event will coincide with Amy's birthday (June 18) and the event after that will be Amy's second paypig suit

>>640231085>what does it mean中出し

>>640231085Nakadashi her three times in a row

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>>640231085I wish I managed to

>>640230756Or Bass will break all the joints in your legs and personally squeeze your testicles until they're mush.

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>>640231195>just three timesScum

>>640231085Merge itNanami has mostly STM suits at this point, all of her best suits are paid only and you'll have to wait 2 years to get her first decent non-paid suit which is the racing queen oneNo point selling those for 10 VIP coins

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What a drunktard

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>>640230752More of her to love

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>>640231445Remember that time Helena baselessly accused Ayane of murdering her mother?

>>640231605I will make both of them mothers.

>>640202625All of the new girls are completely soulless.

stupid drunkard... needs correction...

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>>640231034>>640231238Fine but I want twins


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>>640231549You will die, Takeshi.

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>>640231745Molester not so tough after being molested

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>>640231447I want to wake up in this world where three women are in my house serving me and being cute and stuff before lots of harem sex.

>>640231681Clearly you've never played the game. The new girls aren't constrained by previous personalities like the OG girls are. And fighting game characters don't exactly have deep personalities. Most are usually pretty one-note.>Kasumi - "I don't want to fight, I just want to see my brother">Hitomi - "I want to train and get stronger">Leifang - "I want to train and get strong enough to beat Jann Lee">Helena - "Donovan, what are you doing?">Christie - "........">Kokoro - "Crayons">Tina - "I want to be (insert job title here)">Mila - "I just wanna fuck BassOnly Ayane approaches having any kind of complex personality among the OG girls.

>>640232306I will stick my crayon inside Kokoro

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>>640232339The p-purple one again?

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>>640232569Night time shades really suit her.

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>>640232419Post more naked Kokoro

>>640232894But user, she gets a cold butt when she's naked

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>>640232991That's what my hands are for.To keep her butt warm

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I love Kasumi!

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>>640234016Nut inside Kasumi!


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>>640234016I love Kasumi's butt

ATTENTION: i want a harem of all DOA girls and i want to continously impregnate all of them.that is all gentleman

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>>640234371>i want a harem of all DOA girls and i want to continously impregnate all of them.Get in line.

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>>640234585I love my Wifesaki

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>>640189529>>640191246>>640225506Why the fuck did Koei Tecmo make a gay Korean American man the director of DOA 5 and the lead designer of DOA 6? No wonder Dead or Alive series died. It got cucked by a literal Korean homo from California. Also, every time Tom Lee smiles in these interviews, you can literally see his Botox injections resisting his facial muscles. Dead or Alive 5 with Tom Lee : Or Alive 5 Last Round Tom Lee Interview:


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>>640235034I'm thinking they were just short staffed. As I understand it, a chunk of Team Ninja left right around when Itagaki did, so they were looking to fill positions quickly and just promoted from within. That's why a guy who was a game cover designed got put in charge of essentially deciding how the games were going to play out going forward. Also, he clearly sold himself as their 'Man on the Ground', who could interpret the, to Japanese sensibilities, unfathomable bullshit that was going on in western markets as far as outlawing T&A and attractive female characters. He never told him that most people in the west still love T&A, and that it's just small cabal of Californian gatekeepers who've decided that they're going to control what does and doesn't get released over here to fit their worldview.

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>>640234968>>640235026>>640235409That is a mighty fine german chasis.

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>>640195185Thats just Rumble Roses, and yes Id like to see that back too. Been preaching that from time to time in the Master Duel threads, but its up to Konami.

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>>640235264I will now pleasure myself with this cabbage.

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>>640238543Shandy on Steam when

>>640238963Soonish.Maybe 5ish months.

Kokoro and Tamaki will drain me but I leave this good Earth with descendants.

>>640238963>>640239254kinda sad that doaxcc doesn't update for Steam anymore

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>>640239526I've moved on does carry the steam exclusive suits I think. At least I was able to find the Jiangshi STM costume on here when I needed the info. DMM only got TEC versions iirc.

>>640239913the Steam update stops at Marie's birthday on 2021, that's why it's ogre


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What are STM suits for?

>>640239526>doesn't update for Steam anymoreThe moment I read this I went and accessed the moonspeak site instead and sure enough it's entirely different and more sophisticated than the english one ever got to be. I thought the entire project had died, not that the dev abandoned the english version.If anything it looks like the correct statement would instead be "abandoned the english website" and not "abandoned the Steam updates".

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>>640240070Support mostly. Like you have a main attacker supported by an STM girl that's equipped to weaken opponent's POW/TEC on receive and maybe be the receiver herself so the attacker girl isn't burning STM.Her goal would be to remain consistent as the match goes on.STM suits can also be good for their P skills.Like the Destiny's Child suits and their unique 27% reduction skill.Also something to wear during rock climbing events to make the grind easier.

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>>640240269But it did abandon the Steam updates.

>>640239656Man I haven't thought of Mila in years

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>>640235329>most people in the west still love T&AWe don't, though

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Stupid Rank event, really?

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For some reason I'm thinking about sex with Tamaki.

>>640241281I think about sex with Tamaki 24/7, 365 days a year.


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Threesome with Lisa and Rachel!

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>>640241458I'm glad the rose tattoo made it over too.

>>640241458I doubt you could handle that.


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>>640241745I have a huge enough cock for the both of them.

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>>640242273I love this JK

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Attached: FyTeIAvaYAATUCW.jpg (2160x3840, 777.78K)

Attached: FyO64BsaUAIA1eW.jpg (2160x3840, 801.09K)

Attached: FyO65PmaYAEoaAo.jpg (2160x3840, 799.71K)

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Attached: FyO66sAaQAAQwo4.jpg (2160x3840, 753.46K)

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Where da Nyotengu at

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>>640242960Bird wife.

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breed this birb

>>640187841team ninja has gone fully pozzed so dont hold your breath

I need VV frens on Steam :)

>>640235034So the reason why Dead or Alive fans have been getting the shaft all these days is because of a gay Korean American man who hates sexy women? That really sucks. Someone needs to convince Koei Tecmo to fire this faggot. Doesn't Japan have mandatory retirement even for their Japanese branch companies in America? After all, Reggie was forced to retire from Nintendo even though he clearly wishes he was a Nintendo employee again. Tom Lee should be in his 50s to 60s by now in the year 2023

please talk about the actual fighting game

>>640246961She is smaller here.

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>>640247018you guys are the reason why this amazing fighting franchise died, fuck you


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>>640247018DOA5 Baefang was one of her more stacked appearances, imo

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>>640247302Literally pancake tier compared to DOA6 and DOAXVV.