Play WEGs

Play WEGs.

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>>640178475>>640178572why are you dumb

>>640178475People who fetishize race are far more racist than people who discriminate against race.

>[summertime template that is incredibly unfunny but quoted 20 times every thread]

>>640178723It's incredibly funny when it's posted in response to a relevant post. You don't post Summershit Saga memes in response to Daz Goblinas, you post shit making fun of Daz Goblinas.

>>640178120I would but they're not good games

Are there WEGs with actual real time action gameplay?

>>640179912That's far too much to ask from these troglodytes

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>>640179912Mixing gameplay with porn never works. You either focus on gameplay and go SFW, or focus on lewds that are stimulating whether story or setup or messing with character simulation.

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>>640179912wild life i think

>>640178608Sounds like they are both pretty racist to me

>>640178608No shit. What they say in the blacked threads on /trash/ would make even Holla Forums blush at how racist they are.

>>640180158Lurk moar.>"Uploading files from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse."Guess you don't get a freebie this time, newfriend.

Where's the futas?


>>640180210Ight imma head out

>>640180210based and>>640178723cope

>>640180281>wild lifeLooked this up.>10,367 patrons>$99,372 per monthNo wonder there's so many people trying to make WEGs

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>>640182009What's with the anchor tattoo?


>>640179912>gameplayYou stupid coomers must be really retarded to think that any of your porn games would be fun.

>>640180210Thank you for your service./thread.

>>640182153that scene full of stolen assets was implied to be some sort of futuristic shipyard or whateverit'd be fun to watch them getting sued by fucking randy of all people

>>640183143idk seems like a weird thing to include, I assumed it had some sort of meaning like a spade tattoo or something


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>>640180210Is it true posting this on the SS discord gets you banned?

>>640178120I am.

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>>640180210Kek fuck WEGggers

>>640180769I've played a metric craptons of wegs/h-games throughout the years. It never works. Even rance is more interesting to focus on if it's thought of as SFW entirely.

Play Claire's game!

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>>640178475Imagine her getting KNOTTED

>>640184234Ruined by shit engine.

>>640184501>Ruined by shit engine.RPG Maker?


>>640184796What would be better?

>>640184903Literally anything. Text games without art are better than RPGM.

>>640184234One of the longest running shits out there, I think. Even back in ~2015 when it first popped up, everyone knew they couldn't keep up with quality art to the end and they didn't. Lost one artist, then another. Yet somehow it's still being developed and devs get patreon bucks.

whats a weg

>>640185601Western Erotica Game


>101th WEG threadare you guys the faggots that made that stupid league of maiden game?gotta admire your persistence though



>>640185205they hated him because he spoke the truthdiarrhea substituting for playdough is a better idea than using RPGM

>>640180210Based and literally me and my mom during her booba growing spurts


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>>640180281Yeah in 20 years, possibly with a whole "we're moving to a different engine" arc. Right now it has the combat demo which plays like shit and the intro, I don't think either of those actually has sex scenes

I liked Being a dik

>>640180210>want to make Eve a girl so I can knock her up>her storyline only makes sense if she's a trannyConflicted.

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>>640179912Carnal Instinct has genuine gameplay, but it's furry shit and only has about 10 sex scenes going by the F95 thread

>>640178120not until they're finished>ok, he-and good

Recommend me games about bimbofication!!

>>640189629I'd like it more if it wasn't some faggy sandbox/free roam garbage.

>>640180210Thank you, now I can leave.

>>640189992Making her cum by prostate stimulation is way hotter though

>>640190796Danny-kun's game

>>640178120I can't after enjoying silly tavern. WEGs are too boring.

>>640178475imagine two bullets going through your rat brain and exploding your cancer kike skull

I asked in the aco thread but I will ask here as well. How is the corruption in Lust Village? Is it still very early in production?

>imagine two bullets going through your rat brain and exploding your cancer kike skull

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>>640189992Women are worried about stupid shit all the time, she got a cool scar and some damage to her reproductive organs but is afraid to show it. Regardless, she was literally made to be knocked up and left barefoot and pregnant in her room so much that you never see her at school.

>>640193403Based anti-american user.

>>640193814Does she have a big futa cock?

I can't, I'm too busy playing Clymenia games.

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>>640193887Sadly not

>>640193814Who created this?


>>640194040Waste of good curves.

Yeah im playing a space game weg with better looking women that is not related to any other game of the same genre

>>640195721Does it have futas?


>>640178475burger moment

For me, it's House Party

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>>640196301>has a negro

>>640179912There's a cRPG with porn scenes in the

>>640195882You forgot your image. amatuer

Is Virt-A-Mate any more intuitive now? Haven't tried it in two years

>>640180210the amount of replies is proportional to the amount of seethe weebs have for this game's success


>>640180281>shit life>gameYou make me laugh.

>>640197347>t. DarkCoocuck

>>640197481>makes more money than you ever will>for doing nothing>C-C-Coocuck!HA HA HA HA HA

>>640197572fix your art, mr coocuck>more than you ever willif only you knew how based things really are

>>640197696sureenjoy the weekend, it's back to mcdonald's for you on monday


>>640194578Anywhere I could find more? Any social medias?


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>>640198058No that's gay

>>640197572>I'm not mad money money lalalalalaKWAB

>>640198580>I'm not mad, post the image post the imageDial8

Go play the hero’s party must fall

>>640190878It's more of a VN with the occasional free roam section. Very contained free roam sections. Not sure where you got sandbox from.


give me some quality femc games other than Karryn and Saria


>>640197347no one tell the thirdie what one of the biggest franchises in japan is

I am so fucking tired of cooming but I can't stop.

>>640178120which game is that

>>640202161Summertime Saga?

>>640178475>>640184001>>640193562back to r/asianmasculinity chinks

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>>640202578The grey dream

>>640198778>n-n-no uNice one, Coocuck.

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>>640202615funny, but no

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>>640181672He said play them not make bad ones

>>640203971it's unironically good. but there is too little of it yet.

>>640203116>coocuckpalpable seething, cringe weebyou'll grow someday

>>640179912You're a retard if you want gameplay in your coomgames. You either fap or play but not the two at the same time.


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>>640202493Do some exercise every day. Add more productive stuff over time.

>>640204151>unironically typing out palpable seething>calling anyone else cringewhat a fag

>>640178572The single correct reply.

why do anons hate RPGmaker so much? I don't mind it if it's for games that actually have effort put on them

>>640204792says guy who came up with "coocuck"and has wrestling webms HA HA HA HA HA

>>640204983Its system defaults incentivize padding shit out with unnecessary grind/combat. The best RPGM H-games don't have any combat, and of the good ones that DO have combat the h-content is integrated as part of it.>Top TierNo combat>High tierH-content integrated into combat>Low tierCombat>Hell tierLose for H-scenes

lack of 2d mom games unfortunately. there are none on the market

>>640204983because they're dogshit. but since you're a weeb you can't tell and consume it like a good pig

>>640205269Camp With Mom

>>640205168>says guy who came up with "coocuck">and has wrestling webmswasn't him retard, try again

>binge on porn games>sleep 6 hours>wake up with a boner and a purpose>wide awake all day>live normally>sleep for 8-9 hours>wake up hating life>feel like going to sleep by lunchThe fuck's going on?

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>>640205168>says guythis is a primarily english speaking website, rajesh

>>640205371then let me try something like thisslapping my cock in your facethat works

>>640205593>gets called out for typing like a fag>lashes out by being an actual fagthe absolute state of weggers, everyone

>>640205889>seethes over the most popular porn game in existence>calls other fagsHA HA HA H AHA HA HA HA

>>640205458Mankind has not evolved much since the days of early homo sapiens. You were always monke

>>640203971I'm not the one making it.

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>>640206532do you have a program that pings you every time you get a reply on these threads

>>640181672I give it two more updates before it gets abandoned.

>>640206920No, I just lurk the thread until it gets archived.>>640207125perhaps

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>>640181898He's right. The Summertime meme pic is supposed to be a response to Summertime Saga's art style, specifically to someone who's praising the game. Posting to every game (even to 3D Wegs) loses the sense of the joke and becomes boring.

End your miserable life you fucking faggotI wish you were pelted by bricks like the worthless degenerate you are


>>640208214Calm down Mahmoud. Also fuck off back to your sandy shithole.

>>640208076>is supposed to be a response to STS's artstylethat hasn't been true in agesit's the seething weeb's cope to the growing popularity of English porn games

>>640178120Strange Nights and Demon Boy betrayed me

>>640208525Who the fuck would seethe about WEGs? There's only a handful of good ones, and of those even a smaller fraction are completed. Your fucking logic is baffling.

>>640208525It's not even that, it's a weg fan posting it so people will respond to it and keep the thread bumped.

>>640208664he's an esl monkey who can't even read, man

>>640208214>M-muh degeneracyYou are on Holla Forums, you retarded tourist nigger.

>>640208664so why do these threads keep being made? compared with VNs that hardly even get any translations these days>>640208696that would be some 4d chess if true

>>640209440>compared with VNs that hardly even get any translations these daysBecause translating a VN takes more effort than cobbling a bunch of lightly modified DAZ Studio models and shoving them into RenPy for a decade of development while collecting patreonbux.

>>640178120I cant because I dont know what wegs are

>>640209678>b-b-becausedude, it's because no one cares. I've translated a VN. It took me about a month. It wasn't that hard

>>640209287>>640208407>>640208295Not talking about OP or the thread in generalHe knows who he is

I'm trying to remember the name of this WEG I played. Can anyone help? You play a guy who looks like a Chad and has a huge dick and all the women are attracted to him, but for some reason he's sexually inexperienced. Your dad is either dead or just inexplicably absent, and you live with your stepmother and stepsister, who you can eventually have sex with.

>>640209924Funny joke.But for real though, who doesn't love incest with dad out of the picture? You'd have to be a faggot to hate on that

>>640209924>stepmother>stepsisterDon't care, didn't play.

>>640209909I don't give a fuck, go back.

>>640209924>not landlady and fellow tenantDropped.


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>>640210196Eat a sack of nigger dicks, retard

>>640210210>landlady's ladyfriend who looks extremely similar to her and to the protagonist for some reason


>>640178120Tell what games are available for /hmofa/ men like myself?

>>640204983RPG Maker is fine. Holla Forums just likes to hate on everything.However, RPG Maker requires really good art to work, more so than other games. Games like Meltys Quest has generic RPGM gameplay, but the art is really good and it makes the game top tier. I'd rather play Meltys Quest than literally any other 3D Daz goblin shit.

>>640209924Milf city.

>>640197034I think it had an overhaul this year but I havent followed it myself.

>>640210232Thanks coc

>>640180158Donnh donha and that timeless witch game worked out pretty well.

>>640210283Shut the fuck up, you retarded polnigger subhuman garbage. Get the fuck back to your faggot turd world containment.

How is the remake?

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>>640208214>this madHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

>author skips an update>Promises extra features with the next update>No progress on trelloThis is how it gets abandoned right?

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>>640180769Lurk forever and you'll still not find a good game and good porn that don't detract from eachother.No Rance isn't actually good for jacking off.

I just fap to women I've worked with>Dumb bitch with huge tits>Psycho with huge ass>Mommy milf with nice boobs>Flat slut with a nice assTheres more

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>>640211592Thats the start yes.

>>640180210alright good enough. Because If I scroll down further, i'm just going to get the thread filtered by the shemale's game.>>640189583They already did that unironically, they moved from UR 4 to 5 lmao>>640181938they used to make more but think the engine change fucked them over since it runs like shit for most potatoes. that and I guess they lost their covid bonus

>>640204152May as well watch a video at that point. What's wrong with wanting sexy vidya with actual gameplay instead of shitty blender CG with some brain atrophying dialogue in text boxes?

>>640211392This is GTA if it was made by rednecks

>>640178120Make a futa/shemale good one and i would

>>640178120no lolis no play

>>640214705Oh Daddy

>>640208214>get old enough to see Holla Forumstroons become either a muslims or soccer mom tier pearclutching retardsThe life is truly the best comedy.


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If there’s a God I will awake to Emelie the Pig Princess when I finally fucking kill myself.

I dunno even know what WEGs are

>>640204983Because a lot of low effort crap is made with it. A handful of really good shit is made with it too, but that's the exception, and generally speaking the ones that are good aren't immediately obvious they are made in it.

>>640204983I dont get the RPGmaker hate while they eat their fucking ren'py slop. Its literally a fucking powerpoint with ugly goblina women.

>>640214768WEGs are fucking shit tho

>>640209896>no one cares>that's why we have weekly vn threads that's not just the same retard shilling his futa trash

>>640210705>muh good artThe same is true for literally any engine ever and no RPGM game is better because it uses RPGM. Even your Melty's Quest isn't good because it uses RPGM, it might be good in spite of it, but never because of it.>>640217081Both are awful, but at least it's easy to skip the retarded writing in Ren'py slop.

>>640217838>weekly vn threadsI see a weg thread every day

I'm playing cyberfuckdolls and there's a surprising amount of content for a 0.1, with animations and everything. The writing is pretty good too.

>>640218283that's a god damn lie

>>640218725it's definitely not weeklyI wouldn't say VN threads are weekly eitherbut WEG ones are more common

>>640189456okay you got me, tried reverse searching can't find it. what is it?

>>640178572FPBP. Fuck OP and fuck WEGfags

>>640218167Meltys Quest would've been good regardless of whether it is made in RPGM, RenPy (as VN), or other. True.However, RPGM games are far better than simple VN games. VN games are so unimmersive and boring.So I'd rather it be in RPGM than another VN, regardless of the art.My ranking in general, ignoring art:1. Point and click (Summertime Saga style)2. RPGM3. Pure VNs

>>640219503Er...I'd put twine above RPGM. Not cause twine is good, but because RPGM is bad. RPGM is so much more of a hassle to "play" than even ren'py garbage. The load time are always so much longer than they should (and it's not my PC, I can play modern games just fine), they're always some long as fade out or fade in animations or "animations" in general fucking up the flow of the "game". It's just tiring.

>>640209896>no one caresdid you even know a visual novel is part of board culture, you dumb newfag? stupid fucking ESLfuck

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If I hypothetically had a porn addiction how would I fix it?

>>640219802Works just fine on my machine.VNs are extremely boring.

>>640220214stop watching porn, as for how you do that idk I recommend exercise and sunlight

>>640220110>mad as fuckHA HA HA HA HA>tsukishit>>640220214have to leave 4chan. the coom images that get posted here are what trigger your dick. leave and occupy yourself with something else. you won't even get the urge to fap

>>640220329>zero rebuttali accept your concession, pajeet

>>640178120KILL YOURSELF>>640178572live on, king

>>640220390rebuttal to what? you didn't make an argument, retard

>>640220279RPGM slop is extremely boring.

>>640220465>duhhh no one le cares>names one of the most influential visual novels on the site alone>m-mad, n-n-no glad i spelled it out for you instead of rightfully dismissing you as an ESL loo tard

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>>640220758>anyone giving a fuck about tsukihime in 2023listen pops, your VN was only 'influential' in the stone age because there was practically nothing else available

>>640220893>listen pops>stone age>>>>>>>>>>>>nothing else availablewhat a dumb post for an equally dumb newfag. i really shouldn't be surprised, though

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>>640178120I'm playing Free Cities: Pregmod right nowUp to 943 slaves from like 13 familiesYes they are all inbred

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>>640221243>zero rebuttali accept your concession, popsHA HA HA

For me it's Superhuman.

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>>640221335>duhhhdbdbuhubuhuhbuhduichsdhcvfbskfoppppbbrbrrrrrr duhhhhhhlurk moar before you open your stupid mouth and make yourself look like a flailing retard in the processyour next reply will be "something something cope and seethe pops"

>>640221561>>duhhhdbdbuhubuhuhbuhduichsdhcvfbskfoppppbbrbrrrrrr duhhhhhhOk buddy, now you need to take your meds

>>640221460how was the last update?

I love Karen

>>640178120finish a fucking game first then i will play them you wegger subhuman dog. >.0001>.27 (last updated 7 years ago dev still active on social media)>.65 (developer had a melty and quit development)>.95 (literally less content than most games preview builds)fucking neck yourself, scam citizen will finish development before the average weg.

>>640221287>tfw the coefficient of inbreeding is past .7MY DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK

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>>640222305you can filter F95 by just completed stuff>exposing yourself as a retardyou hate to see it

>>640211392They have been stalling some dlc for a couple of new poses for 2 years now, go figure.Otherwise it's exactly the same shit aside from one extra indoor location.


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>>640222387>filter by completed>1 and a half pages of wegger shit>unfilter>30 pages of dog shit.You simply assumed because your a stupid wegger nigger that i can't search using the fucking function, and wasn't just shitting on the entire genera because your iq is lower than your favorite games version number.

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>>640178572fpbp indeed, is there a decent WEG out there? no futa as minimum requirement for it to be good

>>640180210Thank you, Jesus. I can now rest in peace.

>>640222595>I hate it because some it isn't complete>a decent portion of it is though>a-a-a-actually I hate everything!Ok, retardGo with God

>>640222801bot code generated this post


>>640222595not him but you're making h-chads look bad with that english, bro

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Ive only ever played like 3 good porn games, and they were all mainly text based.Everything else is unfinished garbage, or a VN aka not a fucking game.Unironically nothing in the last 10 years has touched the old porn flash games. They had actual gameplay and were finished products.Introduce money and entire teams and suddenly shit get WORSE. Every single one is a scam.


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>>640189992Nothing in this game makes me harder than knocking up Eve, her sister, and her sister's girlfriend all at the same time.

>>640223297You're crazy.

>>640223392damn, I dropped the game without finishing the Eve route. Now I might need to go back

>>640181672Futa is such a dogshit fetish, you're a closeted homo

>>640223651Unfortunately there's no unique dialogue for it.


>>640223297Look up hypno app, it's great in gameplay

>>640178120why are they called wegs when they aren't erotic

>>640180210Im gonna bofa

there is not a single good bbw weg

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>>640224216bbw is a meaningless contradictory termfeeders need to neck themselves unless they're james bond then its ok

>>640224320t. jerks off to child porn

>>640224382nta but even that is a better option than WEGs, unless said WEG is unteralterbach

>>640224436>ntareddit term

>>640224436stfu retard

>>640224490>not that user is redditYou are mind broken.

>>640224382>if he doesn't like porkers, he must like childrenfuck off whalergo get moby dick'd

>>640180210Every-time without fail.

>>640224948yes, it was originally >not himits a rule in english that when a persons sex is unknown, you default to male pronouns>>640224981seething pedo

Reminder that sandbox is literal cancer.

>>640180075My bbw weg I play is stuck on 0.5.2 since the dev got a day job :(

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>>640224490>>640224518truth hurts, I know


>>640193814is this actually a game or are you just posting mockups for (you)s again

>>640225074>obliterated wegfag got reddit tastelike pottery

>>640225369it's fucking wild life noob

>>640223760dude those HUGE titties and HIPS are so FUCKING gay

>>640225434oh, eww.

>>640204151>palpable seething....what the fuck?

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>>640220329>have to leave 4chanthis, but too bad you are stuck here forever

>>640225434>Is it a game>Its wildlifeIts debatable if Wildlife is a game.

Shill me some random ones to check out.

>>640225981Dragonslueth Brittney

>>640225835>>640225434>>640225369>>640193814>They're putting their unreal 4 build free on steam.I dont know how to interpret that.

Attached: FyL91mCWIAMMcRy.png (859x483, 706.97K)

>>640226790it's discontinued and there's no game to speak of so at worst it's some sort of demobesides it's been available "for free" already for a long timeyou can't really lose

>>640225981Henteria Chronicles

>>640226493>delayed>furryso is there anything good at all?

>>640225981Pig Princess let’s you blow loads into a thick pig girl and is one of the few porn games that succeeded in making a hot chicken.

>>640189407based wegh posterthe world needs more Warhammer weghs

>>640178120Kill yourself you retarded WEG shiller patreon nigger enabler

why wegger insist on adding animation when their art is not even decent enough to begin with

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>>640228495paypigs demand animation

I have a 200gb folder of wegs

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>>640228495this looks jepenese

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>>640229748because many weg devs are embracing the superior aesthetics, even if they fail at it

A Brazilian user made this game.Do we like it?

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>>640178608Isn't fetishizing and discriminating based on race the same process? Why are you being redundant user?

>>640228679i have on two occasions deleted a >300gb weg foldernow i only play in browser wegs

Mostly human mostly wholesome vanilla romantic monstergirl sex.

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>>640229890What does being Brazilian have to do with anything?

>>640229890The art and situations are nice. The writing/plot is horrible. I gave up on bothering to read the non-sex text ages ago. Shit, even the sex text is way too verbose.

Played Dystopian Robot Girlfriend. Is alright. But there doesn't seem to be much content. The artwork and animations are nice but there isn't much else.

I've been playing this on and off this game for the last 10 days, getting about 2-4 wanks per night, and still haven't reached the last chapters available.The DAZ models are mediocre.The CG is the average DAZ shit.When there are animations, it's sloppy, I've seen light glitches, hair flickering, dicks clipping though bodies and it's all few second loopsThe writing during the early sex scenes was on par with "plap plap play get pregnant"and yet, I'm still engaged by it. Do you know why? Because this game isn't that malaise of blueballing and teasing or slowly corrupting a character to go through all the bases before finally reaching a sex scene after hours of gameplay.It's so simple. Also, it's NTR btw.

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>>640229748AI is super available now. WEG artistics can do whatever the fuck artstyle they want now.They'll still do STS style because that's extremely popular

>>640231146Please don't @ me.everything about your post is giving the ick

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>>640228495she just doesn't care

>>640230428The reason why WEGs are superior is specifically because they use 3D. They can do hundreds of CGs while VNs have like 30. This is night and day when it comes to engaging the reader. If the writing is half decent, it doesn't matter if the art or animations aren't great.

>>640178120any about zombies??? i mean... fuckingzombies

>>640231256I don't carealso your pic is creepy so I'm gonna assume you have schizophreniaplease take your meds


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>>640231640>has pictures of people dining on his computerI believe I asked you to please take your meds. Please consider

>>640231640where is the bike jump?>>640231752>pictures of peopleok now you're the one acting schizo

Best good girl.

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>>640231787>we harness the power of AI to create... pictures of people eatingyou must join him in taking the meds

>>640231330>They can do hundreds of CGs while VNs have like 30Not a point, quantity won't result in a better game, just a bloated file size. If the creator doesn't know how to make that hot, it will suck either way. It's all about eroticism.Amazon's games are 2D, have very little CGs, no animation at all but he knows how to make them erotic. I said my reasons why I found that game so captivating. It delivers. Dating My Daughter is finished and the scenes are better and probably have more but the blueballfest is so intense between pages and pages of dialog that doesn't stick. I end up edging for 2 hours, give up and fap to something else.>>640231752>newfaggot first bait

>>640228495>>640229748>>640229875>force freeI know MTL when I see it.

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>>640231968You have shit taste. The build-up in a porn game is the best part. If you can't appreciate that you're simply an idiot

>>640231906are you seriously implying that's ai?please take your meds son

>>640178120Any good straight shota games where the MC doesn’t look like a retarded 50 year old manlet?

>>640231891I wanna pet her and call her a good girl

>>640231968>>640232181sorry I have a life and don't have all your stupid memes memorizedplease take the meds

>>640180210thanks doc


>>640232335can't even quote properly anymorego to bed user, tomorrow's going to be a great day

>>640232076I'm more into eroge myself. There is blueball fest and there is teasing.The right balance is keeping the player wanking through all times. I want to stop playing a porn game because my dick needs a rest, not because It's daytime, I edged for 5 hours and had to get off to my personal collection because the creator failed to deliver.>>640232241>admitting to being a newfagAlso, you can't play the "I have a life, nerds" card while posting on a porn game thread.

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>>640232431>Also, you can't play the "I have a life, nerds" card while posting on a porn game can't use that line anywhere on hereeven if you DO have a life

>>640232505tell that to the sperg that has been repeating the same buzzwords after his every post.

>>640232431>say I have a life>that means newfagok, retardalso yes, I do have a life. it's the weekend though.

>>640232431If you played a porn game for 5 hours and didn't reach a sex scene you're also some kind of moron. There's no way that would be possible

>>640232076I don't mind build-up when done correctly.

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>>640232596>sorry I have a life and don't have all your stupid memes memorized>>that means newfagYes.>it's the weekend>>640232706Do you skip all the dialog? VNs are my gospel, I've read enough of porn games that would rival the word contents of the Bible. Especially Japanese VNs.

Attached: file.png (780x585, 594.92K)

>>640232921>bro you don't know the meme??cringe. kill yourself. but please try to take the meds first>VNs are my gospelPfff-pfff....

>>640233072>cringe. kill yourself. but please try to take the meds first>>cringe. >>kill yourself. >>take the meds Bots these days...

>>640232181/ss/ doesn't really exist in WEGs

>>640180210wegs are permaruined by this pictureenjoy your dead meme genre

>>640178120Give me good wegs that aren't incest or futa

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Any good WEG with corruption, pregnancy and rape? Better if you are allowed to play a bastard.

>>640235446>Vae VictisPlay as a conquerer who invade other countries and enslave those places' queens. Could become incest in the future since one of your enemies is your mom.>Goon Raid HerTomb Raider parody. You play as a helper for Lara who can sabotage her, cause her to slowly losing her mind and will and become your slave.>Lust is StrangerLife is Strange parody where you fuck every hot girls in the story by corrupting them.>Heil DiktatorYou become a manager of an island where women on the island have super power.

Attached: wench_teniya_pregnant_garden_01.png (1920x1080, 2.55M)

>>640222660Mist, Rogue-like, Superhuman (only for the story, the art is unfappable), My Pig Princess has excellent art but is unfinished, Monster Girl Dreams. It's a pretty small list.

>>640196373you can cuck him

>>640180210yep, it's go time

>>640178120Show me a WEG where the characters don't look like used up hags

>>640235446>good>no incest or futanarimake up your mind user

>>640238326Would you accept one where SOME of the characters don't look like hags? Or maybe even most of them? I'm honestly not sure if there's a single WEG that doesn't have at least one hag character.

>>640229748the artist doesn't even know how sailor uniform collar works and you think he's japanese?

>>640235446play saria's game

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>>640228679>>640229941just checked mine, it's nearly 600 GB, pretty much been hoarding them for the last 2 years + I don't delete older versions

>>640239548archiving old versions (before they go downhill) and abandoned wegs before the links die for the last time always bloats the numbers a little

>>640178120Yesterday I was playing the Tyrant, decided on a whim to name the characters as my actual family members. I was edging like a madman and came buckets when the black drug dealer fucked my mom. But then afterwards I felt the worst fap shame of my life. Wtf is wrong with me?

>>640240365Happens to the best of us user.

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>>640178120Finally got around to playing the first corruption of championsI can understand the love for it but it still does that thing I don't like in rpgs where I have to grind for the basic stuff and I miss every other hit

>>640240365"my bully fucked my mom" cuckold porn is a weirdly popular genre. i assume it's a thing incels are into because their mothers are the only women who have ever been in their lives and they can't even conceptualize other women as real living humans, so normal cuckoldry doesn't work on them.

>>640219196monster girl dreams, fun game and the mods are pretty decent too if you dodge the trannyshit

still not playing

>>640238683Ever heard about the "Bicycle Drawing Test"?It doesn't require to be from any nationality to use a reference from Google. The artist is a retard, and a jap, dlsite is full of this shit.

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>>640184234> playing as a womon

>>640241330I'm not familiar with this new gender.

>>640241330How else are you going to fuck dogs, pigs, horses, shotas and your own son.?

>>640241996You can do all of that as a man, user.

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>>6402218593rd evolution and sick fights. Also, Ella is dead LMFAO RIP in pieces!

>>640178120Ok I will. Now give me some reccs.Tags I like-Incest, Oyakodon, Harem, FFM threesome, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Cousin, Impregnation


>>640229890>an ESL-made game in English>the characters' names only make sense for his domestic culture (russian/polish/brazillian/chinese etc.)why do they keep doing this if they want english-speaking audience?just call them jennifer and amy, what's so hard about this

>>640241285Why don't you find actual japanese artist that don't understand sailor uniform? a jap understanding about sailor uniform is like a american understanding about how a weed bong looks like.>It doesn't require to be from any nationality to use a reference from Google.if you are an artist yourself you should understand pattern recognition to good detail is a skill that has to be nurtured. If a 7 years old draw a human being, you'd probably absolutely sure it sucks after seeing it, but do you understand what's exactly wrong with their drawing?

>>640243016>taking revenge for the atrocities against portuguese committed in max payne 3I am ok with this.

>>640189992>open debug>set pregnancyconfusion


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>>640243016As a BR, the name "Tamas" makes absolutely no sense and I never heard it in my life. He probably made up based on his Japanese animes or took it out of his ass.On another hand, the big satan influence is so evil that little Br kids write their characters with American names and assume this plague also infects any other country with a weak cultural identity.

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>>640243407>and I assume thisfixed

where's her weg

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>>640178120WEGs are just scams to bleed patreon paypigs while they drip feed content stretched out over months to years

>>640243601I don't understand why weggers don't make parodies, we have thousands of blender/sfm video-game character porn but virtually nothing.>muh copyrightBS, Patreon don't give a shit and most of the money they make is through paypigs, not steam sales. Also, there are plenty of 2D porn game parodies, but no 3D ones.The only actual game I've seen was" goons raid her". Which I recommend since there is actual gameplay. (point and click adventure, but it is gameplay.)

Attached: file.png (1280x720, 1.07M)

>>640243859Because it's easier to make a blender/sfm animation as opposed to animating and programming a entire game for a parody One takes less time and effort to make than the other

>weg are shit, there are no goo-ACK

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>>640242562That is pretty gay

>>640244037Nothing is impeding a coder/writer from striking a deal with a 3D artist and reusing his animations. I've seen games being ported to other engines being enough to please.>>640244125it can't be gayer than playing as a woman. I rather watch gay sex than self-insert as a woman. :^)

gobbos look p gud these days

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how 'bout actual gobbos?

why can't pregnancy be at the 25%-50% mark of the game instead of a few jpegs at the the ending when the game is over?a lot of /weg/s are like that, as if that's the only way they know how to end the story

Attached: 7a.png (1024x1610, 865.21K)

>>640244173>Nothing is impeding a coder/writer from striking a deal with a 3D artist and reusing his animations.That complicates things more as most 3d artists can just make money from their animations alone as opposed to being payed once by a game dev

>>640244278Anon, I said reusing. The artist already made the animations and already made the cash, someone would just share his profits to use his finished work in a new way.

>>640190796RECOMMEND GAMES!!

>>640244258Because preggo usually only appeals to a minority and it's a pain in the ass to have variations to every next scene, posing and dialog for people the minority that wants preggo stuff.

>>640244194damn what's that?

>>640244364In that case there's no point in playing the gameWhy play a game to get to a scene when the artists has already released it on their own personal account?

>>640244258I refuse to even download games with no preg tag, they're just too lazy to make alternate scenes, same reason their games are infinitely incomplete

>>640244258cause pregnancy is shit fetish

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>>640244549This is the same argument as why play a game when you can unlock the whole gallery and watch all the scenes without it.context and writing improve a lot.

>>640178572FPBPThere are like 2 with fappable art.Both are unfinished I believe.

>>640180210i opened the thread for this, wasn't disappointed

>>640244731Then couldn't the animator just animate the context?

>>640244657gay alert>>640244775Can he animate a 2 hour build-up with several pages of dialogue and character interactions too? I think not, it's easier to make it a VN than a feature film.

>>640244037Not to mention skillsets don't exactly cross over. Look at FOW faggots thought they could make a game and failed miserably on ALL fronts

>>640244657>cause pregnancy is shit fetish

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>>640244775You can't animated character lines. A scene where a woman begging for you to not cum inside her make me diamond more than just the picture.


>>640244258>why can't pregnancy be at the 25%-50% mark of the game instead of a few jpegs at the the ending when the game is over?Because you preg fags never think of the logistics. So what happens when she gives birth, are you gonna have child care mechanics, what about child raising mechanics ect ect ect

>>640244657Pregnancy is a fine fetish it just has the absolute worst fans

>>640229903He specifically said discriminate AGAINST.

>>640244975New Game+ a training montage and a timeskip.same game again, same scenarios with slight differences and a new shota protag.

>>640244975fantasy preggo exists, characters don't need to wait 9 months to have a full belly and not even raise their children, just ship the hellspawn to Chao kindergarten and never think about it ever again.

>>640180210wegfags eternally BTFO

>>640180210I can die now.

>>640240365Is it good? any tips?

Attached: FvG4Q-KaEAErfHP.jpg (2305x1294, 360.36K)

>>640245871Alright, what's this from?

>>640180210Thanks doc

>>640244975Are a retard? Or do you lack imagination?

>>640244975FC did it.

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