Well done commander, very good job. Alas, you did it better than me, and we can't have that.

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Pretending the queen has authority while we're in public while ballgagging her in bed later that evening!

I wonder if there will be a mod where you can fight back at *THAT* part, though I don't know how you would do the abyss part...

reminder she spent several lifetimes failing to do the job the player character achieves in a few months

>>640183921>lacking any understanding behind her reasoningHow are people really this stupid?

>>640186364What part?

>>640187113The part with the power.

>>640186823It only makes sense if you did the demon or lich path. When your character is literally a angel dispersing demons it makes 0 sense

>>640187308It's like you've never heard of envy or haterade before.

>>640186823She literally admits that she was jealous of you

>>640183921>many anons don't know she was done dirty by owlkeksOwlkeks had to insert the jealousy angle so they could justify the KC suddenly going into the Abyss because the alternative being "I'm abandoning the entire crusader and everything because I really need a vacation in the Abyss and plow Nocticula. Try to look after my armies, guys. OK, bye!" wouldn't make much sense.In the original, (You) aren't the KC, she remains the KC until the end, and (You) were sent into the Abyss.

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>>640186823>>640187308>>640188236But didn't we also kinda have to go anyway? Who the fuck was gonna accomplish what the KC's party did in the abyss? And if no one went every individual demon would have been Nulkineth tier, there was no other options.>>640186716PC has mythic jews to drink

>>640189073Everyone knows that already and no one cares, this isn't the tabletop.

>>640189175>mythic jews to drinkThe what now?

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You know what. Based.>i am not hot shitDie but become a martyr for the people>I am hot shitI kill/fuck the Abyss into a weaker position than before.It’s a bad decision with good consequences.

>>640189267Didn't play the game, user? Mommy feeds us mythic jews. You know so we can get our powers.

>>640189175Yes we did, but she still admits that she did it partly out of jealousy, which is why she sent you alone there and also why she wanted to get rid of your title

>>640187308it makes plenty of sense if you're Trickster and turning the crusade into a farce. It's really not that hard to keep the title if you're playing a Good character otherwise, although Azata has a few more trip-ups that make it a little more difficult. I'm pretty sure Angel keeps it by default if they pass the Arue check.

>>640189653>although Azata has a few more trip-ups that make it a little more difficultIf you attack the fane early you outright lose it>Angel keeps it by default if they pass the Arue checkAngel can bypass all the skill checks and simply pick the angel only option, but if you don't pick that one, then you have to pass the skill checks like any other path

>>640183921Yeah but I'll clap dem cheeks later so it's okay.

>>640190103Yeah, you're only allowed one strike (Arue) and you have to pass the check. Everything else is just too bad so sad, but also not that hard to avoid and perfectly sensible reasons for stripping you of the title. Azata just has to keep their ADHD in check a little bit.

>>640190450>Literally even the herald of her goddess calls her out>t-they're sensible reasons!ayyy waifufags

>>640190784>turn the crusade into a undead horde/demon orgy/National Lampoon's Crusademakes sense>fuck up the crusade incredibly hardmakes sense>use a demonic bioweapon at Drezenmakes sense>deliberately make things harder for yourself for no reason other than ADHDmakes sense>killing the ranking officer of an allied force because you don't like himmakes sense>abandoning your allies when they're under attackmakes sense>recruiting a demon who is LITERALLY AN ESPIONAGE EXPERTmakes sensethe Herald is a bit of bonehead who is literally incapable of believing his goddess's chosen one could be fucking up

>>640191216>>deliberately make things harder for yourself for no reason other than ADHDYou didn't play azata, it's the opposite, you make things easier for yourself because they weren't expecting a surprise attack

>>640183921Are they similar? I haven't played Pathfinder

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>>640191421And I haven't watched Overlord but if you compare her with Galfrey then I'm going to assume she's a retard.

>>640191571She's a very cute, noble retard

>>640191326I will admit I did not and I don't really know why Galfrey dings for going early specifically

>>640189073>I'm abandoning the entire crusader and everything because I really need a vacation in the Abyss and plow NocticulaThat would be perfectly reasonable though. Especially in a universe where someone became a god just because he wanted to fuck a goddess, who turned him down, but he ended up fucking a bigger goddess.

>>640194341He became a god because of a bet he made while he was drunk, that's just a rumor

Do we know anything new about the Citadel DLC yet?I was thinking about replaying the game, but I'm postponing it until the DLC for Arue's wedding.

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imagine crushing her fossilized hymen with your dick

>>640197081They haven't said anything about through the ashes 2, let alone the citadel dlc

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>>640183921So do Galfreyfags operate under the illusion of because she's physically 20, she's also mentally 20? Or do they mentally block out the fact they're playing house with a 100 yo hag?

>>640197818delete this. arue would never do this

>>640197939>playing house with a 100 yo hag?That's part of the appeal.

>>640197980Yes she would, she did it after I forced her to apologize for lying to me

>>640198381>Yes she would, she did it after I forced her to apologize for lying to me[ingame screenshot needed]

>>640198381arue wouldnt lie

>>640183921Isn't this the game with all the trannies and strong women?

>>640186716Being that she's a rich white woman who's been catered to enough that she's been allowed to live several lifetimes while still failing I imagine it's because literally anyone you present with the authority to lead would be more competent than she is

>>640198472Sorry bro I don't have the game installed right now

>>640197939She's a woman, she has the mentality of a woman, the age literally makes zero difference.

>>640183921This retarded meme is just further proof that players will nonsensically hate any NPC that ever does anything that negatively impacts them no matter the circumstances.>>640186716Wow it's almost like the player is pumped full of mythic godfuel in a game entirely about wanking the player off in a powerlevel orgy.

>>640200015Sorry, but this applies to Iomedae and her ego hurting words, not Galfrey who is a giga retard

>>640198381same. don't know why Daeran taught her about the Tian Xia way of Apologizing but i forgive her nonetheless

>>640201486>Tian Xia way of Apologizingheh took me a second

>>640183921Did the romance with a LG Aeon and it was surprising good.

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>>640189175>PC has Mythic jews to drinkGalfrey has 10 mythic ranks in game

>>640201486you mean the Minkai way? stop being a racist chud Avsitani user and tell your Succubus to not appropriate other people culture

>>640202853wait you can redeem Staunton?

>>640203278More like stop him before he fucks up

>>640197818I wish Arue had tits this fat

>>640203278As Aeon? Yeah. Stopping him from fucking everything up is one of your time travel shenanigans.

>>640203278Aeon does a lot of DIDN'T HAPPEN LMAO

>>640203369She does

>>640189416Are we think about the same juice?

>>640203369oh she does, she does.

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>>640203483>>640203764Not even close

Heres your Arue for the day

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>>640183921>I need all your stacks so I can run them directly into the ground>I'll also get people in Kenabres killed>My romance also sucks and has like 5 minutes worth of contentVery impressive, Owlcat.

>>640203816the fact you can see her tits pretty prominently even when she wears thick armor means shes stacked.

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>>640204125Here's your black paladin bro

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>>640197818i just recently did Areelu Lab and i must say that Arue and Daeran have some intersting dream.s

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>>640204309qrd on the pic?

>>640183921>yes yes, Well done Commander, Well done.... HOWEVER!Galfrey said calmy.

>>640203172Where do you think minkai is located?

>>640183921>hello DOOMGUY, what about you go to hell and kill some demons?>NOOOOOO NOOOOOO NOOOOO HOW COULD YOU!? HOW COULD YOU SEND ME, THE DOOMGUY, TO HELL TO KILL DEMONS!? NOOOOOOOO!

>>640187113when galfray abuses her position as queen to have her way with you. Game literally will not let you say "no" to her, even if you RP as gay.

>>640192967Because, if I recall correctly, Galfrey sends you an order telling you to wait until she arrives to attack the fane so by going early you're directly disobeying her.

What's up with the 6 month time skip in the Abyss? Some characters mention someone may have orchestrated it, but I don't think the game actually ever mentions it again.

>>640204691me when I saw my wife arue's nude body and I suppressed by lustful feelings

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>>640205128The game literally tells you that the storm you went through was actually a real living being that fucked with time

>>640205128the hurricane was just a magic time hurricane that fucked up you up personally

>>640205128time just works different in the Abyss. it is Chaotic after all

>>640187612>hateradeSome kind of sports drink?

>playing as a Bard Azata who hates Slavery and Lawtist >don't want Regill to Betray me.what do i do bros, should i act like a Chaotic good or not in his test?

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>>640205637Just kill him first before he kills you

>>640205278>be a cloud of fuckwhoknowswhat>float around>see a group of jobbers>time goes brrrrrr>lmao to yourself as you fuck off to fuckknowswhereLeaving in the Abyss has to suck balls.

>>640205637>save Aivu>the nigglet immediately starts the fight with the entirety of fleshmarkets

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>>640206123>>the nigglet immediately starts the fight with the entirety of fleshmarketsWhat the fuck, user?You're supposed to wipe out everyone in the Abyss maybe save a very few characters that either deserve to stay alive or are more worth to you alive.

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>>640206123>>640205637can you even call yourself Azata Anons if you don't fight slavery and evil wherever you go

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Give me the most mismatched class/race for Azata.

>>640206293I was going to. I just didnt expect to fight everything at once. That fight was such a fucking pain

>>640206371fat ugly Oread kineticist

>>640206123They stole her sweeties user. Her sweeties.

>>640206371Dwarf Hellknight

>want to try going full edgelord demon on chapter 5>can't because that would mean corrupting arue or making her sadFuck this bitch

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>>640206745>girl tries to stop her bf from turning into an edgelordYou should treasure such a gf, user.

I have basically done every mythic path i wanted to play(Angel, Demon, Azata, Lich and Legend) should i even Give Devil a chance or just forget it exist and try out Trickster

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>>640207101Trickster is more fun than devil for sure

>>640207170yeah i know about how broken Trickster, how it can get a more BAB than a fighter, wizard spellbook, Domain and even kill enemies by just walking tnfront of them. i just wanted to give Devil a try but the lack of content is stopping me from doing it.

>>640207101Golden dragon

>>640207423don't worry user, the next DLC will surely fix Devil and make it a early path. trust the plan

>>640207423Yeah basically, trickster has more content than devil, albeit mostly of virtue of getting it earlier, and is also more fun to play.It's just a better path in every respect, do it first so if you burn out and don't want to do devil / gold dragon then you're really not missing out on anything.

>>640207480*Hits pipe*

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>>640206745Just go legend user

>>640206745>wants to be full edgelord but doesnt want to actually commit to the bitWeak

>>640205637be lawful around him the entire time and when the time comes pull a prank on him by slaughtering the entire Hellknight outpost. Haha what a great joke.

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>>640183921>Yes, yes, well done. Well done indeed.>However.....What a bitch, told her to do one

>>640208203Based fellow Chaotic brother.

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>>640183921the writing in these games seems dogshither sending you to the abyss felt as contrived as the shit they force you through in rogue trader


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>>640208683Consider the source material. Wotr is based on a series of modules written independently of each other, most being made somewhat independently of one another, and released months apart.

>>640208939Why do weebs do this?

>>640208939why these fuckers so greased up?

>>640208836Tf is this shit

>>640209017That doesn't look like anime at all you obsessed fuck


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>>640208939Knight Commander, I...

>>640209051You don't like portrait mods with gems such as Justin Bieber Woljif?

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>>640209127Wegs were a mistake

>>640208939>>640204347>>640208836>>640204125>Daz shit

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>>640209249For what purpose would someone do this?


>>640209361>Womb tattooOk that's based

>>640209452terminal shit taste

>>640209519It's hard for me to imagine how someone with functioning eyes could appericate this.

>>640209249You forgot the best ones

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>>640208939Merciful Shelyn, are all your clerics this...peculiar?

>>640208939Wenduag is the only one that's an improvement desu>those dicksucking nigger lipsmmm

>>640210026Wenduag has the energy of someone who needs a cockslapping to be kept in line.


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>>640209029stable diffusion

>>640208939Sosiel is really downright Peculiar

>>640183921These need to be moved to vg where they belong

>>640210128>the call that saved Cheliax

>>640208939These portrait mods are always so funny, especially the ones that make Woljif, Lann and Daeran look like gigachads. The Arue one made here is to this day the best one

>Can't Ride Ulbrig when he turns Griffon

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>>640209882jesus christ. Greybor looks like a Abomination

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>>640210607Toybox has an option to ride anyone you want

>>640210781Damn, does that mean i can finally make Regill ride me?

What would you consider to be the path for the definitive, most narratively satisfying version of the game?

Is it true that galfrey has the least amount of romance content?

>>640210712Litrally manlet Aragorn


>>640210607but you can ride him when he's not a griffon

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What the fuck went wrong with Sosiel questline? The guy starts out boring but then the game teases multiple times him going apeshit when things get rough - like it was building up to some character development or a twist - however in the end it's just 'muh brother' wank.

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>>640210602>The Arue onePost it

>>640211000>>640208939forget File

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Attached: MV5BMjA4ODUyNDQ2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwODk2MTYz._V1_FMjpg_UX1000_.jpg (1000x1439, 76.89K)


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>>640210907Pic related and angel

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>>640210907Angel or Demon->Legend. someone post the Angel copypasta

>>640209249was this made by a Women?

>>640211223Legend is Literally Gurren Lagann: The Path (And why that's a Good Thing)

>>640210907Demon, Demon-Legend or Demon with ascension feel most in line with later plot stuff. It's also thematically fittng since you're more ruthless and succesful than previous crusades, and there's a whole chapter in the Abyss for more demon stuff.

TOTAL MONGREL DEATH.Kill mongrel. Behead mongrel. Roundhouse kick a mongrel into the concrete. Slam dunk a mongrel-blood into the trashcan. Crucify filthy mongrel. Defecate in a mongrel's food. Launch mongrel into the sun. Stir fry mongrel in a wok. Toss mongrel into active volcanoes. Urinate into a mongrel's gas tank. Judo throw mongrel into a wood chipper. Twist mongrels’ heads off. Report mongrel to the Wizards’ Council. Karate chop mongrel in half. Curb stomp pregnant non-human mongrel. Trap mongrel in quicksand. Crush mongrel in the trash compactor. Liquefy mongrel in a acid pit. Eat mongrel. Dissect mongrel. Exterminate mongrel in the gas chamber. Stomp mongrel skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate mongrel in the oven. Lobotomize mongrel. Mandatory abortions for mongrel. Grind mongrel fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown mongrel in fried chicken grease. Vaporize mongrel with Disintegrate. Kick old mongrel down the stairs. Feed mongrel to alligators. Slice mongrel with a katana.

>>640211025I ask myself the same question, I thought it was going to be a classic case of >Sosiel gets buckbroken by war but keeps his faith and remains good>Sosiel gets buckbroken by war, loses his faith and becomes an asshole, maybe evilBut instead Trever became too important, the actual end goal instead of a motivation plot device

>>640210907Legend is basically an anime protagonist.

>finally started using metamagic>heightened selective persistent grease

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>>640213380grease is absurd, just put in a banana peel spell while you're at it

>take yaker in as a liason for the hellknight regiments>still can't gently fuck himAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I JUST WANT A HELLKNIGHT BF

>>640203278the main draw of Aeon is the player time traveling to certain key events and "correcting" the past.

>>640183921Im playing demon for the first time, is there some special interaction with her? I feel that the game give you too many chances to kill her

>>640215207You can kill her after Iz

>>640210937No, if you want to be really desperate and pretend that Nocticula is a romance

Playing the game for the first time as angel and the powerwank MC dicksucking is obscene.>burn up Iomedae's banner and replace it with my own>Arue: I feel the light of Good entering my body!>Get a ridiculous flaming majestic haloIs the rest of the game like this?

>>640219195>pick the mc dicksuck route>why is everyone sucking my dick?I don't know, you tell me.

>>640219195Angel is the past that gets it's dicksucked the most in a game where every path except one gets it's dicksucked

>>640219524>>640219623Angels are supposed to be humble >:(

>>640219771Hey nothing stopping you from being humble, but people WILL suck your cock

>>640219771Angel route is your character gradually turning into an archon. Of course the crusaders are going to be dickriding you hard.

>>640197081>SpoilerThe best you'll get is a date, in secret

Not romancing Wendu as a trickster so you can bully nerds together

>>640219195You can disable the Halo in the inventory screen there should be a cog icon over your character.


>>640220767>archonI didn't sign up for this, I'm Neutral Good >:((

>>640221804Good thing you can play angel of mercy which is more like a deva then you crybaby

>>640183921Crafted to be SWARMED

>>640221804You can just give it all up at the start of chapter 5

Fiendflesh Shifter seems perfect for a demon into legend run. Does losing the major form hurt the subclass much?

>>640222000Fiendflesh is only worth it for Through the Ashes.

>>640222000Losing it? What are you talking about bro?

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>>640221854Ahh okay good. My PC is a big redemptionfag because I wanted to do the Sarenrae worship scimitar dervish dance bit.

best romance for each mythic path? i was gonna do arue for azata but daeran wooed me, and im fixing to do another run since i havent played much after release

Haha casting reduce person on a female halfling sounds pretty funny ahaha

>>640222598t. Nurah

I'm bad at gameshow do I make a fun spellcasterI wanna be an Aeon

Is it possible to roleplay or at least have your character look like this dude in this game?Its not Arthas btw, but thatd still be interesting

Attached: IMG-20230424-WA0003.jpg (1280x1600, 229.54K)

>>640223543You think people here don't know who dimitri is?Also no eyepatches


Attached: galfrey about to face the concequences of her woman moment .jpg (1167x904, 198.01K)

>>640223659You know if Galfrey has milkers like those, I might find it in me to forgive her.

>>640209882>>640209361>>640209249>>640209127>>640208939Im actually laughing so hard im crying jesus christ.

Attached: 1460927004921.gif (400x225, 2.84M)

>>640223659Moar eggs swarmfag.

bros lunge is so good

>>640223889>implying i haven't already asked the artist for a pregnant alt

>>640224294Based, make sure to post when you get it. But also, I meant with more girls too.

sex with Nurah Dendiwhar

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I am losing my will to play Kingmaker... I'm gonna clear the rest of act 4 then see if I can just push through the rest of the game

>>640225748Wild Cunts are going to crush what's left of your will anyway.

>>640187269What power?


>>640223640What about the black armor?


>>640226597Yeah there are several a few black armors in the game, or you can install visual adjustments and color some of them to be black

>>640183921shes into anal

>>640226660Don't worry bro, it gets easier.

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>>640183921*Hits pipe* I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than being a golden dragon. Honestly think about it rationally. You are lacking content, interesting characters, losing good mythic abilities, and have a shitty mentor for at least the last important chapter of the game solely to be disappointed you didn't stay your original path. All that hard work you put into your character- upgrading abilities, looking forward to your path's exclusive content, jumping through flower fields, putting up with Hal's bullshit. All of it has one simple result: You traded out a cool mythic path for a lacking one. Your mythic abilities are bugged and suck, and you have no content to look forward to. As a man who went golden dragon you are literally dedicating at least 10 more hours of your life simply to slug through a game with a path the devs cucked. It is the ultimate and final cuck. Think about it logically.

Attached: 3523523623623.png (494x695, 660.77K)

>>640226875I traveled to enemy controlled territory to give a kid a flower she really wanted though, so if you really think about it, it was worth it

>>640225748i was generally enjoying my full run of kingmaker after dipping out in act 5 years agothe last act was so bad i started using toybox to instant kill encounters after playing legit for 80+ hours

>>640226660I actually loved kingdom building and even used mods to unlock more buildings and more BP to turn every city, town and village into a fortress

>>640227540It really sucks that you can't turn every single settlement into a town. So many building but not enough space.

>>640211114That was my immediate first thought too.


Attached: 1659370009354857.png (651x497, 591.2K)

>>640227304i slogged through kingmaker and wrath, but honestly these games are not funthe writing is all over the place, the combat is a unbalanced mess of prebuffing and oneshots with, the builds are autistic as fuck with no easy way to tell what choices are good, and the crusade battles are irredeemable shit

>>640224375I'm commissioning one with Nenio, and two more with Ember. One of the artists for the Ember birth image offered a free sketch and I chose Targona.

>>640228787Honestly so long as I get to see plenty of bulging stomachs filled with eggs know that you got one fan in me swarmfag. Keep on keeping on.

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Ember nakadashi

>>640226660Just turn it to auto. Unless you're going to the secret ending it doesn't matter.

>>640229656If you have good stats you can skip Lantern King's skill checks in the mid section of the battle, you know just in case you don't bring anyone with World, Arcana or high Persuasion.

Newfag here, just got to the part where I unlock the armies and fighting demons, if I play badly could I brick my playthrough? Or spend too much time travelling?

You will never rape Nurah

>>640210781Any pet option? I wanna ride the centipede

>>640230229It's irrelevant in act 2 just clear the way to Drezen.

>>640223659excellent art wasted on bugshit

>>640230550Got it, thanks, I'll treat it as a tutorial then.

>>640230318don't do this to me user

Fuck demons

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>>640230767~*fuck*~ demons

>>640230471Yes it should workJust keep in mind there is no proper sitting animation for it, so your character will just be standing and clipping with it

>>640230767>Arue's entire thing is trying to overcome her demonic nature>All the fans ever want to do is lewd herReally makes you think.

>>640231193Since we're the KC its ok, since all she wants to do is lewd the KC

>>640229364I only want to see WotR girls getting raped by bugs.>>640230631It's just a WIP, I'll post the full version when it's ready. The artist is backhoka, check him out.

>>640231289>uh excuse me i'm the player character i'm supposed to be an infallible god king that everyone worships and especially wants to fuck


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"Mythic destiny" content pack, coming out in the season pass 3 will containFull Devil rework>Will become an early game path>Corrupt Arue into becoming an Erinys(romancable)>Enslave Minhago>hellknight and hellknight signifier class improvements>Coup into Nerosyan so that it becomes your puppet state>Asmodeus faith will get new interactions>Will be able to execute seelah for being undisciplined>Will be able to send the entire ineluctable prision with Baphomet inside it back to hell>Will be able to trick Nocticula into a contract that obligates her to help you in the final dungeon>In wintersun will be able to replace Jerribeth with a devil that serves the player>In act 4 will be able to take over the arena and the brothelLich Partial rework>Zacharius portrait>New Villain added, a demon of Orcust will send clerics to hunt you in act 3, it will climax in act 4 when he will track you down in the nexus and a boss fight will ensue>Leaving either the vampire or the cleric of Urgothoa alive won't make Zacharius mad>If the player has impressed Zacharius, asking him to not threaten the player won't be necessary anymore>If the lich sacrifice was either Camellia or Wenduag, the player will be able to resurrect them in a form that resembles Jaethal from Kingmaker. (Wenduag will appreciate the newfound power, Camellia will resent the player for the loss of pleasure in life)Trickster partial rework>Socobenthot portrait>More jokes and interactions added>Will be able to prank the people of wintersun by making the illusions worse>Nurah will be recruitable as a permanent companion>Improvements to the mythic gameplay will make DC casting builds more viable, specifically Illusion, enchantment and transmutation will be buffed by the path>Lantern king cameo>The council will organize a prank on queen Galfrey after the one on Nocticula has been resolved>Will be able to bring Vellexia as a mirror with yourself like finnean>Will get a scene with Cayden Caylean

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>>640231193Well yes, she wants it too, she just doesn't want to rape people to death


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>>640186716And? Sorry, she's not a gary stu like you who's had their genes spliced with mythic power that makes them stronger than half of the gods of the setting.Before your gary stu ass showed up, victory was LITERALLY impossible. The demon army had an infinitie amount of troops pouring in from the worldwound, and they had dozens of mythic ranked threats, some of which were literal demigods. Normal humans like Galfrey simply weren't able to even harm these beasts

>>640232843>Full Devil rework>>Will become an early game path>>Corrupt Arue into becoming an Erinys(romancable)>>Enslave Minhago>>hellknight and hellknight signifier class improvements>>Coup into Nerosyan so that it becomes your puppet state>>Asmodeus faith will get new interactions>>Will be able to execute seelah for being undisciplined>>Will be able to send the entire ineluctable prision with Baphomet inside it back to hell>>Will be able to trick Nocticula into a contract that obligates her to help you in the final dungeon>>In wintersun will be able to replace Jerribeth with a devil that serves the player>>In act 4 will be able to take over the arena and the brothelgod I fucking wish

>>640232992Yes, how could I ever forget my mary sue generals?

>>640233086Your Mary Sue generals were only able to get as far as they did after you slaughtered or drove back all of the top tier demon threats like the gargoyles, the mythic demon that had been ruling Drezen for a century, and minagho



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>>640208939>yassified companions

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>>640210907The game narrative heavily pushes angel>legend imo

>>640221804the game is called Wrath of the righteous. if you don't become a angel of Righteousness you didn't beat the game propperly.

>>640233534Literally everyone and their mother goes >nooooo don't get rid of your powers!when you're playing angel the fuck are you talking about

>>640208939zamn dat nigga be zesty

>>640208939That Sosiel sure is something

>>640202978>Galfrey has 10 mythic ranks in gameRetardbro, I...You do know everyone that joins your party is immediately blessed with mythic power, right? Adhering to your logic, Trevor was a Mythic rank 7 warrior in the abyss prior to being recruited.Also adhering to your logic, Regil was a mythic rank 2 warrior prior to you recruiting him.And also adhering to your logic, Arue (if recruited in Act 3) was a mythic level 3 warrior.But that's not true. Infact, all of them have dialogue after being recruited about them adapting to their new mythic power after joining your party.Moreover, we know that Galfrey without mythic amps is actually WEAKER than your level 7 party that sieged Drezen. Because when you go to the courtyard and fight the gargoyle mythic demon leader, Galfrey and her troops immediatly get destroyed by them, while your character has mythic power play in the background as you beat on him.

>>640210602>These portrait mods are always so funny, especially the ones that make Woljif, Lann and Daeran look like gigachads. The Chadsiel one is still the funniest

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>romance the tiefling twins>Arsinoe is always hanging around their house>romance Arue>Arisnoe is standing nearbybros... am I getting cucked

>>640234178Peculiar as fuck

>>640231339Uh yeah? its an RPG a CRPG at did you not expect to get your ego stroked?

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>>640233936Nta but doesn't she have Last stand and tons of other mythic powers if you decided to kill her in Act 5

>>640232843>Corrupt Arue into becoming an Erinys(romancable)>hellknight and hellknight signifier class improvements>Coup into Nerosyan so that it becomes your puppet state>Asmodeus faith will get new interactions>Will be able to execute seelah for being undisciplined>Will be able to send the entire ineluctable prision with Baphomet inside it back to hell>Will be able to trick Nocticula into a contract that obligates her to help you in the final dungeon>In wintersun will be able to replace Jerribeth with a devil that serves the player>In act 4 will be able to take over the arena and the brothelCool. where do i sign up for this Devil-bro?

>>640234904That's very clearly a gameplay feature, user. If she had mythic levels then the story literally falls apart

>>640234591Why is Daeran so white?

>>640232843uhh sorry user but if we did all that we wouldn't have time to make through the ashes part 3

>>640233613okay can i still be a Angel who grants mercy to those who deserve it?


>>640221804Whats wrong with that? Can you not be a NG angel?im NG for shifter and Im also angel just fine

>>640232931Shepard! What can I do for you?

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>>640235303Yes you can, there are two paths, vengeance and mercy

>>640235303I'm not sure they fixed it but before enhanced edition picking purely good options gradually pushed you towards LG even if you were NG or CG.

>>640235190why yes. you don't have to become a full Murderhobo Angel. Angels are Lawful good after all.

I put the game down 6 months ago after reaching Chapter 3, what am I supposed to be doing?Obviously I can read the quest log or whatever, but where generally am I supposed to go?

>>640235626You restart the game

>>640235473Picking good options is moving me just up. Im in the smack dab middle top on the NG alignment section. >>640235449First time I hear of that, without many spoilers, what are those?

sex with Ysenna

>>640235684Did you not notice how every now and then angel gives you the obvious>yesss mercy for everyone >NOOOOOOOOO FUCKING KILL THEM REEEEE dialogue options? Like in the prologue when you get the sword?

>>640235260>>640235516cool. because i am in Act 3 as a Pally and it feels like the game and some companion(Regill) wants me to become a Murderhobo who kills first ask questions later to any demon i meet.

>>640235774Oh, i took those as just general RP options, not some sort of "path" to take.

>>640235825ignore it, you\re fine and most of the companion wouldn't leave you if you act like a very Good guy.

What feats boost Azata damaging spells?

>>640236438Zappy magic.

>>640235884Well they're not, and the game forces you to pick one or the other eventually

>>640235626Whereas Chapter 1 and 2 were a tight, linear experience where you went from one set piece to the next, Chapter 3 is the opposite. It's an open ended experience, where you are given a set of objectives to explore, all of which are narratively separate. Once you've solved all of these issues, the game will allow you to move onto Act 4 (which is also open ended in nature).Don't expect a linear experience again until Act 5 (the endgame)

>>640206123Hardest fight in the game in my opinion.

>>640236438100% depends on your build.If you're a DC Caster, you want Expanded Arsenal, Zippy Magic, and Persistent Magic. Consider also picking up Best Jokes if you're running a DC Enchanter.If you're a blaster caster, you want Zippy Magic, Extra Sorcerer bloodlines for the + elemental damage, and Metamagic: Empower + Metamagic: Bolster so you'll have more spell slots of your spells.For a melee you want Incredible Might, Mythic Charge, Ever Ready, Outflank, Seize the Moment, and Supersonic Speed

when is the queen going to come to attack the place? it's been like 10 days already and I've basically done every thing and just Told Arue to get out of Prison. do i really have to wait a whole month ingame for her too show up with her Royal ass?

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>>640237347Yeah, just keep skipping days


>>640237347did you complete All the companion quest too? like go to Regill outpost, help Woljiff chase away the demon and deal with Camellia in the basement yet? because you can skip them if you are not careful.

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>>640237347>azata>can just skip itlaughing at you.

>>640237571yes. >Spoilerno when do you get that? i am certain i never got this. Also cute pic,Arue is already shaping up to be Best girl in my eyes.

>>640237894You know what, just keep skipping days even if Galfrey arrives, some quests in act 3 take time to trigger like Camellia's, if you rush everything you can miss them and end up killing several companion questlines

>>640237894you get a Decree about Investigating some Murder, don't ignore it and take a walk by the street sometimes when the decree completes

>>640237997duly noted, well remember to keep doing it. >>640238042oh right i just looked up the kingdom management screen and there is a decree about murder in Drezen.

>Try fun bite build user recommended few days ago>Bites aren't stacking. Think it's related to not having enough attack bonus>Keep playing until chapter 2>They changed how natural attacks worked three months ago and it doesn't work anymoreFuck me. Is there some OP retarded build I can play like stacking infinite AC or some one shot blaster wizard. I got one more try in me with this game after getting fucked and having saves deleted and corrupted multiple times.

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>>640238372alright Bros, i need your help. should i kill Camellia or not? i think the spirit trapped inside her amulet is corrupting her. i want to help her but the only option so far is to either let her get away with the murder or just kill her(already did it and i am regretting it). what do i do

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>>640211025I think the rage stuff is only for his romance

>>640238875i say keep her Alive until you get to the end of her quest and then kill her. >i think the spirit trapped inside her amulet is corrupting her. i want to help her i see well good luck user, hope you succeed in your endeavors

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>>640238875>i think the spirit trapped inside her amulet is corrupting her.

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>>640186716>>640189175>>640198568>>640200015>>640232992What I want to know is what the hell Iomedae has been doing this past 100 years. Why did she not deign to help her chosen champion in even the smallest way? What is the point of praying to a goddess that ignores your existence?

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>>640238875Did you read the description of her amulet?

>>640238875>i think the spirit trapped inside her amulet is corrupting her. i want to help her

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>>640238875Depending on your mythic path you can get some cool rewards and a special spell for Camellia based on how you handle her and the amulets powers

>>640238875>he doesn't fucking know

>>640189258>>640189073In the tabletop, the player character still gets a mythic ascension, right?


>>640204563Daeran has such good reactions, i'm the kind of fucker that generally never pick evil companion but him and Regill are mainstay for the bants they bring

>>640239319Hand of the inheritor explains some of this if you ask him.Also, Golarion is a dmz because Sarenrae decided that Rovagug should be imprisoned in the planet until he can be redeemed (he can't).And Sarenrae is the most powerful good aligned god.

I hope you Ascend with your mom, in the end she's right about Gods, Demon lords, etc, humans are just pets and cattles for Gods

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>>640239174i just did it. Having Sex well the body is still warm is hot. did i just start her Romance?>>640239332yes. i know it hides her Alignment and she is probably a neutral evil cunt. but can i save her is the question.

>>640192967it's literally just pride and jealousy.

>>640210182zesty even

>>640239634As long as you're not on the demon or devil mythic paths

>>640239583I don't know how you can finish the Storyteller questline and not agree with Areelu

>>640239721>>640210182Sosiel would be perfect with a genderbening potion or a girdle of femininity

>>640204924The problem isn't that she has no valid reason for sending you to the abyss she has, It's that she's not sending you there for a valid reason, She's sending you there hoping you die so she can get back into the limelight, And to make it worse when she does get back into the limelight she fucks everything up and has to be rescued by you.

>>640239634No you can't ''fix her'' you retard, the best part about her is that she is irredeemable piece of CE shit that needs to burned. i do like how people get trapped into her quest thinking that they could save and fix her just like Morrigan.

>>640223543you can play both dimitri and arthas if you want

>>640205637I'm pretty sure as long as you pass his tests he doesn't betray you even as a CG azata.

>>640238386Actually me but I only noticed 3 hours in. Thank god for Toybox respec. Doing a new character scaled fist/blood arcanist/mutagen warrior/dragon disciple for dragon bite, gonna pick up gore in demon path. Gonna become unarmed tank god with organ triple stack from mutagen warrior with golden dragon path later.

>>640206361class and equipment for this look?

>>640237636>skip the time during which you could have been having sex insteadsorry i'm not a faggot like you

>>640238875>i think the spirit trapped inside her amulet is corrupting her.Lol. Lmao evenHeres a clue. Every party member is nice towards Ember except Cam Cam. Note that this includes people like Regill, Daeran, and motherfucking **Wendu**

>>640239743i skip the storyteller questline. too much irrelevant text

>>640238875Keep her until the end of the game then decideWay more literal whos are gonna bite it than whatever the fuck she does

>>640238875>Another ''i can fix her retard'' got Bamboozled by Camellia

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>>640204969would you have a link to this scene by chance? and do you get to kill her later?

>>640238875God, I love that Camellia exists and btfos every single Captain Save a ho

>>640239524Who doo?

>>640238875>i think the spirit trapped inside her amulet is corrupting her.

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>>640238875Actual spoiler. She's lying about the amulet, all it does it conceal her alignment and there's no reason for her to murder. She's just chaotic evil as hell.

>>640239743I mean you dont even need to do the storyteller quest to discover that the gods are basically just jannies in charge of making sure mortals dont become too strong, Iomedae showing up to try to take away your powers is enough proof of that, Storyteller quest just shows you that pharasma is also a petty cunt.

>>640183921What did you say? Sorry I didn't hear you, I was prepping my expedition into the abyss to kill more demons. They're not gonna kill themselves, you know, or they might, just not fast enough for my tastes.

Neutral good:>I can fix herChaotic good:>I want to fix herLawful good:>I must correct herI hope this settles any debate on matter of handling female characters from now on.These are objective facts that cannot be possibly refuted.

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>>640240470It is funny how people seem to refuse to entertain the idea that she could just be a murderous psychopath. She is pretty and of course helpful but it's very clear that she hangs around you because it gives her opportunities to kill and mutilate things without anyone asking too many questions.

>>640241487Most modern RPGs don't do that. They can't have any obviously evil party members, those that are either betray the party shortly after joining or having a good reason to be so evil.

>>640241487It's such an endless source of unintentional and intentional comedy. From pic related to simple shit, like when gargoyles attacked the camp, you can find her near a dead soldier's body, and the first thing you can ask is, "Hey, what happened to that soldier near you?" as if any dead body miraculously ending up near her is now a giant red flag.

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>>640241487I stopped using her as soon as possible, but still kept her around because I thought she might come into play with something important later on. As soon as she fed me that line of bullshit about Mireya though, she got blasted on the spot.

>>640240806Chaotic good is and Neutral good is fixed you retard. all women are Chaotic Evil in Nature and the ultimate Alignment for them is submissive Chaotic good

>>640183921Why is some retard pushing this meme lately?

>>640240615thanks for the actual answer user. most of the retards here would rather greetext than give a straight answer

>>640242372Welcome. I swear most people here don't realize that spoiler tags can actually be used to hide away spoilers.

>>640239319>[Release your inner demon] Rape Iomedae

>>640242584jokes on you that's a succubus pretending to be Iomedae

>>640242513does another opportunity to kill her appear later or should i just reroll the save and kill her?

>>640242682I don't know, probably?

>>640242682it will. just strap yourself in for a wild ride.

>>640242703>>640242929thanks for the answer.

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Can you play this game without multiclassing?

>>640243636yes. Multiclassing is for faggots

>>640209882>that greybor

>>640243636Yes. In fact you should play it without multiclassing.

>>64024363620 Oracle / Cleric / Wizard / Sorcerer / Cavalier / Demonslayer is perfectly viable

>>640243636No chance on unfair and it would make core extremely painful, but lower difficulties why not.

>>640244087Core doesn't need multiclassing but some classes are more viable than others.

Nothing wrong with multi classing the whole system is build with it in mind. Its fun trying to figure out optimal builds for companions. My only complaint is when people power game their own character with shit like lawful alignment while playing an evil character JUST so they can monk dip.

>>640244363>with shit like lawful alignment while playing an evil character JUST so they can monk dip.lawful evil is an alignment, user

>>640242182Why the fuck did you name your character Seinfeld?

>>640244363>lawful = goodbased retard.

>>640244416And picking it specifically so you can monk dip is bullshit.If you want to be lawful evil, be lawful evil. Don't pick it as your alignment just so you can powergame and get a bonus to your AC.

>>640189073>player isn't the KCthat would have been a better game

>>640244732I'll stop monk dipping when ingame bears stop having as much AC as Demon Lords in the tabletop

>>640244784This is the most reasonable approach to the game to be honest.

>>640232843>>Corrupt Arue into becoming an Erinys(romancable)I'd buy it just for this, which is why it will never happen.

>>640239531Daeran isnt actually evil though, he should be chaotic good or neutral

I went Legend in act5, did I cuck myself out of Nocticula content?

Die weggers

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Is there a mod which enables romance as a lich?

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>>640246195No, toybox lets you have a harem, but all romances are still shut down as a lich

>>640246195This but romancing Ember and Seelah

>>640228701i think wrath was much more fun to play, mythic powers are a good time, enduring spells (with a buff bot) makes the prebuffing less painfuli do think their biggest flaw is having rtwp in its design, so many boring, repetitive trash encounters. pf1e isn't like that in a ttrpg setting, at least normally

I know this isn't a Baldur's Gate thread, but I also know all of you fags have played through the series, so I'm asking here.How do I skip Beamdog's fanfic DLC, "Siege of Dragonspear"? I just beat 1, and the game immediately forced me into their fanfic DLC before I could even safe after the final boss.I don't wanna play this fucking crap that's not even written by the main authors.

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