TIL we were robbed of Final Fantasy's greatest villain

>Original villain of FF Versus XIII>Unironically called "Safay Roth" (LMAOOO)>Is basically a combination of Seifer and Sephiroth>Kills Noctis's dad in the invasion>Was replaced in FFXV by Ardyn just like Stella was replaced by LunafreyaWe were robbed of pure unfiltered Nomurakino. Just more evidence that a Versus XIII reboot / Verum Rex would be godlike

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>>640186689Even looking at the blurry shots of that model, he already looks far more memorable.We truly were robbed of fantasy yakuza kino.

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>gigachad Seiferactually unironically robbed

NomuKINO will rise again.....

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>>640188014remember how this guy was supposed to be a traitor to insomnia? and how instead they just killed him off in the movie after less than 1 minute screentime lol

>>640188664Because whoever the fuck this was immediately told me "This isn't Final Fantasy" .What the fuck was Tabata thinking.

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The aesthetic of the original was far more appealing

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>>640189227>What the fuck was Tabata thinking."oh god I've been thrown under the bus to preserve nomura's career, my life is fucking over"

>>640189227Tabata is one of the worst game directors in the industry, simple as.

>Safay Rothel guerrero supremo...

>>640186689>We were robbed of pure unfiltered Nomurakino.this is why I'll never forgive Tabata

Verus 13 thread ?Verus 13 thread.

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I always thought FF was a fantasy world or some shit, but the new stuff just looks like modern day but occasionally with magic and everyone looks like an Asian popstar

>>640190406>those moving character portraitsman, nomura really wanted that shit to be in his games. he tried to do that with KH as well.

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>>640190470The whole concept of FF is Fantasy meets Sci-Fi. The original has you meet a robot in a cave to get the key to teleport you from a tower to a floating fortress in the sky.

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>>640186689>proceeding thisESL momento

Remeber when magic behaved like magic and not mixtures stored in flasks *cough*grenades*cough*

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>>640192785And he doth appear

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>>640192785>getting a reply from THE Barrysir, it is an honour

>>640193017You first bazzkek.

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>>640193335You first barrington.

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>>640193232>>640193443how do I become as fucking deranged as this? this kind of life just looks fucking exhausting, what's the goal?

>>640193591Barry sadly had one too many screws loose after waiting for too long for VSXIII to happen. XV, despite being what it was, mentally he had no other choice to defend it even if it meant destroying SEs image and the FF brand.

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Don't worry. XVI's massive failure will allow Nomura to take Full Control. Soon Final Fantasy will be his, and all traces of the MMO team will be erased.

>>640193591It's unironic, legit mental illness.

>>640190470FF games aren't supposed to all be in the same world doofus

>>640194068I'm sure VIIR will finally break 5 million sales user. Any day now.

>>640194068XVI will certainly not be setting the chart on fire, but it still looks like it would be a worthwhile purchase for ARPG fans and story is shaping up to be pretty good along with the soundtrack and i wouldn't wish harm on the devs and teams responsible for one of the few economic successes in SE.

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>>640194151With how much they rehash FF7, I just assumed it did. Also I heard something about one of the expansions for the MMO was actually a prequel to the first one.

I don't remember in XV if you could interact with the enviroment to cause further damage on enemies like aiming with prompto.

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>>640186689>We were robbed>implyingYears later and the VersusXIII cope is still some of the saddest shit I've seen on Holla Forums. VXIII was never anything more than Deep Dive's trailer on steroids. There was never a game. Or a story. Or fucking anything. Tabata was handed a pile of mismanaged shit and forced it out so that SE could move on.

>>640194526>economic successesThe MMO team killed VS13. And many other games.

>>640186689>Verum RexUnfortunately it's very much a Disney property. Don't see Disney allowing Nomura to remake his dream game separate from KH, atleast not without adding some Disney elements to it.

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Speaking old, dead and buried things, I wonder if they'll ever go back to their original combat system ideas for XIII

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>>640195001>There was never a game. Or a story. Or fucking anythingThis is demonstrably false. We also know that Square screwed over Nomura's team by removing members to make them work on other games (13 and 14 1.0), and those developers changed the engine so much that, in the end, it was unsuitable for Versus XIII.

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>>640196951>it was unsuitable for Versus XIII.Pic related. If you want to blame anyone for what happened to Versus XIII, blame the people who worked at the top level of Square at the time for all their terrible decisions

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>>640186689>Blonde DonteFuck you

>>640196951>Nomura said this>Nomura said thatDevelopers say lots of shit. If Nomura was to be believed, Kingdom Hearts 3 was going to be filled with all of his rage. Instead, it just sucked.

>>640194250Nomura barely involved with 7R anymore. Kitase takes the helm now.

what is Nomura's fascination/obsession with this character design?

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>>640186689Ardyn was the overarching villain. Nomura created him. Safay Roth/Sapphirus was just a the first major bad guy you'd fight in the Leviathan section, then they cut him and gave that role to Ravus.

>>640201947Aryan appreciation.

>>640201947Chad design

>>640201947Because Nomura knows what you want.

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>>640190470FFIV has space ships, mechs and aliens.

>>640203767>game is 90% fantasy with the tower of babil being a noticeable anachronism>"btw the real bad guy is on the moon so we are going to summon a whale shaped spaceship so you can go explore the moon, meet a moonman, come back and fight a giant mecha from the inside">this all happens in the last 3 hrs of the game

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Guys... It's time to let go


>>640190406>>640191121>>640190150What's the point of showing characters face in battle UI? They know that there is no way PS3 can handle that in real time

>>640200237>Developers say lots of shitYeah, instead I should listen to a retard like you?

I hope Final Fantasy XVII is turn-based.

>>640192090At least Aranea's still sexo in 15

>>640189732B-but his endings are kino!>It's the same old "the MC dies" ending.

>>640206658>Game doesn't exist>No but it had a trailer!>Oh and look at this interview where the guy whose job it is to sell his game says he's impressed by it!Don't worry, you're being retarded all on your own.

>>640186689>>640188014>>640188476>>640189227>>640189460>>640190150Postan' in an impeccably based thread

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Is Barry made this thread

>>640188476Im a believer

Regis was robbed

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pic rel is the best villian in the franchise followed by vayne and kuja

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youtube.com/watch?v=tbxyWiXGb80I wish S-E's upper management prioritized Versus 13 over FF13 and FF14 v1.0

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>>640200237They showed gameplay footage and several images of the game, and a lot of that stuff was repurposed for XV, like the pic related. It's pretty obvious that Nomura wasn't lying there.

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Mafia game versus XIII looked far more interesting than XVDevelopment hell really did a number on the game

had S-E's upper management poured enough money and resources into Versus 13's development, the game could've been out by late 2013/2014 on the PS3. FF7 Remake is the game that should've been built on the Luminous Engine instead

>>640186689that character looks cool

>>640213931is there a certain aspect of his that you feel respect for?

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>>640213731>had S-E's upper management poured enough money and resources into Versus 13's development, the game could've been out by late 2013/2014 on the PS3Except they didnt. They fucked up their entire development cycle resulting in Nomura never having a full-time working team to make the game.

>>640186689>>Unironically called "Safay Roth" (LMAOOO)If you speak any real language, Safay Roth sounds nothing like Sephiroth.

>>640186689I thought that his name was supposed to be "Sapphirus"

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>>640210386I actually don't mind the redesign of Regis and Luna (although Luna is technically a different character). The latter looks cuter to me, except in that terrible movie, and Regis looking like a feeble old man makes sense in the context of the story. To me, the worst redesign was Clarus.

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I've played ffxv I was expecting to reach insomnia the whole time and when I go there it's all destroyed? The city gets destroyed in a silent fmv an hour into the game? What the fuck? I wanted to explore that city at night and ride regalia where's my gta insomnia?

Taking out the invasion scene out of the game is a mistake. The entire events from the Kingsglaive movie should've been included in the game.

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What kind of title is ‘Versus XIII’? Why would you have XIII in the name at all after there were already three XIII games that were widely derided?

>>640215229Versus means 'opposed to'Nomura was making his own vision for what the next FF should be: the opposite of XIII

>>640215018That scene was Altissia invasion. You can see Leviathan chasing Noctis around

>>640215018The Kingsglaive movie IS the game. It's like Midgar for XV.

>>640216357wouldn't AC make more sense?Kingsglaive is the prologue to the game and AC is the epilogue

>>640189732Did he make crisis core and type 0? I really like type 0, didn't play CC but people like that game don't they

In 25 years Nomura will "remake" FFXV as Final Fantasy Versus and it will restore his original vision. Trust the plan.

>>640215229Versus XIII was part of a three game project alongside XIII and Type-0 (Then called "Agito XIII") as three different interpretations of the same overall "mythology" of the Fabula Nova Crystalis setting with L'Cie and parasitic crystals and shit but the actual settings and canons being separated. Unlike what >>640215608 said it wasn't literally "the opposite" of Lightning's stuff, it was just "What would Nomura do with the FNC mythos," same with how Type-0/Agito XIII was what Tabata would do. Basically three XIIIs were the plan from the start. but numerous circumstances prevented it from happening, though if it worked it would've been actual kino.

I prefer the build that ran on Ebony Engine (shown at E3 2013) over the fi al game that ran on Luminous.

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>>640216940He's 50 now, AnonEven average nips won't live that long

>>640186689>Safay Rothunironic kino

>>640217190Well FFXV came out a while ago so really only 15 years left.

>>640216984FF3 was just bad. FFtype0 story was a mass even with decent gameplay, FFversus13 was stuck in development for decade with nothing but fake trailers.There is no hope for FNC projects from the start.

>Final Fantasy 13boring pieces of shit, they're not even real Final Fantasy games

>>640186689You know, a weird question. What happened to the Empire we were fighting for the first half of FFXV? Did Ardyn just basically kill them all during the 10-year gap?

>>640191121>>640192090>>640192220>>640192506>>640194810>>640196021why does Holla Forums keep gassing up a glorified opening tutorial segment?

>>640217823Just look at it.

>>640217190Nomura ain't your average nip

>>640212540Why are they naked?

>>640217762Iirc their daemon experiment went out of control and fucked themselves. Ardyn just chilling in insomnia and the world burn during that 10-year gap

>>640212609Legitimately the only memorable villain the FF series has had since Kuja for over 20 years and that is simply disgraceful for a series that was once this prestigious.

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>>640217638It'd be easier to tolerate XIII sucking if it had two official other XIIIs to compensate instead of two shit sequels

MY HANDS~youtube.com/watch?v=KxwrWVPbJqA

>>640193232>centering your identity around FFXV>then fucking forspokenholy kek

FF13 had so much potential if it wasn't built around the crappy Crystal Tools engine. That game should've had larger worlds and more development time.

Nojima is a CHADHAD

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>>640219315You mean the guy who wrote FFX novel where Tidus kicks the bomb and dies?

>>640219473Of course, and he wrote The Kids Are Alright FF7 novel in which he introduced Evan Townshend, Kyrie Canaan, and Leslie Kyle

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>>640196282always felt what we got in 7r was basically what they were originally going for here

>>640220164there's something about Lightning Returns that also reminds me of FF7 Remake

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>>640186689I can't forget about Stella and Noctis' confrontation.

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>>640220131Are you implying The Kids Are Alright is bad? It's decent unlike all the other awful Compilation novels.

I will never be over this. It would have been pure Yakuza Shakespearean kino.

>>640219473Yeah that didn't actually happen in the novel. That comes from a bunch of retards using google translate on the french version literally like 8 years ago and even they have disowned that translation.

>>640218427Elidibus was better

They're Based

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>>640186689Actually, he was replaced with Lunafreya's brother.

>>640227197Ok nigger what actually happens then?

>>640194526I want to like this game desu but it's very divorced from any semblance of FF outside of some naming conventions>Magic is all just a different flavor of missile until you do KH-esque shotlock>enemies are a lot spongier than they should be>stagger (shit system)>combo variety seems limited without command moves (granted demo isn't out yet)>ps5 exclusiveAlso cannot get into the move call out on the sides and the constant numbers

>>640196282In what way was it different? At any rate, I feel as if the best part of 13 was the combat system without autobattle doing all the work

Ravus was robbed

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>>640186689This doesnt makes sense because Ardyn was always a character in that story, maybe always the main villain. This guy became RavusHe looked cool a fuck. But not being used maybe is good because i means his design can appear in a future project.

>>640232579But that's not him

>>640186689replacing Stella with Lunafreya is a mistake

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Reminder that VersusXIII was supposed to be DLC episode for Noctis in XV where Noctis go through Bahamut's trials in his dream during 10 years gap, according to the novel it would play exactly like in the first trailer where edgy Noctis fight Nifiheim soldiers and meet ghost Luna for real. It was supposed to explain why he suddenly become mature after he woke upSquare killed VersusXIII again without even realizing it

>>640229435Elidibus had dementia and only got proper development after you kill him.

>>640230380He kicks the bomb and gets fucked up but doesn't due if I recall correctly. Then Yuna goes full retard and makes a deal with a bunch of Yevon worshipping cultists and joins their religion, which for whatever reason has her go back being like her X self only jaded and kinda bitchy instead of naive.The worst part is that she breaks up with Tidus for talking to a female fan because not-Seymour was in her ear the whole way to Bevelle

>>640186689pastebin.com/QAz8R9AF>There were four crystals owned by four nations: Lucis (based off of Tokyo, Japan), Accordo (based off of Venice, Italy), Tenebrae divided into southern Tenebrae (German fantasy theme) and northern Tenebrae (Oriental/Japanese theme), and Solheim (Arabian theme). A fifth nation, Niflheim, conquered Solheim a long time ago, and eventually Tenebrae and Accordo too, quickly using up all their crystals' energy. This led to Lucis's crystal being the last active crystal in Eos, setting up the main conflict in the game. Niflheim itself was originally made up of a bunch of "non-crystal" nations, which were united a long time ago under one nation by the Aldercapt family.The original plot seemed so much better, shame they got rid of it.

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>>640237641Turning the invasion of Insomnia into some western movie was the single biggest mistake they made. Probably cost them millions, and it completely killed the plot.

>>640237641Was there ever a source given for this pastebin

>>640237320What the fuck? why would Nojima do this?

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>>640212609>>640218427Kill FF14 troons

>>640237785That's definitely part of it, but even in the case that it didn't happen I think the plot would ultimately end up unsatisfying, considering how choppy and cut it was. Under a very generous assumption that the money saved with the insomnia invasion would speed up the time tables for the first three dlcs to be in game, maybe the game could be salvageable

>>640238026I'm 100% certain he didn't write it

>>640238262But it was HIS novel.

>>640237641nomura gave ideas for xvis plot. since verum rex will be a disney game he can't deal with as much of the mature subject matter as he wanted to, so he gave the ideas he couldn't use to yoshi p. trust the plan.

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>>640238358Shhh. Let me believe he didn't go schizo please.

>>640188476how can people trust a hack that's never done anything good?

>>640239461But enough about Tabata.

>>640239556yeah tabata deserves that title too

>>640238358>>640239135That novel is really weird, almost feels like nojima did it on purpose because he didnt want to work on that project and tried to nuke it, and it worked. Like the best possible way to tell the suits to fuck off.As example, his last FF7 novel focused in aerith and tifa is great.

>>640236947they also canned Lunafreya and Aranea's DLCs, and we will never see Solara

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>>640190470>I always thought FF was a fantasy world or some shit,Hasn't been since FFVI

>>640241328She looks like that ugly MC in Flopspoken

>>640237320You're mashing the novel and the audio drama together. Tidus does die in the novel, but Yuna resurrects him a second time/summons him back during the novel and before the audio drama, where he's weak.

My favorite FF games are 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12. I dropped off following all things FF when 13 looked shit so I missed all the Versus hype. But I played 15 in 2021 on PC and I unironically had a lot of fun. But I do prefer the look of what Versus was to become.Realistically, what are the chances Versus is finished?

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>>640241469Forspoken should've been Agni's game

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>>640241743>Realistically, what are the chances Versus is finished?None.

>>640241743back in 2012? Versus 13 was supposedly 25 percent complete and there was a playable build of the game. This is after the devs had to modify Crystal Tools and turn it into a custom engine (with the lighting system from Luminous Engine).

>>640192090Reminder that Nomura had Ferrari change Aranea's lipstick from orange to red. Also why am I seeing so many Versus parallels in XVI?>war over crystals>the crystals are just oil>political issues portrayed in Final Fantasy>action combat>KH style mechanics like shotlocks and unplayable party membersI could go on but yeesh. This cuts deep

>>640237865We know that there were four crystals and that Niflheim conquered three of them in the FFXV E3 2013 trailer, when it was still under Nomura.

>>640242352And now I know why Stellafag is over the moon excited for FF16


Thank You, Stellafag

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>>640237865>>640237641>>640242432So I actually looked into this myself because I'm an autist and found something interesting: this specific pastebin was originally posted in December 2017 but it seems to be based on a different pastebin that was posted in May 2017. However, the forum post where the May pastebin comes from claims that it is itself a translation of rumors that were floating around "a couple months back on Japanese sites".


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>>640186689Ardyn is one of my favourite FF villains.

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>>640242432Funny thing is they never properly explain why crystals are so important to the plot and Tabata's XV seems to ignore this competely because the crystal in XV is literally just for barrier the city from invasion or that's what the game said

I remember nomura talking about going to make verum rex but went to make kh4 before that. So, what are the chances of this being a Not-Versus XIII?

>>640242491Yes, Stellafag certainly is. Maybe because in most ways, XVI resembles Versus XIII more than XV itself, even if Nomura himself isn't working on it. A mix of Ivalice and Kingdom Hearts in the most ambitious Final Fantasy game ever made.>A political intrigue/social commentary plot like Tactics>References to Vagrant Story like the Blood Sin>Modern but less scifi FF since 12>The hardcore buttrock from The Last Remnant>The writing at the level of FF14 Heavensward by Kazutoyo Maehiro>Visual grandeur under art director Hiroshi Minagawa>event direction potentially by Jun Akiyama and other FF12/TLR writing staff like Versus>Lots of battle options like the SaGa games>Overall direction by Hiroshi Takai, one of two developers blessed by Mana, Chocobo creator, FF1 graphic co-director and FF11 director Koichi Ishii as one of two heirs of Final Fantasy>Action combat by Tokyo Team once led by KH creator Tetsuya Nomura (another of the two developers blessed by Koichi Ishii as the oher heir to Final Fantasy) and Ryota Suzuki (and maybe more) of Devil May Cry>Speaking of Tokyo Team, the design of Stella Nox Fleuret was repurposed specifically for this game>Perhaps what might be the Nitroplus Final Fantasy, only this time there is no director removal/retool and we're getting the game>Main character is royalty on a revenge mission>Countries have their own crystals and each one has a summon representing them>Dog party member>Cid gives a very similar vibe to the 2013 trailers Cor>Warping around during combat>Not afraid to be a bit more mature in terms of using blood or killing off characters which was something shown in Versus trailers tooKino.ino.

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>>640242593>>640242665Could you post the summaries?

>>640243345Both IPs are belong to Disney, what do you expect?

Noctis and Stella would've been one hell of a boss fight

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>>640242593>>640243517>TL;DR for Stellafag Writeup, Side Green (Part 1)>The green image AKA Stellafag writeup Part 1 (picrel) talks about the events in Square Enix that caused Versus XIII to turn into XV. Crystal Tools and mismanagement turned XIII and XIV raging dumpster fires that almost killed the company under Wada, forcing the Versus team to be split across any and all Crystal Tools games to make development easier.>It mentions the Crystal Tools graphics engine and how it affected development. It also talks about how trying to get mass-market appeal affected gameplay (changing from a more complex KH2 like battle system to the simpler one we see in FFXV).>Nomura's team was constantly taken away to finish XIII, then XIV and then help again with ARR. His game was never in constant development like some morons think it was, because more than half of the time he didnt even have a team. With no team or deadline he thought of new ideas like any director would in that time to keep the ball rolling. Square restructured like 3 times during that period and in an effort to fast track production; they told Nomura to start working on both Kingdom hearts 3 and FF7 Remake. All the production work done thus far was given to Tabata with Nomura overseeing the transfer. Tabata who unfortunately was a layman of a director and a mediocre one at that.Important ^>Tokyo Team user's comments>I'm surprised Stellafag didn't pick up on this but other KH2FM/Versus team devs worked on XIV or under Yoshi P during Endwalker apart from Ohdachi and how many other KH2FM devs that weren't former FFXI team members also worked on Parasite Eve 2 when all of them were known as Square's Osaka Team. Yes, even the guy who (note, no longer) works at DeNA for Pokémon Masters after wasting his battle design talent in XV after KH2FM and early Versus is from Osaka, everyone's former favorite battle director Yuichi Kanemori

>>640243517>TL;DR for Stellafag Writeup, Side Black (Part 2)>The black image AKA Stellafag writeup Part 2, talks about why changes had to be made to pander/appeal to the Western (North US American) market and how they ensured success and the longevity of the FF brand along with how Nomura felt about these changes.>Nomura was incredibly pissed that the original, dark and chuuni as fuck Versus XIII was dumped for making a product with mass market appeal thanks to changing sensibilities in the western market, as such, he included links to the corporate politics that led to it in Kingdom Hearts 3 via Verum Rex, an in-universe video game. Stellafag speculates that the next game will be Verum Rex and it'll be a retelling of how the internal corporate politics of square that led to the downfall of his baby (Versus).>Stellafag says that Versus 13 was decringed into 15 to save the Final Fantasy brand at the cost of removing everything Nomura wanted to put in it in terms of story and gameplay like the Kingdom Hearts combat and all the dark shit you saw in 2000s anime which became cringe in 2010 so it could sell outside of Japan and save the Final Fantasy brand. It made Japanese games semi okay because it saved Square financially but Forspoken is now the fruit of Nomura's pain and suffering.>XIII turned off a lot of consumers, it was expected to be a BIG success and a lot of money went into the trilogy. Nomura wanted Versus to be a more "serious" story about contemporary modern day problems [compare: FF12, Vagrant Story, 14, 16, Code Geass, Gundam, Death Note] but SE felt this was too risky, would cut out certain markets like China and risk being another failure. XV was made readily appealing to FF fans and fans in general and overall it separated itself from XIII. But the sales were not good enough and consumers didn't stick around while long time fans felt the game was lacking. Elements of Versus got recycled into KH3 and Nomura took cancellation of the project hard.

>>640243740>>640243815>What is fact and what is fiction? (Assorted side comments)>Stellafag is trying to explain why Versus XIII was changed to FFXV. They believe it was to get more widespread appeal, especially from western gamers that were used to playing games with easy to digest writing. They also talk about how Nomura being taken off of Versus XIII is similar to Takahashi and Saga being taken off of Xenosaga 2.>Was the Xenosaga/Xenogears comparison a necessary part of it user?>I think it helps to make a comparison to another creator being taken off a project they've put a lot of time and thought into. Personally I think he Nomura took the situation too seriously. It's certainly hard when something you're passionate about gets taken away from you, but this is an industry geared towards selling products primarily. And unless you're the boss you don't get to decide what the company sells.>There was one guy named [GameFAQs user] Yuriev/AC [who] wrote the famous Xenosaga/Xenogears Study Guide (Blogspot archive) that (noted Xeno fan) Stellafag pretty obviously [took] inspiration from. That said Yuriev was set to throw Soraya Saga under the bus when she and Takahashi got the boot for how she reacted after Xenosaga got Tabata'd. That's probably why Stellafag just won't shame Tabata for what he did when Nomura and his vision for Versus XIII was dropped for XV.>In the earlier days of Kingdom Hearts Nomura was actually able to deliver a vision based on those trailers. Even birth by sleep tied things together as well. Whatever you think of Nomura's ideas and execution, it's only FFXV that turned into some one dimensional dull crap about kings with a completely botched aesthetic. [Because FFXIII singlehandedly made anime plotlines cringe and in the case of XIV, gameplay in Japanese games was rejected]>"Oops our baby fucked up. Time to cannibalize this asshole's pet project to save our baby."> - ex-CEO Yoichi Wada and ex-CFO turned now-ex-CEO Yosuke Matsuda

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>>640186689I saw the thumbnail and thought this thread was about Seifer and FF8

>>640243901>>640243815>>640243740>>640242593>>640242665>What will become of the Tokyo Team?>Pic related. Theoryfagging assumes all of them have been pulled away from other projects to work on either 7 Rebirth, KH4, or more likely FF16.>But not-Tokyo Team user's understanding is that the battle system devlopers went to 13 and the level designers went to 14. TTA-san also added:>Many Versus devs were asked to work on 13, 14 1.0, and then The Last Remnant around that time. Several Versus assitant directors were even working on Crystal Tools.>Masato Yagi of The Last Remnant said that after TLR got released, he was assigned to the Tokyo Team on Versus afterward. He likely worked on the 2011 build, which only happened because staff was freed up after 13, 14 1.0 and TLR got released in late 2009.>There was a much larger collection of developers from KH2 being sorted into CBU1 or 3. I think this is more relevant since it addresses where the big names went like Kanemori, or Abe or Kujiraoka. Even Jun Akiyama. I didn't know an FF12 dev was a Tokyo Team member until TTA-san said all this.>Tokyo Team user also missed that Mitsunori Takahashi has also been absent from Nomura projects since he was credited on patents for 7R's battle system. But there is an equal chance he might be working on Rebirth and not 16.>For more clues, look at the links between The Last Remnant/7R and KH1/KH2, the 13 games/7R and KH1/KH2, FF14 from 1.0/7R and after to KH1/KH2, Days/coded and NEO/7R, FF11 and KH2/7R, and even FF12 and KH1/7R.

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>namefag mmo-troon pretends to be a Nomura chad episode 90654

>>640243990>What will become of the Tokyo Team? (Part 2)>A short list of KH battle team members Yoshi-P could be taking from/Nomura could be holding on to for 7R and KH4:>Tokyo Team:>Yuichi Kanemori>KH1, KH2, 13, Versus 13, 15 Duscae, Pokemon Masters (but he left)>Mitsunori Takahashi>KH1, KH2, Dissidia, 012, Rampage Land Rankers, 7R>Yuji Abe>KH2, 13, 13-2, 13-3, Flame x Blaze, KH3>Takeo Kujiraoka>KH2, Dissidia, 012, 13, 13-2, 13-3, NT>Daisuke Sase>KH2, 11 ToAU, 11 WotG, 14 1.0 (!), 14 2.0 (!), 14 3.0 (!), 14 4.0 (!), Konami PES (but he might be back)>Masanori Sato>KH2, Versus 13, 15, KH3, 7R>Junichi Oka>KH2, The Last Remnant (!), Versus 13, Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, 15, KH3, 7R>Nobuyuki Matsuoka>KH2, 11 WotU (!), 13, 13-2, 13-3, Mobius, 7R, 7 The First Soldier>Other:>Kyohei Suzuki>KH Days, Re:coded, FF All the Bravest, KH3, 7R, NEO>Osaka Team:>Tomokazu Shibata>T3B, Type-0, DDD, 2.8, 3, 3 ReMIND>Tai Yasue>Vagrant Story (!), all Osaka Team games>Who could be working on KH4, 7 Rebirth, and FF16?>There are more people in pic, just not battle designers. Pay attention to the former Nomura people in CBU3. If they're not working on FF14, they might be working on FF16.

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>>640243524I doubt verum rex would actually belong to disney. Even more when it's clear how nomura did fuckery to the level of "this is not how i actually look"If he makes "verum rex" it wont be owned by disney.

>>640244069That's not how copyright works, user.

>>640244069>"this is not how i actually look"Ahhh shit, i forgot about that one.Maybe he does have a way out, as long whatever shape or form it takes, there no direct mentions to each other and only super vague hints.

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>>640240478And yet recently Kitase said that FFX-3 is the next project after the 7R trilogy

>Mandated the use of a "Universal 3D Engine" which turned out to be Crystal Tools>Meddled with FF12>Meddled with FF13>Meddled with FF14 v1.0 >Meddled with FF Versus 13Yoichi Wada nearly sank the entire company

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>>640243457Kill yourself, FF16 pajeet. No one cares about your faggy Game of Thrones clone, it's not a real FF and it's about to flop harder than Lighting Returns.

>>640243990>>640244052>What will become of the Tokyo Team? (Part 3)>It's funny too because if Nojima is to be believed, Versus XIII was finally ready to get out of dev hell in 2011-2012, the script was finished, Nomura finally had a proper team to work with even if they weren't Tokyo Team [likely a mix of KH2, TLR, and FF12 devs], the project shifted to next-gen so they got a fresh start, everything seemed to go well until Wada decided to dump VII:R on Nomura without consulting anyone then replaced him with Tabata who wasn't even involved in the project. Many veteran devs followed Nomura so now Luminous has no clue what to do with Versus, on top of that he makes them scrap Ebony in favor of Luminous which was being developed alongside the game because that worked so well last time with Crystal Tools and XIII.>Pic related is the Battle Team pre-Final Mix.arch.b4k.co/v/thread/633099757/#q633124097>Barry repeatedly insists that despite the obvious shakeup, it's the same team. But key devs were demoted. Yuichi Kanemori, battle director (turned) lead enemy programmer left after Duscae ... while (KH2) grunts such as Takayuki Kanbayashi suddenly got lead roles despite no experience because Tabata wanted to flatten the hierarchy.>He also says if Tokyo Team lackeys are there, it's a Tokyo Team game and better than Versus (... because) Nomura's team was incompetent until Tabata stepped in and made everything work.arch.b4k.co/v/thread/637983496/#q638018446>Reminder that the people more deserving of Forspoken's battle system direction were demoted to office administrators during their time in Luminous. They are:>Taisuke Ooe, Lead Battle Animator for KH2, Buddy System and AI for FFXV>Takayoshi Nakazato, FFVII Battle Planner, Dirge Director, Versus XIII Planning Director, FFXV Development Managermaximum.minimum.me/m/index.php?出来事/2023年/01月/FORSPOKEN(PS5,PC)、発売。https://arch.b4k.co/vg/thread/431340290/#q431406975

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>>640243815>>640242665More on Nomura and Xeno (pic related)>Xenogears Perfect Works is to Takahashi and Soraya as Versus XIII is to their eldest son (loljk but you all know what I mean) Nomura. Takahashi said Xenoblade 2 was supposed to show "if you just change your thinking a bit, there's such a colorful world out there." This was to his kids, I'm sure, but I also wonder if he was also trying to cheer up his eldest son after his Square mismanagement took away his project (kek). People theorize this is why Verum Rex exists in KH3.>The Xenogears and Xenosaga comparison exists in Stellafag Writeup, Side Black because Tetsuya Takahashi and Soraya Saga are the most similar to Tetsuya Nomura in style among other former and current Square developers. Takahashi and Soraya are themselves two of Nomura's closest friends which is why Nomura said yes to working on Xenoblade 2. ... and Stellafag using it helps us understand what Nomura felt when he was taken off the project.>Takahashi had the lowest self-esteem of his life and Soraya lapsed into suicide ideations that started with an unrelated incident after online harassment [faulted] her for being fired from her project along with her husband, one they co-created. Nomura was depressed enough to buy 2 cats after he was removed from Versus 13 but he was still furious enough for his anger to explode when Square made him change engines for KH3's development from Luminous to Unreal Engine 4.>Years have gone by, and you're right user they're a lot happier now. In fact Takahashi seems to have done some self-reflection on his part. I don't have the specifics down since I never played it but he uses the Zohar and various reflections on creating virtual worlds as the Architect in the ending of Xenoblade 2. It's likely Nomura played Xenoblade 2 and then was so moved by the ending the Versus Epic came back within him or maybe Takahashi was speaking to Nomura through the game since he knows exactly what his fellow Tetsuya felt.

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>get in charge of a complete dog shit project that been in dev hell for half a decade>get told to push it out in a yearI really don't understand how people blame Tabata for this


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I heard that the combat system in the Episode Duscae demo is better than the final game youtube.com/watch?v=2ztIhHUA3gQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr2t2Si60Ak

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>>640245143Isn't Stellafag playing every FF game ever to understand the franchise as a whole just before XVI releases? I'd certainly take him over Barry and remember Stellafag loved Bravely Default

>>640244609>Barry the shitskin calling another user a pajeet

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>>640245230>getting into FF later in lifeI wonder what that's like.

>>640245230>Stellafag loved Bravely DefaultHow... is this a bad thing exactly?

>>640245296Stellafag also played Bahamut Lagoon

>>640245143I prefer Vaynefag

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>>640245341Anon that makes Stellafag even more based.>>640245353This too.

>>640245387Unlike Vayne Solidor, Stellafag did nothing wrong.

>>640245353Isn't that the one where the MC gets cucked by the guy who kidnapped his love interest? Because I remember that the princess 'falls in love' with the antagonists loyal captain and she continually tries to stop the MC from fighting him despite him literally trying to help the guy that wants to kill everyone.

>>640245353>Bahamut LagoonEveryone talks about this game but no one ever tells me what it's so infamous for. I do know it wasn't released in the US like Live a Live and oh yeah what does playing Bahamut Lagoon say about Stellafag?

I love when Nomura makes his games. Stranger of Paradise had one of the best FF stories and braindead retards who don't understand it and just say "le memes" deserve death.

>>640245506I'm >>640245554 and what the fuck. That sounds very edgy. And this is supposed to be a SNES game? Who was responsible for this and how did Square give this the green light?

>>640245506>Stellafag likes edgy gamesNews at 11.

>>640245641Toriyama and Nojima worked on it

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>>640245785You know what I might pick it up

>>640245785>Tadashi Nomura is the president of MonolithSoftY'know what, good for him.

>The Resistance manage to rescue Princess Yoyo from the Empire, thus claiming its first greater victory, yet, the time spent in captivity has made her heart change. Although she tries to hide it at first, her feelings for Byuu have now turned for the Imperial General Satha Palpaleos, who also seems to be in love with her in turn.Jesus Christ

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Thank You Nomura

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Do people even like this Stellafag guy? He seems to be the edgiest Square fan if he likes Versus 13 and Bahamut Lagoon and Tactics based on what the writeups say.

>>640245973Ohhh it is basically exactly like Live A Live. God I love the remake's voice acting.> Instead they damn me, name me, DEMON! And who am I to deny it? Demon then! Renouncing former ties and titles, the Lord of Dark, ODIO!

>>640245230stellafag is the good ending of jrpg autism. That's why he's placed at the nice white pristine castleGo the other way, and turn to chaos, and you end up like barry...

>>640246189Hating edgy shit is stupid. Edgy is fun.

>>640246218I'd like to hear you say more on what you know about the Stellafag

>>640245283>t. Twitter pajeet defending FF16

>>640246276>Hating edgy shit is stupid. Edgy is fun.And to think FF15 sold so much because of an audience that is afraid of anything edgy

Versus 13 should've been linear from the start

>>640245217Creating own combo system yes. It was basically tales of berseria

>>640196951>I did a walkthrough of the entire world map>The entire world map is 500 square meters currently :^)There was never a Versus 13, it was all CGI shit for 10 fucking years, how can anyone pretend otherwise? We never saw any real gameplay. And no, I don't think 15 was good, but at least it was a game you could play instead of smoke and mirrors.

>>640246474>sold so muchIt didn't earn any money, though.

>>640246189>he doesn't knowSamefagging, spam, etc.

>>640246970>t. Tabata Go home old man, Forspoken sucked.

FF13 should've stayed as a PS2 game, while Versus 13 should've ran on an upgraded form of KH2's engine.

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>>640246189Stellafag doesn't exist.

>>640186689What a handsome man. Now I'm mad we didn't get him.

>>640247063FF15 is shit and Forspoken is shit. Versus 13 doesn't and never has, existed.